Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on June 27, 1952 · Page 3
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 3

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, June 27, 1952
Page 3
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Soybeans at $3.00 Mark; Flax Down Soybeans hit $3 on the local grain market . today. Old corn wnn up, a penfty per bushel and flux down ( three cents. Produce prices were unchanged. "-' -•-'• • GRAIN O(l:'corn ... ......... . ....... :...'. ............... I.BS .......... i 93 soybeans ............. .- ................... _...$a!oo - 73c •- ................. -«76 Company f, HtiBtinfton. Mkplt Hill •.;•' ;•_•:'•.. monueE S\yect cream ............... .., ............. 740 No.'l;;:. ; ..L : :..: ...................................... 72c JW- 2: v ^"- ......... . .................. .' .............. 70c Henftcrica ...„ .............. ...... .............. 350 NO. 1-i..... ........ : ..................................... 28c No. 2 V .i_ ............................................ 23c Sprints, 2H Ibs. and up ............ 22c Straight run ........... . ...... ; .............. 28s Hens, under 4V4 Ibs ..................... lie Hens, 4^ Iba. and over ................ l<5c Heavy cack* .. ............................. ioo t>gnoin, leghorn cross cocki _..8c City Livestock Sleua City livestock market quotations;: Slou*,Clty, June 27 &— Cattle BalltUlo/400; calves 25; salable supply 'Btttall lots; slaughter steers and she stock little changed; vealers Btpciiors and feeders scarce; scattered /sales choice fed steers 30.50$3.2; 'few commercial and good $27- 2i'.80; .-• odd lots commercial and good heifers $25-28.60; choice 850 lb., mixed yearlings $32; few utility and ' commercial cows 18.50-22.50; tinners; and cutter* $16-17.50. ,'!H^'8».. salable 5,000; light weight butchers -active, mostly 50 higher; eftrly, sales heavier weigh butchers 25-50 higher; now slow; several lots Without ; bids: sows around 350 Ibs. down "op. ened moderately active; Btroiig to 25 higher; slow at mid- sc3slon; some lots without bids; choice 71 to 3 barrows and gilts around 190-240 Ibs. $21-21.25; latter for 'moderate 'supply choice 1 and 1 2ri» around 200-230 Ibs. on shipper account ;-. packer limit $21 ;• around 240-270 Ibs. $20-$21; 270-300 Ibs. 19.25-20:25 ; good and choice 100-160 Ibs. 18.50-$19 on feeder, and serum' account; choice sows around 350 Ibs. down ,f 18-18.75; few at $19; 360^400 1U»:;^17-$18; 400-500 Ibs.. Livestock 'Chicago :! &?•>— Mid-summer heat this ,'^re«k .'reduced the . supply of livestock; to :ihe lowest numbers since' last .August and prices rcact- ed high1rf;4ccordlngly. : Hogs to4ay»bit-' the •highest^, values .in ttvo.'^ireeks on overnight Increases bf>50Vto 75 cents a hundred pounds. Cattle and sheep recover- e(l .•.generously from an -earlier slump although their strength may bfl more apparent than real, induced by the hot weather reduction in n limbers. OrtmcycrH a I Methodist Church Purlev «/ BV VKRA ireATIIMAN Mi. and Mrs. W. A. Ortmeyor attended tho North Iowa Methodist conference nt Davenport from Tuesday until Saturday of last week. Mr. Ortmcycr wns lay delegate from tho local church. The Rev. 8. E. Polovlna also attended tho conference. Mr. and Mrs. Ort- mcycr drove to St. Louis, Mo., from there and arc visiting this week with their daughter, Helen. Guest* In Itypcfl Homo. Mr. and. Mrs. Roy Hypes and family and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence UlHlcr and family of Fort Dodge and Mr. and Mrs. Duane Priest and family of Rl nested were guests Sunday at the George Hypes home. At F. B. Women's Parley. Mrs. Clem Dotson^and-Mrs. Ervln Sabin attended the Farm Bureau Women'c summer conference In Des Moincs from Sunday until Tuesday a week ago. Attend 4-M Camp. „ Cheryl Gaardn, .Karen Thccsfleld, Vfaxlno Hypes and Helen Choever attended 4-H camp hold from Wednesday until Saturday of last week at Walthcr League camp on Lake OkobojI. Bridge Club Meets. The Ladles Contract bridge club met Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs. \V. I. Mangoid. It's So Easy to Place Your Classified ad-Just Call 333 Notkt Four Coal Miners Fatally Burned gaiVetta, W. Va., <)p>—Foijr coa miners, were- fatally burned last nlgKt ! when'; gas ignited at, the bottom. of . 'a. • -partially' complete; mine, air 'shaft. A 'fifth remained in serious condition. The five were burned when .an electric light bulb exlpoded after j£ was dropped and ignited • a • gas accumulation in thi, shaft, , in Plane Crash Saji Luis .Qbispo,' Calif. </P>— Lt Eugene :<&;,AYoodBpri ! , of West Un ion, 'ila], 4suf teYett 'possible broken :' 'd .cuts 'Thursday whci a light ' Bpptter piano in which he was flying Crashed on a mountain top and Burped. • '•• - Motor to Mar* hall town. Mrs. W. C. Barber and Bonnie drove to Marshalltown Tuesday, taking Mrs. Beulah Barber of Es- thcrvllle to visit in the homo of her sister, Mrs. P. A. Sanders. She also will- visit relatives at Davenport before returning home. Family Reunion Dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Darrcll ^Dotsoh and family of Rock Island, 111., and Mr. and Mrs. Vernon 'Dotson and two sons of Florence, Ala., .have been visiting the past week at the home of the men's parents, Mr..and Mrs. Clem Dotson. A family reunion dinner was held Sunday at the home of MY. and Mrs! Harvey Larsen/near Swea City and those attending besides the above mentioned .were Mr. and Mrs. Gall Dotson oi Rosa Creek, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Emil Barr and Mr. and -Mrs. Lloyd Barr and family of Granada, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Dotson and family of Ringsted and Mr. and Mrs. Emmet Eastman of Es- thcrville. Gueafa From 'Connecticut. Sgt. and Mrs.- Norman O'Conncll and 'Cory Michael of New London, Conn., were guests Thursday and Friday of Mr. and Mrs. Scott Adams. . Son Is Born. A son born June 13 to Mr. and Mrs. David Smith at Holy Family hospital. Conclude* Furlouph. Lt. Jack Thorson has concluded a furlough at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. ThorSon, and he left Monday evening ; from Manly for Camp Kilmer, N. J. Me will soon leave there to join the 12th Air Force in Germany. Mr. and Mrs. Thorson and Janice accompanied him to Mason City. Entertain!) Deere Dealers. The Place Implement company entertained the John Deere dealers in this territory Thursday evening for. a dinnpr at tho East room of 'the' East Side cafe. This was followed with the monthly business meeting. neturn From Fishing Trip. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Walters and sons returned Thursday after a week of fishing In Minnesota, They spent several days at tho H. A. Rutledgo resort on Round Lake near Bralncrd and then went to Lake Vermllllon. They drove home by way of Lake Superior and Duluth. CROSSWORD PUZZLE ' "' " Answer to Previous Puiz>« Up in the Air •' "''!>"•' • HOKIZONTAL, r VERTICAL I* high — ~ V tjtsebal) iocs . Jijptnthealr 1hlhe 1 3 Wing, 1 Ipsect which jumps up in | the air -2 One" of Jacob's . sons (Bib.) 3 Young anim»ls: 4 Wash IS Uncle'Tom mountain range Scottlsh rlver 5 Blackthorn. - f Possessive 20 Place again 21 falsehood ^^ Goddess of : < iscord 24 i candinaviarj \ \ Repose 17 Squirm 19 Burn slightly 23 Goes up in air 24 Spoken 125 Great J dog ' 26 Worms 27 Federal ' • government soMiers in Civil War 31 Pace 29 Journey in a circuit 31 Printing mistakes 33 Sharp ridge 38 Submissive 40 Communion plate 41 Concerning 42 Children fly this up in the air 43 Among V 44 Be boxne",, :> 4$ Egg-shaped 47 Hunt 48 Salver 50 Scottish fap SI I kdian weight 52*HMsand—— mfr 4m 3f 5f I) NOtlCB TO CONTRACTOKS Senlod bids nnd proposals will be received by the City Council of E*- thcrvllle, Iowa, In the office of the City Clerk until 7:30 o'clock, p. m.. on the 7th day of July, 1882, for the construction of n storm sewer improvement hereinafter specified, together with nil necessary appurtenances required for the proper functioning thereof, In the City of Esthorvllle, In the manner ami with tho mat orals as follows: 1. The construction of n storm scWcr Improvement, together withal! necessary appurtenances on the locations hereinafter set out and Including the material hereinafter described, to-wlt: West South First Street and West First A^onuo South—2 catch basins, 40' 10" pipe In place; 35' 12" pipo in place. West South First Street and IVcst Second Avenue South—2 catch basins; 1 manhole; 94' 10" pipe, "n place; 140' 16" pipe, In place. West South Second Street and West First Avenue South—5 catch basins; 1 manhole; 91' 12" pipe, In alace; 120' 10" pipe, In place; 140' L8" pipe, In place. All of such work shall be done In accordance with the. plans nnd specifications, and plat and schedule, now on file in the offlcc'of the City Icrk. 2. That tho extent of the \york Is above set out and as shown on the plat and schedule and the materials to be usod are to include 264 feet of 10" vitrified clay sower pipe; 126' of 12" vltrifield clay sewer pipe; 140' of 15" 1600B concrete culvert pipo; 140 feet of 18" 1500B concrct culvert pipe; all'of which material shall bo of good quality and prade, and subject to ASTM specifications. 3. Storm sewer to be constructed by machine or by hand In accordance with the linos and grades established and as provided in profiles; plans and specifications now on file in the office of the Cits- Clerk and shall be constructed in such manner as to accomplish the purposed contemplated herein. 4. The -work of constructing said Improvement shall be fully completed on or before this 1st day of Sept., 1952, subject only to unavoidable delays. 5. In general the work consists of furnishing all labor, material and equipment need for said project and the work may be awarded as one contract for all items. 6. The contractor will be paid in special assessment certificates bearing interest at 6% and issued In accordance with Chapter 396 of tho 1960 Code of Iowa, as amended, upon approval of the work by tho City Council. Any deficiencies between the contract price and the amount of said certificates, and for which the city is liable, win be paid by warrants -on' tVio ' Improvement fund of the city. 7. Each bidder will be required to state the total amount of his bid on proposal .blanks s furnished by the city and available at the office of the city clerk. Each bid must bo accompanied by certified check Inclosed in a separate , envelope said chock being drawn on, and certified by a bank In Iowa, payable to the City Treasurer of Estherville, Iowa, in the sum of 10% of the amount of the bid. All envelopes must be addressed to the city clerk, indorsed with tho name of the bidder and describing the Improvement for which tho proposal and bid is made. 8. Tho contractor shall give bonds in a sum equal to tho contract price and the be supplied by said city, • obligating the contractor and his bondsmen to faithfully perform the contract, and to keep said improvement in good, repair for a period of four years from 'the date of the acceptance thereof by the city council, and to punctually'pay all laborers employed on said work and all persons furnishing materials therefor. 9. By virtue of statutory authority a preference will be given to products and provisions grown and produced within the State of Iowa, and preference will be given to Iowa domestic labor In the construction of tho storm sewer improvement. 10. Tho City Council reserves thn right to reject any'and all bids and to order new bids. 11. Detailed and general plans and specifications, proposed form of contract, instructions to bidders, Want To toy WANT TO BUY—Hay rnck. Ph. 7J7. Arnold Hognnson. 224-3-20 Automotive n FOR SALE—1947 Four-door Hudson. In good condition. Mrs. Ben Perkins. Ph. 629J. 224-3X-11 FOft SAFETY. Have us Inspect brake system thoroughly . . . adjust or rclltie tho brakes, if necessary. THOMAS MOTORS 223-3-11 •'Two Scotchmen were playing golf under boiling sun. One of them had a stroke and the other made him count it. Buy three, one Free, Including . trade In WHITISH STANDARD SERVICE 418 Central Avo. 223-2-11 CAR TROUBLES? For carefree summer driving and gas saving top performance, bring your cat to us for a spring checkup. " HENAMAN MOTOR CO. 220-6-11 LET US take care of your automotive needs. Bumper to bumper lorvlcc—all make*. 8«e us. Robinson Motors "Pontlac" 8th and Central Ave. 227-tf-ll The Wise Old Owl Says ... "Beautify your car and keep It looking nicer lonpor with Du Pont . Spray Glazo. More protection for less money, no wise owl could pass that up." Open 6:30 n. m. to 9:30 p. m. Sundays Included. SHELTREN'S Master Service Junction Highways 17 and 9, W. 224-1-11 and proposal forms are now on file and available in the, office of tho City Clerk of Eathcrvillo, Iowa. 12. All bids will bo opened In open council at a mooting to be held at the council chambers on the day and hour above fixed, and contract •will be awarded at that time, or at such subsequent time to which the council may adjourn. Published by order of the City Council of Esthcrvlllc, Iowa, and dated at Esthcrvlllc, Iowa, this 18th day of June, 1952. DAN S. HOWARD, Mayor. Attest: GLENN L. STORY, City Clerk. (Juno 19-26) President Fires U. S. Marshal Washington fP— President Truman today summarily flrod Robert Grant,'U. S. marshal for tho southern district of Illinois. He gave alleged "Irregularities" as his rciv son. Truman dismisncd Grant on tho recommendation "of Attorney General McGranory, effective at once. Grant's headquarters are at Springfield. McGranery told reporters at the White House that it appeared Grant had become involved "with a. gentleman charged with , a mail fraud." Ho did not elaborate.. When a reporter asked whether the Pres idcnt and McGranory were "throw- Ing tho guy out without trying him." McGranery snapped: "That'u right." McGranery then added that Grant "already has Indicated enough to me" concerning the case to justify tho action. Harvard, planned in 1636 and founded in 1639 is the oldest university In the United States. SIDK GLANCE 'Tin itirUnf te wrKt wy frtiiwoiri new, f r*ndmt--whtnj Jti$m« UmW I Won't h»v, timf !." For Rent FLOORS SHABHY" Mnkp thrm ! look like npw, nt low cont Rent n snntlc^i from \Vanls. MONTOOMEUY WARP Edthorvlltc. lown Ihf K»"»rjr Personal For Solo V FOR HENT One 3-rnom \infurn- Inhed npl. Phono 10MJ. 224-2-S FOR RENT- 2-room furnlnhMl npl Bplter for single working people than coxiplt". Ph. 34JU. West 231 1st St. So. 22*-tf-5 FOR RENT -- Snmll houne. All modern. Mr«. Holdke, Ph. 437\V 224-3-6 FOR RENT—Sander and edgcr nt your Const to Co»»t store. 223-2-5 FOR RENT--Downtown two-room apartment with private bnth. Ph. 319W. 223-2X-5 FOR RRNT—Ivirgp unfurnished downtown npartment. Wogen'n. Phono !«8. 220-tf-O FOR RENT - • Nice one-room or two-room furnished npnrtmonl Closn In. Ph. 007. 21P-U-5 22-1 Fri., .lunc 27, HOT HAM SAVPUICH ni.n fxitfttoi-i. .Vn' Iit'TOI NSAin I-fNCII Ftin SAt.K *ult«-« '*rif>« AM mAtltr Ttll*. towft. OthlW tl» Ml n| U>fYl a, i«rt. 1 er I ««w — . »t »•» wur« Thf»* d»r» .— ,„.— t« t»t wan font d»jr« »« o« *nM rtr» «!»»• — . I >» rw wwJ OlW W*WI . -.- --. —,-. \9f V "'"''I Mmlmura M too. IUIM «r» p*r <»nM«uttv* tnMrtKm* of HIM M. CIM»in«4 ««• «r» CAHII WITH ORHKR. IVxi|kllf«pt*MI Chftff< u( 154 tor crWIl B0« Mrrtc* ehtrt* l( r»- ptlw tn t«»«n by r>«ltj N««r« and ISo It eb*r(*it It *d c»rn*« mictrw* ot t*oChi numlxr hut not OUMtfHxl Ml Iholr •dnrtlMmvatJi la UM ftrat IMIM Unjr *»p**r utd r*pnr. any wror *i «•<<• M BC kt nnt Sale Calendar ...SATUIIDAV, JUNK SH, 1:SO p. m. Tori>n O. Foftsrtl hovinohoUl points nt R28 N. 71 h 81. B«>n UPOVPM, nur- tloniM-r. Kininrl County Stall' Unnk, clerk. Snlc nd: Juno 23. FOR RENT—Nice two-room apartment. Close In. Ph. 835. 217-tf-5 FOR RENT-Apartment In Rohdo building. Ph. 771. 210-lBx-S FOR RENT—3-room modern apartment nbove Gift Gnnlen, 119H N. 6th St. Ph. 306 or 52. 201-tf-5 Help Wanted WANTED—-Man with car to give 45 samples a day for $86.50 a work. Wrlto P. O. Box 67MF. Enthnr- vlll<>. 222-12-2 WANTED—WnltresR. Top wages. Uniforms "find menls furnished. Apply Hotel r.ardnton. 221-tf-2 Entertainment ' DANE CLARK GOES WEST Stars as 2-Riin hero of 'Fort Defiance," Friday and Saturday nt tho Grand. ' 223-2-1 DANCE Saturday Night Bohemian Accordion Band Skyline Club 223-2-1 Services PORTABLE RADIOS REPAIRED Experience and training hnve no BubstUuto. Esthervlllo Radio, lll'/i N. 6th, Ph. 264. 224-5-0 TREES CUT —Slnglo or timber. Bco Leo Mitchell or call Don Woodyard, 607W. 220-5x-9 FOR FREE PICKUP and delivery. Ph. 49. PAG Clcancri. 256-tf-9 BOTTLE QAS BALES-SERVICE Installations — Regulations HILL'S CORNER, Ph. 49JB1 1B1-U-9 PETERSON'S Radiator Service, Juit e«at of Vandy's, 1714 Central. Kxporlenced In all type* radiator repair. 115-If-8 KALE CALENDAR Monday. July 7-100 A. fnrm, write for description to Wnltor Carlson, Triumph, Mlnneitotn. Real Estate OOOn MINNESOTA FARM MJYS CAROL BROCKMAN, Uenltor Cpylon, Minn. am-3-R FOR SALIC Two-bedn>oi» modern houftr. Priced for quick mile. Rl- mo Hiirtlemiin. Ph. IfiMW. 224-rt-H FOR SALE 700-nrre fnrili S5 inllen from St, Pnlll, 4ftO ncre» vimlei cultivation, l^ii'tre modern home, 6 yeitrti old, 2 lur^e hnrnn. ,1 Inrije nlloH. Good loiini noil for nlfnllii, corn und onts. Oooil location for nlfnlfit drhydrntor. On rnllmnil nidliiR on fnrm. Pnrt of crop in- cludeil nl $1(K) per Here. Chnrlew Henderson, Htrnton Sluok Fnrm, Route 3, New Richmond. Win, 22I-.1X-H FOR SALIS-.Noarl'y new 2-bedroom home. L. R., D. R., kltuhen, bnth. Kiiit heat, hot water lienler, water noftcnor. Good locution. RIDOUT RICAL ESTATK Ph. 1050 or 1750 22<-2-8 ATTRACTIVE HOMK S-b«droom houm», carpeted room, dining nreu. Unautlfully laniUrapcd. Onrnore. F.ST1II2RVILLK REALTY Ph, 1340 or 1638J 224-l-B HARDWARE HTORE In iimntl town In Routhnrn Mlnntmotii— Ren) l>uy. Ciifu anil milk )>nr In C'cylon. Very lieHt of terma. Verj- If you want to buy a fnrm In Central MlnmiBoln, m'i> or call CAROL HROCKMAN, Realtor Ceylon, Minn, 222-1-8 Jobs Wanted 3 CUSTOM BALING New Holland wire balm. Will pull trailer*. 4 ml. W. and 3',4 N, of EsthcrvlllR. Don ICgelund. Ph. Superior 6F8 colled. 306-30x-3 Htg.-Plb.-Elec. 19 HOW IS YOUR SUPPLY of STATEMENTS ENVELOPES INVOICE FORMS Get ready for month-end needs by ordering now. Expert work in Northwest Iowa's largest and most modern printing plant. ESTHER VILLE DAILY NEWS FOR SALE Hrvrial I'M i |itl()Hill, cll-llll IlKCit i-lcctrlr ri'frliirrntorn. If you want to «HVI> youisi'lf NUIIIC mon.-y unil Htlll hitvi- n rc- frlt" nitor In flrnt clucix condition It will pny you to uro tin-Hi' Unit wi. now hitvi on h n nil Wi< ul»o ruriy Un i oni|jl''li HUM ot in-v.' Wi'HtlnKhoum- >t|>- torn, Luundru iniiln, l>rv'i». Isliitiir fiiiiK. (iiii Ij.iiir ill»|iii«- iil unllH nml nil )inii»i;hulil n|> Lewis E. Salyers Pluinlring and Heating lOl.i l«t Avr Ki> I'honi' tt»(l 223-3-9 FUNNY HITSINK8H "G«org« it • man, but I gu«t« ht overwork »d « littl* Uvii»x lU Inut cllnlnc room f<-t t etUltr*, tahlr rti in *fl\ Mr* Ph 14*4 - - • | tKM-3-l» .T* VKAUH A'iO ! Junr 37. t!>l* 1'iirU «"lsmn|i|.>n j Jr«,k .!,»!m«.>iv in .-vl|. (•.=>! * p, 4n «. UrxHl «>om|iu»tt WA. MM KrnnK M.MJIO in ;f, | Ho»ttr.l M'ldh* 1 Ph. 1144 «*ANni:ii.s KM. THKAM co KOH SAt.K Thrvr.pouiwl *prlnif |»h 30WT 33«.t* 10 TWO PIS'TJ* of ll<-rttHi s|'i»v«-.l on yo>ir tur,' ri»K I'voti-ots it from moth ilnin.iK^ f>it .^ vrntu «>r IVr- |{ r ,( -r., g S(»Frii»|ji <'uct> lovi |<iiyn tho .iniiinK'' A\rM«.«<• j \vhr<*i ijninnprii S*P: t>**h f*n«* 3Si- _. r !."".!-!!, 1 '- - _ a "' i;i M\vKflTKUN AUTO'AIWJOC »TO«K •«,•..„,.„... v> .aj«u i. —..»_.*.,„-„ --.-..-.,-., .^,^ ...,_.-.,. .„. Mfcfc ^ 2*ii if 1(1 A HAKK PET. lrl.-il It \rf Kin* , Kti(\ni for rd-nnlnt; I >'».'» »n«l up- OI«f» ItsiUtiM-y. Miulln Kurnltur.-.^ ] , Vlr| ,., ..,.^ t ,!«,„,,•" wl | h ft w.( tt »h mmtftn Mo* (Ixlur** Loons and Ins. " I'KUSONAt, "'t.OANS.' Ar- " you nmklni; tot) tunny pnyni''!itn' < \\V cnn nhow you how n ln«n will cut pnymriit'. clvo you px- tru onxh Aj>k nl><>»t it IOWA OUAUAiNTER. Inr rj:i> Farm ' N Kt.KtTlirc H 111 H *»h Hi. KtW SAI.K Apartment-Hie* »*« utov* 1 K&r«iii-ni <on«Utl0n- I'h 1MW. HTAMPRI) lillilnt It. 40 p KIM.tfU.H VAt.t'B STOMK B«J<wl HOC! HOCSKM. liroo.t. r It.iiin.-jt j "' '"""• ' ~ oorn or fjmin «lorni?ir tmtrhlm- l''OK MAI*!-* nheil» «e htivi» for lill it of fnrm hnlUllnK« .1OYCK i.fMnritt ro Ing $• 1'h 13TIW 1'OUTAHI.K. HOC HOUSICH \SV hnve nevernl iimil« ii|> In nUH'k. or will fnilhl In ynui »|ieelfli'nllnti< 1'ltti'i' vnur ot ller now mill unVr lillini'V I'll 44\\'R. Knthr-ivllle Kt.EVATOHS \\' K fli'i'intinii. Mut r.M-2 7 TOP CAHH PUH'KH Ff)H YOI'U rrnin nml i<oiillcy Fl«'-'k <nvloe I'luini' HI fi>r latest pimhu e (|ini!ni Inni P. C. (iHAY SJ4-.1-7 I'.MH MASSKY HAHFUH 30 with CuKlvnlor Always n nquure iletil at VIK1N<5 MOTOHH 22.1-3-7 , .). P FOH HAI.K M fl ulmVow Chilatcnnen. Ph. JI27J. HAY HOPK. H punt tunnllln. )l.'|.50 per IOO. ,1-ropo Imy Rllnu*. »::.t>r>. E8TI112H.V1LLK HAH1JWAHK 22.T-2-7 FOR HALlRf—UAleil liny, alfalfa or clover. 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