Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on January 11, 1949 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
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Tuesday, January 11, 1949
Page 2
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TWO EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, BID, TUESDAY, JANUARY 11, 19'49 Phone 4600 for a. WANT AD Taker American Pay Average Hits All-Time High WASHINGTON —</?)— Indlvidui • Incomes Jumped $1,100,000,000 ;i November to hit a new record an . anal rate of $210,700,000,000, th Commerce Department reported'to day. That rate, if maintained, poin' to tax revenues well above the ae estimates carried in the President budget message. 'Mr. Truman use them in predicting budget defloi for the current fiscal year and th 1950 fiscal year beginning July . The President's revenue estimate 'were based on the assumption tha Individual incomes would remain a the $215 1 000,000,000-a-year level re fleeted in the' October-December period. ' Even that income rate caused th president's new figure on revemi for fiscal 1948 to go. $1,661,000,00 over the forecast he had made fiv months earlier. He used a $212,000 000,000 Income base then to com • pute revenue. The Commerce Department sal that about half of the Novembe Increase occurred in farmers' in eoaie, which went up as the volum of livestock marketing rose <tarin *. season when it usually is falling Increases In government payroll and In dividends and interest ac counted for the rest of the rise, th departraerit .said. It added ther were- «lso Increases in construction and farm wages, but these wer • offset by declines in payrolls o factory, transportation and rets! trade firms. Private -wag* and salary pay aenia therefore ware .practically unchanged from, the previoii, •> month. Total wage arid salary re celpts, Including government payments at the rate of $20,000,000,00' a year, accounted for $135,200,000,00( of th« personal income total. • The total figure-includes net income of unincorporated business Bet rents received by landlords dividends and interest, and relle: payments as well as Incotao of wage . .earners and fanners. The November total was seven and one-half percent above a year earlier. For toe first 11 months o: 1948, the total was nine percen above the same period of 1947 and at -a $211,000.000;000 level. "'.'Assignment: (Continued from P*ge entire dinners surreptiously to one of'ike boxers under the impression that this loot indicated intense hunger and dislike instead' of de Toted friendship. Rex. the youngest, biggest am! handsomest of the four has jusl „' conferred new honors on the clan Bromfleld. He has posed as the first " dog of distinction. When his master refused to pose as a. man of distinction, clutching a whisky glass In his hand, the advertising firm Mttlcd for Rex. Since Bex is a good natured dos and I do not wish to put the WCTQT on his tail, I hasten to add that he lc addicted only to milk and has •worn «. white ribbon since birth. Oddly enough, the boxers bring tip the question: What is the ideal garb for a Malabar, visitor? I have given this considerable thought over the years and .have come to the conclusion that tlie perfect raiment Winter or Summer, hot or cold, for man. woman or child, is a sou'west- er or slicker. This has to do with! the boxers. They are the droolingest dogs ever invented. Since one lives in such intimate contact with. boxers at Ualabar, something waterproof is the best bet for steady, round-the- clock wear. Visitors, especially tho arty ones and interior decorators,. never fail to remark on the "lived in" look the home has acquired in only ten Vicki Has a Delayed Christmas Robber Captured After Woman Uses Home Made Alarm SAN FRANCISCO— (&}— A holdup man pointed two guns at Mrs. Annie Waxman, 55, in her grocery store last rJght and demanded "the dough." She gave him $31.55. He asked lor "four bottles of whisky—bettor make it eight!" She gave him eight. He- asked .for "four cans of beer—better Lovett Called For Report On World Picture WASHINGTON—(.<P)—Republicans laid aside criticism of the President's appointment of Dctin- Acheson as Secretory of State today until the! Scnate ForelRn Relations Committee | Neely And McGratli Offer Bill To Benefit Displaced Persons WASHINGTON— W)—Two Demo- During tho presidential campaign, cratic Senators have proposed legls- president Truman charged this dia- latlon to ease the road' into the' lauun «, ease uie HKW «,«, "«j criminated against certain'Jews and United States for 400,000 Europeans !„,, , . _ . , _ , j ., who.were driven from their homes Catholics who fled from Poland and can act. Chairman Connolly (D-Tex) call- by_the war. measure—by Senators Mc(HI) and Ntiely. fWViO— would rewrite tlie so-ca'lled "Dis- make it eight!" She made it / eifrht. ied the cwilln ittee together to hoar •Guns in pockets'and arms we ilia, report from Robert A. Lovett laden, he started for the door—and;retiring' undersecretary, on general met Motorcycle Officers Herbert j wor]d conditions. Morey and Kenneth R. Jordan, with,. oonnaUy told a reporter com- Three-year-old VicW Jeanne-Snyder, returned to her. grandparents, Mr. and!Mrs. Harry M. Snyder," by a Judge in California after; the' arawn weapons. ."Don't drop thbse .bottles," Mrs. Waxman remarked calmly. He didn't. She explained that her store was held up four times in the past dozen years, so she had installed a buzzer alarm. Ic worked. Baby Sitter Held In Infant Beating WASHINGTON— (JP)—A 38-year- old registered baby-sitter, was held youngster was .given to California police by; mother, is. presented with j-by the Women's'Bureau today on a ler Christmas gifts at- Earrisburg, Pa., by a neighbor playing, the rolejcharge of beating a six-month old of Santa'Claus. The grandparents, who adopted the. child at the age baby girl left in her-care. of four months, watch her receive her gifts.. (AT Wirephoto). " *ff Harriet ™zgerald .was ar- 0 vi rested on a-warrant alleging assault sworn out by the baby's father. Master. Sgt. Donald J. Morton of the Marine Corps. Mrs. Morton said she left home Firdafr morning and • on returning three hours later found black and PINE..BLUFFS, Wyo. —(jPJ— The blue marks on the baby's body, eastbound Union Pacific City of Los I Mrs. Morton said, that before Miss Maryland Bonus Opposed By AVC BALTIMORE—(JP)—The American Veterans Committee for Baltimore oday came out against . a° state bonus for World 1 War H veterans. The stand was taken in a statement issued by the executive board of the greater Baltimore Area AVC Chapter. It said: "We believes bonuses are mere landouts and treasury raids and are inconsistent -with the modern and intelligent theories of social ,nd economic security. . "Whatever funds might be available for veterans' bonuses should je used to benefit the entire community, rather than harm it. "If state and. federal treasury aids are successful we can onl; xpect a reduction of current vet- rans' -benefit under the GI Bill of Rights." The AVO also asked other veteran rganizations to Join it in opposinj ny pressure for a state bonus al he .current session .of the Maryand General Assembly. Sen. Kimble (R.-AUegany), an- .ounoed last week that a bonus bill rould. be Introduced. Resolutions pproving such a .bill have been dopted by the American -Legion nd the Veterans of Foreign • Wars, Bulldozer Driver Injured In Crash Angeles streamliner was- derailed last night when it struck- a bulldozer at this eastern Wyoming town. The 10 cars remained upright and the only injuries sustained by passengers were bruises caiised by fall- Ing baggage, City Marshal Harry Drop'said.. The operator of the! doill S-" Fitzgerald left she told her: "You have a veiy nosey neighbor and I want to tell you what she did, before she does. She knocked on'the door and accused me of beating your baby. The baby was crying and I have discovered that it soothes a baby to pat it. That's what I was The mot/her said she did not discover the bruises until later. bulldozer, whose name was. not learned, was injured. It appeared for a while that the 141 passengers would have to spend the night at the same town'where For. Salary Boost Bill the same streamliner was'marooned Senate Approval Seen Ipeed Up Seen (Continued from Page r) and Kennedy of Massachusetts, oth Labor Committee Democrats. Margin Increased . The Democrats have' lined' up the Labor Committee for swift action. peaker Rayburn (D-Tex) . ' an- ounced yesterday majority leaders ave decided, on a ratio ..of 16 >emocrats to nine . Republicans on he committee, instead of last ear's 15.- to 10- margin for the ongrcss;- Lesinskl' . who then controlled told reporters he will ave a new labor bill ready to go nto public hearings us soon as ouse committee assignments are ade. He said he hopes he will ave a "committee and be at work IT the end of this week. •. -"It won't take much more than a eek for hearings on repealing the aft-Hartley Act," he said, "That ets top priority, and- the Presi- ent wants it. done 'as quickly as osslble." The proposed three days by last week's : 'blizzard. Drop arranged for them to stay in the .local theater.. However, they were transferred early today to two other eastbound trains, the Overland Limited' and the City of San Francisco. The bulldozer was clearing deep drifts left by last week's storm when it .was hit by the tram shortly before midnight. • Truman Brake (Continued from Page i) The Air Force also set a BOA! of 10,297 first and second line planes by June 30. The President said this would be cut back to..9,197 by-eliminating 700 trainers and 400 planes of the types used in support Of the ground forces. The President divided his S14,- mittee members will talk over the Acheson appointment informally and may set a date for hearings at which Acheson and James E. Webb, named the new. undersecretary, will testify. At ihe same time, Senator Wherry of Nebraska, the GOP floor lender who has criticized Acheson severely in the past, predicted Republicans will wait until after these hearing; to decide their course. Chairman Taft (Ohio) said the Senate Republican Policy Committee probably will decide after the Foreign Relations Committee- acts whether to make any party fight on the nominee. Democratic lieutenants said, meanwhile, that a checi" of their members indicates none is . likely to oppose confirmation.- If most of the Senate's 54 Democrats, stick together. Republican opposition couldn't stop the nomination. Mast of the-Republicans 'concede that Acheson will get approval and Senator Vandenberg (R-Mich)' was reported cautioning his colleagues against making any fight that might impair Acheson's usefulness as Secretary o'f State in critical negotiations"' ahead. Vaiidcnberg apparently was not enthusiastic about the President's choice, but willing: to accept him and work with, him if Acheson gets a clean bill in the hearings to come. In another demonstration of -bipartisan foreign policy, President Truman and John Foster Dulles, Republican foreign affairs leader, talked, for 30 minutes at the White House yesterday. WASHINGTON— W—A 'bill raising the pay- of the President and Vice President is headed for Senate approval Thursday. The Senate Civil Service Committee called a closed-door meeting today (2:30'p. m., EST) to consider ^^ ^.^^ 0 .. the measure—which would also m ,Ji ""statement"* to newsmen "any Israel Readies (Continued front Page i) British authorities who ordered the mission. The Foreign Office said. In a for- boost the salaries of other top officials. Retail Prices' (Continued from Page i) ductlons will follow the line of supply or.d demand. Merchants are. feeling their way along. The consumer IB more discriminating. Lower prices have meant increased unit sales, and once- volume has reached the profit- making point it will lie clear sailing for all. 268,000,000 defense budget almost . "'' D ° n '. t lo ° k f ° r recession new act would years of residence. It. may take a rovido some sort of prohibition heap olivin* in other communities —--•--*- *—i-ji-i-i—-i „*.««,.«,. „•«,* to make a house a home but at the Brnmfleld's a pack of boxers can «ge one in the wood faster than any other force known to man. A year afterjhe Bromfleld family moved into their beautiful home, a Tisitor said to Mrs. Bromfleld: . "I don't know how you do it, my dear. The house looks so aged. Why, it looks at least a hundred years old. How do you do it?" At that moment the children burst Into the room to tell mummy that tho boxers were ripping a square -.-- -.-yard of yam out of the hooked rug Inherroom. SImulltaneously, Mr. B., mixing drinks at a large improvsed bar, upset the whole kit and ka- boodle, with ice, Scotch, solda water olives and Invectives, flying in. all directions. Mary • Bromfleld, accustomed to crises every hour on the hour, said to her visitor, as she rose to chase the boxers out of her bedroom: "It's really very easy. We leave the outside of the house to God and the- weather and the inside to the boxeri and Mr. Bromfleld." -Chiang Regime (Continued from Page i) •rnment. He expressed belief 'such a iroup still could be . effective if "properly constituted" and supplied. In an interview, ^Chennault said ie had informed President Chiang Kai-Shek that veterans of the U.S. 14th Air Force which fought in China during the Second Worid War had volunteered to fight, again. Chiang has not replied. Chennault said. •against jurisdictional strikes, .and would give the President authority to deal with strikes ^that would endanger ' the national welfare, Leslnski sold. The President has asked both. \Voul3 Help Teachers A 75-cent minimum wage 'bill already' has the endorsement of House Democratic leaders and at least a half-dozen of. the Democrats scheduled to sit on the Labor Committee Leslnski -added. .The President' set the figure, in his. State of the Union, message to Congress last week. ' . Mr. Truman believes Congress should provide for paying teachers when' school districts do not have the money to staff their schools, Leslnski said, adding: . . "I told him I thought the federal government should do no more than build the schools, but he wants some money to help out on paying teachers. That is what he 'wants, and that is "what he will get," .; (Continued from Page r) can Hospital and two of. the doctors were, home sick In bed. . Last night' Radio France broadcast an appeal for help in Lyons where doctors and nurses are .having trouble- meeting their calls for help. . . There -was: only 'one- report from eastern Europe. '' The' Ministry of Health in Prague said there were a "large -number" of light influenza cases in Czechoslovakia,, .but they wore .generally causing 'only three or four days; absence from work. If you ''don't .dot-' your i's -you're not the punctual type, 'says a handwriting- expert'.- In other words, not right on' the-: dot.' / ..'..-'- James Monroe designed .' * . river bridge that was later -.built' In England. • . < • . • .. The Erst. liip. -of Harvard College was • conferred • on -Professor John. Winthrop In -1773.-- . .'• ' 23. Baltimore 1 ••• • ' - ' •'- • • ••- « I SALE . . .SPECIAL GROUP * 1 •, - •- •• - • • '•• :'i evenly among the Army, Navy and Air Force. Senator Gurney. (R-SD), minority spokesman, on.the Armed Services Committee and former "chairman, noted this would 'not permit 70 groups in the 1950 fiscal year, staxt- g'next July 1. He said he was not for or against 70 groups, although he: had sup- Dorted that- figure'lost year. But tie said conditions have.changed and ho wants to explore the sltua- ;lon before committing himself. Senator. -Baldwin (R-Coon), 'an Armed Services'Committee member, called for R full study by both it and the Appropriations Committees. He said the United States cannot afford to have an Air Force second to anyone. ' ' • .' " Influenza in prices. Look for the manufacturer to take the initiative in giving greater' values at lower prices. Then wholesalers' and retailers' business will be good." • A 'Nashville, Term., retailer who asked that his name be withheld said the Monday after Christmas was' the biggest day;in the'history of-his store both in units Koltl and dollar volume. The head' of one of New York's larger stores who also asked that his name not be used said: "The problem now is one of maintaining profits. 'It won't- be easy,.and we had better start worrying .now." Benjamin H. Namm, chairman of the bowd of Namm's of Brooklyn, N. Y., said: "The price reductions you-saw were specific-rather than jeneral. It represented a market situation that needed to be corrected. We are in 'for a lower price level. How much?. I don't know. The customer is'the boss." Stylish Stella says: Look in the Yellow Pages ytir ClrailM TtbplMM DlrMltry— for BEAUTY SHOPS CLOTHIHQ ' SHOES O* ALMOST AHYTH1NG UI1T LADIES 7 GOATS Values to $45 $15 $20 $25 Nbw's the time to buy that coat you've wanted —. when'.you can rave at Kline's. You'll-find. 19'49. ' fashions in all-wool coverts, fleeces, gabardines and shctlands . . . the coat, you want «vt the price you want to pay. SPECIAL PURCHASE DRESSES... ... 599 Values to $10.98 Your choice of wpols, velvets, taffetas or' crepes in either dressy or tailored styles. Misses and women's sizes. p,7( '1 warplane'-appearing hi skies above a battle zone must expect trouble." Israel forces shot down the.planes Friday near the Egyptian-Palestine border. Israeli officials later refused to accept. British protests con- cemicj; the incident, because the protests were not addressed to the government, dicated she Britain slnca has in- \vould not carry the dispute to ths United Nations. The. Foreign Office statement said that while the Israeli government "deeply regrets" the loss of life involved, "it puts the blame, wholly on those, whether to London o RAP Middle East Headquarters, ,wh were responsible far sending Britls pilots on adventures whose motive can only have been hostile." It added that the "results migh easily have heen foreseen." British planes, the statement said 'had no more right to be flying ove Israeli battle positions in tills bor der area than had aircraft of an oi-her country." Fleming Rites Held HOLLYWOOD—(#•)—Clark Gabli Ward Bond and Lee Bowman wei three of eight pallbearers yesterda at the funeral of Victor Fleming 60. The director of zhany movi hits, including "Gone With th Wind" t and "Joan of Arc," died las Thursday of a heart attack near lottonwood, Ariz. Tile service was held at St. Al ban's Episcopal Church, West Lo. Angeles, and the body entombed, ir ;hc Hollywood cemetery- mausoleum IT SAVES FUEL ... The Hardwick Combination Gas and Coal Look ot these features: Insulated Oven,-heat control, pilot light on 1 each' burner, timer, all porcelain exterior, full size fire box. Apartment; Size Gas Ranges 89.00 * , Full Size 36" Gas Ranges 169.00 up ALL RANGES OPERATE ON NATURAL , OR BOTTLED GAS Siionter's Furniture Co. other countries In 194G and 1947. Gov. Thomas ffi.. Dowcy, the Republican presidential nominee, State's Attorney Flunked In Exam LAW&ENCEVHiLE. JSL — W) — Philip Beneficl started his new du- . ties as state's attorney of Lawfcnc* county' yesterday but lie wiU'hav* to hire' a lawyer to represent. tie . sl.--.te in. court—until he passes tb« state bur examination, • Bcurficl. 20, learned after beJrjc elected Imst November he had lailid to pass' the" slatt b'lir examination. But the County Board of Bupervis- n VU.tU. At VYi. AVW 1-tlTi JU-1-U.iJXitl J^iU— I 1,4, J 1_ JT* ,J t- 1-, ~_J JUUM tJtJ.U V/UU*'lrJ ^JUU^ W U4. MU^Sh.*. placed persons." Law .passed by tliej sou E™ to have tte datc changed ors autuorlzed n i m w prosecute' Republican 80th. Congress and con-i in tile special session of Congress,! i a w by proxy.' ' discriminatory: Under the McGrath. 7 Neely proposal, persons '• who entered; the American occupation. • -zon'e's.-. in Europe "before April' '2li, 1947. would be eligible for admission. ; . The . Republican-sponsored law provided for the' admission 'of 200,000 persons but barred any who made their way- into the' American -'rones after December 22, 1945.-. • , . WVa), .defeated by Neely^.ninied demned by President Truman as!But former. Senator Bevercomb' (R-i The board.stipulated'that , , . ... .„ , . j - • jjgj • jujj^f. personally pay -the lawyer, who' will 1 represent "the state deaf ear to -Dewey's pica. McGratli and Noely also proposed repeal of provisions, (1) reciuirlnii displaced persons to have. Jobs .waiting for thorn', • (2) making It necessary that 30 percent, of visas be Issued- to agricultural -workers and, (3) requiring that admissions be charged against future immigration quotas of the • countries involved. Ice Storms (Continued from Page x) -today. Snow fell in Burbank a-nd for the. second /straight- 'night ;here were flurries .in Los 'Angeles There was a ' blanket of . white in many San Fernando Valley and foothill communities. . . Sub-zero blasts • chilled areas in Montan'a. the: Dakotas,. Minnesota Wyoming, Colorado and Idaho. The mercury dropped to -24 at Havre Mont. - - . The new snow in some parts of Nebraska and South Dakota came as some communities' remained snowbound from lost week's heavy snowfalls. Gordon, Nebr., • a town of 2,000- population, has be«n iso- ated- for eight days with all' roads blocked by. huge drifts.. A state of emergency -WES declared as babj food, canned milk and fuel supplies dwindled. fr Town Short On Food • Tinton, S. D,, snowbound community, in the Black Hills, was reported short on food.- Volunteer; lulling toboggans were to start to ;ake supplies to the town of 35 population after planes failed to land. - The continued cold weather has frozen streams in the 'Pacific northwest and cut dcrwn the , power- making capacity .of'generators. Consumers have been asked to cut use of electricity. A Woshlnjjton power company 'official termed the-situation critical the rest of the week. 6% A Year, up fo$ 1500 Small Service Charge U MONTHS. GET Monthly Pay $200 ........... S14.74 $400 $29.83 $500 $37.07 $600 $44.55 $800 $59.09 vVo'll pay off any balance you' now owe and reduce payments to suit* YOU CESSNA FINANCE CORPORATION 16'/4 K Liberty St. Phone 3674 Money, far Ml Purposes At Low. Coit to 'Little Fellows' (Continued from Page r} Cannon said he would work cut off every possible dollar 'from the President's budget, half ol which Mr. Truman.has'earmarked for,the cold war with Russia.' • • • ' Cannon called the budget "the most practical. that could be presented at this time" ' but figured that-if would result in a. deficit for the fiscal year beginning July l. The President himself estimated the deficit for .Uhe. : year 'at $873,000,000 but he has proposed that it be wiped out and 'some cash be provided for national debt payment by hiking tax rate*. . ' "It's a matter of- clear arithmetic that we will have a . deficit if we go 'along with the President's program,"^ said. Hep. Holleck of Indiana, Republican leader Jn the last Congress. • in court. The' arrangement is. to continue until Benefiel passes » bar examination. He will. take, the .ceit test, ill'March.'The new state's attorney receives $2,750 a year. , '•• Benefiel was'a write : in candidiU in the Democratic party, no Democrats having flled. In the November election he defeated Maurice Gosnell,' a' Republican, who 'hsd held the. office, for .two terms. Probe Started (Continued 'ion Page i) this country were orderea held ta $5,000 bond, each. Charges of conspiracy, in. connection with-the smuggling'were place* against the aliens and Commissloo- or Davis set. their bond »t -JtSOC each..- :. - ' Hornyak said, the arrests followed . a tip'the. Semper Fidelis Ti»4 sailed' from Havana with'refugees aboard. Aircraft followed .the .course • of the boat'-and reported its., progress by radio to. patrolmen la surface craft and'automobiles'.. Israel Case (Continued from Pxge r} 3.-In, event of war It would provide airfields foe advance d«feow of Allied bases- along the Mediterranean for bombers. ... • • WORLD'S SMALLEST HEARWG AID RECEIVES TRANSMITS 2 TO 6 TIMES MORE SOUND * Here's new bearing clarity—with tut mom intensity than before! And whofly new bearing fort—millions can now b*ar with power turned down. No buzzing, no noBow »ourxk. Bottom new standard of lifelike hearing. FREE! Got Ire* booklet o/ r t&eift on Plain ttrappcr — po boa. Com« [n, phooe. or maij rotcmosr OKI-WOT MCA1IMC AW BELTONE HEARING AID CENTS* 59 PEKSHTXG 'ST. SUITE 7 CUMBERLAND,, MD-. '4M2-J To Serre Darfenat Jii«pi» They're stand-outs in looks and cab comfort! —No vtatttliite on • bac to net we tile engine or ignition—no fumbling aikdcr the djah to »djo*t: inttru- meoc or nccawofy wfrinc—rr«y- UHDC'* irithin CM? mirm'it rcucaj Shown wirfc »•« body—MW 1%-Ie-n Studebal»r truck—araiTui* in 4 vbcdtnaci for 9 toot. 12 foot, 14 or IS foe* «nd J? or 18 foot bodia. Tbtre'« a new 3-toK Srtd*b«V-er ia tW **me Solid" and «»»»d wHt> tfw w«rkT< ffowt truck erofttmoiwhipl Whether if • • h*tf ton, tlrce-qo»rtar too (obowo »bo»t), one ton or tcr model, croy 1949 Snxfcb»lK«- hruet D& np *op«-bty oockr bard two. • A new kind of truck! Mora comfort- convenience—for fh» driver! • Enclosed steps! Huge windshMd and ' daws! Head room, hip room, l*g r*am to spare! • A low cab floor—no mot* itrvnwovc ctrmfe- ing! Automatic "hold-open" door *top«! . • Foot controlled "air scoop" floor v*ntilafi«*tl Adjusfabl* window wingt, tool Unique new system of; heating and defrosting—Stwdo- baker's Trwck Climatiier—is available e* moderate added cost. • New operating cost*! S»pe» rugged frames, axles, transmissions! • A world of new value, new riding comfort and handling ease in every model! An extensive new range of >ize< and wheettweeel 128-130 X. Centre St. IS'KUT New Bus Depot J COLLINS GARAGE 75 Henderson Art. Cumberland, Md, Phone 154t

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