Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on July 18, 1963 · Page 5
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 5

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 18, 1963
Page 5
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Local Notes Something Nice and DtKerent See the super-charger Golden Hawk for re-sale at $1095. Bert S. Hatfield's Big Buick block. 301 E. Redlands Blvd. Havi a Buyer For a five bedroom nice older home on large lot. Brewster- Rabenstein, realtors, 793-5176. x Baek Yard Sal* Miscellaneous items, 604 W. Fern avenue. x Prf BarbKua Sunday July 21, San Gorgonio Lodge Patio. 1 mile above Forest Home. Serving 12 noon on. x MM ZwiMi Premier showing. 8 to 11 p.m. ; tonight Sligers. 109 E. State, s 10 Per Cent Off All trees and sbsvbs only. Stockham's Garden Ceater. 1265 Brookside Ave. Open Sundays. x Kirfcpatrick Sarvieec Graveada services for Mrs. Mary S. Kirkpatrick were held 10:30 Wednesday morning at Hill side Memorial Park. Bev. Harry Suttner Pastor of the First Con gregational Oiurch officiating. F. Arthur Cortner Chapel la charge. "Onlr One Redlands" Dr. Lawrence Nelson's Diamond .lubilee history book on Redlands. Now on sale at Facts Office, 700 Brookside avenue, liard cover $10. Paperback S2. Proceeds to Redlands Community Music Association. X Treasure Tone* Palrt—Park Free Shop at Larry's Paint House, Winn Buildine, Colton at Orange. We give S.&H. Grsen Stamps too! x For Rent Newly redecwated 4 bedroom home. Lovely large living room with fireplace, dining room, breakfast room, extra closets, all features. Close to U of R. 1003 College Ave. $135 per month. 792-5425 Or 792-7687. x New York Stocks NEW YORK (UPn - Stocks broke sharply near the close today, finally giving way under the growing weight of uncertainties. The rail dispute, a boost in the discount rate, the Securities & Exchange Commisaon blast at the securities industry and finally President Kennedy's request that Congres.s grant a temporary new tax on American investment in foreign securities shook market confidence. Foreign issues such as Roj'al Dutch, International Nickel and Alumuium were particularly hard hit by the tax news, designed to help stem the flow of U.S. capital abroad. Dow Jones Stock Averages High Low Close Chngs 30 inds 703.20 693.93 695.90 off 3.82 20 rrs 172.42 169.74 17J.Z8 oil 1.09 15 utls 138.4113§.99 ii".76 off 0.12 65 stks 253.68 250.34 251.22 off 1.20 Sales today were about 3.71 million shares compared with 3.94 million shares Wednesday. 10 Host ActlTC Slockt (Dow-Jonra Stnice, Cnnrtesr Ltstcr, Brons & Cg.) in £. Stalt Volarae CMse Chne 73.800 S. n. KrM» -f-l'i ^S.IOO Snnray .-i.-.'li - Sl.MO TInlltd ArtUt 24- !, B3fiQ0 Royml Dutch ~ ie.tOO Cbryilcr 5S'.i — M 36.600 U.S. Smell »? — =i 35,300 Brunswick uncb. S4.400 Belh. St«l .10 - }, 34,000 Here. TamitT 35 — "i 33.800 Tex. Golf Prod. _. S-«i - ?i San Bernardino gets chance for MWD step By RICHARD D. WEST 'The city of San Bernardino got the green light yesterday - after noon to proceed with the first step in its program to seek annexation to the Metropolitan Wafer district (MWD). "fliis first step will l)e to file a petition with the San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water district (Muni) asking for a de-annexation election. A separate election later would dedde the actual MWD matter. JIuni directors voted 41 to agree to call a de-annexation election if the legal petition is filed with (he board. The board would not go along with a request by JIayor Donald G. Mauldin to call an election without such a petition. While this particular issue affects Redlands only indirectly, the issue is a potent one in San Bernardino. Packed Room The Muni board room was packed with a standing room only crowd yesterday afternoon when the subject arose shortly after 2 p.m. But from the reaction of the audience, it was apparent that there were as many opposed to the MWD annexation move as there were for it. San Bernardino's Mayor Mauldin and the Water Action Council are the foremost advocates of the MWD annexation on the basis that San Bernardino cannot exist on its water allotment under the Orange County suit judgement between 1964 and 1972 when Feather River water is scheduled to arrive. Opponents to the MWD proposal on the other hand, contend that San Bernardino has not accqited all the water available to it and that the MWD move is not a wise one in view of the water contract Muni has for Feather River water. The MWD board has also. created opposition in this valley by asking the state to delay construction of the East branch (high line) aqueduct until 1985. It is from this aqueduct that the San Bernardino valley. Riverside and San Diego, as well as the San Gorgonio pass and some of the desert areas, would get its Feather River water. Notwithstanding. Mayor Mauldin told the Muni board yesterday fliat he would still "rather throw in my lot with MWD tiian rely on Muni." The motion to agree to call an election if San Bernardino filed a legal petitiai was made by Director Horace P. Hinckley and approved by all with the exception of Maurice Shumaker of Yucaipa. Shumaker wanted the motion framed in legal terms. No Second Earlier, Director Joseph Bonadiman had moved to permit an election without the petition. But he could not raise a second and the motion died. The required peition must bear signatures equivalent to 10 per cent of the votes cast in the last director's election in the area involved (present city limits of San Bernardino). And the proponents will also be required, under the law, to put up a sum, not to exceed $500, toward the cost of the election. WWle de-annexation of San Bernardino would subtract 39 per cent of the total assessed valuation of the district, only the residents voters within the de-anne-x- ation area will vote on the matter. Colton, Redlands, Yucaipa If such a vote were successful in San Bemardmo, the Muni district would then include Colton, Redlands and Yucaipa as its major entries. That there is considerable opposition was apparent when Venn Botts, president of the board of the East San Bernardino County Water district, read a lengthy pre­ pared stafment of opposition, and Mrs. Harold Chandler, former President of the League of Women Voters, called the election "jH-emature" at this time because of too many unanswered questions, a Jim Cook, a member of the board of the Western JIunicipal Water district of Riverside also took the floor to urge San Bernardino to stay out of MWD. He maintained that MWD is "an expensive luxur>-" and that its board of directors is not elected by the people and is not answerable to anybodj". Pledges Fair Settlement He also pledged a "fair and equitable" settlement "by negotiation" of the suits filed by West- em Municipal against water interests of this valley. Mr. Botts, in his statement from Eastern San Bernardino district, pointed out that approximately 26,000 people live within its juris diction and about 1600 to 2000 of them live within the city of San Bernardino and receive water and sewage service from the East San Bernardino district To protect these residents from what he termed "triple ta.\a(ion in event of de-anncxation of the city from Muni, he said "we shall be forced to attempt to de-annex the areas of our service within the city from the city . . ." He said that our board ". . is against the entrance of M^VD into our water basin under any guise whatsoever. It has nothing to offer us but future trouble and complications. . . '. . . In all honesty, our board feels that all the water needs of the city of San Bernardino between now and the arrival of Feather River water can be met by your friends and neighbors if the atmosphere were cleared. Our local water problem is largely a newspaper and mental problem." Second gift to Prospect Pork fund The special Prospect Ptrk fund created recently by an anonymous $500 contribution has been enlarged. Mayor Charles C, Parker revealed iWs week. The mayor reported receipt of a $25 donation, also by an anonymous giver, for the park fund. He said the second contributor was "delighted at the prospects of Prospect Park" and may give another gift when plans for the park are more definite. Money donated to the fund, maintained the City Treasurer Marion Poyier, will be used to develop the 35-acre park in event the October 22 bond issue election is successful. The bends would finance purchase of the property. Redlands Daily Faefs Thurs., July 18, 19^ - 5 Weather BainlaU June IS June 19 June 20 June 21 June 22 June 23 June 24 June 25 June 2S June 27 June 29 June 30 July 1 , July 2 . July 3 , July 4 . July 5 , July 6 . July 7 . July 8 . July B . July 10 . July 11 . July 12 . July 13 . July 14 , July IS , July 16 . July 17 , July 18 Temp. . 90 . 91 24 Hours Seaton . 75 , 74 . 97 . 81 . 85 . 92 . 93 . 95 . 93 . 96 . 94 .._ E8 — 94 ^J. 95 ._ 93 — 97 99 __102 _..103 —101 . 97 .J)9 57 55 58 58 57 49 54 55 54 S3 55 55 54 53 54 57 54 56 55 S3 57 54 58 62 62 64 60 59 57 Baath party seen rising in Syria, Iraq By RAY J. MOLONEY United Press International BEIRUT, Lebanon (UPI)-Signs have appeared of a possible rising tide against the Baath party control in Syria and Iraq, both locked in a bitter ideological conflict with U.A.R.'s President Gamal Abdel Nasser. Syria is now deep in a political crisis which has seen its Baath government maneuver repeatedly to avoid an open dash with the non-Baathists. Iraq recently announced the crushing of "a vile Communist plot," but the reports reaching here indicate that the plotters were by no means only Communist. In both Iraq and SjTia observers believe the trouble stems from Baath insistence on placing its own men—however inexperienced—in key positions. This policy is claimed to be fostering a steadily increasing anti- Baath attitude in the civil service and the armed forces, where seniority has sometimes been ignored. The Syrian crisis began last month with a Baalhisl bid to clip the wings of Defense Minister Ziad AI Hariri, a man with a strong personal following in the army, by transferring abroad or discharging a number of his close army associates. Hariri battled the move bit teriy. But the National Revolutionary Council stripped Hariri of bis post and sent him to European exile July 8. The faihire of the Baath to grant adequate representation to Sytian Sasserite elements in the post-coup cabinet sparked the crisis and put in doubt the establishment of the tripartife Unit- SWEETIEPIE By Nadine Seltzer 100 acres on Brookside annexed to city Final steps in bringing about 100 acres along Brookside avenue into the city were taken by the City Council this week. In separate actions, the Council formally adopted a precise zoning plan for the area and gave final approval to the annexation which IJecomesi elfective in 30 days. A majority of the property owners in the area requested the annexation. The area is generally Itound by Lakeside avenue, Barton road, Brookside avenue, Bellevue avenue, Terracina boulevard and the existing city limits. Commercial zonmg was applied to existing commercial propMiies along Brookside avenue. Residential zoning was applied to the balance of the area. Mrs. Cranmer asks public to oppose billboard space increase "All right! Let's have the horrible facts! What do you need the paint remover for?" m m m EMMERSON MORTUARy ^ T03 Brookside AwetJoe J ~^^^-3l !^-JTv Redlands. California ^ Phone 793-2441 m m Dear friends, We thank the people of our community for the consideration they give to funeral processions. It is generally understood that cars should not pass through a procession. When approaching a funeral procession from the opposite direction, it is respectful to reduce speed but do not stop (unless so directed), as the cars behind might collide. Respectfully, M mm mm :m mm mm m ed Arab federation of Iraq, Syria and Egypt. The reasons for the clash are complex. Both support Arab nationalism and Arab unity but they differ diametrically on who should lead this part of the world. No such figure as Harari yet exists in Iraq. But there the an ger against the "Baathisation" of the army appears to have been a major factor in the recent brief uprising at the strategic EI Rash id military camp outside Bagdad, according to reports received here through diplomatic channels. The camp contains a large number of Communist and Kurd ish prisoners, and the reports claim that most of these were released and armed by dissident army units in preparation for a march on Baghdad. Something like two-thirds of the Iraqi army is presently engaged in the campaign against the Kurdish nationalists in the north. Any serious trouble in the remaining units could face the Baath administration with a serious danger. In both Syria and Iraq there is also discontent among the business communiUes, whose activities have been virtually stalled as a result of future uncertainties arising out of the Baath-Nassei crisis. Vital Records Marriage Licenses Issued THOMPSON-MILLER - James G. Thompson, 26. Henderson Nev.; and Janet Miller, 25, Redlands. (Issued in Las Vegas) WnXIAM G. MOORE. PoblUiwr. FRANK E. MOORK. tOltor. PubltthcA every cventix («xe«t>t Sunday) «t FaeU bnUdlsc, 700 Brook- M» »X Cmtcr. Rmiudt, Camoralm. Fouoded October S3. 1890. 73rd reer. Entend at uconS cuta natter October 33. 18M, at the Post Office at Redlands Callfonila, under act ot tUattt 3, 1878. SUBSCRumON RATE (In Advance) Br Carrier OeUrerr Oae Mealk » l.»» Tkiee Mealki • *.t* fix Vntfca Oae tear _ W.»» Oae MeaU tlaa Tear . Br MaU ,1 tJ« ^ IS.M Citrus Marlcet LOS ANGELES, July 18 (UPI)_ Representative prices by size and grade all orange auction markets: S6s 7Zs Us First grade 6.10 5.24 4.27 Second grade 3.74 3.64 3.28 113s 138$ 1i3s 180s First grade ...-.4.36 4.24 3.80 3.78 Second grade.3.34 Trend: About unchanged. NEW YORK (UPI) - Citrus: California: Valencias; 7 cars half boxes $3.68. Poultry and Eggs LOS ANGELES, July 18 fOPD — Eus: Prices to retailers lo.b. distributor plant* (delivered Hi cents higher: AA extra larse 3S>A-«^i, A extra large 38«-4m, AA large 31Mi-38V !i, A larse 30>i-3m, B large 26Vi-27fi. AA medium 25142911. A medium 24''i, AA smaU 11V,-ilVi, A small 16Vj -nVj. Prices to sonsumers: AA large 33-53, A large 39-48, AA raedium 37-48, A medium 33-41, AA small 32-39, A small 29-35. Po-jl>ry: Fryers 16-19, roasters 21-25, light type hens 3-3 ?i wtd. avg. 3.17, heas cross e-6ii. vrtd. avg. a.l8, turkeys: yearling hens 16-18"^, young hens 21-21>j, young toms 22, iryer roasters 21. Announeemenf of Funeral Services JfRS. MARGUERITE VAUGHN Services pending. Fa ARTHUR CORTNER Aluminum contract talks under way NEW YORK (UPI) - Contract talks began Wednesday between the United Steelworkers of America and the five major U.S. aluminum companies. David J. MacDonald, president of the union, said, "I think it is generally known the United Steelworkers have set their sights on job security." The union recently concluded a historic agreement with major steel producers under which senior employes are to receive a 13-week vacation every five years. Agreement was arrived at some months before the contract expiration. The steelworkers at the aluminum companies now have two- year contracts which expire Aug. 1, J964 ,and provided for reopening after June 1 of this year. A policy statement handed to the management negotiators by the union Wednesday contained a mention of the extended vacation provision. MacDonald said, "I hope we can arrive at an agreement quickly," but John S. Harrison, executive vice president of the Aluminum Company of America, added that "we've got a lot of work ahead of us." The companies involved in the talks are Alcoa, with 13,000 union members; Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corp., with about 8,000 unionists; Reynolds Metal Co., with about 7,000 men; Olin MathiescBi Corp., with nearly 2,000 unionists; and Ormet, Inc., with 1,400 members. Negotiations are being held without the parties asking for for mal reopening of the contract. The current pacts provide for the right to strike 90 days after a reopening notice has been served. CARD OF THANKS We wich to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for the kindness and sympathy extended us during our bereavement. Family of W. D. Long x 221 BROOKSIDE AVLePTMAU Announcemenf of Services BELL, Mrs. Vera 10:00 a.m. Today Yucaipa Chapel NELSON, Miss Jennie Edith 2:00 p.m. Today Valley Chapel Loma Linda. Calif. GARCIA, Pedro 0. Rosary: 7:30 p.m. Tonight Redlands Cfaapel Requiem Mass: 9:00 a.m. Friday St. Mary's Church Emmerson Mortuaries and Chapels 703 BROOKSIDE AVE. 793-2441 Mrs. Rodney L. Cranmer of Redlands, a member of a committee which framed the county's original highway billboard abatement orduiance five years ago, today issued a statement calling for massive public opposition to a proposal to increase the amount of space outdoor advertisers are allowed along the county's high- waj-s. She attacked the billboard advertising companies for confusing a simple amendment proposed by tie county Planning Departmrat so that they could "stall a decision" and introduce their own proposal. Mrs. Cranmcr's statement follows v,ithout quotation marks. Again the Billboard representatives succeeded in making a farce of Tuesday's public hearing on an Amendment to San Bernardino County ordinance No. 1678. The amendment, a simple definition of a business structure reads as follows: "A business or industrial structure as used herein shall mean an occupied perm anent building attached to a perm- Retracts his interruption offer CANNINGHAM. England (UPI) —Last Sunday Anglican Vicar Arthur Moss told his parishioners to go right ahead and interrupt his sennoa if they had any objections to make. Responding spiritedly to the in vitation, the congregation filled the church with protest. Today, after giving the matter thoughtful consideration, the Rev. Mr. Moss said he would insist on at least seven minutes of uninterrupted sermon next Sunday. Sir Arthur Seymour Sullivan, the musical half of Gilbert and Sulliyan, also wrote "the Lost Chord" and the hymn tune "Onward, Christian Soldiers." © EncrcIoBocdia Brilansiea anent foundation whereis -«oe or more persons are emplojrefi." It was deemed necessary by the County Planning ComTJiission because the billboard companies had illegally erected signs on fences, poles, wires,shacfcs and storage tanks adjacent to the freeway. The amendment should have passed in ten minutes. It was supported by County residents in attendance and by S. Wesley Break and Chairman Nancy Smith who stated" This is a simple amendment. I see no reason for a delay in action", as she vainly tried to get a motion for such action. But the billboard interests objected to the 'wherein one or more persons are employed'. This maneuvering runs true to form for Billboard tactics. This rejection gave leverage to confuse the matter and hope to stall a decision, thus allowing them to introduce an amendment of their own. The camel's head was in the tent and by 12:30 p.m. he was completely inside and the hearing adjourned in more or less confusion. The majority of the hearing time was consumed by billboard representatives with well prepared presentations. As a result, their proposed amendment had no adequate rebuttal from persons (Citizens) attending due to the lateness of the hour, and the surprise contents of their amendment. Whether the Board of Supervisors realized that taxpayers in attendance had not been given time for this second proposal, I do not know, but they made and passed a motion to adjourn and to give their decision next Monday, July 22, at 9:30 a.m. with no further public participation. In billboard representatives with whom I have had contact for Two from RHS entered in Claremont Among the sew students at the liberal arts college ot public affairs at Claremont Men's College for the next academic year will be two from Redlands. They are Donald C. Scott, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alex L. Scott. 60 West Highland avenue, and Frank J. Loge, son of Mrs. Helen M. Loge, 229 Grandview drive. Both are graduates of Redlands High school. Approximately 200 new students are enrolled fw the year which begins September 26. many years, wiio are anticipating a victory next Monday. Without a response from each one of us, I have a suiking feeling that the Supervisors nught make that victory possible. The United Outdoor Advertising Company's proposed amendment would allow 1000 feet on each side of a business on the freeway, instead of the present 500. This means a totalof 4000 feet, for both sides of the freeway, where an imlmuted number of signs could be placed. Remember this applies to present and future highways in our mountains and deserts as well as to San Bernardino Freeway. The result could well be many "Billboard Alley's" such as the area from Cabazon to Palm Springs in Riverside County. I believe we can depend upon Super\'isor Chau-man Smith and Supervisor Break to preserve the present ordinance No, 678 and strengthen it with the proposed Plannmg Commission's amendment defining a business structure. .Mrs. Smith stated, "This ordinance was adopted five years ago and we would be letting the people down now if we didn't adopt this amendment." Mr. Ross Dana of the desert and mountain area replied, "When you speak of people you're speaking of groups in a certain area. I'm speaking for another large group. I have no opposing group in my area." Vihile it is true that each Supervisor represents a certain area in the County and knows it's needs and problems, it is also true that all should work together in harmony for the gene-'al welfare of the entire County. Should Mr. Dana be able to influence two more votes because he favors more billboards in this area, San Bernardino County, the largest county in the world, could well become the ugliest for the thousands of tourists who come expecting a paradise. There is only one thing we can do at this point. Write, wire, telephone or talk to one or more of the Supervisors and express your opinion, particularly if you wish to keep our roadsides free from additional billboards. Daniel Miksell of Ontario and Paul Young of Colton e-xpressed no opinion. We hope after our "business" and apathy will not let tliis matter go by default. But elected representatives should have a response from county and city residents at least equal to the billboard pressure, as a backing for any decision they make. STUART E. POWER EASTMAN DIUON, UNION SECURITIES & Co. MEMBEBS NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGB 6190 Magnolia Ave., Riv«rsW« (Plaza) Dial Optrator (Toil-Free) for Zenith 7-850O Summer Weel(-End Specials! Low-Prices in Effect FRIDAY and SATURDAY Sove on 45 pc. Sets of Miramar Melmoc Dinnerware! in Asserted PaHems Regular Price $19.95 . . . Special 45 Pc. Set Includes: 8 Cups — 8 Saucers — 8 Salads — 8 Dinner Plates I plaHer — 8 Cereals — I Server — I Creamer —- I Sugar — I Cover 10 in. Oseilletinfl Eleefrie Fen Reg. $1S.9S. Spec. Reg. $7.95 Picnic Jug with Shoulder Spevt.. . Special Reg. $1.95 Olal-A Rain Sprinkler . . . Special $1188 $788 Friday and Safurday Only SONY TRANSISTOR RADIOS Requlariy $19.95... lO Reguloriy $29.95 ... SPECIAL PRICES IN EFFECT FRI., JULY 19 A & SAT., JULY 20. Furniture Draperies Hawseweree Herdwares Appliance*

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