The Akron Beacon Journal from Akron, Ohio on October 31, 1944 · Page 22
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The Akron Beacon Journal from Akron, Ohio · Page 22

Akron, Ohio
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 31, 1944
Page 22
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22 A IT? AN HEATON' .TOl.TR.VAL Tuesday. October SI. 1344 EARL HEARS Easy Aces Want To Eat Sitting By F.ARI. WILSON NEW YORK "Come up to my ivory newer and I'll tell you about it," said Goodman Ace of radio's Kasv Ace. He and his wife Have been on, and up in the, air for 15 years. I listened intently to this sharp - tongued middle western wit. As drama critic, he once wrote about a certain hambo, 'You can't hear Mr. So-and-So Wilson past the third row no be sure to sit past the third row." And he pulled the horsoplayers' classic, "I have the horses right where they want me." He said that during these days of Roosevelt prosperity, he couldn't find places to eat, because restaurants were so crowded, and that Jane often longed for a good old republican depression. "Jane said she'd almost be willing: to vote for Dewey, because he'd bring back bad times; then we could go in any restaurant and get a table," he said. He's Quid GOODIE SEEMS to be quiet, hut possesses strong convictions. On the air his wire cracks such malaprops as "Be it ever so hovel there's no place like home," "Time wounds all heels." "I'll give you a thumbnose description of the guy, "We're insufferable friends" and "He's a ragged individualist." Her husband, who wrote these lines, for some years carried on a war with the stork Club and 21. Iscing a Kansas City boy, he doesn't like to have to Kay who he is to be allowed to spend money. So he didn't tell them he was the great (ioodman Ace of the radio when he went to 21. And he didn't get a table. Jack Benny said a couple of years ago that he'd fix it and made a date to meet him there. On Ace's arrival the doorman said, "Yes, what can I do for yon?" I'd like to see a suit of clothes," snapped Goodie, burning up. Benny slapped him warmly on the back at that moment and led him to a table, remarking, "I'll make a fuss over you and you'll always he welcome." As they left, the hatcheck guardian salaamed and said, "Here, Mr. Ace, is your coat." Ace was vastly flattered. "And here," the man said to Benny, "is your coat, Mr. Rernie." The fellow thought Benny was Ben Bernie. .UK WAS RETICENT at the Stork club about identifying himself and didn't get in. Curiously, he then got a card telling of the wonderful air-conditioning in the Cub room. Ace wrote to Sherman Billingsley, saying, "You think you have good air-conditinning. We KNOW you have. We got the most frigid reception we got anywhere." Billingsley replied with some handsome bow ties. "Thanks," wrote back Ace. "If you'll send me some socks to match, I can get turned down in style at the Stork club." Now they're friends. Billingsley recently ordered the best table in the house for Ace. I asked Ace to figure out how many hours a week he works. It came to It 1-2. That's uhat I put in in one day! But of course, I make less money. Jai It Benny bought his first gag. relating to a Chinese magician opening the show at the old Palace. The gag was: "Vaudeville has changed. It used to take Japs or better to open." Ace told me at this point that he had better get to work. "I have my Crosley to bear, he explained. Ham JOEY ADAMS, thf ronnc at Leon & Eddie's, encountered Oscar Peiiin, and said, "I eat your stciks regularly serlin steaks." Srrlin replied, "My business isn't food, but shows." "Oh," said Joey, "turkeys'" The ham! Jennie Goldstein, the darling of the Yiddish Mage, opened triumphantly at the Rumanian Village, although her husband huh rushed to Polyclinic hospital the same day after a stroke. She wept between wliows, hut on the floor was a brilliant comedienne. One of her fans was 78. Jennie is just part of a big, interesting show. THE MIDNIGHT KARL- Honeychild Wilder phoned ex-husband Curlpy Harris from Buenos Aires to tell him current husband Alfred Something has broken a leg; "just knew it would make you happy," sne said Lieut. Robert Taylor's at the Waldorf and the Stork tiub Handsome as hell in that uniform Pario's dog, S tinkle, is wearing a big Roosevelt badge around La : Martinique and claiming to be I president of the Let's Keep Fala : in the White House society. j Comedian Billy Vine's doing his usual great job at the Latin Quarter Jacqueline Billingsley. Sherm's daughter, goes on the i Blind Date program Nov. 6 The ; Zanzibar's Ink Spots, whose baritone died, become four again j Congratulations to the war dept. for permitting Capt. Burgess Meredith, onp of our greatest actors, to play Ernie Pyle in "Here's Your War".. Kay Guier, Diamond Horse-show cutie who went to Hollywood and came back, aaid she didn't have one date and that Hollywood's the Jersey City . of the west coast. CAMEO Ljaa Rari - Fdw. AM . . Hi rule HE-llll G. R sins a TAMPICO eVen4 Teatarf Attrarlf MY GAL SAL Cis I 'ON WITH Till- SHOW New Singer Jane Powell Steps Into Footsteps Of firavson, Durhin By BETTY FRENCH Rraron Journal Tftaatrr F.dilnr HOI.I.VWOOI) has had a soft spot in its heart for younj girls who could sing ever since Deanna Durhin appeared in "Three Smart Girls." Kathryn Grayson, Susanna Foster and Gloru Jean, for three, have achieved screen prominence following in the trail that Deanna blazed, and other youngsters are coming up in the same manner. One of the latest is Jane Powell, a round-faced, dark-haired, blue-eyed 14-year-old, who is now on Loew's screen in "Song of the Open Road." Jane has the same buoyancy Deanna Durhin had in her early screen days, and it's probably not just a coincidence that she was discovered by Miss Durhin, and is started on her film career by Charles R. Rogers, who also set the Durbin career in motion. Young Miss Powell also had ful voice that is displayed in the picture in "Carmena" and in some ballads including "Too Much in Love," "Fun in the Sun" and "Here It Is Monday." Introduced on the Edgar Bi-rgen-(harlle McCarthy radio program, she Ik aided In her film debut by the presence of Bergen and Charlie, and hy music, by Sammy Kaye, comedy hy W'. C. Fields, and a pleasant open-air a, lory about the American Youth Hostels. She's under contract to M-G-M. but will be seen next in another Charles R. Rogers musical, which used to he railed "High Among the Stars'' hut has been changed to "Delightfully Dangerous." DARRYL ZAMTK is still undecided about whether or not to produce Wendell Willkie's "One World," to which he holds the film rights. If it is filmed, however, he said Spencer Tracy would be the man to play Wlllkie George "Gabby" Hayes supports John Wayne for the 27th time in his screen career in "Tall in the Saddle" Dick Haymcs and Dana Andrews have been set for top roles in the new musical version of "State Fair." Negotiations are being made to borrow Kathryn Grayson for the picture also F.RKOL I LYNN'S next picture will bo "Don Juan" .Dennis O'Keefe will play one of the, leads opposite .loan Fontaine in "The Af fairs of Susan "... Louis llayward's first picture since he was dis charged from the marine corps will lie "Ten Little Indians," adapta tion of (he stage mystery Stephen Richards, former Akron radio announcer now acting for Warner Brothers, will be seen for the second time by Akron moviegoers In "The Doughgirls." He was also in "Passage to .Marseille." j THE SUIT which 20th Century-Fox filed against Jennifer Jones when she failed to star in "Laura" for that company has been settled with David O. Selznick, who holds Miss Jones' contract. She is to star in one Fox picture per year, with "Cluny Brown" as the first one. ...Ethel Barrymnre's new play for the Theater Guild, "Embezzled Heaven," opens tonight in New York Jack Carson will play the male lead opposite Joan Crawford in 'Mildred Pierce" Cantinflas, famous Mexican comedian, will be starred in RKO's "The Magnificent Tramp" as his American film debut. mm Robrrt nunr. Margaret O'Brien. harlra l.aughton CANTERV1LLE GHOST Tat O'Brlrn, Robt. Rvan. Ruth lltir? MARINE RAIDERS Thurn.: In Society and Weird Woman iih:i Woodier At. Katharin Hepburn DRAGON SEED Smiley Burnett PRIDE OF THE PLAINS ItOVAl ABBOTT A f 2S Johntton St. ABBOTT A TOSTFI I.O IN SOCIETY farm en Mirandi, Don A met he, Wm. Ren till GREENWICH VILLAGE MtNRIK MFIOHV 5 POINTS ABBOTT I Will Oiborne I RFC PARKING ABBOTT A rOSTELLO Will Ofhorne and Orrhrntra IN SOCIETY Pat O'Brlrn Bulb Warrick IRON MAJOR PENINSULA N ITE CLUB i On Rote 3n.1. Penlmula, O. Phone Hudson 2.VK-3 HALLOWEEN MASQUERADE BALL TONIGHT PRIZES! Rpt Dr'util Costume, lunnl- Cnxtiime, BeM Imitation. DANCING FVFRV SATI'RDAT AND SI NDA V MfiHT I'hnne 74 NORTH FIELD, Northfleld State Route 8 Now Intll Further Notice 1 Will B itrvad From 4 P. M. to 12 Midnifht. Saturday From' 4 P. M. to I A. M. Sundor from , 12 Noon to 10 P. M. m "r tinted All Dor Monday M fROF Manajer Introduced J '"'"v a clear, delight The Columnists ERShlNE JOHNSON (NEA) finds Yvonne De Carlo, star of "Salome Where She Danced" and holder of the title, "most beautiful girl in the world." living in an auto court in spite of her brand new contract at a four-figure salary. Yvonne doesn't mind. Before she got the role she was living in a loom with a single bed, but when the manager of the auto court heard about her getting the role of Salome he moved her into a room with a double bed. HAROLD II K F F E R N A N (NANA) says Dorothy Lamnur and Wynn Rocamoro, her business manager, are to he partners in a sportswear manufacturing company, specializing In sarongs .... that RhO is preparing "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," which will he a song-and-dance musical loan BROWN ST. PA-2X11 ABBOTT COSTEM.O IN SOCIETY Srrond frit are MOON OVER LAS VEGAS Mi it Hopalonf ( amdy FORTY THIEVES lYallarp Reerr - Marjorie Main JACKASS MAIL IIISNtV CARIOON JUNIOR MISS Ity (.hodorov and Firldg OPENING NOV. 2 Playing Through Sunday ft t onuectttive U eck-Kntl) Call FR-6000 After 4 P.M. For Reservations SMORGASBORD STOW, OHIO If vnu hive never enjoypd the continental rustom of smorRHSbord hi du ltre yourself m this f ascinailnn t a hie of mnnv, man? appetizers It a an experience in rating you mill recall many t imes. And if you have eaten" of other smor-RtMxrds you 11 be surprised at how well this compares nh those of national reputat ion on both roasts, and the smorgasbord la only the first nf a full -course dinner of the finest food tha market offers. On Route SI 1 Mile North of Stow Phone V -Rti I f t reservations aufatested Open Oaily (Except Monday) ft:8ft-A. Open Sunday t and Holiday i, 12:31-(.. All Sign For Good Food Point To The NEW ERA IIESTAIJitAXT HI E. MARKET 8T. AT MASSII.LON RD. Convenient for Aircraft Workrrt Siziling-Hof Choi'ct T-Bon STEAKS, $1.50 Delicioui CHICKEN DINNERS Vear rholre of many other Dinners Lunches, or Tasty Sandwiches! For reservations for parties, eta., rail ST-fHm; SPECIAL CHICKEN DINNER lou II Enjoy Thlt 75c Feature Dinner WE HAVF. VOIR HVOHI1 F DRINK IN WINES. BIFRS and LIQLORS I ::BAC!(STAGE& S. High at Mill Still Going Strong 10th Week RUSS WRIGHT Sensational Indian Singing Star FLIS A BRAND NEW SHOW Music by Mildred Manning and Her Men of Music At Loew's JANE POWELL Here's Jane Powell, new juvenile singing star, who makes her screen debut in "Song of the Open Road" at Loew's. I that Producer Samuel Bron- i ston Is negotiating with Yank Cartoonist tieorgp Baker for use of Baker's famous i.I. character, PEOPLES Bint IROSI1V E. South at Grant Bur Uar Bonda RI.e s IH l SS GOING MY WAY Second Hit: REASON AND EMOTION SOUTHERN J 1 AS GRANT ST. PA-J.rn Mir hurl O'Shca - Anne Shirlrr MAN FROM FRISCO Henry Fond - Joan HrnnU MALE ANIMAL i:iIMXKF'";rp'i Ronald C'olman, Rosalind Rusnrll, v C laudette Colbert w UNDER TWO FLAGS 5 Grae MrDanald . David Bruca 2 SHE'S FOR ME XXH0KXK OOCKH3-arOO0!iHa A SPITER I aU Timet Today Abbott & f'oteHo IN SOCIETY J. Mark Brnwn - Ravmond Halton TEXAS KID S-STOO(iF rnMFDT PARAMOUNT PARK FREE LAST TIMES TODAT Dan Amrrhp - Carmfn Mirandl tin trrhnlrolor) GREENWICH VILLAGE ABBOTT rnsTFI.I.O IN SOCIETY COLOR CARTOON BIG HALLOWEEN PARTY Tonight 7:30 to 10:30 Free Cider and Donuts Free Surprise Gifts PRIZES: for Best Costume for Men, for Best Costume for Ladies ADMISSION AT REGIT.AR PRICF9 SUMMIT BEAGH ROLLER RINK SPECIAL HALLOWEEN PARTY HATS SOISEMAKERS GREAT SIIOfT ! WAGON EAST MARKET HALLOWEEN PARTY TONIGHT! HTS HORNS OISEMKERS Fl . GALORE A GREAT BROADWAY REVUE Starring WOODS AND BRAY UGO MARTINELLI VIC DEXTER To Add To Your Dining Pleasure Kraker's Old Heidelberg Presents DIiWER MUSIC iiIGIITLY from 6 to 12 Saturday to 1 :30 By The An Dancing KR.IKER S OLD "Sad Sack" In "A Walk In the Sun." BOBBIN COONS (AP) interviews Sylvia Sidney, the girl who left Hollywood in a huff, but is back with a smile to play a Eurasion girl opposite Jimmy James Cagney in "Blood on the Sun." Miss Sidney confessed that the trouble with her was that "I was unhappy wherever I was in those davs. It had nothing to do with Hollywood hut I blamed it on pictures." "It has to happen," she gaid, "if you have the nii.slortune to become ternblv successful at the age of 20 and make as much money as I did. You're bound to be unhappy. It has happened to a lot of people in different fields of art, success that conies too soon. It's saddest when it happens to young writers, some of whom never work it out. Actors can get over it if they get a good rest." Your $100 war bond will help shorten the time front D-day to V'-day. THORNTON Don Atnrrh Carmen Mirandl tin technicolor) Greenwich Village JimM Mainit - aria Lehman CANDLELIGHT IN ALGERIA ORPHEUM HELD OVER BING CROSBY GOING MY WAY HIT TUNE SERENADE Color Cartoon Niws EdLl AUTO THEATER John Warn - Martha Scott IN OLD OKLAHOMA Harrlfl Hllllard - Andrrwa Slflera SWINGTIME JOHNNY TWO DOt'BI.E FTATI'RE SHOWJ WEDNESDAY NKSHT FIRST SHOW STARTS AT 7 P. M. Season doses Wednesday Evening, Nov. 1st S. Arlington at Waterloo Rd. mm CANTON 0 and TRIP LITT ILVD, RrJ Skrlton - F.ithrr Wllllama Harrr Jamca and Band BATHING BEAUTY tin Technicolor) AT : - :M Beulah Bondi - Nina Foch SHE'S A SOLDIER TOO AT :. Slarta Frldar JndT Garland Batty (irabla In Pigskin Farada and Addreaa Unknown Thrntifh Wadnaadar Optn P. M. Don Ameche Dank Andrrwa WING AND A PRAYER Jan Arthur . fharlea Coburn IMPATIENT YEARS LAST DAT OPEN t P.M. AUry Martin - Hal Prar? Gildersleeve's Ghost Hnpalnnr CaMd FORTY THIEVES HI GH HERBERT COMEDT ETC. GREAT BAM)! WHEEL AT CASE AVE. i; TRIO An Amutrment Tax HEIDELBERG EE ATI RE EILM TIME TABLE COLONIAL "Music in Manhattan," I (W 4 oft 7 04 in ej torwr) -"Abroad Kith Two Yanks." II M 3. 40. lO Kv PALACI-' Siep Lively," t 42, 4:30, 7.30, 10 J1 WARNER BROTHERS STRAND "Jan le," 13 SI. .1 41. II 51, 10:01. AU .FN -The Imnallfnt Year!." H 4, 4 0.1. 7 12 10 2B. FLLET "Rathllit RphiHv," S 4S, S SS. FALLS -'-('asftiiova Brown," 7. 9 55 FORl'M- Shnw Bulnr." 8 30. IS 43, .1 Ml 7 09 10 11 HIGHLAND' Thf Imnallfnt Years." 7. 10 2S LIBERTY "Waterloo Bridsc" 6 55. 10 15. OHIO- 'This la The Life." 3 43, t 53, 10 0.1 ORPHKl'M Mv Favorite Blonde.' 10 30 1 25 4 20 1 IS. 10 10 RIALTO ' Wing and a Praver." 6 35. 10. i A B Y COO P E B TERESA WRIGHT CASANOVA BROWN ROY ROGERS El Song Of Nevada FREE PARKING Don Amerhe - Dana Andrewa WING AND A PRAYER Van Johnson - Lionel Harrymora 3 MEN IN WHITE I d I U 1 1 M I ; I L STAGE! WED., 8 P. M. 1,000,000 Screamlintd Loffi GOOD SEATS AVAILABLE Orrh, (.1.70, Bale. S.l.Kl, f.1.111, K M Gallrrr. SI. M, Now On Sala Doora Opm 1:4.V-Fun Starla II P. M. RlanftoinFriscol lhtfn kadi fofnl LEIGH TAYLOR " I III'" k LEE VOYEA I AY I I A CAPflVATlNfl HWMge jf L I KTFRinn k BARRYMORE TTi, f v" I0HMS0N telLLA LANE-EDW. EVERETT H0RT0N-JAMES GLEASON-JOSEPHINE HULL-JEAN ADAfR JOHN ALEXANDER Screen Play by Julius J. and Philip G. Epstein From the Stage Play by Joseph Kesselring LAST 2 OAYS JAN IE TI VOL D Entire Show Esclualva South Akron Arm Ida Jack LaRua El Brendcl MACHINE GUN MAMA Irene WARE-Maude EBL'RNE HAPPINESS G.O.D. No. 3, Geo. Huston (Western) FRONTIER SCOUT JEAN ARTHUR Lee Bowman Chas. Cohurn IMPATIENT YEARS Pl.t SECOND HIT MAN FROM FRISCO Michael Anne O'SHEA SHIRLEY NOW WILLIAM BENDIX Helen WALKERN Dennis O'KEEFEWafJ Aooalrt.H WOK plus "SONG OF THE OPEN ROAD" with jane powell edgar bergen Charlie McCarthy bonita granville IIOINS THUSDr THE YEAR'S GREATEST LOVE STORY "AN AMERICAN ROMANCE" IN TECHNICOLOR iTAKHHG BRIAN DONLEVY TODAY through Charles Laughton mm 5W CANTERVILLE GHOST AISO SHOW BUSINESS .Eddie Cantor 'in l2fWLSLLLMJ . ..h r aV H a m am cattaaiauA romance FOR THE TOPS set to the rhythms end I PREVUE THURSDAY! . -ar ,11 WHEN THE LIGHTS GO ON AGAIN 1rfiilYrniTSiW '3 cary Gum FRINK'CAPRA'S inM0WR niUIIAlin alaMftaa ryi PETER LORRE hit Storts Thurs. Campus Holler Palace W. Eaebania . Jl-tUI kallnt t?arj Erralnf Elecpl Mandar 7:84 to I0:M Wedneidaj Morning :M to lt:M Children, Cat. Mornlnr 10:00 to U:M MAT. SDN. P. M. t TO : DONALD O'CONNOR THIS IS THE LIFE SUSANNA FOSTER LOUISE ALLBRITTON rarT RTAV Patric KNOWI FS RAY FBERLF ORlHtSIB CU N C HO RANDOLPH SCOTT GRACE MacDONALD All For Fun And Fun For All' A Night Of Adventure" rPALACE-i Storts FRIDAY! 2 Rig Hif! EDW. G. ROBINSON In Mr. Winkle Goes To War Also CAROLINA BLUES with KAY KYSER Victor Moore - Ann Millar THURSDAY . '1 Margaret O'Brien George Murphy ja w bbk aiaiaajsaB m UAiowl IN LAUGHS of 5 swell new songs! rrinr. imu . isiiii i in vrnmi utnm a UHT rrl LL r tKKT ha Nniri't proiita cwi vnuihifkf if mi Rrma4 tm thta WALBURN DARWELl BRILL Charlie mm int his orchestra Nil 0 MPNFNriF? inrl tin 8HIIMM BANIt aiaAUBH ay 00 by FRANK CAPRA THE LAST RIDE ..I Mi I A I I ilk ft 1 V- A a

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