Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on January 7, 1949 · Page 12
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 12

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, January 7, 1949
Page 12
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FROSTBURG And Western Maryland News .Evening Times, Friday, January 7, 1949. Occupation Family Returns Aiter Long Stay In Germany FROSTBURG—With Uie exper- 1 ".. Ksnces of life in Germany durhn the past two and a-half years still - fresh in their minds. Capt. anc ' Mrs Phillip J. Lanasa, Jr.. and tw< - children. Phillip, 3rd 'and " Mary Susan, have returned to the United States, happy in the-knowledge . .that they are .home- with relativei and friends after making several at'.'.. tempts' during the past year to secure- passage. ' They expected to return .home 'ast spring but complications arose ", Then the captain was -assigned to a new -unit. This outfit was later . ''."^deactivated, passage connections finally made • and the Lanasas re- ..l.celved word they would be returned ' ' to the States. ' Leaving Munich December 4 and arriving in this country .December 5 they came to Frostburg to spend - the holidays with Mrs,- Lanasas ~ parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas.Price, - • 102 West Main -Street. With the Christmas festivities •-well on the way, it was. a Joyous reunion for the family as Phillip, 3rd -was only three years old when . he and hie mother left here in May • -- 1946 -to join • Capt. Lanasa- at Kails ' Ruh'e The Prices got their first - rlimpse of their new granddaughter, v Mary Susan, who was born in " Nurembourg, Germany, April 18, ' -, 1947,* when the happy family ar- rived. ' They brought; with them momen- -'•• t-oK of the various countries visited ' during' then- residence, in Germany. " Their pet, a large German boxer, - "4£ra'- purchased at Karls Ruhe, -" li'fast becoming adapted to life • • in this'country and Is. very obed- " lent to commands in English as College Students On Folklore Tour . wmie --»bauv»»5u "4 ,, —- FROS'l'BOKG—Books and records :• Lanasa family also lived In Kassel, Ja ^ f o ijdore division of- the the Eastern Star Unit i- , • Installs Officers MT. SAVAGE—Mrs.'-Evelyn Cob- ;rly and Robert Pollock were installed -•' as --. worthy ^matron • and worthy patron 'of Rebecca Arnold Chapter- No; 5T, -Order of Eastern itar, Tuesday night in the Junior Order Hall. Others taking, office- were Mrs, Elizabeth Jenkins, associate matron; Mrs. Claudia Volt,- secretary'; Miss J; aVerneUhl, treasurer; 'Mrs. .Cora Pollock, .conductress;' Mrs.'Dora 3urch, associate conductress.! , • Mrs. ClarsC Shank, chaplain; 1 Mrs, Margaret Goldsworthy, " marshal; Miss Lola Lewis, organist; Mrs Mary J. Pollock, Ada; Mrs,.Gene- vleve -House, Ruth; Mrs. Margaret Crowe. Esther; Mrs. Florence Best, Martha;' Mrs. Mary-.Best, Elefita; Mrs. Mary Koontz,'warden; and Mrs.-'Mary :H. Pollock, sentinel. -. Mrs. Dora Burch"' wrote a .song honoring' th'e incoming 'officers. Following' a . brief talk, Mrs. Coberly presented gifts to installing officers, Mrs. Sophia Poland, marshal; Mrs; Mary Davis, Mrs. Campbell,- chaplain; Mrs. Minnie Sweene, warden, and Mrs. Hilda Crofre,- organise. Mrs. Campbell ' presented ' each outgoing officer. with a gift, with thanks for' cooperation during her term in office. .- - Labor To Seek Wagelnci;ease UnioiiistSays WBSTERNPOB.T—An- increase in wages for. union workers- throughout the country'will .be sought With- .in a ' few'' months,. Frank : Grasso .secretary-treasurer of the •'. Unitec Paper .Workers 1 - of America, state'c in addresses here before .-Luke' Local •676, TJPWA, and the Tri-Towns Rotary Club -this week.; Grasso contended'that high wages have - not injured' industry, -stating that'--profits of-large-firms have increased -in'the .last few years: ; '..';.-• High 'wages'" for ..'laboring people 'promote 1 • business.; because "of; :in-| creased !-purchasmg .power, ;; hE'-said;i and- the -tend'ancy. to;.prevent,-cen-' traliz'atioa of.- 1 wealth and resultant depressions. ,'..'.,...•'• -. . ".. . In'discussing charges .that labor organizations arc /controlled .-by Communists,- he pointed -. out., that membership -in -a union, is not on the, basis -of political 'beliefs. .There are Communists'.in,'.the labor' or- janizations, he. said, '.but 'the great majority of .'members arel. opposed to them and, there, is .'opposition wherever, feey attempt' to • gain control. . well as German. , While -stationed in jj^iiM^m- in" IJ -*_* *••"•* -• .-— —. Coburg- and Schwabach. Traveling extensively they visited Switzerland, Austria Paris and Czechoslovakia, where, they said they were accosted on the streets by Europeans begging them to inform the people of the United States to "believe them when they say they-were forced into becoming members of the Communist part}'. • Included in the travels was Hol- Co'mmenting on the food and other items necessary to the people stationed over, there, Mrs. Lanasa itated -that prices were prohibitive, »nd with such a scarcity the diet was confined almost exclusively to canned foods. Capt Lanasa, his wife; the former •Sally Price, and.children left Tues- dav to visit his parents;'-Mr.' and Mrs Phillip J. Lanasa, Sr.,-and Miss Sue' P~ice, Baltimore. From • there rill go" to Westminster where-they will spend'.some time with Miss Marv Jane-Price, a student at West- em "Maryland College, and other relatives and friends before return- Ing to • Frostburg; -where they will 'remain-while Capt. Lanasa awaits • orders. Library of Congress at Washington will be inspected by the class in American.. Folklore at Frostburg State: Teachers' College . tomorrow afternoon. • > Accompanied by Dr. Dorothy Howard, who Is in charge 'of Arrangements,' the group' left this afternoon. Tomorrow they will hear afternoon. Tomorrow ir.ey wm "=•" the election 01 legislators wnu IK- an address by Dr. Duncan Emrich spon< j to the .needs and feelings of chief of the library's .division of j the people, he added, folklore. ' ;• -• In coming montns the union will Those making the trip.-are Carl|. coct i nl]e its efforts'for a definite Kailmyer, Helen Kerns, Robert I legislative program to control prices, v *,*•«« ' T"in*^al.f4 T J\\ IC"ll T\ fl . T5TT3S— X«. u f. Vm**{vt rv Y\T-.-ia"r*am •f/Yr" a m £>!*£> Ol, . - - -. " . • "Opportunities for'. advanoemen* and better living .conditions.for the workers ' is the • aim of .organized labor.. We want :nq dictatorship by Communism or . great - .industrial groups such as in Fascist states Referring to advantages .that labor .organizations, have ..brought to the working people, he- stated that a few industrial barons have cried-to destroy, confidence in labor organizations •• by misrepresentation. He told of the difficulties he and others have- encountered -in -their efforts 'to organize .industrial ^towns. He paid" tribute to the -understanding and cooperation of. the manager of the Lulie-paper.mill, A. M. Kaiser, in all negotiations between the mill and. the union representatives.' ' The union should "be articulate in politics as well as .active in promoting' be'tter economic conditions for its members, and should- seek the election of legislators who re- IHospital Releases, [Father and Son Coach B. M. Fisher j Service Observed BEDFORD, Pa,—Bruce ;M. Fisher, athletic' director, of Bedford High School, who.was 1 injured-in: an--auto accident near Warfordsburg las: week, 'is "now at his home here. He-left-.the-Berkeley Springs (W. Va) Hospital, last Thursday-.and was admitted to Timmins Hospital here. He was able 'to attend the funeral of his wife, who, with Miss Dorothy Lou Fisher,-was Idlled.-. in the accident. Fisher- still suffers .from injuries he received. He has' no • broken bones but had muscular bruises and abrasions.'. ' • ' , ••.. Bruce Fisher, '.' Jr., the fourth member "in'".the. car which,'was wrecked; left Bedford this, morning to return-to Virginia Polytechnic Institute,' Blacksburg,.Va.,. where foe is:a student. — '-.-. • . . • Terra Alta Trucker Crashes On Mountain UNIONTOWN, Pa.^-John Arthur Gibson,: Terra. Alta,. W. Va,, early yesterday sent .his, truck, crashing down' a mountainside on Route/ 40, east'of Mt. Summit,, rather than collide with, two, automobiles, state police reported. '. • • Gibson;-who escaped' jury told'" police he swerved 'into the 'guard .rail when, his brakes failed while' descending the steep slope! v. ' ' •'. ,. .--' ' He said he-chose to swerve rather than' strike' an automobile -Directly in front' of. him-or another approaching; from the opposite direction. Half.a 'cargo-'of beer,..reported to -have' been loaded on his truck;'was said, to-be 'destroyed. The'truck was badly damaged' I iVl-M Tl I 1.1 !'l;i 1 1 FROSTBHRG—-"Father and Son" ; services' were -observed Wednesday as part'of the special preaching mission services being conducted by uie Church of the Nazareue.' , The,.program included a- rluet By Rev.-John-Wesley Maybury, paster. and- his son,"- Rev. John Edward 'Maybury;- .evening - prayer,-.-. George £ctterman-and son, James; a hymn.,, Frederick .Huber's "Faith of Our- Fathers," by a, 'group or the lathers and sons, and a sermon. "God's Gilt of His Son," by Rev. John E. May- jury. . - Expressions of thanksgiving -were made, by George Lashbaugh,- Leon Neat John Weslow and James Gomer, John Weslow 'and.son,/-' 1 -"* Jr., and James- Corner, and Harry, were, the- ushers. . A "Mothers and Daughters" ser-. vice was held.last night al 7:45. The services will continue-through January 9. " - - -.'--- • A special youth seminar on questions and answers concerning youth • problems- will- be.held tomorrow froza-.S to 7.p. the church by Rev. John- Edward Maybury. UnitJVIeeliag' Slated . WESTERNPORT—The- monthly meeting of; the .Auxiliary -• TJnit of Victory. Post No. -155;*, American. Legion,'will be held Monday « 8- p. m. in- the Firemen's Room of th» RET0EN FROM GERMANY—Capt. and Mrs. Philip'J. Lanasa, Jr.,.shown above with their.two children, Philip, 3rd, and Mary Susaii, have returned to the States after two and one-half years residence In'Germany where Capt. .Lanasa.was-: stationed'with occupation forces.. Mrs. Lanasa is. the former Sally Price, of Frostburg. They' are. visiting her parents, Mr. and,Mrs. Thomas Price.. Postmaster Pp'sition At Qldtov-n;;6pen v Lancaster,' cilla' Schrlner, James Skidmore and Jack Stapleton, . The trip concludes, the first semester-of the course, which covers all types' of American folklore .and Its relationship to world culture.. " 'Since--.September, the class, has made several er.curs'.ons, including two visits to Vanse Marshall's studio at WiUiamsport,'W. Va., and. the picnic .grounds. at,-Avilton,- Garrett county' to study various types of square dances in-rural sections. Following the Avllton trip, several square dances were held at the college. Individual members are making a collection of the various of folklore in.- Maryland, in Loug-hrie, Drus- f or a housing program, for a.more art Week Group Named For Comity FROSTBURG—D. L. D'Amicol, Cumberland, general chairman, of the National Heart Week ol Allegany county, has named the follow- "appointmects-for this section: tvpes ol loiKiore in.- aiai.y«u"«, •"- tecnniques ana devices u&eu w uiiii B eluding .children's Play rhymes, - aDOU t fascism in Italy and Germany .«,,.^o tariff, mils. Dlaee- names '«-„»-,.- .vio -norn-nri "World "War'Will. • . . for the position of lourth .class- postmaster here may be obtained from the United States Civil Sen-ice Commission. Washington. 25, or the Cumberland Post 'Office until-January ">0 • " The examination .'.which will be held in Cumberland, is opep to any citizen of the United States who 'resides within .the territory ,s u PP' lcc! by the Oldtown Postoffice and who is at least 21 'years of age. but not yet 65 by January '20. The yearly salary Is $1,854. square, dance- calls,, .place- names tall stories,. ghost "'stories, "hidden treasure stories and others. , . expanded social' security program, and for a national .program for health insurance, he concluded. G-rasso, who was a representative of. the-CIO at the United Nations Education, ScienttSc and Cultural conference at Beirut, Lebanon, discussed his trip there. ' . • , Grasso explained that the purpose of the UNESCO is to spread 'education throughout'the world.'The annual 'budget of the organization is $1,OCO,000. This, sum seems small, he said, for.such a job when it is com/pared with the $60,000,000 budget of a .large'American University. .UNESCO's study 1 and report on techniques and devices used to bring Four Games Scheduled For Tri-Towns League WESTERNPORT — Four games are scheduled for tomorrow in the' Til - Towns Church Basketball League, 'oefore. the/second World War.-will, Grasso hopes, provide a base for early, recognition- of such, movements and-possibly prevent the promotion of.-.future fascist states. .John J. Long,, .chairman of the program committee, introduced the speaker at the-Rotary luncheon. A W. Call.ighan, field .representative of the U.P.A., was also a : guest. Three Persons Hurt In Route 40 Accident UNIONTOW.N, Pa. — Mrs. Jane Corrway, 43, Farmington, sustained •lacerations' of the face, possible fractures of the ribs and right.leg yesterday afternoon when the automobile she was driving was struck by another on Route 40, two miles 'Mrs. Edward-J. Ryan, Mrs. Edna east o£ Farmington. iVii i, Jiw. n "•*. "• " • *-j ——' M. Engle, Joseph Preeland, Josepn Lee' Linn," Jesse Jacobs, Walter Mackey, Carmel Pinto, 'Joseph Montano and Frank Powers, all of Frostburg; Bernard Byrnes, Jr., James-'Piper, Sr., Joseph W. Bolt, Clarence Thomas, Cecil Snyder. ana John R. Watson, all of Eckhart, and P. A. Fannon, Mt. Savage. 'plans are being made to hold n "Heart.Week" rally in the. county in connection with National. Heart Week, starting February 14. A meet- ire will be held, at 8 p. m. Thursday January 13, in' the City Hall to make final plans for the rally. A Rheumatic Fever Association has. been organized . in Allegany county :to work in. conjunction with the'rheumatic fever clinic that has been established in Cumberland: The association will be independent of the clinic and will workron an education program and other projects in line with the" endeavors of the national and state heart -association. Froslburg- Merchants Seeking Cage Games The Frostburg Merchants- basketball team, consisting of former Beall High* and LaSalle athletes,, is seeking games with district independent clubs. Teams desiring -contests with the Merchants should write Joe Scarpelll, 101 East' Main Street Frostburg, or call Froscburg 544, For the Finest In GREETING CARDS . Select Yours ---,-• ' From,' ' ' •'• THE GIFT SHOP ,0'Broadway Fr°itbur9J; -H..HI i IM i n i"i iiitH-t Chow Mein Swiss Steak Virginia Baked Ham with Pineapple Rtajs ... Italian Spaghetti Steaks BarbeciMd SandwichM Dailr'til 12 p. m. . "SEE US ABOUT YOUR-PRIVATE "• PARTIES ' Closed Tuesday : Tally Ho Restaurant Eckharf Flat - Phone Frostbura 10. I The driver of the second vehicle, Wilbur Tussing, 29, of Dcei-flcld, Ohio', told state police Mrs. Conway made an abrupt left turn into a private driveway affording him insufficient time to stop. A passenger in Mrs. Conway's car, "Glenn Mitehel, ' Confluence,: Pa., suffered lacerations of the face, j Both Mitchell and Trussing .werei treated at tTniontown Hospital and! discharged. Mrs. Coaway was,ad-] Kitted. Her condition .is reported| fair. -! Damage-to the Conway machine i was estimated by police to exceed; $500. Tusslng's automobile reportedly _suffered $750 damage. • Week End Clearance Sale MEL-AL'S Downtown Clothing Store Frostburg Phone 749 FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY EXTRA TROUSERS FOROMLY ............ --^ •With Any Made To Measur. Suit or Coat and Trouierf Buy Any made-to-measure suit.atour popular prices and for only $5'additional, you;'get an extra pair.of match.. Double the wear of your suit for only $5. more. Come in' and place your order - this offer,is for a limited time, only.-: THOMAS ELI AS . TAILOR AND CLEANER . ' i« -W-.Mftln Street ' ' . \ '.'..' - .' .-.. -, ., Frostburr -..' -;•-••••";'•<..- QC * • •. . . • .the-opening contest at Bruce ig arlou QES Honors (••..•u^Ai TJ»VI< t^*rir\nl TiILK.lPTS Will ' -- _Matron Frostburg OES Will Hold Installation FROSTBURG—Mountain Chapter' No 15 Order of the -Eastern Star will, install officers for the year at a meeting in the Masonic Temple, next Wednesday at 8 p. m. Mrs Earl P. Brain, worthy matron, and Earl F. Brain, worthy patron, will conduct the installation. Prior to .the installation a mcet- """ ins >rill be held to elect a. 'conduct- ress and associate conductress. at 9 a. m. The' United .'Brethren clash with Presbyterian-, on the same court an hour later. At 9 o'clock the Baptist team will play the Lutherans -at •- Piedmont High and at -10 a. ra. Beryl and Trinity capers,-will meet. Frostburg Soldiers Meet In Germany FROSTBURG — Two Frostburg soldiers, Pvt. William. G-arritano, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Garritano, -and Pvt. Howard Holtzman, met in Germany -December 2C, . 'The youths, former classmates-at Beall High School, met at a distri-- "BARTON—Past matrons and past patrons of. Barton. Chapter, Order of Eastern Star, honored the retiring matron, Mrs. Ruby Gattens, with a surprise ceremony and haudker- chief shower. . . . .- ' .Floyd Russell, 'who retires this year after serving 12 years as patron, presented Mrs. Gattens with a gift. The newly-elected worthy matron and worthy patron,.Mr. and Mrs. J. Irvln Martin, and the staff of officers will be Installed Monday night by... Mrs. Hilda Phillips,- deputy grand lecturer of Maryland. 'ess ano associate ^LUIUU^W*V^,. jscaii ^11511. ^uuwwi, ***.-« «* ~ ——-—Refreshments will be -served fol-'|bution center. Garritano is with the lowing the meeting by.' the commit-1 A lr .Force and Holtzman is attached tt-e of Mrs. Margretha' Yates. Bruce .Alumni To Decide. On Annual Banquet, Dance WESTERNfORT—A special meeting of" the" Bruce High.' School Alumni Association trill be .held at the school Sunday at 2 p. m: to decide whether to again hold the annual "banquet nnd, dance'of the association.. The Christmas holiday dance was- attended by only G8 couples, was a failure financially. Moose Unit To Meet PIEDMONT, W. Va. — Piedmont Chapter No. 925," Women of the Moose, will hold; a special, meeting Tuesday, January 11, at 7 'p. m.-for ritualistic practice,for the college.of regents conference.-, scheduled - at Keyser, Sunday, January 23: Acts AT ONCE to rilieve ;o an- armored division.' ^" • NOTICE OF-AUDIT Wffli»m J. AtJdn»n, et,»l. vs. .Christopher -Atkinson, of it No. .=»,4!>e . Equity. In the Circuit Court-lor 1 AI>efr*ny County, -Maryl«nd., Cumberland,- Mwyllnd, Doc. " lf rhlV B i'j-'to'ctve notice th»t;»n-»iidlt OJed in the -nbove entitled--cuiuc, dUtrlbutlne the Mndt in the hands of .Leslie J. Cl»« and- Edw»rd~ J.-'Hyan, Tructeei. .will lie i.idy Jor n'uncitlon- on the -Sth d»y o! Jonuary, • 1MO.': 1 unloiB'-onuse. to . tho con- Corsages — Cut Flowers and FUNERAL BASKETS . of . the, Finest Quality Come' from Frostburg' t Flowers' by Wire: Harwy'i Greenhouse Phone 266i - '. ;', - - •'.. Frostburg PQHTIAC Smart <Like Fox Indian Take Shells for Money; Trade White Man Furs. Crowe Pontiac Do Much Same Thing.. Charge Little—Fix Any Make Car. Run' Like New. You Take Long Time To Pay The G.M.A.C. Way CROWE PONTIAC CO. •Phone 14 Frostbur?, Md. COBEY ENGLE'S CftS flOTHIf SO CLEAN! • -SO FAST,! W **, W 9 f ^^ W ^ ^ ^ —• ^ ^ — — — Cffffffff/M (CAUSED BY COLDS) For years thousands of Doctors pre- »cribed catrnssm. It acts at once not only to relieve coughing due to colds but also 'loosens uj>' phlegm xnd makes it easier to rnlse. it safe for both old and We Hove, Sh«rwin-Williams PAINTS SlMman Bros. Inc. rhonr Prosthurr T.1S NOOSE HANGS BANDIT OF DARK CANYON It's A Pleasure To Drink at The STEAK Round and Sirloin, Tender and Juicy - 75",, Smoked Sausage 65c IB. HAMBURGER Ours is the best, no fat, ho waste, all lean. Fresh Dally ,„; >u«&l«@»~ ~*t#&*~ .Partridge Skinned Tenderized HAM FRESH HAM whole ....... CHUCK ROAST STANDING RIB ROAST FRESH PORK SIDE Whole, or Half OLD FASHION SCOTCH HAM ALL PORK SAUSAGE *-°°" PICKLED TRIPE SMALL FRESH PORK SHOULDERS whole CHICKENS IB; Camellia Room Weit«rn Marylond'i Smallest <Dind. ' Smartest Cocktnil Lounge BUDDY STEVENS At Tlie Hammnnd Mycfoffattf* w/i#cr, cfeanerfoo/* d--wa»liing 'Dexter Twin wicK Its lupcr-cfficicnt waiHing tubs— ^ j you tho mont jnodcrn way to do your cnelro -weekly -praahirtg in OtC fiQHr Of Idl, ' ' Ypi—Double SudninK with a Dexter 'Twin Is jo ilmplc. Two tub», both waihlnp ac the.same time, turn out * rubful of sparkling clean clbthet — line dry —- abont rvcry four minfitcs. , Lukewarm sud* in the first tub — hot suds in the second tub — eliminate s'onhing, handrabbing, or prc- trcating. Com* in today. ' for fret tteTrtonatnrtloii , PRICHARD'S Frostburg, Md. HOME CURED BACON Slab-Whole- or Half sue. lb. LUNCH MEATS .A complete selection of tasty luncheon" meats A/sp Bologna • COUNTRY AND CREAMERY BUTTER • STRICTLY FRESH EC5GS • COMPLETE LINE OF FROZEN FOODS COBEY ENGLE Meat 17 E. Main St. Frostburg, Md. DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 50

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