Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on June 28, 1952 · Page 3
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 3

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 28, 1952
Page 3
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—Local MarJtctt— All Grains Take Drop; Eggs Higher All grains were off n penny to a hlckel'.pcr bushel on today's local 'grain market. Oats were off a. ; penny, corn and cents nrid flax ft soybeans two nickel. Eggs Swing North Night, Miss Iowa Ues Moines (fl>> A fresh flurrv ( thunderstorm* which had been predicted for Io\vn lost night swung to the north ami struck southern Minnesota, missing this state. Thi' only rain reported In Iowa during the night was .12 of an Inch at Sioux City. ^Tho mercury showed no signs reforming, however, and its hot wens.up ..a penny per dozen on to-'streak was made day's Ibcal produce- market. OHArN Old corn $166 New corn Soybeans; Oats (36 Ibs.) $1.61 ................................... 72c :\ ..... . .......................... J3.70 Orun company Ofiiver, Ituntlnirtofi. Kaple Hill Sweet cream 74c No* 2 ...:.:. 70c Henneries 30c No. -1 .....: .-.. : 292 No. 2 2ic Straight run 2U: Springs, 2% Ibs. and up 22c Hens, under 4H Ibs 14c Hchs,'4%'lba. and over 16c Heavy cock* _ lOc Leghorn, leghorn cross cocks 8c City Livestock ' Sioux City livestock market quotations: ; Sioux City, -June 28 ^P— Cattle salable 300; steady, bulk western stock cattle hold for Monday; cal%'- c's 100, all -westerns held for Monday.;' . . Tor tho week: Slaughter steers and heifer's largely $1-1.50 higher; cows -strong to 60 higher; stockers and feeders strong to mostly 60 Higher. Bulk choice fed steers 30.50r32.Bp, few sales $33-33,50, latter price-Included 1,330 Ib. beeves, prime $76 -lb. weights 32.50, commercial and good $25-28.50; bulk Utility, and commercial cows 18.50- $22j few high commercial $23, majority canhefs and cutters $14-$18, Borite "shelly" canners below $13; medium and good stock steers $2628.80, few-above $30, mostly choice 800 Ib. feeders 30.25. Hogs salable 400; 25-50 lower; butchers 250 Ibs. down $20-20.50; lieayler'- butchers $18-19.75; sows $1*18.75. For tho ; week: Lighter weight barrows- and .gilts mostly 75 to $1 higher, 1.25 higher to major interests,. heavier butchers mostly 60 higher, few 75 up; sows very uneven at the close, largely steady to 25 higher, . few closing sales weak to 25. lower. Smaller receipts appeared main stimulating factor toward hlghdr. prices, especially in l|ghterweight butchers. Choice 1 to 3 barrdWfl -0»ul gilts 190-240 Ibs. ranged 19.75-J1.25, latter for, moderate, supply 'Choice 1's and around 200-225 Ibs. on shipper 2's more uncomfortable by excessive humidity. Yesterday high's was 94 at Burlington and there were no signs of relief for today. Thunderstorms In western nnd northern Iowa, becoming more numerous tomorrow won- forecast. Absence of additional rainfall last night gave flooding streams in some portions of the state a chance to settle down somewhat. The Upper Raccoon rivet was returning to normal at Van Meter and DCS Moines. Small DCS Moines creeks which forced some Des Moincs famlllties from thol.r homes were back within banks. The lower Dps Moincs river still was rising. It was expected to crest near flood stage of 0 feet at Ottumwa tomorrow. COLORADO— Continued from and in blunt opposition' to 0>e Taft-Hartlcy labor law as having penalized workers. All of the leading contenders In both the Republican and Democratic races picked up delegate support during the week. There was some reshuffling among delegates already named and republicans chose new ones in Illinois and Puerto Rico, democrats In Indiana, New Mexico and Mississi- ippi. Tho Associated Press tabulation, based on conceded and avowocl alignments for the first balloU. now shows: Rqpubllca,n— Ta/t. 482, E(lsenr howcr 404. Nomination requires 604. . Democratic — Kefauvcr 251 ; .;:, Russell 13514, Harriman 99 H. It takes 616 to win. These figures compare with last Saturday's totals of 467 for Taft, 39£ for Eisenhower, 246 for Kefauver, 114% for Russell and 95 Vw for Harriman. Brooklyn the World Tonight lx»rnj Beach. Calif., (A*) •— It's Brooklyn against tho world for the Miss Universe title tonight. Red-hnlrcd. blue-eyed Jackie Ix)ughery, 21, won the Miss United States crown early today at.the end of a four-hour charm contest that had 10 judges and 2,000 other spectators bleary-eyed. » * *. BEAUTIFUL representatives from 20 other lands bar Miss New York's path to a seven-year tnovlo contract, a $3,000 automobile and other lavish jftlfts befitting tho "worW's lovotwst glrV't to bo determined tonight , • There could caalr/be a,repetition of tho first-place lie. that occurred in the U. S. preliminary between Miss New York and Miss Louisiana, Jeanne Thompson, 20, a statuesque brunette from Baton Rouge. It took nn extra ballot before the judges picked the Brooklyn girl. * * * THIRD WAS another tall brunette, Miss Missouri, Carolyn Carlew, 18, of Sikcston, a sophomore at Cape Girardeau Teachers college. Fourth went'to Miss Tennessee, vivacious black-haired Jean Harper, 20, a Memphis State junior; fifth was Oklahoma's Trula Blrchficld, 20, Hugo telephone operator. Miss Loughery, the U. S, winner is a model and TV dancer and actress in New York. Sho Is a petitt five feet four inches nnd 108 pounds, with bust-waist-hip measurements of 34-21',4-34. Artie Shaw Weds For Seventh Time North Canaan, Conn., (/P>—Band- Icadcr Artie Shaw, married six times previously, and Dori8 Dowllng, Hollywood .actress, were married here June 19, it was disclosed today. Justice oC the Peace N. Watson Hardenbergh 'Jr., confirmed to a reporter that he married the couple In his office at'the Canaan It's Easy to Place Your Classified ad-Call 333 Leyri Nfttiet PUBLIC NOT1CK In accordtinco with Oriilnnnce No. 68, ZonlnR Ordlnnnco of tlfc City of Eathervlllp, !owa, the un-, dcrslRncd, E. K. Vaubel. M. £>^ hni npprnled to the Board of Adjustment of the City of EsthcrvUle, town, from .in order made by Roderick P. Rice, enforcing offlcor, under said Zoning Ordinance, refusing and disallowing the undersigned a permit to construct a one story frame building to be used for n p'hyslctftn'a office itt 814 North Ninth Street be located on Lot 7 In Block 1 of Lough's Addition to Estlierviflp, Iowa. Said appeal will come on for hearing before the Board of Adjustment at the Council Chamber at the City Hall In Esthei vllle, Iowa, on July 14, 1952, at 7:30 o'clock, P. M. At such hearing any parties In Interest and citizens will have nn opportunity to be heard. Dated this 20th day of June, 1952. E. K. VAUBEL, M. t>. (Juno 21-28) Htg.-Plb.-Elec. 12 count. .Week's top 21.25, paid lato. { an * cas . h j"- National bank, where he is assist- U. N. Troops Throw Back Chinese Reds Seoul, Korea, </P>— United Na tions infantrymen today threv back three furious assaults by Chinese Reds on the Korean wes-' tern front. Allied warplancs for the fourth time in a week bombed and straffed hydroelectric plants serving North Korea and Manchuria. Targets of the U. S. Fifth air force fighter-bombers Friday were the switchyards and power plants No. 1 and 2 at Changjln (Chosln) reservoir In northeastern Korea, ep-'miics south of the Manchurian .border. It was the second straight day that the Changjln generating station had been hit. They serve Red industry in Manchuria and North Korea. The fighting on the western front centered on a hill called "Baldy." The reinforced Chinese- battalion, about 750 men, charged three times and were thrown back each time. FOR SALE Several exceptional, clean used electric refrigerators. If you want to s:we yourself some money and still have a refrigerator In first class condition It will pay you to see these that we now have on hand. We also carry the complete line of new Westlnghousc appliances Including Refrigerators, Laundro mats, Dryers, Electric fans, Garbage disposal units and all household appliances. Lewis E. Salyers Plumbing and Heating Leqd Notice Most butchers 190-240 Ibs. closed $21-2,1.25, few late sales 20.50, 240r 300 Mbs...l8.75-$21, scattered 300-360 Ibs. lota 17.25-19.25, big weights down to 16.50. Choice sows 360 Ibs. down closed 17.75-18.75, few $19, 360-400 Ibs, 16.75-$18, 400-500 Ibs. $1617.25, extreme weights around $15. Feeder and serum pigs 100-160 Ibs. ranged; $18-19.25. Chicago Livestock Chicago, , Iff")—With prices quoted steady today, most classes of livestock lclosed i the -.week with gains as compared with a wool; ago. Thq > .advance resulted from reduced Ttfcelpts rather than any improvement in wholesale meat prices, which -again slumped. He added that he didn't know until yesterday when he happens Youth, 17, Drowns Indianola (&) —Robert Spence, 17, son 1 of.Mr. and Mrs. Bert Spence, who .Jive 13 miles southwest of here, dnwned_Frlday 'in a pond oh his parents' farm while swimming with two brothers. p ncd to , that the couple he married were prominent personages. San Francisco Papers Raise Paper Prices San Francisco !P —San Francisco's two morning newspapers, The Chronicle and The Examiner, today increased price of their daily and Sunday editions, effectively July 1. 1 The daily price for a single copy goes up from seven to 10 cents and the Sunday edition price from 15 to 20 cents. Monthly subscription rates for the daily and Sunday editions remain $2 within a 50-mile radius and $2.25 outside. Recovers Stolen Car In Ten Minutes DCS Moines </P> — Ralph Eckhardt, n DCS Moincs rookie police patrolman, made a 10-mlnute recovery of a stolen car last night. When Eckhardt received word on his patrol car radio that a car owned by Orlando Rua had been driven off by a thief, he cruised to Flour Drive, a southern highway exit from the city. Eckhardt quickly spotted the missing vehicle and stopped its driver after a chase. The'driver, who identified himself as Archie T. Hale, 31, of Conley, Ga., was held in tho case. Some animals that exist near or above the lino of permanent snow in .the mighty Himalayas are the ghostly snow leopard, Asiatic mountain goats and tho bharel, a wild sheep. TODAYS CROSSWORD PUZZLE ' Answer to Previous Puzzle p ^Eforido Fling [ HOBIZONTAL, 1 Florida's gateway to Cuba • On the other end of the VEETICLC 1 Sickness ' (med.) 2 Metal i 3 Box for alms' 4 Foodstuff auaorana^annaa rana^aaari a can ca m a a ra Tamiami Trail 5 Florida's Keys 11 Take, in to custody, M-— jour friends at anaa • aiaaci • aaa \ are s € Cylindrical 7 Turkish titles 23 Grate 40 Withered [ 9 Red planet 25 Timber tree of 41 Malayan '.*• ; New Zealand * 26 Angers 9 Sport f resorts . jo Ea gi e v 14 Florida is the (comb, form) 27 Number —T'.ff year- 12 Tissue 28 Dines round bathing 13 Egyptian ruler 30 Antennae 15 Noah's mount 19 Florida has 36 Large bodies 16 Pertaining .'', >. many fishing of troops to birth f S' } [ J 37 Venerate 17 DisorderiT; / 2 (j cease 39 Florida is in "" 2ISi Z e of Plank ^""g^ ISEccleMMfic incense boat 2 2 Shield bearing 20 Weapon f"'> 24 Chenvic«V k v alkaloid 29 Ancient Irish capital 30 Peer Gynt's mother 9 1 Operatic solo S3 LubHbants //' pewter coin* 42 Hops' kilns 44 Mariner's story 45 Small island 46 College student 4,7 Social flower (coll.) 49 Approach*! j (»b.) iO Korean ^egislators \re Liberated Pusan, Korcii, (!Vi —National pol- cc tonight liberated 80 Korean atlonal nsscmblymcn from theli meeting hall where they had hccn mprlsonod for 5'.i hours by a wlinff mol). The 60CH domonslrntors out«ld he hall demanded the Jiascmblj ow to President Synpmnn Ilhec's demands or dissolve ItHclf. The police—under direct command of the home minister—form d double ranks to hold back the ocrlnu crowd and permit tho leu slators to leave. One member was woman. Home Minister Lee Bum Suk Rhco's toughest supporter In cl'.o cabinet, twice urged the pro-Rheo crowd to calm down. Then ho dercd his police Into action. The crowd of shouting men unt vomen had blocked all exits fron he building. Foreign observers nnd both foreign nnd Korean newsmen were permitted, to entor nnd leave tho hall during the in cidcnt. Assemblymen who tried to leav wore thrown bnck bodily. One 1 hlrt was ripped. Another wn kicked. Ginny Siinnis Weds Wealthy Oil Man Las Vegas, Ginny Simms and <^P) — Singoi Bob Calhoun 33, wealthy oil man, were marriei last night in the Hotel Flamingo penthouse by Justice of the Pe James H. Down, Jr. Miss SimmB who gave her age ns 34, said she received her final divorce dcci-ei. March 12 from Hyatt Dchn, sec ialltc, architect and engineer. She bore him two children. BRITISH— Continued front page, 1 ly equal to our entire exports to the U. S. In 1951." He concluded: "It is deadly certain that we ar going to have to live with the* goddam Yanks—and very like!; that many of us goddom Limeys will have to die with them." The Weather 34 Canvas shelter 35 Make ready 37 Facilitates 38 Irritate* 40 Moutblrk* opening '' 43 Garret 47 Throw off Suiding tracK» M Many p«t>pl« go to, Florida for the northern -—- ^ 6Q Expunges 4 a 51 Bank woikef 52 Outdoes §3 Reward* OFFICIAL TEMPEnATURK Maximum yesterday: 80 Minimum last ngtht: 70. TODAY'S WKATIIKH Temperatures: 75 87 Wind direction^ WSW SW Wind velocity: t 15 10 Barometer 29.61 29.74 IOWA FORECAST Fair and warmer this afternooi High this afternoon 90 north, nea 100 southwest. Partly cloudy ani humid tonight and Sunday. Poxs ible thundershowers extreme norU tonight. Low tonight 70 to 7 High Sunday 86 to 92 northwest 90 to 100 cast and eouth. Furtht outlook fair and continued ver warm with scattered thunder storm activity beginning westeri part of state late afternoon. MINNESOTA FORECAST Partly cloudy southwest most! cloudy north and east with occiu Jonal showers or thunderstorm nojtl) und cunt c«ntra'. tonlgh Possibly u few showers eoutheus lonight Cooler southwest tonigh Sunday partly cloudy tomewha v.'armor east and south Low t night &) to 66 except 66 to T -outtit'i-.i High Sunday "ii ic sO tu Ou south, 101(5 1st Ave. So. Phone 980 224-2X-12 Mrs. Lomas Won't Poll 7th District Council Bluffs, Iiu, (/?>— Bccaus opposition to n poll has been ox pressed, Mr«. Anna Lomas of Ret Oak, lown Republican committee woman-elect and a delegate to th national GOP convention, has dccl dcd not to poll Seventh district del egates on their presidential prefer cncea. In a telegram received here yea terday, Mrs. Lomas said: "At the 7th district caucus of th Iowa Republican presidential con vcntlon held In DCS Moines Apr! 4, 1952, I said x x x I would be will ing to abide by a poll of the dole gates from the 7th district on th first ballot. "During the last two weeku oppo wiUon to a poll has been cxpresso by somo Individuals from ever county In the district. Both gentle men designated aa judges have giv en releases to the press saying the do not think the poll ID in the in tcreat of party harmony. In view of this quite general feeling, have decided not to take the poll. Applications for Television StatioiiH Washington, (/Pi — Northwtt, Television Co. of Fort Dodge, la has filed an application with tl communications commisuion for commercial television atation ua Ing UHF channel 21. KCO.N Broadcasting Co. of Sioux Cit la., has amended a prcvloun ui plication asking for a change I facilities to HF channel 4. Too Hot To Take Heat Picture** Tarcntum, Pa., UP) Tlie ten prraturv was around W to 65 d yri-es when Hani Spatt»T. a men IKI ol the Taunluix Valley Dr.. Ntwg tttaff. went out to eel a hcu wave shut of noun-- awliiinu j j >••• terday. He couldn't do it; t. bulb wouldn't u'ork When Spaltei K°t hack to t, fici-. r..- i,-ui.'l U-< i-i'ii f.-U * NOT1CK OK RKNKWAt. Ol-' CORPORATION NOTICE 15 HERKRV C.1VKN that under the provisions of Chapter 491, Code of lown »11>SO> the Northern Lumber Company of R*- therville. Rmmrt County, lown. hn* renewed lie tm'orixu niton for the period of July IS. W2. to July IS. 107;. The name of the Corporation I* Northern Lttmbci Company nnd Its principal place of l>ti*lne»» {•> in Eathervllle, Emmet County, lown. The general nature of business to be transacted for the corporation shnll br to purchase nnd sell tuiii- bef. coal. lime, cement, other kinds of building materials nnd such other articles of merchandise that Is usually connected with the lumber business; to buy, sell, lease, exchange, dispose of or otherwise deal in nil kinds of machinery, engineering nnd liaidware specialties, all farm Implements, tools nnd slich other merchandise nM Is usually connected with the Implement business; to lease, buy nnd sell renl estate nnd to erect bouse or liunl ness blocks or othtr buildings; to rent, sell or exchange the some and do. any nnd all things Incident or ertalning to such business nnd to uy and sell merchandise and mn- >rinls of nil kinds. The nmolint of capltnl stock au- lorlzcd shnll be Four Hundred 'housnnd Dollars l$400,000.00t to o divided Into four thousand •40001 shnrcK of One Hundred Dolars ($100.00) ench, with One Hun- rod Sixty-Seven Thousand Nine Hundred Dollars ($167.000.00) sub- crlbed and paid at the time the orporatlon commence!- business ndor tho renewed Articles of In- orporatlon. Under the Renewed Articles of ncorporntton tho corporate chart- r and the corporation shall com- nenco on July 18, 1052, nnd shall onttnuo until July 18. 1B72. Tho corporation shnll be manng- 3d and directed by n board of directors of not less than three (3) or morn than five (5) directors to >o elected by nnd from the stook- lolders at their annual meeting and such directors shall hold offlcr 'or n period of one year until their lUcccBsors nris elected and qualify. Pho board of directors shall hoid heir meetings nt the office of the corporation In Esthervllle, lown, or such other place BR would best sub servo the Interests of the corpora Ion. The board of directors shall lect from their own number a President, nnd Vice-President nnd 'rom the board of directors or otherwise, shall elect or appoint a Secretary-Treasurer nnd such officers or agontn ns In their judgment .he proper tranwaction of business of tho corporation may require. ( Tho annual meeting of the slock Insiders of the corporation nhnlMii Held at tho corporation offices In Ssthcrville, Kinmnl County, lown on tho Third Tuesday In December of each'year at 10:00 o'clock A. M At such time the bonrd of director) shall bo elected. As soon n» prne tlcablo after the election of tb board of directors In each year I In board of directors shnll elect thi aforesaid officers of the corpom tlon. Tho private property of the mem bers, incorporators nnd ers of the corporation shall forevc be exempt from corporate debts. For further particulars nee original Articles on file In the office o the Secretary of State, Slnte Housi Don Molnos, Ipwa. IN WITNESS WHEREOF Ib undersigned have signed nnd ex ecuted the aforesaid this 24th da; of June, 1062. O. W. Thompson, President of Northern Lumber Company G, L. Avery, Vlco-Pre«ldent of Northern Lumber Company QUy U. Noel, 8ecrctnry-Tren«iiter of Northern Lumber Company U. E. Sondrol, Assistant-Secret «r\ Treasurer of Northern Lumhi Company. (Juno 26; July 3, 10. 171 Comblnlnt l^^ VI Kv»rr >Ur*rt 225 S4it., Junr 28, ID52 M ffttlta tl«»« iMtOf Oct. «. IP JO (I U» pn*l«me* *l rlllc le*k. B»t«r UM Ml «l S. >«!» I of 1 d»j» Tbr»« t*t» fwur <«»»* »t P« _. U p»r ~'l He p»f Minimum »J t>0«, «•!•• »r» p** can**ru<fra tfiMrIk*** <if Mm* M. CHUUIHKI *4l »r» CASH WI1H ORDER nooUKMplni rhtft* ••' 1M tor ir r» or pboti* number Swit not Mt*wt(**ri »<l «*«r* tb<tr iutv*HI**tn«n(t .In U»» tm\ Un* (bty apr»»r *nd npnrt HOT «rot »t ooc« M nc lUlawiteM* MB ----- »fi»f UM nnt Inn*. Lost ond Found 14 Personal For Sole HOT S\V1HS 8TKAK SANDWICH ninvH MAtn H*.VCH 23.VM TO THOSK who *«pr»*««-d \\it\t »ympftlhv In so m.^ny twattilful nnd pnlrtirfll w<»y> during our n- ernt tirrt-nvcment. «•" extend our j heartfelt ihAnk* M'- c'Un«n.-f U Kurti ami < htldr--n JJ5-K-4 ANOTHKU UltKAT STOHY '•The H»n Ki.inrn,-» Sturv " «l (lie 3.1 YKAHS AUO n*-fri'e Mopprd Joe l^iut« t^Alontrt Imut After n itr«'rtt flsht Ton> lout In 4th ruunil SANnKI«« K"K C'HKAM CO HAt.K » ft | !<• f-friv:' r;»t.»r innnth* I'h JHJ? KOH SAt.K ,l l - t fill-* K.I Oj"-H vl<ite M«r« t ii«'« !'«<•.! only H Krank fUrK-r J3S. 1 * 10 aj\v* Ktnt H \I.K 1 i«H, '» U l-h R'tS I >«. SAI.K * «.. 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Robinson Motor* "Pontlnc" 8th and Central Ave. 227-tf-ll Real Estate HUYIOHK WAITING KOft 2 AND 3-BICIHIOOM HOMEH KSTHEKV1LLE Phone 1340 1(137 70 6 Hprrdu Always a Hi|unr<< dcnl nl VIKING MOTORS Mneeoy Harrin-Ollvrr Io«-« 2362-7 HOO HOUHEH. corn or israln HluulH - \vi- have typed <>< fiirm JOYCK L hroodi-r nlorngp, nuiti'i lulfl for all CO 224-3-T' OUVKASIUONKU? t "it>'l «ton«" with «Ut-U»hl llglit fuiur** S*t«»<;t ihf -rn Moo flxtiirf OUU1N Kt.KCTUlr .MKHVICK lit .1 0th fll. KOH HAt.K IMOJ A|»oftin'nl'*iiP e*" icnt tondltlon. I'h. 5343*. 10 HTAMI'KO I'ILUnvat,!!'«. quality tiilitne. Jl 46 pr. KW.EUH VAM/K 8TORK HAl.K mini nwntprr. W, fortmbl* \r\e n\ncMnr, 113. I>vl3 tug »i. Ph. J3T7W M OUIl JIU1 SAt.B wilt rnnllnun thrnuRh J>ily 4 wirk. Mnrirnln |»tl> - r<i of> many Itmim Rood fin tiolltlny or ••very<Uy. HTORK 3333 10 »X)U HAI.K .-lloy'n 3» Inch Huprr Di'liik Klirol'inn Idtyt Ic. U» 3 monthn Llhr nrw 140.90, Mr» T. II. Carman. I'honn HiHM-rl"* 1 tuns aaa-ax u> VOR 8ALK Two luy l«rrler pu|>«. iJuhnn. PH. 1170W. 3 CUSTOM BALING New Holland wire bales. Will pull trailers. 4 ml. W. and 3V4 N. of Esthorvlllc. Don Egclund. Ph. Superior 6F8 collect. 206-30x-3 Loans and Ins. PERSONAL LOANS. Are you making too many payment*? Wo can Bhow you how u. loan will cut paymentfl, give you extra ca»h. A«k about U. IOWA GUARANTEE, Inc. 223-3-IS $3,144, cmctcd on foundation or bnncmcnt home. Other sizes, styles. Your plan* or ourn. Free delivery 100 ml. Standard construction. Not prefab. Rest dry lumber. Visit Fahnlnf Supply. Wntervllle, Minn. Op«n K-5 (No Hunduys) 225-2x-» FOR HALE—Two-bi-droom modern hounc. I'licoil for quick nalc. Elmo Hurllcman. I'h. 1623W. 224-6-8 FOR BALK—700-iicru furm 35 nilli-x from HI. I'uul, 460 nrrcn under cultivation. IMTH» rnodi-rn honn*, B viim old, 2 larK<! burnn, 3 lurjj'- nlloH. (iood loam HOII for nlfiilfn. corn itnd oatn. Good location for alfiilfii dr-liydrutor. On rullroad Hiding on furm. J'art of crop In< ludcrl ut $100 pi'i Cliarlc* Ilnxli-rnon. Htrulon Htork Farm, Hout<- 3, New Richmond, \V!». 224-3X-8 POUTAHLE HOG HOUSKH We have several timde up In stock, or will build t<i your speclflentlonn. Place your order now nnd mive muney, Ph, 44WS. Kidbervtlle CO M M A N D K U KLE V ATO f {H Huntlngton \V 1C Hn«m«nn, Mgr. ?24-3-7 TOP CAKH PU1CEH KOll YOUU KflOH, cream nnd poultry. Flock culllni; service Phorin HI for latent produce t|UntntlonR P. <}. OHAY Z;M-J 7 FOR HALF, HAY H-fl. wlmlrow.-r, J. P. Ph 327J 223-3-7 <T tOO. 3-iw|>e liny ullngii, ESTHEUVIU^E HAUDWAHK 2232-7 FOR hay. alfalfa or clovor, Ualtntf now, Wire tl«-«J bnlfd, Jen* ICKflund, Ph. 1BW« 221-0x7 8WATHKR« FOR WALK 8 foot Inft and rlicht hand. Open* field «ji r*»y u» with a mower. Ditllvaj-K >wnUi to cantitr. Mimt have tractor with w|<Jn front and PAUIJJON MACHJNK IUIOP I'h. 0331 Round Lake. Minn. 21«-12x 7) fHKtt LtVIN'rmOO.Vf ntudln couch ttnd chnlr »nd jtlul- litftn rocker HANI1OKN FUUNITUnK 23J-3 10 FOR HAI.K WMU Reck W. * Ib* Fnt h-iu Mm Raymond FOR HAl.K H|>rlr>K frl IlKim. O"<jr(t» ilowry. KA\VI,EKJH llntimann. Ph- 3ft3J. n t'h 223-4 -1') K T. 30 If 10 MITCKF.f.r. Air World's flnrdt ruom nlr rondl- (ton<-r. Kxoluilvr K|«D that Incurparfttr* 34 Mlcro-filtrr-09.9 j«<r c*ni Ing. Kt.ECTIUC AUIC MOVINO out nil our household furnishing* Nice buy for nrwly mnrMott fou |.|e. Ph. U7iU Fort HALE y. trallrr tjiru«e b.ira Holland. KOJt HALK U*v4 New Hoy- Hi tr*«dla o-'Wlnjj machine, K<xiil condition. Vanf«i Crlrn. I'll. 19WT KJMf-W Ph. tllchmtiiion 1SOU. »«r- 1'OH »r»ti/r. 3 yrar» ol'l. run* p«rf'Ctry. Hrv thin on«- H-33 p«r w«»V. KIREHTO.NK MTOHfc'^l Services Wont To Buy 20 WANT TO BUV—Hay rack. Ph 7J7. Arnold Hogunaon. 224-3-20 Entertainment Air Conditioned Married Couples' Niu- TUESDAY, JULY I Regular Skating Wed Fri. Sat. Children Under 12 i•_• price Sat."Matinee Skaieland KOH HALK-- Nt-t»rly now 2-bvdroom horn.-, I. It., n n , kitchen, liUh, KIIH h<-al. hot water boater, water noMener. CiititA IfJcullon. JtlDOl.'T KKAI. KHTATK Ph. t«XJ or 1763 »4-2-H TlAHim'AUK HTOHK In mn»ll town In houUmn MlniuaoUi lt«ul buy. ufii und milk \>nf ery l»'»l of trrrni. IlllH •«*. In Oylun V'.ry I'owl If you want to buy a farm la Central Minnesota. »to pr call CAUOL Bll<K.'KMAN. IU?«llor Ceylon, Minn. » AUCTION thii cupitui 1,1 '1 ;4 fje Farm 4 ' -., miles soutlieabt of Sherburn Monday, July 7 fur de»enpnon write Walter Carlson Realtor and Auctioneer ON HANI) Chkk«, 1 to 4 week* oM. PulleU »tr«.lght run and malca In 7 week*. HAMILTON HATCHBItY Uuncrod, Iowa IIJ-tf-7 I'OIITAIII.K UAPIOH H K»i« > rl*n*« owl training h»ve nn Ill', N «th. I'h I**. 234 -39 FARMS! FARMS! FARMS! Your U*l jit'k'ctioii (>( the Jxtit buys In Southern, OiiUal un<l Westrrn Miu- la-wjla C'onipk'U.' tlca«,rrii>- Uons of over 50 farms* in our office. Come in, study them over. Vi.-iit the om-s which fit ymu' nee<is and your |*x'kt't U«»k. Clip this ad ami brin^ tl «tli; you ALLKN HKALTY. u(M>LairK next to the Sweet Shop, Fairmont Nile tel FOR KHKK PICKUP «n4 tf««v«ry. Ph. 49. i' A O Cl«an*r«. 394-1(» BO1TI.K OAH BAI.KU-aEIVVlCB HILL W CO KH Kit. i'Ji. 49JSI itt-ua lUdlmtor a»nr1*«. of Vmndy'i, ITU C»»tnU. to llt-lt-9 HOW IS YOl'K SUITLY of STAIf'KMKNTS INVOICE FUHMS <Iet ready for month -OIK! newels l>> orUering now. Kxpert work jrt North- \vi-st nu>st largest an4 printing MEW

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