The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on June 12, 1935 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 12, 1935
Page 2
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PAGE TWO. THB TIPTON DAILY TRIBUOT SUGAR 100 Ibs., $5.10 Swift's Prem. WIENERS lb., 29c ^CANADA PROPOSES. Continued I'rom Page 1. any channel ln> desired. hut lie •would not lie able tn store; it in an eltvator. which robs this right t of any in< uiiins- All i-1-.-vaiiirs would ho operatod i-ilh'-;- liy nr on In-half of the i-n.-inl. li.-iilrnads would In- for- i.'iihl' n in transport wheat to any i'li v;i:or.; mil so oprraled and 111••p- •'.•ti!:i'. t>i!i<-i rs i ••iiiiu-. :;r;idins v. In :i: in llii'in. .\dvain-' s wonlil h<- mado to i.-rodiii-'T::. and ;it tlii- ''lid of oacli >•:!!• l!i" pro'-vi-ds of the sale ill" ; 11 «h'-at h' id liy Ihe hoard, after rrtilicalc-a to Atlanta received the Junior League banner; Sheridan, the Mileage banner; Logansport the bann'er .for attendance. The efficiency cup won by Tipton as the most efficient league during the year will be retained and placed in the League at the Kemp Memorial Methodist church where it will remain for 12 months. At the next convention Tipton hopes to have a record which will permit it jlo remain here for another 12 months. A feature of the Monday- ing was an extraordinary inter- j 12 Years Ago estins address by Rev. Ted Mumley, athletic director and instructor at the Lmiknow Christian] College in India. Mr. Mumleyj served as coach o£ the India cut-1 rants to the Olympic games in j 11)32 the meeting being held in California. The Tipton League feels proud of its achievement at the two days' convention and is pointing .June 12th. Mr. and Mrs. Vincent VanBrig- gle were called to Alexandria by the tragic death of Clarence Miller, a relative. * * * R. C. Marine left for Lansing, Mich., to drive back a new Oldsmobile. Mrs. Mary Stack, wife of R. A. n of the Curlisville comimm- vas suifering from au attack I Hy o£ paralysis. ^ ' i « » * • Leo Hoffman of Sharpsville and Miss Ktiiel Furong of Kokomo rick's L-h.uri.-h in Kokomo. * * * Frank Null left for Gibsdn County where he had a contrai't for five miles of gravel road. work during the the tup brought back as proof, F ,.. ul] . Ross was adV erUsin S £or GEORGIA STATE. Continued from Paso 1. i lost license plate No. 361-591. I « » » I The county lost one of its splcn- | did women when Mrs. Webber i Johnson died at her home mi East of 'be -.i'."'ii ihai "111-"]-:.-!;! siill .luis Hi-' i' : uli! \e. svreiie from the un." s;'iii afi-.-r iv-. eivin:r th-. 1 ' in u n: to ki-op ri^ht on The Market Mul.lo.lii) lo f April 2"i -A-.* soiling fort'i ilie Democratic i:i::i'. I-i ih;it ;irii--.-i- ! Uu . c . )h , Ili ^,, Uu . nat jnnal welfare." The nunioti states that allegations .1 ;he ].r si.!e»i hail .-ar-| .- T | 1(> '^, latol . s wll<) votc d for in the complaint which they wish I i his bill have ignored its ques- stricken I lioiiahl prim ipa! planks of j f Suri;i!isi and It'.-- [ aholitinn features President Washington street. Koospvclt wants. I The utility executives' commit-: ^- f- Trimble had 120 arrr-s in lee issued a lishtinK statement' corn on tlu> tiniada.-rc farm in Hie slimed liy he-.uls o£ the leading, Hound I'rairie community, holding companies of the country. I 11 charged that the senate had 1 Mrs. George Waison underwent laken action "to lengthen the na-ian operation at Hie Eastman Jios- tion'.s breadlines and obstruct tlio'Pital in Indianapolis. efforts of the Aniorican people to| *** achieve) the economic recovery so 1 EVIDENCE IN. nearly within their grasp." , T!ie lii.1!. the executives said. I ivould block normal expansion of the utilitv industry, affect the nay-; Continued from J'aso 1. A motion to strike out parts of he amended complaint filed hv in£s of millions, cripple a basic- Or. Kenneth Ayrcs of Anderson ally important service, and "rep- against his wife. Faro] Ayrep. was rospnts . . . the major menace liled liv attorneys for tin- • of the o!i-] ;h-- posloliiee depart- j lh:it li:ne we have j ed anyihiim prohibited I ct of June. 1 constitutionality. ren- ered donlily douliioiis liy the recent supreme court decisions."! asked. the statement said. "They have A. V.. out. do net constitute ••riicl am! inhuman (realm-nt. mi the The Greatest VALUE-GIVING Event in 31 Y^ars The§Boston Store's Hollon. suardian '".I ( in the action liic-d by \V :>.'-! apyi-.vventtly decided to pass the i"fm. .bill anyway and force the utility ter K. Clinn and othf-r asainst Ada i industry to seek justice in the. l ' lil " 1 - I' 1 ' 1 "" « n answer in gcm.-ral I in to which I.i Ire tu ".-"••e-'Sion" j •r was discussing j the I'nii'-d Stales ilef'-ndi-.uts in the interim mil- denial for the minors lie ivpre-; sents. The action is one for 111? construction of tin- will of Joseph courts while lions of investors are left in a con] dition of uncertainty and fear, '•and'nli industry with hundreds of < ' lil '° wiu)s " (U ' l '- tl1 occurred ^housands of employes is forced '"limber of years ago. | to stand still. I *~*~* Tbo statement contrasted with ' i-hargi??; made, on Ihe senate floor | ilui-ing thn stormy debate that I ended in the bill's Util- I ily holding companies were ac- i citsed of "milking investors" and SUIT TO MANDATE. NEW PARTY. P:>5' (Continued From Pase :>.) Altoriurs for the creoxilin.u; •onipany fay that the ac:ion m the couuly li-i-asurer is uiiiva;- •alled "rattle-snakes" and "blood ranted in view of the fact that the sucking racketeers." attorney gen-ral has given (.'ominned fro:n ur. : :: . L'_ ."i"n .m 1. 1/1 (.in'.; to K -wi •''• (I borrowi cal Cl'< f i r than l.iiiiii.iiiMi . !.;•'. ;:eriy pKi-<-d. w.mld be ;- ic i-.-i-.irti ill" white lions; 1 '-piii'li'-rtJi cniili-'il. Tlye math--i-s nf ihi- pruhlem is plain hnt ic;!'! .-rrati-^'st.-, differ oil -if^-. -' i;ile new d";ll lldl.'cii.-S -il aii'! i- grass pU-d ,'ii-l'e willlo-,!! re. To labor w;'s •KHMI <if roUecUve m ami tin- privib i:e of iis n'.vn n pr. •.-eiiiaiiv.j.s to bargain in- wages and hour:. L^griculturi- in l.i have a fair share dl the national income. On expeii- diturc, money, the budget, auJ jftdoral c-xpL-rimeiits in the electri- j:al power business. UK.- grass Jrooters challunsed the new deal, | Meanwhile, the house admiiiis-; opinion as to Hie paymi-ni ••!'. I iraiinii leadership .sought means highway claims made in l»:!l out | •to brins the'TV A amendments to of 1».",5 revenues and the matt-?:' ; | iln> floor for. a vote, perhaps tak- was approved by tin.- stale board j ins jurisdiction away from the or accounts. The attorneys :il--nj military affairs committee'. i state thai the county council cam';: The committee tabled the in and made an appropriation to i amendments a month ago despite-cover the item and the commit their previous passage b v the sioners approved the bill and th senate by a three to one majority.'auditor issued the warrant. .in .< I'..-* | .'Those amendments would ex- 1 * * • >Uiers w, rei (l>Ild (h( , s; . ()])o Qf lho :-oois politi- c -. ird of Thanks. i ii power yardstick" proRram through in- • • creasine TVA's bond is.siiiiifj ca- | TI :I . family of tin- late Mr. A. O. pacity from JSO.tMKl.OliO to $100.- ,;,„„....,. wi!i u ,„ express their sin- IIIIIMMMI to linatice jmrchasus of ,.,,,.,, tiiaiik.s and appreciation to private utility properties and',, u>il . ni . llly fr ieiids and uc-i^libors would clarify TVA's right to sell „„. U)P millly i ;im ln^.ses shown surplus power. ANNUAL MEETING. after his sudden death. They wish to personally than); lit".'. 1'vanl;-; liu Arthur. Hcv. C. A. Wade and 1 Rev. O. \V. Harur-s for their mes-i .saKos of comfort; Mr. I.eathcr- roiitfniiPd from Pacn ]. j«a e:)iisly about the hall, trans-' maji and Mr. Morris, the funeral The prairie states men avoid-' formed the meeting place into a'directors; Mr. and Mrs. Lewis any pledge on "pensions," but i veritable June garden. excellent mu.sir. (did commit themselves lo this: i '^ be.autiful ci-rnmony was con-'-lho casket bearers anil flower ?"\Ve recognize that the secur- •ducted by the 1335 officers iu hon-! bearers and all who expressed Jt'y of our citizens demands gov-jor of the past matrons and pa- i their love and sympathy in tho .incut aid in the establishment: irons, each or whom was present- • beautiful (lowers. — Mrs. A. O. ' old age and uuemploymcnt re-|rd with a lovely potted petunia, idoor^e; Mr. and Mrs. Uasil.; Curves." |f. Kift of the ehaptcr. At this ICieorge; -Mr. Clyde George; Mr., Some 8,000 delegates were re- ( time an impressive memoriiil HI.M--I Hussell George; Mr. lloy t;corgc. | Dortcd registered from 10 Btatus: j vlcp was conducted for all de- *"""* \ (KansaM, Nebraska, Wisconsin, In-1 parted past matrons and patrons. Tribune Want Ads Got Results, j jdiana, Oklahoma, Illinois, Iowa, the past and present officers' I fe MinnesoTTTTTTi Soiii'n i jniniiiK in honoring these faltb- jUakola. Political observers aBrccd ] fnl workers. , £lmt the grass roots -••onle.rence j At Ihn cliisn of cliapter. il(-ll- iiad started tho Midwestern KB- j i-ioua refresbmonts were served in jpublican machine spinninK again. , the. dining room, and music was (Ohio visitors liked tbe idea :;o | furnislied by Muxinc Walker at. .•well that they announced a sinii-|die piano. far meeting for states in Ihiil area j T-|, C nientiiijr was our; of llie;^ In July. New England led the way I ni(isl enjoyable held for simu jtfith a regional conference last I t; mPi and ihprn was n larco all'in-, pprlng. Republican leaders predict | (laju . r w j lh g, 1P! ,| R f ro ,,, Klwoort,; (the aectionai meeting Idea will i n( u uua polis. Anderson. Atlanta.! £pread In the build-up of the pre- Jbonvention presidential ' i£)R?WORTH LEAGUE, vi:'' 1 Continued from Page 1. , missionary to the who Is now a mem- Taylor University faculty £f Upland the making of awards. Tip- i>-28S' fiW- £B£ fSS : ^fflcieacyii Sliarpsville and other*polnts. Is Improving. Floyd Kinnett near Tipton was reported to be improving Wednesday afternoon? after betas i" fof the past lew days with a severe cold and sore throat. He wag able to be up and about Wednesday, bat was unable tO WOriC f!'«- •»"-__;__: _jL;.^ I THE GROCERY \VtVT XIDE FREE SHOW AT THE NEW RITZ Bring ten Mother's Bread wrappers to' THE BARGAIN GROCERY, and we will giy« you a ticket good ,;-"- ---i?-^ J i= > ' '/ Y I < I,. Watch for Our Big Circular With Hundreds of Money Saving 1 Values and Suggestions That Will Save You Money — If You Are Interested in Saving Money, You Will Be Here Early Each Day! Men's Patterned Dress Sox Reinforced Foot M'lieckeil ;iiul striped patterns on lirown and wr.-i.v mixtures J ! Child's Colorful Anklets 9c to 15c Values il'lain coliirs ;unl\4 5 ^ 's(ii;ii-il put tern-; £* p.illel-ncil i-iilYs i/V Men's Athletic Shirts or Shorlsl Real I9c Value I-'n-t t- <> I » r palterne'lj shorts with elastic in- serls-ill side-; sixes l<» -12 JSIeachecl or Unblea. ' Sliiiri linnllir. of line tea iiiii; eii-nl.v woven; yard , ^» ^ Boys' Heavy Blu Overalls Full Cut Sizes Stniilj, vtell made anil f-CHKl uvei;ills in si/i-s^ C to Hi; liiilil ^ Men's Blue How Smart... And Look at The Low Price! DRESSES $1 Silks! Acetates! Finer Cotton! .1 special "liny" ami ulliers re- iliirrd from our ciivu hislier priced rucks. Long! Crisp! "Formal" Organdies $1.77 INnin white, pastels :ind novelty pulteriuxl pastels. I.uvely styles that ai-n perfect for your summer ilrcss-np iliite. Siws 1 1 to ^(». FREE!!! TICKETS to the Ritz Theatre To the First 200 People Entering the Store Thursday THURSDAY! While 100 Last! 5-Sewed Kitchen Brooms (inoil quality broom corn, straiii'it \voe\Ieii dandle. 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