The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on November 29, 1981 · Page 96
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 96

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 29, 1981
Page 96
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(Continued from Page 14) Couple In America" (1980) George Segal, Natalie Wood. A happily married couple begin to wonder how happily married they really are after seeing all of their friends' marriages end up in the divorce court. 'R* 8 In Touch 8 Gymnastics 0 Movto -h-h-bVi "Gloria" (1980) Gena Rowlands, John Adames. A former gun moll becomes the protector of an orphaned 6-year-old Puerto Rlcan targeted by the underworld for the Information he carries in a battered briefcase. 'PG' 7:05(1) GD GD Nova 7:30 O O O (08 (10) OD IB One Day At A Time Barbara makes two dates for the same night. (Part 1) Sunday, November 29,1961 The Sallna Journal Sunflower Page 1$ Sunday November 29 7 p.m.-end 19. 13 i People To People i Alignment Colorado 7:50 ( 6 ) Nova 8:00 O O O GD ffi €D Movto "Of Mice And Men" (Premiere) Robert Blake, Randy Quaid. John Steinbeck's classic story about the relationship between Lenny, a physically powerful but mentally slow farm worker and George, the friend sworn to protect him, is dramatized, g ® ® O <D OS 13 Movto "Sizzle" (Premiere) Lonl Anderson, John Forsythe. A smalltime girl becomes a sultry nightclub star In an attempt to avenge her fiance's murder, g O (10) OD OD Altoe Vera's teen-age heartthrob enters her life again, then disappears, leaving her In a bit of trouble. O O IBB Goliath Awaits A young scientist (Mark Harmon) discovers a British luxury liner, lost for over 40 years, at the bottom of the sea with 400 people still alive and being ruled by a benevolent dictator (Christopher Lee). (Part 2) (9) Lawrence Walk (13) Today's FBI 03) Maintenance Shop Blues "John Lee Hooker" 8 American Trail 8 College Basketball "Cavalier Invitational Tournament Finals" from Char- lottesvllle, Virginia. 8:05 (D Atlantic City Alive 8:10 CD ID OD €0 Masterpiece Theatre "Edward And Mrs. Simpson: The New King" 8:30 O (10) (D (D The Jetlersons Afraid that he will be forgotten after he dies, George sets out to make himself a legend in his own time. O Blessed Are The Peacemakers 9:00 O (10) ID IB Trapper John, M.D. A female convict's premature baby, a warden and another of the inmates at a women's prison all wind up In San Francisco General under Gonzo's care. ( 6 ) (D) Masterpiece Theatre "Edward And Mrs. Simpson: The New King" ( 9 ) NBA Basketball Chicago Bulls vs. Portland Trail Blazers (13) Movto "Sizzle" CD Town Hall HBO Movto *<rV4 "Fatso" (1980) Dom DeLuise, Anne Bancroft. A portly compulsive eater finds that nothing can dampen his desire for food until he falls In love. 'PG' O Movto -tr-tr-ir'A "Time After Time" (1979) Malcolm McDowell, David Warner. H.G. Wells chases the infamous Jack the Ripper from Victorian London to modern-day San Francisco through the use of a time machine. 'PG' 9:05 (D News 9:10 O The World At War 9:15 (D (D ffi The Paper Chase ID All Creatures Great And Small II 9:30 CD Independent Network News 8 John Ankerberg CD College Basketball "Great Alaska Shootout Semifinals" 10:00® O O ® O O CD 0® (10) (D CD © 13 News O John Callaway Interviews CD Benny Hill 8 The King Is Coming O Sports Center 10:05(6) Season Ticket OD Caribbean Nights 10:10 O All Creatures Great And Small II 10:15(D Movto •ft it it "Royal Wedding" (1951) Fred Astaire, Jane Powell. 10:20 3D 3D ffl Shaw Conducts Britten 10:30 O O O (D d) €D News ®® 03 IB) 13 ABC News O Movto tr-tr-fr-Cr "Brief Encounter" (1947) Cella Johnson, Trevor Howard. O O ® 00 Donahue Guest: Lonl Anderson. O Movto it it "The Black Bird" (1975) George Segal, Stephane Audran. (10) Tom Osborne "Season Highlights" (D Jim Dickey CDGunsmoke 8 College Football Virginia vs. Virginia Tech 10:35 €9 Open Up mo Movto it-tt "A Change Of Seasons" (1980) Shirley MacLalne, Bo Derek. 10:40 (6 ) The Golden Age Of Television 10:45 ® ® (GD 13 Nashville Music (D Movto 3n"r'/4 "Report To The Commissioner" (1975) Michael Moriarty, Susan Blakely. 11:00 G O d) Bonanza O Charlie's Angel* © Movto it it "Paradise Alley" (1978) Sylvester Stallone, Armand Assante. (13) News © The Lawmakers IB Don Fambrough £D Donahue "Co-Ed Bathrooms At College: Pro And Con" O Gymnastics @ Movto -to-ft "Bruce Lee's Deadly Kung Fu" Bruce Li. 11:10 O Jim Dickey 11:15®® ©13 On Target 11:30O O © CD Movto **V4 "Rescue From Gilligan's Island" (1978) Bob Denver, Alan Hale Jr. (9) News (Q) The Righteous Apples IB Today's Growing Intimate Family CD Minority Showcase CD College Basketball "Great Alaska Shootout Semifinals" 11:35 (13) M'A'S'H OB Movto it it it "Juarez" (1939) Paul Muni, Bette Davis. 11:45 3D © (Q) 13 It's Your Business 11:50(6 ) Matinee At The Bijou 12:00 O O d) Come Alive O Entertainment This Week On location with "The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas"; an interview with Lonl Anderson; Michael Caine's new movie. (9) Movto it it it "Torrid Zone" (1940) James Cagney, Ann Sheridan. (10) QD Gunsmoke GD Tatos Of The Unexpected 8 College Basketball "Cavalier Invitational Tournament Finals" from Char.- lottesvilte, Virginia. 12:05(13) Movto ititit'A "Airport" (1970) Dean Martin, Burt Lancaster. 12:16®®® 13 News O Movto it it it "The Trojan Women" (1972) Katharine Hepburn, Genevieve Bujold. 12:20 HBO Deathwatch:. Six Who Walt 12:30 OO 3D News O ABC News CD Comedy Shop 8 Movto it "The Fifth Floor" (1980) Bo Hopkins, Dianne Hull. 12:45 QD News 1:00 O Look At Us GD (10) IB News (B News (Time Approximate) 1:30 O Insight O O) News (Time Approximate) QD Pastors Study (Time Approximate) 8 Sports Probe SUNDAY 6:008 Sports Center 7:00 O Best Of The NFL "1969 Minnesota Vikings And 1968 World Champion New York Jets Highlights" 8:008 WCT Tennis "Invitational Tournament" Eddie Dibbs vs. Brian Teacher. From Salisbury, Maryland. 9:00 CD Wrestling HBO Inside The NFL 8 College Basketball Pittsburgh at Alabama-Birmingham 9:30 8 Scholastic Sports Academy 10:00® Wrestling 8 College Football Miami, Florida vs. Notre Dame i 1:00 8 Sport* Center Plus 11:30 (10) IB NFL Today 12:00 G NFL Football St. Louis Cardinals at New England Patriots O O (OB (10) IB IB NFL Football Los Angeles Rams at Pittsburgh Steelers 8 Greatest Sports Legends 12:30 8 Scholastic Sports Academy 1:00 8 PBA Bowling "Brunswick Open" 2:00 dD Western Outdoorsman 2:30 O© NFL '81 3:00 O O O dD (£ NFL Football Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers O O O <B8 (10) 09 CB NFL Football Atlanta Falcons at Houston Oilers Q) NFL Football Regional coverage of Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers; Oakland Raiders at Seattle Seahawks 8 Sports Center Plus 3:30 (3D CD US 13 NFL'a Best Ever (13) College Football '81 4:008 Auto Racing "NASCAR Georgia 100" 8 Kingston Olympiad 4:30® ® OD 13 Cortege Football '81 O TV Quarterbacks "Perm State Vs. Pittsburgh" „ 8 Jimmy Houston Outdoors 4:35 (D Wrestling 5:00 (3D dD CD Soccer Made In Germany '• Argentina vs. Brazil ' 5:30 (D Soccer Made In Germany Argentina | vs. Brazil i 8Bo8chembechtor 8 Sports Canter Plus 5:35 ( 6) Soccer Made In Germany Argentina vs. Brazil 6:308 NHL Hookey New York Rangers vs. Quebec Nordlques 7:008 Gymnastics "USGF Single Elimination Championships" Kevin Prady vs. Scott Johnson and Kris Montera vs. Pammy Bltock 8:00 a.QoHega BaaketbaH "Cavalier Invita- tionaiT^nSnW WnafV'Vom Char- lottesvllte, Virginia. Sports this week November 29-December 5 9:00 ( 9 ) NBA Basketball Chicago Bulls vs. Portland Trail Blazers •> 9:308 College Basketball "Great Alaska Shootout Semifinals" 10:00 8 Sports Center 10:30(10) Tom Osborne "Season Highlights" 09 Jim Dickey 8 College Football Virginia vs. Virgin- la Tech 1 1:00 09 Don Fambrough 8 Gymnastics "USGF Single Elimination Championships" Kevin Prady vs. Scott Johnson and Kris Montera vs. Pammy Bileck MONDAY EVENING 6:00 a Sports Center 7:008 Beet Of The NFL "1972 World Champion Miami Dolphins And 1973 NFL Highlights" 8 College Football Georgia vs. Georgia Tech 8:00® GD O 03 (13) OS 13 NFL Football Philadelphia Eagles at Miami Dolphins g a Auto Racing "IMSA Competition" from Mt. Pocono, Pennsylvania. 9:008 College Basketball "Great Alaska Shootout Finals" 10:00 HBO Men's Gymnastic* "Caesars Palace Invitational" TUESDAY EVENING 6:00 8 Sports Center 6:30(9) Coltoge Basketball Indiana vs. Notre Dame 8 Sports Look 7:00 Q IB San Francisco Grand National Radeo O 0® San Francisco Grand National Rodeo a NFL Game Of The Week 8 Wrestling 7:30 a Sports Forum 8:00 CD NBA Basketball Houston Rockets vs. Kansas City Kings a Steve Garvey Multiple Sclerosis Celebrity Sports Classic 9:30 ( 9 ) NBA Basketball Chicago Bulls vs. Seattle Super Sonlcs WEDNESDAY EVENING 6:00 8 Sport* Center 0*30 ^BV> A0Hm i MfllP^Wy' 'Washington Capitals »f i» flames vs. 7:00 GD San Francisco Grand National Rodeo 8 Women's College Basketball Old Dominion vs. Tennessee 8 Sports Talk 8:00 a Top Rank Boxing From Atlantic City, New Jersey. 9:30 8 LPBA Bowling "Encino Open" THURSDAY EVENING 6:00 a Women's College Basketball Rutgers vs. UCLA at the Meadowlands Arena. 6:30 HBO Inside The NFL 8 Sports Look 7:00 8 Royal Winter Fair Horse Show 7:30 QD GD GD Outdoor Nebraska 8:00 ® ® O 03 (13) S3) 13 NFL Football Cleveland Browns at Houston Oilers g 8 Coltoge Basketball Rutgers vs. UCLA at the Meadowlands Arena. 9:00 8 NBA Basketball Denver Nuggets vs. Phoenix Suns FRIDAY EVENING 6:00 HBO Inside The NFL 8 Coltoge Basketball Boston College vs. Villanova at the Meadowlands Arena. 6:30 8 Sports Probe 7:008 MISL Soccer Buffalo Stallions vs. New Jersey Rockets 7:30(9) Coltoge Basketball Loyola vs. Minnesota 8:00 a Coltoge Basketball Houston vs. Seton Hall at the Meadowlands Arena. 84)509 NBA Basketball Atlanta Hawks vs. Milwaukee Bucks 9:30 8 Hetsman Trophy Show SATURDAY 6:00 8 LPBS Bowling "Encino Open" 9*0 8 Sports Center 6:308 NHL Hockey Winnipeg Jets at Washington Capitals 7:008 Scholastic Sports Academy "Basketball: The Jump Shot" Guest: Kevin Greevy. 9:00 8 Sports Center 9:30 8 CoHege Basketball Report 104)08 College Football Virginia vs. Vlrgin- .. la Tech , 8 Sports Forum 10:30 8 NFL Game Of The Weak 8 Scholastic Sports Academy 11:00® CB O 03 (13) OD <S) 13 NCAA Football Regional coverage of Georgia at Georgia Tech; NCAA Division III Championship game; NCAA Division II Semifinal game O SB NCAA Football Georgia at Georgia Tech 8 Sports Center Plus 11:30OO 3D Wrestling 12:30 GD Western Outdoorsman 8 Golf "World Match Play Championship" (Match 3) from Great Britain. 1:00 O O O dD dD CD Coltoge Basketball UCLA at Notre Dame 1:30 O (10) 03 NCAA Basketball Kentucky at Ohio a Sports Center Plus 24)08 Coltoge Soccer "NCAA Division I Championship Semifinal 1" from Stanford University. 2:30 OD Soccer Made In Germany Argentina vs. Brazil 2:45® ® O O 03 (OB (13) OD 3D 13 NCAA Football Army vs. Navy at Philadelphia 3:00 O O O S) dD 60 SportsWorid 10- round heavyweight bout between Tim Witherspoon and Alfonso Ratliff (live from Atlantic City. N.J.); United States / China Gymnastics — Women's Competition (from Honolulu, Hawaii). 3:30 O (10) 03 Sports Saturday 15-round WBA Lightweight Championship bout between Claude Noel and Gonzalo Montellano (live from Las Vegas). 4:00 8 Sports Center Plus 4:308 Coltoge Soccer "NCAA Division I Championship Semifinal 2" from Stanford University. 5:00 CD GD ffl Sports Nebraska (D) Sports America "Big 8 Women's Volleyball Championships" 54)5 OB Wrestling 5:30 8 Sports Probe 6:00 ® ® <S> 13 CD Heisman Trophy Show OD Heisman Trophy Special (Q) Soccer Made In Germany Holland vs. Italy (9 Sports Look 6:30 8 Sports Center Plus 8 Heisman Trophy Show 74X>(13)Sportswesk 09 Blair Rodeo 8 Speedway 7:30(1) Coltoge Basketball Crelgrn^n vs. Nebraska (9) Coltoge Basketball DePaul vs. Purdue 8:00 a Boxing "WBA Featherweight And Junior Bantamweight Championships" from Panama City, Panama. ; 8:05flBFootbs*8etM/dav 9:30 QDBkj 8 Basketball Preview

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