The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on June 10, 1935 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, June 10, 1935
Page 4
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F^jp? > ^•z&A -r-'-^i'^-,^ &-• 7 for Crowds COME EARLY! Store Anniversary Starts Thursday at 8:45 SENSATIONAL LOW PRICES THROUGHOUT THE STORE FIGURED IN ACCIDENT. Fred Lord And Party Had Narrow Escape from Serious Hurts. THIRD PARTY SAFK. •Attorneys See Several ChaiiKOs in Xciv Laws Regarding Divorces. Local attorneys say there fire several changes in the new laws, which touch on divorce actions ajid actions for separate maintenance, which in some instances will protect the third parly, if a third party. .The 19:i5 legislature makes it unlawful for a litigant to file or threaten to file in any court of the statef any pleading or paper. naming • or describing in sueh manner as to identify, any pel-- son as corespondent or pariici- ' pant in misconduct of the adverse party in a divorce action, anvic- tion for separate maintenance, -un annulment of a marriage or for custody of children. Heretofore it has been the practice, but tho new law non- makes this unlawful and punishable by a fine ot not less than $100 or more than 51,1100 to which imprisonment of not less than one year or more than live years may be added. The new laws make a provision that where there is a third party involved in one of these actions, it shall be so stated in 2<-nerai ""language which will not identify the party. The defendant to the action, however, has the right to file a motion to make tho pleading more specific by statins "'hu name and it is within the dis"re- . lion of tin judge as to whether or not this shall be ordered. Not only does the law protect the identity ol the third party in actions charging misconduct from appearing in the complaint, but it goes farther anrl protects the name from being revealed during the trial of the case, unless the juoge presiding at the 'rial consents that it be mad-.- puhl'c. At the Diana. One would scarcely imagine that tlie screen's most murderous character might be the one to excite the greatest sympathy on the part of theater audiences. And yet this is excatly what happens in ''Ihe Bride of Frankenstein," the wicrdly thrilling Universal drama now playing at the Diana theater. , Karloff, starred as the grotesque "monster" of this strange screen play, is a giant creature, | built up from parts of rarii-us ! dead bodies and brought 'o lif.j ES I tho result of experiment 1-y a 'half-crazed scientist. The inon- jster continues a murderous career begun in the original "Frankenstein." leaving behind him a path strewn with death and destruction. But the sympathy of an audience goes out to him because it perceives at once that he is a [strange creature set down in a I strange world, utterly bewilderel by his surroundings. The monster, of a low order of intelligence, is in reality a raging beast in the form of a man, constantly hunted and constantly fightins for his life in the only way he I knows. Pursued by crowds of | frenzied peasants bent on taking ihis life, he kills his tormentors j without a thought except the primary one of self-preservation, t'nablo to talk, he snarls savagely at his pursuers. Here on Visit. Daily Hible Quota!ion. / Beloved, let us love one auoth- ~er; for love is of Cod; and every . one that lovcth is born of God, and knoweth God.—I John t:~. John Robert, Margaret and Anne Kinney, and Mrs. John S. Kinney, all of Kokomo, were here Sunday and visited with Mrs. Phillip Burkey at her home on East Jefferson street. Mrs. Burkey is not well, being affllicted with heart trouble, but she is able to be up and about her home, although not strong enough for much exercise. Anne Kinney remained to spend two weeks W''h Mrs. Burkey and assist her with her housework. Lemons, dozen .. 19c Vanilla Wafers, Ib. . .15c McGraws' Food Store _ r v §.»»•& &>• J'jt+e**, &'--- Large Assorted Cookies, dozen, I5c ; CASE'S BAKERY Fred Lord, TIpton real estate and insurance dealer, figured in a bad crash at Elwood Saturday but luckily be and Mr. and 'Mrs. Pearl Miller and two children who were riding with him escaped without any serious hurts, although Mr7 Lord's' automobile was badly damaged, requiring a new door, running board and fender and the top was slightly damaged. They were coming but of Elwood on West Main street when Mr. Lord saw a car going his direction coming around the curvs to South A street, driven by Ray Leisure of route 5, Elwood. Knowing they would about meet at the junction of the roads, Mr. Lord says he slowed up to let the Leisure car go ahead of him on 2$. As the two cars neared the county line they met a car driven by Delbert Etchison of route 5, Elwood, and the Leisure car struck it in the side, knocking it into the Lord car, Mr. Lord states. Two of the Miller children who were in the rear seat were slightly injured and Miss Garnet Leisure, age 20 received painful hurts in the crash. The Lord car kept the Etchison car from turning over. ' « The injured persons received attention at the Mercy hospital in Elwood. Mr. Lord figured in a crash at Frankton last November in which an automobile in which he and Dudley Fielding were riding was struck by a Pennsylvania railroad train. Mr. Fielding died following the accident. ' The damage to his car is fully covered by insurance and he is glad the accident was no worse. He had been to Elwood and was taking Mr. and Mrs. Miller to look at-- a property ho had for sale, the trip being called off until some future date. SEEKS MURDER CLUE. Marion County Sheriff Seeks Widow of Slain Man. \ __ _ Indianapolis, June 10.- — Sheriff Otto Ray left last night for a city in 'Michigan in search of Mrs. Minnie Burns, key in the investigation of the slaying of her husband, Jerome H. Burns, 63 years old. Mrs. Burns has been missing since her husband was found shot in the head at his home, 492fi West Morris street. May 21. Sheriff Ray said he received information from a reliable source that' Mrs. Burns said frequently that if she "ever left" she would go to the home of a friend in Michigan. Burns, a retired hardware dealer and' former attendant at the Central State hospital, was reputed to have had large amounts of hidden money in or near his home. He died six days after he was shot. Out for Governor. Check On Taverns. Indianapolis, June 10.—Vice squads under direction of Lieut. Bruce Maxwell, state excise officer, checked more than two hundred beer taverns Saturday night to determine violations of 'state liquor laws and arrested three persons alleged to havo operated a drinking establishment without a valid license and for violation of provisions of the law prohibiting the use of liquor carried into an establishment. Huntington, June 10. — Clare W. H. Bangs, Huntlngton's militant mayor-editor, announced from a county jail cell last night he would be a Republican candidate for governor at the next election "If In the opinion of the Indiana electorate a man without money may be nominated." Guaranteed Values fhe GLAD-WAY Store Tipton, Indiana! Nei sheii Trade Shoe Store "Passion Murder." Bakersfleld, Cal., June 10.— Roy Weedman, 33 years old, was shot and killed here yesterday by his brother, Irwin, 28, in what Deputy Sheriff Ray Pyle said Ir- wln's 18-year-old wife described as a "passion murder—ain't that swell?" Pyle said IrwITT admitted the shooting and declared It climaxed a quarrel with his brother over the young* wife, Laverne. Taken to Hospital. George Cochran residing southeast of Tipton was taken to the Methodist hospital Monday morning by the Leatherman ambulance and will be under observation and treatment. Mr. Cochran has not been in good health for some time and specialists will endeavor to ascertain her trouble. : MORE 'PROMOTIONS.' Many Poetoffices Advanced Classes by Department; in (By nnlted Press). Washington, June 10. — The postofflce department today provided the nation another prosperity note by advancing 85 second class postofflces to the first class and 271 third class offices to the second class. Changes in postoffice ratings are based solely on stamp reve- imes and, according to postoffice officials, |are an accurate prosperity meter in the cities affected. New first class offices included: Whiting, Ind. ALABAMA PITTS. Refused | Permission to Play by Association of Leagues. (By United Press). Albany, N. Y., June 10. — The Albany : International League baseball club decided today to appeal to Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis for permission to employ Edwin (Alabama) Pitts, former Sing Sing prison inmate, as a player. The executive committee of the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues denied Pitts permission to play. Has Been Promoted. Friends in this county have received: word that Paul Hulick, former Atlanta resident, has been made section manager in the ready-to r wear department of L. S. Ayres and Company department store at Indianapolis. Mr. Hulick made his home for some time with Dr. and Mrs. W. E. SkKee near Ekin, and is well known In this community. Has Left Hospitjrf. Sunday afternoon the Leatherman ambulance removed Everett Stltt to ithe home of his mother, Mrs. Frank Stout near Jackson station, [from the .Mercy hospital at Elwood where he has been a patient for. the past several days, lowing an operation for appendicitis. | He is! reported to be getting along very nicely. Condition Satisfactory. Sirs. Frank Rhoades, who underwent an operation for gall stones i^i Tipton Saturday, is reported getting along nicely and Monday . her condition was"* reported as satisfactory. The ordeal was a severe one but she is giving promises of a speedy recovery. Miss Emma Jo Robinson, registered nurse, is in charge of the patient. Murderer Sought. (By United Press). Columbus, O., June 10. — State highway patrol headquarters here ordered all patrol cars to be on the lookout today for Merton Ward Goodrich, sought by Detroit authorities in connection with the slaying of a young girl. Goodrich was reported traveling in a Nash coupe; headed toward Ohio from Connersville, Ind. Able To Bit Up. Emma Glass of Elwood is able to sit up for a time each day after being a patient at the Beecnwood hospital I for the past two weeks recovering from injuries received in a fall at her home. She is troubled with rheumatism, and this together with the injury to her hip has been causing her much pain. ; HOOM Meeting At Startingvllle.' Roy Beck, sales' manager at the Tipton Main Motor Company went to Matrlnavllle Sunday and will take treatment at one of the sanatorlnms there tor a week or ten days. He has been having 1 some trouble with a nervous Affliction in one arm, thought to be a form of neuritis and will try the baths. •— j ««» iFire Department Called. The flre .. department; mad?, a run^ »/> it h'*V •rt.ljfcn/i&rf W JwH^ WAKEUPYOUR LIVER BILE- WITHOBT CALOMEL And YwH Jump Out ot Bed in Morning Rarin'to Go / PROGRAM. i __.. Glven^ By Children at Baptist Church Sunday Evening. The First Baptist church was filled Sunday evening with the group gathered there to enjoy vthe annual Children's Bay exercises. : The church was converted into a bower of spring flowers and garden jbouquets, making a delightful 'setting for the splendid programl The program consisted of a pageant,! "Shut-Up-Posy," and Included songs, readings, and other interesting features. The children had been excellently trained, 'and had! their .parts In an uh'usji- ally fine manner. All who witnessed the pageant were loud in their praises ot the committee in charge pf training the . children for their splendid'j accomplishments, j This jwas one of 'the nicest Children's Day programs ever given in tie local church, and will long be; remembered by those present .'Sunday evening. j • • • A PURDUE GRADUATE. John Barrnm Jr. Graduating From; the School of Science. Mr. ahd Mrs. John Barrum.and daughter, Mary Ellen, will go to Lafayette Tuesday to be present for the! commencement exercises at Purdue University, their son, John Jr., being a member of the 1935 graduating class. John';Jr., is graduating from the school of science, 'having completed ai four-year course there. He is a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity, and has been house manager and rush captain of the fraternity during the past year. He has also been active in management of college athletics during the past four years. He graduated from the Tipton high school with the class of 1931. Young Barrum will return home with his 'parents after commencement, and will spend the summer: in Tipton. i •»«> -/> ; T\VO MEN DIE. Burned ;to Death in Fire ! Destroyed Bam. That East Aurora, N. Y., June 10.— A blaze ! which destroyed a barn on the large Vermon Hill Road farm claimed the lives of two Concludes Series of Talks With Plea to Pass the Utility Law. MEETING IN ST. LOUIS Detroit, June 10. — The National Union for social Justice will concentrate its fight against holding companies and for its other reform proposals in the several states where such meetings "have been so successful," Father Charles E. Coughlin indicated today. Completing (he last of a series of broadcasts with a spirited appeal for enactment of the Wheeler-Rayburn bill outlawing utility holding companies and pledging the union's support for the measure, the militant priest announced last night that a meeting would be held at the St. Louis arena on June 19. On Tuesday of this week, the priest said, the battle between the union and the Chicago park board for the use of Soldier Field for a monster mass meeting, will be renewed. "Most assuredly," he promised his listeners, "we will hold a meeting of the national union in the city of Chicago or its immediate neighborhood in the near future:" Then he turned to the Wheeler- Rayburn bill, the subject of his regular Sunday address, and paraphrased ' t,he words of President Roosevelt in urging. its passage. "Such a measure will not ^destroy legitimate business or wholesome and productive investment," Father Coughlin quoted the president as saying. On the contrary, it will surround the necessary reorganization of the holding company with safeguards to protect the investor." Then speaking for the union: "I repeat that it is impossible, as 50 years of experimentation have proven, to regulate holding companies because it is impossible and foolish to regulate 'sin and thievery." Members of congress, he • ex- men. T\yo other men 1 escaped in- pi a i n ed, as well as thousands of Jury. i c iti Z ens have been exposed to re- Simon and William Berry, cent propaganda from Maine to brothers;; their nephew, Ernest Hunsberger, 23, and David L. Roush had gone to bed leaving a small oil lamp burning. It started the fire 'and in 1 a few minutes the place was a mass of flames. Roush and Simon Berry, who were sleeping on the first floor, were awakened by a neighbor and escaped. William and the nephew .were trapped, . Will Entertain. The Live Wire Bible class of the First Baptist Sunday . school will entertain the Merry Hustlers class of 'the school Tuesday even- Ing at l!\:30 o'clock In the churcn auditorium. The ijlerry Hustlers were winners of 'a recent contest between the two j classes. All members of the two classes and their families are; cordially invited to be present, and are asked toj note the change in time from 6:;30 to 1:30, which was made for the benefit of the members residing In the country. Leaves Hospital. Mary Monday Porter ! was removed evening from, the Beechwood hospital to the home of her grandmother. Mrs. W. D. Patterson, $n North West street. Miss Porter, whose home Is in Bunker pill, was attending school at Indlajna University when > she became ill) with appendicitis, land entered the hospital! here ione week agi where an operation jwas performed. !: i i i She is reported to be improving splendidly! and getting along as well aa ] losslble. Bucha Shot By Brother. Georgia emanating from financial houses and pleading for the retention of holding companies. These holding companies .have been responsible, more than • any other factor, for pyramiding of utility rate, Rev. Coughlin charged. Had Picture Taken. D. L. Barrow, agent for the Capper publications in this section, had a photograph of himself and Mr. and Mrs. William Howell residing north of Greentown, taken for future publication in - the Capper Farmer. The picture shows Mr." Barrow turning over a check to Mrs. Howell at her home, for payment of chickens stolen from her farm. Sheriff Clarence Curren, of Howard county, also received a check in connection with the same theft, for which three men are serving time. Special Masonic Notice. Stated meeting of Tipton Chapter No. 114, R. A. M., and Tipton Council No. 80, R. & S. M-, Monday evening, June 10, at 1:30 o'clock. All members urged to attend. ' ORVILLE NANCE, H. P. OREN E. FOSTER, I. M. RAYMOND LITTLEi Sec'y. Rosary • Chapter. Stated meeting of Rosary Chapter No. j66. O.:E: S., at i Masonic Temple "Tuesday evening at 1 o'clock. Annual meeting In noiwr of past matrons and past patrons. Surprise program features, itors welcome and members urged" to' attend. - HBEMN MA1SH, W j ,. " ' _uMV r . ^'_ YOUNG WOMAN KILLED. >" Six Others Injured In Rear-End Collision of Autos. Mt. Vernon, June 10.—A rear- end collision of automobiles • In dense fog' over state road No. 69- early Sunday morning caused the death of a young matron and the injury of six persons, one of whom is in serious condition. The dead woman is Mrs. Martha TIchenor, 26 years old. Most seriously injured was Mrs. Edna Brantley, 17, who suffered skull fracture. The injured included Hahnie McFadden, 28; Eugene Stlker, and Woodrow Dillard, the-latter losing an ear. McFadden, a local school teacher, reported he drove his car over a hill and was unable to stop before crashing into the rear of an automobile driven by Marion Mooney, 18. Tipton Removals. Fred Massey, who operates a grocery store at 520 N. Main, and has been residing in rooms above his store, with his family, have located as their permanent residence at 225 Green street, where Ray Woodruff lived. * * * Bert Plake and family vacated the residence at 418 W. Madison and have, located on' a farm near Tipton. » * * Oral Keel has located at 835 N. East street where Clyde Balser lived. He moved from 838 N. Independence. Clyde Balser moved to 623 N. Main. » * * Willis Kendall has moved from 22S N. West to 235 W. Jefferson, where W. H. Fudge liv'ed. * * * W. H. Terhune has changed his residence from 915 N. Main' to Ml E. Jefferson, where John Hummer lived. * * » .Robert Yocum has moved from a farm near Arcadia to Tipton. The residence is 425 S. East, where Robert Underwood lived. * * * Howard Hobbs and wife, newly weds, have gone to housekeeping. Their residence is JLQ9_!f. Main, where Earl Phifer lived. * * « Fred Saissline and son-in-law James Perry have changed their location from 207 East Washington to 127 S. Independence, where Roy Parker lived. * * * Martha Sullivan and daughter Helen have moved from 117 Columbia to 303% N. Main, in part or the house with Mr. attd Mrs. James Mood. Mrs. Sullivan at present Is In Muncie, but ^he daughter remains in Tipton. * * * • Calvert Vandercook, who has been residing at 127 Maple street has moved to Kokomo. » * .*_ Chas E. Riley, who has been residing at 214 Third street has moved from n'ear Tipton. His address is Rural Route 4. AVfley Post Ready. Los:Angeles, Cal., June 10. — Wiley . Post, noted round-the- world flier, was ready to make his fifth attempt.'to dash through the substratosphere to New York from Los Angeles this morning, it was reported last night. Tribune Want Ads Pay. BLUE FRONT DRUGSTORE FELL OUT OP CAR; Kokomo Man Seriously Injured In Peculiar Accident. • For the motorist the best insurance may well be a pledge of total abstinence. — Swiss Automobile Club. The Vf. C. T. U. Japansee Rolls Coffee Cakes Aborted Cookies •"*' !•.'-•'.-'ij"—"' — '" ' " * Kokomo, June 10.— Believing he heard a rattle iff: the car in : which he was a passenger, Joe Green Saturday- night opened a rear door to hear better. He fell put, hit a fence post, ; suffered internal injuries, a broken Jaw and possible skull fracture, i ; William Wolford, the driver, and another man 1 in the front seat did not miss Green until they arrived at their destination. Finding .him gone, they retraced their route and found the passenger in a ditch. : JoFiiison to Speak. (By United Prewi). Indianapolis, June 10. — Gen. Hugh S. Johnson, former NRA administrator, will be principal; speaker at the 38th annual con-' vention of the National Association of Retail Grocers here June 11-20. ' — Mrs. P. E. Nichols, who has- been' at Martinsville for the past week, has written she will,.be home Wednesday, - : of this week, she having been taking the treatments at one of the sanatoriums and feels much benefitted. : DON'T SLEEP ON LETT SIDE—AFFECTS HEABT It stomach GAS: prevents .steeping- on right side try Adlertia- pns does brings out poisons and ; relieves gas pressing on heart so you j sleep soundly all night. Blue Front! Drug Store, —In Windfall by Schell's. Drug Store. AAAAA to EEE • 95 — ENNA JETTIGKS — 96 America's Smartest Walking Shoes. I NU-WAY SHOE STORE North Side Square 4- TJptbn OUR LEADER COFFEE A Remarkable Value. Sterling Grocery Phone 234. 420 AValnut St Tonigfit and Tttesday 7:OO and O:OO : lOc and 20c Too Many Thrills tor One Picture ; : ' •. I If Your Heart Is Weak Don't See, it.

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