The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 16, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 16, 1930
Page 2
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PAGE TWO RLYT11RVILLE. (AUK.l COUHIKU NEWS Items of Personal Interest SOCIETY-CLUBS Activities and News of Women TUESDAY^ SflPTEMBER 1(5, 1030 RIDGE Society Calendar Wednesday The Delphians will meet at the Hotel Noble at 9 o'clock. Thursday Mrs. J. Louis Cherry Is HS the Mid-Wcek Bridge club. lesson. A salad mid Iced t:a refreshed Ihc members. Mrs. E. A. Gcodrlcli and Mrs M. Jontz entertained the rccond uroii" nl tlie Goodrich home. Psnlms 27 was used by Mrs. M. Jon In for tl:.; devotional and n general discussion made up the btudy lesson. It was decided la have (he nest meeting .vllh Mrs. Chillies F. Wood when Mr:- H. H. Ni'blcu will iu;. „.• .. Punch anJ wafers, were si-rv- cd Ihc ten guests. Mrs. A. M. R. Branson cuiKluc'.CLl the devotional for click 1 :t which mcl with Mrs. S. P. Martin p.nd -J 1 ess. Bride Showered. Mrs. Clarence Holder, who before her recent marriage Miss Ruth |Stii'i\vell, was cmpllmcntcJ with a shower party Monday evening uy the Business and Protcs-. IIltv sional Women's club. The honoree | M { v T obcrsl dlsc ,,, S( . (1 .. why has played an Important parl In this group tor several years. The affair, given at tnc Qoll hotel which is the home of the club, was Informally gay with the isilcr- csting array of glfls ranking llu fealure amusement and Miss Jessalyn Payne and Willie Trotter sang and ployed three selections for a brief program. Sandwiches and coflce refreshed the members. Bits of Neu)s Mostly Personal home wei •• accompanied by Mi:,. mother, Mrs. J. II. | J h |"'-: Ior fie Stewai 1 '., wild has been H Tuls:i. '"'"'" Okla., anil Memphis l^i a'111011111. Mrs. Gi-orge M. lUnilcr, Mrs. I. G..C;allon, Wllhiiin L. Craflon uiui Uy W.M. !:. .McKlNNLJ' Kceictury, Ainuiian llriclRi- League Quick Tricks Ti:o fls'i.1 and mas', impsrluni beginner at cuMrucl in is thai bridge is a 631!'.;' cf L''i cinis-ll-.-j 13 licM by G-i'bclicsi a:id tilt 13 hold by our pi'jyers simply bid The Missionary" In a urlol pro-, ;ram. The ho: less served orunvjc i ade and case. 'Ihe 20 memVor.s who attended' the lunchecn meeting of circle 4 at Mrs. E. J. Drowne's home hatl a study led by Mrs. II. A. Lynch and Mrs. J. E. CrlU conducted the devotional. Members Received. Three new members were received into Ihe local chapter of the Royal Neighbors In a meeting Monday evening at Ihe hall. The weekly galhwlngs are being resinn- ed slier the summer vacation. • < « Eastern Star to Have Social. The local chapter of trie Eastern Star will have a social meeting this evening, beginnlg at 7:30 o'clock, to which all members are urged to be present. Miss Cora bee Coleman and Mrs. H. M. Adkln- EOn are hostesses. « » • Baptist Women Name Officers. The Woman's Missionary union of the First Baptist church will have for its leaders In Ihe new church year these officers elected in a meeting yesterday nllernoon at the church: Mrs. E. E. Alexander, president; Mrs. R. L. Reetler. vice- president; Miss Cordelia Wilhlle, recording secretary; Mrs. Tom W. Jackson, corresponding secretory; Mrs. H. L. Chambers, treasurer: Mrs E. F. Blomeyer, mission study leader; Mrs. n. G. Cail\, librarian; Mrs. T. H. Hayncs, reporter. Mrs. Alvin Huffman used "In Union There's Strength" for r comprehensive program In which Mrs. Hattie Reece read a Bible passage and made comments on the theme "As Little Children." Talks were also made by Mesdamcs Alvui Hullman,. Ivy Crawford and R. W. Woolen and Mrs. T. H. Hayncs and Mrs. H. L. Recdcr ot- tered prayers. , . Reports of the year's activities showed that much has been accomplished Plans for new projects were featured with the lunnwl week of prayer to be held by this group in three afternoon meetings October G-1-8. An address by the pastor, lh« Rcy. A. S. Harwell concluded the program. To Attend Annual Kally. A number of Bapllst women from here will go to Luxora Thursday Ior the annual meeting of the Mississippi County Baptist Women's association. Itrlilc Given Shower Members of the Plrilulhcn Smi- ciay school class of the First Uapltst church cci.ip'.iincmcd Mrs. Charlc L. K.jltlnger, who v;as formerly Miss Ruby Grinds, with a miscellaneous party Monday evening at tne home cf her sister, Mrs. Lawrence Poscy.' The 15 present enjoyed games [ind later refreshments were served at the Klrby Drug store al at-. tractivcly arranged tables. ' Little Ailccn Poscy pulled hi Ihe doll bURgy filled with an Interest- Ing array of gifts which she l>re- suited her mint. Mrs. Samuel F. Grimes, mother cf the bride, was a gncsl. Reading Club Organized In organizing ncadlni; clubs In the; Sudbury grammar school for the purpose of stlnuilutliii; good leading, Miss Lucille Armrtronj. teacher of this subject, has span- cored a group In the OA class. Misses Vi'ld.i Adcock and Bob William 1 , jpenl the week-end l:i Memphis '.-1th Irlcnds. Simon Smo'.hcrinrin Is III frarn pneumonia at Ills l:o:ne near Ar- morcl. Ml«s Ludle Ucyd, of Mcmiilil"., spent the week-end here as lirj guest of Mits Minnie Matthews mill brother, Utorgc. having come up especially for the dance given Uy the Kappas Friday evening. MIL. U. J. Li'.tlc anil Miss Marguerite Malliews were visitor. 1 . In Memphis Sunday. Mr. and Mis. l-'Ioyd While niui sons visited relatives In I'.ii.ixouli Sunday. Jliimil: 1 Kmo'.liirmin) laft Monday d.r Vnyi Uovllle where I'.' is cnlerini; Hie University ul Miss Ni-11 Williams, ol Aimorcl, has returned to Uiirtln, Ti-nn where u'lc will resume her work in Paul Combs has returned from Memphis hu was at Ur. Willis C. Campbi-H's clinic lor treatment. Mis. l//y Tiiouns and dauyliU 1 " spent Sunday In I'aragoulJ. Mis. Louis LeHoy ic'.uriiccl I:: her home In Memiihls Sunday nlghl alter several days slay with Mr. and Mis. J. Nick Tiiu:nas. Mr. nnd Mrs. W. II. S'.ovullnnd W. 11. Gibson were visitors In Memphis Monday. Mr. ami Mrs. Francis Carpenter returned Sunday evening Irom Cape Glrardean where they 1 '. quests of S:i:n Wells for several days. He accompanied tlK'in iiome und roturni'd Sunday cvcniii;;. Arthiii 1 I'utioii was a visitor in Virginia Cralion motored to: l -' c l3 c - u ""' t!l ->' '•iiemselves hold, fjike»t(,u Sunday. They w.;re ac- ' ™" c lllc eunoci foim of bidding companies! home by L. G. Craft-,n ls lo C'vs our lurtnvr infmnalbn .'.'h-j was called up there scvciv.l! I:iy 3 aa« by <lii' duilh of Mr. brj- :lk'r, Jtnn I), i'l-ul, who died in Flundu and ivas Ijiirled :it Slkos- Ilia p.ilUm <:l om 1 hand, h'.-n we pick up a hand nt bridge '• is nothing tiia: tells us whether our .side or our o;nronen'.'ii ii'.J-j v/ill play the hand us, wllh •:::': noun: 1 .! nui uf u^-jd lu^k. r.'j tract shciild contain at least t'.vo :uid one-..all ciuu-k IrlcXs, which ;ue deleiisivc tricks. A quick !ncj: Is 11 caid which H lik:!y to win a rick if tiie ojiponcnts secure the contract. slmplcu method of valuing quick tricks in contract is as lollows: H::yinii:i'l Fuirisler has lib h::, (,ii;.:is lu; M'Vi-r.,1 dnys his par- Iicjii \V:ilou- Springs, Ma. They (ii-rivisl Sunday. Tne ic,ii:l:::o:i ol ML,s KHx.atoih lil/llie, wl.; :s ierloiisly 111 v,i!ii , lyjilioul :o'i". !:. no L.'tler '.ixluy. ] Sno Is. al llu liuiiie ot her par- erili. Mr. ni::! Mi:.. Virgil'Gi.vm-. Mr. n:ir( Mis. Pnt ICirgetl s|ient' Siiiula; in .\lnii|.:,is. - |M,,. virninia. rclmncU ta their •Mi:s Milihed llolm and Churleiihume In Capo Giraul-iiii Kilay 0. Tut!-..r were visitor:, in I'ara-j;,:tcr ton days slny with Mrs. Vm- i;uuld auuday. yard's brother, tvtrc:i R. G( ?, and Mixs Katnijii Lawlcr. iiccompan- !j.ii». Gee. led uy ll>u:n Maekey, ol C:nu:li- c. M. Unck Is a biisinv;:s visltoi irs-i!l!e. ftt:i- ijik'.sis ol Mr. an.l In j-.-ne.-liun:. jack combinations only one should be counted, as when holding two Hie one Is tco susceptible ta qucezes. 1 No more than two high card tilcks may be counted In any one suit. The above valuations arc simple lo remember and very easy fnr partner to visualize. A hand must contain at least two and one-half of the above high card tricks to have an Initial bid in contract. If opponents open the bidding, » player may overcall with a smng suit a»d the requirements drop to one :tnd one-half or two quick tricks Willie it is quite true that there aio a number cf hands in contrac! that v.oiikl produce a partial .score j If the bid v.cro opened with b«' than t«o and one-half tricks, the percentage is very much in favor fit the player who holds ;,tilcktly | ~P ~ \K:- i:tn". aie playcii by our oppo- niiil.i while 50 per cent are played by ourselves. Therefore our lint j bi:l in contract should be a de-1 u-i). l\v bid and .slun:!J l, 11 p.;: i tier that In- cass o;ipLMi p!r.y th; hand we ace In a ii-jsi tu take two or three' tricks. TnercfoiL' an orii;hiul bid in Ace-King of ••aim; suit .. Z ACC-QUCCII of a suit v\:icii is bid i;; Aci; i ; r : t -k' Kinif-tiuti'ii cf raint suit 1 Irkk K'"K \'-i Irkk ({ueen-jack uf same- suit >'• trick While it is iiiiiti' true i!i:\t klng- f^r, 1 ?, ll i ul , : '"" J:U i :; " 10 ' S dU , : '-'"' <1 (0 tH '° al:cl one-hall. He and "hV, I .1 ssreat dial (.1 color to a liana . partner will jnake many mor t • s:iund doubles that will procluc; i Has YourBack Given Out ? These officers were named: Mary j Memphis for the wci-k-cnd. Sue Willlnghnm, president; Lor- j Mr. and Mis. W. P. Vcuxey jr mine Scecy. vice president; Emma- | «»J son. W. P. Ill, were gi-.esls^of line Page, secretary; Dick lliinr>. reporler; James Wilson, chairman of pro3ram committee. To Care for Ncrdy rurally One needy family of this city will be cared for Ihis winter by the woman's council of the I-Trst Christinn church. Plans for this project M'ore formulated at the meeting Monday afteinoon at the church which was the first to be held since vacation. Mrs. Edivin HobI: was In charge of the business ses slon, when other winter activities Interested the members. . A marrisiBc license was Issued Saluulay lo Miss Clcavic Lamb and Mr. Carl Singleton, both of Manila. Wendi'll-Samlm Miss Doric Sanders and Mr. Der- lianri Wendell, both o! l:.?re. ob- tallied K m:uTi:i|;c license Sa'.m- ilay. Flnclirr-Vcnib Tlie marriage of Miss I.orcnc Vcach and Mr. Sam C. Fincher, bcth r.f Manila, took phcs I -re Saturday with Jii'ticc Oscar Alexander performing the ccreniotiy. relatives In Coldwat.T, M:ss., lo: 1 the week-end. Mr. and MIK. rimicis Caiponle' went to Masked Tree Monday fur several days stay with parents of Mr. CaipcnU'i 1 . They will als.> Klo Scurcy and HateKville lor briei visits btlore reliirnlng home. 11. lIlBhlil! Is ullendiii!! lo bu:,i- ne;s in Memphis. Little Hoi'k anil other points of Arkansas. Pnrk Halcl-ilt. ol Memphis who fcmieily Ihvd here for several niton, president, j vc:u ' s - wns " Ol 'si"css vbilor in th:he business ses- c " 5 ' *l'-"'J ll y- D. G. IJrown. of UulL'uVillc, has arrived here foi 1 the cotton ;?ason. C. C. Adams spent Sunday In Cni'iitlier.sville. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Cliiip;:;'lc Mcm|ihi:, antl ujiuu i.u-ir Mi:;. Ji-c KnBv a'. 1'iiiTtguuld Sunday. Mi.-.s l.av.lcr is Mis. Kirby':. j v sister. I . Mr. an:l .Nhi. Joe Rhcdej spcni! Suiidny in Meinpiii.s. | Mi.-:s l,n Vc-igiie Iliiud had as her' nav. lor llio wc..'l:eiHl, Miia Louis. 1 • ivinler. of Mtiiijjiiis. James leny IcH loilay for Pay- ettevllle wtim he is einolllng al j tl:: state um l .i.-isitj'. I iiaymoiul Cujlni. who became i seriously ill wlulv vacationing a; Mansion, Texas, is nuw linprovlns;' nig an t,perali:m and win, Jly icia:n iiome in iwo weeks. | ftlis. Uunm i. ill accompany him. iMr. ami Mi- t . I,. L. Ward were, vlsitirs in M:iii|,iiis yesterday ' Mis.-, Agnes barton lias returnc.l from a vacation spent ut Thayei Mo. . ' I Mr. mill Mrs. XV. w. Hollipetci ' will le'.inn i inlay Iruii Lake Jam.s Ini!., where they spcnl six weclu i \aL-;-.ilo;i .r. Mieir ;iunu:?r collar-. Mto.Co .Martha (Jhmiibers nnd Elizabeth Ibley leu yesterdiiy al'.- einc^n ior Uiue Altuntai:; ,Miss. | lo alien:! lllue Moiiiuaiii College. Mis. Dudley L\nUi. ol Osi'i-cl.: .v!i p j]!i;.ii IKML' tcclay. | Hill Chumbliu 111 lui., reliinst 1 .! ii'Ciii Memphis wliL'iv he under wt'iU a luii;:ilrclL::iH al Kosemanci'. clinic. lit Is iibJ.- lo bu out. ilL'Uy 13iu^x^ UaaL'j, d.iu^lHijr u Mr. and '-Jis. M. A. Isaiita, has re tin net! lrc,;:i Memphis wnere s!; liad her ii;nsil:< remove:! at Roje llHUHls ClilliL. Dan llCMiclburi;, uf St Lo'.lis, l all ;niiii:j :u butin-.'ss here lur Mrs Joliii H. Lon» is a business i.iiio;- iii o.-eeola today. L! build iij> the probable tilck- •kina value of sa:m, player.! quick tricks. You will notice that 1 nive the ace-i|i.cen of a iu:t which is |j!:l tl:e value of out cmd one-half iricks, but tliis value is nu; given lo an ace-[|iie'jn combnuli-jn that is nut hid. While It slie:i,jlhcns tin 1 hand for olfeiibive p,:r;:jsc!;. many times an ace-cmcen cjiabinalion is defensively delriineiitii! tJ a hand. A player will refuse [u open away from tin ace-queen ana .•sometimes i'.'lccis a lead which co^ts an extra trick. When a hand contains t.voqueen- more than enough points to ollset • any loss of partial score. Draw for I'ardiers and Deal The lour players at eacii table i'a.v for Sirs', deal and cho!c;c ol .seats n:id cards. The two hi'jhes: .u v j paitniTs. The player whoc'.raw^ thr lii^hcsl becomes first dealer and has choice ol packs am! seats. In all draws ace is high, deuce low. As between cards of equal lank, the suits rank spades thigii- isli, hearts, diamonds, clubs tlow- tst>. High wins. TOMOHItOW: No Trump. Head Courier Ncv.'s want ads. Backache Often Warns of Disordered Kidacye. If miseroble with backache, bladder irritations and getting up at night, don't take chances! Help your kidneys at the first signofdisorder.UscOoan'sPills. Successful for more than 50 years. Endorsee; by hundreds of thousands of grateful users, Get Doan'i today. Sold by deal- ^ers everywhere. JDoan's •ills Council Plans for flic rromotlon Day Contcsl. I Lyiirli-KuUcr Promotion day, Ihe contest IBS'! "is Ella Duller, of Otccuhi ana 1 , Increased attendance and offcrliiy ' Mr. H. M. Lynch, of thl-'cily. wi-re ; and plans for future work in the married Saturday by Jus:Ice Os- Sunday school of the First. Mr'.li-Uar A! :.xandcr. They win reside • ---•--. - here. .- j were odist church were the princlpa 1 cussioris of the officers and t ers council which met r church Monday evening. The cradle roll dcparlmer.*. Mrs. J. G. Sudbury as supim: dent, Is leading in the cohtesi increased attendance nnd offcrhy I :i« ceremony. The Rev. P. Q. Rorie lias offerej » <• • a loving cup for the department [ Sarrcls-Iiccr winning Ihc three months race al- ] Justice John U. N'cedtiam |ior- rcady In progress for four weeks. formed the marriage ceremony S.i 1 - Promotlon day will te obsrrvcii nrriay for thj wedding of M-^s the last Sunday ot this month with Glndjv, llerr and Mr. Bill Sarr.'ls Slnvrr-Killmrn • I Miss Aliic Kilbiirn and Mr. Nor- ! 'iivel Stover, bo'.li of Stcele. M->..' united In marriase liere Snt- Jnstic.: Ii. L- McKnijjhl said Instead of a stimulant drink a Rollick's A quiet soother of jaded nerves, a keen SiUisfier of insistent craving. One of America's quality products. At better fountains. Take a bottle home today. Or send ten cents for temple and mixer to H O R L I C R A C 1 N t. W 1 s C t 1 i—^ S I N the new year beginning October 1. A special program will be presented at that time with E. D. Fergu- tn, superintendent, In. charge. both of Lencliville. AVhile-Dubar Tr: inairlay of Mrs. Molhe Uu- I Tlie 35 present were served ar. bar an Mr. stapc While, bulh ut Carrin-ell, Mo., took place heiv : Monday. The Kcv. W. J. LeKuy per'. formed Iho cesetnonv. ! ice course. Night Circle Entertains rrcsbytcrian Woman's Ausy When the Nign; circle of the Woman's auxiliary of the First Presbyterian church was hostess to the group Monday evening, for the usual monthly program, Mrs. C. M. Gray, chairman of Ihc circle, -was leader of the program. Ihuc Oiitin? The '2'1 members c-.' the Intermediate !). Y. P. U. cf the sti-uiul Baptist church v outing Momlav playing i:an:? several hours. went on Uir ' cvcnini; eiijoywt: at. Ltne O;ik Later appeli/ins The 32 members heard Mrs- Fred i frcshiuent:. were ."-ei-vcd' Sandefur lead fcv re- devolional and, Mrs. Ciyiic Ellis suul Mrs .1 w. the chairman made a short intro- j Rci-iiards rhapircne;! the mrtv duclory talk. Mrs. Louis Greene! ... told of the achievements of Christ- 3in;lclon-Lnmb ians in Africa, Miss Grace Lowcry I A marriage license was i.^ucd diicussed the san:.5 results In Mex-1 ycfterday to Mis; ck;ivi'c i.'atnb ico and Mrs. Edgar Boruni took up and Mr. Carl Smulc;<jn. HOLDING THE — is the secret of success in business/' ; Says GEN. SAMUEL McROBERTS Chairman of the Board, Chatham I'hcnix National Bank and Trust Company Difecuir,'Armour &. Co., American Strt^r*- V. Itcfininj; C*i., National Surety Co.,' .' '•'. Kansas City-Southern llaihvay; llrig. General, A. E. F. "Making friends and holding them, by a friendly up'tO'date nsv fulness, is the secret of success in business. This axiom has been the guiding force in the progress of the Chatham Phenix National Bank and Trust Company. And it is ol>- •uioHsIy the guiding force in your business—as evidenced by your use of the Ultra Violet Hay in the 'Toasting' of the LUCKY STRIKE tobaccos." accomplishments in Brazil for interesting addresses. Mrs. Rives Allen, accompanied by Miss Leone Callicott, rendered a violin selection. Manila. Central r. ol Why Count Sheep To Go to S/eep LUCKY STRIKE— the finest clgae-stte you ever smoked, made of she ftrses^abejcccs —the Cream of the Crop--THEN--"grS TOASTED." Everyone knows that heat I To Wednesday All members of the Ward Mrs. Ross Stevens, president, Mrs. I ernnnnar scho:il P.isviu-Tc ich- r ' George W. Dillahunty, vice prcsl-lare urged lo aiiml :hi- :usl iVei-t- : dent, Mrs D. C. McLean, sccre-1 ing of the school year Wiihic-.-lav tary,-Mrs. Roy Walton, ttusurer, [afternoon a: 2HO o'rlcck acroidiii- ' served fruit tecs and cake. to anounccir.rnt made'by'MIS Irl ' Gray, president. Read cor.sicr Ness Want AU;. Circles SIcct Circles of Ihe woman's ml::l::-.- ary LOciely of the First M?tlicdi&l church met Monday afternoon for monthly gatherings. Circle 1, with Mrs. W. M. Taylor as hostess, hart 11 members :.-.- attendance. Mrs. E. P. Roe led the devotional u.kHii Relieves a llradac'.ic or from Romans 12 and also o!fere3 ij> 30 mlnule.s checks .1 Cnld the prayer. In completing the study | tirst day, and checks Malaria In of 'Life As A Stewardship." Mrs. j three days, T OO much work, tco much worry. Tired hut, loo nervous to sVcp. Count im; ir.iuuimiry shoop, relaxing your muscles, uiiikiu;' ymn- mind a blank, all 1:0 use. You'll feel "all in" loiiioiTuw. Just dissolve ,1 i)r. Mills' KiTi-rvcscent Xervine Tr.iilct '•• a half class of wnlcr. .llrisik I ho i \ ;\r w.,',.',!;,? 1 . >V oi-.i,-i- Drift oft into deep ilrt-ainlc.-:-. sk-i-|. a:;,: i:^; up in tiit-'mori i ,•refreshed in mind ami body, and rc.iily for tbo day's duii^.s t .pleasures. }~)T. Miles' Ncn'ine is r,nv n:r..!o in twa fi>rr:'—I.i.|-.ii;i m,! Effcn'escont Tablet. Both tlie f.inio tV.crap.uiiiaiiy. ''- 1 llioni al your clviit; .slure purifies and so TOASTSMG removes fui irritants that cause throat irrstcstlon and coughing, h3o wonder 20,679 physicians have stated LiJCKSES »e> bs iess irritating! Everyone knows frhaf susishine mellows— that's v/hy TOAST2MG includes the use of the Ultra Violet Ray. ' Life As W. M. Taylor was in charg^ of the I fi6G also in TaWcls Yoisr Throat FsrcVee^ow "=»agss.?nsf irritation « against cough bc/ore tlie pul^lic. Tl.c A:vicri':nn Tobacco Co:,ip:iny has invited -0 ,-i tin;'.".iil iv.ea wi.o witr.cs=cil LUCKY STRIKE'S ii.ii ritli-jbciij iii'.i'.'.ir^ on tlii.> ii.igo.

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