Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 14, 1958 · Page 7
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 7

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 14, 1958
Page 7
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH i Your Money Woman Not Entitled To Increase In Benefits »} 0. i. GALUOttER (Q) "I am 72 and am getting $62.90 monthly. Before his death several years ago, my husband was receiving $66. Why don't I get more?" Mrs. K. N. H. (A) We as assuming that you mean monthly benefits from Social Security. As you are already receiving ft monthly benefit credit larger than that due from your deceased husband's account, no additional benefits are due you. (Q) "My husband is getting $81.30 disability Social Security monthly checks. We have four children, ages ranging from 11 to 15. Should something happen to him, would we be eligible .for benefits and what would I have to do about the matter?" Mrs. C. B. H. (A) If your husband dies before the oldest child reaches 18, you would be awarded a lump sum burial benefit of $243.90. Also you, at any age and the children would be awarded monthly benefits of $171.20, and such checks would continue until the next to the youngest child reached 18 then monthly checks would be reduced to $122 and continue until the youngest child reached 18. Then no further benefits would be due you before age 62. It would be necessary for you to apply for all these benefits through your Social Security office. All this would be subject to earning and marrying restrictions. (Q) "My husband is 54 and in the hospital. He doesn't have a birth certificate as he wai born ia Poland. The Social Security office is trying to get help for him but tells us he must be off from work six months. Is that correct?" "I have been tinder Social Security for a number of years but due to a tick spell t have been unable to find work. 1 am told if 1 am off work too long I will lase my social Security at 82. lam now SO." (A) It is correct that for a disability benefit credits the disabled insured person must be disabled for at least six months before application for benefits can be processed. Inasmuch as the Social Se curlty office is working on your' husband's case, there is nothing we can do oilier than fo tell you to follow instructions and depend the office for infor- 4-H Club Meets At Kemper Home MEDO! 1 iA-' l I i he Kemper Maiten 4-H Club met Friday afternoon at the home of Janice and Rosemary Maple. Rosemary Maple and Janet Burton give talks on "What I Hav* Learned About Sewing." Nancy Roberts talked on "How to Put on Bias Tape." Sherry Gaffney demonstrated "Making Foundation Cake." Members of the Club will be guests of the Kemper Home Bureau at their meeting Monday in Kemper Hall. Games were in charge of Nancy A brief business session .was held after which Mrt. Jones, Jun- teacher, was in chant of the Bible l«swn. Barnes were conducted by Mrs. .Torres, and Mrs. Ethel Smith, as- Medora AswmWy ef the Order of ftaifltww tsr will meet thii evening in Masonic Hall. Brentwood, Mo., were guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Norton Sanders. Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Taylor and family returned to Alton Fri- sistant teacher, after which f* Mr and Mrs Rotert freshmeffts were served. TIM August meeting will be at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. 0, Johrwon. MBDOftA—Mr. atid Mrs, David McKee Jr., entertained Sunday with a birthday dinner for/ thftir twins, David and Donna, who were two years old, The guests were Mrs, Mary Wldamann, Mr. and Mrs. Oeite Hook, Alton, Mr. and Mrs. David McKee Sr. CfctirH} camp Roberts after which refreshments! MEDORA—The second week of day after upending the" week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. 6*rl Rtchey,, and attending the Jersey County fair. Virgil Wood, Peoria, was a guest Thursday at the home of Mrs. El sle Robinson. George SehuUe, Old Monroe, weekend Modesto is the dean for this week, end. On * thread of JEFFERSON, Wis. — The were served. only upon mation. If you have at least 40 quarters of coverage to your credit earned any time beginning with 1937, you are assure^ of monthly benefit credits In some amount at 62. Ask.your Social Security office for a Wage Statement Request card. Fill it in and write on the lop margin: "Advise number of quarters to my credit." The reply you get from Baltimore will determine if you have enough credits for reduced benefits at 62. You still have 12 years to earn additional credits. Learn what you should do now instead of learning iater what you should have done to protect your Social Security earned credits, Our Social Security Booklet gives this information. Send 35 cents in coin (no stamps) to Social Security. Booklet, Alton Evening Telegraph, Box 344,.Grand Central Station, New York 17, N. Y. (© 1958, General Features Corp.) Claudes Meet at Bethel MEDORA—The Senior and Junior classes of the Bethel Baptist Church met Friday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Everett Jones. Fifteen members were in the Macdomery Christian Church camp is in session. The intermediate children are at camp this week and the seniors will go the following week. The Rev. Robert Barr of Thirty-one Juniors were present this week, Mary Cameron being the only one attending from the Medora church. Mrs. Clarence Doyle of Medora is the main cook and was assisted last week by Mrs. Orville Cameron of Medora and Mrs. Frances Stiritz of Brighton. This week she will be assisted by Mrs. Stiritz and Mrs. Verner Marbaugh of Pal-| myra. Mo., was a weekend guest here of Colonel Healey Jr. Russell Robinson, Springfield, is spending a few days here with his aunt, Mrs. Elsie Robinson. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Brooks, Streator, III., visited this week at the home of his brother, Glenn Brooks. old town fire bell— unused since the city went modern with a telephone hookup to summon volunteer firemen— has been left hang. ing on a threat of sentiment. City Council considered tearing down the bell and belfry and do* natlng it to the fire department but tabled the idea when one al derman said he felt the bell had sentiment for old-time residents and ought not to be disturbed. First motion picture directed by David Wark Griffith was "The Adventures of Dolly," In 1908. iDspress font- Sympathy with FLOWERS tram UMMERS FLORAL Phone t-MM (Formerly Dee Floral Co.) ll M*mm FURNITURE & APPLIANCE PRESCRIPTIONS at Shlpman Shiptnan Note* SHIPMAN—Mr. and Mrs, Wil Ham Rice and family and Mrs. Opal Rice of Belleville visited Friday with Mrs. Merle Christopher. Mrs. Rice remained for a visit with her sister. Mrs. Augusta Myers of Granite City is spending the summer with her brother and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. George Krausu. James Thomae has summer em- II ployment at the Marquette Park museum. Thomae Is a student in conservation at SIU at Carbon-|| dale. Mrs. Paul Odell and children || spent Friday with her parents in Carlinville, Mr. Hasten. and Mrs. Gilbert MANUFACTURER OF QUALITY AWNINGS PlainviewBureau Elects Officers SHIPMAN. — Mrs. Clara Caveny was re-elected chairman of the Plainview Home Bureau Unit at an all-day meeting at the home of Mrs. M. M. Howerton, Thursday. Other officers are: Mrs. Frances Eggers, vice chairman; Mrs. Hulda Rogers, co-chairman, and Mrs. Marcus SnedeKer, secretary and treasurer. The chairman will appoint other officers at the September meeting. There will be no formal meeting in August but thet group will to to St. Louis to tiie ioVon the regular meeting date if bus facilities can be obtained. Mrs. Clifford Dugan was e guest at the potiuck dinner. Mrs. Wilfred McRevey gave the health lesion. ClBM Meet* SHIPMAN. — The Builders Class, tsught by Paul Odell, met at the Mt. Zion Baptist Church Friday evening. Members and their families who had a watermelon feast were William Bunt, Sherman Cravens, John Cairns, Russell Davis, Paul Odell, Loren Lahr, Misses Myrtle and Hazel Perrine, Lee and Ralph Perrine. I>glon Fish Fry SHIPMAN. — The American Lejion and Auxiliary and their families will have its annual fish fry at the community park in Shipman Sunday evening, Aug. 3. Each family is to bring salad, dessert and table service at 6:30 p.m. The monthly card party for members ef the organizations has been cancelled for July. " Con»«M awarded the widow! «f Abraham Lin 001 " an annualj grant of »3,000. ORDINANCE NQ. »»*•_._, AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ORDINANCE No. 1963 BEING TH? TRAFFIC ORDINANCE OP TOE CJTY OF ALTON. BE IT ORPAJNED BY THE Cm &UNCUTOF THE CITY OT ALTON, ILLINOIS: ' Section 1. , Th»t North bound vehicle* on Henry Street shall yield the right-of-wey to East and West bound vehicles on Front Street et the Intersection of Front ana Henry Streets and that a ''yield rlght>of-w»y sign" »«, ">*. *£<» terne is hereby authorized to be placed on Henry Street at the Southeast corner of said inter-1 section. Section 9. , That Northerly bound vehicles <m Jasper Street shall yield the right-of-way to vehicles traveling QII Mill Street at the inter- Motion of Mill and Jasper Streets and that a "yield rlght-of.way Klgn" be and the name Is hereby authorized to be placed on Jasper Street at the Southeast corner of said intersection. Section 3, Any or all Ordinances or reso* Jutions, or parts thereof, in con' fllct herewith be and tturwm* ere hereby repealed. Section *• , „ . i That this Ordinance shall be In full force and effect from end after Its passage, approval, and publication according to law. ' PASSED BY T«E CITY COUN. GIL OF THE CITY OF ALTON, JLLINOI& this 9th day ot July, FOR 33 YEARS CAMPBELL 100 Central Avo. Phone MIIS Alton SHOP TILL 9 MONDAY NIGHT ALL P. N. HIRSCH STORES WILSHIRE VILLAGE SHOPPINB CENTER E»»t Alton NQRTH ALTON SHOPPING CENTER North Delnrnr ALTON PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER EM! Broadway Shop P. N. Hirsch Air Conditioned Stores for Comfort. P. N. HIRSCH AND COMPANY MONDAY NIGHT SUMMER CLEARANCE PRIDES Smart Summer Women's Casuals and Heel* ON SAU -THRU LARAI GROUPS S|3I $f M $2" •ig Savings in Women's and Girls' Sportwoar SHORTS, IERMUDAS, \L 01* Our Rtf . •LOUSES .................... /3 Uw rrto Savo On Girls' Summer Dresses Woer Now ond *|33 e S^ 00 • Men's Dross Straw Hats S4J33 X me* „ ,-J BV Wf MAYOR QfTHB CITY OF ALTON, ILLINOIS, this lath day of July, A. P. 1958. ' * THOMAS 0. PAlLgY. , Mayor Pro Tern of the City of Alton, Illinol*- Attest: PAUL, A. PR1CU CUy Clerk of the City ej 4110U UUttflU. (g£AL)! THRU WAYS TO IVY AT P, N, HIRSCH ST0IIS- GASH~6HAI6f~UY'AWAY, jr oiirotroeN •ummo)r fIV ItT 1 CASH to ply off back bills! 2. IKTM CASH tor vacation! L CASH-CREDIT whirivtr you go-with International Credit Catd, it over 1100 aff,liated offices! to •p «• MM M* StfiMture. runiHiirt er CM- BIU.E STREET, Soeond Floor, ALTON t-tttt • Aril fer MM VCS MAMifer tV APrOINTMIHT — PHONI K>U CVtMtMC HOUM BENEFICIAL FINANCE CO. • CAREFULLY PREPARED • SENSIBLY PRICED • DELIVERED FREE Alton's Most Modtrn Pharmacy 2510 STATE ST, — NORTH ALTON — DIAL 5.6318 FREE PARKING NEXT TO STORE .? Who But Kroger Gives a Written Guarantee! U. S. Choice Tenderay Round Steak LB. 79 * <* •o '•<> 2. wi I Frtsh, Tender CALF LIVER 79' CBBBBBIII Krogor Coupon 0 U p 0 N This 20c Coupon good on 2-U». Pkq. of KWICK KRISP SLICED THICK OR THIN BACON Coupon expires Wad. Nitt. July f, 1951. IBlQ 0 U p 0 »>N Country Club Ice Cream VANILLA, NEAPOLITAN, STRAWBERRY OR CHOCOLATE i 6AL. 69 No Coupon Necessary. No Umlt! Old Fashioned or Neapolitan OM rosnionioa or nvopoiiran ,,«—-, ^jk Egg Whip Cakes -29'Breakfast Loaf -29 •reakaway •^ ,^iN Ifg Oar 75* BIRTHDAY! II Jumbo 27 siio. Calif. Vino Ripened CltorMCf Met Sav9 Monday Nile Mon's Washablo Summor Slacks Urae Sptcioi «f«vp — Cor^i, J TropicoJt, Royon tfytes Man's Knit Polos with Collar Urft •iiortment of ttyki. O ' Ren. 1.»l m fir < Rof. S2*9I •oys'fportihlrtiuyl Snort Ueevei. Nice sMsrtMMt of itylti otS* potttrm. JyvtMHi ontf loyf' iltM, l|00 r ^ | 44 2ftfO«fM :...tff.S1.}9 1 ltf,S1.9l 1 •oys 1 ftummor Stock Cttaranco -vCsrrft, Ustw* TrtflcoJ itytoi, -'rtw. S|SS S«|ll S4%N Young Mon's Ivy Polishtd CoHon Wash Slacks Wstsr, Msck, CnorcnoU- S^o* 21 tt 49 wolf * aS PjAa^A^nBI BkkJ PAa%flMMflt^^^^EBlA^Bf fthlMBBUBJEiBl! Childrsn's Canv7s Play Shoos SUtll'/ittJ, S«M Cantaloupes • 3 FOR 85 I U,$. No. 1-241». ovfl. Gtwranteed Rip* Firm, eoldon ript Watermelons • 89 e Bananas 2-29* PAMH "31" WSCIAL STT •Ml met pwuUl P" ' n ?~ MI mtt U* < <ia» * a ' s Kx>lts These gifts are free for Top Value Stamps i mi tun .,11'

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