Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on January 11, 1949 · Page 14
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 14

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 11, 1949
Page 14
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FOURTEEN • EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, 31IX. TUESDAY, JANUARY '31, 39-19 Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker Army Reserve Units To Meet fill If <»!ITWOOtf— Crosby-Hope Story I Airline Office Blueprint Brawn Captain Thomas Siafiord, unit' &y KUSKKINE JOHNSON i:istruclor of the 208th Composite 1 NKA Staff Corrcspondcm. Group, ORC, stales thai Ihc Oral 1 HOLLYWOOD—Bins! croups to bc activated under the ; ihe most Uickudnisicn! Army's new policy of aulhorizlns: Hollywood. I "Sorrou'i l'iln:s ". pay lor trainirj! drills, will meet to-1 Bob Hope hits a slock comment morrow at 7:30 p. m. in the base-j every-time he tor- to a sneak prc- jnent ol the Post Office. i view of his latest picture. He says: The newest unit, the 398th Orel-' "I'm getting; fat. I have to nance Battalion, will organize to-i off weight, morrow under the command of Maj. William M. Mntccr. The battalion has filled its authorized strength just standing- and doing nothing. or six officers and six enlisted men | "I don't know how he does it." Other officers in the group arc I Producer Bob Welch said. "Eight Capt. Ace Humbcrson, executive of-1 other actors <in be hamming it up, liccr; Capt. John Kelly, supply of-j but when it comes "lit on the screen, The blueprint J'or the proposed j-e- Jonc.s" were new types o films -fur modeling- of llie administration'The bluoprinls' Provide for an out- Crosby is H°Pt'. Both have good stories and I building at Cumberland Municipal : SJdc i-,n,, [lttc nrio i oc -ilec' at ore worrier in U 'C stories, not Lie gaps, carry him. 1 Airport to provico o.1:ce .space :or „[ t'^c windows so -hat b a "in Be can Bing never joes to his sneak prc- All-American Airways, Inc.. lius^ p ushcd directly"onto tVrrunp. work at S12.SOO. which would be shared by the city and the airline. The inair. doorway would be! rhuikcd by Dutch windows, with Lupj The Public Lay Health Council and lower sections opening- outward.; will hear a discussion of the venereal .„, l-j eil ltll Grou ... u ,'-.-. „.. . ,.- ,, • •« o .Hear V13 CJnnc J allc jEvmis, council chairman, •side. wiU prc-jlar to t.h« sirooJe "orkincs of I'ilsetrlr. r»ncp nr sr^MI hcatst- ! Benjamin Franklin received an Electrical science reports thatihonorary A. M. degree from Ear- agc-old headaches In glass 111:11111-1™"* College in 1753. clinic operated bv ihc Health' I'aclurc have been hurdled and that' highest quality glass now can be produced with electric heat. The ho sends Dear, (also Hope's.) who -telephones .. pal, Baniey, teen completed by George Fixed sash windows would the reaction. Hope .Jways goes laie•' lo nis Previews. "The Paleface" was engineer. ]sneaked in. Riverside while Hope I-Iitchccck, city smoke abalcmens located at both ends of the building. 'dt v he alr.ii offi co« < ....... - IH.III..J uiui-i.,. . engineer who is also a professional facing- the field. Crosby is one of the few actors in! waa . vacationing a'- nearby Palm Hollywood who can steal :\ scene Springs. Welch called him or. the telephone and said: "The plcuire is 600 feet too long and a little rough so please don't bring anybody with you. You can invite your friends to the next ficer; Capt. Charles Sarsent, main- iit's Crosby's scene." I one." tcuance officer, and Lt. James I Welch was slipping me some lnti-| H °P C promised he'd come alone. Berkcnbaugh, adjutant. A chaplain: mate personal observations about | Came the preview and Hope arrived may bc attached to the unit, ac-| Par-amount's B & B boys. After pro-; WIUl 30 people. cording to Maj. Matccr. iduclng a Hope picture, "The Palc- " Thc 393th is entitled to -12 puy drills ;ind one two-week camp perJ- od & year, Maj. Matccr stated. face." and the new Crosby-Hope expert. ." and a Crosby picture, "Top o'j-jVT Morning," Welch is Paramount's'- 1 -* c " Tomorrow's program will consist of I Scat Trouble 'Better JTIliilJ DO I an explanation of pay and allow-1 The job included a cimvas chair ' ances, organization and discussion [with his name on it on both of their of a possible program. The 398th!sets. But, knowing the Crosby-Hope meet; 'on the second Wednesday I sense of humor. Welch river s,at in Ralph P. McHcm'y, county farm agent, states that a new insecticide, Compound 497, is -10 times as of, er Panel Bridge, "I was afraid." he said, "it would ^Trlnffrom variols^-^to Transport Company will hold its,explode." ;,..*$ Vcccivcd rcccrtiv bv the first meeting of the year tomorrow| People think Bing Crosby isn't a i-,,i^i &„>..,„ rvnarrr^r n« AP-; although ihc group had one pay worrier, but Welch know ditrercntJ^.^^S^^/^ drill last month, according to Capt. Thomas C. Lawler. commanding officer. First Lt. William F. Kaiser will talk and lead a conference on military demolitions. Only four officers are authorized for the unit which is allowed four "He worries about cverything-in a; £0me ' hous[; ' nies lackadaisical way. He weighs every line he has to read, and if lie does not like it, he says, 'Fix it', and we fix it." Hope worries about lines, too. "He's never satisfied with a gag,' are surviving pay drills a year. Capt. Lawlei 1 said.! welch said. "His favorite comment tnn ™- a 8reat Sag ' BeS: SaS Z evcr seted adt'd f '° UP ™" 1 - Ry ™n , , ' ' lr>d ' N ° W 1CIS Slt d ° W " nnci pmlcl - about C5 'nn i 'voundandeetatopper doesn't stai-t worryujg about The other two. officers in the uni'tj a scr j pt until it - s completed Hope rf* Pirsr. T.r. .Tnipnli TV AII..-M ;inri - , .. .,, , . . worries about it as its being written land demands to see the individual are First Lt, Joseph W. .'. Lt. David J. and I applications of DDT and reproduce with almost complete immunity to the toxic action of DDT. The new insecticide compared in equal quantities to DDT, showed a: tl-.c end of seven weeks that while DDT dropped to almost zero against Compound 497 retained cent of its activity. The remodeling is designed to Mayor Thomas S. Pos: and T.j provide office space measuring Donald Sliircs, secretary of the j about 12 by 14 feet. Municipal Airport Commission, saidj copies will be sent to Jere V. Chair., ., ,. ^. _ superintendent of stations for A]l ; J*U-l)«'S 3l£Jls Lease American, and to John M. Dela- jlT OI - 15-Year Period grange of Mountain Air Service, Personnel in cha. take part. Dr. Winter E. Frar.iz. 1 said a film prc-j Dared by the U. S. Public Health' Service will'be shown. Mrs. Arthur, u f thf c ici me ' lin? ' V> ' OCKS " 1 t.ic tunic, as «mi- "Ruptured which operates the airport on lease Irom the city, At a conference with Uic commission two weeks ago. Chain asked the jjrotip for prompt action on remodeling the structure to provide office space for the airline's Cumberland agent, since the line hopes to begin operations here Fob- a year, ruary 13. | " The airline will be requested La, suggest any changes in the proposed' floor plan so that construction can ^ begin immediately. Hitchcock estimates cost of ilic| A 15-year lease for the property at the corner of Baltimore and North Centre Street was filed in; court yesterday between Henriettc S. Anderson and Louise A. Mills and I Rand's, Inc. Annual rental under| the lease is $10,000 plus iour per Cent o£ gross ir.come above $180,000 h ° use Limit.ed quantities of 43 7 are expected Compound be avail- esc organized group, will begin" its ! pascs as they come ofr thc m ™ e °- meetingr with an Army current jsniph machine or typewj-iter. event discussion by the commanding Welch learned about this as the officer Capt. Henry Klein. Cp\. producer of the "Command Per-, .John Brannon will lead a class in|formancc" radio show during- the cencly able soon for experimental purposes this coming season, MeHenry stated, However, it is not yet available lor The importance ol insecticides to human welfare. MeHenry stated, received Noble Prize recognition re- Lt. Clyde Whipkey and Capt. Stafa discussion of ford will conduct :nap reading:. Capt. Klein announced that all unit members who have been issued uniforms should wear them to the meeting. The unit has an author- one script bat Welch was behind schedule and the script wasn't completed. "But I gotta see the script,'' Hope said on the telephone. "Okay," said Welch, "I'll send you all I've got." A messenger rushed to Hope's a'^r " UI '°' OJU i0r ~* Pa} ' Qrmi iEnc n i?sed°wwT^^^ The enlistment of Pic. Lawrence! 10 ^ W. Hayes, Frostburfr, in Company G tras announced yesterday. is Bob 'Command Performance' Hope, I want to tell you boys that . . ." "Hope," said Welch, "is this kind of a fellow. You tell him he's going to do a scene with a cat and lie asks. 'What kind of a cat?' because the breed of cat may give him an idea for a topper to whatever the is." Ihc msceticldal properties of. DDT, vras awarded the world famous prize in medicine for 19»3. There were only 32.920 automobiles registered in the United Stales in 5903. ^ASPIRIN AT ITS BEST Fast, dependable. [ World's .largest £. seller ntlDc. StJoseph ASPIRIN ST.JQSEPH ASPIRIN FOR CHILDREN So easy for child to tnkc, orange flavored. Easy to give correct donate. 50 tablets. 33c RAND'S Da Vll&l Ottlrr* /Vow Do — Weir • Form FIttlni MILLER Truti n'htrji prcrldn pa turn! from- dont «nd comfort -n worlunr, ««L)til]i, piijuif. bonp b*CIt ndini, dujcuip, •winuning *r ilfrpin*. You juit cuool •/• for<i to b* «iUu»m Ulti proico- l\om tatf •DtiTmifjjcG. Wur two v*ek» Uicn «o»> | ink j-a-ur pb*-iici»B briar* d»- } eiditog •* Veep lu j Vritc an l»<li? loi FREI ] BAI/HMOftE A.SD' CENTRE STS. j Beware Coughs Following Flu A/tcr die Uu is ovcrajid pone, ticcough iliac follows may develop into chronic bronchitis if ncplcctcd. Crcomulsion relieves promptly because it pocs riphi to the scat of ihc trouble 10 hcJp Joo-scn and expel perm laden phlegm, aod to aid nnmrc to soothe and hcaJ r.iw. tender, Jnlhimcd bronchial n:uc«>u> mcaibrancs. No marter how ninny mcdi- rincs you have tried, telj yourdruppisi to sell you a borile of CrcomuJbioo with the understanding s'ou must like the way it quickly allays ihe couph or you arc to have.your money back. CRE0MULSION for Coughs,Chest-Colds, Bronchitis ORCHESTRA TONITE ot the HI-DEE No Admission No Minimum No Cover N. Mechanic St. Opp. Bus Terminol Arc you polni; thru the functions! •raiddlc-afjc' porlort pfuliar to women (38-52 JTS.)? Docs this make 7°u suffer from hot Cnsl'.M, feel so nervous, hlgh-ttrur.g, ilrcd? Then BO try Lycll.1 E. PlDlthnni's Vegetublo Coir.- poui;d to rc'.levo such syir.ptoms! • 3 3 lnkhftir.'5 Compound also has what ' Doctors call a stomachic tonic cCcct! , LYDIA E. PINKHAM'S C^PO A U B ND E : ffltfulfs Always 35c Ch'n 20c £i TODAY and WED, DOUBLE VALUE BUD WITHOUT ENDORSERS OK GUARANTORS $50 to $1000 Household Finance lends money for ANY good purpose. You can borrow on your signature, car or furniture to pay: OVERDUE BILtS SEASONAL EXPENSES DOCTOR OR DENTIST BltLS REPAIRS ON HOUSE OR CAR EMERGENCIES YOU CHOOSE REPAYMENT PUN Repay monthly to suit your needs, Our charge on loans of 5300 or less is substantially below the lawful maximum. Our service is fast—courteous —confidential. OH COMS IN TODAY Our Reputation— For nullity work removes the gamble from vour dry cleaning— Sec Tor yourself. Hat Blocking — Our Specialty HARRY FOOTER & CO. Cleaners and Dyers PHONE 197 Cumberland — Piedmont 6"31 ABBOTT •^LOU COSTELLO; X , .., VIHEIMABRGCE ,%£jR03ERT PAIGE LEIF ER DOUBLE FEATURE " cr Triumph of Triumphs Vivien LEIGH ANNA KARENINA 't ZUUU at sensible rates all with radio, many with TELEVISION •ON TIMES SaUARE AT RADIO CITY' mm ^mf • mm m* MANAGED TAFT at 50th St. NEW YORK BINC S. UNO INC. MANAGEMENT fr$ THE FODR IKK SPOTS !^( ALSO • corvnc CARTOON * COMfXG XO THE GARDEN" — THURSDAY & FRIDAV THE SIGN OF THE RAM" AND "I LOVE TROUBLE" Last Times Today JUOURNEY 1— RORYCAIHOUN $ - iinrr wo utetti otrr STARTS TOMORROW! GREATEST SHOW IN SCREEN HISTORY! RONALD CQLMAN HOUSEHOLD •(4 FINANCE 1 S. Centre St., just off Baltimore Liberty Trust Co. Bldg., 6th Floor Phone: 5200-Cumbcrland Promptly relieves COUGHS of CHEST COLDS Breaks Up Surface Congestion, Too! At the first sign of a chest cold—rub Muste.-olc on chest, throat and back. It instantly starts to relieve coughs and tight soreness in chest musdcs. ! 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BALTIMORE & CENTRE STS., CUMBERLAND Phone 72I_ • C. L. Coughcnour, YES MANagcr LOHPI nindc Lo rfi.sldcnts of ^1! surrountllnR towns. Oprn Monday thru P'rltinj 1 3 to 5. Evcn!i:?s by jtppolntniriu. ************ ^~~~~ > LAST DAY • ("VELVET TOUCH" * "RACE STREET" CUMBERLAND DEMANDS IT ... SO-O-O-O WED. THURS. A few private lessons with John Moyer's advanced methods and you're ready to join the gay dancing crowds. Why be content to tie a wallflower when learning to dance is so easy? Come down today and let us show you the few basic steps and arrange a lesson period to suit you. NEW CHILDREN'S CLASSES Now Forming in Top, Ballet and Acrobatic MEMBER:—DANCING .VASTKHS Or AMERICA MOVER DANCE STODiO 231 SOUTH MECHANIC STREET PHONE 2147 Never give bachelor an even break! WHAT CAN HE DO? She goes after him wifh everything she's got. . . end brother (he's got everything! Sforls: 12:00 - 2:10 1:00 - 6:00 g:00 J. 10:00 GARY GRANT ENDS TODAY: "EVERY GIRL SHOULD BE MARRIED" FRANCHOT TONE - DIANA LYNX BETSY DRAKE . NOT ONE ... BUT 5 BIG ACTS! WED. & THURS. ALL-NEW SHOW! STAGE SHOWS START AT 3:25 - 7:20 - 9:30 ^DIRECT FROM HOLLYWOOD, RADIO AND TELEVISION CAST INCLUDES BERK & HALLOW JOE ALLEN -"AUVE.VTCIUIS IS TAJ'S" SINGING STAB or "Tins is Tun ARMY" — ORIGINAL VOICE OK DONALD DUCK: v/ NlwULLO & CUf ".MOMENTS IN MAGIC" STANLEY KANE — MORRIS & RYAN Shcrc The Adventure . . . The Thrills . . . The Flying Exploits of "The Jungle Patrol" NOTE—LOW rnjcns: MATIXEE AOCI.TS 111" cnn.»ni;x MO EVE. AFTEH 3 ADULTS "Cc CHILDREN" 44n AUX TRICliS Inc. T« Tomorrow * Only * —At — 1:40-4:00-7:80-9:30 , Wednesday Jan. 12th -w- At -.-. 1:40-4.:00-7:M-9:30 ( 0» THE STAGE - W PERSON | THE HOOSIER HOT-SHOTS HEZ2IE * KEN GIL GAB * STARS OF RADIO STAGE and SCREEN THE KORNOERT KINGS • IN' PERSON* • PLUS GIANT FIRST RUN • SCREEN SHOW • "ROSE OF THE YUKON" with STEVE BUDDIE STARTING THURSDAY MGMS-NEW MUSICAL COMEDY IN TECHNICOLOR DOK'T HISS THIS ONE ITS FfiST - - FUNNY and Full of Surprises! / <•/-.*•

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