Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on January 7, 1949 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, January 7, 1949
Page 2
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TWO • Soil Conservation Meeting Scheduled Area Men Planning To Attend Conference A meeting of chairmen of Maryland 23 soil conservation district in Baltimore on Monday will be at.. tended by three conservations from this section. " William W. Nace, Oakland, dis- " trlct conservationist lor Allogamy and Garrett counties, Wilbert B. Paul, Mt. Savage and Foster Yost, Accident, have made plans^to attend the meeting at the Lord-Baltimore Hotel. Paul is chairman of the board of supervisors of the Al- leRany County Soil Conservation District and Yost heads the Garrett County group. ',,.,. The meeting-, 'which was called by I5T..T. B. Symons, dean of the Col- '1 -iege--of agriculture of the TJniver- "slty'Of Marj-land and director of the university extension service, is scheduled to get underway at 2 p'-nj- Dr. Symons, chairman of trio state committee, has not called a --meeting of the district chairmen for" several months. Although the agenda has not been, announced, the conservationists are expected to consider two major problems.. One is a recommendation to the General Assembly .to double the state's appropriation for conservation wort . Another, is the recommendation • bT-^the Bowman Commission that son and water conservation work be stepped up. Paul said the chairmen will probably mate arrangements for a meeting of all district supervisors Jater in the year to map a. program for future conservation. • Halph S 1 McHenry, county agent, •aid a meeting of supervisors is scheduled at his office in the Court House this afternoon; Chest Leaders Will Be Honored A testimonial dinner for leaders «nd workers of the. Cumberland Community'Chest drive will be held next Friday at 6 p. m. in Central •*- M. C A. Henry C..-Sw2aringen irJd" Mrs. Arthur C. Bright were leaders of the 1948-49 drive. Tho dinner is being held prior to the annual meeting of the Cum- •twland community Chest which will open at 7:30. ~ It "will give recognition to work of the leaders and others in the Brivc which raised over 98 ner cent • -of the highest peacetime budget of the Cumberland Community Chest. Each contributor to the Chest campaign has been Invited to attend the annual meeting at which -Frederic W. Eiler, Chest president, •'.'•irfll preside. Among business scheduled at the meeting, is the election of live directors. Nominees are James W. Bishop, Mrs. Bright, David T. Davis, Roy W. Eves. Charles F. Helmrich, A,"E. Johnson, Clarence LJppel, R. -' AT' J. Morrison, Anne W. Tennant '' and Benjamin W. Wright. Ladolfi Files Appeals For Occupancy Permit "-'- John Indolfl, 31 Marion Street, C-'ias-flled an appeal with the Board of Zoning Appeals for a permit to locate a cleaning and pressing establishment at 434 Williams Street. The original application was denied because the building Is in a Residential B district. .,TA_ permit was granted to Leroy Rita and Bay Rcisslg to operate a pool room.on the first floor at.427 Virginia Avenue. The two-Ktory brick building, located In a business zoning district, is owned by Mrs. Lena Belfoure, of the same address. EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., FRIDAY, JANUARY 7, 1949 Phone 4(500 Cor a WANT AI> Taker Number Of Bills Introduced At General Assembly Session ANNAPOLIS, M.6.-W) — Yesterday's legislative routine included: . House bills Introduced HB5—By speaker—To require chat physicians, pharmacists, dentists and hospitals report treatment of Injuries . which' .may have • been caused by violence, making statewide a law now applying only in Montgomery, Talbot and Somerset. (Judiciary). HB26—By speaker—To- allow roads Commission to designate any highway, freeway or parkway having a traffic' density of 1,000 or more vehicles dally as a roadside protected highway; commission then could regulate business and.. commercial uses of adjoining land to. a depth of 200 feet on either side. Judiciary)- 2w met on eiuiici o*uc. \j uuiv*»i**j t • "«••—* — - HB31—Bv speaker — To exempt I alcoholics .throughout from taxation property\owned by! (Judicial Proceedings). the American Veterans of World War n (Arnvets)." (Ways' -and Means). HB38—By speaker—To give the Workshop lor the Blind exclusive right of licensing vending stands for the blind In.all state, county and municipal buildings. (Judiciary). , HB37—By- speaker — To. increase from $45 to $60 .a month the- maximum statutory ' amount 'of public assistance to the blind, and to allow needy blind to. earn up to $40 extra money without deduction from the state contribution. (Ways and Means). the from $14,500 to $16,000, and of associate judges' of the Court of Appeals from' $13,500 to $15,000. (Finance). SB11—By president —To 'amend the constitution so as to set the membership of the House of .Delegates at 125, with each county and legislative district of Baltimore City given a minimum of two seats, with the others to be distributed on aj population basis. (Judicial proceed-I Ings). . i • SB14-^By President—To set up.aj State Advisory Committee on Edu- 1 cation to. study all phases of public education, (Sducation) : • SB15—By. president—To set up an. unpaid Commission on Alcoholism and the expenditure of $100,000 annually for establishing -"-'-•*— cult Courts. (Judicial Proceedings). SB57—By presidenl>-To give the State Game and Inland Fish. Com- inission power to change the open seasons and creel and possession limits. (Fish.and Game). SB58—By president^-To give the State Game and Inland_ Fish Commission the. right to adopt regulations covering hunting, fishing, and sale, possession, transportation or export of any wild bird, animal or •fish taken from inland water. (Fish and Game). SB5D—By president.—To require that any person killing a deer report immediately to a checking station, and to prohibit hunting deer or upland game with a military firearm capable of firing automatic bursts. (Fish and Game). SBGO—By president^-To • provide for the licensing of fur dealers, taxi- clinics for -the state. dermists and fur tanners. (Fish Game). SB64—By president—To make a distinction between residents and non-residents of Maryland in the penalties for hunting without a Hi cense the penalties for residents to ! be $20 and for non-residents $50', j plus Jail sentences. (Fish and ! Game). SB69—By president—To create a full time office of .commissioner Qf correction', -who would have the advice and counsel of an Advisory Board of Correction, with three deputies under commissioner—directors of Institutions, classification and state-use.. (Judiciary). SB71—By president—To create a three-member Board of Parole and Probation;. with one to be a full- time commissioner of parole and probation, and the others to be part- 'tlme appointees; with the board to with approval of the governor. (Judiciary). Senate joint resolutions introduced:— SJR.1—By president—To recommend that .the state assume.the obligation of constructing roads in state parks. (Finance). SJR—By president—To continue the commission to study Maryland corporate laws, named in 1947 but unable to'complete its work In time for the 1D49 'session. (Judiciary). A researcher has discovered that Jthe home occupied by Miriam Hop- kins'on .Button Place in New.YorK City once was occupied by Stephen Crane, famous 'American miter; at the turn of the century. SB20 — By president — To make semi-annual inspections of all motor vehicles at state inspection" stations mandatory, and to set inspection costs at $1 a year, to be collected •with the license fee. (Finance)., ! SB25—By president — To require j that .'voting 'machines be usedi hroughout the state, and to'author- I ze county commissioners .to issue londs to pay for-them.' 1 (Elections). SB26 —By president — To repeal he Declarations of Intentions' Act. (Elections). SB32 —By president —To amend he constitution to abolish the HB43—By -speaker—To allow the Orphan's -Courts and transfer their State Health Department to acquire duties to registers of wills and Cirby condemnation the land in or near Baltimore City to be used as a chronic .disease hospital. (Public Health and Welfare). HB48— By speaker — To provide that agricultural and 1 seafood workers be barred from 'unemployment compensation, unless they have worked in the corresponding base month of the previous year. (Banking, insurance and social security). HB51—By speaker — To provide that unemployment compensation recipients- be granted an additional $23 a week for each child up-to a maximum of four children'.. (Bank Ing, insurance and social security) HB52-7-By. speaker—To .restore to the law" the provision that unemployment 'recipients -must have earned at least 30 times the weekly benefit to- qualify. Instead of -40 times os> has been the case lor two years. (Banking, Insurance and Social Security). Senate bills Introduced— ... SB2 —By president—To require that the State Department of Labor and Industry be notified of' any labor dispute which may-result in a lockout or strike, and to allow the department to hold collective bargaining elections. (Labor). SB5—By preslden1>-To allow lr evidence concealed weapons' found in'an otherwise Illegal search, mak ing statewide an amendment to the Bouse Act now in effect in Baltimore county. (Judicial proceedings) SB10—By president—To raise thi pay of Circuit -Court Judges from $9,500 to $13,000 annually; of thi chief judge of the Court of. Appeal PREFERRED BY MILLIONS $0 PURE, $0 FAST, $0 DEPENDABLE StJoseph ASPIRIN NEW! ST. JOSEPH ASPIRIN FOR CHILDREN Easy to take. Hanorance flavor tliot» sweetened to chlld'stnste. Easy to sivo. 50 tablets for SSc. Try Itl JEAN ARTHUR AND RONALD COLMAN W "The Talk of the Town" WCUM *9 P. M. EST ALBERT',5 MARKET TO SHOP MARKET CLOSES 8 P. M. FRIDAY Del Monte Crushed Pineapple Cock o' Walk Peach Halves lUIUnttne O»n BEER Case $3-25 Fresh Ground BEEF 49Cn, Campbell's Tomato SOUP Swift's Premium and Select CHUCK ROAST 49c ,„. To E»t PICNIC HAMS 39c ,„ SLICED BACON !-">. fiQ~ pic,, WC Prescriptions . 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Walker, vice president of the Grand Lodge, made the principal 'address' and -presented veterans badgeii to 17 members. ' D'Al'Niland,., District; 29' general chairman, and-J. P. Cunniif, District "2S.' ,*secretaryftreasurer, . took part in-the installation, ceremonies.. Chairmen.- appointed-fpr"1949 include -C. C.-Hardy, local chairman; c:.;j. McKay,..-back; shop;. F. W. Kartell, -round house, 'and R. H, •Withers;' Bolt. and" Forge-shop. Population Problem;. -LONDON— (INS)—Britain's most, pressing 'social' problem . today i* room for her. citizens to breathe. The population "of-tile tight little Isle has soared over the 50 million mark and the • nation's;; towns ha« become Increasingly overcrowded. ^ Thelma Clingermon 1 Graduate of Everett High School 'Graduate of Cathennan's Business School Employed by University of • Maryland : Approved for G.t Training Mr..Cornerman: '' .. _ . You moy s«nd m«, without obligation, information concerning your courset. Nam« ... 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