The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on June 10, 1935 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, June 10, 1935
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V. Entered as second class matter. Oct. 4, 1895, at post office at Tipton, Ind., under the act of March S, 1879. VOLVME XL, NO. 211. MPTON, INDIANA, MONDAY EVENING, JXTfE 1O, ,1935. Suit Brought by Guardian of Purdue Student on In- • surance Policy. YOUTH WENT INSANE Jury Had Been Summoned to Hear Case But Services Not Needed. Insured Against Twins, This Xo\r Aims to Collect St. Louis, June 10.—An incubator liolds twin girls and their father's hopes of collecting a ?1.000 insurance policy on their birtb— To protect j himself against the-financial woes of unexpected paivnthood. Jack . Coffey, 34. last February paid a $!IC premium on a .policy under which Lloyd's of London agreed to pay him $1.0(10 u twins wore horn to Mrs. Coffey. "Wi< wi-iv so certain of twins, we named thorn in advance." said Mr. Coffey, employed by a Detroit commercial motion .picture company. He said the insurance concern had raised its premium from $50 to SflO after learning of other instances <if twins in the family. OFFICER KILLED Monday mnrning a mosl uu- usual action started in thr Tiplon circuit court, it being sent her.'on a change of vriice from Madison county. The action is one by Jol.n Cunningham against tlie I New York- insurance company. ,,i, iHe Was Shot While Trying In-half of his ward. Karl .1. Cunin: r !i:uii. '.vho is a palieiu at lit*- JftP TUPS Demands of Tokyo on China More Extensive Than Was Revealed, CHINESE HAVE AGREED Nothing Will Stop Jauan From Her "Program" In China Now. to Escape From Portland Posse. Indiana Central nl I hdi:i mipolis. Karl .1. Cunningham, in l!t:!i purchased an insurance policy ofJHIS COMPANJON HELD an ai, r eni of tlie company, provid-j ing for'payment of benefits of ?",(! ! ' 1»T month for perman.inet disability and for STijiiin at death.] (By United 1'ressV Cunningham. ;„, online to th"' I 1 '"'"--""!- Jl " lt> Dowell, Ilillsboro, 111., robbery (Uy United Press). Tientsin, j\*T""'iO.—^Japanese troops and armored cars were sent today to Yangtsun, "oh the Tientsin-Peiping Railway, where vacuating Chinese troops were reported to have burned a Japanese inilitary telephone pole. Col. Takashi Sakai, commander ot the Japanese garrison here and •chief of staff of the ' Japanese northern China army, was returning from Peiping by motor car when he saw the pole in flames. He saw Chinese troops, of the force now evacuating-Tientsin at Japan's demand, fleeing from the ] scene, he said. ! While the troops were going t 10.—Mell Mr-I to Yangtsun, P.O miles from j Invents Insect Electrocuter I. ACTS WERE Governor Will Also Make Announcement of New State Boards. FEENEY IS OUSTED Goshen Man as Safety Director Under New State Police Law- Sets of Quintuplets Horn to a Pioneer Mother Mercer, Pa.. June 10.—Records of a pioneer physician. Dr. James Magoflin. Jr., discloses tho-birth of two sets or quintuplets and a set of twins within twenty inunths to a pioneer mother of Mercer county. The records also indicate that the mother. Mrs. John Kelly. had given birth to triplets in New York before she moved here. Dr. MaOoffin's grandchildren. P..-. Monmfse Magoflin ami Miss Henrietta Magoflin. sail the records showed the birth occurred in 192i;. All the quill-' tuplets, which the records said were premature, died soon after birth. ARE 1ET Criticism of New Deal Feat-; tures "Grass Roots" | j ; Convention. ; I | | TEN FARMING STAGES An invention which is capable of killing {millions of harmful insects, and jpests in a brief time has been perfected by Dr. W. B. Hermes, professor at University of California, who is shown hanging up his electrical device which attracts the bugs by its light and then electrocutes them when they contact the! charged wires of the cage • surrounding the bulb. .op. iiiim stateineiits <if the attorneys, paid for i he. policy with a I'"!- due in It; months, and the ao-m wlm made ihc sale testi- lii d the i-i-iiiii>aiiy bad n ivod its part of il»e premium, be holding tho note and semiinu- cash to tho company for the policy. He-fore the note became due and before the second year premium was payable, according to the statement made to .Indue Frank i'.. Unssell by the attorneys. Karl J. Cunningham, at that time a studeni ;it Purdue, suffered a menial illness which grew worse and linaliy it wa;- n ssary m placi him in tile Central bospita'.. Attorneys slated the evidence would show his mental trouble wa.-- p- rmancm and that he would neve:- be any better. Suit to collect the .-?f>n per month provided for by the policy was brought bv the unfortunate yoiin;; man's iniurdian. The jury was ordered in lo hear the evidence in the case but when court opened at- lornevs agreed to trv the case days of the and attorneys are watching every step in the case closely. Former Judge C. W. Mount an 1 the firm of Ryan & Daly of Anderson, are appearing for the plaintiff and the firm of Gavin £• Gavin of Indianapolis, and Gilford & Gifford of Tipton, are appearing for the insurance company. Prior to taking up the trial of tho cause, Judge Russell gave his attention to several other pend j ing niilttors among them being the filing of answers by the department of financial institutions to the petition of John B. McCarthy for -preference of a claim against the Kempton State Bank. An answer in general denial to tho convplaint in the case of Dickinson vs. Kelley was noted filed. In the action brought .by Mabel Jackson against the estate of Ida M. Duncan, a -motion to make* the claim more specific was filed by tho. .administrator. was killed today wli-m Tientsin, seven great Japanese armored trucks rumbled through attempted, to escape from a | the narrow, steaming streets tit Jay county posse that liad sought him all night. Mcliowell was shot through the chest by Paul Elliott, special policeman, as he dodged through underbrush along the Salamonia river, at the edge of Portland. Elliott was a member of a posse the native city, aweing tho populace. Occasionally they bumped into a ricksha, or tore down one of the gaudy advertising banners outside a shop. They passed a detachment of Chinese policemen while Maj. Gen. Li Yi-Shu. the new com- ..f approximately 25 men who had}mander of police sent hero ;:t sought the fugitive since the ar-1 Japan's demand, was inspecting rest of Carl Leetham, Ilillsboro. [them. 111., on a Portland street, last! Many foreigners and Chines;' LOU PASTOR STATES Indianapolis, June 10.—Al G. Feeney, Indianapolis, was ousted- 1 as state safety director today' and Donald F. Stiver, Goshen. was appointed to replace him in j a formal announcement by Gov. • Papers From Alcoholic BeV- Paul V. McNutt. Simultaneously, the Governor announced promulgation of IVZ'i acts of the legislature. the! erage Cmmission Are Open for Inspection. "Grass Roots" Creed Way; Become Framework for i : G. 0. P. Platform. I I Indianapolis!' U June^io.—Actsi-HOLD HEARING JUNE 2 of the 1935 legislature will be' promulgated by Gov. Paul V. Mc-j Nutt tomorrow, the United Press; .was told authoritatively today. | (By UnitrJ Press). | ! Coliseum. State Fair Grounds, Springfield, 111., June 10. — Tliouj- sands of farm belt Republicans ; massed today in this tanblarfr • ars-na to write a igrass roots (pa* i litical creed and' establish * |dej- ! fense of the constitution" as the prime issue of the 1!>36 presidential campaign. ; , . ! The meeting is a- national plolll- tical convention drawn to ith£ i scale of 10 farm \ states whjose Promulgation of the acts, within. W. Simpson received from tit the attendant appointment of sev-: state, alcoholic beverage commis- eral state boards and commis-i.sion. the four applicants for pe:-- ! sions and change in directorship'mils to si. 11 beer and hard liquor delegates have been arriving | bj* bus, train and automobile fori 4ff liours. Bunting, band£ and the whoopla of politics mark an loci Monday morning County Clerk ^.^ ^ ^.^ pr . ljrife ^^ ^ publicans have been impatiently waiting. j j The grass roots creed may be-; of the State Safety Department, by Tipton 4-ounty dealers, which is expected shortly before the! are to be heard Mont!:iy. June 21, Governor leaves to make three starting at '.> a. in. The applj'-:i- addresses in Indiana and attend j tions were filed with th> stai.' the national conference of state commission and under the now governors at Biloxi, Miss. come the framework for the 1936 Republican presidential platform! although its influence will depend! largely upon popujar enthusiasm! after results of this two-day r|al-j lv have been analyzed by the folk; Rev G. R. Coyner, of Naza-1 Federal Men Hope to Get All rene Cnurch, Would Bar ! Connected With Weyer- Liquor Sales. j '. haeuser Case. liquor law must be called to tlie t b " ack llome The Governor is scheduled to : attention of the clerk so that he j De legates-have brought scoksi make addresses at Lafayette,! can notify any one who wants t-.i i Qf resolutions ror Considering but Peru and Muncie and leave for 'know regarding the hearing. I most of Ujem wil ,; be Ios ^ in ' -' Biloxi tomorrow night. | A letter accompanying the "l>-' resolutions committee shuffle. From farm relief :t6 labor and "sound money." the tentative! night. Lcclbam was arrested and McDowell escaped when police surprised them as they returned to a stolen automobile authorities bad been watching. Tin? ••.•huso for McDowell ranged over a 10-mile area oast of Portland. lie was sighted once short'v after daybreak emerging from a fewer at tin; Salamonia river bank. Additional forces were called by Sin-rig John Lingo to comb tlu> river bank. McDowell shot at posse members when he was sighted again in the underbrush and Elliott returned the fire, killing the fugitive instantly. Police here said McDowell and Leetham escaped from a Hillsboro jail while awaiting trial on automobile theft charges. / Mrs. G. W. Preston and daughter Ruth have returned to their home on North Main street aft3r a two weeks' visit with the former's son, Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Royse and family of Cleveland. Ohio. believe that no .steps. however conciliatory, by China will satisfy the JapanesT?: . In tin; conferences at Tientsin and Peiping yesterday. Chine.-::! officials — Gen. Ho Ying Chin. war minister at Peiping, and Gen. Chang Chen here — capitulated completely and. there was a sort of love feast between the Japanese and! officials. But it was indicated that this was the calm before a storm. Japanese military commanders announced they would wait a few days for full compliance with their demands as the result of Gen. ilo's "almost satisfactory" reply. Indication was given today that Japanese demands were far more comprehensive than has been ro- vealed. Lt.-Col. T. Takahashi, of the Peiping Japanese garrison, said "many" of the Japanese demands had been met but that others had not been met. He would not Indicate what these were. Chinese officials have agreed fully to all known demands. The Tientsin-Peiping area of Continued oti Page 2. QUOTES FROlfl BIBLE i THREE MEN S lie announced last week that plication, legal notice oi state boards, and commissions i was published in the --a turd:: y I created by the acts would be ap-| evening edition of the Tipton j i)lailks cover a multitude of sUb-j pointed when they are promul-j Imily Tribune, state.* ;h:i:. infor-' i niation regard ing <•! : • ... ; J • :o at : tbe new deal! boom lets sound on With the city council meeting Wednesday night of this week.! anxiety on the part of many as to ; : ' tliy t'nilcd 1' TaciMiia. Wash.. June 10.—The penalty will he demanded what action will he taken on the f »'' "" Principals in the- Weyer- matter of permit to sell liuuor by ba,-us«-r kidnaping ,-aso and the-in r. turn j l.'onald F. Stiver, C.osben, is ! the applicant and the ]iro;)-.-iety <.f ; ,,,-e.sidi-ntial ! scheduled to In; named safety ! issuing the permit is desired '•:•'| a n sides.. Today ft barrage lot! | director, succeeding Al G. Feen-jtlu- local board, composed of L. : t .,.| t icj sm invited (ild-liiie Demo-j jey, when the new state police ; O. Hershnian, M. G. Nicholson and j crats t() dusurt the - Republican^ | act becomes effective. j.I. F. Ryan, the latter represent-: i)anner next year . i | j Dormer Gov. Frank 0. Lowden Is In Hospital. Friends and relatives in 1 Hobbs have received word that Mrs. Mary WllkloR, a former resident, IB a.patient In the St. Johns hospital, at Anderson, where she now resides,' following a tonsil attd adenoid itlon. She to {reported to be getting Bonus Forces Are Split But the Legion Contingent Refuses to Accept Defeat Washington, June 10. — Steps were taken last week' to-put the bonus issue to sleep for this session of congress. Inasmuch as these steps were taken by the most militant of veterans' leaders, both in and out of congress, the likelihood now Is that the drive for cash payment of certificates will be abandoned for the present, with a view to revhrlng it In the more propitious days of 1936, just before a national campaign. This new course was decided upon after a check and recheclc bad indicated/the fntlllt/ of pro-' ceedlng at this time against «urel any measure that might be passed this session. There is yet one possibility that the bonus issue will be revived this session. The more conservative American Legion group is not yet satisfied that its Vinson bill, which congress turned down in favor of the Patman Inflation- bonus plan, .cannot be passed in both houses over a presidential reto. • The American Legion leaders —and their representatives in congress—are still clinging to their plan of offering this bill Vs rider, to some otber piece of teiS8S-&i < «feM drink in Tipton. is growing in several quarters Rev. Gaston R. Coyner. has handed the Tribune the following: It has been my intention for several days to send an article to that other will !>!• no ciimpromisi for pleas of guilty. Prosecutor 1 Harry. II. Johnston paid today. i ; Illy tiiiili.l Pivssl. Washington. June in.—A hint important disclosures the "Tribune." I wish first of all j in tl.d search for kidnapers cf to heartily endorse the arguments Georgii Woyerhaeuser might be ' of Rev. John Ward Rose which i forthcoming today was given by | HIIRO appeared in the Saturday Trib-jj, Kdgar Hooyer, director of tho nne, in which he urged that sale j bureau of investigation of the de- of whisky by the drink be pro- partment of justice, hibited in our city. Such is un- A representative of the secre-ing the state commission. and tary of state's ofiice was dis-!says Mr. Ryan will »•• here to ac; , (]1 - mj,,,,),; sounded the grass root,s| patched today to personally ob-: w 'th 'be two local membfiv,. j keynote with a summons to m^ill tain receipts from county clerks! At the conclusion of th • br-ar- | am | women of all jiolitleal faiths acknowledging receipt of copies' ing the two local members of '!i"]to defend the constitution agairst of the acts so the promulgation ! control board, fill out a question- j challenge from "high places." i could be effective before the--nairo submitted to them by the j Harrison E. Spangler, co-spon-l Governor leaves. 'stale commission and these ar. j sor ot tllis rally and national com- ! - »^* - j delivered to Mr. Ryan to be band- j m it te eman from • Iowa, charg^d ISIPORTAXT FIJOHT. ed to the state commission tiT ns- j t i, at t [ le new (j ea | Hee ks to "take i -- isist them in determining what a.v . ove r" every farm in! the land. Plane Will Fly Second ' tion shall bo taken on th" appli- i 1 Time to Honolulu. doubt odly the sentiment of every persoii here who loves righteousness apd has the best interests of Tipton: at heart. Tiptjon will not have true temperance as long as beer or any other intoxicating beverages are sold, but we can at least curb the cation. Considerable- speculation Hoover, after announcing tlv> capture of Harmon M. Waley and his wife Margaret, in Salt Lake City, said: "Maybe I'll have some more-information today." At the department of justice it was iiidlcated the trail of the 9-| year-old Tacoma, Wash., boy was Almcda, Cal., June 10.—Pan- j been going the . rounds as to tho American Airways' huge four- j action of the city council on tho motored ship will begin its sec-, ontl east-west transpacific flight to [ Honolulu, then 1 to isolated Midway Island, at 3 p. m. today, the United Press learned. Mr. and. Mrs. Joe Law of this iclty, spent Sunday at Richmond, in * »i T-* i . «. i . t-'LJ, BlJeill ouuuuj ai ivti;iiii "hot. '; Federal ageifts already; , / , •,•....• " wUh the f ° r " ler S brOt * er ' He attacked Roosevelt ricultural policies including AAA processing taxes and crop curtailment, which he said were a penalty on the farmer because arr tiricial crop restriction sacil- j ' devil conidsrably by not permit- have Covered" $15,000 of tho ting tiie sale of whisky by the ?200 , 0 ! 00 i(] a wcck aBO to tlln |aiid Mrs. Robert Law and son. 'ono member of "the council-will likely be absent no action is anticipated. No applications for sale of liquor by drink have beon filed. ;so far as is known, and no po:-- fontinunrl P.TBP 2 drink. j kidnapers*. Onej of 'be best definitions of! The igang which held the hoy for "temperance" I have ever read is J nearly: n week was believed 10 that contained in the Methodist j have scattered. Approximately a discipline. In substance it says'hundred G-men have been follow- that temperance, is a wise use of suitable articles of diet and ing thja kidnapers' trails. [Western pence officers are co-operating. drink, with an entire abstinence | Thoj fact that the arrest of the from such as are known to be harmful. There are some boozers who argue that it Is as sinful to overeat as 1 to get drunk. It certainly is intemperate to overeat but I should prefer to see a man eat an extra slice of cake or pie, or perhaps, chicken, than to see him make ia dog and a beast and a heathen and a .fool of himself by getting drunk and tben proceed to beat an'd curse his wffe and J ports childr Thek too, ther Waleyi was not revealed until more than 2A hours after they were ckptured, coupled with'Hoov- er's enigmatic statement, added to tho bejllef other alleged members of the'gang may have been appre- hendeA. • Department of justice officials here liaye been In frequent; communication with agents in the field, directing the search and receiving almost hourly reports. Re- )f j the marked ransom bills urntahed agents with! valn- have General Federation of Women's' Clubs Vote for Their Officers at Detroit Meet I ' _^_ • question of passing an ordinan."^ for the sale of liquor by drink in j (iced foreign markets and' Tipton. The council meet-: Wed-! compelled importation of fo_Qtr nesday night of this wei k, but n.^j stuffs which -should be grojpL here. ; "The so-called processing tajj'V he said, "paid partly by the ft er and partly by the consu ultimately finds its i way to fi eign lands. To further; the farmer we findi the ; price goods the farmer must buy bus gone higher and higher under tip codes, monopolies and restrictions. of NRA." Republican backers of; the mil Detroit, June 10.—Delegates to the triennial convention of the general Federation 1 of Women's Clubs today selected their new president and five other officers for the organization that represents more than 2,00,000 club women of the United States, Canada and the possessions. ' -' Five voting machines have been installed In Masonic Temple to handle ballots--of some 2,658 registered delegates who began cast- Ing tbelr votes at- 8 a. m ; The polls will dole at 4 p. m. and a few hours later the delegates will I?.!,* 0 '. berta Campbell Lawson of Tulsa. Okla., .has been elected -federation head to supplant the present president, Mrs. Grace Morrison Pople of Washington and Massachusetts. Which of - three candidates— Mrs| Walter W. Seymour, Illinois; Mrs. Albert E. Jones, of North Dakota or Mrs. Walter C. Comly of New York—has been se- leoted as second vice president. And whether Mrs. Arch Traw ; - ick, Tennessee; Mrs. J. L. B. Buck of Virginia or.Mrs. John S. Harvey of -West Virginia has won the post of recording secretary. "" ''"" ~^~"~ • J --'"^-- i - ;i -* J - -' west rally recognize, howe that the farm and labor qu< to be raised here will be to deal with. After jtbeir blast against new ideal me and suggested revision of theil stltution, the Republicans plai produce tomorrow ^h|eirj —-^ litical creed of "i gestions" for dealirfg -Witt"!) Jems of depression. M . | Lowden skirted the tlon, de voting [r his; speech to'fa bl; lenge to any cl stitntion

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