The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on June 13, 1935 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 13, 1935
Page 4
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Uvurur +&**& Youn Mason prrtty 1: j-year-old niece oE Mar- corded by the United States All the Soft Coal Mines Are Scheduled to Be Tied Up by Walkout, DEADLINE IS SUNDAY Washington, June 13.—A mine strike tieing up the nation's soft coal fields appeared virtually certain today as less than 48 hours remained before the deadline for cessation of work. Although wage contracts covering some 400,000 union miners will not expire until midnight Sunday, June 16, operators In a majority of mines are scheduled to cease Friday night at completion of week. the 35-hour work BABY KILLED. and .-: thrxufh Hi'- l.iinl. dls!il;;y' <l in hiinii- hot!.-:i - ahd < 'id t i Iron! !n:i!iy :ta!Y ] buildhi- . i'-an I.'-tvi/:. ii"-! , rcss. was vi-stf-rday. Tin.' youni; woman by police reportedly IJihlr (Quotation. j leaped to lier doath from ^the :.i.\tli floor of Good Samaritan hos- I ].il;il last" night. Hospital attaches | .said sin:'was admitted to the hos- ; jiital Monday suffering from | ''acute melancholia." tlit in- v.i In nl/i.itio!!.-:' ; aMirni:i.iliun uiilo j • »'!;- ;,ml .-abhathf. | it i.- iniquity I'VCli i ij'.-ctijig. — I-aiaii ! 1U1. IUKOU SPEAKS. Sajs Quint uplcls Will He turiiL'd to Tlii'ir Mother. Rc- Choir Tonight. T:: Ad.ilt '-i (,'hri-ti.iii toiiiu'iiL at 7:i'" o'c at the. with church. All i;.< mb'-rs i-d to tak>- i.«;r and 1 Atlantic City, X. J., June 13.— To sever 1 hundred wives of Am•n-i.-an Medii-al Association physi- jcians who expressed particular in! icrest in the mother of the Dionne t'quintuplets. Dr. Allan Roy Dafoo '-. yesterday predicted early reunion ir mother, and ultimate Liberia .after a. lapse of formal relations since loJo. It was given under conditions that mean the support of the United States for the government of President Edward Barclay In efforts to rehabilitate the country through correcting forced labor conditions that amount to virtual slavery, improving sanitation and strengthening the financial position of the. government. Painfully Injured. Little Elwood Girl Killed White Playing. Mr. and Mrs. N. 0. Harting of this city had word Wednesday of the death of Mary Jo, 2-year- old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Harting of Elwood, which occurred as the result of injuries received Wednesday morning when the body of a truck trailer fell over on her while she was playing in the yard. Edgar Harting, father of the child is a cousin of Mr. Hartin? of this city. The trailer body had been placed near the wall of a garage at the family home, and was upset by children playing about it. Betty Jo was pinned under the body, receiving in the fall a fractured skull and other Injuries. KIWANIS PROGRAM. Eugene Stoner Will Speak on the Subject, "Our Flag." In observance of Flag Day, the Tipton Kiwanis club has arranged for Eugene Stoner, a stu-, dent of the'Tipton high school, to speak on the subject, "Our Flag," at the regular weekly luncheon to be served Friday noon at the Presbyterian church. Another interesting feature of the program will be accordion music furnished by William Bagley, an accomplished musician. This-will doubtless be aii interesting meeting, and one which every member should endeavor to attend: ALMOST A LIFETIME. Mart' Pyle Started Work for Ice ) Company June 12, 18U8. Mart Pyle, driver o.f the ice wagon for the Abso-Pure Ice & Coal Company of Tipton, recalled Wednesday that it' was just 37 years ago that he made his first delivery. With the exception of a few days' absence on account of sickness, he has been on the wagon ever since, and has delivered thousands of pounds of ice in this cityp Mr. Pyle still uses a horse and wa§on, and the faithful animal is so well trained that he needs but few! directions. When a delivery is made at one store, Mr. Pyle comes out and says, "All right, Balfly, let's try the next place," ?.iiiS' the horse proceeds to the exact i spot desired. If standing in the'street where the wagon does not clear the Inteturban line and a car approaches, without and directions, will pull the wagon outlet the path of the. car. Mr. Pyle began work for J. N. Russell when the latter started the i Ice "plant here in 1898, and when the plant was purchased by the : Abso-Pure Ice & Coal Company several years ago, he went right along. He expects to continue in this business for many more years, being in good health, and; his many friends trust his expectations will be realized. HAS NEW EVIDENCE. CLIPPER PLANE IS t Attorney for Bruno Hanptmann Says it Will Save His Client. Tribune.- Want Ads Pay. •<• request- union of tln> entire family. present. j To questioners. Dr. Dafoe said: ~ j "There is no definite plan, but this is the hope." {^Victor Moore Says: "It's the Top in Motor Mary Lou Clifton, 8-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Clifton' of Hobbs, suffered a painful injury Wednesday evening while visiting with her parents at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Griffith in Sharpsville. The little girls was playing tag with her cousin an'd some other children when she fell, cutting a two-inch gash in her head. She was rushed to a physician, and the wound closed. Thursday morning she was reported to be resting well at her home in Hobbs where she was taken from the doctor's office. Los Angeles, June 13.—Armed with assertedly new evidence which he said "will save Bruno Ricliard Hanptmann from the electric chair," A'ttorney Vincent' A. Margo yesterday was preparing to leave for Now York to renew the legal battle to save the convicted slayer of the Lindbergh baby. The attorney contends his new'evidence hinges on two major points which he maintains he can : prove—kidnaping of Lindbergh baby was an "inside job" and ' did not involve the ladder which experts testified was made by Hauptmann and .that Hauptmann was not • in the vicinity of Hopewell, N. J., on the night of the abduction. Flying to Honolulu, Then Will Go on to the Midway Island Group. RADIO BEAM CONTROL (By United Press). Honolulu, June 13i_— Pan American Airways' giant black and silver Clipper Ship landed on Pearl Harbor at 8:57 a. m. (PST) today after a triumphal flight from Alameda to Honolulu. Capt. Edwin C. Musick, skipper of the trail-blazing, flying boat, and his crew of five men thus became .the only aviators. in history to fly the 2,410-mile expanse of water between the California coast and Hawaiian Islands more than once. Defying rain squalls an'd forecasts of cyclonic conditions over the Pacific, the Clipper soared from its East San Francisco Bay terminal at 3 p. m. (PST) yesterday. Time of the flight pared -12 minutes from the Clipper's previous record, established on the east-west flight April 16 and 17. Today's journey was completed in 17 hours, 57 minutes, compared' to the first flight record of IS hours, 39 minutes. (Hy United Trossl. Alameda, Airport, Cal., June At the Diana. !^ \ now starring In biggest musical I'Vsays: "I tor/new Dodge because fcjlifirfaileeto ... and wm* "-" iteflodthatitgavem* I oil economy." 5 mors miles per .mQoii , of gas than they do, andiny ofl dosts are as much as 20% less." Wherfvw you go, the stpry i i the « *pe. Owners are sirri- f Jy; amaawd at Boy Drowned. Kokomo, June 13. — Richard Johns, 7-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Johns, drowned while swiming in a gravel pit near here yesterday, the first drowning victim of 1935 in Howard county. Try a Tribune Want Ad. to, HBE 95 — ENNA JETTICK8 — 80 America'* Smartest Walking Bhoea. * NT7-WAY SHOE STORE North Side Square — Tipton; GERMAN CALAMITY. Many Workers in Factory Killed In Explosion. i (By United Press). Berlin, June 13.—Between 20 and 40 persons were killed today in an explosion' at a munitions factory at Reinsdorf, Saxony, the propaganda ministry announced. The ministry announced, however, ithat the deaths might reach 50 when a complete check hae been made. The propaganda ministry said the explosion was in a fireworks factory. Guaraatwd Values The (JLAD-WAY Store lipton, Indiana. PTOMAINE POISONING. Ten FERA Workers Made HI on , Beef Tongue Sandwiches. (By United Press). Indianapolis, June 13. — Ten men employed on an FERA street grading project were rushed to hospitals apparently suffering from 'ptomaine poisoning today shortly after eating lunches obtained at' a transient shelter. Sonie of the men were reported seriously ill. All had eaten beef tongue sandwiches supplied at the relief bu- Wlth more than 150,000 volts of electricity crackling through the air at Columbia studiog, all radio deception and sound recording was seriously handicapped during the filming of scenes for "Air Hawks," the aviation; melodrama featuring Ralph Bellamy, Wiley Post, Tala Birell, Douglass Dumbrille and Victor Ktlian, which will open Sunday at the Diana theater. The high voltage was necessary to create a large and spectacular spark: capable of rivaling the artificial lightning manufactured in huge j electrical laboratories. The 150,000 volts are capable of leap- Ing through more than ten feet of space. As ! this powerful current carried possible death and certain serious Injury to anyone through whoni Its vagaries might cause :t to pass, elaborate' precautions wero taken by electrical engineers to protect the players and the crew from elctricutlon. 13. — Buffeted by head and cross winds and skirting a cyclone area, a giant four-motored plane of the Pan-American " Airways' Transoceanic service turned minutes into miles today on a trail-blazing flight across the Pacific to the Midway Islands, 3,800 miles distant. Welcoming unfavorable weather as a test of the plane's ability to stand heavy blows and sudden squalls in 1 regular commercial service, soon to be ' inaugurated from California to China, the crew of the gray-hulled amphibian guided her steadily westward toward Honolulu, the first stop. At regular intervals through the night Captain Edwin C. Musick, a .pilot with a record of 1,000,000 miles of flyin'g without a serious accident, reported "everything going fine" on the second trip he and his ship have made across the western waters. Nine and a half hours after leaving Alameda the plane was 1,167 miles out and had 2,233 to go. SILVER: SITUATION. Rise in Price Attributed to Speculation by Morgenthau. Washington, June 13.—A denial of a - suggestion that the recent break in the silver market was caused by government operations, and factual assurances that the administration was following out the letter and spirit of the Silver Purchase Act of 1934 have been sent by Secretary Morgenthau to Senator McCarran in answer to the latter's recent query about the Treasury's dealing in the metal. In a letter to the Senator Mr. Morgenthau expressed belief that the "abnormal rise" in 1 the price of silver to 81 cents an ounce late in April was attributable to speculative operations, and the disappearance of "this un- lealthy condition' and influence" lad made for a more wholesome market, even considering th more recent price decline, he a erted. Mr. Morgenthau declined give any information con'cernin the operation of the stabiiizatio fund set up by congress to pr tect the administration's mon tary policy. He thought a discu sion of this subject would n'ot b in the public interest. But as to silver, he cited th heavy purchases of the Treasur from Aug. 1, 1934, to May 31 .1 this year, the purchases amoun ing to 421,497,000 ounces', a facts that spoke for themselves a to the policy and purpose of th Treasury in carrying out the Si ver Purchase Act. I iA*r Hew Assortment of I I ler Tallies 1 I! '• 12c and |15c Dozen LUE FRONT RUG RIGID ECONOMY. Will Be Attempted l>y Govern, ment of Danzig. . j who nine • Mraj. Henry Landseadel, has been ill for the past days, jremalns confined to her bed but \yas reported some better Thursday morning. She has been suffering with bowel trouble and has been quite ill. reau. ! Visited at Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Peter WelamiHer and Mrs. T. F. Hancock and daugh'ier, Capltola, were at Indianapolis Wednesday and visited - WeiinjflleV ' 'or i thyroid iron WATCH KIDNEYS SAME AS BOWELS Wufc <Mtr«r »,2M Flirt e! Bfc* Tdba Tour bowela contain only 87 feet of intettines, yet the kidneys contain nearly 110 million tiny tubes or niters which would measure 79,200 feet if laid end to «nd. Therefore, It is juit aa Important to watch the kidneys aa the bowel*. Kidneys are working all th* time and are one of Nature's chief wayjiotf taking the acids and polson- --- ~ ^' t .oftjif th» Wood. , paa* thru the T get rl" 'and get rid of f 8 pounds of waste matter. * than thl* your 79,200 be clogged No attempt was being made to set any speed records. The plane was expected in Honolulu within 18 hours after its departure at 3:00 p. m. yesterday from its home base here. After at least one day in the Hawaiian capital, Musick and his crew of five will lift the 17-ton ship into the air again and headed northwest to the Midway Island, group, 1,500 miles from Honolulu. The flight was a test of a powerful radio beam, installed for the commercial service. The station at Alameda provided the power for the beam through Xhe first half of the journey. Then' a Honolulu unit was to take up the task. A third station at Midway will direct the plame from the Hawaiian Islands to its destination. Four new 720-horsepower motors drove the plane across the Pacific today. They" have a top spoed of 19-2 miles an hour but Murtick averaged between 1 102 and 120 on the early stages of the flight. YOUNG PRIESTS. Class at Notre Dame to Be O dained on June 24. Notre Dame, June 13.—N teen members of the congregj tion of Holy Cross will be or dained to the Roman 1 Catholi priesthood by the Most Reveren John' F. Noll, bishop of For Wayne, on Monday, Juno 24. The services will take place I Sacred Heart Church on the Uni versity of Notre Dame campus Minor orders of the priesthoo were conferred during the yJas year. .Indiana serinariaus to be or dained follows: Richard D. Patrick, Plymouth Claude L. Boehm, South Bend Charles M. Carey, Kokomo: Thomas P. Jones, Indianapolis; Alfrec Mendez, Evansville; Fran'cis W Sullivan, South Bend, and George H. Szymanowski, South Bend. All are graduates, of the University of Notre Dame and have spent the last four years in theological studies at Holy Cross College. POINTS TO WIFE. Slight Improvement. A slight Improvement has bnen noted in the condition of Mrs. James Robinson, residing north-. east of Tipton who has been ill for many weeks. For the past two. weeks <Mrs. Robinson lias : been able to sit up in a chair for- abort periods and seems stronger, although still very "weak from her long confinement la bed. Chances Are That Mrs. Barns Murdered Her Husband. Indianapolis, June 13.—The chances are ten to one that Mrs. Minnie Burns, 58 years old, committed suicide after shooting fatally her husband, Jerome H. Burns, 63, Dr. William E. Arbuckle, coroner, announced last night after completion of ballistic and podler nitrate tests. Tests revealed that the weapon found Tuesday imbedded in the mud of a railroad ditch beneath Mrs. Burns' body was the same that flred the bullets that killed the woman and her husband, a ballistics expert said. ANKLJ 15c -— l#c LAN Phone 182 — 18£ STS — 25c E'S > E. Jefferson Father's Day Cakes DePasse Bakery Danaiz, Free State, June 13.; Arthur Grelsleri leader of tl government, announced during _ general declaration of policy '• inj the Diet yesterday a sweeping economy program ;to solve Danzig'a financial crisis. ; His program forecast dismissal of 100 teachers;, 500 state functionaries and reduction of pensions. | ; He emphatically denied reports that Danzig had adopted the Po!- ishzloty for Its currency. The end of the bank holiday Is noc inj sight. ; PITTS CASE. Tip-Off on Probable Landis Decision IH Given. Chicago, June; 13.—A possible tip-off as to the: ruling Kenesawj Mountain Landis will make 3n| the Alabama Pitjs case has been! uncovered in the files of a Chicago • newspaper, f ! When Landis resigned as Federal court judge; here in February, 1922, a list of his many famous sayings was printed. One was: "When a prisoner has served his term in the -penitentiary he has paid his debt ;to society and is worthy of the saine treatment as any other citizen." : Devil's Food Cakes Devil's Foodl^Cnp Cakes Lemon CASE'S BAKERY OUR LEADER COFJM A Remarkable Valae. 15c Per Lb. Sterling prbcery Phone 834. 42O Walnut Ht. Tod^y i Afternoon a$d Night FOl'R SHOAvk DAILY TIPTON MERCHANTS' SHOW 'Lightning Strokes! Twice' With Ben Loon find Thelma fodd. You'll Laugh t'ntil Your Sides Hurt. Also Comedy and; Fables Friday and Saturday JOHN WAYNE! In "The Rainbojv- galley* Also KEN MAJfNARD in "Mystery l^Wntain" Oswald, tt»: labbit fek

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