The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on November 29, 1981 · Page 101
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 101

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 29, 1981
Page 101
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Page tt B* Salina Journal Sunflower EVENING 6.-00 O O O GD O CD QD O CB O (D 09 (10T(13) (D IB (B) 13 CD Newa CB (3D ID CO Nightly Business Report O Weaterman Bowman O Doctor Who (9 ) Barney Miller CD Human Impact On The Environment CD Laveme & Shirley & Company O Weekend Gardener Q Women's College Basketball Rutgers vs. UCLA at the Meadowlands Arena. ID Alive And Welll 6:05 (D Carol Burnett And Friends 8:10 O News (6) Electric Company (R) 6:30 O O CB (10) (D M*A*S*H CD O (B CD (ED CD MacNell / Lehrer Report O O (08 Entertainment Tonight An , interview with Mel Tlllis. QD GD IQ) 13 Tic Tec Dough OFamttyFeud * CDOTheMuppets O O Entertainment Tonight O © P.M. Magazine Paraplegic teenage actress Suzy Gilstrap: "house da&'li. tors" who diagnose energy inefficient, (»)Lavsrne4ShlrteyACompany "" HBO Inside The NFL Gl Another Ufa O80ortaLook 6:35 (D Sanford And Son 6:45(6) Over Easy "Creativity" 7:00 O O O CD CB CD Skyward A paraplegic teen-age pilot makes plans to fly to her estranged a grandfather and bring him home lor a, Christmas reunion. CD QD S3 Dateline Nebraska ' GD GD O (D (H 13 Mork And Mlnfa, Merth runs away from home and totnev a cult. O O O (08 (10) 03 OD Magnum, M& A beautiful Japanese woman hiree^j Magnum to find her wealthy American,, husband, who was kidnapped and Is being held for an exorbitant ransom O Snow Goose Paul Galileo's World "" War II tale of a young girl (Jenny -j> Agutter) and a crippled artist (Richard \ * Harris) who realize their vulnerabilities while saving a snow goose. (9 ) GoHath Awaits A young scientist' '-' (Mark Harmon) discovers a British luxury liner, lost for over 40 years, at the^, 1 bottom of the sea with 400 people stiaH i alive and being ruled by a benevolent** * dictator (Christopher Lee). (Part 2) <&+ (13) ABC News "\\ (D Sncopy's Musical On Ice Snoopy'* 4 fantasies on ice from "Fiddler On The- Roof" to a canine "Rocky" are traced* * with special guest star Peggy Fleming 03) Sneak Previews CD Movie &£•& "We're No Angela" (1955) Humphrey Bogart, Aldo Ray Three escaped convicts take over a French shop. & National Geographic Special ID Royal Winter Fair Horse Show © Movie w*w'/2 "Gloria" (19961 " Gena Rowlands, John Adames. A to** mer gun moll becomes the protector of '• an orphaned 6-year-old Puerto Ricai* targeted by the underworld for th*;l information he carries In a battered' briefcase. 'PG' 7:05(f) Kidnapped Catriona, the beauWut daughter of a Highland rebel, falls In' love with Balfour and finds herself torn , between love and loyalty as becomes a pawn in the politics of ambitious king. (Part 3) 7:25(6) Business Report , ts 7:30 (D (D © Outdoor Nebraska W GD GD O (D (Q) 13 Beet Of The Well < Elvira decides to leave Sam after Me* uses some unexpected reward to buy a new horse. vt i (13) You Asked For It V ' (O U.S. Chronicle "Inside Maximum v Security" Jim Lehrer looks at the life of prisoners In the state of Colorado ana} ' their transfer to a new prison following. ' a suit against the state for cruel aiij^, inhuman treatment. r '< "The Last MariHaf; < Sunday November IB, mi Decembers 6 p.m.-end Couple In America" (1980) George Segal, Natalie Wood. A happily married couple begin to wonder how happily married they really are after seeing all of their friends' marriages end up In the divorce court. 'R' 8:00 O O Q CD CD CD Dlff rent Strokes Arnold prepares for his first nighttime date, g QD (3D CB Pledge Break Regularly scheduled programming may be delayed due to pledge breaks. CB CB O 03 (13) 3D 13 NFL Football Cleveland Browns at Houston Oilers Q Q O O (HI (10) O (D Knots Landing Against Val's wishes, her mother, who is still pursuing her dream of a singing career, moves In with her and Gary. (6) MacNell / Lehrer Report OAK Creatures Great And Small II (D) Errterpriee "Not By Jeans Alone" Levi-Strauss Is profiled as they attempt to market a moderately priced, mass- produced men's suit. O 700 Club O CoHege Basketball Rutgers vs. UCLA at the Meadowlands Arena. 8:033) GD CD The Making Of Raiders Of The Lost Ark O O CD GD CD Gimme A Break Nell decides to quit after the chief says that she can not entertain men in her room. ( 6 ) Dick Cavett Guest: Phil Donahue. (Part 1 of 2>(R) CD Sneak Previews Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel review some recent films that nearly everybody missed the first time around including "Carny," "Gates Of Heaven" and "The Onion Field." ©TakeO'N'E fcOO O O O CD CD CD Hill Street Blues Captain Furillo and Joyce Davenport get in a courtroom battle over the possible entrapment of a suspect, and Sgt. Esterhaus learns he may soon be a father. O O O (38 (10) (D ID Jessica Novak Jessica becomes involved in the fascinating and addicting world of the gambler when she does a story on the "all- American sport" of gambling. ( 6) Smith And Lynn Guests: Governor and Mrs. Lamm. O The SuHlvans (9) News 4 CD Movie -ii&ti "Invitation To The Dance" (1957) Igor Youskevitch, Gene Kelly. Three Rimsky-Korsakov dance sequences are presented: "Circus" A clown falls to his death from a tightrope; "Ring Around The Rosy" An anniversary gift changes hands many times; "Sinbad The Sailor" A seaman experiences exciting adventures. 3D Free Press, Fair Trail CD Benny Hill '• Q) NBA Basketball Denver Nuggets vs. Phoenix Suns O Movie tr-tr "Hangar 18" (1980) Darren McGavin, Robert Vaughn. Researchers at a secret government Installation Investigate the cause of a satellite's sudden destruction. 'PG' fcOSONewa 9:10(3) ® ® Sneak Previews ,T*30( 6) The Making Of The Wizard Of Oz CD Independent Network News HBO She's Nobody's Baby "A History Of American Women In The 20th Century" This documentary traces the growth of women's roles In the home, at work and at play from the turn of the century to the present - featuring such famous personalities as Mae West, Shirley Temple, Eleanor Roosevelt and L many more. O Sing Out America •4SCD GD €3 Making M'A'S'H Narrated by Mary Tyler Moore, this special looks at what many consider to be commercial television's best entertainment Konstcc PAINTINGS' I'H1\ I s» FRAMING Continuous showing of M.-rki-r Hill. Kahmeyer. Larson. Mason. Haymer, Reinple. S< oir Smith and Wilson. Birger Sundzen oils and prints and Lester Kuymer oils and crayons a\ ailubJe now ' 131 Harrison Lindsborg, Kansas 913-227-2998 series. Alan Alda, Jamie Farr, Loretta Swit, Harry Morgan and William Christopher offer insights on their show's success. 10:00 O O O O CD O CB (B8 (10) CD QD CD News O Weatherman Bowman O Cosmos "The Edge Of Forever" Dr. Carl Sagan explores the history of the universe from the time when stars and galaxies began to form. (R) a (9) Barney Miller 53) American Government O» Saturday Night «NashvHteR.F.D. O Sports Center 10:05 ( 6 ) Sneak Previews Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel review some recent films that nearly everybody missed the first time around Including "Carny," "Gates Of Heaven" and "The Onion Field." CD AH In The Family 10:10 O News 10:30 B O O CD CB CD Tonight Guest host: George Carlin. Guests: Roy Clayborne, Neil Sedaka, Victor Buono. Q Hawaii Ftve-0 O O 09 (10) (B CD Qulncy A series of misadventures prevent Qulncy from getting to the office and leave Hiro to do his duties. (R) (9)Saturday Night O Doctor In The House WO Inside The NFL Hosts Len Dawson and Nick Buonfconti present highlights of critical games, analysis and predictions of upcoming contests in the NFL. 8 Another Life 10:35 CD Movie •&•&•& "The Bottom Of The Bottle" (1956) Van Johnson, Joseph Gotten. 10:40(3] GD CD Masterpiece Theatre "Edward And Mrs. Simpson: The New King" After the death of King George V, Prince Edward assumes the throne and his relationship with Wallls Simpson becomes public. (Part 3) q 10:45 ffi(S CD ©13 News (6) Movie -tt-tr-tr "Invitation To The Dance" (1957) Igor Youskevitch, Gene Kelly. 11:00 O Captloned ABC News O (13) News CD MacNell / Lehrer Report (ED Dick Cavett Guest: Phil Donahue. (Part 1of2)(R) CD Serial & Burns And Allen O The NFL Story: Line By Line 0 Movie &&& "The Blue Lagoon" (1980) Brooke Shields, Christopher Atkins. 11:15 d) © OD 33) 13 ABC News Nlghtllne 11:30Q Q O © CE CD Tomorrow Guest: Ken Taylor, former Canadian ambassador to Iran. O The Rockford Files O ABC News Nlghtllne ( 9 ) Movfe £6 A "Lisa" (1962) Dolores Hart, Stephen Boyd. CDCLD Captloned ABC News CD Twilight Zone NaX> Daathwatch: Six Who Waft This documentary looks at six men who are waiting to die — the thoughts and feelings of the condemned men are explored through unprecedented Interviews and rare glimpses of prison life. O Jack Benny d College Basketball Tulsa at North Carolina CD Sports Probe 11:35 (13) M*A*S*H 11:40 O O 09 (10) (B (D The Saint While attempting to solve the murder of a fishing fleet owner, Simon learns that the man may still be alive. 11:45 ®GB 013 News 03 Movie Ai*rtV "The Young Savages" (1961) Burt Lancaster, Shelley Winters. 12:00 O Hawkins On Murder Q Movie fftr "Come Out Fighting" (1945) East Side Kids. QUfeOfRHey CD Roy«l Winter Fair Horse Show 12:05 (13) ABC News Nlghtllne 12:3009 Movie ££ "Outcasts Of Poker Flat" (1937) Preston Foster, Van Heflln. HBO Movie £AV4 "Fatso" (1980) Oom DeLulse, Anne Bancroft. QMyUttleMargte 12:35 (6) Captloned ABC NMM (13) Welcome Back. Hotter 12:40 O Movie £4 ft "Yesterday. Today And Tomorrow" (1964) Sophia Lbren, Marcello Mastrolannl. 12:45© Movie ££ "Bruce Lee's Deadly Kung Fu" Bruce Li. 12:50 QUOD (10) (BOD News 1:OOOOO(D(I)News tfA •* •—.'— F • >h •• 19 Daonaior ramar 1:05 (13) Movie "White Search" (1971). 1:20 ©Pastors Study 1:30 O Let's Make A Deal CD Movie ft££ "We're No Angels" (1955) Humphrey Bogart, Aldo Ray. . Q Bums And Allen Q Sports Center 1:45 03 News (D Movie -ftvVA "Gun Belt" (1953) George Montgomery, Tab Hunter. 2:00(9) News O Jack Benny & College Basketball Rutgers vs. UCLA at the Meadowlands Arena. CD NBA Basketball Denver Nuggets vs. Phoenix Suns 2:30(9) Movie ir&ir "Johnny Concho" (1956) Frank Sinatra, Keenan Wynn. OUfeOfRlley O Uberace In Las Vega* Mr. Showmanship shines in his Las Vegas act that has everything from boogie woo- gie to classical and disco. 2:40 (13) News 2:45 O News 3:00 O My Little Margie 3:15 (13) Movie •&&•& "The Road To Zanzibar" (1941) Bing Crosby, Bob Hope. CD Mission: Impossible ' 3:30 CD Marcus Welby. M.D. O Bachelor Father 4:00 O Ross Bagley 8 Women's College Basketball Rutgers vs. UCLA at the Meadowlands Arena. . O Jamboree In The Hills "Super Bowl Of Country Music" This unique country music festival from West Virginia features two days of pickin', slngin' and fiddlin', and includes such stars as Emmylou Harris, Conway Twitty. T.G. Shepard, Alabama and many more. 4:15 CD World At Large 4:30(9) Mike Douglas CD Rookies 8 Another Life a LPBA Bowling "Encino Open" KEMPTON "Extreme Nervousness' There !• a dragleaa remedy. When you are angry or upset, your blood pressure elevates and your body chemistry changes. Unbearable tension can squeeze veins shut and restrict circulation — often resulting in tension headaches. Tension results from our knowledge of conditions around us. If our brain's interpretation of events becomes distorted, nervous tension can easily result. Any misalignment of the •pinal column is capable of producing a distortion of nerve impulses to the brain. If impaired nerve functions, however •light, are the cause of your nervousness, a chiropractor can help eliminate this problem. CLINIC HOURS Monday thru Friday 8-5:30 81 So. Saata Fe 825-4M1 P*ttjr Duiwult CUmprutlc Aul»l«

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