The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on October 11, 1997 · Page 44
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 44

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 11, 1997
Page 44
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16 ,SATURDAY..QG,TPgER,.11.' 1 ~ t t( r, ». «, f^_< *j < Tune in Tomorrow Soap opera summaries for October 6-10 By Nancy Reichardt • United Feature Syndicate . 4 * • ALL MY CHILDREN: Jim's interest in Brooke perked up after Phoebe told him that Brooke wants to be needed. Later, Jim took seductive photos of Brooke. Adam was there lor Liza, who was devastated when she miscarried their baby after she was nearly in a plane crash. Kevin decided to travel around the country after his brother, Jason, who is in prison, said he's disgusted by Kevin's lifestyle, and then his mother disowned him as instructed by quack shrink Dr. Chapman. Kevin promised Kelsey that he would keep in touch. Furious over Trevor's budding romance with Janet, Tim downloaded a computer article about Janet being The Crowbar Killer." Blanca, who ran away from Travis, then got upset when she heard Jack and Travis arguing about her. Jack and Erica long to be together again. Jake and Ally, who are getting closer, teamed up to help Edmund get Maddy back. Stuart surprised Esther with a cake for her birthday. • ANOTHER WORLD: Josie survived Raybum shoving her out a window, but later she miscarried her baby. When Joe had to go to Italy for his grandfather's funeral, Josie agreed to be acting police captain while he's out of town. While accepting a medal for herself and Josie for the capture of Raybum, Tonl publicly apologized to Nick for falsely accusing him of raping her, Cindy persuaded Paulina not to tell anyone that Cindy has been her source for the diet pills she's addicted to. Paulina is worried that she will be tempted to take pills while Joe is away. Lila was pleased when Matt surprised her with a passionate kiss. After accusing Carl of having an affair, Rachel took him to Hadley's (Amanda) hotel room. Rachel was skeptical when Carl insisted Alex engineered his supposed "affair" to break up Carl and Rachel. Angry that Paulina nearly killed Kirkland, Grant made threats and warned she will pay for what she did. • AS THE WORLD TURNS: David announced he was naming Lew the new administrator of Memorial Hospital. Later David told Lew that he expects him to get Ben to drop his racial discrimination suit against the police. After Carly advised Molly that Abigail is the key to her getting Holden for herself, Molly went to Abigail's school where she talked with the child. , Molly insisted to Abigail's adoptive mother, Mrs. Williams, that she doesn't plan to kidnap the girl. After Holden found Lily, who moved to another hospital, she told him Molly Is carrying his baby. Carly is looking for a man to father her a child so she will be able to claim her inheritance. Jack is checking out Carly's past. Camilla was upset when Ben arranged for Lew to take her on a date so everyone will believe Ben broke up with her. Lew convinced Camilla to stay in his hotel room after she received a threatening phone call. Emily was upset David moved In -with Lucinda. • THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Grant and Macy are mutually attracted to each other, but both agreed they will keep their relationship strictly business. When Taylor tried to tell Ridge that she's pregnant, he lashed out, shouting that he was glad they never had children together. After Taylor suffered a torn placenta, the doctor warned Thome to keep Ridge away because he upsets Taylor, who could miscarry. Ridge agreed when Taylor wanted to talk to him. Sheila threw James out when he asked if Maggie could visit Margaret, whom Sheila now calls Mary. Lauren taunted Stephanie that she Intends to have Eric. • DAYS OF OUR LIVES: T.C., the corrupt prison guard, had another guard hold Jack while he beat him to a pulp for stopping T.C. fcm nearly raping Jennifer In the warden's office. Jennifer, who had been hiding under Jack's bed, spent the night with him after being locked In his cell for the night. John and Hope survived a rockslide and then took refuge In a caye. John later rescued Hope after a native took her hostage. While hiding In a river, John spotted the flower needed for Roman's cure •• just as Krlsten and Stefano arrived In a hell- copter to take them back to the compound. Marlena realized Roman has been taking extra medication. Roman went Into convulsions while trying to recapture the romantic past with Marlena. Unable to admit he loves Carrie, Mike let her think he Is falling for Deb/a- Sami headed lor Rome - and Austin- BJHIe is hoping that Bo ipyes her again. Vivian and Ivan moved Into .'assy's townhouse. • QEJNERAL HOSPITAL: Luke, who returned «D vlsjng Lfure and Lesley Lu In Switzerland, , j)p«d[ln for a visit with Carly to let he; know !$'? ke$p9 an eye on her. Lorraine pressured City m Wie maney to keep mum that she helped Carty make AJ think he's not the father qf he/ bftby. Carly covered with Tony after Bobie told Wm she 69W Carly give Lorraine money. '''~~ ''" " Katherine fell down the stairs while arguing with Alexis, who insisted to Stefan that she didn't push her. Luke, who knows Katherine has kept mum that Stefan shot her, tried to persuade her to re-open her shooting case. Sarah and Nikolas kissed. Nikolas took the blame, but Sarah realized his suspicion that Liz had planted answers to an exam on her was right. Max played dad for Maxle, who took the Indian artifact to school for show-and-tell. The man who wants the artifact spied on Felicia and Maxie. Brenda moved into Jax's penthouse for awhile and got to know V. • GUIDING LIGHT: Cassie was with Billy and Reva when they learned recently sold blocks of Lewis Oil stock are now In Annie's name. Cassie felt guilty when Billy said the Lewis clan cares about her. Hart caught Cassie, who was going to steal money from the Lewis Oil safe so she could get Tammy back and then disappear with the child. After Cassie told Hart about Tammy, he gave her the money she needed to get her child back, but asked Cassie not to tell Dinah about his good deed. Cassie avoided answering Billy's questions about her relationship with Hart. Matt was relieved when Vanessa told him she didn't terminate her pregnancy. Buzz has partial amnesia from hitting his head on the concrete steps at the Bauer cabin. Nola told Buzz about his family, but kept mum that she was stalking him. Jenna told Hariey she's pregnant. After talking with Jesse, Ed realized Jesse hasn't told Michelle he received Maureen's heart. • ONE LIFE TO LIVE: At a charity auction, Tea purposely goaded Blair into a confrontation, over Starr to show the public Blair's volatile temper. During their argument, Tea stumbled backward, and Blair shoved her away when she thought Tea was going to hit her. The result was Tea fell through a second story window. A hospitalized Tea told Todd not to press charges so they can use the incident to help him get custody of Starr. At the custody hearing, Todd represented himself, putting his chances to win In jeopardy. RJ warned Hank to stay away from Jacara right after Hank told her there will never be anything romantic between them. After receiving another threatening phone call, Jacara asked Nora to legally help her keep the mystery person away from her. When Crls said he was moving out, Carlotta became worried that she made a mistake by becoming Eli's foster parent. Cassie continued checking Into Dorian's past. • PORT CHARLES: Scott made Eve, Lucy and Rhonda agree not to tell anyone he's been disoriented and having hallucination;. Using binoculars, Rex has been watching Scott's reaction to the drugs Rex put on the envelope flaps. Scott went to the hospital after Lucy and Kevin agreed to be Serena's guardians If anything happens to him. Bennett also witnessed Scott reacting to the drugs. Joe and Karen accused Chris of tampering with Kevin's IV. Bennett admitted setting up Frank's Chicago job offer. Eve fumed when Bennett criticized her treatment of a patient. Matt Is angry Dr. Boardman won't let him do surgery. • SUNSET BEACH: After forcing Bette to lure Olivia to a hotel room, Cole tried to get Olivia to reveal whether or not he fathered her baby. Gregory and Sean arranged for Cole's ex- fiancee, Helena, to tell Caitlin her tale of betrayal by Cole. Gregory and Caltlln went to Cole's hotel room after Eddie tipped Gregory that Cole was with a woman. Olivia managed to escape after hiding in the bathroom, but later collapsed when Caitlin said she's determined to confront Cole's mystery woman. In Kansas, Ben told Meg how Annie plotted to break them up using posthypnotlc suggestion to make him call Meg "Maria." Realizing Tim was In cahoots with Annie, Ben punched him out and Meg told him to get lost. Annie, who arrived in Kansas, found comfort In Tim's arms when Ben rejected her apology. Ricardo's badge was taken away after Gabl, who realized her lie has gotten out of control, told the police he raped her. • THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: An Irrational Nina pulled a gun on Tricla while the two argued over Ryan. Ryan made Tricla leave, then he and Nina struggled over the gun which accl- dently went off, seriously wounding Nina. While Nina underwent surgery, the police quizzed Ryan about her shooting. Jill Intervened when the police tried to question Tricla about her relationship with Ryan. Victoria and Cole are not certain their marriage has a future. Jack was stunned when Ashley confessed Cole has been making Asjvley so happy lately. Ports warned Sharon not to trust Grace completely since she ones suspected Grace loves Nick. Grace explained to Cawje why she and Tony can't comply with Cassis's wish that they have a baby. The doctor told Neil his fertility tests were normal, then said Dru should be tested. Michael spent the night with Phyllis, Phyllis warned Brian not to answer Chris' questions. DAYTIME October 13-17 LATE NIGHT 2:00 B- Movie (Wed) *+« "Slaves of New York" (2:15) 84854784 (Thu) *** "After Hours" (1:45) 24538475 (Fri) +** "Mr. Wonderful" (1:45)24505147 • (2:15) Movie (Mon) *X "Intimate Be- r " (1:22)46423820 2:15) Comedy Hour (Thu) :ro«tfire 582559 Movie (Tue) *** "Battle Cry" f)0) 352979 Movie (Fri) * * * "Night of the Living Dead* (2:00)763079 I I Love Lucy Music Videos (Fri) Dana Carvey: Critic's Choice (Tue) B Christopher Closeup (Mon) Faces on Faith (Tue) Lifestyle Magazine (Wed) Scriptures Allvel (Thu) Our Family (Fri) ED Up Close (Mon-Thu) Inside the PGA Tour (Fri) B Mother's Car Show (Mon) Motoworld (Tue) Powerboat Racing (Wed) ATP Tour Tennis (Thu) Drag Racing (Fri) B Movie (Fri) *** The Endless Summer II" (2:45)60774031 ED Boris Karlotf Presents Thriller (Fri) Movte ratings **** Outstanding * * * x Excellent * * Not bad *** Very good *x Fair **« Good * Poor "Girts DO • • J O ( Thu I B (2:04) Movie (Thu) ***» "The Anderson Tapes" (1:43)6786949 ~ ABL Basketball (Tue) Boxing (Thu) Law & Order (Wed-Fri) Jazz Central Crlstlna741849 _ (2:05) Movie (Mon) * *X "Treachery and Greed on the Planet of the Apes" (1:32)33735578 B (2:05) Movie (Thu) ***x The Shining* (2:22)31140388(2:25) (Fri) "Gold Coast" (1:49)55463692 QD (2:06) ABC World News Now (Mon- Thu) OS Praise the Lord (5) (2:07) Martha Stewart Living (Mon- Thu) (10) America's Store TCM (2:15) Movie (Wed) **» The Girl Who Had Everything" (1:15) 32993069 WGN Movie (Mon) ** "Kansas" (2:00) 186085 (Tue) **% "Mr. & Mrs. Bridge" (2:00) 670047 (Fri) * * "Young Doctors in Love" (2:00)814645 Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (Wed) 2:30 B Keenen Ivory Wayans (Mon-Thu) 6607356 Geraldo Rivera (Fri) 6505944 O Movie (Mon) ** "Project: KHI" (2:00) 369269 (Tue) * * x "The Perils of Pauline" (2:00)846931 (Wed) *** Tulsa" (2:00) 114535 (Thu) * * * "Catherine the Great" (2:00) 735017 (Fri) ***T-Men" (2:00) 229079 B (2:37) CBS Up to the Minute (Mon- Thu) 8 Port Charles 5070795 (2:41) ABC World News Now (Tue- Thu) B (2:42) CBS Up to the Minute (Thu) S I2) More Than a Game (Fri) Short Subject (Mon) (2:50) Laverne & Shirley (Mon) (2:50) Movie (Tue) Tainted Love" (1:33) 52944825 (Thu) ** K "Sex and the Other Man" (1:32)5679340 B (2:45) Movie (Tue) ** "Cutthroat Island" (2:15) 29354134 (2:45) (:45) (Fri) **** The Accidental Tourist" (2:15) 29285050 B (2:45) Movie (Wed) * "Body of Influence 2". (1:27) 3981429 (Fri) "Danger Zone" (1:32)386079 I CNN/Sport* Illustrated Movie (Mon) *** The Qut-of- . Towners" (1:45) 2781511 (Thu) *** "His Majesty O'Keefe" (1:35) 2618611 I Tax) Howie Mandel: Welcome to Howlewould (Fri) S Inspiration, Pleawl College Football (Mon) NHL Hockey e, Fri) Racehorse Digest (Wed) PBA Bowling (Thu) B College Football (Mon) In-Llne Skat* i (Tue) NHL Hockey (Wed-Thu) Movie (Thu) "Apollo 11" (1:30) 601727 Flipper (2:36) Movie (Mon) *x "Private Resort" (1:24) 35171882 (Tue) ** Thank God It's Friday (1:30) 903931 (2:55) (:B5) (Wed) ** The Vanishing Westerner* (1:05) 55710429 (2:41) (:41) (Fri) **» "RlyerofQold" (1:19)35095418 B Movie (Tue) * * The Dirt Bike Kkf 0130)8097931 B (2:45) Movie (Tue) * * "Patty Hearst" (1:48) 83469950 Women: Stories of Passion (Wed) 03 (2:38) In Concert (Frj) (5) (2:37) CBS Up to the Minute (Mon- Thu) (2:37)f#; The 8*rl»* (Fri) TUQ (2:55) Moyl* (Mon) * * "Undertow" (1:35)18977004 (2:45) (;4.5) (Tue) ** "Chopper Chicks In Zombietown" (1:30) 6618028 (2:35) (:35) (Wed) *** •Kansas City" (1:55) 45413516 (2:55) (:55) (Thu) -ttv. "Secret Games 3" (1:25) 53929727 (2:40) (:40) (Fri) *X "Farmers, Chase" (1:40)20984012 3:00 B Community Bulletin Board (Mon) Judge Judy _ (3:06) ABC World News Now (Mon- Thu) (3:08) In Concert (Fri) ~~ (3:06) ABC World News Now (Mon) (3:12) Sports Bar (Fri) __ Movie (Mon) * * "Baby Blue Marine" (1:30) 7015191 (Tue) **X "Billy Jack" (2!00) 7089776 B (3:05) Beverly Hillbillies (Mon) (3:05) Laverne & Shirley (Tue-Wed) B (3:20) Movie (Wed) ** "Crosscut" (1:36)26155622(3:10) (Fri) *** "Mortal Thoughts" (1:44)78218692 B (3:15) Movie (Wed) **)4 "Sixteen Candles" (1:45)98991784 B (3:25) Movie (Tue) ** "Machine Gun Blues" (1:27) 70790405(3:15)' (Thu) "Exception to the Rule" (1:38) 29916746 B CNN International Acapulco H.E.A.T. (Tue-Wed) Newhart J Top 20 Video Countdown (Fri) Highway Amazing Games (Wed) _ In-LJne Skating (Tue) Toyota Atlantic Rear View Mirror (Fri) ED Man From U.N.C.L.E. (Mon) ffl Boris Karlotf Presents Thriller (Fri) W Gentle Ben B Hardcore Football (Wed) Transworld r (Fri) Movie (Mon) **x "Northanger Abbey" (2:00)702191 (Tue) *** "Scarlet Street". (2:00) 263825 (Wed) * + * The Joe Louis Story" (2:00) 757887 (Thu) ***K "Cyrano de Bergerac" (2:00) 178949 (Fri) ** "Dressed to Kill" (1:30) 625470 El Alma No Tlene Color 266733 _ (3:15) Movie (Mon) ** The Shaggy Dog" (1:36)94394288(3:20) (Wed) **X "Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco" (1:28)84385581(3:10) (Thu) **K "The Cat From Outer Space" (1:43) 37959340(3:20) (Fri) "Escape to Witch Mountain" (1:36)64329925 B (3:10) Movie (Mon) ** "Coffy" (1:31) 90638849 (Wed) **X "Down Came a Blackbird" (1:53)2232351 OS (3:06) Movie (Fri) ** "Kingdom of the Spiders" (1:54)31376925 TCM Movie (Mon) * * The French Line" (2:00) 8528789 (Thu) *** "Cass Tlm- bertane" (2:00) 9972825 (Fri) **K"Min and Bill" (1:30)9051494 WGN Xena: Warrior Princess (Wed) 3:30 B (3:35) NBC News Nlghtslde (Mon- ThuTKeenen Ivory Wayans (Fri) 8487596 £ Headline New* [3:42) KwlkWttz (Fri) (3:45) Movie (Thu) ** "A Time ol ny" (2:15)90236727 (3j45)Short Subject (Fri) B (3:35) Laverne & Shirley (Mon, Wed- Thu) (3:35) Beverly Hillbillies (Tue) B (3:35) Movie (Mon) *X "Daddy's Girl" (1:35) 36713627 B Movie (Mon)' * "National Lampoon's Senior Trip" (1:31) 5656608 (Thu) **x The Swan Princess" (1:30)7894036 Del Comedy All-Star Jam (Mon) Newsroom (Mon-Thu) Future Watch Movie (Fri) **1tl" (1:45)4899673 Facts of Ufe (Thu) Mary Tyler Moore Mormon Tibernacla Choir (Mon-Thu) Tractor Pull (Tue) Storsky and Hutch (Thu) Adventures of Sklppy the Kangaroo (3:47)0n Time (Thu) Inside CART (Mon) (3:37) Due South (Fri) M (3:55) Movie (Tue) * * "Sweet KJtty. Bellairs" (1:05) 14066028 (Wed) * on Probation" (1:30)6874069 4:00 B Headline New* (Mon-Thu) Movie (Fri) ** The Gorilla" (2:00)390925 B (4:1 5) Abbott and Costello (Fri) B (4:15)Short Subject (Wed) Movie (Fri) **X"Hero" (2:00)2905147 B (4:05) Gomer Pyle, USMC (Mon-Thu) Who's the Boss? (Fri) B (4:05) Movie (Thu) *** "Maybe... Maybe Nor (1:33)56768017 B Movie (Mon) **X "State of Emergency" (1:30)848022(4:15) (Wed) **X •Lotto Land" (1:27) 24040429 (Fri) **K •Witch Hunt" (1:40)6422334 « CNN International (4:15) Movie (Mon) *** "Broken Arrow" (1:45) 24091 153 (4:05) (:05) (Thu) * * The Mountain" (1 :55) 82096475 B Bloomberg Television (Mon-Thu) Facto of Ufe (Fri) I Dick Van Dyke After Hours (Mon-Thu) Survival of the Fittest (Wed) Sportsman's Digest (Thu) B Secrete of Speed (Fri) O Gllllgan's Island (Mon) Kung Fu Tue) Tales of Tomorrow (Fri) Jeff's Collie Asia Market Wrap (Mon-Thu) _ Movie (Mon) ** "Baby Blue Marine" (1:30) 666020 (Tue) * * "In Old Amarillo" (1:10) 2544318 (Wed) ** 'Project: Met- albeast" (1:33) 7859784 (Thu) The Black Candle" (1:46) 4222956 (Fri) ** The Man Without a Country" (1:18)2451654 B Motorsports Hour (Wed) College Soccer (Thu) Boxing (Fri) B Divine Plan (Wed) B Primer Impacto Extra B (4:05) Down at Fraggle Rock (Tue) B (4:15) Movie (Fri) **+ "Robin and Marian" (1:52)35428215 Q3 Bob Larson (Fri) TMC (4:15) Movie (Tue) * * * The Other" (1:45) 25979115 (4:20) (:20) (Thu) ** "All Dogs Go to Heaven 2" (1:25)' 27958253 (4:20) (:20) (Fri) **X 'Sudden Impact" (2:00)6231627 WGN Adventures of Slnbad (Wed) 4:30 B (4:35) NBC News Nlghtslde (Fri) B Vibe (Mon-Thu) 806266 Nick News (Fri) IB First Buslness'(Mon-Thu) B (4:45) Pastor's Study (Fri) B Movie (Mon) **x "Made In Heaven" (1:45) 84043795 (4:45) (:45) (Wed) ** •Body Slam" (1:45) 82437887 B (4:35) Headline News (Mon-Thu) Who's the Boss? (Fri) B Movie (Tue) *'A "Without Mercy" (1:28) 926283 B (4:50) Making of Multiplicity (Tue) B CNN/Sports Illustrated B Movie (Tue) * * * "Force of Arms" S KI) 565196 Bloomberg Television (Fri) Teacher to Teacher With Mr. Wizard (Mon) Nick New* (Tue) Big Help Stories Volume 1 (Wed) Launch Box (Thu) Rhoda (Fri) B UP Close (Tue, Thu) Scholastic Sport* America (Wed) Racehorse Digest Fri) "~ NHL2Nlght(Tue-Fri) Gllllgan's Island (Mon) Our Gana rto (Wed-Fri) Lights Out (Fri) Tlmmy and Lassie „. Before the Bell (Mon-Thu) -,- * Movie Legend* In ConversntlpniFo) _ Creflo A. Dollar Jr. (Mon-Thu) RiC- Blake*, Sr. (Fri) ~ B Notlclero Unlvlalon Edlclon Nqctur- B (4:45) Movie (Man) **K "High Anxiety" (1:34) 36338714 (Tue) **H?81de Out" (1:40) 815738(4:55) (Wed) *K "Captain Nuke and the Bomberboys" (1:30) 56119993 (Thu) The' Defenders: Payback" (1:35)3983456 ' ' : 03 Behind the Scene* (Fri (5) AgDay (Mon-Thu) 4;37) TCM MOM Parade (Fri) :; "' TMC Movie (Mon) * * "Canadian Bacon" (1:35) 6270068 (Wed) * * * "A Pure Formality" {1:55)6046351 4:45 B TH£herV» Teacher WMh Mr. Wlz- Ayanzlnl (Fri) '1 . f . r^—^j, ^^^gg, r^^^g VK^Hn* ^^^HJ? <c^^^uj> \^^^gr ^^^H? <^_jm> v__^-i •cfjgmiissggf' Shel Level premium life policy to age 40. Jean Curry 2797 Behnoiit 823*5129 ...f

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