Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on January 10, 1949 · Page 13
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 13

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, January 10, 1949
Page 13
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Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND. BID.. MONDAY, JANUARY 10, 1949 CUMBERLAND REAL ESTATE BOARD, Members ate best qualified to serve your needs in real estate ; matters through specialized experience in The real estate business and by 'their acceptance of established standards and principals Only REAL ESTATE BOARD MEMBERS are "REALTORS" in CUMBERLAND OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams • OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE 4 W ar<l Contract For Bridge Work Chesapeake Bay Job Includes Approaches THE MOST ATTRACTIVE . . . home we rmvB been ublo to olfcr for ule 10 » <onc time, A modern five-room, stono boaffalow with laundry room, attached Knj-ane. purdcn. Tills; home tins modern warm air hem with olrculntlnK fun nod niter, tmk Jloors. lour picture window*. Ilreplacc. Venetian shiidcR. storm doort. It It locntBd on the Brouddock Bead IU the renr of AlltEuny Orove on » larte comer lot .llSVs'xMHV and Is OCMI- tUullv londscBpeti. Can Blve Immndlntc ' ,..FOR • SALE . and tnc price la less tnim 3'ou would imagine. • "see PERRIN about it" Pirrln Bldj. on Persilns St. Phone 422 K15 AViL'-hlnclOii Street, — Brick dwelling with twelve rooms nnd two bnths, Large bnscmcnt. Stcnni hrnt,. 05 foot frontage. Would miik!.- four apartments. Price J12.0QO. Jmmcdinte posicsfllon. 4CD Cumberlund Si, — Three complete npiirlinoiUi produclnc steady revenue. JTiilf of u Lhrc'c story brick property. Bn.soincnt with new Alfuun boiler furnace*. Price und Inspection or. nppllcn'Jon. THE J. H. HOLZSHU CO. Insurance—Realtors—Bonding 21 S. Centre St. Phone 458 The Louts FOR SALE Ntes properly locutod on Gimp around Ro»d, Allccnny Grove. Lot No, 3 «nd part or No. ! fronting 45x100 It. on Camp around Hoad. Lots Ko. 4 »nd No. i fronting 60 It. by 100 It. on Camp Ground Road Improved six room nnd bath brick healed by hot water with lull basement. Hardwood floors t&roushout. FOR BALE Her modern six room Spanish bungalow . bested by hot air piped to each room. Fall basement. House Insulated. Possession at once. Price upon application, JAMES W. BEACHAM REAL ESTATE— INSURANCE 30»'S. Centre St. Cumberland. Md. Phone 2778-J Phone 3814 Located on Parfc St., 10 room home and rooming houso-^1. furnished rooms renting Icr SHO per month. 8 Urine rooms. 3 car Enrage. 2 buths. Hot water heat. Price on application. Bowllns Alley—4 alleys dolns good business. Modern living: quarters, hot air forced heat. Located 1" Brewing community. Possession In 15 dnys. Inspection nnd price upon application. JEWELL & HUTTON General Insurance and Real Estate Ridgcley. W. Vs.' , 'Phone 1549 or ID33-W BUSINESS Prontable nnd going confecLioncry nnd (jrocory !Ju^lncus for Btilo aiLua^cJ Eckliart, Murylimd. A modern bulldir.R with room ivpiirtment vkh biuh on second lloor. Adclltlonitl rcvrnuo derived Irom Post, fice, barbcc shop ancl'«mnll <Jwc!llnR. Stock und rixlures irtcludud Jn -siUc price, Add! LloniU Informiiilon und price on request,, «3Q7 Pnlnuhl Street.. Six room brick dwotl- Inff with Ijiuh. Contnlnlnff hot water licnt. hftrd^-ood Doors, .'ui; concrete basement untj Karage. Potacssion 1 Jniitmry 15th. Price on upplicntJon. WIEBEL and WORKMEISTER , REAL ESTATE — INSURANCE 115!i.Frederick Street Phone 3453 BUILDING LOTS Bedford Road 50' x 90'. S 900 Sclilund Avenue ....50' x 100' 1090 Jbrdon Street CLaVale) 50'xl25' 550 Brookficld Avenue .35' x 175' 1000 Hill Top Drive and f Caroline St.' 76' x 130' 2150 Virginia Ave.-Business location 33' x 106' 2000 _ ROBERT W. YOUNG OH,I.HADNT THOUGHT OF THATJ WELL, I'LL WORK OUT SOMETHIN'/ ,T AMTAl^lMG A POLL. EATIMG HAglTS OF THE ArvAERlCAM AAALE, Vou LOOK LIK:E THE-IOHAU PROSPECT/— OMEiDDYOL) CONTIGUOUSLY/ X K£E.P poci<sTSPJi-OF BEET TORS, FLOWED SEEDS, FERMS MOSS WHICH I MUNCH STEAD- AS TO PASTCY X ARISE AT m-tcee A.M.DAILY AMD ,-J CONSUME FOUR R^\M PAW \% TARTS/ GOOD 'DAY, SIR I ALL RIGHT NOW HOW ARE WE GOIMG TO FDRCH WH POWM? DO VOD Ll^e CARROTS ? UEEE: HOW ABOUT Pie JtiE WAS fjAP- ~INlS DM THE • WHY MOTHERS GET GRAY Realtor Phone 4010 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Located near .Ellerslle ws have this place of business consisting o: gasoline ataUon and grocery storr. Two living apartments. Good heating system. A good profitable place of 'business which owner . will »ell on account of health. Price upon application. CRESAPTOWN HOME Located on the Brant Road, In Crcsap- toira, vt have this modern »croi-bunijalow of Irtme asbestos ahlncle construction, containing jlx rooms and bath. Hot air heat. Largo basement with garage- space. Cnrn -water system. Possession In . thirty days. Price ST.350.00. s D. P. MILLER CO. . INSURANCE i REAL ESTATE No. 1 X. Liberty St. Phone LOCATED in FOR SALE Bowling Green—new five room brick—garage in basement—all hurd- v:ood floors and hot iUr heat — price 18025.00. 305 GRANDE AVE. — eight room frmr.e dwelling—two apartments—four rooms and bath euch—hot water heat—price S7950.00. 64ft FAYETTE Street—five room . bungalow —hardwood floors, tile bsth. gas ilred forced air furnace, completely Jnndscapcd lot—Inspection by oppolntmen^prlce or. application. ' • LaVALE TERRACE, La Vale, Md.—two new dwellings— adeQUatc water supply. Price on application, • -. BRADDOCK ROAD—five and cement dwelling—all hardwood floors- Immediate occupancy—priced at $11,500.00, D. C. GOODFELLOW, Realtor Phone' !8D3 REAL ESTATE — STORAGE — INSURANCE Store or Shop Newly constructed concrete- block building, completed, except heating arid plumbing fixtures. Contains one room 1!.\J1 feet, k-arnco acd three smaller rooms. Suitable for store room or shop of my l:l:id.. Lo calec! 1205 East Oldtown rtoac. Price 38.050.00. Double Dwelling Double frame dwelling, six rooms and bath each side. Warm nir heat. Double 521-523 Avlrclt Avenue. Price Feathered,Friend 58,600, HARRY B. SIMPSON KEALTOa—KSCRANCB / Phoncc 632 end 2994-W First N'otioanl Bank Bulldhm 1 Lively dances 2 Astronomy muse . 3 French article 4 Boy 5 Totals 6 Love goc! 7 Poker stake 8 Notion 9 Many a varieties are found America 10 Position • 11 Impede FOR SALE 33-25 W. Fim Street is A ono story *ad .basement. iramo apnrtmcnt dwelling hiring 12 rooms, equipped -with gas, electric, occupied by 3 families. Price lor & quick sale .$2800. 17 Sonierviilo Avenue is *,' one story trizie bungalow Having 1 A rooms and sun room, nlcfr corner lot 3CxlOO. Price rea- *oaable. Terms If desired. C. GLENN WATSON & SONS INSURANCE AND REALTOR :13 Virjtoli ATI. Phone 3B1 FOR SALE DECATUR ST, Brick dirclllns, 10 rooms, halls, bnth, hot wiuer hcac. arranged !or small apartments and rooms, garage, excellent business locntion, n»lcl: possession. Price on application. OLDTOWN ROAD. Brick buIWins .contains Jl rooms, 2 baths, Hot.air.heat rcglster- ' cd, also restaurant equipped, frith good Income, and flne location for birber shop, C9rjicr property. Price on application, t J. L. HOWSARE I!4 Beclord St. Phons 4142. FOR SALE 950 BRADDOCK ROAD Attractive modern brick semi-bungalow containing six rooms and all conveniences. Gas heat, wood burn- tag fireplace, garage attached. .In excellent condition and available for immediate occupancy. ' ^ Price 515,500 M. D. REINHART AGENCY REALTORS-INSURANCE Liberty Trust Bldg.- Phone'1896 54-A—Display Classified PAWN BROKERS Quick Confidential Loans On All . 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REBUILT MOTORS Katlonally Advertised Parts Such as Scaled - Power Pis- Ions. Pins <fc Rings; ' Federal Mojul Bearings Pins Latest Improved Machinery . . . Make Our Motors Superior in All Respects SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! . x AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY CO. MOTOR REBUILDERS Locally Owned and Operated ' By Trained and Experienced Machinists . 353 X. CENTRE ST. .PHONE 4782 OR 1813 MONEY LOANED - . On Articles Of Value Expert' Watch Hc'palrittf JOHN NEWCOMER " HORIZONTAL 57 Compass point iriepicted 58 Century plant ' flying creature VFRTrr , Ar •' 5 It is a VERTICAL bird 8 It eats 12 Extent- 13 Vase 14 Opposed 15 Note of scale 16 Reduced In rank 13 Any 20 Unit 22 Donkeys 23'Also 24 Liquid, measure 26 One time 27 Cloy 28 Ruminant 29 Sun god 30-Decimeter <ab.) 31 Pronoun 32 Daybreak (coinb. form) 33 Lawsuit ' 35 Crack 38 Scraps 39 Relate. 40 Underworld god . 41 Natural iat 4 6 Observe- 4.7 Doctor of Science (ab.) 4 8 Enrolls . 50 Calcium (symbol) 51 Limbs 53 Harvest goddess 54Caresscs 56 Seth's son •(Bib.) BJR S P n F « A R 0 M S = A -i A psj E A R e R D t rsl i fit '*?/ 5 e N O A T W h */>>, \ t D VZ f^ P — '•>',:, \ 1 N 1 C ^. D A IS t? A ,i e N S •j mm HPMK T « 1 A (if A p R F A ^T S O M e ';% A q- A te* SIT Hlo K O D AIR 1 E IA M W, C @l£ F T £ IN pi E 1= N A C T s P A A N ElY 17 Each (ab.) , 41 Half an cm 13 Plural ending 42 Blackthorn 21 Commits 43 Tilts 23 Spring floxvers 44 Essential being 25 Pesters 45 Right (ab.) 26 Most unusual 18 Worm 33 Pamper i 9 Health resort ' 34 Ascended 52 Depart 36 One of Furies 55 Boy's 37 Make happy nickname 33 HO, 51 21 31 16 5 5T 30 23 10 WISHING WELL Registered U. S. Patent Office. "1 E i M 5 Y 2 W 6 L 4 K 6 .D 2 Y 6 F 2 E 6 T •2 U |6 'I 2 O S I 3 B 6 TJ 3 V i> 0 Z V 6 S 6 I & R. 4 S 8 •L, 3 G 8 N 3 U, t B 2 A 3 T •t I, 8 0 3 tf 4 S 8 S 6 r. 'i s 2. N 4 H ti E 2. U 2 O 4 I D 6 F 2 T 5 K 6 H 3 N S A « E '1 E : b F 2 E b T 5 T 2 Y. 4 W 3 • E 4 A 6 N 4 S 4 L T A 3 I . ti I 2 N 3 I 2 T 6 N 3 N 8 I 2 B 3 E 4 I ti I 2 IT 4 S •z 0 4 T 6 R 2 R 3 S 3 V 2 B 6 N G A 2 .E 5 I 6 P BALTIMORE — (IP) — The State- Ronds Commission lifts nwirdcd contracts 1'or the western' nnd cast- cm approaches to tho Cliesapeako. Bay bridge-to the second'lowest bidders. • • . The Nello O. Tccr Company, Dur- • ham, N. C. was awarded the con-" tract ior .the western approach.' while C. J. Langenfelder nnd Son. Inc., received the contract for the . eastern approach. ' , .' Both contractors agreed to. do the jobs at the same unit prices submitted by the Williami: Construction Company of Mlddle-'Raver;- The Williams. Company,'.. which. was low bidder-on both • projects,' failed to post bond by the Dec. 31 deadline. , • . The-contract calls lor payment of $197,379.50 lor drainage'and grading of • the , western approach,- and $324,964 lor grading, drainage .'and partial paving o' -the eastern-approach. ' . • . ' A third contract relating to : the bridge may be acted 1 th» commission at its next meeting. Tliis project calls for .the construction of a causeway, at the eastern approach and. dredging of a new.approach channel to the ferry slip at Sandy Point:' A low bid of $554,250 was submitted by William. A. Harting. • ... ' '•'. Officials' explained that- dredging of a new Sandy Point channel is necessary to allow •maneuvering of the ferry boats while Boating construction equipment for the brldga is In use. ' They pointed out the western end of the bridge will be. close to the ferry slip. H ERE is a pleasant little game that will give you a message every day. It is a numerical puzzle designed-to spell out your fortune. Count the letters in your first name. If the number of letters is G or more, subtract 4. If trie number is less than 6, add 3. The result is your key number. Start at the upper left-hand corner of the rectangle and check every one of your key numbers,,lef t to right. Then, read the message the letters under the checked figures give you. Copyright lono. bx William J. Milltr. DUtrrbultd by Kim FMUirw. Int. ^~'" -•- Obituary -•- ! Events Briefly Noted John Shuhart BABTON^-John Shuhart. 79, died early today at his home here fol- wiag an extended illness. He was, the husband of the late Nellie Lee Shuhart, who died eight years ago, and. was a. native of Barton. He was the s>r. c-.f the late 5ALES HUDSON SERVICE Jenkins & Schriver Motor Co. . 133 'S. Meebamc St. . Phone'12 CARS WANTED! WE PAY THE LIMIT Reliable Motors Co. . "The Lot With The .Iron Fence" Cor. George & Harrison Sts. Phone 61 . .Evenings 3732 NOTICE Examination of Applicants for positions for Pollco Officers, Stenographer in the Police Deportment, and Deputy Smoke Inspector. Notice is hereby given that the Board of Civil Service Commissioners Jor the City or Cumberland, -will meet at "v FORT HILL I1IGU SCHOOL WEDNESDAY, JANUARY SB. ID-ID :it Scvun O'CIocic und will conduct oxair.lnntions of nil applicants for the above positions who present ' themselves, properly accredited n thrtc time.- Appllcnnts for the Police officers nnint be between 21 to 35 years of ARC, at least 5 foot 10. Inches In heigh: and weight, proportionately. Stenographer lor Police Department must be between the ngos ol 21 to 35, Je- mnlc only. Deputy Srnoke InspecLor must be not leas than 21 years of nuc. and T\'11I he employed by contract under probationary ruins nr.d regulations. All of the nbovc applicants must be residents of the City of Cumberland for the past three (3,) years. Applicants can secure applications at tho City Clerk's Office after January 1C, :s«. AH Applications must be in the hands of the City Clerk properly executed ixnd filled out with the Medical examinations report attached ^ot later than- Friday, January 21, 10-J9, at 5 P, M. 'A fee of $2,00 will be charged for medical examination. Dr. Arthur r. Jones, 110 South Centre Street and Dr. Clay E, Durrett. 236 Virginia Avenue will examine applicants at any 'Irnc by appointment. A sqhool of 'instruction will he con- ditctecl in the City *Ha|J Auditorium, Frl- dny. January -1, lfM9, at 7:"0 P, M., In "which wu wilt hirar J. K. Connelly, Kelly-• Sprlnpflctd Tire Cnmpany.-.IIi!( Ltilk will be helpful to all cnnilJdatcj* takuip 1 the «•>"- nmlnation tor Deputy Srr,o)(n Inspector. City Attorney Flnnn will i:\-plaln your authority as 'Dcputv Smoke Inhpector. - THE "BOARD OF CIVIL' SERVICE COMMISSIONERS C. PHILIP JOLLEY. Chairman H. .CLIFFORD SPIICER. Member DR. E. C. UPCHURCH. Member ! Wallace .UHery. , Scct'y 'to the Board Adv.—N-T-Jan. 10-1 Ma-n AUNT HEX By ROBERT QUlLLIiN Frederick and Mary I A niine foreman for tile Brydon I Coal Company'aiid the Jenkins Coal Company,- -both of here, he was retired -In 1937. He was a member 'of the United Mine Workers local of Barton. He is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Charles. Dawson, Mrs. Frank Magrjder and Mrs. Harry Bailey; live sons, Albert, Frederick, William, Joseph, Sr,, and Os borne Shuhart, and a sister, Mrs. James A. Dawson, all of Barton. William M. King: • William M. King. 84, husband of Mrs. Katie King, 745 Maryland Ave- I'm sorry for Sister Kate and • Joe. They've" got every dime they ever made, and I reckon ' they're rich by now, but they haven't had a bit o' fun ill thirty years. __— -, -* Serves In Japan GREEN SPRING, W. Va. — Pvt. Robert R. Gullck, husband -of Mrs. Dloie Mae Gulick, has been in Japan serving with the 593rd Ordnance Service Company Jn Kobe since June. parents, Mr, and Mrs. A. D. Mull. Rev. Harvey L. Huntley, Bedford, Pa., and Rev. Charles 'Raley, EUers- lie, will officiate. Burial will be "in the Madley, Pa., • Cemetery. Military honors will be by Oscar Jordan Post No. 7375, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Eyr.dman, Pa. Mrs. Carmella Spalln. PROSTBUKG —. Mrs. Carmella Spalla, 87! died last night a; the home of her son, Samuel Spalla, West Mechanic Street. A native of Italy, she had been i:i failing health, for some time. Pfc. Lohr Reburial A reburial service fon Pfc. Charles Forrest Lohr, 21, who was killed in Holland September 28, 1944. will be held. Wednesday at 2 p. in. in the Moffat Memorial Mission. Barrelville, -by Rev. William A. Eisenberger, pa'stor of the First Presbyterian Church, Cumberland. The body will arrive today and be nue. dled ; early today at the state taken to +J:e llom = of his Parents, sanitarium, Sabillasville. j Harry and Cora Sagle Lohr, Cor- Besides his wife, he is survived by: a dauehter, Lillian S. King; a son,!' pno " nterlnc tho service, he WDliarn L. King, BaltimoK; three! ' oh bothof Co.umbus.Ohio.a te A 376th Mrs. Elizabeth 'Steetz Fairmont, W. till e r ' 2 n Ai Va.. and a brother, Guy B. King, Baitimore. Ti-.c body will be at the-KIght Funeral Home. Hnmiali K. Wagoner KEYSER, W. Va,—Ear.nali Susan (Ketterman) Wagoner, 74, died at her home, 180 Center Street, yester- aftor a lingering day afternoon illness. A resident of Keyser for 48 years, she was. born in Pendleton county. She was the wife of George E. Wagoner. She was a member of the Evangelical United Brethren Church. tillery, 82nd Airborne Division,, at the time or his death. He was buried 1 in Molenhoek, Holland. Cemetery. Besides his parents, lie is survived by -two sisters, Jean and Shirley Lohr, and two brothers, James and Paul Lohr, all at home. Interment will be in Hillcrest Burial Park with military honors by Old Rail Pos: No'. 6025, VFW. Mt Savage, and Mt. Savage American Legion Post. Krapf Kites : Last rites for Daniel Krapf, 75, 820 Greene Street, who died Friday' in. Memorial Hospital, were held j yesterday from the Durst Funeral Besides her husband, 'she is sur-1 H ° m e. East Main Street, Frostburs, vived by seven daughters, Mrs.| b - v Rev - Norman O. Scribner, pas- Carrie Hawlings, Mrs. Mary Sheetz J^J* ' Ce » tre Street ? Methodist Grass Fire Extinguished WESTERNPORT'— A grass fire was extinguished in the vicinity of Greene's Addition yesterday afternoon by Potomac Fire Company, MONEY' ON ARTICLES OF VALUE Unredeemed Pledges, Lufrsirge BarKalna CUMBERLAND LOAN COMPANY «2 N. Mechanic &t. i ' Phone -47fil Open LO 0:30 P. il. Daily for- Your Conp«n!enc0 54-A—Display Classified GET ACQUAINTED! $50 FOR 30 DAYS Costs Only Sc A Day! STOP IN OR PHONE! . AETNA FINANCE CO. 7 N. LIBERTY — PHONE 5233 JANUARY CLEARANCE Sale Of Used Cars 1948 Chevrolet Town Sedan, R & H . , 1947 Dodge Custom Sedan, R & H • 1947 Chevrolet Aero Scdon 1947 Chevrolet Flectmostcr Scdon, R & H 1946 Plymouth Scdon, R & H 1946 Chrysler Sedan, R & H -1946 Chevrolet Sedan, R & H 1941 Chrysler Club Coupe 1940 Buick Sedan 1940 Oldsmobile Sedan 1940 Plymouth Sedan 1940 Dodge Scdon 1940 Chevrolet Town Sedan 1940 Dodge Coach 1940 DC Soto Sedan . 1940 Chrysler Scdon. ; •fc And Many Others . . • CASH TRADES TERMS TAYLOR MOTOR CO. r AUTHORIZED SALES.& SERVICE Wringer Rails- All Washers f > CUMBERLAND MAYTAG 35 N, Mechanic Hhtmo 2672 WATCH REPAIRING SPECIALIZING Hamilton, El^ln, Tav'ftnilcs BOULEVARD \VATCHES MARPLE'S '^34 N. CENTHE ST. .JEWELRY STORE 62' Baltimore^ EXECUT07l'S NOTICE •THIS 13 TO GIVE NOTICE, the Sales - _. -A- Service COLLINS G.M.C. TRUCK CO. Route 40 East Plione 822-J 218 N. Mcchnaic St. Phone 395 TODAY'S USED CARS! .'41 Plymouth, 4 Dr. '31 ^Plymouth Coach Good condition, new tires USED TRUCKS! LTT Mack Tractor '48 Reo with Dump. Body C-40 Inter. Chassis & Cab -STE8MLA- PHONE 2550 218 S. MECHANIC Sotislaclion Guaranteed subscriber nns obtained from the Orphans' Court o' Allcgany COur.ty, Murylnnd, letters TescmnenLary on the estate or AOI'LI- hiun Levlnc, late of Allcgany County. Maryland, deceased. All persons hnvlnff claims against: - h <* deceased are licrcby warned Lo exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof duly authenticated, to the subscriber on or before tne COth day c[ Jur.e, 104D.' They may otherwise by law be excluded from nil bcr.eftt of the said estate. All persons knowing /themselves indebted to said estate nrs requested to make -Immediate payment. Given under my band 'this 30th day of December, 1942. ESTEL C. KELLEY, Executor. 12 Greene St., Cumberland, Md. Adv— N-Jan. 3-10-17-24 and Mrs, Maxine . Arthur, all of Keyser; Mrs. Pearl Hook, New Albany, Ind.; Mrs. Elvn Harper, Fort Ashby: Mrs. Elolsc Shaffer. Cumberland, ar.d Mrs. '£au]jne DelSardo, Elkins: three sons, D. Frank Wap- oner, Keyser; Floyd Wagoner, Chicago, and George E. Wagoner, Jr., Fort Ashby. ' She is also survived by 23 grandchildren and 13 . Ri-eat-grandchildren. Three children preceded her in death. The body Js at the Rogers Funeral Home where It will remain Church. Pallbearers -were A. G. Wallis W. T. Kline, Stanley Buckley, Ronald Ellis, Ezra Walbert and Koberfc Rizer. Burial was in Allegany Cemetery, F;-ostburg. Pvt. Stafford Reburial A reburial service for Pvt. John Marion Stafford, 25, Route 2, who was killed January 21, 1945, in France, was held Saturday at the George Funeral Frank Frntto ol Church. Interment was in Mt. Her- B»me by Rev, the Pentecostal The Allegajiy 4-H Girls Church,' known as the "Four-H Echoes," -will, meet at 7 o'clock tonight,at Central YMCA. The Carver School PTA will meet n the school auditorium at 8 o'clock ;omorrow night with Mi's. Naomi ledmond, president, presiding. Plans.. for the continuation of the campaign to.raise lunds to pay for the auditorium curtain will be discussed^ The executive board of the Johnson.- Heights Parent-Teacher Association will rheet tomorrow at 7:30 at the school. . Circle No. 3'of Calvary, Methodist. Church will meet tomorrow 'at 7:30 p. m.. at the 1 home of Mrs. -Howard, Kight, Main Street, Eidgeley. Circle No..l of the WSCS, ol Centre Street Methodist Church U7H1 meet tomorrow at 7:30 p. m. in.the church parlor with Mrs. Leslie Randall, leader. The Ladles' Auxiliary of the Military Order of the Purple Heart will meet tonight at 8 p. m. at'.the Home. Mrs. F. T.. Bell will preside at the' monthly meeting of the Emmanuel. Episcopal Guild tomorrow at 12:30' p. m. Mrs. J. E. Tyler, Baltimore,, will speak. ' v •• • A technicolor film, "Song of the . Pioneers," will be shown at a'meet-' : Ing of the Trl-State Traffic Club Wednesday at 6:30. p. m/at the All' Ghan Shrine Country. Club,'-, .Circle. No. 4, Centre Street Metho- ••• dist Church,'will hold a,rummage sale in the church basement tomorrow-at-7 p. m. . .• . • '.Frankly Swanky man Cemetery. ierlcan bearers,. Trmnarj Fuller, Edward I! 1543 Ford Cl. Cpc RfT-Ovc:drh*e-Undcrcoat New Car Guarantee 1011 Chrys: 4 Dr 1941 Cr.ev. 4 3r 1!>41 Ford 2 Dr 19)0 Bulck 1 Dr 1940 Dodge 4 Dr '10-10 Ford 2 3r 1940 Ply. 2 Dr ' ADMINISTRATORS' NOTICE THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the subscribers have obtained Irom tile Orphans' Court of Allesany County, Maryland, letters of Administration on the estate or Beatrice M. Syckea, late of Allc frany County. Maryland, deceased. All persons • having claims against the deceased Are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof duly authenticated, to the subscriber on or before the 30th day of June, I94D. They may otherwise by law be excluded from nil bencilt of the said estate. All persons knowing themselves indebted to said estate arc requested to riiakfr immediate payment. O'.ven under our hands this 30th day of December, 1048, S. L-JA SYCK2S. WILTON J. SYCKES. Administrators, SD1 Braddock Road, Cumberland, Md. Adv—N-Jan. 3-10-17-24 835 6S5 1,000 705 635 C05 193J Chev. 2 Dr 595 Easy Terms!! George*& Harrison SL Phone 1(52 L'O-EXEUUTOKS 1 KO'l'ICL' THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, that the subscribers liavc obtained Iron the Orphans' Court of Alleniiny County, Mary- I lane!-, letters Testamentary on the estate or Frank E. Smith Jatc of Aliegany County. ! Maryland, deceased. All persons having I claims against tho deceased are hereby I warned to exhibit t: 2 snrn». with the vouchers thercot djjy authenticated, to Lhc. subscriber en or before the 23rd day of June, 1949. They may otherwise by law be icluded Jrcm all benefit cf the said estate. A!! persons knowing themselves Indebted to said estate arc requested to make immediate payment. Given under our hunds this 23rd day of December. 1D48. CHARLES A. PIPER. President, Liberty Trust Company, j VIOLA ELIZABETH SMITH, Liberty Trust Coinpuny. « r Cumberland, Md, Open hvcs —Advertisement W-Dec. Si-Jar., 3-10-17 be in Queen's Point Cemetery. Mrs. Vincent Weimer FROSTBUR-G—Mrs. Mary Margaret Weimer, 44. of 17 Mt. pleasant Street, died yesterday afternoon In Miner's Hospital -where she had been a patient for three days: A native of FrostburK, she is survived by' her husband, Vincent Weimer; her fattier and stepmother, Mr. and Mrs. William Capel; three daughters, Mrs. Franklin Shumake. Frostburg; Miss Rosemary Weimer ar.d Miss Joann Weimer, a son, William, Jr., all at home, and a grandson. Services will be held Wednesday at .9:30 a. m. in St. Church. Interment- will' Ann's Cemetery,, county.. Mrs. Susan Schrock MT. LAKE PARK—Mrs. Kerns, • J. Jones, Paul W. Weisenmiller, Lavrence Hymes, John Nines and,Paul C. ler; color guard, David Ronnie, Lse Fuller, James Seal, Edward Green and John R. Neff. The firing squad included Sgt. 1-c F. W. Schneider. Sgt. R. T. Lynch, Sgt. R. C. Hawse, Cpl. T. W. Mulligan, Cpl. W, L. Mortzefeldt, Pfc. C. E. 1 Griffith and Cpl. F. Mellott. Taps were sounded by Barry H. Barley representing 'Henry Hart Post No. 1411, Veterans of Foreign Wars. Fazcnbaker LONACONING—-A funeral service rs. Mary I; Pazenbaker. S3. who Susan pastor of First Methodist Church. Burial will be in Philos Cemetery, Westernporc. Schrock, SG, died yesterday morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Vernie Harvey, Miami, Fla., where she had made her home for ten years. • A life-long resident of Garrett county, she was born in Bittinger October 6, 1962, A widow, of the late Manassas M. Schrock, she she opera:ed a. guest home here every summer lor about 50 years until her retirement two years ago. j trar J. Everett Long said today. Besides har daughter, she is sur-l Tne students came from 124 in- Pptoinac Slate Leads W. V..U. Transfer Students MORGANTOWN „. .._ present total of 613 transfer stud- boo - ! ents from otlier campuses enrolled at West Virginia University constitutes an -all-time- record, Regis- ANNE ADAMS Teener! Here's.a,'little, gadabout to get- you Admiring Glances! Stripes and contrast used, in.' the newest manner, -plus that •• small turtle'neck collar—-pure swank! Pattern 4978 comes in Teenage sizas 10, 12, 14, IS. Size 12, 3% yds. 35-ir..; % yd. contrast. •.-••• . This pattern, easy to use, simple to sew, is tested for fit. Kas complete illustrated instructions: Send TEWENir-FrVE ' cents in", coins for this pattern to Tie E"e- ning Times 42 Pattern Dept, 243 West 17th St., New York 11, N..T. Print plainly NAME,. ADDKESS" with ZONE >TOMBEK, SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. . Teeners! Lots more lun-to-sew, fun-to-wear frocks-on your .page, in our ANNE ADAMS 'Winter Pattern Book. Send for it today—only. . fifteen cents more! Fashion unlim-. ited, for any time, purse, or figure! Gifts for all the family, plus FREE W. Va.—Thc| pattem Ol a, printed, in vived by a son, Albert Schrock, Cocoa, Fla. The body will Leighton Funeral Home, Oakland, tomorrow, where a service will be held at 2 p. m, Wednesday. Interment will be in the Oakland Cemetery. Mull Services ELLERSLIE—A service for Ray Winfitfd Mull, 28. who died at his home here Saturday after. a two- day illness, will be held tomorrow at 2 p. m. at the from* of his / . ~ stitutions, lie said, with the instate students- outnumbering those arrive at the fl ' 0 ™ out of state. The leader - among the state institutions was Potomac State School, Keyser, with 108 students, followed by Morris Harvey College with 49, Fairmont State with 48, Marshall with 38, and Semester Exams to Start At \^. Virginia University. MORGANTOWN,'W. Va.—Regis-',. trar J. Everett; Long of West Virginia. v University has announced final' examinations for the first semester will be held from January 15 to' January 22. ... Registration for the 'second semester may be made in advance by seniors and graduate students. Other West Virginia, Wesleyan with 31, students- may register on January Wnyncsburg College with. ' 18J25 and 26. Classes will begin'' students and the University ol| Thursday. January 27. Pittsburgh and Marietta College The next vacation will be th« with six each arc-the leading out- of-state institutions represented. Easter holidays from April 14 to 20. The school year will-end'May 27.

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