Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on June 26, 1952 · Page 3
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 3

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 26, 1952
Page 3
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DANE' CLARK, STARRING in his first western rolo. hns his Runs all set for exciting action in this tnnso bar-room scene In the thrill. ing Clnccolor frontier drama, "Fort, Defiance," which opens Friilay n.t the .Grand theater through United Artists relense. Co-hit will be .that, laft studded Lippcrt release, "Leave It to the Marines." It's So Easy to Place Your Classified ad-Just Call 333 Htg.-Plb.-Eke. 12 DON'T LET thnt man with the hammer and saw tear your walls apart to Install that new furnace in your old house. It's dlHy, costly and unnecessary. Contact Central Heating and PlumblnR (formerly Schlldknecht'sl for Information on the latest and best methods of old house heating installations. Call us before paying 1952 prices for a 1939 heating system. 220-6-12 Form 1948 30 MASSEY HARRIS with Cultivator Always a square deal at VIKING MOTORS Massey Harrls-Ollyer Esthorville, Iowa 223-2-7 Salt Catendar ..SAtimOAV, ,IDM! SH, t:M p. m... Torvs O. Ifossell household ffrtods at 826 N. 7th St Ben Reeves, nuc- tlonocr. Emmet County Slate Bank, clerk. Sale «d: June 26. SALE CALENDAR Monday, July 7—160 A. farm, write for description to Walter Carlson, Triumph, Minnesota. Loons and Ins. PERSONAL. LOANS. Arc you making too many payments" We can show you how n lohn will cut payments, ffive you extra cash. Ask about tt. IOWA GUARANTEE, Inc. 223-3-16 Corn, Flax Take Drop; Soybeans Up Flax was off two cents a bushel and corn .a. penny on today's local grain mirket. Soybeans registered a penny gain. Produce prices were unchanged. GRAIN Old 'corn '. $1.67 New corn 1 : $1.63 Soybeans $2.98 Oats : (36 IbB. 1 ) : 73c Flax:;:..:....:.... $3.78 v Graver drain Company Oruver. HUnUngton. Maple Hill ' - PROMJCE Sweet' cream 74e No/.l-'-'.;^; 72c , Hcnneriea 70c 35c 28c 23c 22c 28s 14c No. 2 :•; ..... . Springs, 2 ] ,i Ibs. and up Straight run Hens, under 4>£ Ibs ..... ...... Hens; .4% Ibs. and over ................ 16c HeavyX cock* .. ............. - ............... 10o Leghorn, leghorn cross cocks ....8<J Sioux City Livestock Sioux, ''bity, Juno 26, UP)— SloUM City.- livestock market . quotations : cattife ' salable 3,500; calves 50; moat, slaughter stcoro under 1100 Ibs. and few loads heavier weights averages choice and better suitable -for -shipping mainly steady; steers over 1100 Ibs. below average choice rather slow; some without bids, •yeaflirigs around 1025 and down moderately active; heifers '--chiefly- little changed; cows steady; fresh stocker and feeder supply small, quality plain, slow barqly. • steady; choice fed . steers 30.50-32.00; few. sales 32.25-33.50; latter price for around 1325 IK beeves; choice to prime 1105 Ib. weights 34.00; commercial and good . 27.50-29.50; limited sale;! cho'icc .! heifers 30.00-31.50; com- mercia.i and good 25.00-28.50; numerous" sales "utility and commercial cows 18.50-22iOO; most canncrs and cutters" -14.00-18.00; some light can- ncrs below 13.00; odd lots medium and 'good stock steers 26.50-29.00; some common lots around 22.00 nnd below. '•• • . • ? • " Hogs 3alable,''8,500; opened slo-.v, now moderately active; butchers fuljy 25 higher; sows steady to 23 higher, choice 1 to 3 barrows and glHa around 190-240 .Ibs. 20.5020,75 1'lattcjf" rather freely for mostly 1's and i.2's around 200-225 Ibs on shippcjt I. 1 account; packer top 20.60 freelyi-'choice 1 to 3 butchers around 240-270 Ibs. 19.75-20.50; 270 300 Ibs'.' 19IOO-20.00; heavier weights * scarcp; good and choice 100-160 Ibs/ 18.00-18,75, on feeder and scr- FOR SALE—8-ft. wlndrower. J. P. Chrlstensen. Ph. 327J. 223-3-7 "4 pur« manllla, 3-rope hay slings, HAY ROPE $13.50 per 100. $3.96. ESTHERVILLE HARDWARE 223-2-7 FOR SALE—Feeder pigs, hatchery raised. Johnson & Enge Pig 1 Hatchery, St. James, Minn. 222-2-7 FARMERS! Hudson and Ney hay carriers and hay track and rope. JOYCE LUMBER CO. 221-3-7 FOR SALE—Baled hay, alfalfa or clover. Baling now. Wire tied bales. Jens Egeland, Ph. 16W6. 221-6X-7 FOR SALE—100 laying hens, heavy breed, doing 50 per cent or better, $1.25 each. Dcwcy Hocking, Ph. 38JX61. 221-3-7 FARMERS!! YOU SECURE MAXIMUM PROFITS on your eggs cream and poultry when you stop here. Free route and delivery service. Phone 91. P. O. GRAY 221-3-7 MAN-S1ZKD. Ernie Bargcr, Clcarwatcr, Fla., contractor, stands proudly by a 156-pound, 6-foot, 6-inch tarpon he caught in the Gulf of Mexico, off Cloarwater Beach. It is the largest landed during the first two weeks of a three-month round-up. urn account; choice sows around 330 Ibs. and less 18.00-18.75; few at 19.00; 330-360 Ibs. 17.50-18.25; 360-400 Ibs. 16.75-17.75; mostly 17.00-17.75; 400-500 Ibs. 16.50-17.25.' Chicago Livestock Chicago, (/P) — Abnormal heat produced subnormal hog receipts today with prices responding 35 to 50 cents a hundred pounds higher. Cattle and sheep supplies also were tailored downward to fit the weather pattern and reacted similarly priccwlse. Woman Gored by Bull Corydon, W)—Mrs. Charles McMurry, 72, was severely injured Wednesday when gored by a bull at her farm home at the edge of town. She was found in the lot with the bull after a Rock Island railroad train crew reported seeing her lying there. She was taken' to a Chariton hospital. T&DAY'S CROSSWORD PVZ7LE V Answer to Previom Puiite. Prttty Posies HOBIZONTAL ilFragnjijit ',.-. *f • iower v ,•'-' 1! Hybrid flower llprewed •'' <3 East Indian ' flower tudtf M legislative ^VERTICAL (var.> 17 Abstract ,. btin|» «Gib<»|i; v ..... 20 Somt'flowers ' 1 Roster 2 Angers. 3 Solitary v 4 Collection o£ ••'. sayings / 5 Chemical i.. hydrocarbon 6 Entreaties . 7 Eternity 8 Ellipsoidal 9 Thread ) (comb, form) 10 River in Belgium 12 Small V depression 13 Fawns 18 Habitation '22 Personal (ab.) 42 Units of colors ; ?J Carpenter's imoicment .. iv™"*".?-". . . AM (>»«» 29 go «o9d(ab.) 2l stretch 2« Stranger (como. form) 30 Eternities 31 Scottish 23 Booty 24 Handle 27 Gaelic ,28 Number 29 Sheaf 31 Areas 38 Genus of herbs 40 Straighten 41 Hollow cylinder •*- energy ! 43 Clever 1^44 Genus o ' shrubs «^ 46 Proportioitv 47 Passage in,th« brain 48 Nuisance 50 Air form) 52 Sped ; 3? For best ^ results, yoi| ' ' flpw flower 34 Qermaii river 35 Dome* tic slave 3f 'An after 4s like a.4— 37 Goddess ot the earth ~ 3| Flout 3« Stained 4? Roof finial 45 Chinese" flower ilTear 4? Keep , 5| Scoldv Puffs up 6(5 Fixed l»vk FEDERAL LAND BANK 4ty LOANS National Farm Loan Association for Emmet County and Palo Alto County Member Federal Land Bank System H. E. BARRINGER, Soc'y-Treos. 1104 Brondwnv EmmotsburR 223-1-15 Personal HOT ROAST PORK SANDWICH, mashed potatofo. We DUTCH MAtD lA'NC'H 223-1-4 Combining tit* »M K*i>uMi**n. Rvvmet Kiwi* 228 Thiirs. Juno 26 1052 3 For Sole I" r For Sole KOtl SAI.K 1IKHI U.. iiAWi.Knnt SprtllR Jrli « I' ,1 IV PHOIMV r>> P: r »M f Id » \ :•'- ! TWO PINTS of tJerlou sprnyivl on yout 9x12 nip urotocts it from moth dnmnRV foi B yonrs or Hrr- lou pays tin- dimmer AvornRr post only 50c prt year. Snnhorn Furniture. 223-IM 133 YEARS AOO June 2fi, VS19 Abner Doublodny. bnsebnll pioneer, bnrn Plnnned first ploying field ami rules. SANDERS ICK CREAM CO 323-1-4 n «, t»JO «l »UI», !nw», 3. IDT* t or * "i»T» Thr»« Four On* tt»»» m«H«f Of! ln(n<« ftl K»«IW' Ib* **« ot M»f«* ONK-WHUKl. for vM'Klto Minimum 9t fft It t*r A SAFH BET, tried It yet" Finn Fontn for donning t UR.H niul up- holstory. Mnrlln Fxirnituro. 2M^5-4 Lost and Found 18 STRAYED to my farm our Men. Owner may have for Identifying, paying for keep and ml Albrrt Dunn. OraettlnRiT. '.:2,'i-3-l<\ ol M CA«M M. WIVM I '** if r»- N«*« »«» wrM«* *<miM* nnl M1TCHK1.I, tinner. Inli.t Air < lu*lv<> K\. m< '. .- t*. iui\ st"l;fi.i thnt Help Wanted LOST—BnR of mlsri'llnncous tools Norm Waters. Ph. 1075NV. 232-3x-l« \VANTED--Man with car to Rive 45 samples a day for $86.60 a week. Write P. O. Box 57MF, Esther- vllle. 222-12-2 WANTED—Sewing machines, any make, to repair or convert Into electric. Satisfaction guaranteed. Bring sewing machine to Sanborn Furniture Store, Esthcrvlllc, Ph. 2. ' Wont To Buy 20 WANT TO BUY- Oood used out- nldo toilet ut once. Ph. Sflfl. 222-tf-20 »o«. ti»w«lon< ct«*»in*» onnKM. n far cr*dit. 85* t>H«« »r« Ukm by Itw i* efcirttd 11 ltd or ptaon* nnmtwr but nun*. OUMIfltd nt ut»rl >bnuM rh«t» lh»lr *rt»«iiUnratm« in tb* Rrat !••»• th»)r «pp»»r and rtpoi". «nr MTOT tl cart u nc aiknr»B*«* out • n«r UN tint Jobs Wonted \VANTKP TITI- trlmmlnc nml soil'Bery. Trnlried nl\il expel lone- eil 1'h, 4R.17. Hnrlnn Hnrrln 251..1X-3 CtTSTOM RAt.TNfl Now Itollnnd wlro Vml«>!i. \VIU pull trnllern. < ml. \V. nnd 3H N. of Eitthorvlllo. Hem Kgclnnd. I'h. Superior fiFS collect. ?0«-.10x-3 !l > FOI! SAI.K Ti Ul, South lf»tti •U .1 .1 ,.t.| '«! l'i;;- 1'iul S', > AUK MOVlNi! nit ..f nil our hou«>-t»i!it Nl.-i> I'Viy fi>i iu\vlv |i|«-. Vh t77H.r Kl.rtli, Cnlll V,\ SM.K si'i: f.'Uls. S-lneli S I r.<i r(l«-otnr> (SAMHI.K For Rent 222-2-3 SWATHERS FOR SALE 8 foot left and right hand. Opens field as easy as with a mower. Delivers swath to center. Must have tractor with wide front end. PAULSON MACHINE SHOP Ph. 5331 Round Lake, Minn. 216-12x-7 ON HAND Chicks, 1 to 4 weeks old. Pullets straight run and males in 7 weeks. HAMILTON HATCHERY Bancroft,. Iowa 213-tf-7 SPECIAL PRICES! -BALER TWINE OPERATORS Field tested for uniform and trouble-free operation! Treated with insect and rodent repellents . . .... QUANTITY DISCOUNTS to large users. . . . Use our cumulative seasonal discount plan . . Our warehouse stocks are complete . . . Inquire at your nearest elevator so you-.too may be entitled to our seasonal discounts on QUALITY TWINE products. COMMANDER ELEVATORS Huntington, la. 223-1- Northern Natural Gas To Study Expansion Plan Omaha, </P)— There will have t be some study before the Nortl ern Natural Gas company decide whether to go ahead with an ex pnnslon program authorized by th federal power commission, th president of the company sal yesterday. The FPC ruled that Norther can increase its gas supply to u ilitics in Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa Minnesota and South Dakota from 675 to 825 cubic million feet dailj Several conditions, however, wer attached. Included WUH u provision that Northern's reserves must be firmly committed to the expansion program and gas must be supplied to six additional localities. "Tho PFC tied-a lot '••'# conditions to, the expaniMQBr.,pkuy," sa,W Northern PresJdeflr 4$$B? ^ MJ»v riman. "It wjlj $jj^e- T Mnne', stinty to find out if w«r can accept these." Another provision requires Northern to have the additional capacity available by Nov. 27, 1952. This would be practically Impossible, said Merriman. SALESMAN WANTED Represent established lumber and building material jobber in Esthcrvillo and surrounding counties. Attractive proposition for right man. Must have previous sales experience. Not necessarily In building supply line. Write us giving full qualifications. All Inquiries confidential. JOYCE WHOLESALE COMPANY, 2030-2 Avenue, Council Bluffs, Iowa. 221-&2 iVANTED—Waitress. Top wages Uniforms and meals furnished. Apply Hotel Gardston. 221-tf-2 Entertainment FOR RENT—Sunder and odgor nt your Coast to Coast atoro. 223-2-5 FOR RENT—Downtown two-room apartment with private bath. 1'h. 319AV. 223-2X-6 SAVE ON Floor Finishing. Do tho work yourself with a xandcr rented from Wards. MONTGOMERY WARD Esthorville, Iowa 222-2-5 FOR RENT—Large unfurnished downtown apartment. WoRcn Phono 88. 220-tf-5 FOR KENT—5-room house, 4 inlli'H nortli E»U)crvlllo. Also 2-room houso In Esthervillc. Simon Frey, Esthervllle. 220-4X-5 Notices WANT TO HOKUOW--$7,500 on 120 nern DU-klnnon rounty fnritt. Will pay 5 por cent InttTfut. Write Hox B7HU, euro Ksthrivlllo Dully Nown. 222-Jx-fl -~ For Sale FREE--Wln« bnflUel nnd horn with 2fi" \\Vnlorn Bicycle $42.05 WESTERN AUTO A88OC. STORK 222-tf-10 Km us for wi'11-nonitonod lumber nnd hardware HuppUm for your homo modrrnUatlon, or ropnlr. Wo curry everything thnt ROOK Into n homo. COMMANDER ELEVATORS HuntlnKton, In., I'll. 44W5, Kslhprvlllo. W. 1C. Hermann. mimngrr. 221-3-10 CAHI.OA4> ro HEKIUUKtlATOn SAI.K 7-ft JuHliT, Mftl'.V 11 i-ii ft torn. H«-«. $r.:u M 'ml- l>nii!t> nllwunr"' for vour " Mi« KOH SAt.F. 2:! ro.»t trnllfr hodm-. I'll bnrn Hollnml. Automotive H> n 1WU Hm • 22OH M FOIl SAt.K frlK'-rnlor. nftor rt:00 Cuslnf. t?H..1 H-foot I'lillro t.- 2 y.'«in old, *I?WV Cull p in l»h. OI«\V. I'mil a;'l-,i 10 KOR HALl'l nl trrnitlo cnmlltlun. Vnnc «><I N. « m:i< lilni'. Crlm. I'll u«tml IP\V7 If 10 DANE CLARK GOES WEST '• Stars as 2-gun hero of 'Fort Defiance," Friday and Saturday at tho Grand. 223-2-1 DANCE Saturday Night Bohemian Accordion Band FOR RENT — Nice one-room or two-room furnished apartment Closo In. Ph. 067. 21»-tf-5 FOR RENT—Nice two-room apartment Closo In. Ph. 83G. 217-lf-O FOR RENT—Apartment In Uohdo building. Ph. 771. 21ft-15x-5 FOR RENT—3-room modern apartment above Gift Garden, UO'/j N. 6th St. Ph. 308 or 62. 201-tf-5 Real Estate Skyline Club 223-2-1 FOX LAKE Friday, June 27 HENRY FREDERICK Saturday, June 28 EDDIE SKEETS 221-3-1 HARDWARE STORE In Miniill town In southern Mlnncnotn- Rcal buy. nl off- DRAPERY thin wi-i'k only. H1ILER8 VALUE STORE 222-2-10 FOR HALE - Brncral Eli-ctrlc combination automatic dl«h wimhor and sink. Write Box 67PD euro Enthcrvllli> Dully N.-WH. 222-3x-10 KOIl MALIC H-fl Lurunn np.-.-..l html. Mnlioxnny 'Irok, |rnth«<rct • to urntn, iiliiinliiuin )><>(l<>m, ','.' liormi Kvfnrtulr nmloi. m>-lnl Irnllpr. rxlonsltm lonijui'. KM-I-I- li'nt rondlllnn Prlrril In m'll John Olnmpllt, tlu lntli Av.\ N 322-MO KOR HAL1C (ill IV Klr.-ntnu.- l>t rycln In K<i<"1 roiKltllon I'hoiii' 782 W. a22-,1\-l'> MKIUMIANIMHE rnnii<> S'.'llfiO; i Cafo luul milk bar Very best of termH. buslnesit. Services TREES CUT —Single or limber. See Leo Mitchell or call Don Woodyard, 607W. 220-8x-0 in (,'uylon. Very Rood In If you want to buy a fimn Central Minnesota, KIT or mil CAROL BROCICMAN, Renltor Coylon, Minn. 22M-H FOR SALE—3-bodroom home. R., D. R., kitchen nnd bath. O rage. Priced to noil. RIDOUT REAL ESTATE Ph. 1600 or 1750 I 222-2-8 SUNBEAM SPECIAL Ironmaster and All-metal 'automatic action ironing board. UHKI .Holt!" gi ilny hod $20.0.1 10 J(l2ftO; llivvn in.iwoi- CiAMIIIJCS / ax KOH H A t-M-* TV llovi> Jilat or tlt<- 1>rith--»5i, TIIOMAH MOTOH.'i 1 1 Itiiv I hi .iii.l llu tr:»,l. In «|r nf itth" t Ihc in t WHITISH MTANDAHI* ntt «t MAL 1I»»'JI MtiiUiin HU I'T 5 |> 8.-. in »t N. Vlli HI nf- CAR Jn Kor fn mitlllili-r (Irlvlitu n»<l 1:111 *utvlnij top |M'rformnnr<>. lirlnj; your etf to u* for n uprlnij clus-ktip, 11 KM AM AN MOTOR <*O. '.'»«- 11 KOR HAL1C [J»f>\ Kin-Hloni- r.-fil K ' nriilor, 3 yitnm ohl. riiim |>i-rft'rlly. HOP thin iinn. II 'Jil (n't vn-i'k. KIRESTONK STORKS 3XMf-ti> LKT t'H lnl(p rnrc of your »ulom»- llva n«i<!<U. HumpT tn tmrap«r nil tnt«kn», H"« n*. Rotilnmn Motor" "I'imtUB" 8th und Central A*" XTMMt GOOD/VEAR value for $1 H.'.X) only OLSON ELECTHIC: SERVICE in s. mil st. 22:1-1-10 FOR FREE PICKUP and delivery. Ph. 49. P & G Cleaners. 256-tf-9 BOTTLE GAS SALES-SERVICE Installations — Regulations HILL'S CORNER, Ph. 49J51 1B1-U-9 PETERSON'S Radiator Service, Just east of Vandy's, 1714 Central. Experienced in all typei radiator repair. 116-t«-» mean Perfect Reception ESTHERVILLE RADIO Ul', No. 6th Pb,364 ?J 223-1-9 Boy, 2, Suffers Blistered Bottom Youngstown, O., UP)—Two-year- old Ronald Galla of Voungntown has a blistered bottom today, bm not for the usual reason. Til-youngster was celebrating his birthday in Wednesday's J04-d<- greu heat with a dip in a wasn- tub in his birthday bUit. When h>,- got out of the tub. the pavement in the driveway was so hot i 1 . blistered the soles of his feet. »' he a^t it«vrji. Hii (.otloir. got r.i, tcreU too, Just Listed 3-bedroom homo. Living room, kitchen, two bathrooms, full basement. Large lot. $6,500 Estherville Realty Phone 1340 223-l-H June Rytex Sale Double tin? Usual Quantity Rytex Flight Your choice L'OO sintfli! shoots or 100 double sheotx, or ]()() larRC flat shoots and 100 envelopes. Ren. $.1.50 value for only $2.25 Estherville Daily News HOW IS YOUR SUPPLY of STATEMENTS ENVELOPES INVOICE FORMS Gel ready for month-end needs by ordering now. Expert work in Northwest Iowa's largest and most modern printing plant. ESTHERVILLE DAILY NtAVS While 100 Cases Last! WISCONSIN STRAWBERRIES For Canning 4.93 .Save at this Special Low Price Famous MARATHON by GOOD/YEAR Caw ( Hi quarts) 33c in Single Quarts Vandy's Market plus tax and your old tif» 6.00x16 LOOK at this special price! MARATHON Super-Cushion by Other fixes proportionately lowl NO MONEY puts DOWN NiW T1RIS OM YOUR ... Thomas Motors

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