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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 4

Redlands, California
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Monday, July 22, 1963
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'4 - Monday, July 22, 1963 Redlands Daily Facts Supervisors adopt new billboard amendment County supen'isors today adopted an altered amendment to the billboard ordinance and agreed to give more study to another amendment giving outdoor advertising companies more sign space along freeways in the desert area. An amendment defining "business or industrial structures" near which billboards may be placed was changed by deletion of a requirement that one or more persons must be regularly employed in the structures. As approved the definition reads: "Business or industrial structure shall mean an occupied permanent building attached to a permanent foundation." The change was proposed by Supervisor S. Wesley Break who maintained that the phrase "occupied permanent building" was all that was necessarj-. Board Chairman Nancy Smith disagreed. "That provision is a safe guard," she stated, "There might be all kinds of permanent structures with no one actually employed there." Although he voted in favor of the change. Supervisor Paul Young also said he felt deleting the requirement of a regular em­ ploye would weaken the ordinance. New Amendment At the request of Chairman Smith, the County Counsel's office today presented a new billboard amendment liberalizing the space open to outdooring advertising the desert, while holding the line in the valley and mountam areas. Mrs. Smith explained that she had asked for the new proposal after Supervisor Ross Dana stated at a hearing last week that the business people in the desert communities had a definite need for freeway billboards. Dana had maintained that the desires of desert residents were different from those of valley residents. "I asked the county counsel to draw up an amendment that would permit more signs in the desert and restrict them in the valley. "This is what you have before you this morning. It may be that you will want further discussion on the new amendment," Mrs. Smith said. Construction of Signs The compromise would allow the construction of billboards along highways and freeways under these conditions: (1) In valley and mountain areas billboards would be permitted in C-2 commercial or M-1 industrial zones if the sign structures are on the same side of the freeway and within 500 feet of a business or industrial structure and within 150 feet of the freeway. (2) In desert areas billboards would be allowed under the same conditions as for the mountain and valley areas, but a maximum of two additional advertising structures would be permitted within an additional 500 feet space. Also, billboards would be allowed on the other side of the freeway within- an area directly opposite the space normally allowed. This means that in the desert, a total of eight billboards may be placed within a 2,000-foot stretch of freeway, and on both sides of the freeway, if there is a legal business or industrial structure. Definite Benefits Supervisor Dana asserted that he could show some distinct situations in which a more liberal billboard policy for the desert would result in some definite benefits. Break pointed out that the only action the Board could take today was to vote on the "business and industrial structure" definition. Dana agreed, but later moved that the new proposal be considered again at a hearing on September 17. Also e.\pecfed to receive additional discussion on that date is the question of how long billboard companies should be given to amortize their investment in highway signs that become noneon- formmg under the new amendment, and at what point should the amortization period start. Supervisor Young proposed three-year amortization period starting on the date on which "business or industrial structure" is vacated. Mrs. Smith thought differently. "We can assume that a bill' board structure is being amortized as soon as it is erected, so why can't we start counting the three year peroid at that time?" People's Column Reiders of the Facta are InTlted Is lend their thouthls on qnestlone of public Interest for use In the People's Column. Please be brief. The writer's Irno name and address must accompany each letter thonch pen names are permitted at thfl editor's discretion. Louis Jacobs, a Man of Integrity Editor Facts: Reading your editoral in regard to the founders of Redlands, it came as a surprise to me to have this include Louis Jacobs. Unquestionably this is well documented, and the inclusion justified. My mother spoke often of Louis Jacobs, having had business dealings with him, and knowing his reputation. He was regarded as foresighted and progressive, a man of integrity, and one whose consideration for those in need could be relied upon. Those who had business dealings with him dealt as with a friend, and had no reason to regret it. It is fortunate that wo commemorate men of this character, Mrs. Jack A. Brewster Kincaid street. About People Mr. and Mrs. William H. Nichols and son, Peter, and daughter, Elizabeth, have come to Redlands from Newfoundland and are now in their new home at 1003 College avenue. Stanford D. Herlick, 1629 E. Citrus, has been appointed to three- year term on the e.xecutive committee of the California District Attorneys association. Jlr. Herlick is the County Counsel for San Bernardino county. Marine Lance Corporal Floyd C. Blackmore, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd C. Blackmore, of 13469 Doublas, Yucaipa, Calif., is serving with the Second Battalion of the Third Marine Division, a unit which recently participated in a joint U.S. Repbulic of Korea amphibious exercises dubbed "Operation Flagpole" and conducted near Seoul, Korea. The training exercise involved 67 ships plus numerous Marine air and ground units of both nations. Leslie Howard Owens, a junior at California Western University, has received an Achievement Award in art. He is the son of Mrs. OdcU Owens, 817 West Stuart, Redlands. Owens graduated from Redlands High School where he was an honor roll student, active in student government, and on the cross country team. A history major at California Western, he is a member of the Wesley Club and the campus Political Club. Soviets say former U. S. security man seeks asylum Navy Ensign William L. Hop kins. Supply Corps, son of Mr. and Mrs. James W. Hopkins, 915 Monterey street, Redlands, is serving aboard the destroyer USS Bausell, a Pacific Fleet unit which recently returned from a seven and one half-month's cruise with the Sev enth Fleet in the Far East. The Bausell is flagship of Commander Destroyer Squadron Five and normally operates out of San Diego. Ports of call for the Bausell included Buckner Bay, Okinawa; Sasebo, Yokosuka and Kobe, Japan; Subic Bay, Philippines. Smgapore; Djakarta, Indonesia; Darwin, Australia; and Hong Kong, British Crown Colony in China. PLANE KfLLEO GIRL TURIN, Italy (UPI)-An Italian air force plane crashed during an air show Sunday, killing a 17- year-old girl spectator. The demonstration marked the 40th anniversary of the Italian air force. Poultry and Eggs LOS ANGELES, July 22 (UPI) — Eggs: Prices to retailers l.o.b. distributor plants (delivered Hi cents higher: AA extra Urge 42Hi-4614, A extra large 41!4-«^-2. AA large 34'i-39"i, A large 33ii-34'i. B Urge 23!i-30'i, AA medium 2SVi-29<4. AA small 20Vi-24!4, A small I9!4-20H,. Prices to consumers: AA large 43-S3. A large 41-48. AA medium 29-46, A medium 33-42, AA imaU 32-39, A small 29-35. Poultry: Fryers 16-19. loaslers 21-2S, light type hens S-SH wtd. avg. 5.25, hens cross 6-6% wtd. avg. 6.16. turkeys: yearling hens 16-16H, young hens 21, young toms 21 !4, iryer roasters 21. MOSCOW (UPI) — Tiie Soviet government newspaper Izvestia today reported that an Arab-born former employe of the U. S. National Security Agency in Washington has defected to Russia and asked for political asylum. Izvestia said that the former agent for the Americans defected because he was "outraged" by U.S. intelligence activities endangering peace in the Middle East. The alleged defector was identified as Viktor Norris Hamilton, born Hmdali, who said in an open letter to Izvestia that he was 44, and a graduate of the American University in Beirut. The man, in the letter, said he was a naturalized American citizen and had worked for the Near East section of the National Security Agency beginning in 1957 but had resigned for reasons of "prmciple." Hamilton said in the open letter on Izvestia's back page that he had married the former Lilly Bell Drake, whom he had met in Benghazi, Libya. Hamilton charged that he was recruited for espionage work by an American colonel, whom he named only as "JIaxwell." "Maxwell," he said, had arranged for his admission to an intelligence school, "Tempo X," where he was given lessons in cryptography and general intelligence techniques. Since June 1357, the defector said, he was employed by the NSA in Washington at Adminton Hall and later at Ft. Meade, Meade, Md. He was registered as an expert in tlie Near Eastern section, he said, of the department called "Alio" which covered intelligence for the United Arab Republic, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Libya, Morocco, Tunis, Turkey, Iran, Grece and Ethiopia. Church Calendar You'll Find a Ready Market Thru Fast-Acting Facts Classified Ads I A rot WtST COAST THMTW POX REDLftNDS • 123 Coioi>SlrMt«PY. 3-4331 Week Days, Cont. from 7 P.M. Sat. A Sun., Cont. from 2 P.M. Tht tnit Story otLt John F. Kemeiy;! iKttiMt aihaiiure in tbeSoutii PaciHc! iCUffROBERlSON&S most ^alwittote! iictTOOir 'Pi «ioir -*'MJiK BR |1 Also — Bob Hope • Lucille Ball Laff Hit — In Color ••CRITIC'S CHOICE" Brookside Free Methodist — Thursday, 7:45 p.m.. Mid-week Prayer and Bible study; Friday, 7:00 p.m., 9:00 p.m. — C.Y.C. Crusader fun night at the Church. First Presbyterian Church — Wednesday, 10:00 a.m.. Prayer Fellowship in the Chapel; 7:30, Youth Fellowship Groups meet at the Church. Foursquare — Tuesday, 7:00 p.m., Visitation Crusade; Thursday, 7:30 p.m., prayer and Bible study. Temple Baptist Church — Monday, 7:30 p.m., Helen Hayes Circle will meet at home of Mrs. Leta Wattenbarger, East Highlands; Tuesday, 6:00 p.m.. West- em progressive dinner for the youth; Wednesday, 9:30 a.m., and 6:45 p.m.. Visitation, 7:30 p.m., Auxililiaries; Thursday, 6:30 p.m., Officers and Teachers, 7:30 p.m., Prayer and Bible study. First Methodist — Wednesday, July 24, 10:00 a.m., Wednesday Club meets at the church; Thursday, July 25. 6:30 p.m., Patio Supper. Trinity Southern Baptist — Wednesday, 7:30, Bible study; Thursday, 7:30, visitation. First Evangelical Lutheran — Monday, 8:30 p.m., Sunday school teachers' meeting; Friday, Merri- Weds will go to the Footlighters' play. Please call Mrs. James Huckins or tickets. Proceeds go to the City of Hope. Coffee hour at the Donald Prouts following the play. Christian & Missionary Alliance — Tuesday, 9:30 a.m., Slissionary Prayer Group; Wednesday, 7:00 p.m., Midweek Bible study and Prayer hour. The First Baptist Church ef Mentone — Thursday, Continuing study of the book of Romans, led by the pastor; Friday, B.Y.F. overnight camping trip meet at church at 6:00 p.m., bring camping gear. Westside Church of Christ — Wednesday, Ladies work- day at church , 10:00; Bible study 7:30 p.m. Christ Lutheran (Mo Synod) — Monday, 7:30 p.m., pastor's sid- cussion class; Thursday, 7:30 p.m., Sunday school and Bible classes teachers meetmg. Bethany Reformed Church — Wednesday 6:30 p.m., Priscilla and Rachel Circles family pic nic at Sylvan Park. Church of the Nazarene — Monday, 8:30 a.m., Jr. High leave for Summer Camp; Wednesday, 9:30 a.m.. Prayer and Fasting Prayer service. 10:30 a.m. Mary Mother work day; Thursday 7:00 p.m.. Prayer Meeting; Friday, 6-9 p.m., car wash on church parking lot; Saturday, 8-12 noon, car wash to send youth to Summer Camp, 6:30 p.m. Men's Fellowship. Editor Facts: Protests Smoking In Redlands Bowl Should we have a little segregation in the Redlands Bowl? Friday evening we had an excellent artist giving us a musical program, entertaining, inspiring, relaxing, appealing to the various of the many listeners, but there were a half dozen or more thoughtless smokers scattered through the audience making other people miserable with their smoke screens and smog. Tuesday evening, we had another artist program and one man with a pipe smoked down in a center section until the intermission when he either went home or removed to the rear, where he should have stayed in the first place. ^Vhy cannot such people learn that the Bowl is not a smoke house? One would think that such a person would look around him and find that scarcely anyone is smoking and think that there might be a good reason for him, or her, to refrain until he finds out why other smokers leave their smokes put away. He may find out that it is very bad manners to smoke in a ciosely crowded audience because the smoke does hang low and drift into other people's faces and because it is an insult to the entertainer to act so bored that you cannot stand his performance without narcotizing yourself with cigarettes. Let us reserve a few seats on the leeward side of the Bowl back or front, depending on the direction of the wind and ask these smoke slaves to sit in one place with the wind blowing their smog away from the bowl. Then the others can have freedom to breathe and to see. The good Lord wisely gave us fresh air for our health and enjoyment. Why should the man or woman with a cigarette have any right to pollute that air? Blanche V. Priest, 140 South Center street. Larger apartments are reserved for the party elite. And our 3 rooms and bath hero sounds like one of them. In fact, during the same week; two Hungarian border guards crossed the mine fields and sought asylum in J ^ustria. Because the mine fields, tlie barbed wire and the machine gun towers are still there. And the UPI dispatch even mentioned them. What are we trying to sell? It is the same Kadar, who double crossed the '56 revolution. It is the same Khrushchev; who after a weeks hesitation began to move his Mongols back into Hungary. (After he was dead sure, that the West is scared to move.) I also have a report from Budapest. It is the yeariy report of the Metal Trades Union. In 40 plants last year, they hired 31,435 metal workers — because 28,482 quit their jobs during the year. Being unable to make a living; due to the low piece work rates; set by the omnipotent government. And another one: Leonard Dobai is a brick layer, 30 years old. First time they jailed him for illegal border crossing in 1960 Now he is up for sentencing for his third try. Want another?: Two Hungarians are whispering m an art gal lery. This picture of Khruchev: there are two things wrong with it. First, there should be an in scription: Rest in Peace. . . Yes; but the, bum is not dead yet . That is the second thing wrong with the picture. If the West has to make a deal with the Reds; in the mistaken belief of saving necks; let us say so. It is unworthy of a free press to goldplate the Iron Curtain. And picture yesterday's hangmen as the loverboys of today. Louis Rethy-Reed 515 Linda, Redlands. Cif y to hold final dog clinic Wednesday Dog owners who have not yet obtained a 1963 city license for their pets may take advantage of the third and final dog clinic to be conducted Wednesday, Humane Officer Cecil Pattison announced today. The clinic will be held in the park at Lugonia avenue and Washington street. Hours arc from 10 a.m. to noon and from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Rabies shots and the S3 license may be obtained at that time. Pattison pointed out that persons who want only the license must show a rabies innoculation certificate. He also explained that dog owners who fail to obtain the city license by July 31 will become subject to a $3 penaltj^ charge, making the cost of the license double the normal fee. Licenses may also be purchased from the city treasurer's office at City HaU. Mrs. Zocholl to teach in Lincoln school Police feel dead intruder also murderer. , CHATSWORTH (UPI) - Police today theorized that an intruder who held a father and his two daughters prisoner in their home and shot himself to death before his capture may have-been -responsible for the June slaying of an attractive Northridge divorcee. Officers said Sunday that Howard D. Ayrest, 22, a plumber, of Cimi, was considered a prime suspect in the baseball-bat bludgeoning of Mrs. Arline Herpol- shcimer in her Northridge home. Aj'rest shot himself fatally in the head Saturday with his 25- caliber automatic as some 40 police officers surrounded the Chatsworth home of Ralph Kessler, 53, a contractor. The gunman forced his way into the home Friday afternoon and held the family captive for 24 hours. Police said he assaulted both girls, Kathryn, 22, and Sheryl, 18. The younger girl called police when Ayrest allowed her to leave to keep a doctor's appomtment. The Kessler home is six blocks from the Herpolsheimer residence. SELL IT TOMORROW With an inexpensive (Hassified Ad Is Hungary a Gilded Cage? Frank Bartholomew United Press International Chairman, is a proven friend of Hungary. For this reason I am at loss to understand, why the United Press has to distribute an obviously false image of Captive Hungary. (Pub lished in Daily Facts Tuesday, July 16.) UPI correspondent Ilona Gzdag (a nobody to any of us; Hungarian newsmen) may not have a Party Card, but could obtain one at any time. Her method, is the well known commie way of distorting an immage. It is quite possible that there is a family named Szekely. In fact it is a common Hungarian name. As an auto mechanic; he makes 2000 forints per month. Sounds high, but what does it buy? A low quality men's suit. I have a nephe^v in Buda pest, also repairs motors. We send him second hand clothing from here. We pay an average of $7.00 postage here in Redlands. He pays an equivalent of a weeks pay as duty, charged by the Communist Government. Still, he is glad to get our castoffs, because he has a wife, two kids and a mother to support. Let's fake the three rooms and bath. For anyone who has seen the overcrowded conditions in ANY of the European capitals; this sure makes Budapest look like a cage of gold, but I can assure you, that the rent figure is false. The average householder must be eon- tent with one room and kitchen. Questions Judgement of American People One occassionally hears, "I have faith in the American people" — then, "this nation of freedom - loving patriots will never permit a socialist - communism take - over here." But who are the American people referred to? It must be the electorate, but, across the nation, the majority refuse to spend any time informing themselves of the seriousness of our plunge toward socialism or of our acquiesence before the raging fire of communism across the world. Can one really have faith in the American people when, ignoring the lessons we should have learned under the follies of the New Deal and its flagrant flaunting of the Constitution, they voted the New- Frontier into power. Now, after three years of completely incom- petant bungling of our affairs, domestic and foreign, JFK continues to receive votes of confidence in popularity polls, falling but still far in excess of what an informed populace would give a leader who: — Completely sold this nation out to the Soviet menace in Cuba and permitted Khrushchev to reverse the Monroe Doctrine by recently declaring he will clobber us if we interfere in Cuba. — Forced a coalition gov't, upon Laos even in face of the history of all previous coalition gov'ts, with the Society a part; they always end up communist. — Continues to honor the United Nations when that body, bom in deceit and blatantly furthering the fortunes of only one side in this world-wide battle of doctrines, that of the Soviet. —Welcomed with gun salutes and promises of millions m aid to such communists or communist fellow travelers as: Ben Gella, Titi, Jagan, Betencourt, Sukarno. —Has through his capricous unrealistic government spending, added to the outpouring of monies to foreign nations and the U.N. until today this nation, through the continued imbalance of trade, is insolvent, overdrawn; we are broke. —Has played politics to the point where he has fomented racial dissention to the boiling point suggesting you sacrifice your freedoms, regardless of your race, for support from voting blocks. He is strangling the Golden Goose which created the standard of living we all enjoy, free enterprise. Socialism has never been successful in any of its many dictatorial forms. Yet. JFK has surrounded himself with socialist advisors, who are intent upon completely negating he Constitutional Republic which has been America, the greatest revolution in government the world has ever known, creating the greatest benefits to Cholesterol, family diet data available Mrs. Ora Zocholl, who has had previous teaching experience in Omaha, has moved to Redlands to teach a second grade class at Lincoln elementary school this fall. Originally from Oifegon, she attended high school in Portland, later attended the University of Oregon in 1942 but was graduated from the University of Omaha (Nebr.) with a B.S. in education in 1958. She remained at the University of Omaha after graduation to teach an experimental course in correctional Spanish for parents and children. Mrs. Zocholl later joined the public school system in Omaha, teaching Spanish for grades 3-6. She is now getting settled in Redlands and will live at 94 N. San Mateo street. MRS. ORA ZOCHOLL U.S., British planes in India defense exercises BERKELEY - It isn't having too much money that hurts us. It's the food we buy with it. So suggests a University of California nutritionist in a booklet just issued called "Fats, Cholesterol, and the Family Diet." Its time to plead for moderation in eatmg as in other activities that affect health, says Mrs. Helen Denning Ullrich, nutrition speciaUst in the .Agricultural Kxtension Service. "We have been eating more fats as our standard of living has increased during the past 50 years," says Mrs. Uikich. "The more expensive and gourmet types of food are usually highfat foods. It is time to question this practice." She remarks, however, that it is almost impossible to exclude fat completely from the diet. But neither should people — most people, at least — try to avoid all fat. She notes that fats act as carriers for some of the vitamines — A, D, E, and K. Linoleic acid, a fatty acid found in some fats and an essential one, is supplied only in the food people eat. The body can't manufacture it. The body stores fat it can't use immediately, and this shows. But people need some stored fat for good health, she adds. The essentials of a good diet, says Mrs. Ullrich, are moderation and variety — milk, meat, breads and cereals, fruits and vegetables — every day. Even those who wish to lose weight, she says, should eat foods from these groups daily. Her advice to the head of the kitchen is this: "Don't overfeed your family. A weight problem leads to other problems. "Have regular physical examinations. 'Relax and enjoy life with some moderate exercise." The new booklet, numbered HXT-51, may be obtained from the Farm and Home Advisors offices in most California counties or from the University's Public Service Offices, at 131 University Hall, Berkeley, or on the Davis campus. NEW DELHI, India (UPI) The Indian government announced today that U. S. and British planes will fly air defense exercises over India. An official spokesman said he could not specify the date of the exercises. But he said they would be held as soon as American mobile radar equipment arrives for the necessary ground control. The government announcement stressed that agreement to hold the exercises did not commit the Western Allies to defend India in case of an air attack. Nor, it added, did it commit India to request such help. It said the exercises were intended only to train the Indian Brown signs urban sprawl bills SACRiMVIENTO (UPD-Gov. Edmund G. Brown has signed mto law four bills aimed at attacking urban sprawl. The governor said the measures would stop the haphazard creation of new cities and districts, and provide instead for urban and regional planning foresight. T\vo of the bills create a five- member Local Agency Formation Commission in each county, Its job will be to pass on proposals for new cities, new districts or annexations. air force to use modem radar and communications equipment to be provided by the United States and Britain. After the radars are installed, the spokesman said, they could be used "by any allies" or by MIG jets with which India expects to build its own air force. It was disclosed, meanwhile, that the Indian army is organizing six special mountain divisions to defend against any further Chinese Communist attacks in the high Himalayas. The divisions will be trained in the manner of Wingate's "Chin- dits," the Allied heroes of World War II operations in the Burmese sector. The Chindits beat Japanese troops in the thickly-wooded and hilly jungles of Burma in surprise commando raids. India's mountain divisions are expected to be ready within the next sLx months. An Indian division varies from 12,000 to 14,000 men. REVIEWS FROM BARREL WHITTINGTON, England (UTH Ten-year-old Graeme Challands was all set to take the salute at the Mecian Brigade's depot here Friday, but he was only four feet tall—too small to be seen by the marching men. Young Graeme, decked out in an army uniform as a guest of the brigade,, got his wish when regimental Sergeant-Major Frank Flood got a beer barrel and stood the youngster on top of it. Need vAcjlLojLnLQn .e|? its people in consort with the greatest amount of freedom. Warren Hooper Rt. 1 Box 576, Redlands. TREASURE HOUSE Your unused furniture or appliances will find a ready market through Classified Ads. FEET HURT? FRIENDS — If you feet and legs hurt, come in and let us make "Nu-Feet" out of your old feell Why suffer the tortures of corns, callouses, bunions, ingrown nails, tired, burning, itching tendi Feet? GET QUICK RELIEF! Investigotton Costs Nothing Skepticism. Only Prolongs Sufferingl 35 Yeors Experience Lady Attendant "For Better Feet" See HARRY SLEE (Formerly, Doctor of Chiropractic) | 748 N. "D" St. San Bernardino • TU 8-0635 I SAMMONS AUTO SERVICE expert aufo repair (30 ytan •xperienee) PHONE 792.4161 313 E. HIGH AVE. (between 7th & 8th) REDLANDS WHAT IS A HOME WITHOUT A PHONE? Handy phones make happier homes. Modern telephone conveniences are yours for the asking — wall phones, small phones, colored phones — just call our local business office. California ^ Water & Tdephone Company Get an HFC Traveloan Wishing won't take yoii places... but an HFC Traveloan will! So take that vacation now. Borrow confidentiy-repay sensibly. Phone or come in. Thit fable Aows sample loanphns. 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