Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on January 7, 1949 · Page 15
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 15

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, January 7, 1949
Page 15
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Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MP., • FRIDAY, .JANUARY 1, 1949 FIFTEEN. Radio Ringside By John M. Cooper NEW YORK, (INS)—Since Arthur Godirej" dropped his early morning program on the CBS out- lei in New York, he has been on the air only six hours'a week. ; For Godfrey, that is practically a vacation. So he has Just, added a new. one-hour television show •which starts Wednesday, Jan. 12 at £ pjn. (BSD. This Trill be the opening day of the new coaxial cable connecting the eastern and middle "west video networks, and Godfrey will become vhable to midwest viewers for the Urss time. The program is described as similar to Godfrey's mornins radio broadcasts and will . Include many of the same cast:—Vocalists Jan- ctte Davis and Bill Lawrence, the Mariners quartet and Archie Bley- cr's orchestra, Godfrey, incidentally, refuses to make any concessions to television. He -won't put on makup and he wont remove the set of headphones . which, he always -wears during broadcasts. As for the' makeup, he doesn't need any. As for the headphones,, he tells questioners' that he wears them so he can listen to competing' pro- crams. Actually, he -wears them so he can hear his own program as It sounds on the air. The habit probably goes back to Godfrey's early days as a disc jockey or even to his hitch in the Navy, when—if memory serves—he used to be a radioman. rtadio is telling the story of the sad fate of a recent promotion, film put out by NBC. It was titled "Behind Your Hadio Dial" and showed * lot of the network's famous stars ts pan of the blg.buUdup. When Amos "N Andy moved over to CBS. they had to be cut out of the film. Then Benny left and the film got ihoner. and Bergen made his exit tnd the Him got shorter still. If anybody else leaves, it should be about right for a one-minute commercial on television. • The next NBC documentary, on Jan. 9. Trill be "An Investigation Into Congressional Investigations." The script will trace the history of jruch inquiries. CBS is preparing a documentary for Feb. 2 'on the subject of mental hospitals and clinics. It will bring out some unpleasant facts. • "NETWORK PROGRAMS^* 'Tim; is tutcrn st.indjrd. Foreen.' tr»I itindard jufttrjct ono hour, for' mounuin it»ndard subtract two hour*. "Some "local stations chanQo hour, of rxl»£. local schedule*.. List m!nute:prosr*m:ch«nnt$ can-not bt included. ** -, • _ FRIDAY, JANUARY 7 Evening «:W—X»mi Report 15 Mln.—nbo N»w«c»»t J5v«ry Day—cbs • Network Silent Hour—abooasl _, Kiddle.* Hour (roponO—-abc-wcst* Network Silent (1 hr.j—mb»-eRBt KWfliea Hour (repoau—mbs-wwt »:1i—Sports; Music Time—nbo Discussion Series—cbs ^ §;<*—Xevseut by Throe—nbc Is Lowell TboaJiu (repeat 11)—cb« ' 7:00—Supper Club—nbc-ba«lo The BeuJna Skit—cb.i N«ws and Commentary— a D0 Fulton I^ewls-Jr.—mbi 7:15—NOTCH and Comment—nr-o J«k Smith Show—cbs Bally ComraonuiTy—ttbo Dinner JJatft—mb» 7i30- J Tti» Smoothie*—nbo • Bob Crosby Club—cbs Lone Ranger Drama—»bo News CosiBient—mbs 7:45—NOTTS Comment—nbo News Broadcast—cbs Sport* Comment—mbs i:00—Paul Lavalle Band—nbo J&ck Camon Sliow—cb» Fa: Man Detective—abo Great Pl»y» Scones—mbs 1:30—Jimmy Dunuito Show—nbo To Be Announced—cbs This Is F.B.I. Drama—abo Leave It to Girls—mbs »:5S—Hy Gardner Say«—mbs »:D»—Eddie Cantor Show—nbo The Friday Theater—cbs Break the Bank—abc Gabriel Heatter, Comment—mb« I:1S—New« Broadcast—mbs 1:30—Red Skelton Show—nbo The Sheriff. Drama—abo Youm For a Sonc—mb» »:S5—Five Minutes Sports—abo News tor 5 Minutes—mbi 10:00—Life o: Riley—nbc Friday Playhouse— cb- Boiinc and Sport*—see ileet the Press— fflb» H:30—Bill Stern TaUot-^nbc Percy Filth Concert—cbs Dancing Time—mbs 10:4S—Pro and Con—nbc ;i:0»—News, Varloty, i lirs.—cbs- News and Dance Band—abc News, Dance Band 2 hrs.—mb» . 11;1S—Nov,-rf & Varloty to 1—nbc 12:00—Danclnc Continued—nbc-we»t Try Fifth Columnists BERN*. Switzerland — (IP) — Since the end of the war, 102 Swiss citizens have been, prosecuted as members of the Nazi fifth column' in Switzerland, according to a government report. Of the 102 persons charged with treason, collaboration with the Germans and undermining Switzerland's neutrality and independence during the war, only three were acquitted. Nlnety-nino fifth-column Ists were sentenced to .varying terms of imprisonment, ranging from 20 years to six months. Those sentenced to prison terms included several tried in absentia and still believed to be abroad. They'^Do It Every Time By Jimmy Hatlo AND TODAV- LITTLE IODINE SAYS PAPEMTS.ARERWNy LIKE V£ST£RDAy WHE/J MOM MADE- POP STAV HOME- FROM W)RK" FROM SCHOOL? ISHOtlLpSA/NCTT/ SICK, M/EVE// IWOM'TLIEFOR yob /NOW GET GOING.'.'' SAY YOU RE , HENR/I'VE GOT SO THINGS I WANT TO DO- Mary Haworth's Mail I Colman To Appear In 'Talk Of Town' Editor's No-.e: Woman's sister," hlehJj' paid secretary. IK uncle in town Alter some years' mysterious absence- And now tries Lo steal her husband. DEAR MARY HAWORTH: My sister Kate, 32, a streamlined secretary able to command' a large salary, is the-problem. Four years ago she returned "to this city after six years' absence, during which none of us knew where she .was. We were glad to see her, but not lor long. She stayed in my.home, jot a high-powered job with an oil company, wore my clothes refused _ pay board; ran up a big telephone bill, stole my -baby's piggy-bank, and with a married man, using .her salary on air plane trips to see him. Finally we had a fight when my husband bought her expensive per- lume. I" protested her behavior and asked her to'leave;-but he upheld her and gave ber money to go to a hotel. I had trouble with him after she lelt, and I • believe he's been seeing her since, although it didn't dawn, on me until two weeks ago when she reappeared, bag and baggage, playhig; the sweet . docile sister. Urges Twin Beds On Married Couple AGAIN she wanted to wear my clothes, borrow money from Ross, which -she did, and. plan-, a new. program';for my house, ;including, twin" beds for Ross "and me,v which I'.'had no desire- lor.. Also,:Ross turned into a madman, treating me like a half-wit. Again I got up courage to ask her to leave, after she had made a' scene when I refused to give .her my favorite brother's picture to carry in her purse' She lelt: in n huff, called back to apologize; and then this morning (It sounds -insane) telephoned to say in the- sweetest words that she thinks I ..shouldn't live with Ross because of the way he treats me; yet she incites'it!''Also she wants me to take a job on a plantation— just leave home, children, everything—for my health. I've had pernicious anemia, I told her I don't want any job except to care ior my husband and children, and that II left alona we can make a go of our marriage. However," I'm afraid It will take something -more cjrastic to put Kate in her. place. How can I tell her, in plain words, to leave us alone—and yet not .permanently sever bur relations? I love her as a sister, but I feel' my*marriage is at staKe. I am sure She is meeting Ross at her office and.other places. Please aaswer soon. A. P. Facing A Panther, Does"OneWheedle? DEAR A. P.: Obviously Kate is a psychopathic character, as crazy- as they come, outside 'of straitjac.tets; but crazy in the sense that ordinary standards of reason and decency mean nothing 'to her. Lots o! whirlwind self-promoters—ruthless, selfish, magnetic, brilliant in a way—are found in "this category. You probably wouldn't let senti- By C. E. BUTTEHJFIELD NEW YORK — (A 3 )' — More and more, television, is getting the attention in radio. It co-jld be things are just happening 'that way; but it's 'also possible there is a certain amount of inspiration directed to that end. • " • The latest is that the Goldbergs are to have a television revival. This radio serial started in 1929, continued into 1946 and then branched into a Broadway play for the 194748 season."It. Trill continue its author, ' Gertrude Berg, in the role of Molly Goldberg. The revival will be in CBS tele- j vision, as one of the programs goin on the new .east-midwest network. The first scheduling Is "8 p. m. January 13, the second day after the chain's opening. Each, weekly liaJf- you !hour episode will be complete, pause if a panther or boa constrictor were bent on making a fine For tonight: NBC—7:30 Los An- meal of you;, and as for Kate, she geles Open Go ]f. g : 3o jimmy" has no more conscience than either j Dl]rantt! . 9 Eddi e cantor Show; 10 of these jungle creatures, in the Life . of Bi]cv; 10 . 30 Eddie cantor matter of striking to take what.she wlth Bill Stem.' •wants whan she sees it. | CBS—7:30 Club Crosby; 3 Jack .Just now she's after everything Cftrson comedy; 9 Ronald dolman you've _ got —_except .the ohild'.'en, ]n ,. Ta] j. of the Town;" 10 Fii»t Playhouse, John Lund. ABC—8 The Fat Man; 8:30 This Is FBI; 9:30 The Sheriff; 10 Boxing Robert'Villemain vs. S:eye Bellolse. MBS—8 Great "The 'Citadel';" 9:30 Yours For a Song; Meet the Press, Sen. Irving Ivcs. probably,—and would stop at nothing to get you put of the way, 'so that., she might enter into- full possession and enjoyment of your husband, your home, your clothes, etc.; and although she has Ross hypnotized and half out of . liis mind, still he-'has flashes of know-' ; ing. how bad she is. and therefore she'. Jeels'"'she ~rmisfc.banish you, his balance-wheel,- in order to complete her .conquest of .him. Cain's Counterpart On Score Of Feeling ALL OF WHICH. "Is. to' explain that, pussyfooting won't, do, in deal- Ing with her. By biological reckoning-she may be'your ' sister, but figuratively she is Cain's counterpart, and would destroy you figuratively without a pang, to satisfy her aimless cupidity.if possible. So you must be tough in' shutting her out of your life • and refusing 'to bandy' more words about it. You must be as tough in. spirit as the Avenging Angel who ushered the traltors-to-trust .-out of Paradise; and you must not apologize to Ross for taking this justified stand; If he has any sense at all, "he'll be thankful eventually thai you stood firm as the Rock of Ages. M'.-H." (Copyright by The-Wnshlnnton Post) (Distributed by King Features Syndicate) The Worry Clinic = By Dr. George W. Crane i tobacco, and distasteful Editor's Note: If rou wish the buslc . rulf lor wlnnlne * child's friendship, or K swttthcort's "Yes", a wltc't devotion or iv customer's continued pnt- ronnde, bo sum to memorize the con- tcnl' ol this Case Jlecord. You cnn never be renlly ntlccesslul ur.tll you untlcrstand thli psyeholoclcnl nxlorn nnd then employ It dally. CASE S-259: When Danny, our fourth child, was 3^ years old, he came Into my "study. "My go barber shop,", he suggested. I was busy and disinterested. But he pres'lsted, In -fact, ior several days he kept up this sales talk about the barber shop. "But you don't need a haircut very much," I protested. • "My get sucker," he finally admitted. Danny simply felt hungry for candy and remembered that the barber never failed to reward his good behavior, in the chair, by presenting him with a .lollipop. How To "Condition" Children When a child • meets a barber or a dentist, a physician or any other strnnper for the first time, he feels no particular llldnf; for such tin Individual. In fact, the- youngster may have been so mollycoddled and shy that he actually, fears' the strange man before the latter even touches him. How can' we chance this neutral or even negative attitude toward the dentist, physician, or .barber, into a positive llk'lns? Obviously, this development of pleasure must be a product of habit or the repetition or pleasurable con- child and doctor, merchant, barber or teacher, as the may be. Babies have very few native likes. Except for a fondness for sugar, for moderate warmth, for liquid to re- few other items, they are in a neutral or even negn.- - - • - - " live attitude around them. They don't liver oil, orange juice or. even fried acid foods, are very and therefore,, negative at the outset, Why We Like People Moreover, there is no native liking for people. Even a baby's own mother is not instinctively -attractive to the baby. No, she has" to earn her popularity by-' identifying herself with the sweet milk which he receives from her, cither by breast or bottle, until the delight in the sugar therein finally extends to the neighboring- objects; namely, mother., i. In similar manner,- business and professional men are not attractive to children "until- they are connected with, pleasurable experiences long enough for the general "delight of the child to fasten upon the men linked with that delightful series of experiences. Tills mechanism is called "conditioning" in .our psychology classroom. It can work both ways, however, for .'a. child who is pained or humiliated" by a certain man, will associate dislike, fear or nausen with that same individual. Parents Who are chronic "No. no," individuals, obviously are not linked with pleasure in the minds of their 5:oo "5:30 SMS (!:oo 0:15 - 0:30 0:45 7:00 •7J15 1:30 'IMS 8:00 8:30 fl:00 s:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 u:is U:30 6:15 G:20 "7:30 1:35 s:co 3:15 SMS 0:00 fl:30 10:00 J0:30 11:00 n:30 12:00 13:15 12:30 1:00 1:30 2:00 youngsters., And a husband 'who humiliates, mistreats or disparages his wife chronically may scon be wifeless. Clever Dental Psycholoio' A number of progressive dentists liavc capitalized on this, basic law of psychology and "are markedly Increasing their practice by writing prescriptions for ice cream cones. The child patients obtain these for good behavior and can present them, .at a neighboring drug store where they then receive a. free-cone, At the end of the week or month. the dentist pays the druggist for all such prescription blanks which have been filled. These prescription slips are colorful, with rabbits or "other attractive animal-; pictured, thereon. Other professional men are employing gum and lollipops, ballpens and whistles. ' , , •For many, years, too. the dental i Chairmen To Meet iVtonaay association sold molds by which the ' individual dentist could make plas- •WTBO HIGHLIGHTS TODAY Bielistage Wife (NBC). Stella. Dallas (NSC]. Lorenzo Jones (NE'C). Younj; Wldflcr Brown v (NBC). Jive at Five. NCM-J, The Old ChKholni-Trnll. News. • ' South br the Border. The Sportsman's Corner. Errand ot Mercy, The Supper Club (NECI. News of the'World (NBC). Books Brine Adventure; H. V. Kaltenbora (NBC). Bice Crosby. Jlnmy Dlirantc Show (NBC). Eddie Cantor Show (NBCJ. Red Skclton Show (NBC). Proudly We Hall. B11L Stern Sports Uc^'hreel oC the Air' (NBC). Pro and Con (NBC). Music for l.Ioodfi. Mcadowbrook Club Orchestra, (NBC). Hews i NBC). TOMORROW BreaK£ast on a Plat'.cr. News. Breakfast on a Platter. News. Breakfast on a. Platter. World News Round-Up (NBC). Dick Lclbert (NBC;. . U. S. Marine Band. Mind Your Mannciis (NBC). Coffee In Washington (NEC). Mary Lee Taylor (NBC). Adventures or 'Archie Andrews (NBC). : Meet the Meci'.s. (NBC). Smllln' Ed McConncll.' (NBCi. Arthur Earrlault—Mews (NBC). Saturday Serenade. To be Announced (NBC). National Farm & Homo Hour. INBC). ' ' ' ' E. I'. H, Amerlcn, (NBC). Los Angeles Open Oolf Tournament (NBC), ::30 Edward "Tomlinson. (NBC). -:45 Report on Europe- • CXBCI. 3;00' Orchestras or *.lic Nation (NBC). WCUM HIGHLIGHTS TODAY •4:30 Robert Q. Lewis Show (CBS). 5:00 Treasury Bur.dstar.d (CBS). 5:30 Thi: CrilcaROnn.1 (CBS). SH5 Meet The Band. C;00 News—Wcntlier Report. 0:15 Speaking O'. Sports. 0:30 Dinner Music. 7:00 News. 7:05 Nlcht Ride. 7:30 Melody Time. 7M5- Here's To Veterans. 8:00 News. 1:05 It's Dance Time. 8:30 Music For You (CBS). 9:00 Ford Theatre (CBSi. 10-00 Bhic Barren Orchestra (CBS). 10:30 TeH It ASllin (CBS). :l:00 Tho World TonlRl-.t (CBS). 11:10 News Analysis (CBS). . 11:15 Larry Fctlnc Orchestra (CBS). 11:30 , Speaking of'Snorts. ;2:OD CBS News (CBSI. 12:05 Jimmy Dorjoy Orchestra. (CBS). ]2:30 FriinKIc Carle Orclicatrn. (CBSI. 1:00 CBS News ICBS). 1:05 Sign Off. TOMORROW 5:55 Slcn On—News. s:oO Uncle Jack's Musical Clock. . 7:00 News—Weather Report. 7:05 Uncle Jack's Musical Clock. 8-00 CBS World News Roundup (CBS). 5:15 Lefj Have A Musical Roundup. 8:30 Chape! In The Sky. 8:45 March Time. . i):00 CBS News or. America (CESj. !):is Barnyard Follies iCBS). 0:45 Carder, date- (CBS). 10:00 Guy Ijombjirdo Orchestra (CBS).' ]0:15 Music From The Blue Room. 10":30 Romance (CBS!. 11:00 New?. 11:05 Let's Pretend (CBS). 11:30 Junior Miss (CBS). 12:00 ,Theatre of Tdday (CBS!. 12:30 World News. 13:35 Luncheon Melodies. 1:00 Stars Over Hollywood 'CBS). ]:30 Melody Ballroom and Sports- Parade. 2:OC News. ' . 2:05 Melody Ballroom and Sporti. Parade, 2:30 Columbia's Country Journal (CBS). Report. From Overseas (CBS). Ac"ventures.In Science (CBSI. Cross "Section of U.S.A. (CBS). n:oo 1:15. 3:30 Slate Soil Conservation ter models of Snow White and the Seven. Dwarfs, which were then given" "as' additional' - rewards for good behavior. (Copyright' by ..The Hopkins Syndicate, Inc.) Marriage Licenses COLLEGE PARK - (/P) — The chairmen o: Maryland's 23 soil.con- servation districts are ou call lor a special meeting in Baltimore next Monday. The session was called yesterday, by Dr. T. B. Symons, chairman of the state committee and dean of the University of Maryland College umbia Avenue. J»me« Paul Ferrell, RFD No. 2. RocK- i-ood. Pa'., and. Thc:n-.a Irene Miller, Somerset, Pa. . . . not disclose what would bei discussed at the meeting, the flrsl) to be held in several months. Ll'L ABNER YOU ALWAVS LIKED IRISH STEW, DUMP1NGTON — HOW ' AEOOT HER? TAKE. KATHLEEN .HOME AGAIN. -AND NOW, KATHLEEN-FROM ERIN'S EMERALD ISLE-A FLAME: HAIRED GDLLEEN, WHOSE SAUCV EVES PROMISE!, OH SO MUCH TO THE: BROTH o~ A BOY WHO' CAPTURES HEIR HEART. 1 : PRE-SEMT.ING-SK5RID.* A PROUD BLUE-EYED VIKING QUE.EM FROK, THE ICEBOUND 1 FJORDS OF NORWAY SHE'S FAILED/.' BACK TO THE ICEBOUND •> FJORDS OF NORWAY/?" /r—THAT'S A NICE. BIG ONE., ISN'T IT, DUMPiNGTON DEAR.'!''-WHAT DO YOU THINK O By Frank Godwin RUSTY RILEY ~, tT THE KAIL NEAR-BY. TEX, WHAT PO YOU SUPPOSE THAT FELLOW IS UP TO, PRETENDIN'6 TO BEOUINN, IF IT WASN'T TO PO SOMETHING TC THAT JOCKEY SAMMV KNOWS BLAZE, HE'? BE THE FIR5T To NOTICE IF-AMYTMINS WAS SO I SEE. I'LL MAKE MV SQUAWK TO THE STEWARDS AS SOON AS IT LOOKS UKE BlA2£'S RACE. NOW SCRAM BOpy-Sn TH£X'EE (-01H6 TO THE. POST. I GUESS NOTHING'S WRONS SLAZ=. COME OH, FOLKS, LET'S GST TO OUR SEATS. MAYBE HEJUSr NEEPEDA JOB. By Mz'ttoi t Camff STEVE CANYON GEE, SHE ACCIDiNTALLV CONICSD YSHE SHOUU? HAVEi&L ME WITH A ROCK 3EFOEB WS -\M HEK. ATTOWJEY— HITYOU.'..! COULPNY BE A WlTrJESf , BECAUSE I WAS OUTCOLP WHEN. J ONE — I CANT PE 50.ROU6H ON HER. WHEN I'VE JUST HAP'ASEEAKj '0A RELEASE FOR LACK-OF - SHE'S IN JAIL ON AN' )/ WITH ATICKST ASSAULT COMPLAINT <( TO NEWYOKK 5I6NEP BY YOU —YOU V AL1 - BOUGHT WILL HAVE TO APPSAK 11 CAN'T WAIT ' IN COURT ASAINST H£R.'/ FOR THAT.'VQp. APPEAR. ASAINST WELL, WHAT ABOUT THAT WTCH •z ONE OTHER. THINS,MI5S FANCY— WHAT ABOUT CHEETAH? VOU X TCU WERS EASY, MRS. VAM CCOU..XOU SLSPECTED A.7SA? WrE DEVIL.'- *u \ i FEIQKJED IU.SJESS...BUT -eu UNSPEAKABLE 1 5RAMOV, -iCLI TRIUWPriAMTLY POKED IT FROM TH= CASJC. D=VIL/ HO 1 // { VESV INSISTENCE TDLD ME I WAS RiebT. 1 -'.THE RUBIES /'YOU SEE, GEMTLEMEN..,) SECOM5 A FALSE . *f COTTON «v x BOTTOM.' J \ WADONS., BUGS BUNNY WHAT'LL YA P' A HAVE, -X POUND OF LADY .? 1 LlMSOftGEK By Edgar- Martin By Lymari Yotzng TIM TYLER'S LUCK -YES, IT WAS HIS L FOOTP2INT WE SAW IN THE SAND ON" THE RlVEF? BANK AND MINUTE WE'RE I'M CONVINCED. NOW THAT THIS IS SERPENT LAKE/ I'M SURE IT BELONGED TO AN AMPHIBIOUS SERPENT/-AND WE AREN.T LOSING ANV TIME GETTINS OBOV- IP THAT SVVlSHiNG TA<!_ HAD STRUCK ME 03OVOBOY/ LYING ON THE BOTTOM— PERMANENTLY/ ] ay Merrlll-:BloKcr FRECKLES AND HIS FR1END3 ME DOESN'T, OOESNT HE? iLU-SOOW FI* MERES A CHARACIKR WHO DOESNlT LIKE" OUR SKIS, MISS SMUGG'. STICK AROUND, KNOT- HEAD/ YOU'RE THE FUNNIEST TI-IIM& SIMCE TME NEW-LOOK/ p WHOD YOU EXPECT?" SNOW AW. TURN . GREEN! COME THEA KEEP SLIDING OUT PROM UNIDER wow! I'VE GOTTA, GET OUW WERE QUICK! By Dudley Fiskcr AMD THE TUUM ' IS COMIMG OUT 1 WOULDN'T WCPCPV, SL'&E / THE PAPEP SAVS FAIP? AND . WARMER / YOU'D BETTEP 5SS WAF?M, MY9TLE. IT'S COLO THIS MOPMING /

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