Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on June 30, 1952 · Page 4
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 4

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, June 30, 1952
Page 4
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mm-' Tlie Weallier Z i'Scattered showers tonight and Tuesday. I High yestcrdciy 89, noon today 87. Weather InfomwOoa Page • DKPARTMENT OP HI I A . BT FAB TIIK LARGEST CITT. R PBAL. TOTAL CIBCCLATIOX K M M E T C O XT N T T Year; No. 226 Combining tlip Vindicator & Republican Esthpr%iUe, Emmet County, Io\i-», Monday, <lunr SO. 1952 An IndepeodMt Newxpaper ROUNDUP T15IE on the Jim Klrlt farm, terday farm hands rounded up 200 head of and loaded them on trucJts bound for the City livestock markets. A number of rcs- I from town turned out at 9 a. m. to see (Dally News photo and cnfrravinR) the loading of one of the largest shipments of cattle in this area. Kirk can be s^cn on fool in the lower right of the picture. His son, Jim Kirk, Jr., is on horseback. mPBBSSIVf LINE-UP of trucks stand dy.tiKloadJlm Kirk's.200 head of c^tle. The eks began arrlving-at 8:30 a. m. yesterdayi^ai»d . (Dally News photo and ongravlnR) by noon all were market bound. Left on the Kirk farm today are two milk cows. triiig Trouble 'o Father New York, tflP)—A proud falh- 's new -triplets brought him ible yesterday — he had to ad- t he >S'aSh't married to their ittier but to another woman. Only two days before, .27-ycar- Salvatore Scornati had been a ,ppy man when a woman listed Helen Mingcy Scamati, 28, had ,ree girls. ' He blithely gave pictures to the iwspapers and basked in the ilic 'acclaim. 'But yesterday Mrs. Mary Cosa- Scarnati, 27, showed up at a lice station. She had seen his ituro in .the papers .. *. * « THE PROUD PAPA, she told ice, was her husband and the her of her 4-year-old daughter. iThey wore married In 1947 and rated in -1050—but, she added, ly-Still ; were legally wed and w^ .jiniier court order tp pay .a week for the child's pupport. , gcarriall's glory tuj-hod .' fo ^es.whon he stepped fr9m Belle- hQspllal after seeing his babies d ^va8 mot by a detective. K^was taken, to the police state meet Mrs. Scamati. They it and turned away with- cold es. • « « THE . DISTRICT attorney's of- decidcd not to take action nst Scamati, a garage attend- ,t it advised Mrs. Scamati she lid apply for a summons «harg- him with adultry, a misde- inor. m going to make him pay for this," she vowed, natl told officers ho also the father of another of n's two children. And he plaintively: at did I do wrong? My wife iy^. W a rt'yorcq and I -'''gitr How tin you say J g'Vnow" tKlk* wddld happen, but [Jdn'f dxpefct" it »6 soon." mk Robbery |lempt Fails tut Pojnt, la. (flV-An unsuc- jl attetnpt to hreak into the . of .the State Center Savings : Of West Point was made ear- burglitr broke Into the bank ugh a rear window and bat- the dial of the vault. «. Alva rreltog, who lives near lank, said she mw a light In- Ltbfr bank when ^he got up to the b*y at 1:40 a. ro. She icened ner huaband who notl- Ijown Marsbat LouU Otte. Ot- llled the highway patrol and • to. inmtlgate l)ut the burglar It . Freiteg aald she thought she |ihe tlU«r run »way. , Poi ^t is 11 miles northwest Mnrttson. Governors Pessimistic Houston, Tc.\:. (/P>—Two gloomy Republican governors forecast difficulties for their party in November. Forecasts that the republicans would be the underdogs in the general election came from two supporters of Gen. Dwight D. Elsen­ hower—Governors Alfred E. Drls- coll of New Jersey and Walter Kohler of Wisconsin. TShey agreed the GOP nominee would be the outsider in the betting, whether he Is Elsenhower or Sen. Robert A. Taf t of Ohio. ' DrlscoU and Kohler made it plain they think the republicans have some corn row hoeing to do before they can reasonably expect a victory in November. « » « "I DON'T THINK any republican Is going to have an easy chance to win the presidency this year," Kohler told a news conference. He said he ' believes the task would be much easier If Elsenhow­ er is the nominee than if. Taft wins at the convention opening July 7 at Cl\icagp. He and Driscoll agreed they will work just as hard for Taft as for Elsenhower, if the Ohio senator wins the nomination. DrlscoU said he thinks some republicans are' living in a "never- never land" of. dreams that their candidate will be a shoo-in next November. He said he doesn't think that will happen. . . ,* * * GOV. THOSIAS E. Dewey of New York, one of the ^ sparkplugs of Elsenhower's campaign, was re ported holding quiet conferences with other' governors and urging them to use their Influence in the general's battle to win publicly uncommitted delegates. Gov. Dan Thornton of Colorado, an Eisenhower rooter, forecast ttiat the general would win the nomination on the third ballot at Chicago. Toft has contended he has almost enough delegates to assure a first ballot nomination and will win the prize on the second run If not earlier. Oldmme 4ih Planned at WalUngford The Fourth of July old-time celebration In WalUngford next Friday will get off to a bang at 10 a. m. with a parade featuring bicycles, buggies. Jallopies, ponies, queens and led by the Esthervllle Drum and Bugle corps., At 11 there will be an address by Duane Dewcl, Republican candidate for state senator, followed by the noon dinner hour at the picnic grounds. In the afternoon there will be races for boys and girls, a "fat men's" race, egg race f«v the ladles, pic-eating contest, bike and pony races and at 2:30 horse races. Later in the afternoon a greased polo contest and greased pig free- for-all will slide the old fashioned typo celebration along. Ted's of Emmetsburg will take on the WalUngford Merchants In a Softball game at 3 o'clock followed by a game between the married and single men. There will be prizes given In all events. Usin^ Polio Serum at Onawa Des Moines (JP)~A limited amount of gonvma globulin, a new polio scrum, has been released by tho stale dopartmAnt of health to doctors in Monona county because of the high polio rale there in recent years. Dr. Ralph H. Decren, director uf the' department's preventable diseases division, said Saturday the serum is not available for general use. The national association tor in fantllo paralysis is tutting the sur um as tt possible preventative of paralysis In polio casds. A doctor In Onawa, Whore SOclill drcn have been treated with the scrum, reported that none has contracted polio. He added, however, that it Is too early (o report conclusively on the tost. Spencer Bov Held In Stabbijpg Arrest Youth, 13, Near Fairmont A 13-year-old Speitccr boy Is being held M a result of an auto theft and stabbing in Fairmont Saturday. Authorities at Fairmont »ald that the boy accosted Mrs. S. L. Hansen, a Truman, Minun housewife, as she was getting Into her car In front of the post office in downtown Fairmont. Oetttnff in the car beside her he ordered her at knife point to start the car and drive out of town, they said. Ho became angry when she ground the gears and backed into the car behind, police said. After telling her to change places with him he stabbed her a grazing blow on the forearm and pushed her from the car, police reported. Witnesses reported that the boy drove off, "burning rubber." While one man rushed to the aid of Mrs. Hansen, Adolph Sicburg, Fairmont electrician jumped his car and chased the youth. * * » SIEBURO SAID that he chased the Hansen car at high rates of speed on gravel roads befom he finally caught him five miloa north and west of Fairmont, Ho aald that he caught the boy when the car went off the road the youth attempted to take a turn on the gravel at an estimated 70 miles par hour. Getting out of the machine the hoy started to run Into a nearby field. Sicburg, armed with a pair of electrician's pliers, told the boy to halt or he would shoot. The boy halted and was hold for Fairmont authorities. * * SI SICBURG SAID that while the boy was running Into the field ho lost his shoe and before taking him back to town he helped him find it. Police later found a pen knife concealed in the shoe. Fairmont authorltca said that Ihoy were considerlngv filing charges Of felonious assault against the boy. At present he has been released to the custody ot his grandparents whom he wan .viall the time ot the attack. iPtfllal'ikald that when questioned as to why ho had done It the boy answered that he didn't know. Authorities said that they found several pictures of half nude women in one of his'pockets. Ho answered, "I sure do." when asked if ho liked girls. Republicans Square Off in Preliminaries Say President Will Sign Controls Bill WaslitnKton i.V< - Admlnlittratlon leaders said todny I'rosldent Truman will alRn Inlor In ihe day « bill exli'nilliiK WHKC and price con- Irolt oviT U) months. SponkiT Riiyliurn <D-T<'.xt (old reportrm iiftcr n While Hiiuno conference Ihnl the President Is "lu.l too well pIcnHi-d wllh II" but thm signing the mciiKurc In "the only thing he can do." The bill K» pn«ited b»' congr™' Saturdiiy lienm little rraeniblanco to the tontroln le);lslatlon Trum.ui asked uf the houHe und senate liiit year. « * • IIK WANTKI) authority to con trol wages and prices extended lor two years, unlll June 30,10S4. and In- aaked that the current contrdu ipravlalons—contained In the defrn- ae production act of 1950—be strcn- gthihiod. Instead congres.i weakened moit Of the controls authority nnd placed n 10-month limit on an cxtcn- Blon. The defense production uel will expire nl midnight tonight unless the President signs Ihu extension. « • • BAYBUHN AND Sen. McFit- tand (D-Ariz), senate majorll:' leader, said after the conference that they sec no rciiBon (or callln,; congress back In special session after the political conventions In July. With the big military appropriii- tion bill and the mutual security (tpproprlatlon measure the only major Items remaining for aclion, the two legislators said congrcnH should be able to quit Saturday fi'V* .f|at>««rn told qu<>»llonera th.; Prcaldcnt "didn't seem ver>' enthit- aloatlo" over the Icglshitlun even though the final bill was consldei - cd a victory for the admlnlstrali 'in after the house earlier had voted to kill nearly all wage-price controls. Finds Lee Clark Dead In Car FarmliHiiil, 2(>, Dies Of ANphyxtatioii Clsrk. M. faruilinnd »M :round dend In hU Car In n grove on the Sherman Ounderson farm one mile west of WsUlngford Into l»»t night, .luntlco of Pence Kiigene Pelenton. nctlng ror«ner, suld thst (he cause of denlh wns snphyxln- tlon. A hour was conni><-fed Imn the exhaust to the Interior of the rloHcd cnr. « «r « Till-; BODY WAS dimover.d by Ounderson nhout II o'clock Inirt night. fSiinderson hnd Juiit returned from Austin. Minn., where lie had attended a wedding when he dlsirovered a note on the table from Clark saying "good bye" nnd telling where he iCIark) could he found. The note also snid Ihnt the chorcH hsdn't lieen done. Or. Smith Klrkegunrd, niild thnt Clnrk had been dend fi'oni six to 12 hours, lie hnd worked fur CUinderiion (or about five years. Investlgsllng officers snld that the note Clnrk left govs no reason for his sctlon. As far OS Is known he was not in III health. • « • IIK IS SIIKVIVI':i> l.y hii" l>nr ents, Mr. nnd Mrs. Kenneth rinrk who live on Inghnm Iske. n hroth- rr, Max, of Emmrtshurg nnd n sister, Mrs. Doris Hnlgnson, also of Emmetsburg. The funeral tentatively boa been set for Thursday. Complete arrangements will tM announced later. 'V . t • • Blistering Heat Wave Continues Delegate Dispute Is $503,000 Loan To Rock Rapids Power Co-op. Washington UP)—The rural oluc- trlflcatlon administration today announced approval of a $603,(;'!n loan to the L. and O. Power coop- cralive of Rock Raplda, la. The cooperative is n federation of two distribution cooperatives In northwest Iowa. They are the Lyon rural electric cooperative of Rock Rapids and the Osceola electric cooperative of Sibley. The loan will provide for construction of 73 miles of 69 kllovolt transmission line to bring reclamation bureau power to the two coops in 1954. The line will bo built from a bureau of reclamation substation near Sioux Falls, S, O., to a point near Ochcyedan, la. REA said that In order to meet temporarily the po'vvcr needs until 19M, wholesale power contracts between the two coops and their suppliers have boon revised so as to pool the generating capacities of the Northwestern Light and Power Co., the city of Sibley and the cilv of Rock Ruplds. Drowns in I^akc Manawa Council Bluffs (JPi — Donald B. Torry, 21, Omaha, drowned Saturday night at Lake Manawa south of here while swimming with a group of friends. His body was later recovered. Nominated for Top Office Boston UP)—The nationaf federation of Business and Professional Women's clubs Sunday named as its only presidential nominee Miss Helen Irwin, Des Moines Insurance executive. The election will bo Wednesday. Scores Lack of Women's Power In Governmcnl Boston (A^—District Judge Bur ah T. Hughes of Texas said todny "women's lack of real Influence In government Is demonstnited by tbi few women holding public oftloi." She told the llth biennial con vention of the National federutiun of Bualneaa and Protesslunnl un men'a oliibs that "considering tin number of public officials, wumm can. hardly bo said to have .ip- proached n fair share of public rcc;- ognltlon." Judge Hughes listed the folio' Ing six points that "women muit fight for to gain full cltizcnHhiii.' 1. All exlatlng legal dl8crlnil>> > tlona mujlit }>e removed by passutir ot th ^a ^uiU rights amendment. 3. Wqmen must be willing tu ac capt the raaponaibllily and uciivcly participate In polltlr.s. 8. Women must be utcepted hy men as full partners. 4. Full citizenship Includes dully practice of democratic principled 5. Full citizenship requires II r- ulization thai this Is one world 6. Women to be effective citi/.i n reed faith—a firm belief In Iheii. selves . and their ability raltli in our country—the principles ol It crty BQd freedom, fulth In tin- ul tulnment of peace. Waupeton SoUHcr Home from Fur F^UHI SoatUo (fli--Tho navy irunjipor Frederick Funston win arrive H the Seattle port of embarkation \o morrow with MB |iu<<i< ri aboard Including B<<vcn lowu inr. Icemen returning from the Kiir Baat^ The lowans Include Cpl. Kenneth tS. WIcater. Waupelon. Two Soldiers From Iowa Killed 111 Korean War Wnnhlnglon /T' -The department of defense todny announced the following Iowa casualties In the Koreiin area: Killed In action: Army I'vt. Harold U. Cllne. Hrooklyn; army Hgt. Richard L Price, Vinton. Wounded: Army Pvt. William J. Orother Jr.. Burlington; army Bfc. Otto W. HIntz Dickens; army Pfc. Robert (;. Kunkle, Waterloo; army 1st Lt Richard M, L<:R , Des Moines; Army Pfc. Oeorge C. Henry, Des Moines; army Cpl. George D. I'enr- son, Bwea City; marine Hgt Alvin J. AnderaoD, Northwood; marine I'fc. Leon J. Madden. Rt. 2. Robin Od., Waterloo. Injured: Army Pfc. Rlchuid D. KInler. Des Molnea. •>! TMr A-*-*™ i*Tt.n raiM A lillKtrrlHif best v-nvr. of more llinn n »ei k • durnllun In iioBie "iren« vhnuiil imie Irt-iip ov p ii<iutl\ern nnd rrnlrni pnrts of the ciiuntiy loday. Home inin niul Hind utorm* htl pnria of the *)in twlted i>ecllon» in the ric«tern hsif of the nnllin, bringing trmporsry relief Ksin tell In iiectlons of the parched >(»ulhcrn iitnirs where cropt srx thresteiied liy the prolongrd hot- dry »pell It wan It weekend of utirUng ht at In niiiny nrens 'reni|H<rnturi'S In Die POK to «» high »n IIM were re- portetl In centinl and noulhern Msles enst of the RoKIc* !<<•• tieshing tireeies nnd r«ln storms brought relief lo hot simts In »rc. lions of the enst and souih Atlun- lie slates. • • • TIIK l»l\TII TOLL from the minmier •eiison'a lungrnl stretch uf iiol weather mounted toward Iho 300 mark. Thousands of persona linve been hospitalised for heut pioslintlon. In Chicago, awelterlng In li llth day of 90 degree or higher tein^xTHlurea In June, an rstinial- C -4I one iiillllun persons awhrmed lo the city'r diiirn Michigan hencliea. It wna II rcr(>rd Juno 'JD reading uf 08. and today's high of HT waa expected to bn rollowed by a tup of 98 und high humidity on Tuea- diiy, * • • IN MALOK.V, MO„ the nirrcuiy climbed to lOR, Ihn lop mark p«Mt- ed In the 11. 8. weather bureaus map. Kansas Clly stayed In IhM weather hOt-tM« wiMi a top of 103, It Was IM In Chsnuti!, Kan., lOS in Nashville. 101 In Wichita. 100 In Memphis and I'oledo, 99 In Columbus, »R In Cincinnati and Oklaho ma City nnd 0,1 In lies Molnea. Thunderatornis struck New York City about midnight, disalpattiig the threat of immediate hot weather. The furecose was for faUr and pleaannt weather today. A serious water shorlsgir thrr»l eneil In ninny Oklahoma ritlea If the liot dry wcslher cnntlnnea U'« tor oonsumpllon hit naw iMtaita la ninny areas last waek Oraining reserves and overtaxing dlatrlbullun systems. Big Issue Arguments To Be Heard Tomorrow "God Changed His Mind," Says Kenluckian Mlddleaboro. Ky. (/It -"Well. I gueaa fjod changed his mind" That was the comment of Jumen l». I.,<)ngwurlh yesterday on bin piirrnt good health after expluir Ing thnt Ood twice told hini be would die at 7 a. m. Halurdny "1 um greatly diauppulnted. how* ever," the W-yenr-old mountaineer unld. "1 was ready lo go " l^ngworth bud arranged for hia own funeral Katurduy and about S.OOO peraons visited the flve-rooin cottage where he Uvea with hit daughter. More visitors puurod In yesterday. The mountaineer auld yesterday he believed Ood declOed to kevF Mm on rurth for a purp<Mie, "I don't know the purjx/ae." be Hbid, "but I 'm going back to inountain lo pray and ask O'xi " Finnish Girl Reigns as Miss Universe Boy Kills Self Over Mistake Toledo, O, Uei ~A 16-yoar-o!d boy, arrested recently because he tried to steal a gift for Father's day, killed himaolf to make amends, the aherlfra office aald. A motoriat found the body of Fred Oreenburg yesterday not far from his home. The boy had aliot binwelf in the b«a4 with his dad 'c .32 caliber pistol, Deputy Coroner Irvln McConnell aald. The boy had left a note to bis parents, aaylng he waa "paying for my mistake," JuvenUe court officlala had released blm to hia parents' cuatody after giving him a leeture. I »ng Heiiih. {'nllf. IVIt - A perfect Kcnndlnavlan beauty Kin- Isnd'a blonde Artiil KuuaeU-~rutea as Miaa l/niverae totlay. One of brr country's otdciul grcelera ut next month's Olyniplc gamea. lA-yenr-old Miss Kuust'tn reveled In hrr ruyal reception trti after besting twalultes from 39 other lands. The fair, blue-eyed KInn »ua crowned with a diamond-aluddrd coronet that oner graced the heutl* of three rsarlnas of Ituasla. At hef coronation lull l«»t nighl. she received a motion pl< ture contrm 1. 1 t3,<yoi) sports car and a wulch. • • • HI':i>:<TK.II AM "the moat b<<..u tlful girl in Ihu wurld." Miss K ,n land la a feet & Inches tall and weighs 1)0 (lounds. It Is aymelrl cally dlatrlbuted on a figure niruji uring 34, V3 and 54 inches around bual. walat and hipa. The achuolglrl from Muhoa. a IK lie town In north Finland, plans 10 fly back to llvlalnki Uila week, tl'it iihe Indicated ahe probably will come to Hollywood after lha Olyin- plcs. • 4> • HKH TLANN Or utiending tlir University of Helsinki and going Into school teaching have been sldrlra' ked Mlaa liawitll. daik-eyed brunette, Klaa ^>t•m «n, waa a clone a<rcond The to-year old Honolulu giil ntud» n particularly Imprrsslvr abowir,g in Ibe tmthlng ault division Judg Ing also waa lma«-d on p«r(orB>ancc In evening gowns. m$ m ASMtctArsdi ItepubUrana aquarad oft ta vention preliminarta* at ClikMW today, exactly one wMb Wfwr* IM hell for tha main go—MmlMUM 9t eandtdatea for PrMtdtM *a4 VIM l*r«etdenl. 8«n. Robert Taft of 0M« ftow H lost night from WaaMR|t«». 4aUiy> rd 41> mlnutea bv a alana. Htt chief rival for the OOT prmttim ttal plum. Qan. Dwfght O, Waa* bower, bookad a day of raat at Ma IHnvar htadituartara. Their r«pr«aenlatlr>« mH taat night with aor aallonal (tuy Oabrtatson to dlaouM |W*«a4> urn tor settling dlaputaa •««r saal Ing rival alalaa o( dalaffktaa. A*rant of aoma things waa f<»«h»4 but not on othera and aaaUiaf aaa- sion was on lap t»4ay. • • • ONK' rOINT AT iaaua! llaw long ahouhl each aid* arfva at ttM hnarlnga opening lemarrow kvfara the OOP national commltlacT Pra- vious limn iimiia bav« b««« a IMU* hour each. A commtllee sp «k*aa»an aaM Uaa ronfrrrea agread to ealt eoat«ai «i4 delrgatlona In alphab «i «l«al aeAar. kenp tha roeetlnga ep «a (• Ilia pa«M and pubile and sand lha argiUMaU to a cloaad aeaaloa of tha flMB»)l> t»a for a rrH*. Laft unaatlM wbathar tha haartnga wwiM k« talavUuHL Th* eoninst lavoWaa tbm vaivtl«n yauw trtm 1Mat«> W from Taaaa. tt trwm riorMa. atx from Loulalaaa. f««r frwi aeenria and MlaaiaaiMi M4 «M each from MtaaouH aM lfi««iii • 0 • A NIZKABI>K chunk of lltaao voles could tip the lealaa In a elata right for nomtnattoft. Tha AaaMte* ted Preaa taiwialloa of 4atag«ta strength—based an avowad a*4 eonendcd alignmenta for tha ttret bsllot--shows Taft now has 4M delegates to naenhewsfa 40T. OtK* ers hav-^ IM and thara art IM eommltied or dlaputatf. KawlM- tton requlrsa one mora thaii botf of lha total--404 of IJOC The Taaaa dalagata 4lap«ta la Iho hotlaat. Tha pro-Taft fa««lo«a. m an M-p«g« brief for lha haorliiC. aald th* laau* la whathar daMMfoto ahould b* altowatf lo take over lha llepuhllean porty la Trua. In general, tha brief fltU o«t th* group'a oulllnad argumaot I* th* running baltla: Thai BtaaaJM«> er bachars. many of wbom woro denied seat* at the aUla eeooaO" lion which choi« tha pro-Tafl d«taxation, ar* really dttaocraU la dia- gulse. 000 TIIK rMrjmowjsu poofio claim Ihalr alata eonvantto* Mo- gates w«re duly chosen an4 abovid have been rocognltad. Who* tbey ware not, they aat up a aa ^arato convention which named a rival slain favoring Etaenhowvr. Among the d«a«crata, a faasllUr string waa twangatf. •afstady aald h* thought Preaklaat TrWWUi would run again undar cartala <o** ditluna. Thia timn It was Ban. WlUtam Banion of Connaatlcut. In a waah- end apeach tor damoerata at Oab* Turn lo pogo S, ABOUT mWBAD OF OATTI»E wore ablppod t>y Jtm Kirk yaator- day. Many of them can be aaen awaiting loadinc and abtHnent The Jim Kirk farm, four mllea north of town on btgtawmy fl, wtU also be the aOane of another big event July 19 and 30. .Kirk ia tn- (Daily Newa i^to and angravtng) vftlMfn group of nwebora from Ulnnt. 8. D- where ha buys his feedor cat Us, to help blm aponaor a rodeo Initiating bla newly-built aroMi m bla farm. Tba raochara wlU bring with thain wild borsea and Brahma tmlla for tba unrabontood rodao. A I'olitical Slogan, Not a Double Plax Kphraia. Wash, m-'^fl W» shington to Washington for Washington." Thai's the way fliate Hen Nat. Washington of iSplifaU announced his candidacy today for the Drmo- crallc nomination for congrcaacnan- at-birge In Ihe M*pl. » primaries. Washington, a law graduate of the Unlveraily ot Waohlogton. Is a graal-graatflTost^raal-gnuadaea of John Augualioa WaablaiifOa. youn gar bfotbar of Oaorgo WaalUagtoa. Pro|>ose $182,000 Salary Hike for British Queen t>indoa ur^ — rarltamaat wao urged today lo gtv« Quaan CltM' bfih 11 a yearly salary of imjm pounds, er 11.04,000 ^-0 ralao of tia;,ooo comparad with tbo wagao uf hrr late father. A ••t<;«( cotnmlttaa raprvaaaibMf all niavor parti** In partlamont aU Ml |ito[KM<td th* ((u««a'a 3t-yaar-old huahand. thn Duk* of Bdlabumb. iir (Httd M.OO1; pounda or |1IXW« for life t|« now nemhfwt an aaauaj allvwanr* uf 10.000 poonda. Ttin duka, who is racovartrg Ironi an atloch of Jaundlao. got aia* uth<r piece of good nawa today, till* on* from tha royal aavy. M announced bla promoUo* frOM lieutenant (iotBinaadar lo coanmaa- der The commtllaa broke dow» tba i|uren's poraoAol aalary aa foUewa: i >rtvy puraa. tldMW; bowolMld •alarioo. WMMOl Otbof bOIMMfedM oK^tute*, IMLMOi rayal bomtatlaa. aim* «Ad apacM aorvtoaa, tlMOt aoppWmantary tuad to moot oon* tljt>(«n «l «o aiMb aa pnaatMo HOM te tba coat ot Uvitt*. IMMOOl tiM <(ttaao hao a(ra«4 to rotwm aay part of tbo aap»bmwtn»y tWMt wbicb abo ftada M yoMlWd to «M«.

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