The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on November 29, 1981 · Page 103
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 103

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 29, 1981
Page 103
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Page 22 The Salina Journal Sunflower MORNING 5:00 O The Blackwood Brothers CD LPBS Bowling "Enclno Open" 5:05 (B It's Your Business 5:20 00 Movte I'M'. "Variety Time" (1948) Jack Paar, Leon Earl. 5:30 (13) The Lone Ranger CD Rat Patrol HBO Movie -.V-.:.-iV "Pete's Dragon" (1977) Helen Reddy, Shelley Winters. & Space Kidettes © Movte -.V-.r "The Green Horizon" Jimmy Stewart. 5:35 QB Infinity Factory 6:00 O Health Field O U.S. Farm Report ! 9) Cartoons 13) Blonte Woman CD Ripper 8 Count Of Monte Crlsto 8 Sports Center 6:05 CD Vegetable Soup 6:30 O O O CD ED The Fllntstones 3) © CD © 13 U.S. Farm Report O Dr. Snuggles (D At Issue O Kldsworld ( 9 ) (10) BulMnkle OB Sunrise Semester CD Gentle Ben 8 Bible Bowl 8 NHL Hockey Winnipeg Jets at Washington Capitals 6:35 OB Romper Room 6:45 (B Pastors Study 7:00 CD (3D CD Sesame Street (R) g CD (D O (13) © 13 Super Fun Hour O O O O) (10) OD OB Kwlcky Koala ( 9 ) U.S. Farm Report QD The Lone Ranger CO) Princess Knight CD Big Blue Marble & Contact CD Scholastic Sports Academy 0 Movie -.;•£ "The Little Dragons" 7:05 QB The Partridge Family 7:30 O O O © ® €8 Smurfs 0 O O © (10) OD OD Trollkins ( 9 ) The World Tomorrow 03 Leave It To Beaver (Q) Polka-Dot Door CD Kroftt Superstars CB The Lesson CD Best Of Calliope 7:35 CD Rat Patrol 8:00 (SOS) American Government Survey (D © O 03 (13) 0) 13 Fonz / Laverne & Shirley O O O Ho) (10) CB CB Bugs Bunny / Road Runner O Captloned ABC News ( 9 ) Rex Humbard CD Math CQ) Beetle Company (R) HBO Movie •.'.".'.•'/ 2 "Headin' For Broadway" (1980) Rex Smith, Vivian Reed. 8 Financial Inquiry 8:0509 Movie ^** "Flying Tigers" (1942) John Wayne, Paul Kelly. 8:30 O O O CS CD CB Kid Super Power Hour CD GD €B American Government Survey O Crockett's Victory Garden ( 9 ) Issues Unlimited (ED Studio See CD Battle Of The Planets 0 Weekend Gardener CD Best Of Calliope 9:00 (D © CD Contemporary Health Issues CD GD O 03 © 13 Richie Rich / Scoo- byDoo ( 6 ) American Government Survey O The World Of Cooking "The Netherlands: A Traditional Menu" (9 ) Charlando (13) Kldsworld CD Sneak Previews (R) (ED Once Upon A Classic "A Tale Of Two Cities" CD Tom And Jerry 8 Here's Formby O Sports Center O Movie -V 1: "Young And Free" 9:30 O O (B Tom And Jerry (3D GD CD Contemporary Health Issues O New Zoo Revue a a a © (10) 03 CB pop»ye © CD Spider-Man (6 ) American Government Survey Sunday, November 29,1981 Saturday / / December 5 ' 5 a.m. -5 p.m. O Magic Method Of Oil Painting ( 9 ) Abbott And Costello (13) Nine File OD Quilting CO) This Old House HBO Movie VriV'/i "The Mirror Crack'd" (1980) Elizabeth Taylor, Kim Novak. & This Week On Wall Street 8 College Basketball Report CD Best Of Calliope 10:00 O 8 CD One Of A Kind CD ® CD Mister Rogers Talks With Parents About School Q CD CD Space Stars (D (D O CD (ID 13GokJie Gold / Thundarr O O O 0® (10) CB 09 Blackstar ( 6 ) Interaction O (ED The Woodwrlght's Shop "Pitchforks And Dough Bowls" !9 ) Superman 13) Herrlck Roth's Roundup CD The Woodwrlght's Shop CD Woody Woodpecker 8 College Football Virginia vs. Virginia Tech O Sports Forum f 10:1009 Movte -it-toW/i "The Fighting Seabees" (1944) John Wayne, Susan Hayward. 10:30 O O CD Spider-Man O O (10) CB Tarzan / Lone Ranger ( 6 ) Interaction O (S) To Be Announced O The Guitar With Frederick Noad ( 9 ) Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea (13) Colorado '81 OD The Photo Show (ED The Photo Show 09 Whizzo's Saturday Circus 8 NFL Game Of The Week CD Scholastic Sports Academy O The Wacky World Of Jonathan Winters Guest: Bill Cosby. 11:00 Q O O (D CD CD Daffy / Speedy Show CD ® CD It's Everybody's Business CD CD O CD (13) CB CO) 13 NCAA Football Regional coverage of Georgia at Georgia Tech; NCAA. Division III Championship game; NCAA Division II Semifinal game ( 6 ) Understanding Human Behavior O © NCAA Football Georgia at Georgia Tech Q Power Game ID The World Of Cooking CD) The World Of Cooking "The Netherlands: A Traditional Menu" CD Bugs Bunny 8 Sports Center Plus CD A Nice Sort Of Day 8 Movie •'•:•:• "Hangar 18" (1980) Darren McGavin, Robert Vaughn. 11:30 O O d) Wrestling (D ® CD It's Everybody's Business O © Bullwinkle O Movte *vV'/ 2 "Gargoyles" (1972) Cornel Wilde, Jennifer Salt. O (10) (B Tom And Jerry ( 6 ) Understanding Human Behavior O Quilting (9) Movte -Ci-h "In Old California" (1942) John Wayne, Binnie Barnes. OD The Victory Garden CO) Power Game CD Cartoons HBO Movte W "Roller Boogie" (1980) Linda Blair. CD English Channel "Einstein: The Man Behind The Genius" / "Continuum: The Special Theory Of Relativity" / "World In Action: More Than A Few Perks" / "A Voyage Around Great Britain" AFTERNOON 12:00 CD ® ffl Washington Week In Review O Heart And Soul PIZZA HUT n FOR FAST SERVICE «23-»134 S Sw.-Thur. 5 p.M.41:30 P.M., Frt-Sit 5 p*.-12:30 px> © Special O (10) CB Fat Albert ( 6 ) Humanities Through The Arts O What's Your Line? OD Sesame Street (R) g © Iowa State University Extension CD One Of A Kind CD I Dream Of Jeannte 8 700 Club 12:1500 Movie V.- •.'.•••'.• "Sands Of Iwo Jima" (1949) John Wayne, John Agar. 12:30 O O GD Perspective (D © Q) Wall Street Week CD Western Outdoorsman O CB 30 Minutes ( 6 ) Humanities Through The Arts O Old Houseworks (10) Kidding Around CO) Quilting CD We're Movln' CD Leave It To Beaver 8 Golf "World Match Play Championship" (Match 3) from Great Britain. 1:00 O O O GD CD CD College Basketball UCLA at Notre Dame CD ® CD What's NU? O Movie -.'v'/ 2 "Little Giant" (1946) Bud Abbott, Lou Costello. O Leonard Repass ( 6 ) Prime Time O Sneak Previews OD The Righteous Apples CO) Magic Method Of OH Painting CB Wild Kingdom CD Andy Griffith 8 Movie 6ifriV "Advance To The Rear" (1964) Glenn Ford, Stella Stevens. 1:30(1) © 03 The Victory Garden O (10) CB NCAA Basketball Kentucky at Ohio ( 6 ) The Victory Garden O Washington Week In Review ( 9 ) Movie w*'/i "Comin 1 Round The Mountain" (1951) Abbott and Costello, Dorothy Shay. CD As We See It "Van Nuys High School, Los Angeles, California" (R) CO) Beginning Piano CD Beverly Hillbillies HBO Standing Room Only "Sherlock Holmes - The Strange Case Of Alice Faulkner" 8 The Blackwood Brothers 8 Sports Center Plus 2:00 (D © 03 Showtime On Ice O Wall Street Week OD Getting To Know Me (ED Llllas. Yoga And You CD Lucy Show 8 Western Classics 8 College Soccer "NCAA Division I Championship Semifinal 1" from Stanford University. 2:05 ( 6 ) Nova 2:2009 Movte wiViV "Operation Pacific" (1951) John Wayne, Patricia Neal. 2:30 O Movte -tr-fr "Don't Knock The Rock" (1957) Bill Haley and The Comets, Alan Dale. O Ben Wattenberg At Large OD Soccer Made In Germany Argentina vs. Brazil (ED Motorweek CD Dick Van Dyke CD Alive And Well! 2:45 CD CB O O 03 (B8 (13) OD HD 13 NCAA Football Army vs. Navy at Philadelphia 3:00 O O O CD (E CD SportsWorld 10- round heavyweight bout between Tim Witherspoon and Alfonso Ratliff (live from Atlantic City, N.J.); United States / China Gymnastics — Women's Competition (from Honolulu, Hawaii). (D © 2) Joslyn 50th Celebration O Odyssey "Dadi's Family" (9 ) America's Top Ten CO) Matinee At The Bijou CD Six Million Dollar Man QWyattEarp O Movte i>& "The Little Dragons" 3:10 ( 6 ) The Duchess Of Duke Street 3:30 O (10) CD Sports Saturday 15-round WBA Lightweight Championship bout between Claude Noel and Gonzalo Montellano (live from Las Vegas). ( 9 ) Soul Train . OD Matinee At The Bijou 8 Wagon Train 4:00 O The Waltons O Movte •';'/* "West Of The Law" (1942) Buck Jones, Tim McCoy. CD Emergency HBO Movte -k-ffk "Pete's Dragon" (1977) Helen Reddy, Shelley Winters. 8 Sports Center Plus 4:20(6) Masterpiece Theatre 4:30 GO® Nashville On The Road CD © CD Women In Sports: The Decade Of Change O Sha Na Na (D Backstage At The Grand Ote Opry ( 9 ) You Asked For It CO) Training Dogs The Woodhouse Way CD Wild Kingdom 8 College Soccer "NCAA Division I Championship Semifinal 2" from Stanford University. CD You: Magazine For Women 4:35 CD Rat Patrol 5:00 O O ® Happy Days Again CD © CD Sports Nebraska O (10) News O Wild Kingdom GD American Forum O CD Omni O Matinee At The Bijou Featured: "Bulldog Drummond's Bride" (1939) starring John Howard and Heather (Continued on Page 23) WATERBEDS $ 179 9S ? NO!!! We do not carry this type of merchandise — but we are competitive on quality waterbeds; full flotation baffled mattresses, or the hybrid. See us after you've shopped all the rest. SHOP AND COMPARE!

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