Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 14, 1958 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 14, 1958
Page 3
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MONDAY, JULY 14,19M ALTON EVKNINQ TBtBGAAPIt PACMTHMB Plant All-Day Meet AtBcthalto «o« will be feature at an Thursday fit QM Methodist ChuFcn -' the day's program «Hfl begirt with quilting at 10 a.m. Mrs. Dot. Notris will preside over a business meeting at 10:45. The potlttek luncheon will follow the business meeting. Hostesses will be Mrs. Harold MeCalley, Mrs. McCalley, Mrs. Ben Tueken ami Mrs. Myrtle Prultt. At 1:30 p.m., devotions will be meeting at the fiethalto Women'! conducted by Mrs. Elmer Schoe- Caavaa Oxford ILMVtJ. «J.M tfelwn ore* .. HESTERS SHOE STORKS •. devotlons, a presented by Mrs, Charlei Sehoeneweis. FWHNHI MKi£t Tftniptlf BETHALTO - the Bethalto l^lre Department announced that drill practice and a meeting will be held tonight at the fire house. ftethalto Note* BETHALTO - Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Hartley, 425 W. Central, fiethalto, recently returned from two weeks vacation in BIloxl, Miss. The inventor of spectacles is hot known, but bifocals are the invention Of Benjamin Franklin. At Calhoun On July 28 teAfltrttf, — dalhtwn County Is to tote the Red Cross blood program unless quotas are met, ac- carding to Miss Gloria M. Ober- steta, field representative of the; St. Louis Regional Blood Center, who met last week with Mrs. Paul tnirr, Calhoun Chapter ARC chairman, and Blood Program chairman, Mrs. August Simon. The local officers were reminded that quotas have been achieved only once or twice in the 10- year history of the program in the county, and the only thing that has prevented more drastic action is the fact that the local chapter has been able to pay its pro rata share of blood program costs. Money, however, will not ttmsinn* Find Neutron Lives 11,7 Minute* THE OLDEST INSURANCE AGENCY IN ILLINOIS ESTABLISHED IN 1849 WISHES TO ANNOUNCE THAT TOM JONES IS NOW ASSOCIATED WITH OUR AGENCY DIAL 3-3527 ERNST & JONES AGENCY V"',s£.o, t 100 W. THIRD ST. ALTON, ILLINOIS DOWN town Alton Borleff'i Quality Moo's Woar Wibhirt Village, last Alto* Florsheim Shoes REDUCED all discontinued styles regularly $19.95 to $21.95 every dujoootinued Kyle now reduced It thfe one low price. Come in right »way) You'l •till find • food «eJectioo of •ton and •tyltt-tnd ft* tbe be*t itoe buy of UM yorl (Sreeter Alton Quality Star* for Men, Young Mm *nd Ityi > —the Russians have determined the lifetime of a free neutron mote accurately than any previous studies, tt is 11.7 minutes with an accuracy of three teenths of a minute more or less than 11.7, The new, accurate determine tion was reported to the International Conference on High En ergy Physics by Dr. M. Gold rmber of Brookhaven Nationa Laboratory, Upton, N.V. Neu trttns are fundamental nuclear particles, essential to the production of the fission reactions that give the atomic bomb its bang or yield power under con trolled conditions. Dr. Goldhaber also repotted that the cross section, or area in. which a reaction occurs, for the neutrino has been measured It is the unbelievably tiny area o the figure one preceded by 42 zeroes of a square centimeter Or one times 10 to the minus 43rd power for the science minded (Two and >a half centimeters make one inch.) The neutrino is a ghost parti cle, having virtually zero mass and no electric charge. Its spin is in the right-handed direction while that of the anti-neutrino i left-handed, Dr. Goldhaber reported. WanyWorkcrs Not Up On SocialSecurity suffice, Miss Oberstein said, and the quota must be met. A split-mobile is scheduled fo the county on Monday, July 28 when the Red Cross units will b at Hardin and Brussels. The quo a for this visit is 75 pints o blood for each community, or 15 jjnts for the visit. Mrs. Free Zahrli will serve as chairman o the Brussels visit, while Mrs. Si mon will be in charge at Hardin In each community, the Woman' Club will provide canteen service Volnnteers are now working 01 donor recruitment, in an effort t keep the blood program for th county. Hospital Note* HARDIN. —Local residents en tering Jersey Community Hosp: Lai for medical treatment las Thursday and Friday were Mrs Alma Seidler and Mrs. Georg Holterfield of Hardin, and Mrs Anna Gelhausen of Meppen. Hen ry Beer was moved by ambu lance Friday from a Hillsbor hospital to Montreat Nursin Home in Hardin. Alois Gress, wh was injured -an a farm acciden two weeks ago, was admitted Jersey Community Hospital las week for further medical trea ment. MCtton it less cent, i*h«ft declared. the Alton, Illinois, district office is located Oi Suite 202, German)* Savings Building, 543 E. Broadway. When asked why social secur* ty taxes were taken out of their pay envelopes many workers re* cently queried could not come up tvlth the three main reasons, £ W. Lehen, district manager o he Alton social security office •Aid today. Most of them knew about old- age benefits, but few were aware of survivors' benefits — payment o a worker's dependents in case of his death. Some did not know about disability insurance protec Ion for the worker, and for dls abled children. "Every working person and his family should know thai hrough his social security tax payments, he is building three way protection. He should re allze that the modest deduction; rom his pay envelope can vide a monthly income if hi >arnlng are v cut off either bj old-age, disability, or death, >hen pointed out. Social security insurance pay ments are only a partial replace ment of lost earnings. Becaus most working people are com pelled by law to pay social se curity taxes the measure of pro :ectlon afforded Is greater thn it would be if the system was o a voluntary basis—that is, a sys tern in which the worker coul 'join up" and pay the tax, o stay out and pass up protection By joining with other worker n the social security insuranc program and paying social secur ity taxes, all workers .share th risk and receive a greater meas ure of personal and family pro* al reported his studies fttid those «* ufte «* th§ fit* "dispersion Mlt- Past Year Saw Progress In Physics By ANJf KtttVG Science Service Staff Writer GENEVA, (By Air Mail) "Great progress" in n u c 1 e a physics has been made during he past year. Dr. J. Robert Op jenheimer, director of the Jnsti :ute for Advanced Ptudy, Prince ton N. 3., told Science Service This progress is an under standing of the so-called weak in teractions of nuclear particles which gives scientists a new too to use as a probe for strong reactions. The new understand^ is on a firm foundation both the pro* oretically and experimentally Dr. Oppenheimer reported. The famous physicist is attend ing the 1958 International Con Eerence on High Energy Physic being held here at CERN, th European Organization for Nu clear Research operated joint!; by 12 nations, The universal theory of wea interactions concerns the strang world within the atomic nucleus It was first proposed by Drs Robert Marshak and E. C. G Sudarshan of the University Rochester, N. Y., and. indepen dently, by Drs. Richard P. Feyn man' and M. Gell-Mann of Cal fornia Institute of Technology Pasadena. Experimental evidence con firming the theory was presente to the Conference by Dr. ]V Goldhaber of Brobkhaven Nation Laboratory, Upton, N. Y., wh hers around the world. One example of a weak inter- ction in nuclear physics is nown as "beta decay," emission of an electron by a rad- oactive element. The downfall ! the once dearly held theory hat parity (the equivalence of n object or system with its mir- or image) is conserved resulted rom studies of weak interac- ons. Suggesting that parity is ot always conserved won the 957 Nobel Prize in Physics for wo others attending the Confer- m;e, Drs. T. D. Lee and C. N. Yang, also of the Institute. Further experiments have con- irmed that parity is not conserv- •t Dr. Goldhaher reported. He! aid, however, that, no experi-j m P n t s have yet shown any ev- denre that time reversal is pos- ible. One unsolved problem, Dr. Op- >enheimer said, is the electric structure of neutrons and pro- ons, fundamental particles of an atomic nucleus. 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Iroadway East End SHOP MONDAY NIGHT 'TIL 9! PRE - INVENTORY St. —Alton —3-1151 save on lingerie save on mens wear NO MONEY DOWN! pay as littU as 4 a month TAKI 10 MONTHS TO PAY ON OUR C.C.A.PLAN Open o convenient "C.C.A." Continuous Credit Account And do all your shopping everyday without cash. •ffc <My MlttfMNWMi for • C. C. A. application CLEARANCE OF FAMOUS MAKE WOMEN'S FASHIONS WOMEN'S SUMMER DRESSES Additional styles, being added d«ily! Tailored, casual styles: solids, motif designs, end floral patterns. Juniors, Misses, Women's siies! '5.99 7.99 117,991 ,,,. P.99 FASHION ACCESSORIES SALESMAN'S SAMPLE JfWELRY Regular $1.00 values in Summer white* and pastels, gold 'n «»ver. Necklaces, pins, ear- ringi, bracelet* ••• SUMMER HANDIA6S „ _ Value* to 93.981 Reduced are beadettes, Ce^ plastic covered whites, washable* and T J •trawi. 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