The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 17, 1951 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 17, 1951
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, AUGUST 17, IffSl CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dully Mil p*r Hn« tot caniccuilrt insertion: Minimum ?h STE* *>° 1 tlm« ptr line 15C I llmM pfi line pet dst '2c f time* p«r Una per d»y ...... »c • tlmeii per llns per day - 7c U times per Una per day 5c Month per lino • .- *>° Counl fire Rterape word« *o the line Ad ordrred for three or six lime* end e*opped hefote eipURtlon will be cti *d for lh» number of tlmeo lh< •rmeared «nrt Rrtiustmfnl of bill tr An clR»lf!ed ficiTtrtlRlng copy «rt»- mLtied by pereonn residing on tilde of *h* city mtiit he nccompftnlert hjr cusn Fnten may «filly b« computed from •be nho»e Utalr. Anrertl*Lng ordered ror IrremiluT in- tertlonn take* the on« Hm« Uhl* No reiponsiblllty will be taXnn for more than one Incorrect InacrlVrm of tnf clsMilfled &d, . All arts RT6 trsltlcled la their prnpfi •Uulflcfttlon style * nrt . 1 ?P e Courier N>w* rrscrTe* lh« OT re]ecl any *d. >d DID YOU KNOW? W* tiafe every number transmission for Korcl. Clifvrolet, and Plymouth Kttp-ISM models, Wade Auto Salvage, ph 3785. 8,3 ck O.s ADTO AMD riTKNITORE LOANS Prompt Personal Serrlce Oenrrsl Contrnrt Plirrria* 1 ; Corp IM South ith pnonn 6flOi 45 ck »f { Services rd work. Call 6259. •lli pk Tho Ight to edit Watch and Jewelry Repair t-IJay Brrrlee on Jewelry—3 dnya on watrhe.t and clorks. CiunrRnt«eri work <1onn hj- exper f repairmen, 'PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second Apartment for Rent 5 room llstit h<vu*rtc»fplnK npnrl- tnent Srrrcnrd In porch, private r-n- tr.nrc. SH W. WMnul. »_!«_ P* « \riiutrnpnt V* ck If Modem 7-room tumlsried 0»ll **3 or 3S95 Prompt Ripert Serrlce on Commftrcl REFRIGERATION & AIR CONDITIONING FRANK" WKSTALL Charlie's Kloclric Service Phone 2093 - - - RrMdcnre W>R 3 rm imfur. DuplM «pl., prlvsle 6»th. Ph. 4(18. Mr«. Complon, ^ ^ 4 rooms "»nd b»th. imfurnlshprl upt I room* and bath, furnished Kpl. notn iinstalrs. IJiree rooms, big ehndy yarn. In desirable locntlon. Cl 719 V/crt Ash, Ph. 6325. _ "imnir. rooinn. »15 per mo. 51i 8. fr.nklln. S '"J A to tow SH P* KxpRT* I'lumhlne, oil Rto™ pump repair .all R-ficlt c\i«ranteprt Call Marry Myern. 93W tl31 pi »;3I !D4f> Crlb.«otl Rntige. New Call Dlcl Robert!, 6700 7il3 rk If Got the truck itch? ...Let Phillips scratch it, TODAY! 19IS Ford Pick-Up Truck. .. (> cylinder. . .H l)ij{ buy at . . . 1918 Chevrolet Pick-Up Truck... New paint... priced at ISM7 Chevrokt Piuk-Up Truck... Can't be beat at S rooms and hath, home hot wntrr hcntcr. newlr dworntcfl. rail Oscar Alexander. 2351. «H« S - M ™,-,, nV », I btrlroomn «lth bnth. ttnfvir. In mr home. rh. " Nlre. well 1 looted 4-room imf. «pt.. with oath. OH. Ph. 31". nl "Sa RADIO & .TV SERVICE Tour utt on thn blink? Tor f««t nerr- tc« rivll Itnn^Bfi Cut) I^nR fit BLYTHKVIL.UC Television & Radio Servirfi lH»/j W Unln Photin 370* 11115 cfc it TYPEWRITERS Small Apartments, furmsh- «d. 18 up per week. Bedrooms \ip single. 114 West Ash, Pb. 2833. 8-4 ck U New iinfur.. S large rooms anil h«th «iie floors. or>rn «»»r. 2:) « 81 ,' >v -. rnn ';ff Bt. Ph. 6101 -M23 Bin p> 0,11 Untui. ph. 3Z8«. > room «pt.. prltale bath. «i" i 1 * ' 8 One duplex apt, 4 rooms with bath, electric hot water heater. 132 E. Vine, call 6201 or 2223. 8-3 ck tf DON EDWARDS CO. liMli Voril 8 Cylinder Pick-Up Truck. . . Ready for fall 194(1 Ford 8 Cylinder Pick-Up Truck. .. A real trucking bargain tl> W Walnut Plenty of Parking Space I'J.lfi Chevi-oli'l 1'aud Truck. .. An all purpose truck...only ., $695 $745 $650 $645 $345 $345 Washing Machines repaired, all makes. BlythevilJo Machine Shop. Phone 2828. 3-6 ck tf 4 room unfur. modern Rpt. Br^t reM- 4rntlnl upctlou, hardwood floors, hut«n« heal- Prlrate screened In porch. Borage MO WMnnt. Ph. 2021. BjlO cx LI m unfur. mp». good locution. «BW for perm, renter, call 33" TJ33 pit 8,33 For Safe, Misc. We Will Guarantee £2.50 per htisM for your soybeans thii fall on grain bin purchase now from .... Jack Robinson Implement Co. Oieeola, Dial 520 — Blythevilk, Dial 2371 DELTA OVER BRITAIN First public demmistralion of the Avro Delia 707B tesearch plane, seen here in flighl. was given recentlj al Dtinsfold Airfield in Surrey. EriRlard Many experls of avialion design say future military and commercial high-speed lets will take the delta-wing shape, dictated by need tor carrying heavy loadl at high altitudes. Private Rooms omparny 4452 \ Nice larj?e bedroom. 314 W. Walnut. s;i« pk 23 Notice For Sole, Real fstate ONLY $18.81 MONTHLY TWO BEDROOMS pnlntrd, rxtrn .clrtui Used Combines All MAk Fur »p*. 4 room* «lo r«trlgtrator. BBS equipm furniture. 114 W. DMli. Pb nrt b»th, elee- Auto Suppfiei and Services feotiS «nrtRnEer your family wit tf\lttf «lri»-nUT LEU T1R1S. CHAPMAN SCRVIO STATION Wfttn and DlTlBlon Phone 2583 1113 ck It Highest prlc»» paid for wrecked o - turned automoblles. 19*0 or tRtc models, Wnde Aiilo SivlvnRe. Ph. 37BS. CHAMBLIN SALES CO. 61 K. Hlwny 01 A- Models Termji Co. Phone 3 HI RIO tf hoilFie ftV 2325 Kenwood Drlvr. with Propane Iloor furnnr* aurt iRrik. Small down myrnrtit, (ia.Hl per nionlh lnrl»ld#s buy wo Chair Barber Rhop Best IOCR lion In town for right mtin. HenUh Korces Fnlc I,. T, Burton P O Box 451, Stecle, Mo 3-14 p k ai good trrms. MnVr n. i.«r Bviy ftlnmlnum -icrfcn Iftut life ol yom hotut BuUdrcn Supply, [no, wlndnwn InstnU 65 c* If you wrmt to soil or buy USED FURNITURE see us Arnold &Gaines 406 East Main Ph. 6367 2-26 ck If Mixed. heifer ycuriing* KP Lulling from 200 to 275 Iba. J. \V. BlnckweU. Stpcle, Ph. 343M. &}\\ pX U5 . .. celling E. M. TERRY Tr-rrr "Abslraf 3)3 Av; Wftlm te ncully Co. — Pli. 23HI 8J15 ck Friendly Slurlptwker Denier MAKES-MLl MOtZU PRICW FOR -• QUICK SALS 2 whlt« sldownll Goodrich tires fiJO x 15 nrnnrt new ftllll In wrftppetfi Cnn he scfil nt Clhlr MUlcr'a filling stn- on. Mntn mid Division 8H pli R 13 7't ft. Krlvlnntor rcfrlcf rator, hk* BW—(nhlci top rlortrlc stove. 8 plfre unlor Mnple Olnlnff Room Sultp. ph. 107 or 6023. B;U pX IP FOR BALK: Here la * renl home and fnrm Ufce the one you Imve ilreanipri of owning. New modern alx room house (3 bficlrooniR). Bnscment in' by .12'. Hratcd h? hlnwer type gat furnnc* anrt wood mirnlQfr fireplace. Harrt*1!>^00 DOWN wood fJoorR throughout except bath- 3?n fllRCH I room and kitchen, which arc Inlaid UK- flown pnymrnt ami move | linoleum. The nnw harn 1« W by SO' Vllrlicn ftttlc fan. fully In- I frampfl wllh heavy oak on concrete foimilnnon and 26' by 60' of floor Is concrete. Walla are boxed with 1" on* find woftther bonrrted. Mftnl roof. Ail- Jar:oiit to thl.i barn In R new reinforced tile silo IV hy 40'. Granary «nd rtou- S?r*Re 20' by 3.1' with nmtttl zoof In ftood condition. Old barn 3d' by used [or storage and repair shop. MnchTne Shed nnci corn crlb« 36' by 54' In e*cell*nt shape. Cribs have concrete rioorx and roof Is all m«tnl. Fn 4 room hmisp and small lennnt honi both ynreo fppulrn. There arc several small buildings unri underground: pns tnnk. The land \x some or thp best In RonthraAt Missouri and the crops now Browing tell the story there. There lur 360 acres In this f*rm lo- rnleri soinheRst of Dexter on Rood nil weather road served by school bus, milk and mall routes by the door. Ol course It ha* elF-ctrlclty and telephone, be boiij-ht for $ Rnri DTSTINCTIVK STONR "ArkntiKM Appl« Orchard" Peaullfvil thin or tlilck exit lonK stone tor Homes, Patios, Walls. WalkR. Barbecue Pits, Flagstones »nd Fireplaces. Also lare« Chimney Caps. Random: per nqr. delivered 815.00 Custom: per sqr. delivered 4500 ;: per siqr drllrered IS.fX) Chlmnej Caps, per RCK- font .60 Telephone B44-R ^. BatC-ivllle. Ark. or Writ* McBride Stone Qvmrries Salfldo, ArX. Real Estate Farms — City Property UMNS It intrtpstrd in Bujlni or Celling *e» Noble Gill Agency REALTORS _ Cecil Earls — _. ,-*! , nli Glencoe Bl(lg. "" WHAT TO DO TO CAR? OF AN AC O1DENT If vn>ur cat Sji dKinaKed In in accldrnl here'« ^omethlns rou .hautrt knnw Buurnett will (*)Te you » free paint joh on nny repair work of 1300 or more Th* whole- car Is painted—not lust th» damRftid pn^^^ Free pullmalrn For wrecker *er?lre call 6991 rtajR - 4108 nlphts BURNETT HUDSON SALES. 515 «&at Main 433 ck It fi30 ck STUDEBAKEK 1!1I8 Stntlrbakrr 14 Ton Tick-Tp, Mnlor Overhauled N c K Taint . . . only ...... ]!)!» Champion 4- Dor»r . . . has hern completely reconditioned . . . onlv ---- ISIfi S(u<lfl»kcr Ji Ton Pick-l'p ... a good Iruek . . only $795 $1295 $595 rockn A I pupplM. 3ICH, Mrs. N. O. 8 16 P* 3" Save Money Wlion Von Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON & SON FUHN1TURE CO. 517 W. Ash Ph. 2552 8-2 ck If onllnlnzs Hlone are worth 'vr you thl W CJunllt3T nnti FMr FrkoR. Coiir- Service maXr^ a Rorxi plnrp lo clnn. Eapi\n's Slocf. l^t;- 8 IS r* 21 l """ om's Cafe for !*lr, hiillrttng. Clcx>d bi srllhic. Ill health. vlth with- Sewlne nno n W«ll» Ph 266S. . 407 E. Rose SI S 28 BKtr» large S room hou^o «n<l bBth i 3 low »t 220 Ullir. This property rim bcfn rcncwul recently lnsld« "nil ovit. Urge screen nacX ixirch. 10 j 30 reel. U X JA cnrnet. Also K™Kl « rooln hoM«c iiml b»th on renr ol lot. rrnllns Tor Ml « month, Tllln property c«n CM1IJ he 01 Un-ncco.. Price. UO-OOO- At 819 t-nko St . first clnw »»« bulMln« 30 • 50 fl. or 1500 >n It.'AHo. in connection wllh bullrtli.s 1» » "I"- »ell-arransr<l. mnilfrn hooi« with. 1350 F,I. It o( floor ^r^ce This properly 1> 5 .ve»t« old »nd In first class condl- llon Cnn h! used for sev types oi b.i.lnp». Prlc« ash, balanco 10 yeftrs. Sco or cftH JOHNNY MARR Office phone 4111 Residence phong 259G Or See Russell K. Man- Pli. 6807 7-16 ck tf m, Joe a. RADIGAN. Realtor Dexter, Missouri For Rent WALKER INSURANCE Glencoe Hotel Building Phone 4360 Fire—Auto—Casualty Protection at Low Cost ,1. G. "Boh" Barnes W. L. "Bill"' Walker 7-16 ck tf For Rent, Miscellaneous HospllR) Beds »fl 00 pi wheel chulre 10.Oil per ni< l>ed«. 1«,00 pel month, raci rrs. tl 00 pri d»y, waxer »r Tl 00 pel dny WAD! PXIRNITUR1 CO month, ,h bRby n clean* polisher Unfur. ,% room house, hot water and h!th. ph. 2390. R;17 pk 5( Hnrr. 3 rn», apt. Rood locAtlon Closi In. Ph 4SS.S. 25PS. a;ifi rX I 1 3 r Fit. U7« fur. apt. One ' rm. fur. npt. fit pk »!« $3.000 ISIS Ton Sl'irleb.ikrr H Tick-Vp Trnek . . a x.Amly buy. . . only . ............. $795 • Other Cars & Trucks Solt-srrvtrp laundry. Ix^t. b::Hd1ns and pqulpincnt. wnh ii'iocl bi^in^sfl Idral for couple. Brst lor^Hon in town Priced to *ell Buy now .ind c<-t trn- Itt of (till and wlnlrr hu%Uic«5 rti ?R47 or 5CC II H. Gnrnrtt. ^19 or ^2,1 N 2nd St S" Pk P M 4 YTAT olrt n«:<*rt V»1on<1c Splnrt piar.o. Nr-sc Osilbcnuscn rtlrrr-L from Mr-.orv r B Corrrll, i>lino inner. Ht>:i.\r,d. MO. R is pk ia CAFE Rood locnllon. pood h ""™^: A-l eo.nlrnirnl. reason for «rlllnc !« health BArtiriln for Interested party. \Vr1le or see JOF.~Rfi7 West V\^shlnc- tc,n. Kennett. Mo. »;H P> 21 EXTRA ROOMT 312 E KEXTUCKT $475 1911 Fcirrt V-8 Super Dfi.iiie, Blue Tudor, only 19I» Ford Turior . . . Super Deluxe . . hlark. Come In and see! 1,1*1 TJodR-e, Z Dnor Special . . . only.. 1019 Dodge !4 Ton Pick-Up. $345 Gel More For Your Car— Trade nt ChamMin'a HOME FREEZER 11 ! 'j C'uliif Fool H. F. Gimil- •icli V\'liitcKinjr. ?:i:?7.r)0. I.V. :lmvn. 18 montlis on balance. B. F. Goodrich Co., •117 \V. JInin Phone fiSSI j S-17 ck !8 : ^ plr-cf* bithro*>m ^'ilt", JiVi l?fri P ! P*- Orsburn Snpp'.v Cf> Vi-rv nice s ^ e C.Vn handl If" Ton like hov ..... n on tn»dy lol. which " for ahouC S22.W M down omfonahtc. l»rce rooms se for yon In see. Flrr- pli.ce 1 nntnne llvlns room. venetUn a< system Might lake Vn on trade. . blind «mnller E. M. TERRY •jcrrv Abstract Pli '2381 — 21 ' Rcnliy Cn \v. \Valnut 8 15 cix 1 30 allon oil burning onil condULon rh. Quern Anne. r>f (hr with King Henry virt. nainrr! "BrAiicly Nan" fondness for brandy. R IT pk 2) j To I (XX) r]iiy-, U'R^ nifr:- for her Kmr.ll iirorrry slorp, ciwnrr return tnr to y^rvlf* 1 . phorie 364A S 16 pk V TulYTKEVnX,t: BEAt.TT SPECIALS 3 CHOICE LOTS 2 ON NORTH FRANKLIN. PAVED STRFEt I'F CUT TERMS I LOT !WO VA NEAR CENTRAL SCHOOL OXLT VjKSIRABI.E HOMES Cl.OSF ^ . SSOOO TO SIS.tXK). SOME RKAL ESTABLISHED BUSI SKSSES FOR SALE AT INVO1C ! '' RIC SKt.l. OR RUT PHONE FIF.LD DAY OH NIOHT. 8.< P 6 room* nnri hath. l.»rcp lot. bf-r Till sroxmds. crtlr>rf\illy rlrroratfrf. S riiwn panytnrnt. ImmcdlAte pop^i-^ fh. 6107 or «OJ3. S.I3 P ^T^lrtP^n Cabins nurt. Ph. 99.51. *TtT-\ nlc» bfdroom nd telephone, Ph, 3938 . 818 North II flt. flili pk 2t Apta. 1-ost Hov R M pk 9,14 bath k 6 19 1 room iinftiminhtd »pt with ba Ion* (n Call 3309 027 c* »f 3 IETP. unfur, rooms *nd bath, llt water fnrn Ph SJW9. 810 pX 2.S ^ room homr n-lth bath, rear 701 'fllnnt, c*lt 28!K). fi 11 cX tf ISP. Ph. 1267. B;i5 pk 7 rm. [r. apt. 4 rm hn electric hot wivtfr He/p Wanted, Experienced Salesman for lire and auto acrcjsorj Ippartmcnt. Salary antl com nission. Appiv in person lo MONTGOMERY WARD 8-1G ck If Wanted • Ambition* hoy for t SrimURr Roule. \V. Msln and ChlcXa .<«wha area Route pays abnut $? monthlv. \pply to B. C- Whllli Box 104. Jonesboro, Ary dm nk Female Help Wanted n. Room, ho»rrt anrt For Rent or Sale Modern S roo house. IDS E. Cherry, ftfl ck /nsuronce Hollywood Continued [rom P»g« ft kecpinc him In the well." "Today he measures five feet In height. Amazing.' 1 "My experiment Is getting out of control. He's now 11 feet tall." "Today Barney \s •. . . " The writing in the diary ended abruptly. Beneath the final entry, the police fonnri these words in a hilrlish scrawl: "I'm Barney, plea&e send female monster." It happened at • Giro's during Sophie Tucker's engagement there. She was hawking her record albums nt ft table and stacking the greenbacks into a pile for sweet charity's sake. An elderly man Introduced rum- rlf, pressed Sophie's h»nd tenderly and whispered: "Don't yo« remember me, darling? Buffalo, New VerkT 1918T The lust of the red-hot mamaj threw the Romeo a. withering look anrt bpllowed: "Honey, at my I don't remember what happenec last night!" What A Maid. It'R Bennett Ccrf'.s story of the opening of directory Dudley Nichols 1 Holiday House, located on the beach north of Malibu. Plagued by a shortage of trained hotel help. Nichols prevailed upon nn actress o pinch-hit as a maid on the day the inn opened. E«ch weekend trm-eafter, two men who signed the register the first day checked In NlchoU noticed that neither seemed happy upon their departure and finally asked why. "We were hoping." svid one, "to run Into that attractive maid who was here »t the openirg." "I'm sorry, boys." bii she's gone to better things," Nichols apol- gi/ed. "Yrm see, her name was Gardner." Call 4553 , For Complete Insurance Protection W. J Pollard Apency Planner] Protection 134 W Ash St OI.ENCOT HOTK1 8UTLDINO 48 c» Wonted to Buy New or Used MrCoimlck-Dccrm=r Cotton PtcXe:» Delta Imolompnts. Inc. Phone 68K> s:il ck 818 Up New or V!<p<1 MrCormlck-necr- Conon Plckrrs Quote prUr^ leu«r Write Box 960, Blytnevllle 8ii ck s ia For Sale, Cars and Trucks CARL PAUL l* ihr msn to fee U you'r» looklnn fo new O1.DSMOB11K » new C1MC rk or » OOOD tlSKD CAR Hfl ^ TOU the oe*l »r»d» In lownl Tou'l tinrt him at Hr>rnp|--\Vilsun Motor Co. Phon. 10J« Nieht <4«4 820 ck 6M HSCKSHKR WESTEND AUTO SAL»3 Ph *2T4 - 21st and Ktnwood We Finance 'Chr*pr?t Good Car5 in Town 1 A-Model Coupe - SVO 6,20 CK S I Lost and Found l.r-v- it monlhs old Ooc BlonrtP FernAlc answers •SUMS." Re»-»rd. cull !2SJ. AllVKKTISEMENT FOR FOR EQUIPMENT FOR (-Hf.ROKF.E COURTS. LOW RF.NT HOUSING PRO.IKCT ARK 5-'i BLVTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS Sealed bids will he received «p t } c'cloc-k 'p.m. Central Stanriar time. Tuesday Aueusi 28th, 1951 the nffic-e of the Housing Authoril of the City of Blytheville. Arkan "to P 'i"ni» I sss located In the Admlnistratio s it ek U i building in Chickasaw Court* Hou« BUY WIU 1910 Chevrolet, 2-Door Sedan, a good cheap car 1947 Chevrolet, 2-Door Sedan... loaded with extras V-8, 2-Door Sedan, 1!)48 Ford A Beauty 1947 Ford V-8 Super Delux*. 2 Door Sedan 1946 Ford V-8 Deluxe 2 Door Sedan 1919 Chevrolet l/j-Ton Pick-Up Truck...Only 1950 Chevrolet VJ-Ton Pickup Truck . . .Only 1949 Dodge 3/4-Ton Truck, Stake Body. ..Only 1947 Dodge '/ 2 -Ton Pick-Up Truck in perfect condition . . 1947 Dodge '/i-Ton Pick-Up Truck.. .A real nice one USED CMS TRUCKS $195 $845 $895 $775 $695 $875 $945 $895 $695 $595 $975 1950 Studebaker 3/4-Ton Pick-Up... Looks and runs like new Easy GMAC Payment Plan Remember, You Can Always Get A Good Deat at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 3«1 West Walnut Phone 4578 © —i-TT-— Get The Best Cor Service! All Mmke* ind MvdeU! No matt*i what kind ol car jo\i drive you'll save money by get- tins the persona] service at r L Scay Motor Co We'lJ care for vour car a* TOU would yourself T.I.SEAY MOTOR CO. C1irTx1«r-Plymo«tli Dernier 111 t H»l« Pkn« Zin ~. 225 N. FIRST Phone 4161 • MACHINE WORK •(All Tjpe.) • LAWN MOWERS AH kind mowers and mower ( ;1nM repaired. • WELDING (Any Type) • Bicycle Repair (Complete line of parts) S«rv!c< A Part* for Clinton Engines. See us! ' WESTBROOK'S MACHINE SHOP A London rewspapetman writes hat. Kathertrm .Hepkurn, Humhrey Bogart and Lajren Bacall eep singing, "Bonuo, tongo, I DO ant to leave the Ccngo" do?m ganda way where thej're co-staring In 'Th« African Qteen." E«ch :ar has a native atteMant whose ask is to fan Insecti off their acps. • • • Com If. Wlllif Shorf .it Clto's: Monclar nlRht ire arf, harlnj: ft isw blnM-strncinic quailet. The iwner "t Ihfs placr. Hirman Hoer, and his thre* auriittra." • » • A Hollywood wag who r)«(l Ken some rushes of June Russell In 'The Las Vegas Story" said It: "My. she's become & fine act- •ess. Why. 1 remember ter in her HAY clay In 'The Outlaw: " ing Project. Blythevllle. Arkansas where they will be publldy opened for furnishinir (he followng efi mcnt for delivery to Cherokee Courts. Low Rent HousUg Projec Ark 5-2. Blytheville. Arbinsas. 77—Gas Water Heate:s 77—Gas Heatins Unils 76_Oas Ranges 76—Electric Refrigera ore. Contract documents an<J speciflca lions may be had from the office o the Housiiij? Authority 01 from th Architect. Uzzell S. Braason. Firs National Bank Building. BlythevlHe Arkansas, upon deposit of $5.» which will be returned upon turn of the documents In good con ditlcm. The Housing Authority if the Oil of Blytheville. Arkansas r>ser«« th risht to accept any or re;ect any r all bids nnd to waive «nj Informa itlfs in bidding. By order of the Hmiilig Aulho; lly of the City of Biythivllle, Arl ansas. thin Hth day of A-igiist, 195 J. M-il Broofes. Secy.-TreM. I.1T-K TRUCKS-TRUCKS-TRUCKS AND MORE TRUCKS! Little Ones—Big Ones! 1950 3/4-Ton GMC Pickup, very low mileage. Perfect truck. . ^ 1315 Dodge LWB Truck.. .$195. 1949 11/2 Ton International with bed, has only 10,000 miles. Come in and make me a price! 1949 2 ton GMC, Extra LWB, new rubber, will givi you a good trade! I91fi \y, Ton Chevrolet, LWB, with new motor...A real farm (ruck. 1950 Vi Ton FORD pick-up . .Perfect Condition... Only *S95! SPECIAL OF THE WEEK! 1919 CHEVROLET y t Tcr. Pick-Up.. .Bs'.axs Cab... Radio and Heater.. .Make me a price on this onel 1938 International .LWB, Good Bed, New Ti»es, Motor in Perfect Condition.. .$295 1917 KORD LWB Truck, good rubber, good motor... $495 1946 Ford Tudor, Radio & Healer, practically new (ires, a real good onel 1950 Ponliac, 4 Door, S Cylinder, Radio, Healer, Hy- dramalic Drive, City Driven, Low Mileage. HORNER WILSON MOTOR CO Your Oldtmokilt-GMC Truck Dealer Used Car Lot - - - 300 East Main Street

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