The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on November 19, 1969 · Page 9
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 9

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 19, 1969
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 1969 THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE Page 9 -.yct-L- RENT • SWAP • HIRE • BUY • SELL* RENT • SWAP - HIRE • BUY • SELL-RENT* SWAP • MIRE S GET RESULTS • MIRE • BUY - SELL' RENT • SWAP • Ml RE • BUY • SELL- RENT • SWAP » HI RE • BUY • SELL- RENT CLASSIFIED RATES 1 insertion 2 insertions 3 insertions 4 insertions 5 insertions 6 insertions 5$ per word 8? per word 10? per word 12? per word 14? per word 15? per word Charges are at a reduced cash rate and apply if the ad is paid within 10 days after the first insertion. Service charges of 25? will be added after . the 10 day period. Advertisers should check their advertisements in the first issue in which they appear and report any error at once as no allowance can be made except for the first incorrect insertion. BLACK FACE LOCAL 20? per line LIGHT FACE LOCAL Memoriam 15? per line Card of Thanks $2.00 Classified advertising - Call 675-2115 before 3 p.m. for . insertion next day. Saturday, call before 9 a.m. Cancellation- • Preceding day. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY . Classified per col. inch' $1.00 1 inch daily'per month $22.00 j. Each additional inch—$13.00 Rates Quoted Are Local F ( or Sale FOR SALE — Used furniture - and appliances. Contact James Walker,. 603 Ni East 675-7325. Chris Spears, 675-" 2415. ' '' C-TF FOR SALE — Aluminum siding, awnings, storm windows, and doors. A.J. Bute, phone 675- 2646. . C-TF APPLES, Cider, popcorn, pumpkins. Hainlen Orchard 2 miles E. of Greentown, follow signs N. C-TF FOR SALE — Garage door openers. Complete door repair. ' Geo. Morrisett. Phone i 675-2096. C-TF FOR SALE 675-6498. — Firewood. P-353 Call FOR SALE — 24 Volume 1968 Comptons Encyclopedia. Terms for teachers. Bargain. Ray Speer, 675-4476. P-357 FOR SALE -- Gray Harris tweed overcoat. Size 44 long. Mrs. Ivor Davies. C-354 FOR SALE — 1 used garage door. Size 8x7 including all Landware. $30.00. 915 N. Main. i , P-354 FOR SALE — 8x10 building and a 2-wheel trailer. See at • 237 Sweetland Ave. or call 675-4298.' P-354 FOR SALE — Regulation professional pool table. Call 6756896 evenings. P-358 FOR SALE — Gas space heater. $10. Call 675-2458 after 6. K • C-355 FOR SALE — Philco refrigerator. Special features including top freezer. Very good condition. $55.00. 675-6075 C-355 Used Cars For "Rent FOR RENT — Trailer, 1050 North Main Street. Adults only and no pets. C-356 FOR RENT- — 2 bedroom country home. . 675-2844. Also for sale, coffee and step tables. C-355 Wanted Livestock FOR SALE — '61 Falcon, .'64 . 289 Eng. 3 speed floor shift. New tires, brakes and battery. 963-2904. P-355 FOR SALE — .1963 Chevy Bel- Air 2-door sedan, 6 cylinder 3-speed straight stick. A-l. See at 229 Poplar St or call 675-6062 after 4 p.m. C-354 FOR SALE — 1962 Valiant 4 door sedan. 6 cyl. aut, trail. Priced to sell. • Ph. 963-2313 P-353 FOR SALE — Poland China boars • 'L.M. Wiles & Sons, fcirkiin. Pho. 758-4765. 11/21/69 Services, FRONT ENDAUGNMENT-Wtieel • balancing. Ebert Sinclair Ser-* vice. Phone 675-7125. C-Mon Tues Wed - TF • FOR RENT — Dec. 1st, 6 room bouse, 3 b.r., bath, gas heat, garage, ref. reqd. Box #D, . Tipton Tribune. C-TF FOR RENT— 3 rooms and bath unfurnished upstairs apt. at 127 1/2 E. Washington St. Call 552-5909 after 5 pjn. C-356 IN TIPTON IN TIPTON Samtone • Certified MaslciVrycfaiKr IS BURKHART5 501 N. Main Pho. 675-4605 FOR RENT -- 12'x55' house- trailer. ADULTS or family with one child only," $85.00 per mo. Available Dec. 1. May be seen now by appt. Phone 675-6668. C-353 FOR RENT — 3 room upstairs - furnished apt. -Phone 6752348. C-354 FOR RENT — 2 bedroom apt. Stove, refrigerator and dryer furnished. Phone 675-6812. C-TF FOR RENT — 5 room modern house in Hobbs. See to appreciate. Couple or with 1 child. 675-6017. TF FOR RENT — 2 bedroom, ground level apartment, 1 3/4 miles south on 19. 675-6659. C-357 • _j& FOR RENT Modern 8 room house in Goldsmith. Callaf- . ter 6:00 p.m. 963-5392. P-355 RENT TO OWN a new Baldwi," piano. $5.00 a month. Phone 675-6263. . . C-TF CEPTIC TANK Cleaning. Raymond Tragesser. Call 552-.7162 or 675-2163. TF HANKINS USED CARS 445 Sweetland Ave. Late model cars & trucks CLEANEST IN TOWN see Red Davis or Lew Hankins PORTABLE WELDING SERVICE . — Anywbere-Anytime.* Tony Hancock, 947-3832. C-TF ENGLAND FURNITURE STORE New & Used Furniture • Sharpsville, Ind. Pho. 963-2383 Store hours 10 till 6 except Thursday 10 till 7. •WANTED — Raw furs of all kinds. Lee Purvis and Son, one of Indiana's oldest and largest fur. dealers. Pho. 9632455. C-355 WANTED — Babysitting in my . home. Write to Mrs. Donna Johnson, R#5, Tipton, Ind. C-356 WANTED ~ Babysitting in my home. Phone 675-4525. C-353 WANTED — Babysitting for one pre-scbool child in my home. Call 675-4981. C-355 Classified Adds Female Help Wanted $17,000 COMMISSION PLUS NEW CAR BONUS for full time man over 40 in Tipton area. Take short auto trips to contact customers. Air mailA.K. Read, Pres., American Lubricants Co., Box 696, Dayton, . Ohio 45401. P-354 Farmers Needs FOR SALE — 227 John Deere used corn picker, mounting buckets. Acer's Seeds, Inc. Dial 963-5397. C-354 Loose Inches!! See the Slim Jim as advertised on TV. For FREE home demonstration on this unique home exerciser Dial 963-2763 C-358 BAKE SALE Nov. 22, 1969 10:00 In front of Zehner*s Shoe Store Amicale Sub-Deb. C-355 [ Hospital Notes ADMISSIONS: Leona Morrison, Atlanta;, Darrell Monroe, Kokomo; Daniel Habegger, Kirklin; Mary Bogard, Frankfort; Pablo Gutierrez, Tipton; Morris Evans, Greentown; Timothy Ripberger, Tipton; Anthony Morris, Nbblesville; Jay Rulon, Arcadia; Dixie Davis, Arcadia; Carolyn Debb, Tipton; Jeanne Comer, Elwood; and Jesse Miller, Kokomo. DISMISSALS: Herman Baun, Tipton; Janice Brown, Tipton; Ronald Majors, Kokomo; Dorothy Van Winkle, Kokomo; Daniel Habegger, Kirklin; Juanita. Kirby, Atlanta; Lunell Jackson, Kokomo; and Omer Hendricks, Windfall. , I'll IS . BIRTHS: Mr. and Mrs. Salvador Barajas, Sharpsville, boy, Nov. 18 at 1:10 a.m. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Davis, Arcadia, girl, Nov. 18 at 12:14 P.m. ARMS, shoulders, hands, back, hurt? Headaches, arthritis pains? ' Want improvement? Call Dr.'Foxwortby, 675-4478. . C-354 r " > " P BRYANT"'™ B ^! | HEATING t COOLING I I SHEET METAL WORK 3 24-hour Service • I Phone 675-4559 I gGene Henry & Sons| Television In Review By RICK DU BROW t HOLLYWOOD (UPI>-Some points about j Vice President Spiro T. Agnew's criticism of television news presentation: — The vice | president was upset, in part, by network analyses that [immediately followed President Nixon's Nov. 3 speech on Vietnam. The latest national rating indicate that CBS-TV's post-speech analysis ranked 11th among 86 programs tabulated for jthe week ending Nov. 9. [ ' — The networds have publicly suggested their fear of pressure because television depends on government, licensing. But they have been careful s to make clear they • are not above criticism. While the so-called "silent majority" is downgraded in some j quarters, it is , precisely • this, type of audience that the networds depend on every day to) get the highest ratings for their shows. —Television has really been taking it on the chin. There was the Agnew speech. And a report ' issued in conjunction with the Alfred L Du Pont-Columbia University boradcast journalism awards criticized video for not being as pertinent in its documentaries: as in its fine coverage of live events (such as the moon flight). "Some say we're too touch and others say we're not tough enough," says a network news official. "All we really are; is human." — Unquestionably, television is sensitive to unhappy viewers who J hive reacted against constant visualization of national discord, from the 1968 -Democratic Convention to recent disorders. Some viewers are simply annoyed by the news itself, which is on video. Others blame television for provoking events. And, privately, som^ major network executives | admit. Agnew's speech was politically astute in its timing!, j — Perhaps the most diploma-' tic and subtly- provocative comment on the Agnew speech by a; member of the Nixon administration came • from Robert H. Finch, secretary of health; education and welfare, who said in part: "I think this (inquiry) is one of the good things that has blown out of the student-challenge of our institutions. I All our institutions are under|starp inquiry and I think it is a i healthy thing." According to the Los Angeles Times,;) Finch also said he personally had no complaints about th'e news media. — The old journalistic saw that a reporter Is not as importait as his story, and should keep himself, out of it, is being | forcibly modified, on television, . simply .by the medium's existence. In addition, 1 growing, sophistication in the nation has resulted in greater media. general interest in the Apollo 12 SmallTalk SPACE! CENTER, Houston (UPD—The normally quiet Apollo 12; astronauts turned into chatterboxes when they finally went into lunar orbit. And besides the usual expressions of "beautiful" and "fantastic" they came up with a "wowee" and some of ..the most vivid descriptions yet of the lunar surface: j : Excerpts from their conversation with Ground Control: Alan L. Bean: "It's like there was. a big giant up there, blowing sand all. over the place." • • . Flight Commander Charles "Pete" Conrad, asked to describe the lunar color: "At first it had a very,-very light gray concrete appearance. Now it's changing. It still looks like concrete, but it has a touch of brown in it now. . Jf I j wanted to look at something' that I thought was the same color as the moon I'd go out and look at. my driveway." Conrad,- describing the sky around the moon: "The black is. about as black as you've ever seen in your life." .; Conrad, describing the slightly darker green in the Sea of Fertility: "Looks like the beach- sand ' down- at. Galveston, whenever its wet." Capcom Paul Weitz: "Okay, we had a team of geologists checking ;your driveway. We'll send them to galveston now." ':' Richard F. Gordon: "The horizon is one of j the' most impressive things. Take a look at those mountains.- They/look like little clouds oyerj the mare. Maybe on the TV they look like CROSSWORD DOWN measures 2. Verbal . 3. Shave : 4. Old measure 5.G.W. Russell penname 6. Embank. ment . 7. Ireland 8. Peel 9. Golf , '. •. term (pl.) 12.Enthusi- - asm . 13. Legend 17. Street . problem 19.Nar- ' cotics . user 21. Whitney-in­ vention 22.Direc- ' Uon (abbr.) 23. Monkey 24. Profiting 25. Spurned ' by critics 28. Biblical city 31. Deep voice 32. Frolic 34. Paper—— •QDEiQ Qtsaas SOS QSCJS HHsaiaaan^ _ aas an nana BOSS nnnsss SEG1SI1 gBBBB Yuterdajr** iunr" - 35. City ii Nevaua.- 36.PuU 37. Big cat 38. On • 41.Flap 43. Railroad (abbr.) DAILY ACROSS l.Poet, Alexander 5. Attentive 10. Russian river 11. Spooky 12. Curl • problems 14. Climbing plant • 15. Atomic 16. Corrects .18. Pronoun 19. Chills and fever- 20. Legislature (Den.) 23. Weaken 26. Vine- covered . 27.Kind of jelly 29. Decimal unit 30. European . > . peninsula 32. Cicatrix 33. At home 34. Vaults 37. Whimper -39. Shakespearian king. 40. Dull- witted 42.- Sanctum 44. Egyptian god .45. Gambling game 46. Close noisily . 11-19 DAILY CRYFTOQUOTE —Here's how to work It: A X Y D LB A A X. R is' LONGFELLOW One letter simply stands for. another. In this sample A Is used for the three L's, X.for the two 6's, etc'Single letters.' apostrophes, the length and formation of the : words are all ; hints. Each day the code letters are different, j u I i 6 1 a 9 . 10 \z W 14 m * 17 14. Mi '9 20 21 . m 25 24 25 26 :-• 4? 29 - 1 30 31 > i 35 z. 37 3S m 40 41. 4* • 45 46 " LB clouds, white puffy clouds, but they're hot. They look like hard rpckSi" • Gordon: "We . got : a whole bunch of what looks like fence holes; Looks like rilles." Conrad: "It doesn't look like very good place tgjpull liberty." Gordon: "Boy, its beautiful, look, at thatcrater, wowee!" Conrad: "There's a beauty (crater) over here. We're getting the low sun angle and you can see the craters in the big ones. It looks like someone took-some buckshot." Bean: • "It almost looks, like somebody took some cake icing . and spread it with a big knife, laid It all around and then somebody shot some BBs into it. It really is beautiful.". State Highway ects , AU projects. will. be. reviewed, at the Indiana State Highway Commission meeting Thursday. Normally, the low bidder is awarded the contract at-that time... »''!•••'•• Other projects for which eligible low bids were received are: LaPorte County—|Bridge* on Interstate 94, .1 mile south of the Indiana-Michigan line over the Chesapeake & 'Ohio Railroad, 0!Connor Industries, Fort Wayne, $460,374. | ' " Pulaski—Bridge on Indiana 14, 3.1 miles east of U.S. 421 over Big Monon Creek; McMahan Construction Co., Rochester, $102,427. Wabash—Bridge on Indiana 16 over Eel; River 2.9 miles west of Indiana 15, McMahan Construction Co., Rochester, $177,429. • , Parke— Two bridges on Indi- - ana 59 ov^er the Middle Fork of Little Raccoon Creek, J. L. Wil- ' son Co., Bloomfield, $211,916. NASSAU BAY, TEXAS: Wind blown, Janej Conrad, wife of Apollo : 12 commander Charles "Pete" Conrad, carries firewood into the family home November 17. She said she stayed up nearly all night to see the early morning television transmission from the spacecraft but it was not shown on local T^f, so she settled for the crew's voices oh radio. UPITELEPHOTO "That's My Mom" Says Child Abandoned Beside LA Freeway LEGAL NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Public Strclc* Commlulon at bdliiii Docktt No. SUM Emtriuqr mppltaitttil pttltiao of Ctotn! TuUui Gu Compuf IQC fee tdjuttmtat of Utt sctwduU of rttu tai cttupt tuUnrlMd by or air of tbt PnbUe Stnrlct Coomlnloa of ImUaiia ifororal Fobnaif II, 1M7, la aon No. SUM. Noun U banbr dno latitat PnbUeStr- «le« CommiMioa of ladliai will coadoct public hfulai la tali caoM la tai Rooms of fa* Commlulon, 907 SUU OtOct BuUdlac toiU- •atpoUi, tadlaaa. at 1:00 p.m., EST, oa DK- tmbwll, 1M9. . putlle puUclpatloa U raquwM. PUBLIC SERVICE COUUBSION OP INDIANA Br: C. Pitrlck Cbaej, CommUHooar todUmpolU, todlaaa, Nonmbar 17,1999. L-M7 C-JM BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (UPI) — Little Jody Fouquet, 5,. pointed to her mother as the 1 woman was brought into the courtroom. "That's ray mom. I like mom," Jody said. Across the courtroom, Mrs. : Betty Lansdown Fouquet, 26, burst into tears and waved at her daughter at the opening of a preliminary hearing in Municipal Court Monday. Mrs. Fouquet and her com-; mon-Iaw husband,- Ronald F.: Fouquet, 31, Bell Gardens, Calif., are accused of abandon- j ing Jody beside a freeway south, of here last month. At the end of the daylong; session, the Fouquets' court-j appointed attorneys asked for' dismissal of a felony count' •gainst the . couple which charged]they placed^fhe child' under i circumstances likely to produce Judge [great bodily harm. Doyle Miller set Dec. 4 ground. { Lansdown, Mrs. former husband, told as the date for a ruling on the motion. The Fouquets also are charged with willful child abandonment. • • They were arrested Oct. 29 in Bell Gardens, five days after a Fouquef s investiga- : , ,Porter-r-;Bridge on Indiana 49 norfh of Chesterton over the Penn Central Railroad; Ellas Construction Co., Gary. $326,048, Vanderburgh—Bridge on U.S..' 41 over Pigeon Creek 1.5 miles north of Evansviiie, G. H. Allen Co.j Vincennes, $233,802. - Ripley— Bridge on Indiana 48 over. Laughery Creek, Jack Messner Construction Co., Indianapolis, $159,579. - ' Clark—Bridge on Indiana 60 over Silver Creek .6 mile northwest of VS. 31E, Edgar H. Hughes Co., Jeffersbnville, $193,897. Boone—Bridge on Interstate 65 north of Indiana 47 over Sugar Creek, Tousley-Bixler Co., Indianapolis, $410,149.. : Marion— Wrecking of 27 buildings "on the Indianapolis inner belt of Interstate routes 70 and 65, B & B Wrecking Co., Cleveland, Ohio, $29,800. Starke—Flashing beacon on U.S. 35 ,at Bass Lake, Morse Electric, $1,450. Allen-Noble—Traffic signals at Fort Wayne and Albion, James H. Drew Corp., Indianapolis, $15,921. Lake—Traffic installation in Schererville, New Era Corp., East Chicago, $6,543. Jasper—Rest area along Interstate 65,1.5 miles north of Indiana 10, Van Kepple Construction Co., DeMotte. $378,631. highway clinging Highway patrolman found Jody to a fence beside U.S.. 99. Jody told authori- —'-0--.-J I ties her parents let her out of the car' during the. night and told hers to wait by the fence. Bill Lansdown, Camas Valley, Ore., 1 who says he is Jody's real father, requested custody of the child' at the hearing. The request was turned down pending further investigation into the Lansdowns' back- tors the woman also had custody of another child the couple had —Jeffrey, 8, an investigation has revealed that Jeffrey has been missing at least, eight months. | The Fouquets, upon advice of their attorneys, so! far have refused to talk about the whereabout of Jeffrey. WANTED PART TIME WORK £ AMBULANCE SERVICE anytime' DAY or JN/GW OUR TWO AMBULANCES ARE FULLY EQUIPPED WITH OXYGEN Young-Nickiols FUNERAL HQ ME 216 W. J«ffe rson Phone 675-4780 APPOINTMENTS ' •- • • J .' NOW BEING ACCEPTED Parties House Calls . call j • Joe 0*Banlon after 5 p.m. phone 675-6558 ASK ABOUT OUR tin co/n-Mercory DULY RENTAL SYSTEM We have rental service available by day or by the -weekl - DON ROSS MOTOR SALES INC State Road 28 East - TTPTON, INDIANA . I I • I L -H Carolyn Coy ACCOUNTING and Small Business TAX SERVICE 675-6240. .1 Buy Now and SAVE CALL Jack Hall Home Investments Aluminum Siding Vinyl Siding Garages * Remodeling Awnings Call Now 675-2454 454 Oak St. Jack Hall Aluminum

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