Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on January 10, 1949 · Page 11
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 11

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, January 10, 1949
Page 11
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Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker liVJKJNiJN'U TlMrib, 10, ' ^•i/'sV..'^- 4l$te FRANCIS -X.-BUSHMAN, born Jan. 10, 1SS4, "iff: >Tof folk, .Va. He left, Ammendaie.^CoHoee altcr^ his second year to go "* on the stage,' and some, 10-years reigned as* -King of '.the Movies" ln v -!silent picture days.' His lavendar automo-; bile and servants in Invcadar livery •were the pride' of Hollywood. When ills p o p u larfty waned in the.'20s" he lost mimoha He went back ";&>'•;vaudeville and now is comlortawevla Chicago play- ini; radio r'"" Your Individual Horoscope section In which yjur birth-1 .so-called reforms. Auk for things -in right manner. OCTOBER 24 to .NOVEMBER 22 (Scorpio;—Several caution signals out today. Look In ^day comes nnd -l^tl what your ouUook is, ^according to iho- stars, For Tuesday. January 33 MARCH -21 to APftlL' 20 (ArlcM — The •wise will keep away from - controversies, 'crgUmcnL!) in genernl. Await your turn; don't force opinions and things may come 'without over-pressing. APRIL .2] to MAY 20 (Taurus)— Ap&ro- printe time to concenirute on building Tor tomorrow and -the future. . Stay "put" where irritating elements confuse the situation 1 ,' let well ennujjh alone. Avoid personalities. MAY 21 to :JUN£ ( Gemini)— Thoroughly study what is on. the calendar before acting. It may be your day, it may not be; the lino of demarcation Is fine, .delicate lefjjil matters to settle; 23 to JULY 23' (Cancer)—Aim to be ready for the unexpected, the unusual, todny. Indications' warn against rashness, or a too-matter-of-fact attitude, : Give cnch tusk full cooperation, all-out effort. JOLY 24 to AUGUST 22 ILOOJ—Build. AUGUST 23 to SEPTEMBER 23 (VirRO) —Note advice to Leo about hard effort today. If today's Job isn't well done, tomorrow's will present complications. And wntch the little, "unimportant" thine*. SEPTEMBER 24 to OCTOBER 23 (Libra) —Make provisions for mishaps. sHKht miscalculations; these arc" always with us, may be prominent now. Don't fall in with Be wise, use your' keen intelligence and results can be beneficial. Don't run into trouble, slow down before actir.p;. NOVEMBER 23 to DECEMBER 22 (Sagittarius!—Better outlook than you may suppose. _ Be a student ot events and causes that ' cast their shadows before. Have proper attitude. KOod manners, ob-. scrvance. honest Intent. DECEMBER 23 to JANUARY 21 (Capricorn)—Ransack your active mind for. fresh Ideas, mean to attain: aspects favor sound, energetic effort. Make, use of accessibility, opportunity; hold to even disposition nnd you will achieve. . JANUARY FEBRUARY 20 fAquar- Jusl—Makinfr ends meet, holding the line sturdily apalnst opposition are two of day's MUSTS. Personitl matters .can .be shelved until a more propitious period. FEBRUARY 21 to MARCH 20 (Pisces^ — Good business and work outlook. Do.what you should before launching out Into oth- thlnk,-work, strive all you can' to pro-' cr flolds - Stress essential matters more mote .your causes sensibly. Avoid lavish j thR "' ordinarily and don't have any loodisplay: you will', be crlWMzed. Look -for sure' attitude, news of documents, needed data. ' -I YOU BORN TODAY: Your Sign Cnprl: corn is indicative of ambition, system, thrift, and also personality. Maybe over- careful at limes, thereby loslnfi opportunities, wearing self down. You are, when rlchtly educated, capable of facing a leader, organizer, pood business, manager. Be not too.persistent: this can make enemies. Don't 1 seek the material -gains at the cost of spiritual loss. Strike a happy rf.ediuin daily^and you can -make (treat strides in whatever -work or vocation you choose. Avoid ' melancholy. Jealousy. Blrtnciatc: Alexander Hamilton, Amcr. economist; Avm. James, Atner. philosopher. (Copyright.- 1949, Klnc Features Syndicate, Inc.! British Schools Crowded, Understaffed Survey Shows • LONDON—OT—British universities are overcrowded and understaffed. Their overworked teachers' get too little pay. These are the finding's of a committee appointed to report on ur.iversily development from 1935 to 1947 as part ol a government study of nationa! educational needs. ' • | .Like most of Eiitair.'s other current troubles, the shortcomings o the universities are largely, attributed to the.wari They exist, the oommittee said, -despite the fact that university incomes have more than doubled in, the 12 years cov- ered by the 'report. Most of the (staff due to the • intermission of money is provided by the govern-'training and recruitment during the i war will only correct itself grad- popular university courses i'." rr.cnt. Most since the war are in science and technology, 1 the number of students in those 4 studies almost doubling in two years. The committee said that increased .enrollment since the war has "in most .universities ovei whelmed the existing accommodation and .the shortage of teaching Marian Anderson Tonight on The Telephone Hour WTBO9P ,$50 TO $1OOO Household^Finance lends money' for ANY good reason. You. can'liofrow to pay overdue bills, _taxes, medical bills, repair bills and emergency, expense's. LOANS MADE WITHOUT EHOORS£RS OR GUARANTORS HFC loans are made on signature, car or furniture. You can^take 6,'12, 15 or more months to repay depending on' the purpose of your loan. Our chnrge on loans' of $300 t and less is substantially less than tlie lawfnlmaxi- tnunr^Phone or stop in toclny. Roiary Speaker Named D. J. Hansen, Johnstown. Pa., •will address the Rotary Cliib tomorrow at the Central Y.M.C.A. at 12:15 p, m. -. ' IF YOU HAD A NECK Al 10NO At JHI* FELLOW WITH DONALD VOORHEES flND THE BELL TELEPHONE ORCHESTRA 6% A Year, up to SI500 Small Sorv/cc Charge 15 MONTHS GET , Monthly Pay $200 S14.74 $40b 529.83 $500 ' $37.07 $600' $44.55 $800 $59.09 We'll pay off any balance you now owe ond reduce payments to s'uic YOU CESSNA FINANCE CORPORATION 6'/i SI. Liberty St. Phone 3574 Money for All Purposes At Low Cost "Unless additional accomnioJation can be speedily provided," it continued, "the present student' num- bers cannot be maintained without grave risk of impairing, not only academic standards which car. be measured 'directly by examination results, but also these imponderable elements which form so valuable a part of university lil'e." Coih You (M * $100 200 300 500 1000 • MONT ' 20'. paymti S 6.-11 12.65 J8.SO 28,88 56.81 HLY PA IS payrnti S 8.0S 15.98 23.80 37.17 73.66 rMENT F n Qaymti $ 9.75 19.33 28.82 46.09 90.5S LANS 6 i>f/mti 518.15 36.13 54.02 89.3<i 175.43 *S»l)j«t.H) Rtcutrtion W. Paymmis above iiichide catts of the loan if repaid on schedulf. Ctw^es on loans abort $300 me made under the Industrial Finance Lou. \ Liberty Trust Co. BJdg., 6Hi Floor : , Entrance on Centre St, Ju*t off . -C PHONE: 5200-^-Cumfawfc •-<r... Loans Matl? to Rf.sitfcnts of tvtarb? ToiotK ^HOUSEHOLD FIHMCE NOW, OPEN! The Dolphin Bar 107 N. Centre .St. featuring SEA FOODS • Oysters on th« Half Shell •' Shrimp • Clams • Oyster Stew 3ccr Liquors Win YOUR ... . defense in COURT Money paid to seltie claims is only one advantage of having liability insurance. You may value even more -the freedom from worry over what someone'might do to you in court. No need to fecr that .kind of "bad luck" when you are properly insured. Let's Talk It Over ' GEARE - EVERSTINE AGENCY . Liberty Trusf Building . WHERE HOLLYWOOD'S BEST PICTURES PLAY AT LOWEST PRICE OF ADMISSION ADULTS 35c CHILDREN 20c TODAY • LAST DAY \ IRENE DUNNE, i'l REMEMBER •MM a THESE TWO BIG HITS I Baton'Encounter Troute! x MUM CBSIDt Jr. G-Men & Cartoon fl "THE MARAUDERS" TUESDAY'AND WEDNESDAY DOUBLE VALUE * DOUBLE-FEATURE .fammm HcDONALD ' Utm£lAiKill-NaaW 9 nn T8E FODR INK SPOTS "" Triumph of Triumphs Vivien LEIGH KARE for : EXPERT ; DRY CLEANING Phone 5163-M Pick-up & Delivery Serv/ct TRI-STATE CLEANERS Maryland Avc. at Williams St. {{Ruptured O< <Pl~i Otkfn No* Wur • F«nn MIIXU TntM prvrU* MM.I «r»r tw. mta ~li YW pliTricuB Ww* t* t*>r *RAND'S CUT RATE BALTIMORE A>T> CENTRE STI. BORROW SENSIBLY if you need cosh for winter expense;, our service is prompr, friendly , and private ' ". Loans up to $300.00 Note — Furniture — and Auto Loans INDUSTRIAL LOAN SOCIETY, INC, No. 301, Liberty Trujr Bids. 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Union at George ON OUR STAGE IN PERSON AMERICA'S FAVORITES THE HOOSIER HOT SHOTS STARS OF RADIO-SCREEN Stage and DECCA Records HEZZIE * KEN 1949 Xmas Club OPEN Join Now I THE COMMERCIAL SAVINGS-BANK; City Hall Squiure — Ciunberhtnd Zfembvr Fi6. Ufpoiit Inzvranct Corf. GIL * GAB At - 2:00 - 4:00 - 7:00 - 9:30 THE KORNCERT KINGS ON THE SCREEN "ROSE OF THE YUKON" with Steve Brody - Myrno Dell STARTS THURSDAY The singing stars of "Arvcbon Awelgh* together again ' • Print Percale Ajisortmcnt of '^ay, , neat pittcrns!' Fine quality. Fast color. Get yoor supply. RCR. 2.69 - 2.79 Women's - Children's Rubber Boots '1.77 ,, ir Men's. Work Hose Fine quality durable hose in all- men's sizes 10'^ to 12. Stock up plow! e c i a I POTTERY BOUDOIR LAMPS SI .47 With Shades These graceful pottery lamps are lovely enough to use In any room . . . not. only the bedroom! So ,get as many as you need to brighten your entire house! Big variety of pretty shapes with assorted colorful designs. With shades. TONIGHT 6 to 9 138-148fBaltimore St. Cumberland TODAY TUESDAY! YOU'LL LOVE BETSY DRAKE, A^SPARKLING NEW STAR FEATURE/T Plus, BOWL GAMES '" 8 - 10 WED. & THURS. ALL NEW SHOW! DIRECT FROM HOLLYWOOD RADIO AND TELEVISION! * CAST INCLUDES BERK & HALLO A[) ^^ uP f S . Voice of JOE ALLEN slaror ';^'',-^ A! . m) ,. ^ GEORGE NICOLLS & C STANLEY KANE COMEDIAN- MORRIS &'RYAN KIN r?,, i: Till! ADVIiNTL'lli: . . . Till! TIIItlLLS , , . THE rr.YiNO I:XIT,OITS or TIMJ "JUWGLE PATROL" rrerciis FOR THIS snow — MATI.VEE ADULTS lidc—ClllLn. Me. EVE. ADULTS TGc—CII1I.O. ..|.|o TAX JNCL. mm mm SfftTOOMOJf FOR FLOWERS 26 North Mechoni* St. . Phone 2765 TWO HOUR DPI CUMBERLAND PAINT & GLASS CO. 165^ 7 orth Centre St. — Phone 917 NOW THRU TUESD/.Y rou YOU: IF YOU LIKE MOSIC - FUN - ADVENXUUS ROY ACUFF ' AND' HIS SMOKY MOUNTAIN BOYS For TAXES BIILS . REPAIRS ' EXPENSES Mmtbl; c»«h t f,n , K * 7B f SMO U.73 15 Months To Repay MILLENSON CO. 106 S. Liberty. St. -Phone 1X7 . Irving Millcnson, Mpr. UOURNEV GUINN (Big Boy) 'WILLIAMS ALSO COLOR CARTOON ••A- WEDNESDAY! * THURSDAY! * FRIDAY! ,* GREATEST SHOW IN SCREEN HSSTORYi FRANK CAPHA'S ____ RDNflLD CDLMAM ...,., ff...^. vf ,rt^f,,-f.-!.:'t:-fJt.- -v.'n:;'tr •^tt^--^y.r~ ~^f ^*/" " % f~ —~ F- >.->^7,'- • •*' •' , ' " 'A 'f f ~ IL,''"\' '¥"!'< i RE-RClCASt FROM THE GREAT LOVE DRAMA! CO- FEflTURL — ALSO — PASSING PARADE .Preseriptiqns We Delirier- Fret' Up to 3. 'Mile* ; -By Auto and Bicycl* We Mail Your Preicriprior . or Send- by Bus Within; 50 Milc v Radiu* -^ Just Call ". 3646 or 943 ' Pharmacy MARYLAND'S LEADING PRESCRIPTION STORE ' 101 N. Centre St. Free Delivery

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