Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on July 18, 1963 · Page 9
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 9

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 18, 1963
Page 9
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Young GOP leader to support Goidwater or whoever Republicans nominate EDITOR'S NOTE: Barry Goidwater for president... Repeal of the federal income tax ... withdrawal from the United Nations... arming of Cuban exiles. These are some of the policies advocated by the strongly conservative new head of the National Young Republican Federation, which has come to wield increasing influence in the GOP. What if Goidwater isn't the I9<4 Republican presidential nominee? What about the Birchers? What has been the reaction of senior GOP leaders to the swing to the right by the "juniors?" Donald (Bui) Lukens, Young Republican president gives his candid views in the following exclusive interview. By RAYMOND LAHR And FRANK ELEAZER United Press International WASHINGTON (UPI) - Donald E. (Buz) Lukens. elected Voung Republican national chairman after a public endorsement of Sen. Barry Goidwater for president, pledged himself today to a neutral stand on potential GOP candidates and promised to support whoever is nominated. But the outspoken 32-year-old minority clerk of the House Rules Committee, in a question-and-answer session with UPI reporters, reaffirmed his belief in the Arizona senator's conservative philosophy; said a conservative Republican would run better ne.\t year than a "me too" candidate; and predicted defeat of President Kennedy no matter who gets the nod. Lukens, a bachelor from Xenia, Ohio, is a self-styled "amateur" and newcomer to politics. He won the chairmanship of the Young Republican Federation in San Francisco last month after what he conceded was a "tempestuous" convention and what his predecessor called a "nightmare" session at which police once were called to keep order. In his campaisn for tlie two- year office Lukens, who previously had won chairmanship of the federation's District of Columbus unit, publicly committed himself to Goidwater; advocated repeal of the income tax, and called for withdrawal of the United Slates from the United Nations. SEN. BARRY GOLDWATER Lukens, whose campaign and election prompted some concern among senior Republicans aijout the GOP image projected from the Young Republican Convention, said nobody in the party hierarchy had censured him. And he said he had met nothing but friendly cooperation at party headquarters here. Q. Accounts of your convention appear to show the convention was solidly for Goidwater. Is that a correct assessment? A. That accountmg of the convention, yes. I wouldn't agree with many others. Q. And you yourself endorsed Goidwater. How can you be neutral now? A. I can be neutral, simply by doing my job. The federation always has been neutral and as fai- as I am concerned, and as far as anybody working under me. it will be neutral. We will endorse any Republican nominee who has been officially selected. Q. Your predecessor in this job (Leonard Nadasdy of Mmnesota. who presided at the convention) said that he saw in the convention evidence that the real objective of the John Birch Society "is to subvert tlie Republican party and to seize control" of the party. A. I don't know about the sub­ verting, and I am not a member of the John Birch Society and never will be. Along the same line I will not condone or condemn them. My politics are Republican. I have room for anyone in the Republican party and I will not take part in any political activity outside the Republican party. 0. Do you think the position of conservatism espoused by this convention should be Uie position of the GOP? A. Basically I do think the conservative philosophy is the predominant philosophy at this time within the framework of the Republican party. And, yes I think it should be listened to. I think tlie overriding conclusion from the convention is that Young Republicans want to have a voice, and want thcu- voice heard. Lukens said an important factor in the coming presidential election is the possibility of Republican gains in Congress. He said with a conser\'ative standard bearer the party could pick up 10 to 25 House seats "permanently and quickly" from southern areas previously wTitten off to Democrats. He conceded that such a stand by the party nationally could hurt chances of some liberal GOP candidates from the East but said, "I'm more concerned with the fate generally of the Republican party than with any specific area." Q. Is it true you have recommended repeal of the personal income ta.\? A. In essence, yes. Q. Then where are you going to get the money? A. There are 20 different ways of going at this problem. The first thing of course is to reduce federal spending to its absolute minimum. I think we spend too much money for example in the field of foreign aid. In other areas, I would like to see state assumption of more areas of social welfare. Q. Wouldn't you have to pay more state taxes then? A. That's true. I'm not against state taxes. Lukens said he favors withdrawal of the United States from the United Nations "as presently structured." He said the United Nations has not accomplished its mission. As a substitute he suggested creation of a "United Nations of the free world," as proposed by former President Hoover. Q. Do you have any general advice for the Republican party on how to win elections? A. I think what we have not done is sell our positive accomplishments over the past 30 years. This is one of the things this new group (The Young Republicans) wants to do. We need to educate the general public as well as our own party as to the accomplishments of our party within the recent years. We need to tell the people about our stand on civil rights, a stand that actually is stronger than the Democrat party'.«. Q. If you do that, how do you also carry the South? A. I don't think that the South, the individual Southerner, is as concerned about the civil rights issue as he is about the economic and social and political future of that portion of the countr>', Q. In its civil rights resolution your executive committee appears to have come out against a proposed public accommodations law. A. I have in my mind serious and sincere doubts as to whether it's a violation of a personal right to refuse service or to insist on service. It has not been legally decided. I an not a racist. I am definitely, if anything, a liberal on civil rights. I'm for these people 100 per cent and there's no doubt that any citizen of the United States must have the right to vote, the right to housing, the right to education, the right to employment. But I do not want to confuse privileges with rights. MENUS CENSUS NEW YORK (UPI) - Ask any question about the use of any food product and the answer will most likely be found in the "Menus Census." This is the result of a year-long study of food preparation and consumption in the American home recently completed by Market Research Corp. General Foods, General Mills, Pillsbury and Kraft Foods wore prominent subscribers. Redlands Daily Pacts Thurs., July 18, 1963 - 9 Space authorities doubt Russians abandoning race SKYSCRAPER AERIE—A helicopter perches atop the 42- story Southland Life Building in Dallas, Te.v., where regular charter and sightseeing flights recently began. The heliport is the highest in the world—in operation—but is exceeded by the one on the new 60-story PanAm Building in New York. Nixon visits Budapest BUDAPEST, Hungary (UPI)Former Vice President Richard M. Nixon visited the American legation and toured Budapest's open air markets Wednesday. U.S. officials at the legation said Nixon did not visit Jozsef Cardinal Mindszenty, who lives in political asylum in the embassy. The United States has tried to avoid aggravating relations with Hungary over the Cardinal's presence. "A meeting between Cardinal Mindszenty and Nixon is out of the question." Charge d'Affaires Turner Shclton said. Hundreds of Hungarians followed the former vice president on a walk through city streets, many of them stepping up to shake his hand. State to study Colorado river water ruling S.ACRAME.VTO (UPI) - A legislative study will be made of the impact of the U.S. Supreme Court's recent Clifomia - Arizona water ruling—and its impact on California's water plans. The Senate gave final legislative approval Tuesday to a resolution calling for the study. The June 3 court decision gavel Arizona large quantities of Colo -j rado River water that California j had counted on. The resolution says the decision "may necessitate future steps.; to maintain sufficient water supplies to California users of Colorado River water." It says the court ruling has caused "widespread concern." WASHINGTON (UPI) — U.S. space authorities from President Kennedy on down take no stock in a British scientist's report that the Russians may abandon the "race" to the moon. American authorities are sure the Russians are driving to put men on the moon and, eventually. Mars. In any case, they noted, this is what the Russians themselves have been saying again and again. Sir Bernard Lovell, Britain's famous radio astronomer who had just returned home from three weeks in Russia, said Tuesday Soviet scientists were not convinced it was a good idea to send people to the moon. In the lunar sweepstakes, he suggested "the Americans are racing themselves" and not the Russians. Kennedy, asked at his news conference Wednesday about Lovell's statement, replied: "His information is not final." Carrying Heavy Campaign The President said the Soviet space capability is "substantial" and there is "every evidence that they are carrying on a major campaign and diverting greatly needed resources to their space effort." "I think we ought to go right ahead with our own program and go to the moon before the end of this decade," Kennedy said. "The point of the matter always has been not only of our excitement or interest in being on the moon, but the capacity to dominate space, which would be demonstrated by a moon flight, I believe, is essential to the United States as a leading free world power." Dr. Edward C. Welsh, executive secretary of the National Aeronautics and Space Council which plays a key role in setting U.S. space policy, also replied to Lovell. "Sir Bernard is entitled to his opinion and, since there is free dom of speech, he is entitled to express it," he said. Going To The Moon "But all the information available to us is that the Soviets gram and that, in it, is a project for going to the moon. "If we are wrong, we will get there first. But if we take the complacent attitude that the Russians are not gomg to try. we wilt assure them of first place on the moon." Last year the Senate space committee got out a 400-page report on "Soviet Space Programs." It quoted a lot of Soviet spokesmen to one effect: The Russians are going to the moon. From time to time the Commerce Department issues translated abstracts of Soviet articles on space. Manned expeditions to the moon and planets figure largely in them. Brando very sick with kidney infection SANTA MONICA (UPD- Actor Marlon Brando's fight against a recurrent kidney infection today frustrated his battle for Negro civil rights. Attendants at St. John's Hospital said the "very sick" actor's condition was "unchanged" today. Brando, 39. had planned to fly East to participate in weekend integration demonstrations in Maryland, but was stricken Wednesday with the ailment which hospitalized him last May. Plans Delayed "He will be hospitalized at least several days, and I'm sure he will not be able to go ahead with his plans" said his physician. Dr. Robert Kositchek. "He's very sick, running a high fever," the doctor added. Brando's doctor said the in- flamation of the kidney and bladder had never been as acute as this time, but added he did not regard the illness in its current stage as serious or critical. EXPENSIVE VANDALS NEW YORK (UPI) — Replacing school windows smashed by unruly students will cost the .American taxpayer $40 million this year, according to a survey made by Owens-Coming Fiber- have a well balanced space pro-lglas Corp. 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