Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on June 27, 1952 · Page 4
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 4

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, June 27, 1952
Page 4
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DKPARTMrNT CF MI 31. * Af ^CRtfl The WeaUier Cloudy and showeis Saturday High yesterday 74. noon loduy 75 Full Weather Intonnatlon Pages} 5» r: o I A . BY FAR THE L A R O K 8 T C I T T, B O B A L. TOtAL CIRCVI. ATIOK IX KM MKT COCNTT 84th Year; No. 224 Combining the Vindicator & RepubUcan Esther\11le, Emmpt County, Iowa, Friday, .hino 2"}, lO.W An lJKirp «ndeni New^per 5 Wm Get Two Mail Deliveries Service Will Begin on Jnly 1 GOP in Harmony Move, Demos Eavor Kefauver ft" "THE STREET WAS TORN JJP anyway so we f decided now would be the best time to repair the |"gas Unes," a reprcscntatlvo of the Peoples Nat- B uraJ Gas company said when asked why the work shown above ^vas being done now. They are re- (Dally News phbto and engraving) newing four service lines at this spot In connection with the city street-widening program. The lines were installed by the city sometime before 1940 when the Peoples Natural Gas company moved here. '•.tf, • ^ (Dally News photo and engraving) ART GOERE, STOREKEEPER, and maintonanca man, Ron Brlngle, wrap tape and'tar around a newly welded joint on one Of the People's Natural Gas service linos now being repaired In the first block south of Central avenue on South Sixth street. The • new welded Joints are being Installed and the old type "saddles" 'removed. ' ' Heavy Rains. High Winds Strike Iowa Government Working To Keep Controls Des 'Mdlnes, Wt—Heavy rain accompanied by high winds skipped |',ac)rq8S Iowa last night, causing aeyera djLjuago. to electric and tel- < ephone llnea and taking a heavy •tbn of t?ee limb*. ' The west half oi Oskaloosa was cut off . fro'n.,P9yeV for several ^ours. The ralna sent many small , creeks out of their banks, and _ some, streets In Des Moines, were i covered with water tp a depth of 'aeveral Inches. ' At Perry, 3.71 Inches of rain fell :iln4 Ankeny got 8.80. • « • TIIE TEtiEPHONE. company rc- •I^ortefl 15' long distance circuits And 280 local and rural phones ,w,oro out In the Oskaloosa area. ; High winds littered the 8tree*.<i pf Oskalobsa with tree limbs and a 'cor belonging tq Qerrlt DeKock, a. body and fender repairman, v/nt ^ly damaged by k falling tree.^ steel door waa blown off the rdr (]^rt1al butldtnf at the P»t JuTotn^^ airport, and' aohie power Bnes'iind trees ware; blown down I) the city. ' y .Four Mile creek, In east Dos {oines, went out of Its banks and blocked some. strMtfv I- «: : ALSO 6VT OF Itr banks was >;nut creek, Whle)).. flowa i De- een O^a'Molnei and Weft Deo , allies. Sornetieopie living in n ^w S niea alo"ff Wal«iut creek moved t \aB the ' virnter rose. . Minor iltng was forepailt along the coon.and bea^Molnea rivers, be wdither bureau forecast har hfavy ri^na i(i the north. ,,central Bect )oi;ii of Ipwa lato 'after»on 'toiitght, and thesefatforma'will be 4c- ap«nled by strbriy winds and stored hail. t.OelMnin ra4iQ atation KOSl> "knodted oft^ihe air" baforo ut. jiime today when a bolt tninir hit A 'transforiner at ion'a tr^mlttan during a . Antipn. . PlliQiala t'fftid the irnier waa iMidix damaged nwy vl^ .naceimry to olt' new ope, Iryjj* piiicsf 0, Washington (/P) — Administration forces threw all their strength today behind a last-gap effort to keep prices and wages under gov' ernment control. , A committee of senators and house members was called' Into session behind closed doors to draft a final controls bll lafter the house voted, 211 to 180, to: 1— Wipe out Just about all price controls at midnight next Mon day. 2—End rent controls In a groat many communities starting Sept 30. mm* TmE WAS SHORT. Unless the conferees agree on controls legislation acceptable to both the senate and the house, and unless both houses pass the final bill, all con trols expire Monday midnight. They may expire then anyway President Truman may not sign the bill congress sends him. The house bill, while cndln^prlce and rent controls, would keep most wage celling In force. IT DIFFERS greatly fron» the senate's bill, which would keep price and wtfge controls—as well as rent controls—In existence. And B«n. Mayhank (D-SC) heading the senate conferees, went' Into the session with delegates In no mood to back down from the senate 's position. Seek Lutheran Professor at S. U. I. WaveVly, la.. WP>— Delegates to the lo^a district, convention of the American I^utheran church at Its closing ieaaion yesterday adopted a resolution to help place a l<utheran profeaaor teaching Lu> tharahlsm at the State Untverally of Iowa. N The reaolution, aubject to approval by the national organisa^ Uon, endorfed ateps to cooperate with the National Lutheran coun^ cll and the MiaaouW Synod )Uith> eran churches Jn Iowa in the plan It waa. pointed out th^i tliare oro mora, than 900 Lutheran atudenta ^flt th« univortityt • Iowa's GOP Delegates Standing Pat By DWIOHT McCOfOIACK Des Moines, UP)— The 28 Iowa delegates to the Republican national convontlon ajiparently are standing pat on the presldenllnl nominee preferences they had when chosen delegates last April 4. This was Indicated strongly today In answers from most of theui to an Associated Press questionnaire. Of the 19 who cooperated In the survey, not a single one has changed preference. This Is the situation as of today, although there has been pressure from the respective camps of rival front-ruiiners—'U .i S. Senator R0»>«ttiei«Wtmnd1}*1g»iitt3. Bl*- enhour. ^ . • * 9 THE lOWANS are expected to participate in their first officlul balloting at their Initial caucus In Chicago on tho eve of the opening of tho national convention -July 7. George Faul of Des Moines, one of tho leading Elsenhower dele gates In the group, said recently it waa his guess that If there were any switches they wouldn't occur until after tho delegates' got settled in Chicago. Of the 19 delegates replying to the poll. 11 said they still arc for Elsenhower, seven remain for Taft, and one. continues to prefer to be classed as neutral. Some asked that their names.'not be Identified with their positions. 4> * W AT THE CLOSE of the Republican state presidential convention here April 4, tho 26 delegates were scored IB for Eisenhower, nine for Toft and two neutral. Those who have not yet answered the questionnaire had been listed four for Elsenhower, tWo for Taft, and one neutraL The Elsen­ hower people In this group are Lester O. Bogge, Crestpn; Paul; Wayne Keith, Burt, and Harold McKinley, St. Anagar. Those of this group previously scored as for Taft are E. C. Schroeder, McGregor, and Mrs. Anna Lomas, Red Oak. The ncu trol of those who have not replied to tho questionnaire is V. 8. S^n ator Bourke B. Hlckenloopcr. * * * OF THOSE WHO answered tho poll and agreed to Identify theni- selves, these have been and arc for Elsenho>ver: Gov. William 8. Beardsley, Mrs, Helen B. Vernon, DCS Moines: WllUam O. Weaver, Wapello; George H. Sackett, Pc^ ry; State Rep, Guy G. Butler, Rolfe; Boyd O. Hayes, Charles City; Craig R. Kennedy, Waterloo; 1 Hugh W. Lundy, Albla; Edward' J. Kelley, Amee, and Herbert S. Sclby, Newton. Those who authorized their id- entlflcatjon w^th their positions and have been and. are for Taft, are: Et'wln D. Bias, Sioux City; L. L. CoroorontSililey; Robert F. Loetaoher.' lUibuque, and;.. GeorHf C. Foeratneri Amwia. . 't-} Three of thofa'who declined tb be quoted by name have been and are for Taft, and on* who previously w^ listed. a« for Blaenhow 'cr confirmed that position now, K. OOOl Two morning mail delivories Ir. the business district will be Htnrt- tcd here July 1, Clara Kenncilv, postmaster, announced todoy. The first deli\-cry will be made <it 8 SO to 9:10 and tho second at 11:10 uo that all business mall can be do- llvcrcd by noon. Miss Kennedy said. The early morning delivery will Include mall from the Emmet^burg, Lakota and Sibley star routes. Recently the Emmetsburg star route has been made a two- way route, the route now coming lip from Emmetaburg In the mom- inr with mall ftom a atar route running between Des Moines and Spencer. Previously tho Emmeta­ burg atar route waa one-way only, with mall being taken from Esthervllle to Emmetsburg In the afternoon. * • • THE EARLY MORNING dellv- ery of mall from the three atnr routes plus local mall will comprise about 00 cent of the mall received each day. Miss Kennedy 04- tlmated. Mall received here on tlve Lakota and Sibley star routes at rlvcs at 0:30 p. m. On the late morning delivery mall from the Spencer star i-outc, St. James star o'^ute and No. of the Rock Island will bo dcllV" ercd. The Spencer star route ai». rives hero at 9:30, St. James rouW) at 10 and No. 19 at 9:40. Business firms which are not open by 8:30 and want the early mall delivery should provide a bjK or slot for the mail. Miss Kennedy sold. * * * . FOLLOWING COMPLETION of the business deliveries, all carrie'ra will then begin residential delivery. Hours of collection at reaid* entlal mall boxes will bo posted on the boxes after routes have beoir| rearranged and times of arrival at the boxes have • been the carriers. 'Business lections will be at the same times as before, from 8:40 to 9:10 a. m. and 0 to 5:30 p. m. and a collection also ' win be made on tho late morning delivery. Business district collection or> Sunday and holidays will be from noon to 12:30 p. m. * # * ADDITIONAL RESIDENTIAL service Is being planned for four stops on East Central avenue In the 1000 block and for 24 stops on North I3th between Eighth avenue north and 14th avenue north. Tho territory is adjacent to ter rltory already served and %hcn patrons have their houses num bercd and boxes provided, aervico win be started. Service to Paulson's addition where approximately 70 bouses have been built or are under construction will be started when either streets are paved or surfaced with asphalt or when contlnuouo sidewalks have been laid, Miss Kennedy said. All houses will havo to be numbered and boxes provided by patrons, ahe stated. Miss Kennedy emphasized that street addresses must be on all mall or It may be delayed. Doiiblt'^lirafler Poslponed; Wei GroundH Thr doublohoador bnselialt gnmo tonight between the Red Sox and the Wall Ijike Popcorn Konii-ls hnii hoen postponed hernusi* of wrt grounds. The diamond In a sna of mud after ln!<t niRht'ii ruin and It Is impoHKllili- for 11 to dry out BUfflclonlly by Rnme time. No dntPH have boon set as yet for replay of the Iwo-wnshed otil gamoH with the Popcorn Kernels, When the two tennis ngres on arrangements for iTplay of the tuts an announcement of the dates will he made. Next Rod Sox nuting IR Sunday night at Sprnrer. A double -hj<ader attraction is on tap Monday nlRhl hero with the Carroll MeichantH, tied with the Sox for the lead, an opponents for Esthervllle. ^Expense oi Trafisporling Pupils Listed Average COKI of trannportlng ft child In Emmet county to Hhcool during the past Kchol year was 94o.64, aceording to Htatistlcs le- leased thiH week from County Superintendent o( Schools Zell Berryhill's office. Average odst pn- pupil rangcp ' .J \i * Illngsted of $00.7h Jil Mr 21#-38 students (at, ay^jago dlstHot co»>|".„n„ber transporlnd ovar the/ySl** to a high for Mople Hill fo 1122.79 for lis students. •Total coat of transporting 1,198. 17 Emmet county atudenta during the year was $72,606.88. Per pupil average costs of trans porting children to the other BCV- en schools in the county are: EH- thervllle with 272.14 «tudents, 174 30; Armstrong with 2.W.7 stud ents, $06.90; Gruver with 164 stu dents, $02.68; Dolllvcr. with 147.n students, $02.91; Emmet connllldn ted with 87.3 students SM.U6; Hul fa consolidated with 28 students, $01.14: West Emmet Consollddtfl, with 10.8 students, $69.62. Will Back Party's \ominee Pn'fercntial Primary Not Endorneii Rppuhlicans at their county con \entlon went on record thl« morn Ing In support of the Republlcnn (andldate for president regardUiui of who Is nominated to avoid the t *anger of n spill In the party. The motion, made by FrancU FIttRibbons. seconded hy John Stockdale and unanimoMiily approved, followed a keynote add- reiiB by Judge N. J. I .,e« urging a change of administration. Kepubllcana present also nominated 20 delegates lo the regular stale convention July 20 In Des Moines, nine out a possible 20 del egates to the state Judicial convention Aug. 1 In Waterloo and 12 delegaleM to the Judicial convention of the I4th Judicial dlnlrltl July t In Emmetsburg. • • • LKK IN MAKING his keynote apeech pointed out that the feeling generated by Republican candidates seeking nomination will largely disappear after the nomin- atotn Is made. The great battle then will ba between the republicans and the democrat*. He attacked the democral* foreign and domestlu policy durtnv their 20 years In offlo*. The decision to allow the Russians lo march Into Berlin flrat in World War 11, ha atatad, waa a political decision made hy tha atata depaii- ment In Washington. <^ tha donn- What a GOP Delegate WonU Do? Re-elected Board Preiadent Dea Moines, (A>)—Dwlght O. Rider, Fort Dodge attorney, Thursday waa re-elected to a two-year term as president of tho state board of education. Lutheran Giving At Ail-Time High Philadelphia (yp) • Iowa Luther ans gave $1,099,090 of an all-lime high of $67,940,323 for church work In tho United Lutheran Church In America. Church officials said yenterday that figures released here iihow that the 84 churches of the Iowa synod gave $«99,27R for carrying on the work of the local congre gatlona, ;snd $190,810 for the edu catlonal, social and mlHsionary ministries of the synod and of the ULOA at home and abroad. Tho Rev. Frederick H. Ludvlg of Postvllle beads the Iowa nynmi of 80,708 members. rstto tram ts»»J»MMA t«,t^| laaea aitd" added twii '"^oo* muell power over a long time breeds a tiplrlt of auporlority." m m m "IT IS TIME now for some person lo arise like an evangeliVit." Judge concluded, "to preach not merely political doctrine but a moral doctrine. We need an In- Hplring candidate like Theodore noonevelt to fire the Imaglnnllon of the vfHors and to sweep the Corruption out of office." Two motions were made and »'•• conded to support prealdanllnl primaries oti a state and national level but were lost for want of a na Jorlty. Judge l<ea pointed out that there Is no merit In a preferential primary If tho results are not binding on delegatea such as In the case of Pennsylvania. F. It. Everds' motion, seconded by Harmon Voldey, to support 'i Bluti- primary which would bind delegate* sa In New Hampshire was lust for want of majority support. William O. Anderson said that the basic weakneas of such a primary was that a state In voting for a favorite son candldule "puts all the votes In the candidate's hip pocket so that he may baigain foi a position of s <H .'relaty of state." • • • A KKCOND iHOTION. made by Mrs. John Htockdale and seconded liy O. C GilMon, to endorse a pre ferentlul primary on the national level also Was lust for want of a majority vute. Judge Ix'e pointed out that "we elect presidents on a •tuie not a national level. Unlm* we wlKh'tn elect B prenldent by a popular vote, such a primary would be Inopportune. Temporary chairman and secretary elected as permanent chairman and secretary of the convention this morning were F. E. Ro»- endahl, county chairman of tro Republican party, and Ava 81n|>- son. Twenty delegate* nomination «o attend the regxUar atate convention are C. W. Calhoun, Clem Dotson. Bam Polovlna, Max Hoelh, Harold Clayton. C. M. RoblnM>n, Arvll Parks, Mrs. Nelll Finn. Martin Berge, C. R. Hedrick. Jaik White, Ed Thompaon, Clarence Shaw, a. K. Alien. Arnold Anllker, F, R. Everds, FrancU FKzgib- bons. Mrs. John Htockdale. F. E Roaendahl and W. O. Abdsrson. One of the delegatea lo Ih* county Republican party eonvrnlton was so lleterwioed to occupy hU seat on I he convention floor Ihls morning that he "swiped" a ear lo gel there. TbU U how It all came about The police thU morning received a telephone call at lO^M from itoli Miner of Minor's .Motom that a IMt Kaiser, metallle brown In rolor. had been stolen from U« perking iipol neor lhi> motor company • • * . Tlir. POLICE put out a eall on the police radio at Hlorm I.ake re- gardlng the "theft" and Included all the details - license number, mo lor nunthfr, etc. Thajf then began to Inwstlgale locallr and •polled a car parked went of the eouithou se that proved to IM » the "•tolen" automobile. On further check the police foimd a package of men's under clothing In the car with aalra nl'.p attached but nn name was written on the sales slip. A check at I he store where the purchase was made provided the name of the purchaser -delegate WlHIam Rldlea from Ra thervlllo'n third ward. * • • A CALL AT Sidles Grocery and Market provided these additional details. Sidles had menllonMl al the store this morning that he waa going lo attend the convention and Mrs. Otis Woods offered him the use of the Woods' car lo drive lo the courthouse. It waa parked ov er In Ih* general area of Miner Motor*. BUI aimpiy got Into the wrong vehicle and drove over to tha par- tay^JSlttptaoda' oa r iaa twtKonal Maroury but then a d»i*Kat* la a .httrry to claim hi* seat on the con- 'enlion floor couldn't be mpecied to note auch minor differences In mak* and rolor. Peterson May Be Delegate Hit.H at Law Enforcement LaxJty Tn a -^traw" vote (ak«n al tha Dcmocralte conv«nlkMl Utia aaam- Ins In the eliy hall a inajottty o< conwnUon delegate* voting vx* preased their pr «r*r«fic« fof iaiv Eate* Kefauver a* tha Da«MM»U« nominee for rr«al4««L Klrfanvac receivMl •tght Of tha It vvtaa •••«. Pre «tdent Truman thraa and Gon. Adlal 8uv«na«n «f ttttMMa, faor. In a reaeluttan the delafaU pM tribute lo Praaidant Tnimka. TKay said they "raeognlaa the eMrmMw responslbllUlM emrrmttlnir klm at home and aitroad raitttlrtag hia atif e «r« and malura Judgsment aiwl that we unqualirtadiy reafftrm our faith and coartdenea In him aad commend him (or Ma unUrtac •!> forta In and hi* ea«a«t»ntkHM per< formanee of the dtttl** of hIa «(• nce." Newspaper Editor at Waterloo Dies Waterloo. la., Ja«k*on Me- Coy. 61, editor and manager of the Waterloo Dally Courier, died at a hospital h*re early today of complications following an smer- genry appendectomy p«rform< last Friday. A native of Indlanapolla. he had- been on the staff of the Courier since 1912 except for a p«riod from December. 1917 to January. lUf. when he *«rved aa a chief p«tly officer In the U. 8. navy. • • • Mi-COY became ac«retary-tr*a*. urer and gcnrnU manager of tha Courier In 1923 and assumed lb* title of editor upon the death '>f John C. llarlman In 1941. Horn Oct. 28, ia90. he waa Ih •on of Joseph Melville and Ellen Peterson McCoy. He was gra4tual- ed from Eastern high school In Washington, U. C. In Itoa. attend •d the Unlvrrally of Wr«l Vir glnla and received hi* li. A degree from I>«rtmoulh college in 1912. MB waa married lo Marian Chapman In Waterloo. Hept 20. 1919. • * • McCOV waa active In civic and fraternal affairs In Waterloo and was a member of the Iowa Dall/ Pre** aanoclaiion, Inland Dally Press aaauclatlon, and the American Newapaper Puldlsher* i elation. He waa a member of ttk-< Episcopal church. He Is survived by his widow, * son, Itobert J. McCoy, also a member of the Courier staff; and two daughter*. Mr*. touU* McKlnslry Waterloo, and Jan*. Jane, a (rod uote of th» Stale t'nlvpr»lty of Iowa this spring. I* pr«a*nlly or. a European trip. Four grandehll dren also survlv*. aOBEBT K. OOODWnr, Deal Moines, former . state ehalrmon and national ooromitta«man'>elect, said he remaina the aame aa i>o- fore-'-neutral. , . The delegataa ware aaliad in the poll to name t^elr aecond ciioica. Ten of thalS'wtut ajiiwered aald they are jindoqided, threa went for Tutt, two auh t«r Oan. DoUg^ las .MacArthur »n4 |Blaenhower. one for Harold K. Stiiaaen. and one waa neutr^ Thoaa who were willing, to t>« quoted aa undeeided «ra Beardaley, Mra. Ve^on, Waavar, .Sacicett. SHaa, CoreorwH' Mei**er, Salby and yoeratnar., . The others, who autboriiad their idantlfication with their poalUona .vf9TP Butlar, foir'.atdaaoa; K«Dn«dy. IIElf||T NEPPL OF K8TIIEBV|IXK ftabtnc trip. K«nry Nappil of Bathervilla waa among tti«%rot (^,or aalaanun for Farmara Hy1>rld of Hampton, who wa« *w«lta<l a /labtng trip by the eomptoy lor having done an out«|«)idi>li>j|«l» in a«l«a ai^ aervlc* thi» |>»at year. Ttaa company took tiM t«P aaleamen frMt alt over tha tnitfa araa inefuding man from Iowa; ioiitti Dakota. Nabrsaka. and liUaola to Cadar Laka near Altkaa, HTInn.. (or a thr**4«y out* ing and flahlng. Tha aeoonpaaying pietttra prova* that Napirt waa among thoaa who war* ubla to oatch fiab, and though Neppl'a eateh dkl not inehide tha iargaat flah ukan. tlia plaMur* ba bad la reflected In hia exsraaslon. Tha irtetnra WM takan aftar « raturo bo»t trip on tlw MM. NINE DELFXIATICM to the *UI« state Judicial convention, who were Inttructed to cast the 20 bat- tot* alloted to Emmet county arj N. J. Lea, Dan Sanderaon, lAio Fitzglbbon*. Harry Coffle, Mt*. Frank (Ruth! Kerota, William 8. Johnston. Mra. Kenneth <Ruth> Ftllenwarth. Kenneth Fitlaawarih and Frank Kemia. Twelve delegatea to the Judleial convention of the I4lh Judicial dutrtcl ar* N. J. ,l,ee, Dan San­ deraon, Mr. and Mra. Kannelb nUenwarih, WllUam 8. Johnaton, Mr. and Mrs. LM Fltagibbona. W. O. Anderaon, F. K. Roaandahl, Harry Ooffia and Mr. and Mra. Frank Kamla. County c(ft«i«t* ehoeen unanimously al lli* epnv »n- Hon wcra W. O. Anderaon coaA- mllleemaa of the 14tb judicial district; F, ft Bverda, aenatwlal 4i|0iBnMtt4W |naii: and Max Sorth. (lOigrraiMkiaal eoromitt^wa». Go ovrr Prentdrat'i Veto Waahlngton. UP* —- Congr'** wrote tha McCarran-Waltirr tm migration bill into law today over Pre«tdent Truman'* veto. Truman called the blU Infamous. Ford Will Shut Down Assembly Plants Detroit C/P^Ford Motor COL announe*d today It la •hutting down all tta Ford aaaembty plaata asd tbr*« out o( (our of tta Unootn-Mercury piaBbi a|> tar Monday bacaoaa of % at*«l aborts^ Timv AIJMJ w*nt on reeofd aa In favor of th* removal «( 8tau 8«nala file* J0» and tU from tba law* of Iowa (theaa ar* lalMr law* dealing with th* eloaad abopi and In favor of priea aupport at M per oent of parity. Bttgena Pateraon. candldala far tb* orrte* of rottnty *b *rirr« t«td Ih* eonvatiUon th«l b« bad MWd r*aaon t« bellav* UtM ba would b« a d*t*gata to tha d«m«er»il« Pattrami. apaaklsg on Ma a*Ml)> daoy for th* offka of abarlff atat* ed that if fleeted h« wouM dto *w- erythlDg In th* powar o( th* 4fflc« of «h*rirr lo cornwt undaairaM* oondlllon* that •xtst. Ha aald "there ar* a lot of 10 and l« yvar old* running around, drtnhlng. fighting, and ihrowtng wtM paril«a> Th «r* miul he a atrlcter •nf*re»- menl el the law* dealing with th* u** of Intoalcatlng b«v*r «g*« by minor*." a • * FBANK CAMFIgANO waa «la«t- ed ehairman of tha convention and conducted lha aiaotlott of d«l*taU* lo Ih* atata eonvantion*. DvUgatsa to th* ataia coavanllon la l>« Motn «a July 10. ar« Buri Rldowi. Bogen* IHrtaraon. NUI* J. Nl#ta «a. John Rich, Barney H *aa *ll. IL J. NeppI, e. J. Maniac* H. K. Tw«dt. U A. P*l»raon. Mr*. Howard CBrian. and Fred Derlaa. D*l^at** to th* Judirial eonv**- tlon July 17 are L. F, Hl«d*n. Jaa>»* K*na*dy, 0*erg* W. Booth, Dr. A. WhIUow, U. F. Camptoaaa. O«or> g* Calhan. Dorothy Hyatt, Margaret gutltvan. Robert lUrad. Ra *a F,. Klefer and Mr*. Ellen l .(Uigr *n. Mervlog aa a*«r*tary of th* coa* venlion wa« Dorothy Hyatt Tha mslbMi wa* mad* aad **c- onded that any d>l*«al*a pr*««nt al Ih* sUt* conwnttaa mar ea*' unanimous ballot for th* cntlr* deietalUin. Th* motion waa paaaad by the convention. r. J Manlece waa elected aa tb* delreal* lo the senatorUl dMrict and Franrt* K*nn<idy a* Ih* d*t». aate to the judurtal dutrtct convention. Following th* ronvsnttoB th«r« was a roe»tlng of th* Damoeralle aunty central eommitt** and F. 3. Kennedy wa* r»-*l*cted cbairmaa to serve for tb* naxi two year*. Armell* O'Brien waa •Wwted rbatr- woman and Dorothy Hyatt. a*cr»> Denies Promoting Nude Pictures Lo* Ang*!**. UI'»--MarllyB Monro*. r«l*adar girl tum«d wovta acire**, look only 10 mlBUte* yc*> tvrday lo ladlgnaally d*ny sn* penned come-on letter* to proov- «t* tha sal* of photograph* ahow- Ing har "In «v«ry po*« latagtaabt*." She Imtiried In mualelpal eourt agaloat Jerry Karpaaaa. M. and Morrte Kaplan. 33. who w*r« cvn- virted later on ftv* couabt af niaa mlademaaaor eouata. laatudtng mail ord«r aaUIng without a Uo> ease. Another couat charged tb* pair u**d Mlaa Moaroa'a aam* tb* purpoa* of **IUag aud* aad tBdce«al tfhrturva rapr«**at*4 to bav* b»»n po**4 by Maritya Moi«> ro*.- Mlaa Mmuoo. it raoaat^ aald •b* poa«d tn tta* aad* lot a cat* tadar pletor* baaauaa aba WM cut of work aad a**d«d WMttf. To ll««t wttli KttMia London. (ffw-Ttia Big Ttma f«f» eiga mlntstara agraad tanl|M t« n*«t vitk ItiaMla oa tba ««Mtloa of tba wnneatliwit ot Qmmqk

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