The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on November 21, 1969 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 21, 1969
Page 2
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Page 2 The Tipton Daily Tribune By Carrier In City—• • 45$ per week By Mail: Tipton and Adjacent Counties 1 year $11.00 ADVANCE - NO MAJX SUBSCRIPTION ACCEPTED WHERE CARRIER DELIVER ll IS MAINTAINED. Member: United Press International News Service Class . Matter October 4, 1895 at the Tipton, Indiana, Under the Act of Congress Entered as Second Post Office in of Marcli 3, 1897. SECOND-CLASS POSTAGE PAID IN TIPTON, INDIANA PUBLISHED DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY BY TRIBUNE PUBLISHING CO. INC. 221-223 E. Jefferson jst. Tipton, Indiana 46072-675-2115 'Round Tbwn and The Clock With the Tribune "WEAR WHITE AT NIGHT" By R.D. Money The ABOVE is the theme of Hoosier Motor Club for this time of year, when visibility is poor . . ; . . and there is much more traffic in the evening than usual. The MESSAGE to the schools of the state' is: "Keep'n sight, wear white at night". This of course should also apply to the adults as well, for after all, if we hope-for the kiddies to be 'trafficwise', then we haci all better sharpen up a bit J . . and *BE HEP'! KEEP IN SIGHT THE MESSAGE has been given to the schools throughout the pear suddenly in front SO — WE URGE ALL, thing white or bright WINNER. <5§^ TRAFFIC SAFETY POSTER CONTEST state for the safety education program. It MAKES SENSE that wearing something WHITE at NIGHT will add to your safety in-Bad weather. All of us who have-driven at' night know what a harrowing experience it is to have someone ap- of our car, barely giving us time to stop. , children and adults as well, to wear some, or at least carry something white, you ladies, before venturing out, the life you save may be your own! IF YOU HAVE THEJJI, perhaps retro-reflective materials will do the.job. APPLIES TO BOTH !EE—AND BE SEEN*! THE ABOVE APPLIES both to the driver and the pedestrian ... ' for you see, when not driving, the driver IS the pedestrian. "SEE AND-BE SEEN" ... is a major rule. Don't have just-a peephole cleared off cn your windshield .... .for you will be guilty of sharing with some others that undesired label of being labeled an "undesirable" or "unskilled" driver. All of us- should have an extra clear, all-around vision of traffic through all car windows ... and don't forget the rear windows ... .and mirrors. LET'S ALL MAKE ii a point to take an EXTRA five minutes or so - in the morning .1... to do a thorough snow-removal job on '01D BETSY'.... not just the windows. Makes more visibility- and after all, that's what we are after, and the pedestrian and other vehicle drivers can SEE us. REMOVAL SCRAPERS are available most and may we take the time to suggest GOOD ICE and SNO\\| everywhere these days a long-handled one, as jhe best bet? The longer handle enables you to reach the hood, the top ... .and thus prevent a blow-back of snow particles, on windows when your car is in motion. i„ TUTO iw.'.™rD jj t is also necessary to have those windows • make SAFE DRIVDJGas near a success as In THIS WEATHER and lights clear. Let's] possible. : ROJUNDBALI- IS HERE! The BASKETBALL SEASON opens tonight with Tipton playing host to Clinton Central. Be on hand to see the Blue Devils , and get an idea of wpat they will be able to do in the 1969-70 season. THERE'S SOME HEIGHT there, also some speed, it would appear - so here's wishing JOHN MOSES AND .COMPANY a real 'tip off this p.m. and the start of a successful season. WINDFALL and SHARPSVILLE are in action .... and it looks as though Tipton County will have plenty of roundballs headed for the hoop from here on in! i MUE BOATS AND BOBSLEDS i REMEMBER THE W UDBOATS AND BOBSLEDS of yesteryear? The mudboat, as it.wds called was built on two runners, about ten feet long. The runners, from logs, were fixed to slant up .at the front end ... in order tc rise above clods and snow banks. Runners were about eight incites wide and two and a half inches thick. Benches were built onto the runners of such length as to make the runners wide eniugh apart for a wagon bed to sit on the BENCHES. BETWEEN the stakes at the ends of the benches, j Two horses generally pulled them . . . .but we remember better the BOB SLEDl consisting of about two'sleds, about four feet long. Heavy runners were used .... some good tin on the' bottom of the runners L... and you could take off in the snow ... out in the country, off. main highways, pulled by AUTOMOBILE. Some fun, until the car became 'stuck' and all had to get out and push. M UDBOATS wjere mostly used in FARM WORK... and. usually not used unless snow was on the ground). But they could |wnen the kids got mom and)da)i to agree to be placed into action take them for a ride. HORSE TRADERS STILL LOOKING through the EDUCATIONAL HISTORY of the county ... .by GEOJRGE CLINE, we see where two TRADERS (horse) took nine head Jof horses to Frankfort to swap. "When two traders 'with the reputation they bear, have to go far away from home to get a trade, it is safe to say that someone is going to get the worst of it, but that 'aint sayin' who." Unquote. . This was in 1907. . I ALSO THE BOOK SAYS that in.1908.... someone held a "Jolly BOB" party; this consisted of an eight mile spin through the eight inches of snow in the countryside, then an OYSTER SUPPER party. Maybe the vehicle was a BOBSLED . . . maybe a MUDBOATl 1911.- MILK WAGON inbadrunaway! Horse old enough to vote- scares at auto truck! ! . 1911 - FELLOW DROVE up to the blacks . shop and went in without trying his horse. It ran away and was recaptured, after a long chase. It was thought that PJi„ the owner, had in mind that he was driving his NEW AUTOMOBILE, just pur chased, and forgot that a HORSE had to be TIED ... not PARKED! THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE TELEVISION SCHEDULE 3:30 0 Dennis The Menace O 8 Bright Promise O © Edge Of Night (0 8 One Life to Live . 4:00 O © Popeye O © Letters to Laugh-In '© © Corner Pyle (g) Q Dark Shadows 4:30 0 © Popeye (Cont'd) O © Mike Douglas O & Early Show "Mister Cory" (1957), with Tony Curtis and Martha Hyer. A boy from the Chicogo slums builds a reputation as a gombler. CD © Bewitched 5:00 O © The Flintstones 0 8 Mike Douglas (Cont'd! 0 © Early Show (Cont'd) |0 Peyton Place 5:30 - 0 My Favorite' Martian "The Magnetic Personality 'and Who Needs It." 0 © Mike Douglas (Cont'd) © Eorly Show (Cont'd) CD © Eyewitness News • • • 6:00 CT D "-k Von Dyke Loura meets her old -ove, a young man .who has entered the. priest- 1 hood.. 0 @ Early Report . . n © Big News (3 © ABC News 6:30 r% Q Star Trek Kirk and Spocl discover 3 man • who has two souls, n (B NBC News © - Big News (Cont 'mwd 1 f *TJ Gilligan 's Island 7:00 PI @ Star Trek fCom'd' n ® Early Report © CBS News 0 ^ Strange Paradise 7:30 1 M To Tell The Truth "~» High Chaparral ~-*r-.-se ihe ?ncc "may.cjl'v" :?d the life, of an !nd»on brav?. '. --'Oilj is forcibly taVch.t} an-. A iici-.? c -Ti\p t~t o^c tU e :>t •-.< rhi-M'; sdi-. ""! Get Smart ;.^.T : ond 9? orii miiiolvcn far a doctor' and his nurse-by-hoodlums who kidnap fhem to treot • tt-eir wounded gang !eod?r. G} Q Make a D=ol 8:00 , . f]| ©'Truth or Consequences O © Hign Chaparral (Cont'd) fi^ Q~ THe Good Guys CD © the Brod> Bunch O Q What's My Une ^ ©HoH of Fame The File on Devlin" starring Game Judith Anderson, Elizabeth Ashley and David McCoMum. The . wife ond daughter of o Nobel Peace Prize-winning author who disappeared mysteriously, ore approached by a young man asking • for information for o biography he plans to write. O 0 Hogan's Heroes . • An pitted plane cQrcying. classified equipment is shot down near 'Sralag 13, and Hogan and Kis men must prevent the . enemy from discovering its secrets. © © Mr. Deeds 9:00 .. © ® David Frost 'H) © Fame (Cont'd) O © Fridoy Night Movie "Ldver Come Bock" •(• 961), with Rozk Hudson and Doris Pay. An advertising man, who think, nothing of stealing accounts from other agencies, fongle^ with 3 foma.e competitor. O © Here Come the Brides Greek immigrants claim thoy own the Bolt property. 9:30 O 8 Frost (Coht'd) O 8 Fame (Cont'd) O 0 Friday Movie (Cont'd) (0 © , Brides (Cont'd) 10:00 O 0 Frost (Cont 'd) f5 © On-Stogc "Mirror, Mirror, Off the Wall," starring George C. Scott and Maureen Stopleton. As o writer's racy "pen-name personality" attempts to take command of his life-, his wife o'so develop* an alter-ego. .ff^ © Friday Movie (Cont'd) ^) CH Lennon Siiteri 10:30 - O Local News O © On Stage (Cont'd). O 0 Friday Movie (Cont'd) CD 0 Lennont (Cont'd) 11:00 O Perry Mason O 0 Final Report O 0 Local News O 0 Eyewitness News I ... 11:30 O Pe "y Mason (Cont'd) @ Tonight *|3 Late Show . "Kiss of Evil" (1963), with Clifford Evans and Noel Willmon. A honeymoon couple driving • through Bavaria is lured to a chateau, owned by vampires. 7| @ Joey Bishop 12:00 Starlite Theater "The Suspect." Same as today's 10:30 a.m. O movie. 1:00 93 Sherlock Holmes "The Scarlet Claw" (1944), with Basil Rothbone and Nigel Bruce. Holmes and Watson trap a diabolical monster in the Canadian marihes. Sat 6:30 Hoosier Roundup 0 Sunrise Semester 7:00 Roundup (Cont'd) © Heckle and Jeckle Across the Fence Perspective 13 7:30 Lessons for Living Heckle (Cont'd) O © Town and Country (D © Perspective 13 (Cont'd) 8:00 Popeye Three Stooges Roads to Learning Casper Show .8:30 Popeye (Cont'd) Three Stooges (Cont'd) o o o a o © £B © CT © O © O © 13 © O © o © a a © © O© Bugs Bunny CD © The Bear Show 9:00 • © Popeye (Cont'd) O © Three Stooges (Cont'd) O 0 Bugs Bunny (Cont'd) (0 0 Cottanoogo Cats 9:30 O 0 Sampson O 0 Stooges (Cont'd) O 0 Flying Machines CD © Cotta nooga Cats (Cont'd) 9:45 O © Junior Sports 10:00 ~ O 8 Mighty Mouse O © O © CD 0 H. R. Pufnstuff Kiddie Komedy Hot Wheels j 10:30 O Tina Lane Q. 0 Banono Splits O © Kiddie (Cont'd) CD © Hardy Boys 11:00 O 0, Focus O © Banana Splits (Cont'd) O 0 Archie CD © Sky Hawks 11:15 O Manion Forum 11:30 O 0 Dialogue Q 0 Jambo ' Q @ Archie (Cont'd CD © Adventures of Gulliver 12:00 © AFL-NFL Highlights © Insight © The Monkees a o Q CD 0 Quarterback Club' 12:30 © Highlights (Cont'd) a O © Job Lin* O © Wacky Races CD © Big Ten Highlights 1:00 O © Roller Derby Boy Bombers vs. i Northeast Braves. • O © Telccourse O 0 Superman CD 0 NCAA Football Ohio State vs. Michigan at Ann." Arbor. [ 1:30 O 0 Roller Derby (Cont'd) ' O © Telecourse (Cont'd) O 0 Johnny Quest «•) 0 Football (Cont'd) , 2:00 O 0 Scene 70| O © Junior Achievement' O Saturday Theater "Ma ond Pa Kettle at the Fair" (1952), with Percy Kilbride and Marjorie Main. Ma decides to win the jam contest. CD 0 Football (Cont'd) 2:30 O 0 Scene 70 (Cont'd) O © High School Bowl O Theater (Cont'd) CD © Football (Cont'd) 3:00 O Big Western Movie "Ballad of a with Marty Redd. ' A silfjnt tween two creases when love wit+i tke FRIDAY; NOVEMBER 21, 1969 punfighter" (1963), bobbins and Joyce feud exists be- qutlaws and it in- both men . fall in" same girl. O © Cobles* Bowl O Theotel iCont'd) CD © Football (Cont'd) 3:30 O Movie (Cont'd) a © O 0 Earl T ; "Winchester Self Defense Show 73" (1950); tersJ A man, score,' tracks CD © with James Stewart and Shelley Win- out to settle art old down his ex-buddy. Football (Cont'd) 4:00 nt'd) O Movie (Cjjn O © Fishing Show O 8 Early Show (Cont'd) CD © Football (Cont'd) AMBULANCE SERVICE . drtyrrme' DAY or NIGHT OUR TWO AMBOLANC.ES ARE FULLY EQUIPPED WITH OXYGEN Young-Nichols FUNERAL HOME 216W. Jtflerson Pbon 675-4780 a © o © o © CD 0 4:30 Outdoors Country Holiday Early O Perry Mason A columnist Show (Cont'd) Wide World Sports 5:00 is sloin and the witnesses who could absolve the accused refuse O © Del a © CD 0 to testify. Reeves College Talent Wide World (Cont'd) 5:30 O Pe"y Mason (Cont'd) O 0 O 0 CD 0 Stan Don' Wide 1 Q Dick Van Hitchcock . Eat the Daisies World (Cont'd) 6:00 a © o © Dyke Early; Report Local News CD 0 NCAA Football University of at UCLA. O 0 O 0 a © CD 0 a © o © O 0 CD. 0 Southern California 6:30 fTrek News News Star NBC CBS Football (Cont'd) 7:00 Star (Trek (Cont'd) Death Volley Days Rat Patrol Football (Cont'd) 7:30 v -. f3 Family Movi* "TJiree Stooges Go Around the'' World in a Daze" (1963). -The Stooges arid their employer go iround the world to win d bet.. n 0 Andy Williams Tony White ond Mary Hopkin. are Andy's guests. Ill 0 Jackie Gleason ' j The Kramdens and Nor'ons travel to Miami BeacbJ . ' CD© Football (Cont'd) f 8:00 Movie (Cont'd)' »1 Q Andy Williams (Ccnt'd) ft% © Gleason (Cont'd) CD 0 Football (Cont'd) 8:30 Q Movie (Cont'd)'" ' •! .. • O 0 Adam.12 . Molloy and Reed answer a rob-', bery calf at a church and discover the prime suspect is one of their chief informants. O 0 My Three Sons Steve and Barbara are married despite the fact that Steve oversleeps. I; CD © Football (Cont'd) ' - I . 9:00 ; .- O 0 Country Jubilee - O © Saturday Night Movie "jobbery" (1967), starring Stanley^ Boker ond Joanna Pettet. The execution of a, plan to rob' a British mail train of over a million pounds. ! O © Green Acres Someone sends j Oliver a'special delivery letter, that no one wants i to deliver. j. I .• CD© Lawrence Welk . - 9:30 O © Country;Jubilee (Cont'd) G 8 Movie (Cont'd) O © Petticoat Junction . CD © Welk (Cont'd) 10:00 O © Country Jubilee (Cont'd) : O © Movie (Cont'd) Q © Mannix CD © Hollywood Palace 10:30 O © Local News Q © Movie (Cont'd) Q © Mannix (Cont'd) CD © Palace (Cont'd) 11:00 O © Purdue Football .Purdue at Indiana. O © Movie (Cont'd) O © Local News .CD © Eyewitness News / t' "• 11:30 . . O @ Football (Cont'd) O © Final Report Q Late Show ' . "Papo's. Delicate Condition" (.1963) with Jackie Gleason. CD © Sat. Night Movi "PT-109" (1963), starring Cliff Robertson and Ty Hardin.* 12:00 O © Country Pick'n 12:30 O © Wrestling *X* *X* *T* "T* "T* ^* *T* "T* *T* *T* *X* 1* *T* *I* 1* *#* *T* *T* "T* **• *I*?r* *X* *T* "I* *X* *^ , -| By DICK WEST \ i WASHINGTON' (UPI) -One of my big hang-ups as a journalist is that I can't, bring myself to ask pretty young movie actresses bow they "feel about being filmed in the nude. | This defect has all but ' destroyed ray effectiveness as an interviewer of pretty young movie actresses, a task I once • performed -with' grace, dignity and elan. J There seems to be some sort of unwritten law that you can't interview a pretty young actress without asking how she feels about cinematic undressr. A :few years ago,' young actresses merely were asked if view Margot Kidder, a pretty young actress who is appearing". in "Gaily, Gaily," a new picture based on the early life of Ben Hecht. "You are a splendid specimen of young womanhood,"'I told Miss Kidder, "and I would adore inquiring "into your life and. times, which must be intensely interesting. But it wouldn't work. I could never ask you" how you feel about being filmed in the nude." Miss. Kidder was amazingly understanding for one so young,. and promptly took me off the hook. Can Manufacture'Quote ; If I wanted to, she said, I. they would be willing'to appear "could pretend I had asked her in-skin'flicks. But things have changed a lot since then". ; • Extraneous Question Nowadays, aslcing a"- pretty young actress if she would be willing to be filmed in the nude is like asking Buster Keaton if he would be willing to get hit in the face with a custard pie. So you ask them how they' - feel about it. Only I can't do it. Every time I start to ask a pretty young ac^ss how" she feels' about being filmed in the nude, I freeze up. . Like the other evening I was given ah opportunity to inter- that question and then I could manufacture a quote from her, She 1 said she would leave her. reply entirely to my discretion. • Her generosity gave me L strange sense of power. With carte blanche authority to put words in her mouth, I could have her say. anything I wanted her to say. -At-the same time, however, I felt a strong sense of responsibility.- Deciding how Miss Kidder feels about being filmed in the nude .was not a matter I took lightly. GIT ATTENTION BLONDIE by Chic Young

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