Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on January 10, 1949 · Page 9
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 9

Cumberland, Maryland
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Monday, January 10, 1949
Page 9
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Local Comics Classified MeraJber Associated Press MONDAY, JANUARY 10, 1949 The Newspaper For The Home Council Plans To Study Ideas For Recreation Report Submitted 'By Commission To Be k Reviewed .Thursday Commissioner''William H. Buch- ioltz requested" the. Mayor and Council today to review the recent report of the ^Recreation Planning Commission which has proposed expenditure of $80,975 at 13 playgrounds this year: .'.' The report,, submitted December 5, -will be discussed at a meeting of the Mayor, and Council Thursday at 10 a. m.'in-the-office of Mayor Thomas S. .Post'. The meeting had been' -called to discuss proposed 1-pislation. '-'•••: The Recreation ..Commission was authorized by the Mayor and Council on an order by Buchholtz shortly after he tookr.'office as commissioner. The" committee was dls- missed with thanks .when the report was submitted'in December but no other action has been taken. \ bond issue-of 5150,000 was approved for-the city by the 1947 legislature and' by local voters last spring. The committee, headed by J. Cor- Ileld Patterson,, urged : immediate, action and-proposed-other improvements without: estimating'cost. - The largest single suggestion' 'was for Gephart Playground where-an'.'expenditure of $17,500 was proposed. Members of : . the . committee, in addition to Patterson, were C. William Spangler,- co-chairman. George O Tederick, secretary; •William ,.B.- Omdorff. Earle L.- Bracey,. William Edward Eichner; William E. -McCullongh, Franclna 'Llchtensteln,-Ed- ward M. Kirk, R. M. Douglass; Clair E. Mease and H. Clifford Splkcr. The mayor'and Council author- ised a refund ''or.S4.45 to Coylc W. CXNcal. 934 Gay Street, lor overpayment of water rent. Balances, in city-accounts as- of January 1 as -reported by Finance Commissioner Buchholtz are: -General, $1,161,838/77; water operative, S242.16132: • general . improvcinent bond. 526,095.67; paving bond, S34.72; 3ood account, SG31.49; and sewer bonds of 1931/$r,578.36. An insolvency ..of-.- S116.G3 was granted the- city collector on the paving account .-of • the Johnson Realty Company on.Lot 8, Brookfield Avenue, Police Spoil bisy Party [ii Soutli End Defendants Appeal Kines Imposed For Disorderly Conduct Two South Cumberland IJed appeals-in their cases being found.' guilty disorderly conduct City Suggests Septic Tank Be Repaired The. Mayor and Council, asked n Turner Street property owner to repair a septic -tank today after the city and county'health' officer had .Id It "constitutes a nuisance and a possible health menace." City Inspector James W. Morris made a report on the tank following na appearance by Arthur Amtower, Tamer Street,-before the "Council last week. The -street has not,been accepted by the. city, but the Mayor and Council acted to safeguard the public health. Commissioner . Edgar -Reynolds moved, and the motion was approved, that -John E. Matthews original owner of the properties .using the tank,"be-requested-to-repair Jt and meet requirements of the Health Department. Dr. Frantz said ^ that Matthews had built five homes on Turner Street, including the Amtower resi- . deuce, on,.thc rwest side. .Sewage Is carried'to the tank on the east side of the street and is located on Matthews' property." The septic tank, the report 'said, is nothing but n catch basin.or.small reservoir about' 8 by, 5 , -feet' and • four fee- deep. One^wall has collapsed/the report continued,; and there is no covering-. Waste Hows into a. run about 20 feet" east"',of the reservoir the report added, ... .John R,'Mills,-7'Turner Street appeared' before ; .the Mayor • am Council today with, a complain about the condition "of the roadway of the street, and. the fact 1 he has to carry garbage to Oldtown Roac for collection.. ..Mills"was told tha' the dry was powerless to act in tha' It has'not. accepted'the street anc that his complaint should go to Matthews, who owned and built the dwellings. -.-'•'.:'.. Drivers Fined For Traffic^yiolations Three motorists-were found guilty of traffic violations at hearings to day, in Trial .Magistrates Court while another pleaded' guilty,, and tw others forfeited'.bonds. Wheeler' Nathaniel Broa&water Barton, and 'Joseph 'Lee Phillips 201 East Main'-,Street, Frostburj entered pleas ' of • not guilty fe charges of failing ".to observe a stop sign at the intersection' of- Rout 40 and Vocke Road.'- Magistral Peter J. Carpenti found the pal guilty and fined them each $2.45. Pleading not -guilty to a charge of reckless driving, on Route 40 at Naves Crossroads -yesterday, Kenneth Paul Michael, Route 2, was lound guilty and lined $6.45. Walter Edward .Swan,- Route 2, entered a plea of guilty to exceeding 30 miles per hour at Nave's Crossroads yesterday and was fined $5.75. . ..-,.." ' _' William Say "Jones. .Jr., Thomas, V,'. va., and Kenneth Earl'Williams, adlson, Wis.,'.each: forfeited bonds the -pair, appealed the decision. He charged in his rebuttal. during the hearing that the men had been Illegally arrested by officers mak- g illegal entry without warrants, •Lt James E. Van, the arresting officer testified that early •Sunday-morning he went to the apartment of Stewart after headquarters had received three complaint DISCUSS AMVET PROBLEMS—The Executive -Committee 'of ..the Maryland Department of Amvets met. here yesterday-and.;discussed • a variety 'of problems. Among those at the session'were;-left, to right: William B. Orndorff, of Cumberland's. J. Louis'Wolf ord Post, executive committeeman; Kenneth W,.Grimes, Jocal post commander;. Edwin F .Sfikiik,-Frederick county, state commander; Elliott H. '•Newcomb,--Washington, national- executive director, and'Michael Styles, Washington, regional membership director. • Smoke Abatement aigineer George, following subjects:-Smoke railroads, M Hitchcock said in his first annual air pollution and combustion. These M. •nitcni.ooK.sijm^ ^ ^ )( ^ ^ miri _ exammat !ons- were given in my of- report to the Mayor and City Council today that "when-our industrial after on. charges of und resisting \rrest In a hearing held this morn- ng in Police Court. Magistrate - Peter lined Thomas Goss, Avenue, and Albert Stewart, Humbird Street, $20 each. William L. Wilson, attorney, .j. Carpenti 923 Virginia 244 for Need For Smoke Control Must Pair Seeking Be Realized, SaysEngineer •^ ' • •/ . . • *._•' fice, individually, and were con- ttyi ., b v..J ducted by Mrs.'Long. The duration of similar!of each, examination was approxi- macnitude to keeping our • streets j mately two ." hours and started on S. UrovidTng pu?e drinking water October 13 and were completed., on , and guarding the moral-atmosphere of .our 'city—then there .is hope of success in smoke abatement." "It is useless to look for a upec- tacular cure, to sometlilr.g that we have nurtured a half century in our industrial life; when no'thought was given to 'smoke -producers' as we were building our community.' "The. correction of this condition means changes in most of our building plans, a. larger investment and a greater responsibility'on manager- ship, for all these .things enter into the price of clean air. Mental Change Necessary . . "Smokelessness," the engineer con-, tinued, "must be the first. requirement and main. objective for .all' individuals connected with our transportation system as .well'as the utlfc. *"-— ' ,,, f"*l~n IjiUilOiVUi.Htil'JW" .JJ-JVV*.... « calls from Hugh Miller, owner of The | industrial installations: .wo-story double house and land ord of Stewart. Officers Heard Noise Upon' arriving with Officers -Leo E P Law and Patsy Algieri, .Lt. Van stated here he .stood outside. Heard the noise for ten minutes -and vent to the apartment.'He stated ir called Stewart to. the' hall and asked him to keep the group or people in his place quiet. .... Lt. Van said Stewart- declared.he- did not have to abide by the officers request; as there was no war-ant and' that Goss, who appeared in the hall, started an argument when he was told to go home. The group went .back into the Iving room after being told they were under arrest, and refused to leave Lt. Van declared.' There Successful • s m o k e abatement comes only after • long-continued, skillful engineering' effort and- administration of a. difficult human problem—a''complete change in the mental attitude of our press and community in general. October 26.' Arrangements were made to have them.graded on October 28, by an impartial arbiter,-John Connelly, former professor oIMccii- collision in Frostburg on November Damages From Car Accident Total Of 812,500 Sought As Result Of Two-Auto : Crash Two damage suits in which 312,500 s being. asked for injuries which allegedly'resulted from a two-car "To. find accrued dividends found | chal t actcr tne in-smoke and air pollution' reduc- ' tlon, by way of a more beautiful ctty,'..a healthier place to live and play-in, only time ;s essential. ' "My pledge of-one year ago stands firmly x x x." -The report shows that ,In March, 1947, $3,500 was appropriated by..the Mayor and Council and., that. $872 was expended In January to March, 1948. Last-May 12. a 'recommended budget Of 512,850.for 15.months was submitted and the Mayor and Coun- Stewart attempted to strike Lt. Van | cil . ap p ropr i a ted $9,000. Of that, and was • pushd back into a soiai^ 53595 ha - s .t, cen .expended leaving by the officer. , ^ ^. ^ Goss, the officer testified, gripped the arms of a chair and refused to-stand up. Officer'Law and Goss came to-blows when-the latter "took a swing at him", Lt. Van stated. The -defendants . and their witnesses, "the'live, other persons in the aparfment, all- told the court that the officers .came Into the three-room apartment - without a warrant. ' Pair. Resisted Arrest They also said Goss was taken into the kitchen "and beaten' by Officer Law while Lt. Van held his hands behind him. ' • •• ' • The three officers denied this fa. their testimony by saying Lt. Van was attempting to 'break up the fight between Goss and Law. _ Stewart and defense ' witnesses declared Goss was seml-consclouf when taken from the house. . Lt. Van added that he 'had to use force • on Goss on the' way to headquarters when the latter attempted to attack him in -the cruiser ,.._ _ Ms '-rebuttal, claimed the arrests-were illegal as.the oin- xnt. home 'is nd Goss we"re~ within" their rights in refusing to be,'arrested." car. • Wilson,'. In rere ill(_ cers did not have a-.warrant. He said ''Evary man's his castle and Stewart and a'balance of $6,464.05. Explains Deputy Viewpoint In his report, Hitchcock /explains his stand on the appointment, of.a deputy' smoke abatement engineer. His explanation follows:.. . " "At this time,'I find it ..necessary anical Engineering, Lchigh Univer-! 00 :M8 slty. and presently the assistant;' ' chief engineer of-tlie Kelly-Spring-: r -"™" r ' field Tire company. This was done at Mr. Connelly's office at the Kelly tire plant and at my request City Solicitor Thomas B. Finau and Mrs. Nellie Long, secretary, attended and present along with . myself In the process of being graded and rated. ' • . "In reporting -the results of this grading', I submit the ratings ct the top three contestants only, as follows: Fred V. Borden 72.75 per cent; J.'Walter McKee 66.25 per cent; and Francis E. Mullan 58.75 per cent. "The oalance of the 11 contestants were in the following order: Fred R. Dotson; J. T. Deflbaugh; Ernest Valentine; Thomas Cramblitt; Gordon Griffin; Theodore Roby; Raymond Snyder and Russell Riggs. Need Is Cited 'In technical examinations of.this Civil Service Board accept the top three contestants as all eligible for such employment and after due and. thorough screening, process, any one were filed this morning in Court., _ Docketed by Edward J.- Ryan, attorney for both plaintiffs, the declaration states that William Dolder was operating his machine with care when a vehicle driven by Raymond L.'Vincent in an. alleged, neg- manner struck his mahchinc. " suits. Kimble Wants j Sales Tax Fund! Used For Bonus I Cities Also Seek Share; Flood Of Local Bills Expected Senator .Robert B. Kimble.. (R- All-egany) said in Annapolis today that he is willing to drop his fight against the Maryland sales tax^if some ol Is used to pay Maryland war veterans a $500 bonus. The Senate minority 'leader lias been an opponent .of the tax since its inception. • There, is a possibility that.bills in ay be introduced to.raise the-sales tax exemption base. At present, the base .is 14' cents and no tax is collected on sales 'below the', amount. The sales tax act was adopted two years ago after, long,' hard battles in both houses of the legislature., No Repeal Siffns There are no signs that, opponents of the two 'per cent consumers levy oii retail sales will try to have it repealed. However, the Maryland League of Municipalities wants the state to share proceeds from.the tax with cities and towns. In ft. resolution adopted during a weekend .meeting of the league in Baltimore, mayors and other representatives from 34 Maryland communities," urged the.l legislature'to adopt an amendment l-l/v»tfj l-{ fw to that effect, • AJAvJ. v> J. VTA Committee assignments in: the House of Delegates will be completed tonight when the Icglslaturu reconvenes for its first full week 'of the 1949 session. With the General Assembly organized, both the House and Senate will be able to start screening proposed legislation in earnest. HEALTH SOCIAL WORKER— - Miss Ella Darling (above) has '.started bfcr duties here ns psychiatric social worker with the Department of Health. She was formerly . employed ir.' the Juvenile Court Clinic, Washing-: .ton, D. C. Miss Darling's office is located 'in the basement -of , the City Hall. Below Normal Temperature August Set All-Time Low Record; November Near High Point Flood Control V Bond Fund To Be Invested Deposit Certificates To Be Bought From Cumberland Bank N The city is investing proceeds from- its 1947 flood protection bonds into : $250,000 certificates of deposit with the First National Bank. .The certificates will be for 30 and GO days respectively, Commissioner- William H. Buchholu said, und nre K secured to derive Income-from the fund until it is necessary to use the money in payment for the 2ood protection program here. '' The order authorizing. the purchase of the certificates was approved by the Mayor and Council today. • .. ' " . A resolution of respect to' the memory of James M. Conway, city tax collector, who died January 3, was read at today's session. A letter from the Board of Education and signed by .Charles L. Kopp. superintendent of schools, informing the Mayor and Council of the health proirnuVi in . county schools and inviting the group to a lecture tonight at Allegany High School was filed. The lecture tonight at 7:30'will feature Dr. Alice V. ' Kellher, professor, of Education at New York University, who wDl speak, on .the .social needs of- children. "' • ' ..;.', The Health Department report for December, submitted by Dr. Winter R. Frantz, city and county health officer, showed:,- 24 communicable .diseases; 34 clinics held; 528 visits; _i 144-Births, 61 deaths and 1 two. BtJUr though colder than usual, according fractured- ribs, an injury to his 'left shoulder and that his car was damaged to the extent or $300. He 'is asking damages'of $5,000. Sarah E.. Dolder, a passenger in Dolder's car ,is asking damages of 37,500 from Vincent as a result oC serious injures and expenses incurred by hospitalization and medical ire. . • Several cases set i'or this morning in Circuit Court did not materialize and Associate Judge Oliver R. Bruce, Jr., excused the petit jury until 9:15 A. m. tomorrow. > Two civil trials are scheduled for tomorrow. They -are William Van Busklrk ngainst James'Albert Beeman and 'Honald Uplinger against the top three men can be legally (Leslie Bohrer. employed. My personal recommen- [ dation rests on the results of this] examination but I will abide by your decision, for .the employment of either Messrs'Border., McKea or Mullan. "Now, .the need for the employment of a deputy smoke inspector. The. general misconception, (that the employment of this person Is an assistant to myself) is wrong. The- ordinance 'explains all such duties! The deputy smoke inspector •has the direct -power to arrest all violators and cite same for- a hear- 'ir.g before the smoke abatement engineer. ment. ' . "On July 20, 19481 I held a conference with the Civil Service-Commission of our -city regarding the $5.45 for exceeding 30 miles an ^6ur~on-Route'220 at. Bowling Green yesterday. . .; .' Assistant Chiefs Take Over Police, FireTDeparlrueiUs Assistant Police-Chief' B. Prank Gaffney and Assistant Fire Chief W. L.'Lindner'have, assumed the temporary duties' of chiefs of the two. • departments because of the Illness of Police Chief-.R..-Emmett Plynn and Fire Chief. 'John ,E. Brennan, Commissioner -of Fire and Police William V. Kegan said today. Chief Flynn is'-suffering from pneumonia and-Chief Brennan is a patient In Allegany Hospital, Keegan said. ;'..". Gaffney and Lindner attended the the meeting of. the Mayor and Council this morning."'. '., • • Set. John E.'Sherry has taken over Gaffney's "duties on the 5 p. m. to 1 a. M. shift, V Five Injured In Route 28 Mishap Five persons we're injured In a two-car collision Saturday nifffit four miles south of Cumberland on Route 2B, -West Virginia- State Trooper W, F. Bowley reported no charges have been-filed. Joseph Mongold, 101 Mary Street, 'suffered bad cuts about the face and- was admitted to Allegany Hospital. His. one-year-old- daughter, Diana Sue, was also admitted' for observation after suffering a head injury. Mrs. Mongold; his wife, suffered bruises and contusions of the legs and was-released from the-hospital after treatment. . . The driver of the car in which the Mongolds were riding, Robert Mayhew, of Romney, W. Va., wa= heated by a Romney physician for injuries of the head.- The" accident occurred when the driven by Mrs, Helen Lease, Rldgeley, was moving -north on Route 28 and attempted to make a left turn into McArcIIe's Service Station, Trooper Bowley -reported, when the southbound Mayhew vehicle collided with her auto. .Damage to'the Mayhew machine was estimated at $500. . ' . Mrs. Lease, who was treated at Allegany Hospital .some time. after the accident, suffered a bruised left eye. • Chest and ' head • x-rajs were -taken." •• . ' •' • . Lloyd Turner, Romney, driving behind the car carrying the Mon- gold's.took the .injured'to.the hospital. to go' on record to explain'-to"you!-" "It'will be. necessary for your of 7 my actions in holding the exami- i ficial body to appoint and approve nations for deputy smoke Inspector, j our Advisory and Appeal Board im- as well as the need for this-employ-, mediately after the appointment of our. deputy smoke inspector. "I appreciate sincerely the support your official body.has rendered „„.„.„„ „. , --„ „ - - me in trying to obtain-the best man employment of- two persons; .first, for-this position and you can rest the deputy smoke inspector'and, the j assured -that the -"examinations, other, a secretary. On _August .19, | gradings and ratingsjwere estabUsh- held'' th retary ploymei Your official stood out the. age gi doing this under Civil it was ger ploy our., i under com Charges Filed In Auto Wreck City Police have filed careless driving charges-against.-two local j be this year. When the legislators, took oil for n, long weekend Thursday after two clays of preliminaries, only - two House committee assignments— those of. the Ways and Means Judiciary groups—had been nouuced. Speaker Sybcrt (D-Howard) said he would have the- others ready by tonight. • . ' This means that committee chairmen will be "able to set-dates for meetings of their groups and the legislators can start digging into a backlog of- almost 150 bills introduced Thursday. Local Bill Flood Expected Dr. Horace E. Flack, head of -the Department of Legislative Reference, and - his . assistants steeled themselves today for .111 expected flood of local bills from senators and delegates. : . Legislators bring their ideas for new laws to the department to have them put into bill form. As it takes an ac: of the 'General Assembly to do such things as. raise the salaries ofdog catchers in some of the counties, the- local bills always pile up. Some municipalities and counties liave a certain measure of autonomy, but bills to. extend ' "home rule" throughout the state have always failed. '• - .'. The question of home rule is a legislative perennial, that is sure to crop up again during the 1949 General Assembly session. It may be that Marylanders will kiiow within a week or two how much their state income taxes will to a review of. temperature records. 1 One nil-time record was set''and two others were pushed. To August ROCS the credit for' the new record an- here .since official records were first compiled in 1870.. The August tem' men following a two-car collision at the intersection - of 'East Oldtown Road and South. Street. Officer Donald Smith arrested William Montelor.e, 17, of 206 Oak Street, and Leslie E. Benson, Oldtown Road, and a hearing has been scheduled tomorrow at 9 a. HI. in Police Court. A passenger in the Montelor.e machine, Mrs. Bessie Montelone, 39, of 205 Oak Street, suffered abrasions of the face and. a leg injury and was treated at Memorial Hospital. According to Officer-Smith, the Montelone vehicle was traveling east on Oldtown Road and collided with She Benson latter Unless the. legislature does something about it, the earned income rate will be-2". percent on 1948 income, returns for which must be made by April 15. The. rate jumped automatically from 2 per cent on January 1. The unearned income fate remained at -5 per cent. . . .. • Would Reduce Rate Delegate Skiar (D-Balto 4th) 'has introduced a bill to put back the 2 per cent rate. His measure is in line with administration feeling on the subject and bears the endorsement of the Board of Revenue Estimates. His bill is expected to-be given the April car, Held JBy Police \ Raymond Gilbert Everett,'. Christie Road, who was arrested yesterday at 4:35 p. m. by Sgt. Frank A. Shober, is being held in the City Jail for Investigation. of the ;hat 'I jonduct same recomn body. tion papers vil • Service Commission iminatlons for the .cec- recommended tha ,em- f Mrs. Nellie, V. Long. Q body employed Mrs, tember 20, 1948 and she : on October '1st. j the' employment of a ce inspector, two factors n my discussions with rvice Commission. First, the general qualifica- e position, It appeared n experience standpoint, Dup. most Interested In work ' could . not qualify Service rules and since erally planned to em- eputy smoke inspector ract conditions similar od used in my employ- 5 agreed by all members il Service- 'Commission pare, the' examination, ne and make ' my own itions to your official rs Four Subjects tely. after October 1, 'I prepared the • examina- givmg four 'tests on the ed in a fair and .strictly impartial manner. County 4-H Boys To Attend School Four .members of Alleg'any County 4-H'' Clubs will attend 'a two-day tractor maintenance training school In. Hagerstown Friday and Saturday, according .to Joseph M. Stcger, assistant county farm agent. . They are Roy Shyrock, of Oldtown; Robert Heavner, of Flintstone; Dale Mann and James Smith, both, of Plney Plains. Steger said .the school' will be in charge of Guy Geinger, agriculture engineer with the University of Maryland. Members -of 4-H Clubs from Allegany, Garrett, Washington, Frederick and Caroll counties will attend. • The school is being held to instruct the 4-H bbys-in. tractor work and ,upon their return, they .will teach- other ,4-H members maintenance methods which they learned at the school, Stege'r.said. attempted a left turn to South Street while going west on Oldtown Road. Benson, reported his loot slipped OK the brake, causing his car to hit the 1 one driven by Montelone. ; The 1949 sedan of a' New York man working for. Fairchild Aviation Corp., in- Hagerstown, crashed Into the rear of a 1948 sedan, operated by Wanda Lee Hanks, 457 Williams Street, yesterday afternoon at Pleasant Grove on Route 40 east ot here. According to Trooper J. F. Browning, who investigated, a third car- driven . by Harold Hartman. of Route 3, backed towards the highway as the other two cars approached him, but did not go on the highway. . Miss. Hanks, acting to avert a col- lisio'i Trooper Browning said. swerved to the left while traveling east on Route 40 and, slowed down. .The "car driven by Nathan William Harrison, of Kir.g Park, N. Y., and Hagerstown, then, crashed into the rear of the Hanks car. Trooper Browning said no charges have been filed, but added a. hearing will probably be held -this week. first priority, as 1948 tax be made-up long before 15 deadline. • It is possible. that it w -ed through both house order. Delegate Bandiero (D has introduced ' two . t -would make reductions rates .and in addition, r£ tions.". His bills, which do nc ministration support, _ v tlie earned income rate two per cent that Skin They would also cut th income rate to three per The League of Women gone on record against tax reduction on. groun be "-inflationary. 1 ^ Committee To Me The Public Affairs Co the Chamber of Commer Wednesday at 11 a. m. i C. office. Liberty Trus Harold W; Smith, .exec ager, said today. Proj legislation will be discu. peraturc 'of 07 'degrees topped the old mark of C8.4, which was set in 1927. January and November were the months which threatened to break records. January with 23.6 degrees was the fifth coldest on record. The only other Januarys colder were in 1893, 1912i 1918, and 1940. The record of 20.5 degrees was set in 1940. • • In ' contrast to January and August, November was a. "high" month. In fact, the temperature averaged the fourth highest on record with 47.7 degrees. The only Novembers' higher were in 1912. 1927 ^ 1S31. The 1 November record of 52.2 degrees was set in 1931. The year as'a. whole was tied with 1892 as the fifteenth coldest on record. The yearly temperature averaged 51.9 degrees and it marked the second straight 12-montli period with 'a temperature below the normal of 53 degrees. In'1947 the average was 52.6 degrees. Last year,' with eight, months below normal, was the coldest'since the 51.7 degrees of '-1940. •-— •Of. the 14-years which-have been colder than 1948, only lour of them were' more than' a degree- colder. These years were 1875, 1885,' 188G, and 1888. The record of 49.8 degrees was set in 1875. Actually 1948 Ls in rather select company as temperatures go, as 12 of th.-> coldest years on record here came before the turn of the century. Besides 1948 they were 1940, 1926, and 1324. . : • All of this seems to bear out the claim of "old timers" that winters born. Arrests in December totaled 707 and fines $938 the report of Police and Fire ' Commissioner William V. Keegiui revealed. The Fire Department responded to 48 calls but Joss was minor, he said. ,"„ Water consumption-was 85,611,000 gallons as ' compared to 83,520.000 gallons in 1947. .The 'daily average ' wns 12,231,000 gallons. -The water level at Lake- Gordon, is three Inches above'the crest of the'spillway and at Lake Koon three feet nbove. Freezing Rain Or Snow Seen Covering Area The. Weather. Bureau today warned Western Marylanders- to expect an end to the sprin'g-h'ke weather of recent 'days and .added, that • freezing rain or snow may'hlt higher elevations tonight. A maximum - temperature of 55 degrees was forecast for this section. today as compared to -yesterday's • 53-degree recording here. Over-' night temperatures will be below freezing. The cold • is? moving "in front tb» west as a result of a high, pressure. area that caine down Jrom Cauada- . The forecast lor Maryland follows: Aliegany, Garrett—Mostly cloudy with highest temperatures -48 to 55 degrees today followed by rain with, freezing, rain, sleet or snow Inilgner. elevations tonight. Lowest .tonight 30 to 35 degrees. • Colder, late tonight and Tuesday. .Gentle variable winds becoming mostly mode-. rate northerly this, afternoon and tonight and northwesterly Tuesday, -'• Frederick,.-Washington—Increasr these The 'modern" times. • rr.onth-by-month temperature records of recent years as compared .to normal follow: short j April Mny June July , August ... September October. . November December 1IMK . . 3].n , -CI.5 , 52.8 . Cl.O . 03. 4 . M.I . el.o . 65,G ; 52.0 . 17.7 . '35.8 lYcnr 51-3 31117 37.G 21.8 38.1 S-I.O 62.C 03.« 70.7 75.5 M.4 CO .3 <OA 30.G 5S.O 191C. 32.B 34.3 13.11 .43.3 03.0 70.6 74.S GS.O CC.S 58.2 47.0 37.1 54.7 Nor. 31.5 33.3 40.8 51.9 02.5 70.P, 42.9 34.3 53.0 The "above records are official as, (D-Balto 5th)! compiled by the IT. S. Weather bills which Burea'u with the exception of .the ns in the-.taxiif^t. fi ve months'of 1948. The uu.- would place the same proposes. it would Building, tive, man- ised state official figures were obtained from the Cumberland weather, station at Constitution- Park. - Yotith Injured As Auto Overturns •'Ronald'Baker, about 10, was admitted to Hazel McGilvery Hospital, Meyersdale, Pa. .yesterday with injuries suffered when the car he was riding turned over at 10 a. m. on Route 219 while enroute to Sunday School. X-rays were to be taken today. The boy and his "brother, David, were being driven-to The Church of the Cove by their mother, Mrs. Allen Baker, when the automobile ran with ' rain tonight except freeztng . rain likely in the mountains and in north portions..' Lowest tonight 32 to 36 degrees. . Tuesday colder with rain except rain or snow In mountains and noi^h. portion. Light' to gentle' variable winds today becoming mostly moderate northerly • ton ight. Eastern morning. Shore—Some considerable "fog this cloudiness and not so warm with highest temperature 48 Cloudy and to 55 colder degrees today, with rain beginning tonight . and continuing Tuesday. 1 Lowest tonight-34 to 38 degrees. ' Light to. gentle ' variable winds today becoming mostly moderate northerly tonight. Southern' Maryland-—_Some .iog this'morning and increasing: cloudiness with highest, temperatures 52 to 57- degrees this afternoon. Cloudy with rain beginning -tonight and lowest 34 to 38 degrees, Tuesday rainy and colder. Light to gentle variable winds today.becoming mostly moderate northerly tonight. Child Hurt When Struck By Auto Margaret Stewart, 5, daughter o' Ernest.-Stewart,-113 South "Walnut Place, was slightly injured yesterday 'when she ran between two parked -off the road, back, on the As the. car swerve road- it overturned autos j d Jrg car .,. about 500 yards north of Route 40, The youth was taken to the hospital by Guy Hardesty.-GrantsvJlle, who runs a service station at the intersection ' of Routes 40 and 219. He had a deep . laceration on one arm and on the forehead. Mrs. Baker- suffered brush burns and the other youth was uninjured. The Bakers reside near Berlin. Pa., where they are employed on a farm. Trooper G. D. Flook, who .investigated, estimated car damage in excess of $500. No charges have been, placed pending a complete investigation. YOUTH CENTER DEDICATED—.The newly completed Youth Center of Tr'nity Evangelical Lutheran Church was dedicated last night with the pastor, the Rev. Philip C. Priester, shown above, speaking on "Our Youth" at the ceremony. "The building measured 45 to 39 feet and contains a modern kitchen. A snack bar will be maintained and a program of many events Is planned. Ifirtlis Mr. and Mrs. .John R. Wilkinson, 807 Mt. Royal Avenue, announce the birth of 'a s6n last night in Memorial' Hospital. The father is advertising manager for the Times and Allcganlan Company. A- son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Smith, 4 Jones Street, yesterday -in. Memorial Hospital. •Mr. and Mrs. Lindsey- Maust, Frlendsville, announce the birth of , a daughter in Memorial Hospital yesterday. the path of an-oncotn-- She-was treated at AUe- gany .Hospital for -a' bruised right leg'and brush burns of the hands. Officer James Brown, who investigated, said the accident occurred in the 100 block of Walnut Place about 5-20 p m. She', was' struck-by"the bumper of the car'driven by Arthur Philip Jones. 220 Walnut Place, end thrown to the .pavement, • • The'child's father told police .It ,,as not the' fault "of, the driver. No charges were - preferred. Naomi Davis, 53,. of 173. North Mechanic Street was.treated:'early yesterday at the same hospital lor severe lacerations on the back of her. head received in a fall at her home. • Thomas Skelly, five-year-old son of Mr and Mrs. John Skelly, Ptow. fractured his right arm.while playing yesterday and was also.treated. Robert Day, 05, .who was struck by a car early Saturday morning remains-in a semi-conscious condition at Allegany Hospital. Attaches report him In a critical- condition. . Ralph Christopher, Route,6, was treated at Memorial .Hospital ycs- terdayfor burns.of the. right hand suffered, in a gasoline.explosion Jn, an alley paralleling Lalng Avenue. A'dolph Hokamp. 144 Bedford Street, A 'son was born to Mr. and Mrs. in Allegany-Hr- 1 —Areas*ass ^£™s—s.-a more yesterday. . 'Mr. and Mrs. Hardy Tysinger, 421 Homer treet, announce»the birth of n. daughter in Allegany Hospital yesterday. . A son was bom, to Mr. and Mrs. Allegany Hospital. .. Mr. and Mrs.'Richard Kuhns. 01 Locust-Grove,, announce the'birth of a son. this, morning Ki.Allcga»y Hospital. .' • •

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