Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 15, 1958 · Page 5
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 5

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 15, 1958
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JULY 16, ALTON EVI^IKO Mr*, Kntigtr* Mft* Fordf 1957 Culinary, Textile • s •, * Winners Repeat At Jersey Tonyfbittt, JBRW5YV1LLE - Mrs. _ Kfu*fw ol K«e WM wto»w ot the tjwjhy M th* Ctttawfy D* .... partmtnt it the Jewey Coitrtytoek Fair, ofltttd *y th* Jersey State Bank, She piled up a total ot 115 Mint! In htr tWimtafi, taking II Ma* Hbboni Mn, 'llwmal ford of Green, field WAI wolpiwrt of the trophy donated by th* Jersey County H«me Buwwro to th* exhibitor winning th* most points in the Textiles MM! fine Art* Depart' ment. She had 111 points. These two women repeated w ii g their achievement ot test year nut when they carried off the trophies in the same divisions, but they beat their own records this year Mrs. Krueger took firsts for the following, Boston brown . le jelly) ffifift jilfy MM' catnip, Mrs. Ola Wtflwr of QWWfiel * *'« <^ai feirtih ^tflbJli^u^A II^AM flbilittm seven nine nnDom ner wini Deluding white wMraj cherries red raspberries, peach pickle* pear pickles, pepper Mini and onion pickles. Airs. Lee Nail Of Jwwyvffle her. six tints in cake doughnuts sponge cake, chiffon take, com sliced green tomato pickle, and strawberry preserves. bread, plain divinity, display of six kinds candy, carrots, peas yellow string beans, apricots plums, peach preserves, corn relish, mixed pickles, blackberry jelly, sweet cucumber pickle yellow tomato preserves, pear preserves, blackberry preserves crabapple pickle, and bread am butter pickles. Mrs. Carl Arnold of Piasa won second highest blue ribbons, receiving nine. Her firsts were in yeast doughnuts, white chocolate iced cake, Devil's food, canne* Mrs. Donald Raftis of Jersey vllle had five firsts in cinnamon , ginger bread, white cocoa icing, ice box cookies and oatmeal cookies, Mrs. George Hebner of Hettlck had four firsts in nut bread, burn sugar icing, watermelon and gooseberry preserves. THE. LADIES, CMATTIN6CMRTEA, SAY *lf& THAT WONDFR 4?A€ FOR ME!" Mrs. Elta Wagner of Rock >rldge had six firsts in parker »use rolls, chocolate chip, cher ry preserves, plum conserve plum jelly and beet pickle. Mrs. Louis Lock took first i wheat bread; Mrs. George San ders first in coffee cake, blac raspberry and raspberry jelly Sirs. Henry Goeman of Fleldo lad a first in Angel food, and un Mked chocolate oatmeal cookies Melba Noble took first in date- jars. Mrs. Drayton Roller ha jlue ribbons in banana cake an lermits. Mri. Kenneth Cummins of Green field took (our flrsti .In chocolate angel food, aplce cake, chocolat Fudge and grape jelly. Mrs. Kathlee Landon took first for jelly roilc Mrs Merman Oelsler had five firsts I two-layer cake, novelty cake, suga cookies, unbaked peanut butter, • an fancy cookies. Mrs. C. E. Long meter had first in filled cookie Mrs. Arthur Boulter had first I blackberries and peaches: Shlrle Cole of Jerseyville took first In ap pies; Mm. Cole' In chunk cucumbe and Mrs. Rollle Ruyle In grape pre serves. In the textiles and Fine Arts, Mr Thomas Ford received her trophy fo taking 15 firsts In the following cross stitched pillow cases, cros stitch towel, crocheted Infant set. In fant knitted set, • child's plain dres child's fancy dress, infant croche ed shawl, pillow cases, painted ham kerchief, knitted sox, knitted edge fancy potholder. set of penholder baskets, and knitted afghan. Mrs. Lev! Little of Jerseyville wa a close second In awards. She ha 13 blue ribbons In the following: crc cheted table cloth, luncheon set, crc cheted place mats, crocheted edg vanity set, ^crocheted chair set, wov . - Member* of the Legion AtBdltery will not meet In My. In place of this session the Auxiliary witi holt in lee cream, cake and pie sor.tal he evening of July 25 on the dtoirthduse lawn in connection with the ban concert by the Municipal Band. All Auxiliary members are isked to bring a cake or pie Phe committee in charge of ar fangements includes Mrs. lren Downey, chairman, Mrs, Lena Arnold, Mrs. Vincent Krueger Wtra. Catherine Ferenbaeh, Mrs u ucy ftinghausen, Mrs. Clara Sackman, Mrs. Burtle Rowling tfrs. Minnie Koster, Mm. Anna Mae Wendle, Mrs. Peg McDow and Mrs. Betty Witt. The next meeting of the Aux iliary will be a family picnic to be held at the Legion Home on he regular meeting night, Aug 11. 9/1 MILTOHRD A/tor I '' (7"^^ 1-1165 MYERS WATER SOFTENERS • Sale* • Service • .Installation J A A SPRINQMAN GODFREY 5-4181 Auxiliary Plans tee Cream At Jencymlle Greek schoolgirls in Athens ar protesting an order to abando shorts and wear below-the-kne skirts and trousers for gym. en dollies, chocheted edge handker chief, huck weaving -chair set, ta ted dollies, tatted ges, gloves, an cross stitched sampler. ' Mrs. Esther Searls of Jerseyvlll took nine firsts, Mrs. Elmer Tucke nad nine blue ribbons, Mrs. Kei neth Twyford, three, and Mrs. Viol Darr, four. Mrs. Maude Collins of Carrollto Had four firsts. Dorothy Etler Oodfrey had three; Mrs. M. klunk two; Mrs. Tony Krueger Kane one; Mrs, C. E. Longmeye two; Marie Houlette one; Lorett Rltchey of Alton one; Mrs. Pearl Ii rlnghausen one; Mrs. C. C, Wiei and one; Mrs. George Sanders i Medora two and Mrs. Herman Gel ler of Jerseyvlile 3. Mrs. Rollle Ruyle had four: Mr Lulu London two; Mrs. George He' ner of Hettlck two; Fern Whltloc two, Mrs. Kenneth Cummins o Greenfield four; Mrs. Nora Grove of Jacksonville two and Edith Beth one. Mrs. Lawrence Moore had tw firsts. In the Horticulture Department C W. Wieneke took 10 firsts and P. D Cheney was runner up with nine. C H. Grabbe of Jerseyvlile had a fir in white cling peaches and Mrs. Ken neth Cummins of Greenfield a fir. In grapes. In Agricultural and Garden pro duce Mrs. Bertha William of Field on had nine firsts. Mrs. Georg Sanders of Medora had eight; Mr Ola Walker had four firsts includ Ing the best garden display; Mr Kenneth Twyford had one first; Mr Leona Goeddy of Carrollton one Mrs. George Hebner of Hettlck two Mr*. Rollle Ruyle of Rockbrldge one Mrs. Jack Stayton two; Mrs. L verne Wock one; Mrs. Lawrenc Moore two; Mrs. Carl Arnold one Spencer Powel one. and Mrs. Do: aid Raftis two. Truman Yocom took first In so wheat and oats; C. H. Grabbe clover seed; Leo Rlnghausen In har wheat; Lee nail had best bunch red clover and best grass leg urn George French had first In soybean •nd William Sinclair took first say Harosoy. Radios WiU Be Used To Help Combat Forest Fires JEftSEYVfLLE — ftadio wffl lay an important part in the cm- roiling of forest fires in the Jersey, Calhwm and Greene County rea from the present time, as the result of establishment of a station n the 100P building on West J eari street. The installation of the equipment was completed during the pasti week and District Forester Waidon Lewis said Saturday a plan for at least four fire patrols in the Greene, Jersey and Calhoun area will be set up to combat forest fire danger with the approach of he danger season. Patrols will be equipped with ra. dio devices and will be in constant contact when necessary with the district office in this city. The present Marquette Forestry Dls- riot comprises six counties In this area of Illinois including Morgan. Scott, Pike, Greene, Calhoun and Jersey. The fire program operated from this area, however, will include the forest lands of Calhoun. Jersey and Greene Counties. According to research work done by Lewis, there will be a total ol 242 days during the year when fire hazards exist in some degree. There are more than 63 days when the fire degree is greatest and another almost similar number of days when the, hazard is also considered great. It is during this more than 120 day period of greatest threat that fire patrols will be working at full force in the district. Lewis said that the radio setup will afford him an opportunity for more office work here and at the same time be in touch with bis men in the field. In seasons of greatest fire danger in the forests a radio dispatcher will be at the local office to take messages, and Lewis will join the other in the field. According to Lewis most of the forests of this part of Illinois have been badly handled in the past. And this mismanagement consists largely of damage done by uncontrolled forest fires, grazing of wooded areas and improper cutting of timber. In harvesting of timber, there should be intelligent selection of trees to be cut and not turn the entire woods over to be hacked down indiscriminately. Lewis reported that a number of fire departments in the area have signed contracts wherein they are to assist the regular fire fighting patrols of the forestry department in batting fires ot emergency proportions in given areas. Among fire fighting units that have already signed contracts are thole at Brighton, Eldred, Kane, Graf ton and Batchtown. The station installed here tat ra dio service will not only have eon tact with the local units of the district, but has contact with state forestry fire fighting headquarters at Benton as well as oth er places. Chief OB Vacation JERSEYVlLLE-Chlef of Polic Herman Blackorby Jr., Is on va cation for the next two weeks During his absence his place wi' be filled during the present wee by Dale Ogden of the night pollc and next week by Kenneth Welter Deputy Elmore on Vacation JERSEYVILLE—Deputy Sherl Edward Elmore left Monday for week's vacation from his dutie here. Flmt Wild Blackberries JERSEYVILLE-The first wll blackberries began to ripen th past week. They are not ripe sufficient numbers for countr housewives to begin canning on large scale or putting them d<w in the deep freeze. The first on picked are going into pies. The blackberry crop is reporte average, but the quality will ge erally be excellent due to the fa that adequate moisture has ke; the fruit growing. Attend Keehner Reunion JERSEYVILLE — A numbe from Jerseyville went to Jac sonville Sunday to attend a reu Ion of the Keehner family he at the home of Mr. and Mr John Keehner. They were: M r. Houssmtn and family, was amed the champion Shetland alllon at the show. The chanj- pton Shetland mare exhibited as owned by Elizabeth Fitz- mmons , of ttockbridge, who ook two other blue ribbons, ana tuart Fltzslmmons of Rdck- rtdgft also had ajlrst. " Stuart Yocom of Jerseyvuie nd Charles and Lewis Powers of fteldon were also blue ribbon winner* with their entries. The judge for this department was L. A. Mehrhoff of Carroll- en. Corn Borer found JERSEYVlLLE-Corn borer Jeney Men Attend Rotary Meetings In Canada, Panama Is reported, prevalent In some fields n the Jerseyvlile area. The borer usually attacks fields that have been planted early, but in this case he insects are working in fields that were not planted until late » May. The infestation is not heavy in most areas, but there are enough of the borers to effect the yield several bushels per acre on the average. Carlinville Visitor Here JERSEYVILLE - Fred Fieker JERSEYVILLE — Local ROtafyij Club members and their dinner guests Monday noon heard reports | by two members Who have just returned from vacation trips to Can-|| ada and Central America. Don Martin, former president oil! the club, returned Friday evening from a two week's trip to Canada| where he visited relatives and friends near Dryden and Canora. He attended sessions of the Can- Rotary Clubs ol that Oartng the illn tart ft*H, <>si,$4s m««w»*ys twrt lo* » Stl strikes aM lock^bts m BKHS s nek Kerala state, frtvandnam re- potts. and brought a small banner from the Dryden Club as a friendship token to the Jerseyville Club. Carl Groppel attended meetings of Rotary Clubs at Clearwater, Fla., and Panama City, Panama. During the first meetings he attended, much of the program was in Spanish. "Not being able to speak Spanish," stated Groppel, "I was unable to understand the speakers. However, the program ot July 3 was one dedicated to of Carlinville visited with friends seyville Rotary Club at noon. HARRY W. NtTlf FOR PROBATE JUNE visitors from the United States. in Jerseyville Monday and at-! 1 ^ 1 ' 8 was a ^ mo ^ entirely in Eng- tended the meeting of the Jer- '»" and I enjoyed it very much." Groppel reported that he took a number ot pictures while in the Vlaltors Honored JERSEYVILLE,-Mr. and Mrs. Paul Siebenmann and daughter. Marjorie, and Miss Kay Mitchell of San Antonio, Tex., were guests of honor at a supper given Saturday evening at the First Baptist Church by the Amoma Sunday school class. The Texas people are guests of Mr. Sleben- mann's. mother, Mrs. Charles Siebenmann. Music, huomorous readings, games and contests provided the entertainment for the evening. Thirty-four were present and the Rev. and Mrs. Moman were among the guests. About 611.500 tourists spent and Mrs. Carl Keehner, Miss Ada!$592,200.000 in Mexico last year Keehner. Mrs. Louis Keehner, well above 19S6 {igureSi Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Keeli- nei, Mr., and Mrs. Lee Nail, Mrs. Louis Nail and son of Jerseyville and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Keehner of Alton. Guests in Lltchfleld JERSEYVILLE — Mrs. Elnora Meek and Miss Charlotte Pritchett were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs, Russell Rich at their new home near Litchfield. The group was entertained at dinner at noon at the Garden Inn. Home From Vacation JERSEYVILLE—Mr. and Mrs. Harold" Schneider, and Mr. and Mrs.' William Stinnett returned Saturday evening from a 13-day vacation trip in the West. They were guests of Mr. Schneider's brother and sister- in - law, Mr. and Mrs. Julius Schneider and family in Sunnyvale, Calif., and of Mrs. Schneider's daughter. Miss Marcella Dunn and Miss Jean Morrow, and of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Norman in Los Angeles. They also visited other points of interest in the West. Enter* St. Luke's Hospital JERSEYVILLE — Thomas W. Klrby, retired Jerseyville druggist who is an arthritis patient, entered St. Luke's Hospital in St. Louis today for further observation and treatment. Pony ExhlMte JERSEYVILLE — A total of 34 exhibits were entered in the Shetland Pony Department at the Jersey County Fair, a new class of exhibits this year. Stuart E. Yocom was superintendent of the department and the assistant superintendents were: Dr. J. H. Houseman and Lewis Powers. The premiums for this department totalled $410. The entries of Dr. J. H. Houseman and family of Jerseyville won five blue ribbons and "Red Cloud" from the West View Pony Farms owned and operated by Canal Zone and will show them at a future program of the club. Tots Recover After Eating Moth Balls JERSEYVILLE -, Timothy Young, 2, and his brother, Michael Young, 3tt, were treated at the Jersey Community Hospital Monday after eating a quantity of moth balls at their home. The stomach pump was used on the patients and they were dismissed. The boys are the children of Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Young of Jerseyville. 1. 2. 3. 5. 6. EXPERIENCED lYi 1% years of probate practice • years Matter lit Chancery, City Court of Alton * yean Master In Chancery, Circuit Court Madison County, UUnouv THE PROBATE COURT Has jurisdiction and supervision over money and proper* ty of deceased persons, Incompetent persons and minor children. PRINCIPLES AND POLICIES I WILL ADOPT IF ELECTED PROBATE JUDGE The Probate Court will convene promptly at 9:00 o'clock. The interest of the widow, the orphan and the Incompetent will be fully protected at all times. j All guardian and conservator accounts will be maintained on a current basis. Administration in all estates of decedents will be completed on schedule. I will be available at all times to transact any business that may come before the court. Politics will play no part in my conduct of this import* ant office. • REPUBLICAN TICKET—ELECTION NOV. 4, ISM— Satisfaction JmrJjeyond its One CaxlilUc owner put it this way— "I know," b* said, "of no other investment • man can make that returns finer dividend* than the pur* COM* of a new Cadillac'." Consider, first of all, what * comparatively modest flpenditur* it require* to own and drive and enjoy the "car of cars" today, A Cadillac U surprisingly reasonable in origins! cost «rreinarl[*bJjr economical (o mainUin—and without rival in iU male value. And then envision, if you will, the personal r** STANDARD OF THE WOULD FOR wards that accompany this extraordinary practicality. HOW wonderful it is to sit in command of a motor car that is so magnificent in performance. How satisfying it is to be surrounded by its marvelous Fleetwood luxury. And how inupiring it is to reflect on the car's matchless reputation among the world's motorists. So if you see a new Cadillac in your future—we urge you to visit your dealer today. He'll be happy to give you details on all the new Cadillacs—including the Eldorado Brougham. MORE THAN HALF A CENTURY toy Window o/ Every Cadillac it Sa/rty Plate Glatt ['ISIT WVR AUTHORIZED CADILLAC DEALER III KLEIN CADILLAC, INC. l*IH*llil/*4»Jw«y ALTON . Phon* EVER STOPPED ATA FEEDING STATION? A feeding station isn't » restaurant—it's the difference between life and death. Feeding stations in Korea are op* id GIVE YOUR FAMILY another hour of you V"-- ••xwSS**^ -.^sifr. erated by the Overseas Ai Programs of America's great faiths. They ar* typical of the on-the-spot help given to des* titute people all over th* world through the relief programs of your faith— Protestant, Catholic or Jewish. It's a wonderful feeling to know you have helped people who want to help themselves. How can they fac* hardships on empty stomachs? your help is needed. Pleas* continue to support your faith's OVGft* •BAB AID PROGRAM. MOTIiTANT •har* Our lurplui Appeal CATHOLIC Bishops' Clothing Collection JIWIIH UUA Rescue Fund Publiihtd M • piti'i* §«rvt«« t* ««• «o«rati'o* wit* fto Aivttlitint tkt BE MODERN...Wash Dishes ELECTRICALLY Evening hours... mor* family hours or* your* wh*n you do th* dlsb*s *|ectricollyl You're free to spend lots more tune with your family when you have a dishwasher. After the evening meal, just give the dishes a few, fast scrape* and put them in the dishwasher. Then ait down with your family while the dishwasher does the job automatically. WSMgl OH HVOIINICAUY CHAN China, silverware, glasses—even greasy pans—get clean without hand-rinsing, soaking or scouring! A dishwasher washes dishes in water hotter than your bands can stand—and dries them in pure, germfree electric heat. It helps you protect your family's health. Yet it cost* the average family penniee a day to have • dishwasher do the dishes. 8a* a disbwashw dwnon- strafed today. There are many permanent and portable models to choose from, and you em buy on ea*y tanaa. Ma •«• live Better £/ecfr/ca/fY UNION ELECTRIC

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