Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on July 19, 1963 · Page 11
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 11

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Friday, July 19, 1963
Page 11
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•"i-.'T.;-, - •••• ' - ., - '-.r-«Xi->. \ NEW APARTMENT - The Julianna u located at 50 North Ash street. This Is The Week Feed roses, water them deeply and spray regularly to enjoy the maximum of summer bloom. Prune out canes on blackberry vines that bore fruit this year. Loosely wind the new canes around the trellis. Feed dahlias frequently — twice a month at least. Use a complete fertilizer, or fish emulsion. Set out bedding plants for late summer bloom — and for bloom this fall. Plant blooming tuberous begonias for quick color in shaded spots. AIR-CLEANSER NEW YORK (UPI) - The gas industry has offered its assistance to the campaign of Sen. Abraham Ribicoff, D-Conn., former Secretary of Health, Education and W fare, to step up air pollution control efforts. A new type of smokeless-odorless gas incinerator, developed for both residential and commercial use, will do much to eliminate air contamination caused by the burning of garbage, trash and industrial waste, according to the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association. WE'VE MOVED! GAUGH Plumbing OUR NEW LOCATION 307 Redlands Blvd. (ON OLD HWY. 99) PHONE 792-4974 • REPAIR • REMODELING • CONTRACTING LIVING ROOM — Spacious living room opens into the kitchen-dining area of the Ben Wagner unit in the apartments. Choice fruit hard to purchase In many areas of the country it seems almost impossible to purchase choice fruits. Prices are high and the quality only average, or sometimes poor. The answer for the average home owner is to grow his own dwarf, tree-ripened fruits on his owTi property. A few dwarf fruit trees, apples, peaches, pears, plums; or bush fruits like raspberries and grapes, or strawberries can be grown even on small properties says the American Association of Nurserj-men. Some tremendous advances have been made in fruit growing. There are northern grapes that are just like the famous California varieties, dwarf apple trees which bear from almost every spur, even peaches growing on shrubs. Julianna apartments open at 50 North Ash street A heated swimming pool en hances the beauty of the large inner courtyard of the new Juli anna Apartments, located at 50 North Ash street. Just steps away from the sparkling pool is the large two bedroom apartment of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Wagner. A total of 19 units is included in the two story buildmg which is constructed around the large inner court with its palm trees and pool. The Wagners' apartment has both a street entry and a door leading directly into the swimming and recreation room area. The Ben Wagners and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wagner are the owners of the building. Robert Wagner is a Redlands City councilman. The facility was designed by Robert Van Roekel and was built Congratulations to the Wagners DESIGN & DRAFTING FOR THE JULIANNA APARTMENTS 50 North Ash St., Redlands By robert van roekel 10 1 South Sixth Street Redlands, California I I andscaping FOR THE BEAUTIFUL NEW JUUANNA APARTMENTS 50 North Ash St.. Redlands Furnished By DANGERMOND'S NURSERY Hwy. 991 Mile W. of Redlands PY 2-3885 FREE DELIVERY CLOSED SUNDAYS by the Van Wieren Brothers construction company. The main cntr>' to the inner court is set off by two flagstone planter bo.\es and a matching pair of decorative lamps. Landscaping design and installation was done by Allan Dangcrmond of Dangcr- mond Nurserys. .•\long with the pool for the tenants the custom apartment building contains a large recre- reation room witii a flagstone fireplace, barbecue, sink, stove and refrigerator. A full set of dishes is included in the room which opens directly to the patio. At one end of the large room is a piano and a couch done in olive gold. Other features for the occupants are the carpeting and drapes included in each unit along with the separate air conditioning system, the all electric kitchens, large carports with storage and free laundr>' facilities. Both one and two bedroom apartments are in the building. The elder Wagners two bedroom, living and kitchen-dining unit has beige carpet on the floor and nubby texture off white drapes covering the diamond windows. Under the wide living room window is a yellow-gold couch. End tables are on each side and a blue ceramic lamp decorates one white table. A russet toned lounge chair and matching footrest add to the decor of the room. A walnut divider separates the livmg room from the breakfast dining area. The chest contains the fine china and silver. The delightful kitchen has all of its appliances done in a matching turquoise color. White ceramic tile is used on the counters and as a backsplash. From the dining area with its round table and brass and tur- High ceilings enlarge rooms One reason for the increasing popularity of the post-and-beam type of home construction is the illusion the open ceilings give of e.Ntra size. You can take a relatively small living room, points out one prominent home designer, and give it an exposed high ceiling and the room will look about half again as large as it would if it had a conventional flat and lower ceiling. Of course, points out this designer, there is an attraction for many people to exposed wood. They like the grain of lovely woods like Douglas fir or west coast hemlock. They like the brightness of a room with exposed wood when the wood has beea finished with a clear lacquer or varnish to capture and retain the natural beauty and grain. Then, too, he says, you can have such a wide range of decorative possibilities with exposed wood beams and ceiling. You can finish the beams in darker stain to bring out the contrast of the natural color of the lighter wood in the ceiling. Redlands Daily Facts Friday, July 19, 1963 - 11 quoise chairs a door leads to the inner courtyard of the building. Off the living room are located the two bedrooms and the bright bath. A pullman, heat lamp and exhaust fan are some of the features of the tiled bath. The master bedroom has matching aqua lamps on each side of the twin beds with their quilted pink spreads. A double door wardrobe closet fills one wall. Blue walls highlight the guest bedroom with its matching furniture grouping. The building, finished on the exterior in yellow tones has board and battens on the upper floor. From the court three light and airy stairways of pre-cast concrete lead to the upper floor. OLLY'S POINTERS By Polly Cramer HOME LMNS and property improvement loans DEAR GIRLS - To wash er n«t to wash th« dinner dishes before the guests leave still seems to be a debatable question. We are all certainly entitle to our own opinons. — polly DEAR POLLY — Y"ou have succeeded in losing my interest in your column. I am the other reader who disagreed about guests helping with the dishes. I have two small children and can picture my table if I left everything on it for them to grab. I am fortunate in having acquired a dishwasher since I first wrote you. However I was under the impression your column was for pointers not sarcasm. If you give "dollars for digs" we could all be rich, yourself included. I pity the original witer. I am sure she meant no harm. I would not consider sending a Pointer for fear of a nasty remark either by your or some reader. You are also prejudiced for printing the letter that agreed with you. Let's see you print this one — UNSIGNED DEAR READER-I am sorry you did not sign your letter so I could address you differently but I do hope you are still a reader. Congratulations on having acquired a dishwasher as a helper.-POLLY DEAR POLLY - To add another opinion, my pet peeves are guests who LN'SIST on CLEARING dshes from the table despite my firm requst they desist. Instead of pleasantly enjoying my guests, I find myself up to my elbows in the sink trying to prepare the dishes for the washer, trying to find room on the counter space for the soiled dishes to be stacked. My insistent guests crowd me and the counter space and I wonder what to do with the still unwashed pots and pans. Believe me, it is a hectic aftermath to a relaxing dinner party to be suddenly thrust into a whirlwind of activty by two to six female guests, all working AGAINST the hostess. If the guests insist on "helping with the dishes" and the hostess demurs, why do they not conform to good manners and remain "invited guests?" — B.F. GIRLS — Three cheers from Polly. DEAR POLLY — After having read Mrs. M. J.'s opinon about helping with the dishes after a dinner party, I just have to put in my two cent's worth. Most women agree that there is a lot of time, work and nervous energy involved in putting together a really nice dinna:. By the time the dinner is over, I think the least a woman can do is to pitch in and give the hostess a little help. Actually that is usually the time when women enjoy congregating in the kitchen and chatting. With a few pairs of e.xtra hands, the chores seem less tedious and the job gets done faster. If the guests are real friends or relatives, I am sure that out of consideration and affection for their hostess they would have it no other way. However if it were a formal dinner party I would agree that the hostess should man­ age herself or have outside help for the occasion. — MRS. H. B. GIRLS—There you have both sides of the question so take your pick. I still prefer enjoying my guests and my party and then doing the dishes (in a more comfortable dress and shoes) as I mull over the happenings of the evening. — polly DEAR POLLY - Like most children, my two daughters love drawing so we painted the inside of the toy cupboard doors with blackboard paint. The boards could not be easier to put away as we just close the doors. — V. U. R. GIRLS — Did I ever tell you that I painted one end of a wood cabinet in my kitchen with blackboard slating because there is no wall space for a bulletin board? Anything needed from the grocery is added so there is a ready-made list when it comes time for shopping. A damp sponge wipes it off clean and ready for new list. — POLLY. DE.^R POLLY — To k e e p a tubular sash from twisting and folding over in the wrong places, cut an old plastic belt to your waist measurements. Slit the inside of the sash at the point where it ties and insert the belt as far as the tie point on the other side of the sash. Finish off the slit with buttonsole stitches. The belt can be removed when the dress is washed. — Mrs. L. S. DEAR POLLY — Our garage keys never seemed to get back on their own special hook. They have been hidden away in old coat pockets and, on occasion, have been carried to school.' I solved the problem by forming a ring, six inches in diamter, out of heavy wire, soldering the ends together to close the ring and ty­ ing the keys to it with a hea\-y cord. This assembly is too large to get into a pocket but can be conveniently slipped on to your arm when you are carrying hea\7 bundles. This large ring has certainly solved our garage key problem. It is always returned to the proper hook. — EARL. GIRLS — The honors (snd the Polly Dollar) again go to ana of our practical readers of the opposite sex. — POLLY. DEAR POLLY - My little girl lo\'es headbands and when I made her a playsuit. she found a piece of the material and asked me to %vrap it around her hear for a headband. I dedded to make her one. I folded a strip of material, sewed and turned it, making it about two inches shorter than needed to go around her head. Then I sewed a piece of elastic between the two ends. She now has headbands to match all her different dresses and playsuits. Some are trimmed with bows, too — MRS. F. B. GIRLS — Another reader also shares her idea for making headbands. If one does not suit your particular need perhaps the other will. - POLLY. DEAR POLLY — Since headbands are so popular I am sure mothers with girls are exhausting their cookie jar funds keeping the girls well supplied. My 13- year-old daughter came up with this bright idea. Make headbands from old and worn leotards. Cut a strip twice the desired width of the band, stitch two sides together and turn by usmg a pencil or long shears. Press with the steam iron. Now the girls can have dozens of headbands. - MRS. V. 0. N. Decoraffve Window Shades • All Kinds * • All Styles " Always the Newest REDLANDS SHADE SHOP 620 Orange Ph. 792-5807 Every order rates equal*value service At T.I., the smallest order is Just as important as the big one. And T.L service counts for more, too, because it comes from America's largest staff of title specialists;. Member Cantomia land Title Associati'on TITLE INSURANCE AND TRUST COMPANY 340 Fourth Street, San Bernardino • TU 5-9975 WHERE PERSOtMLSERVICE IS BACKED BrTOyEWtSOFEXKMCNCC BASTINGS SL LOAN ASSOCIATION- REDUHDS HOME OFFICE • FIFTH i CITRUS « PH.3&2391 rONTANA • S601 WHEELER AVE. • VA 2-2256 • TR 5<Be YUCAIPA • 35034 YUCAIPA BOULEVARD • PH. 797-OlSl BEAUMONT • 725 BEAUMONT AVEWUE • PH. I45-31!t OUR CONGRATULATIONS to the WAGNERS On the Opening of Their Beautiful New Apartment BIdg. JULIANNA APARTMENTS 50 NORTH ASH STREET CONSTRUCTED BY VAN WIEREN BROS. GENERAL CONTRACTORS 31 E. Citrus Ave. Phone 793-2408

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