The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on June 14, 1935 · Page 3
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 3

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 14, 1935
Page 3
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JTriday, .Tune 11, 1035. Yes, We Have Package Ice Cream Pint Quart Half Gallon Gallon Double Cones SERVE ICE CREAM FOR YOUR HEALTH Tipton Ice Cream Company Phone 256 Kokomo were the relative guests remainder of the evening of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Kenworthy j spent socially with bingo Tuesday evening. Mrs. Kenv.-orthyi other games being played, who iias been ill lor some time j with kidney and heart trouble is' gradually growing worse. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Breaks had j and ATLANTA. Weslevan Methodist Churcb. MY. anu .»ns. -•*. »» • *.">•»•*•> ....« i „ . , for their Sunday dinner quests ;i Rev. Dempsey Howard pa.stor.) •Mr. and Mrs ,Mr. and Mrs -\lvin Breaks '. Sunday school at 9:30. Harry Breaks and. Morning worship service at 10:30. Young People's meeting Sunday evening at 7:00. Evening worship service at 7:::u. Sermon by pastor. i 'son, Alvin. of Crawfordsvillc. I .Mrs. Albert Dennis and Mrs 'Carl Teniul \vere Noblesville vis •itors Tuesday afternoon. I Mrs. Gi-orch Leisure was at tin 'John Peterson home near Sway Cottage prayer meeting Friday ZPC "Monday."" Mr. Peterson re- ;afetrnoon at 2:00 at the home of Mrs. Mabel McVey. All arc cordially invited to be i mains in a vovy critical condition iwith cancer ' the stomach. Mr and Mrs. Cuy Dean and present at these services. Mrs. Tom Dean were the Sunday i The regular monthly meeting dinner guests of Mr. and Stan lev Dean at Kokomo. Mrs.; of tho W. II. & F. M. society .at Ithe home of Mrs. Elizabeth Cur- I Miss Delight Miller, student'; mitt, was well attended. and s :t i nurse of the Ball Memorial bos- good time was enjoyed, with a 'pita! at Mmmie. is spending her ; program of readings mi^n the vacation with Mr. and Mrs. Frank j various topi-rs relative to the Mis- Uong of Arcadia, Mr. and Mrs. 3. Billy Jackson and Bella, Tommel- T. Long, !Mr. and Tors. 7 Charles |son; Long and) Joy Long of Atlanta. Afternoon! guests were Mr. and \VIvST ATLANTA. Albright noti-s: Sunday school. II: .'JO. I'raver nicotine Wednesday ev- fiiiiiE. k Kast I'liicm noti-s: Sunday si-luml. it:SO.' I'n-a'-liin:.; at 10:.'tO. V.V.-K .-nil Kucsts of Cus Busch- f-r and family wrst of Atlanta •weiv Mrs. ('. B. Mundy. Mrs. Cuy Miindy and (laughter and Mr*. Fr.-il Litsi-nbcrs all of Chicaso and Marsarct Biischor of Tipton. Mary Katliryn Kifbclins i'<- luni'-d licinn 1 Friday from Indianapolis after atti'iidinj; tin 1 -I-If chili camp for tin- past week. James Clark visited Sunday with lieulah Clark at Indianapolis. Sunday suests of William Ramsey and wife were Perry Ramsey and family of near Tipton and C. I). Mohler and wife of Kokomo. .Mr-.-. Robert Hunter who is in pour health remains about "Ui. 1 Fame. Her sister and niece from Park county spent the week end with her. Mrs. Mollie Hu^an of Kokomo visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Me] Kesl.-r of Albright. Kulh Heeler and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Vergeson of Tipton were Sunday uueyts of Fred Wolverton and family. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Wilson of Indianapolis were Sunday cnicsts of Otto Illfs and family north of Atlanta. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mohler of Kokomo were Thursday quests of S. R. Mohler and family. Mrs. Mohler who is an employe at >.I:e J. C. I'enney Store in Kokomo is taking her vacation. -Mrs. Allan Wriirlit and Mr. and Mrs. Vii-L-il Daniels of Terr? Haute visit-d Sunday and Monday iviih l>r. Charles Newbold and family in Ohio. Rachel Daniels who lias visited tile past wenk with Janice ^-wbold returned home with her parents. Lewis Wright a-student at the IVrty Te-linical <-oI!egc at T< rre Haute is wp'MidiiiK his sum- iin-r vacation with his parxnts Mr. and Mrs. Allan Wrisiht. Currie. Mr. ami Mrs. Kd Scott cluiislili'r. Margin-1. were til. 1 Sunday dinner Kiic'sls of Mr. and Mrs. Owen Scott and William Scott. In tjie afternoon they all went to Aroma to visit Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Jir'mson. Other guests sionary work both at home and and 'abroad. at liif Johns' n home were Mr. and Mrs. L.a,Ion Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. (i^vald Johnson. Mr. •n:i] STi-s. IVrry Johnson. Mr. an Mrs. Kugi-iii! Johnson and Ron, Mr. and Mrs'.'Kelvin Rooty and son of rhicasco and 'Mr. and Mrs. Axtell of Si-h ectady. X. Y. Wednesday, Mr. and Mrs. Owen Scott and daughter Helen Jean attended commencement exercises at the Rail State teachers college at Mnncie. -Miss Martha Rinks. sister of Mrs. Scott, was a member of the graduating class. Mesdames John Rryan, Marion Mitchell. Charles Melrose, William Beholds. Jennie Crnm and George Reyn»i-r entertained the members of the Pocahontas lodge at an elaborate dinner party at the lodge parlors Tuesday evening. About 35 were present.. The Atlanta Methodist Church. (Rev. II. M. Thrasher. Minister.) Sunday school. 10::!0 a. m. Preaching services. 9:30 a. in. Epworth League. C:-15 p. in. Topic, "Religion in the Home." Leader, Margaret Palmer. Children's Day exercisis will lie given Sunday evening at 7:30. A jitine program Jias been planned by ihe committee. Mrs. Ralph Hill of Indianapolis. Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Illges were Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Street of lu- dianapolis and William Illges and family of Tipton. Leo Becker and family of Elwood visited Sunday with Mrs. Barbara Leach. Mrs. Marion Jackson and son Bobby spent Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Rode at Cicero. Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Mount of Cicero were Sunday .dinner guests of Mrs. Mary Mount. In the afternoon they all visited with Mr. and Mrs. Ward Pruitt at Sheridan. Mr. and Mrs. HeriVy Knause visited Sunday with 'Mr. and Mrs. Wood Barnes at Elwood. Mrs. Barnes returned home with Mr. and Mrs. Knause.for a few days' vlsi.t Vivian Sells was brought to her home from the Methodist hospital at Indianapolis Thursday, having undergone van appendix operation at that place. She is slowly improving.. Fred Shuck and family of Elwood and Mr. and Mrs. Otto Jackson of Arcadia visited Sunday with Mr. an'd Mrs. Ula Jackson. An all-day meeting of Ladies Aid will be held in the the basement of the church Thursday with a pitchin dinner at the noon hour. Mid-week prayer services an 1 official hoard meeting will be held Thursday evening opening at 7:30. At that meeting dfscussion will be on "Kingdom Goals," suggested to the board. Mrs. Nancy Long assisted by Mrs. Estella May Basey entertained at a birthday dinner Sunday complimentary to the birthday anniversary of her son Irvin Long. Guests to enjoy the splendid dinner were Mr. and Mrs. Tom ^^ SPECTACULAR PRICES FEATURE COFFEE WEEK"A'P 8 O'CLOCK COFFEE Red Circle Coffee "• 21c Bohar Coffee !*..«. 23e CHEF BOY-AR-DEE SPAGHETTI AND MEAT BALLS Contains 4 tasty Italian style meat balls, quality .pagheUi and a delicious Can snuce of mushrooms, to- natou «nd vegetables. 10c Mr. :iin! Mr;. Artlinr LOUK r.f When college boys wore "rah-rah" hats You HHI.V ri-mi'inbcr how ilii li- in B your bijf brother looki'd in . in liis college' regalia. Hark . 11MMI. si ml how Tipton youlin . lailirs «-i'r"\ fsipliviitoil l>y his slylo. Ve y»liki'ly, too, you Term iiilx-i- his jiskin-r for 'Voni flakes" for lirrnkfiist. KeHogg's Com Flakes were a novelty then. People- who tried, them were delighted with their crispness and flavor. Bnt even they could not foresee the tremendous growth in popularity that ha* made Kellogg'f the world's favorite ready- to-eat cereaL Today Kellogg's Corn Flakes are the finest quality yon can boy — made constantly better' for 29 yean. They have been imitated, naturally, but their crunchy, appetizing good* ness has never been successfully copied. Any one who visits the huge, spotless Kellogg kitchens can understand why Kellogg'f Corn Flakes are cleaner and more wholesome, as wen at erisper, more tempting farnaror. Order them today, from your 1 grocer! CRACKERS MARGARINE SWANSDOWN Salted Sodas . Keyko Cake Flour 2-Lb. Pkg. 15c 2 Lb *25c 27c Rajah Sandwich Toilet Tissue—Ask About $125,000 Contest 10 is 31c lona Flour 19c Pillsbury's J «& b 15c Soap P&G Soap Spread Cheese D .. — Ketchup Ha« %£ 18c Crackers Rice Flakes Heln ' Pk '- lOc Sugar I Dressing l± db ?£ 29c Bread N £ TL ou,t * 75c •b.$1.05 ' 18c 3. C. p ktr . JQg 10 Lb.. sic •* y FLAKES y *— - ? MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE 29c yacuum Packed—Vita Fresh— Good to The Last Drop. -LEMONS—Large, 6 for 10c NEW POTATOES—10 Ibs. for 23c HEAD LETTUCE—Large size, each 5c . BANANAS—Golden ripe, 5 Ibs. 25c IN OUR MEA T MARKETS Swift's Premium—Skinned Whole or Shank Half Lb. « 19c u.. isc POT ROAST BOILING BEEF CHUCK ROAST BROILERS CROAKERS Choice Cuts 7r*sh Dressed Extra :a«l<ct Frwh Froun 32c • 25c LE6-0-UMB Genuine Spring Tjh Swiff 9 Premium Beulahlciark who underwent a mastoid! operation a week ajro was getting along "nicely at the latest repbrts. Ralph (Cramer of Hagerstown spent Sunday with Merritt Small and family. Billy Presser of Lapel Is spending the week at the Small home. • Mr. and Mrs.'Vern Stage of Bluffton, iohio. visited Saturday with Cora Aldrid^e. Mrs. Maggie Fox and ichildren of Sheridan visited Sunday afternoon with Miss Aldridge. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hunter and Rev. and Mrs. Norman Berry were nea^ Hanover Monday .where Mrs. Berry joined friends and motored to knoxville, Tennessee. She will spend the next two months with her! parents at that place. Mr. and Mrs. Hunter and Rev. Berry returned to Hanover and Vivian Hunter who has been at! tending college at that place returned hpme with them for her spring vacation. Mrs. Ofcie..Miller and son CleJl, Bern Raa'uet and family and Hiram Smith attended the golden wedding 'anniversary of Mr. anil Mrs. Charity Goodnight near Sheridan i Sunday. The fine old couple received several lovely gifts. More than 50 guests en- loyed the bountiful dinner. An enjoyable musical program • was. given in the afternoon. Open house was kept in the afternoon, at which time several- friends called and an enjoyable day was spent by all. Mrs. Inda Krug entertained the Child's Study club Tuesday evening. The rooms were beautifully decorated in garden flowers. The; subject, "Harmony in the Home," was led by Mary Warfel and a round table discussion followed. The hostess served refreshments of assorted cakes, sandwiches, cake and coffee to twenty-four guests. Guests of the society were Mrs. Sarah Stiffler of Jasonville, Mrs. Hazel Phifer. Lelia Duncan, Mary Thomas and Mrs. Martha Crawford. Mrs. Ocie Miller . entertained lOl lTHEi IS NOW ONLY | the Gra-Bleau club at her home southeast of Atlanta all day Wednesday. Mrs. Elizabeth Raquet assisted the hostess. A bountiful j pitchin dinner was served at the noon hour and a business meeting followed. Mrs. Flosie Walton led a discussion on garden hobbies. The regular devotional services were led by Mrs. Martha. Crawford. The remainder of the afternoon was spent in. a social t J ' . / way. Special guests wfere Bern Raquet and son J$hn of Indianapolis and Mrs. Illges of Noblesville. : ! av/d Letter openers for the fice or home desk. ' lm - au Press. __ of-'' ne tf T TIPTON MEEK Yes Sir! Hometown Week THIS 18 YOUR WEEK—Everything la your Kroger Store has been planned with but one idea in rnind: TO SATISFY YOU in every possible way.' Your Kroger manager has selected the particular foods you like belt for this big event. And what'a, more—they're priced unusually low for this gata celebration. Hoyr Long Yoii Lived Here • In keeping with the spirit at yoor week. Kroger i« offering to the person Iwho has llv^d here the greatest length of time. ... A Handsome Priie. Register at your Kroger Store today—you maj win a prize.' JEWEL COFFEE " I7c ! Smooth, fragrant. Hot datedJ 3-Lb. Pkg. 49c CRACKERS S£l5c Wesco Sodas. Crisp and flaky PEANUT BUTTf R Embassy Brand. Smooth and jfresh n A D/*^ nuy one can for 13c -f Reeeivc ono can for Ic—2 cans for only 2-Lb. Pkg. 23-Oz.«*C Jar Z3C I4c This is the PINEAPPLE Broken Slices No. 2 Can 2 No. 2% Cans Coffee Tti COUNTRY CtUB Peaches Fancy halves or slices FANCY WISCONSIN MAXWELL HOUSE Cream Cheese ">. 19c Daisy Cream. Full flavored COUNTRY CLUB Butter Pure Creamery. Print Lb. 27c ; Preserves 2Ja v b 29c Allotted pure fruit flavors Palmolive 4 Bars 19c Keep that [ichooliirl complexion COUNTRY. CLUB WHEATIES Delicious Cereal Pkg. He 26c OLD DUTCH Cleanser 2 c -- 15c FLOUR Avondale PEAS finest Standard Pack NO. t f n- Can *«"• VEGETABLES KUed. Fine for soups, etc. $ Cant 25C Fancy •Hcei Armour's C Be" d Tin 15c Corned Beef Hash 2 Tins 29c Flour 2 I^ $1.05 Flllsbnry's | Best PURE CANE Sugar ! 10 Lb3 53c 6-Lb. Ctn. 29c Vegetable Bhortenlni Bananas Cantaloupes [potatoes tomatoes 3 "•• 25c i | Fancy Bid BIp* Green Beans 3 "•• 2Sc Hound Btriniltss Firm, Yello^, Ripened in Opr Own Rooms California Jumbo Size 2 For 27c i Pecks 27c i »• Se Cucumbers F»»« 1 >' &•»»• 0rM " Oranges »» FANCY SUGAR CURED . SmokeJHams «• 24e Biitt end for baking Lb. 27c; Center Cut Slices Lb. 3.3e FANCY MILK FED VEAL i*..aOci Chops «* 28e Roast Loin! or Bib Cot* Beef Roast N ** k lb^2Oc Steaks ** 28c , Tate 2 of Hadcock i> I.W"** ... 19c Wilson's Milk I™ 19c Creamery Butter, Satisfaction Coffee, Flour Our Leader, Pleasant Valley 1-lh. carton Packed hy Maxwell House; 3-lb, oag Made From 24-lb. Finest Wheat bag CHEESED™ MATCHES CAKE FLOUR Potatoes, SPINACHf Nw0 |^...;.27c We WHEATIES Z. '. . . 1tc 27c Solid eating grade 15 Ib. peck l4c Bananas, solid ripe, 4 Ibs.. • • 19c New Potates, U. S. No. 1, 10 Ibs 23o Strawberries, home grown, 2 quan boxes 23c Georgia Peaches, 4 Ibs 25c New Peas, 2 Ibs 15c Green Beans, 2 Ibs. • - 15c New Kale, Ib, - 5c New Spinach, Ib Watermelons Inrj;e ripe, pai-h Red Cherries, 2 quart boxes ................ 25c New Beets, 3 bunches ................... - -10c Radishes, 3 bunches ..... . . ............... . .10c New Apples, 3 Ibs .................... : . . . .20c Green Onions, 3 bunches ...... .. ---- . ..... - -10c Oranges, California, dozen . ........ , ---- . . .19c SALAD DRESSING 25c LIPTON'S ORANG2 PEEOEI TEA! For Iced Tea Quarter Ib. pkg DATED COFFEE Chase & Sanboim Per Ib... 26c Kellogg's WHEAT KR1SPIES 2 Boxes 22c Lima Beans, California, 3 Ibs. ......25c Pork and Beans, 4 cans • I9c Woodbury's -Facial Soap, 3 bars .. .25c Kidney Beans, 4 cans :....19c Apple Butter, quart jar 15c rf-tit; Jackson, 3 No. 2 «ana '.'... J.25c Peaches, Freestone, 2 lg. 2% cans .; 25c Tomatoes, 3 No. 2 cans ...... 4 • • j -2Tc, Ginger Bread Mix, box IjBc Powdered Sugar, XXX?: cane, 3 Ibi 23c Instant Tapioca, pkg ...-..'... .10c . Oyaltine, $1.00;size can I.. ' "** Angel Food Cakes large 13-egg •:. .. 39c Lima Biean^, 2 No. 2 cans >.. ^. CHICKENS 1 Spring ^— To Fry 2 to 2% Iba. Average Live Weight. Dressed — Each 69c .VEAL SPECIALS Veal Boast, Ib. . ,22c Ib. .30c ri'lb. |.Jl5fl. Fresh Ground Hamburger, per ,lb, Beef-Broins, fresh!, Ib., 10c Pan Sausage, lb...^. Veal, Beef and Pol*, ground! for loaf if ib j. Lean Pork Steak, jib, . .25c Sjiare »ibs, Ib. .. j..'., J J Lean Pork Roast, Ib. . :25c Choice Biaef Roast,jlb, " Sirloin Beef; Butta, for roast; no bonej : ....... •!• • • Lar?e;Wieners, 2 Ibs. . .33c \ Round Swiss Stealf, lb|,j! Small Wieners, 2 Iba. . .37c Larcre Bologna, Ibl ... .17c Short Rib Beef Boil, per Ib. Ann Swiss Steak, Ib. Esef Liver, Ib. .... Lamb Roast, Ib. Le«r o 1 .23c In,'" Boneless ^Herring, ib.i Halibut Steak, Ib. r—I ^M-( ,_•!

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