The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 5, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1934
Page 6
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BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK,) COURIER NEWS IK mm TELLS BOER 0 ,SS j iraucher Predicts Night Club Darling Will Knock Out Primo Camera BY BILL BRAUCKER NEA Service Spoils Editor A grinning young gorilla with a "g tassel on" his cap started train- S the other day in preparation v a night In 'June when he will '.i the heavyweight championship •f the world. A verbal licking administered by ;: Jck. Dompsey Is r.elping the fellow " o keep his mind on his work. Jack ;«iows just what the boy must go .through to get Into shape. : Muscles long used to clasping Huffy arms arc being assigned now io the serious business of busting beaks. Legs thai carried tr.c man throng]] the caprices of the Carioca ire diverted now to the hard moim- lain trails. Max User Is celling ready to knock a few pages Into history on n night In June In Ual Dig bowl on Long Island. The Lowduwn j How do I knon- Max Uaer will peat the Onf? Say, 1 never was mrer of anything in my life! Baer Hot only will beat ihe overst/.ed OIK' Sut he will lay him out as cold us •>ne of those frosly Daiquiris they •erve at Sloppy joe's down Havana j Accordingly Oils department has •ilarted putting aside nve eenLs a i*«k. for the evil purpose ol \vager- -|ng that Baer knocks out Camera inside of 12 rounds. Don't s;iy you jiaven't been told scon enough to jet aboard the band wagon, lay [t all that way—t tic odds ought to ?e eight or 10 against—nnd sit Jack and watch Die working people or a while. : The Argument •'( I wasn't quite so positive about jhls until I saw the Oaf nBalnst rominy Loughran a few weeks ago n sun-kissed Florida in tnc battle ...)I the fractured arches. Thai filmr- . :ey affair stuck in Hie memory, lint Jp»" I can ECU how bad Sharkey *ally was that night last summer, 'UMl how actually inetlecluil the ?af is. .-! After tr.e 10th round, the Oaf hit . tommy wllh all he had. And If It fasn't enough to put away dodder- ng old Thomas, it will be Just, a »t or two to Into gorilla with Ihe -assel on his cap. ; UHighraii let me in en a few nings down in Miami lhat night, ii one of the early rounds, he let : !0 with a right hand lhat he irought all the way-from Phlladel- I >hla via Air Express. The boys j *ck in the two-bit pews saw It | .omlng. The Oaf was as wide open j is a New Orleans bar. and that j *ht hand went right to llw bnt- j on. I 1- p • • t Baer Has It i.Poor old Tommy didn't have It, >f course. He never was a hitler, flri hasn't improved with age. Bui ;hat right hand knocked the Oaf •;«koo. just the same. The anclenl '.cughran chilled the Big Still for just a lew fleeting seconds. The £at shook It off, came back all hot rad bothered and slepped on Tom ny's dogs; but lhat isn't the morn if the story. 1 What I'm trying to say Is tha ;here Is some connection betwcei be Oafs Jaw and his brain cells !fter all. And if old Tlwmas' feo- :'(le right hand could put a couple if brain cells on half time for a ,ew seconds, it appears lo me lhat lie Oaf is vulnerable. -, My'picture Is Baer swinging his jight hand against the same pohit Jack Makes Maxie Mind i TOLD vou BEFORE VOD8 THURSDAY, APRIL 5, 1934 .levlllc, Arsunsas. 10 the highest! foitoivln* descilbrd property which Udder on a credit of three mon-i is , situated In the Chiekasawoa His the lota-ing describc-d prop-. nisirici of Mississippi Coumy. Army which Is situated In tli:- : k msils [o-vUl: irlght baseball memory. 'ITie first four gnmcs were split even-Steven, nnd Cr.e nilh was rc- [indcd ns Ihe "cioorlal" cunlcsl. Jcfore Die tame'Mack called li!g neorge nnd I/sfty Grove aside. "Earnstiaw, you Marl," said Muck. Give us everylhliij; you've yot. The ">' NEA SrrvUc series dc|Knds on yon." I When KIdi'ti Anl:i-r iv;is ] halfback nnd quarterback fo. COOKIES REVIEW iiiiom. inn! there won 111 nnd losl j 10. setting up ;m carned-riin uv- Icui'je uf i52. Hie Master McMlilln at "Uii" Stale, lie George had everything tlial didn't .dream he'd be ii|;lu in line Job a steady the 'iMi'rs' ]>ltL-hlng :>ilf. lint Ilial to lie ihe ] nuw. Auki-r, due lo he day, speed, u wicked curve. of (mce. Pur .seven Innings he .shut nil the Cardinals, then was taken oni for a pinch hitter. Grove look ip ti-c chore where George left oil. and u'l:cn Ihe game wns over [lie Athletics hud won. 2 lo 0. The nexl day wns Sunday. On Monday George was cent lo tin- slab ngnln. mid onee more hi> pitched his nnme into history wild a 7 o 1 victory over Irte Cardinals in he deciding gnme. He whooped nnd dfi|icrd like n boy when Ihe lasl Cardinal went iul In the ninth Inning of [hat lasl jame. Looking buck al his youlli- ul enlhusiasm Hint day, It is hard to realize how hi; .sllp^d, finally reaching the polnf where Mack ills- . nlssed him last before llic>ork scnson Imd ended with ll:ese words '1 am tick Enrmliaw- aronndl' .... , , atl , ninions will help him to regiiln gers last year, winning three and us stride. It t s not ptasnnt lo (dropping the .Mime number Ik• re u great nthlete law his power. I wax Inrnieil for bcnsonlm; ;u ;Motorcyclist Found Africans Liked Jokes WASHINGTON. (UP) - African n nie ordinary folks who tiiljismei work every day and e'njuy "« B ^ joke, James C. Wilson, former college Instiiiclor, io!d the Niuionu) UeCKruphic society. Wilson, who motorcycled a.OOl) •inlk-s across Afrfai, declared he saw no savages and few wild animals. "U Is time," ho s.i:d, "llitu sDme- oii(.- told Ihe truth :i Um n. t .-.e Africans, -riiuy n:- L . juit ]j|; L , 1K op|f nil over the world. When yon get lo know Hit-in, they are jusi like neighbors." , Among Wilson's Irophles is a iind itii-.ilriiiii lolluivcd from a tree trunk Tina nnl wool blankets woven find cm-' doing very - hroldered Ijy natives proven i ' favorable :, 0 ;it Spring Drills I-0 III in i-n t, hLs | STATE COLLKC.K l>a (UP)-- dniwn from Mamg.-r; Spring footDnll drills at the Penn- HAnitisituau. in. (upi—A n- yeur-old canary, silent for nine years nnd blind for several months, is singing nnd seeing again, tr.e owner, Mrs. Hoberi Roce. rtiiorled. Nine ysurs ago the bird becnmc silent. Until recently it has not uttered n sound. A few months ago! It became blind. While blind the' Ctiehnine. !1 " d . ,.""••" of scill ''s| Auker. a 24-year-old right hand- iHtehcd six games for Hie Ti- sylvania College are being attended by more than SO candidates. headed by Captain Merrill Morrison, I'lllhuk'lphla, Coach Hob HiggiiLS Is slrrr.siirj the fundamentals of charging nn( | blocking. jf contact. i ,-oing to be! What a crash that's Slides Braucher the M*OM it W»r is just a. chance that . - E»rnstiaw, the well-known iwarttunore Whale, is waking up. rhaps someone has stuck the un« man with a pin. Training unp dispatches lell how he is go- to bear down against his old \ the A's, how he is going to let oft Mickey Cochrane, his old tcner *ho now l s managing the •trolt Tigers, and how he is go- I to win 20 or more ball oames )r the White Sox. The Big Moose, who during two ~ series was one of the great- itchers ! ever saw, has been .. of laziness, indifference and > wral peevishness. Ws own explanation is: "j had tot^of duTerenees with Mack over mostly, W hlch kept me from "~ great ball (Moral: Raise . i man's pay!); in fact, I oat particular whether I pltch- or not at those prices. But I'm Oj in exceUent thape and am ca*« of glrinf the White Sox 100 T cent return on the dollar" Toiwy u M«ns makes the Moose •M 1' he returns to the form too*** 1 t*c\ in 1930, Chicago ft are (otag to set sone twlrl- *d wrtes that year remaliu a The Ijmous GOODYEAR PATHFINDER — blowout - protected by 4 FUI.I. PLIKS of Supcrmi&i Cord Insulated iiiih licat-reMjt- ln£ rubhiT. !N EVERY GOODYEAR AT EVERY PRICE BLOWOUT PROTECTION IN EVERY PLY! Lasting Strength Proved The folloHiiij; results of m:\ny luiinslunviluMv- lT:l|>cperci'iitof original slrvnftih remaining in tire cords utter 8. Id and 21 llnms.uuU ol milt's: 'Mlli-t Siiprrnihr Or.llnai)- Him •llr<-i:,,r,l. TtltCunl. 8,000 93% S2% U.OOO 819b 36% 2-1,000 62% ? Snpertwist Con!—a Cooil- ycar iMU'nt — stretches, nbjorlis shocks, and come* back iimnii! Thoroughly rulihcrt/cil lo resist hrat, it gives hmmit blowout protection in every ply. Ask us lo demonstrate! Every Cotxlyear in our store lias at least four full plies of Supprtwist Cord — each one rubberized to resist lieat — the most lasting blowout protection your money can buy. Because Goodyear makes tbe mast tires, Goodyear can give tbc most value — for example, Snpertwist Cord protect ion in every ply! See liow nuicli more safety the same price buys here. GOODFYE , CLU6. IN &P11E. Of FINANCIAL LOSStS IN RECEtlf .VEAte, R£L£A5ED SHOt'ON VJHOSE*-BOOO HftO aVEAR^' KUN....UOW Oltv) IS. CWCfi ECTORG TfllS SACKSroPt /•'AWAGED Tile PHILS- He PILOTED Tfie TEA.M iw TIIE THE. !92t> CAMPAIGN At-YEJ? ART FL£1£)|ER WAS S^Pf.MDE[).... IJlsnlci of Misiilssi|,|il j my. Arkansas, to-vvli: i linn to the City of Elythe- | . property will IK said stib-1 Jtcl lo Die lien of ihc 1-lve Thou-, \ Dollar (iO.WXl.nO) deed of i i tri.M In lavor ol Union Ui'iurai jl.ile ln:.iniiaie Compitny. v.ill 1^? rt(|ini'ni lo give I liniici nnd Lu addition ;i hen v.ill tje reuiinwl to .'.eturv • M' purchase pile;, llll'i til? -llh day uf Ajiril. 1QM. XOTICI: or SAI.I: 01 i:i;.-u. KSTATI-: Is lu-ivty Li«':i Iti.'il ihii ', uiuki;i.;iKd as Ccji.rui .-iii.ii-r. wii : on Hit :>1ih duv , I IVI.n :.j-v i I!JM, \fj H,e Ullam-r. v (-'.ll.-l I.,I ' I tlit Llliickii::iv.l;a Ijj-lint t,t M.-.)i County. Arkait.iis. in ;. . Nuinlx-r 557U, wlifiiin A. fi j I Link-. :is 'I'lijsli-t- ti:r Hi - Fir;:i | Kiiltunill V,:i\\Y ol lilyth.-iiile, Aln-;,.s kiid I!. 1.. liu.d.L-y, Ki-L'i-lvel ! ••.•u\ l.;t!\k tti-re l-lidlllllls. iim: ,e:l;il.- ol Atllli'? M. M:I:;OII. (!:•-! ji.fii:i-d. W. K. M:>.su;i, I'.iul Vicl.,1 ' Masiii (I Diiioihy Jean ^.ILl^.o:l | I I'.i.-ie l)i findanl<--. cri S.'.l.a'd.iv 'April ^Lth. !!i::4, (,:^.r lor -.air j :••<- ];ul)lic auction. :ii the soutn I t:<>or (,f ill- I'uiirt hir.hL- in liiy- Iheville in Ihr- ln a h,,M i ; i,;di-i- i,n I'R-dil of three monllts the The Ta-:l Half lE'i) of ' ol El-:li: (0) end nil of Lot Nine '9) In IMork Five (5) Drivl-: Third Addition lo ihe City o! One noli- (Inic-d ,Jnn. 22, 19M. vh'-rrh;.' Ciii'iJp-i f.'and^rs I.T vn.llli- ] i' to pay C. H. I/ino::.'; A'-ent for W. S. iiixl Aridii- Maifin nl. Nov. 15. IMS. TI il:oi':,'ml (inllari with in- li'ir^.t nt ;v: p-r ;mni.'m fiojn t'lil: 1 . I hi b-l:>i:t.-e of the prln- Oir: nite ihied April 2Gth, 1010. ' vlicri'ij'.' Charles Kp.nd;r5 fr.r. vi'l'-c pro!nlrrd lo pav to C. i:. . A-<-i I for W. S. anil ^,- f j:,, \[^;o-, !( i i:ov i ]i'.l, r -i f):h. r !i'!fi tin- .-mi of sni r,o v.;:h il'Irjr t Til 'ijtil per ecnl <£'';) fium I'uK 1 . fin- re'" i!:ifii Jin. 13. 19:10. v.hucb" W. H. E:i:;!i.-y for v^ilur- i-:ii:ii , (I in rnv t^hailcs ;*:jild- (rs J 1 ! fiii.Eiihs 'iff r dale llieir-- 11 li;i! -inn of HK^nn with In- li •!•!• t a: ri'^hl p:-r fill Ui'~; I |^ r :M:I:I:I:I ln::n d;He; saiii i'i" l>:>v!ir' l.'f.-n i-niiors-d lo Iho iiidi-i ol C. b. l/'inons. /!•:•!;! hv Charle. 1 . F.uuli rs and in khink by C. H. L"intin<<. l"'i'l I I!'" |-:i!:inr^ of ].rim-i' :i! i!i:r belli"; C17.IO. H'.-VM v.ill !:•.• ri":"iv;'il Li i'l." :i r-ol\f-2it f;oh<:. :ir,d in udtlJLion :t hi'ii v.UJ l.i- i tuiiu-d to .-;i r-.r.- tin: |iiin-h'..v |ji-:i.e. '!hi.. t!:i- Ull <!:iy n! April. TO! Fall Cured Silent j these alarm stations broailcnst the all Llireu ullcnl JI"V.-IL- m.Lim .M;UIOILS uaiiiiicnst inc r Afi «• v I approach of mildew ns suoii as Ihe Canary Alter Nine learsipariiMticiii fmu-us maki-s ILS ap- pearnneo. The copier mine In Ihe raslem Umled KliiU's Is located on hagle Creeki Swain connly, N. C., nnd Ls as the Funiaiiii. XOTICK OF SAI.I-: Ndlir-e is hereby given lhat the ago ii fell olf Us perch nnd ap- pearcd dying. A few minutes later the bird oiwni'd its eyes, the vision restored, bird began singing and n feu 1 weeks j niuieisigntd us Commissioner TV i, r.,n ,,ir :,„ .,^_^, , . . in oljedieni-e to a dcciee en'.crcd on the ^7lh day of February. 1U34. by the Clmnc'.ry Couri for liie CIiiekn;:invba Oislriet of Mississippi County. Arkansas in a cause, numbered 5595, wherein R. L. Hradley, Receiver for Ihe Fiihl Nalional Bank of Blylheville, Ar- Z Mildew Alarms Ittaily j kan-sus. nnd A. O. Liltle. as Trus- J AHlb (Ul>) --Mildew alarms Hee. wi-re Plainiilfs nnd Uxell K. DranstiTi and Ethel F. lliansoii , flew lo the |icrch and sang and long. , loud cun now be .sent out, over French We Buy Government Loan COTTON Also will give cash settlement in full at time of sale -Let us see your samples before you sell 0.0. Hardaway & Co. S. Second St. o]icrallon of government services . dcor of the court house in lily Also, the GOODYEAR SPEEDWAY I* hlowout-proU'cteU yet costs us little j* "P Motor Sway The only way lo completely liiliritali- your tur. \\' v have Ihe only ci|iiipnient of this kinil in (his cotmlry. See il in stflion :tt uur nhice. SHOUSE-LITTLE CHEVROLET'CO. Bluthcvitle, Ark. Good Uwd Tires $1 Gnaranteeil Tire Repairing A YOU as expert as SHE? THINK for a minute—what if you had the house to run, meals to plan and children to care for? Do you think you could do the job as well as your wife does':' On the same amount of moneyV Be honest. The housewives of the nation study and know their jobs. They read the advertisements regularly. They keep themselves informed of the best olTering-s of the stores. They are expert purchasing agents. These purchasing agents, from necessity or individual desire, aim to make every dollar spent return a full one hundred cents' worth in value. They know their needs. They know through the advertisements just where these needs can be best supplied at the least cost. Such intelligent buying saves time and effort and money. It results in a management of the home that is truly efficient. Here's some good advice for all of us. Read the advertisements. Read them everyday. Through them we can know exactly what we want'be Tore wr> go to buy. This is the surest way of securing full value for every dollar you spend.

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