The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on June 10, 1935 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, June 10, 1935
Page 2
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*-" '•-<• ' •'• " : '•'-'"- "• ••""'••''^'-' - "••"' '•'- ' '• • I feel IB regard to the liquor trfflc. And let all 'the people of • Tipton say, Amen! Pastor Church of Naiarene. There are still 20,000 horses in New York City, requiring 600 stables to house them. 8 O'CLOCK COFFEE 3 Ibs., ^9c Country j Cottage Cheese lb., lOci FORCES. 'Continued from Page 1. particularly concerned, either, at President .Roosevelt's blunt statement ll>at he would veto any bill to which a bonus rider is attached, even the most important {>f his new deal measures. ; The American hien, veterans in Legion helms- politics as well as in war, realize, however, that the heat of publicity which pro- peilcd the bonus drive along for several months has definite!}' cooled. • The most significant development, so far as the future of the bonus drive this session is concerned, was the action of the sponsors of the Patmau bill in taking themselves out of the leadership for the time being. This group has been accused repeatedly of having more interest in inflation than in the bonus itself. While this accusation has never been denied convincingly, the Pat- manites have furnished the real fighters in the bonus movement. They have been the infantry, so to ^spcalj. , The -otibvard appearance of determination, on Ihe part of the American Legion leaders to car- !ry on is rooted ' larB'e.Jy in their :kcon disappointment Irt.^^Jg defeated. Their defeat .was a'jjpuble 'one. First they were bested *by £hc Veterans of Foreign Wars when the Patman bill was substituted for the Vinson plan, and then thpy went down with this litter group when the senate upheld the veto. Then, too, as if adding insult to injury, the Patmanites blamed the Legion leaders for a blunder which 1 cost several votes jit the veto 1 test, namely, the, last-min- uto strategy of picking out twelve publicly us payment this session was prevented by a minority in the senate—a minority made up of men some of whom are just as susceptible of. political pressure as their brethren of the bonus-paying majority. Between now and the next session th'e veterans' organizations will redouble their efforts to break into this small senate group, using the force of perhaps the strongest political minority in the country. Not the least of the factors that argue .for bonus- legislation next session is the feeling among administration followers that the issue should be settled before the election. They know of but one way to settle it, even temporarily, and this is to pay it. JAP TROOPS. Continued from Page 1. China already is part of northern demilitarized zone 1C UMOT' IN THE SENATE Important Administration Measure Marked "Rusli" by President. SENATE ACTION SE^N (By Uniloil .Press). Washington, June 10. the the j in — Tho I white house signalled the senate i today to give right-of-way to the {bill extending a skeletonize! everything but name. None of the Chinese troops are in the mam section of the city and Japanese troops are in evidence everywhere. Numerous reserves are ready for recall to the garrison, and an unknown numtjer of reinforcements is due here Wednesday. GENERAL FEDERATION. Continued from Pago 1. are uncontested. Mrs. Saidie Orr Dunbar of Portland, Ore., is unopposed for the first vice-presidency as is Mrs. La Fell Dickinson of New Hampshire, who seek the treasureship of the powerful organization. Delegates, after expressing tKeiF desires on' the ballot, convened in.vthe.Temple auditorium for forum -ttjscussion of the United States in relation to the world of nations, the world court and the league of nations. Tomorrow morning they will meet in the same place to consider eight resolutions, including flrau controversial one placing the convention on record'as.favoring NRA for nine and a half months. The administration measure came from the house labeled "Rush." NRA expires at midnight Saturday unless extended. Leaders were confident of senate approval prior to the deadline, despite a determined opposition and a questioning minority. Ahead of NRA in the ser.atc was the president's public utility holding company bill. Limitation ot debate was imposed in an effort to speed a vote, which may come today. Leaders, too, faced demands of organized labor for action on labor .legislation. .Labor leaders talked of widespread "strikes and strife," unless the measures they sponsor are enacted. William. Green, president of the American Federation of Labor, described the situation among coal i miners, scheduled to walk out Kuipper Brothers and Parker Trio, Southland's Radio Singers, will appear Tuesday night, at the Church of the Nazarene. XA/AREXE REVIVAL. An | Saturday night, as "acute." extension of old wage contracts, agreed to two months ago, expires then. The NRA situation was complicated by resignation of Donald R. Rlchberg as chairman of the re- Knippprs-Parker Trio AVill Sing Ori Tuesday Xight. Rev. Gail .Shaffer, evangelist, preached ; two excellent messages Sunday at the Nazarene revival. His morning subject was "Threa Mountain! Peaks of Grace," in which he' said in substance that we are to Jet no corrupt communication proceed out of our mouths; to bring all our thoughts under obedience to Christ, and we are npt to worry. | The evening sermon was on the I word "Remember." The following texts iwere cited: "Remember from whence thou art fallen"; "Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth"; "Remember Lot's wife"; and "Son, ra- member." During this message speaker urged the backslider covery board. President Roose- L retnrn ; to - God , warning him of scnatora and publicly centering | legislation in leading, toward the ve lt has given no indication o£j the awfu , dangcr of cros sing th-j attcn}>un on their votes. j dissemination' of scientific birth whom he will name as Richberg'a ,j eat jii ne successor to head the now power- I less board. \l On the other hand, the American Legion insists, and with considerable justification, that tho bullheadcdness of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and their congressional friends, the Patman- control information. Roissncr Services. During,the early part of the evening service the congregation The senate last month passed a I gavo a ,j boral offerins t(> Hev . A number of Tipton persons were at Indianapolis Monday resolution extending NRA until April 1, 1936, but the resolution was amended in the house in tho Shaffer. Qthers will have opportunity to| give during this week. On Tutsday evening at ^ i ^o^iuttu.* »«•<_•. v..j, *...._ . —„... — .- j — — — — - v/ii i utauuj' t>uiiint3 m, t ,'t\t ites, prevented payment of the j morning where they attended iu- t Qf the supreme conrt deci . Rnippers Brothers and Par- ... nnrnl .caT*ir!/>aa fnr TTVallk T, RftlSS- . . . . . . - I f bonus tlii.s session. It is seriously to bo^fiiestioncd whether a veto of thvVinpon bill could have be?n sustained. The theory, therefore. neral services for. Frank L. Reiss ner of that city, father of Mrs. Harrison Smitson of Tipton, whose death occurred Tuesday seems quite well grounded that n| S nt the inflationary provisions of the Patmaa bill caused the downfall of the bonus for this session. Experienced observers in Washington still hold that little less than a political miracle can prevent successful passage of a cash bonus bill before the next national campaign. This miracle, they believe, would have to take the form of an unmistakable sign from the country that it will not stand for an act of this sort. Bon- Services were conducted at the Hisey & Titus funeral home, the body lying surrounded by many slop, invalidating NRA codes. It now comes back for senate approval of the revised form. While opponents of NRA have ker trio fwill be. present to sing several numbers. These young men are j considered among 1112] best evangelistic singers in the Aground and Being Poaided to Piepes Off Coast Near San Francsico. SENDS S. 0. S. APPEAL Jane 10th. James Bowlby was here from Sharpsville and reported that his wife had made a timely discovery of a fire .in' some trash piled against the barn and saved a bpd blaze. ' , \/: . * • » • Mrs. Lon Manlove returned from a visit with relatives In the Skin community. ' \^ * * * Clifford Sorrell and his bride formerly Miss Rachel Miesse were receiving congratulations having been married on the 9th. * • * Mrs. Roy Beamer was seriously ill at the home of her mother Mrs. Mary Mclntire in the Normanda community. * * *. Otto K. Matthews of Chicago was here for a visit with ills' parents Mr. and Mrs. D. K. MaV thews. v - • * » Misses Mary and Roxie Reese of Kempton left for an extended trip through the west. \J * . * * Mrs. Glen Haskett and her daughter Maxine were attacked by a cow neither being seriously hurt. This year's world wheat -crop s expected to be the smallest in nine years. beautiful floral tributes from the; many friends of this fine man and his family. Burial was in the Crown' Hill cemetery at Indianapolis. Several Tipton residents who were unable to attend the services Monday, called Sunday afternoon at the funeral home where the body lay' in state. not openly threatened to filihus-1 nation. They have sung over many ter. Senator William E. Uorah i broadcasting stations and their (Rep., Idaho) said lie would fa-1 voices have been recorded for the vor a specific provision to make phonograph. The Knippcrs broth- sure that anti-trust laws could ers, Ccciljand Otis, arc graduates not be sidestepped through voluntary codes. House leaders, getting back to a working basis after the paralysis caused there by the NRA decision, planned a busy week. It ap- of tho Vaughn School of Music, Lawrcnceljtirg, Tennessee, while Raymondj Parker is not only a singer, but a talented pianist as well. j The public is cordially invited • ft!y Unltort Press). San Frincisco, June 10. — The steamship Noyo, a lumber schooner, sent oiit an S. O. S. appeal for assistance early today. The schooner reported she was aground and being pounded to pieces off'Point Arenas, 100 miles north of San Francisco. The ships radio man asked any ship in the vicinity to come alongside: and take.oft the crew "as we are in bad shape." The coast guard cutter Shawnee was hrst to respond. She was at ;Santa Cruz 200 miles away, whien she started her race northward. Heavy iseas were rolling over the Noyoj pounding her prow down deeper into the sand in which she had grounded. ( The Noyo was engaged in the coastwise! ftade. Occasionally she carried passengers. The schooner reported that the fog where she was grounded was so thick the master could not see beyond the decks of the ship. In selecting a Husband or a Washer • There are no regrets, DO element of chance .in. a Maytag porchaM. Orer two million owners eantimn yew «ftcryear to be happy in the possession of the world's fined .washer. ' • There is nothing as convenient, durable and efficient as the May tag. one- piece* cas&alnmintiin tub. p?o other method of water removal equals the Maytag Roller Water Repiover. with it* Urge rolls and enclosed, self-reversing drain. The Maytag !b built tor more year* of lower-cart Washing. • Make your first and but washer • Maytag. j , Paee»mamrSen»otionaayL<nv. Terms-very easy. ^ 'tits "Maytafc Dealer Near Yon on tbe Tlrt fa foMmmeat «id peared probable that action would|to every [service during this last -j •'• be sought there on the Wagner iwock of the revival. Rev. Shaffer Gains Steadily. labor disputes bill, the AAA w11 ' prcabh tonight on the sub-j ; ject, "Fiye Essentials of Salva- Juno lilges, daughter of Mr. tion -" | 'and Mrs. JHarry Illges, .near Ekin, (is gaining steadily at the Beech- I wood hospital where she has been a patientj for two weeks with a tube in her side to drain her lungs. The infection is draining amendments and a new tax bill. In the senate there will be pressure for consideration of the Guffey coal control bill, which has been on the calendar for several weeks. This is one of the measures supported by organied labor. President Roosevelt desires enactment of both the Guffoy and Wag-. ner bills to prevent labor disturbances, leaders in congress said. " George Services. Funeral services for Andrew Otto George, whose sudden death Saturday morning shocked the community, where hold at the Liberty-Baptist church Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock, with Rev. J. Franklin Arthur, former pastor, and Rev. Merle S. Sparger, present pastor. In charge. The services were attended by many friends and relatives of this life-long resident,, among the rel •atives being Alfred Coats, aged father-in-law, of Parker. There were many beautiful floral offer-, Ing of sympathy. Burial was in the Liberty cemetery. MOTOR CO. Otunfr MATTA© Birthday Party. Alpha Whtsler and Mrs. Faye deary, entertained Sunday at the former's borne in Hobbs iu honor of the fifth birthday of their niece, Nannette Heflln. The boose' wrfa decorated with plak. and-wilte, the centerpiece 'tor. t$e (dining table being a large oake, with CLERK HAS. Continued from Pase 1. mils couW be Issued for sale by drink, unless the council of the. the city consents to the plan. Just how the council stands on this question is not known but there seems to be tho opinion there should bo no hurry in deciding this question as the old beer law [which was passed us the near-perfect law was interpreted several times with radical changes made and; perhaps the same procedure will! be made with the present law. If-the council should pass the ordinance permitting the sale of liquor i by the drink the action could not; be rescinded later if the council should want to do this but if no action, is taken, this week, the council would always be in position to pass tho ordinance if majority sentiment here demanded it. : Whatever action Is taken on granting [or refusing a permit by tho state!commission is final, tha law not providing for an appeal to the courts. ' , _. ; The four application^ received by the county clerk which will be hoard MJmday, June 24th are: Mrs." Mary Woods, Kempton; the Loyal Order ot MooseJ Tlnton; Carl Stel-glltz, West Elwood, all Lewis asking ,,« to'-leil " ''• very nicely, and she is thought to bo getting along in a splendid manner, Is Very 111. Latest [reports concerning the condition'of Jesse Johns, plumber tor Compion and Son, Inc., stated that he is a very sick man, suffering: with pneumonia. He is carrying a high temperature, and Monday arrangements were made for him to enter the Beechwoqd hospital. LOCAL PASTOR. Continued from Page 1. that wine and beer are not intoxicating. Do they not know that all the sodden debauchery of Nero's beasts was caused by the wine and beer consumed? Alexander died drunk though he never heard ot whisky. The art of dis filiation is a modern discovery. Booze is the no-good business and it ought not only to be curtailed but we ought to "cut its tail clear off." I'm against it with all my heart, soul, mind anc strength. Shakespeare said, "O thou invisible spirit of life, if thou hast no name to be known by, let us call thee devil." «^ In Proverbs 20:1 we are told that "wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise." Some are saying that booze should be sold for the revenue ii brings. But God's prophet Habak | kuk says, "Woe to him that build | eth a town with blood, and stab lisheth a city by iniquity. r Woe unto him that giveth his neigh bor drink, that puttest thy bot tie to him,' and makest him drunken also!" Hab. 2:12, 15. Billy Sunday said, "I want i to get so dry in this country thai you can't see a man's spit on the ground." Tipton can be dry If the people want it dry. Licensing the sale o whisky will mean' sowing to the wind and reaping the whirl wind. The result will be broken homes, broken .hearth, wasted manhood and womanhood, and a fair city hanging its head in shame for the evil in its midst. _> I. for one, believe that the officials of our city have too much regard for that which is high and holy and good to .license that which will tear down and destroy and sink some in hell .forever, when' it lies within the power of such officials to prevent it. But Robinson, .the evangelist, made the following "prayer:. ^'O Lord, give me a backbone like a sawlog and ribs like the joists under this church floor. Put iron shoes on my feet and galvenized breeches on me, and help fight the devil as long as I've got a fist and bite him as long as I've got a tooth in my head and then Changed Address. Cecil Harding, who .recently purchasoc property at 223 South West street, moved into It Monday, vacating the <221' West North street. Mr. Harding did considerable remodeling a acquiring the property and, has/ cozy, .modern jhome.i ll8W».t' | _. JlfeMle gum him till sake. Amen. I die; lor 'Jesus' INVITING Robert Baden, 482 Vtae St. Aa a guest of The Tipton Daily Tribune -at the New Bit* Theatre to witness "PEOPLE WILL TAM£" Bxplaaafiqn: This invitation Is and Is g&od only m T WILL YOU TAKE FOR BLOWOUT PROTECTION? L ; ' ! 1 OW wheels, larger tires, and the high speeds of todff make blowout protection in your tires vital to your safely Minever before. Are you accepting exaggerated and unsupported advertising and sale* claims—or are yon accepting the judgment of men who risk their lire* on their tires and know from experience the tire that gives diem the greatest blowout protection? ' • " " i • Thirty-three race driven and their mechanics lined up i for the dangerous, gruelling grind of the 500-Mile Race at the Indianapolis Speedway May 30th. Firestone Tires were purchased and used on every one of the thirty-three cars. Not one of the drivers had tirej trouble of any kind. Gum-Dipping is one of the outstanding reasons why Firestone Tires give such amazing performance. By this process every i cotton cord is soaked and every strand is insulated with pure liquid;-rubber, preventing internal friction and heat, the main cause of blowouts. Gum-pipping is a patented extra process not used in any other make of tire. ! i ! Protect your life and the lives of others by equipping your car with Firestone Gum-Dipped High Speed Tires— the safest tire* built. It will be worth your time to read these three questions and their answers: ' QUESTION 1—"Will the head give me the greatest traction and protection against skidding?" . AttSWER—Leading university tests show Firestone High Speed Tim sfopyowre«r15%quklcerthah the best of otherpopubr make* of tir**» QUESTION 2—"Are they built to give me the greatest blowout protection?'' ANSWER—Unequaled performance records for sixteen coriieoitiv* years-prove that Gum-Dipping gives you the greatesffclowouf protection ever known. .• ~ « ! j - i '"';': QUESTION 3—"Without sacrificing these jrwoJJmpeHanr safety features 1 will they give me longer mileage, thus making them fhe most economical tires I clan bay?" ANSWER—Thousands of car owners report unequaled mileifle records—evidence of the longer wear and greater economy- of Firestone High Speed Tires. • \ 4 University tests show I Firestone Tires slop cars . Il5 to 85%r quicker 2 Gum-D!ppedcords give greater blowout protection. Gum-Dipping^ li'riof used in other tires. 3 Wider, Batter tread' gives more than 50% longer nen-skidweor HIGH SPEED TYPE om ' enormous ; stocks ! of raw materials the best and highest grade robber and cotton for the jHigb. Speed Tire. In our iiaetbryj we _ select the most experienced 'and Ikttled tire makers to build this tire. It is accurately balanced and rigidly inspected and! we know it is as perfect; as human ingenuity can make it. i SIZE 4.50-! 4.75-19 5.00-19 5.25-18 5.50-17 21 $7, SEE .75-19HD 00-19HD ;.25-18HD .50-17HP .00-17HDti4.30 JPRICE ii.zo it.75 ' Otber Sizes PnfortioMtb Volume —Direct Purchasing—StMfoht Line Manufacturing «nd Efficient and Economical System ttf Distributing to SCO Stores and to 30,000 toiler*,) tniblcs Firestone to awe greater value* •< lowest price* Equal or superior to any so-called' First Grade, Super or DeLtne lines regardless of Mum, brand or. by whom made. SIZE «.50-21 4.7S-19 S.2S-18 SJO-1S PRICE *7.3« 7.7S «.M 10.40 one* SUB nofomoiumTiow Equal or superior' to any special brand tire made for mass distributors without the maker's name or guarantee. SIZE 4JSO-21 5.00-19 SJS-IS &SO-1T PRICE T-55 ptorOITKJMTRYLOW Carries die Firestone name and guarantee -r- eqnal or superior to any tire made In this price class. i SIZE! PRICE psoroinoKAmrum _! For! those car owners who need new dre safety at a very low £ : i I ' • •price fhJb tire 'lias noieqoaL SIZE 4.7S-M JHUCB Airro SUPPLIES AT pie 'We^mve'you money on every aato apply needed far yon jet the added convenience and eepnomf of UAKPROOF TUBES A* ,_.r;r;;v*i, mmms£&s^M*t

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