The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on June 13, 1935 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 13, 1935
Page 1
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Entered as second claw matter, Oct 4, 1895, at pdst office at Tipton, Ind., under the act ot March 6, 1879. VOLOIE XL, XO. 21 IT PERU 15 PRESENTED X1PTON, INDIANA, THURSDAY EVENING, JUNE 13, 1935. No Action Taken on Paper Presented by Attorney Frank Pyke. REV. J. W. ROSE SPOKE Oil Bids and Bids for Motor Repair Work Received by City Dads. Attiirii>-y Frank Pyke was before Ilu> city connril Wednesday Jl if; lit at the-resti.lar meeting ill the city building and presented for 111.- sali'-by-driiil; interests, a petition Teciin'stiii!; the council to pa.-y 111" liquor ordinance that \v<nild prciuit the salt: of liquor drink. lie stated that in; -«-n ri-tained to present tho tli.- -.l l)' j'titimi ttliii-h lie said contained :i[iproiiinati-ly -liiil names. ' Til;: pi-iition was n-ci-jvcd and filed, but in. :><-tio|] was taken. i!- v. Julm Ward Rose, pastor ' tin- K-Tiip Methodist church, en. of tli.- leaders in opposition to ih" liquor ordinance, was pres- t-ii: with .several friends of prohi- l.iti'ni. and he made a short talk in which he implored the cotjncjj- ni'-n to refuse to pass nance. Asid.- from a few questions asked by Councilman FranK Ilenthey. there was no discussion of this issue and the council took ui> other matters. As the situation now stands the cnuncil can take up the liquor ordinance at any time in the future. V. li'-tlu-r or not this will be done i.-i a question. There is conside: 1 - Police Deflate Tires in Effort to Halt Wild Drivers in Serbia Belgrade, June 13.—The police of Zagreb have introduced a novel and effective method of 'dealing with violators of traffic •regulations. Following the "pull over" order, the offender is instructed to deflate all tires. This punishment is found particularly effective in dealing with owner-drivers, mal« and female, and is equipvalent to a period of really hard! labor or a fine of at least 10 shillings—the cost of getting some one to pump up the tires on !he. spot. ] There is something Gilber- tian in making the punishment fit tho crime so neatly and tho number of accidents in the streets of Zagreb has fallen very considerably. CIRCUIT COURT Evidence in Suit for Construction of Will Submitted to Judge. ITEMS OF INTEREST - Thursday morning in circuit court the evidence in the case brought by Walter Cline and others for construction of the will of the late Joe Cline j)f . Prairie the ^ordT-~ ^°~ wnshi P was submitted to Judge Russell and the matter taken under advisement by the court. The court also held a hearing on the report of Harry 0. Henderson, inheritance tax appraiser. ::bb- fe.-lillC to wait is the better policy as the old beer law was changed, interpreted, liberalized and altered several times, and some of the members of the rity administration feel the same will In- done with the new liquor law. Some time in the near future, it is understood 'the council intends .to take definite action on this liquor question, voting either to ipass tho ordinance or aga'inst it. so both sides in this contro- versev will know its final fate. on the estate of the Xannie Echolds and late found Miss the divorce proceedings sister, Mrs. Phoebe Durham and the brother, William O. Echolds, each must pay an inheritance tax of 327.04. Each received $1,140.73 from the estate of'their sister, who left a net estate of S2.0S1.46. In the brought by Dr. Kenneth Ayres against his wife, Parol Ayres, the court overruled a motion to strike out parts of the amended complaint. The court entered a rule for the defendant to have an answer on file by June 17th. Ed P. Vice, defendant in a divorce action filed by his wife, Ola (Jones) Vice, was defaulted and Would Preserve Present Dynasty of Emperor Haile Selassie. COUNTER OFFER MADE Understood Abyssinia Will Cede Province of Ogaden to Rome. (By Unite.l I'rpssV Rome, June 13. — Italy is seeking to establish a protectorate over Abyssinia, retaining the present dynasty of Emperor Haile Selassie I, it was said authoritatively today. Abyssinia, it was said, was ready to cede to Italy the province of Ogaden, to be joined to Italian Somaliland. Ogaden borders on Italian and British Somaliland. It is triangular in shape, and flat, between the mountains and the coastal strip of Italian Somaliland to the east. It was the scene of the clashes between Itlians and Abyssinian tribesmen which led to the present crisis. Parachute Safeguards Gotidola Two! grave stratosphere flight risks, rarified air above and a crash to the earth below, will be guarded agkinst on the army-National Geographic flight, now ready to take off from the expedition base in North Dakota's Black Hills, by a huge parachute, shown above, 1 designed to ease the gondola's fall if it I should tear loose from the . i balloon. 1 TUB MY FOR lOHICER KILLED FORMER RESIDENT. Glen Kirkpatrick Operated Pool Room in TIpton. is now both interests are I the cause referred to Prosecuting working continually in this fight. Ho^h sides would welcome a decision, no doltbt. Wednesday night there was no ordinance prepared for presentation to the council, and this fact war. mentioned to Attorney Pyke. li is understood an ordinance permitting the sale of liquor by Ihe drink will be prepared soon and a council session held where both sides will be given an opportunity to present their arguments. After this the council will vote on tho question. It Is said. ' The liquor petition and the short talks consumed only a few minutes of the council session. Other matters taken up were oil and' motor bids and some new equipment for the park. Three bids were received for fuel oil for the new electric Diesel plant, now In construction. These bids are 5% cents per gallon. Three bids were also received for lubricating oil, prices being approximately 49 cents per gallon. Bids were also received for a contract to change a number of motors over the city to three-phase, which will be required when the new electric plant is in operation. These bids were around $3,008. Committee* in the council will study -the offers made and contracts will be let within a week. JjadJborned-after •!; .,£<*,«%-> 4* ^. ^ s „ T i. - * Attorney Noel A. Purvis for da- fense. The prosecuting attorney filed an answer In general denial in behalf of the husband and the case was set for trial Saturday, June 22nd. Glen Kirkpatrick, 40 years of age, who operated a pool room in Tipton about nine years ago, committed suicide at Anderson Wednesday, by placing poison in a glass of beer which he drank. The man was rushed to the St. John's hospital but died in a short time. A note found in his pocket showed he had planned the rash act and stated it was on account of ill health. Kirkpatrick and a man named O'Maley came to Tipton and purchased the Stewart Knipple pool room and cigar store which was located on North Main street in the same room now occupied bv the Thompson pool room. Kirkpatrick at that time appeared in good health and was a likeable man who made many friends during his stay in Tipton. He was a world war veteran and served overseas. He and his partner disposed of their pool room and left Tipton. For some time Kirkpatrick and his wife and daughter had been residing on a farm 0 miles north of Rushvill.e. He left home Wed- In the Arthur P. action Phaires, brought by guardian of Sylvanus Phares for preference of clafm in the Kempton Bank liquidation, a motion was filed asking that the department of financial Institutions, which has-charge of the bank be required to make Its answer more specific. • The case of Eiza Marker va. Daniel-Marker, yenued here from Grant county, was -set for trial Thursday, but the case was not heard for the reason the parties Continued on Page 2. Workers for the Army Will i Clinton Policeman Shot Ken- Be in Tipton Saturday tuckian Who Was Halted for Donations. AUTHORIZED BY MAYOR for Questioning. COMPANION ARRESTED Through the kind permission of W. A. Compton, mayor of the city of Tipton, the Salvation Army will conduct a tag day on Saturday, June 15. Capt. R. Clifford, in command of the Salvation Army activities In Tipton and Madison counties and- who is now stationed in Elwood, stated today that a number of members and friends . of the Army will sell the the business district and residential districts on Saturday morning. In the afternoon the tags will also be sold on the streets. Capt. Clifford also said today that a number of open air meetings had been conducted in Tipton, and relief work is being done in Tipton county. The cooperation and financial support of each citizen of Tipton is asked so that' this tag day might be a success. i (By Unlt*il 1'resa>. ' Clinton, June 13.—Guy Newkirk, al'lias Charles Lamb, 42, Sum- mitgrove, was killed today in a pitch ibattle with City Policeman Louis IGiovinini. William O'Brien, 23, Henderson, Ky.. Newkirk's companion, surrendered without resistance. The! shooting and arrest occurred when the patrolman attempted toj question the men in connection with instructions from Henderson. 1 Ky., authorities. Sheriff J. T. Reed, of Henderson, liad asked local police . to watchi for them in a stolen car. Giojvanihi saw the car on a North! side street and forced it to the curb. Newkirk alighted with a sawed- off shotgun ami fired at the policeman. GioVanlni returned fire and killed! Newkirk. Long Filibuster Defeated ! and Senate Approves | NRA Extension. I ALL NIGHT MANEUVER On Roll Call Memters Voted! ll for Extension and 13 Against. (By Unitml Press;. Washington, June i:..—While house pressure, applied a tew hours after the senate broke Hhey P. Long's 15 Vi hour filibuster and' passed the NRA resolution, today forced acceptance by house leaders of senate amendments to the resolution. It was expected that the revised measure would be brought up in the house tomorrow for concurrence in the senate changes. It would then go to the white house. Unless further, difficulties develop, passage should be obtained to insure continuance of the skeleton NRA which otherwise expires Sunday. House leaders went to the white house today four hours ait- er the senate finally passed the NRA extension at 6:14 a. m. Some of them were indignant atj an anti-trust amendment inserted in the bill by th« senate. After the conference with Mr. Roos^- ..AUTOMOBILE STOLEN'. nesday morning and Anderson, where he his rash act. drove to committed Somewhat Improved. Mrs. Mary Mitchell, mother of Harvey Mitchell of this city was reported to be somewhat improved Thursday morning at the Beechwood hospital where she is a patient, suffering with kidney infection. . She ha.s not been HU 'well the past few days, and the change for the better Thursday morning was most welcome. Half of the Relief Funds Will Be Spent . ~> ' . . • .DirectJFrom Capital by U.S. Agencies Washington, June 13.—About $2,000,000,000 of the $4,000,000,000 work relief appropriation will be spent directly by the government, instead of by the cities and other local units, relief oflU ciala state. President Roosevelt's Inelitetwe that all works projects be. competed by July 1, 1936, and.thit costs be cnt'to throngh comprehensive public works programs. As a result it has been decided Opt the works progress administration, headed by Harry L. Hop* kins andf working in close coopsr- atlon with the treasury, will ntt- dertake^ projects calculated to put ' ' ^y°_2"* - -. Car of Leo Cook Taken Wednesday Night Not Located. Sheriff Cardwell was notified early Wednesday night of the theft of an automobile from the business district in Kempton between! 8:00 and 9:00 o'clock., The car, a Ford; coach belonfi- Ing to Leo Cook, ; bore . license' number 566-702. It had a g.reen body with black fenders and was a 1928 model. A description of the car was sent surrounding towns and cities but it had not been |reported Thursday afternoon. : Has Pneumonia. Jesse Partlow of Third s'treet, who has been confined to his bed for the .past nine weeks, has- developed pneumonia, and la reported- to be. growing gradually weker. His trouble has been due to poison from bad teeth, and anemia. He is.gradually growing weakir, and^his condition is re- aa critical! - to] JnVprove. MAKING GOOD PROGRESS. Modern Rungnlow to Replace Burned House on Angoll Fiinii. Marble Richards and Dale Woodp, who have the contract for the erection of a new six-room bungalow on the Abigail Angell farm j southeast of Tipton are making good headway and the sheeting Is now being placed on the frame. The house was started 12 days ago'and the men have been Baking good progress. The frame work was sawed timber taken from ths from farm arid all studding, and Joists are of oak. : This jbuilding will replace the one destroyed by fire during the early part ot. the year and since .line Mrs. Angell and son, have been raiding :in the that Arba, Albright property pn South Main street! COMMERCIAL CLASS. I — Bessie ns at Conrtfiojnse Have Been Ended for thej Summer. Tbl Commercial! class ' which has tjeen meeting kt the , «ourt- hous4 wJll'hSld nofsession! Thn»- day Old Serbian Mine Yields Secret of "Magic" Sword Belgrade, June 13.—A prospector examining medieval mine workings in Old Serbia believes he has solved the mystery of the "magic swords that - would cut through the armor of the enemy" with which many of the legendary heroes of the Serbian middle ages were armed. In an old working from which iron had been extracted he found a piece ot metal which is probably the oldest piece of special steel known. ' He tried in vain to bore' a . hole in it and finally sent it to Vienna-to be examined. Analysis proved it to be a nickel steer of peculiar hardness. The circumstances suggest that it is at least 1,000 years old— 950 years before nickel steel was rediscovered. 1LEY DEftl' IS THE Said That Weyerhaeuser Kidnap Couple Will Beat Death Penalty, FOR MAHAN DETAILS (Uy I'nitcil Press). Tacoma, Wash.. June 13. — Harmon and Margaret Waley, confessed kidnapers of 9-year-old George Weyerhaeuser, will escape the possibility of a death sentence through a "deal" with federal authorities, it was reported velt, however, it was announced 1 today. that a fight to eliminate the pro-1 The reports, not confirmed, said vision would not be made. . the Waleys would be prosecuted ' 'solely under the federal _Lind- ,riy ITnlto'l Press). ! bergh law in return for informa- Washington, June 13.—Sen. j Uon abou[ wiuiam r M ahan. their Huey P. Long's futile 18-hour |a. ccomul j t . e in tho kidnaping, now ui g Efficient Army | GroupB' t ««i| pared to Enforce the anese £enanjds. REAL CRISIS IS SI England and France Attempt to Aid China's Economic Plight. : CBy United < Pre«). U Tientsin, June 13.—-A mmotr that Japan was massing at Shanhaikwan. 140 miles noith- east of Tientsin, spread rapidly today. j " | . j- A new crisis seejmed 1 approach-, ing swiftly over Jan i apparent Japanese move \ f or 1 extend^'' i • ' I I domination. i : ; ill There is a railway direct from! Shanraikwan to Tieristin. Shaa-j kaikwan is at the junction 1 of thef coast and the grqat wall. 7MJ , soldiers involved ;wer£ reporreffi to be of the Knahtung army in. Manchukuo. i • ! ' ' Chaha* Province;, nopthwesti otL the Peiping-Tientsih area, was ln-j dicated as one probable; theater] oC , action. _ i | . I- Foreign military} sources heard d that forces from ithej Kwantung army had i Shanhaikwaff andi occupied ' Ihej telegraph offices. ; (By United London, June 13.- — Japan , has made demands on - China for changes in Chahar i province BliW* lar to those made recently as' w* | gards the TlentsinhPeiping area, the foreign office advised >|tf» ficially" today. j ' ~T I filibuster ended today in a dramatic victory for the administration with passage by the senate of the nine months NRA extension resolution. Long talked himself hoarse, and into a near-collapse in 15% hours of almost continuous battle against the resolution. Finally hunted in Montana and Canada. Less drastic than the Washington state law which permits tho jury to fix death for ths mere commission of a kidnaping, the federal law provides for the death, penalty only where the victim has been harmed, but permits a life sentence in cases like the he yielded the floor to Sen. Thorn- j Weyerhaeuser abduction in which as D. Schall, blind Republican] tne g.year-old schoolboy was re- from Minnesota. turned uninjured after payment In a series of swift parllamen- pf $200.000 ransom. George's tary maneuvers, administratI6n | captors took special pains not t.i leaders broke the all-night 'filibuster. This done, it moved rapidly to reconsider and eliminate the Gore amendment whlcli would have required senate confirmation of all federal employes, receiving $4,000 or more per year. Aff amendment by Sen. William E. Borah. R., Ida., containing specific mention of anti-trust laws In connection • with any voluntary agreements was adopted without a record vote. As the first rays of the ' sun flickered the capitol dome with gold the extension resolution was whipped through. It was also passed -without a record vote, but on a subsequent roll call forced by Republican's, the vote was 41 for extension and 13 against. The senate then recessed until Continues on Paftn 2. harm him. They told him "he was too valuable to hurt." Federal authorities remained in charge of the Waleys today, although they were.confined In tho new county jail at Olympia, the state capital. They were taken »o Olympia to avoid any possibility of mob action such as occurred in California two years ago when infuriated citizens hanged the two youths who had kidnaped and killed Brooke Hart, son of a San Jose merchant. • The Walejrs were brought here from Salt Lake City by plane yesterday. Four federal .officials guarded them in the heavily curtained 'plane. On their arrival they were taken dlrestly to tho office of U. S. Commissioner H. G. Fitch. Continued on Page 2. IJ. S. Fleet Personnel Forgetting the Rigors of ^Wjoa" at San Diego Fair San Diego, (Jallf., i June 13. — With six •Weeks of strenuous maneuvers behind them, some 50,000 officers and men of-the United States fleet, "home from the aoa " were biwy K forgetting the '[rigors of wsrh today in thej pleasures of »««*•:; * ' ',, | j I , i, Coronajdoj and ojhtr ties tamed in local song and story, experienced a brief renaissance of their prohibition-days prosperity as the white ball spun in the roulette wheel and. the croupiers raked in stacks of sea-going chips. Hotels were crowded, restaurants were thronged, the roads betweeh here and; Los Angeles (P.y Ilnlteil ItVecs). | London, June 13J.—France has agreed to join in an internatloi Al consultation regarding China'* economic and financial plight. it was learned today, j ; i Felix do Norcy, assistant c'ial attache of the French embasH~ -sy. will go to China in August, the same time that] Sir Frederidtfi Leith-Ross, chief Economic viser to the British governme! it", departs. ] • It was denied here that had refused to participate ill [4 ii' consultation. ~" i j WAS GIVENi Leon Widner of BIwo«d Gailty of Intoxication.' If - J '--•, * Leon Widner, giving; his <, dress as 1S05 South I wood, was fined $,ljj andj Squire R. P. Rice ITJMJ morning on a charge ofj lit tion. -~ Ij Widner Is said to have toxicated and caused the skating rink night and the bfficefsj -wi He had left when jjthe rived but was located Officer Utterback it ner objected to'be Jail but Chief of Pol* _, suaded him the, bejl|:u was to come along" : he was locked up- mainder of the nigfil Much i Reports Th from the Beechwoof ed that Jesse X the Compton andj has been critically monia, la much:":! temperature was ' .day H«

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