The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on June 7, 1935 · Page 7
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 7

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 7, 1935
Page 7
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'•^r-sti^&a w '••'. '-. .;:?£'^'^^£ spi TRIBUNE CLA FOB SALE OB TRADE REAL ESTATE REAL BARGAIN—80. acres near Sheridan. Foster & Purvis. c-213 FOR SALE — SO acres, Tipton •county; extra good buildings; priced to sell. Foster & Pur vis. c-212 FOR SALE—Elmer Green property, corner Washington and : Conde streets; real snap for quick buyer. Foster & Purvis c-213 FOB SALE PERSONAL PBOPEBTY FOR SALE—Tomato plants. Ed Harter, 201 Ash. p-212 FOR SALI Maple. -Tomato plants. 301 p-212 FOR SALE—Tomato plants. Elmer Letsinger. c-212 FOR SALE—Arsenate Of lead for bugs, 17c lb., at Ilexall Drug .Store. c-tf FOR SALE—One gas stove, S5; ice boxes dollar and up. Line- barks. c-213 FOR SALE—75.000 Greater Baltimore tomato plants. Phonn 20X2. p-215 FOR KALI-:—(Joo_d 2-row cultivator. Joe Allherr. 1'lione 1XS : . p-212 FOR SALE— -10 acres. good buildings, electricity, fSO per acre. L. W. Fuller. c-212 FOR HALE—York Imperial pota : toe.4; for seed, GOc bushel; eating. 50c. W. II. Miles, Phone 1-1X0. c-212 FOR SALE—Cauliflower plants. 2 dozen, 15c; now is tlie time to got them out. JS. C. Chambers. p-212 FOR SALE—Fries, :; to 4 Ibs.; fourth bouse east from park. Phone 10s. Paul Guilkey. c-212 FOR SALE — Super clean hard cnal for brooder stoves. Phone 55. Edna Burkhait Co. c-tf FOR SALE—Pimento plants, 5c 1 dozen. B. C. Chambers. c-tf FOR SALE—Fries, heavy. Mrs. Clintie Cochran. c-212 FOR SALE—Seed potatoes. Paul Schulenburg. Phone SX8. •p-214 WANTED WANTED — You to know that Dutox is best for bean beetles at Rexall Drug Store. c-tf WANTED — Housework or restaurant work. Phone 4101. c-215 WANTED — Paper hanging; reasonable, coyner. Phone 1270 c-214 WANTED — Housework or restaurant work, street. 534 North East P-213 FOB BENT FOR RENT—Pasture. Phone 4X3. c-213 FOR RENT — Modern furnished apartment, close in. Phone 3374 or IS. c-214 FOR RENT — Furnished rooms for light housekeeping. 236 S. West St. Phone 4241. .c-213 FOR RENT — Furnished 2-room apartment, centrally located Meudenhall's Studio'. c-tt MISCELLANEOUS WASHING MACHINES, RADIOS —Call at 302 Poplar for demonstration of American Beauty washers, $32.50 and up; also RCA radios, $29.95 up. Allen Bangle. p-212 MEN, WOMEN—Age 1S-50, good health; qualify now for government work; salary $105 per month and up; write Civil Employees Training about examinations, Box i, this paper. p-213 MONEY TO LOAN FUR SALE — Registered Short- born male, yearling. Osi-ar Manlove, Tipton. Phone Ekin. p-213 SALE — Tip-Top chicks, proven the cheapest for farmer or poultrymau; a few started chicks. Tipton Hatchery. c-tf FOR .SALE — G-year-old liorse, Fordson tractor and Oliver 12- inch tractor plow; 2 I. H. C. rotary hoes; u-in. Letz burr fofd mill; 7-ft. Osbornc binder. Butz Implement Store. Phone 33XS. c-tf FOR SALK—Good work horse; 2- year-old mare; 2 Farmalls. iO- i:0; ctiltipacker; cultivators; good used binders. 7-ft. and X- ft. cut; manure spreaders and mowers. Hull Bros. c-213 FOR SALK — Advan-e-Rumloy separator, 22-inch cylinder, in good condition; will sell at a bargain. Rix Haskett. Phone 32X5. c-213 Tut-s. f.--i:hor!!s ' OS — K;u-h Ki- tyjie V.'hltc Jtl.05 per 100; . r,no lots; Jfl.SO in ] l.fiOO lols. Hi-avVK 57.45 per 1'Vi; ?7.25 in BOO lots: S7 in l.'ili) Icit.s. I,ij,-lit Rr.-ihumiui ll«avy MiN.-d $~. AUd ic i*c-r i-r.tra \vlu-n lots or TiM :ire ship- L'r \vln-n ^". C'hic-kc Martf't :'. nl :: \\'KS. .-is sjM-ci.-il orders. Onk-r in ncc for dale. l»r«-'-il ;ind nunUc.-r. c .viiiiunrr tiiii-ks— tht-y will inwin un.lit lor i:il,|.- iisi- this f:ill. Kli-r Il;ii«-li'-r.v. .\riclircanlown. inrl. SEE US for new plan of farm loans; 5, 10, 15 and 20-year payment plan; low interest rate. Fielding & Fielding, c-tf THE DAILY WHEEZE * Sunday Services * I. ." Pilgrim HolineM Chnrcb. (0. W. Barnes, pastor.) Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. Morning worship at 10:30 a, m. Young Peoples meeting at 6:30 p. m. Evening worship at 7:30 p. m. Thursday evening prayer meet- Ing at 7:30 p. m. St. John's Catnollc Crnrch. (Rev. F. Jos. Bllsteln). Low mass at f:30 a. m. High mass at 10:30 a. m. Devotions at 2:30 p. m. Devotional and Benediction at 7:30 p. m. Sermon with first and second mass. Atlanta. Wcslcyan Methodist Church. (Rev. Dempsey Howard, Pastor.) Sunday school at 9:30. Morning Worship Service at 10:30. Sermon by pastor. Young Peoples Meeting, 1:00 Sunday evening. Evening Worship Service, 7:30. Prayer Meeting Tuesday evening at 7:30. All are cordially invited to attend these services if not attending elsewhere. Wesleyan .Methodist Church. (A. E. Beyler, Minister.) 3:30 a. m.—Sunday School. A. Price, Supt. 10:30 a. m.—Sermon by the pastor. C:30 p. m. 1 —Young Peoples Meeting. p. in.—Evangelistic Mes- 7:30 p. m.—Wednesday prayer services. On Sunday Presbyterian church as the .speak-' er- ! .. ^ ' ' Epworth Leaguers will be in attendance at the annual district- convention at Greentown, Monday afternoon and evening and all day Tuesday. The Woman's Foreign Missionary society will hold their monthly meeting Wednesday afternoon at the home of the president, Mrs. Ray Wiggins, 126 W. North street, at 2:30. -Mrs. C. E. Findling will be the assisting hostess. The regular church prayer meeting is announced for Thursday evening at 7:30 in the church. parlors. 'Says Mir* (jasisaway— Hobbs antl Aroma Methodist. (Ralph E. Davison, Minister.) Holjba— 9:30 a. m., church school. 10:30 a. in., morning worship. Pastor's theme: "The Power jf the Spirit." Aroma— 9:30 a. m., -church school. 7:30 p. m., Children's Day program. • The Ladies Aid society meets with Mrs. Elvin Haworth Wednesday, June 12th. . First Presbyterian Church. afternoon at 2 (Rev., Ileuben Tuumcr, pastor..) Sunday School, 9:30. Divine Worship, 10:15. Children's Day exercises at 1 o'clock. Christian Endeavor Society meets at 6 o'clock in church parlor. The Ladies Gible Class will meet Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the home of Mrs. John Long 309 North Green street. Mrs. John Lebo, assistant hostess. Damage Action Agahist'the Speedway Wfll Be Fought. - fBy United Prciss). Franklin, 'June 7. — Denied a motion for a directed verdict by Judge Charles. N. Staff, attorneys for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Corporation . today fought a 8100,000 damage suit' filed by Howdy Wilcox, Indianapolis'race driver, in Johnson circuit court. Wilcox claims the Speedway Corporation injured his professional standing when it refused him permission to participate in the 19*3 500-mile Memorial' Day race. Attorneys for the plaintiff seek to prove that Wilcox was not afflicted with epileptic fits at the time of the race. The plaintiff was on the stand for' more than an hour yesterday. MORE ARMORIES. Will Be Constructed In Indianq -Under Federal Projects. .Congressman Cassaway During a brief stopover at Cleveland ; airport, en route from Washington to Chicago to make a speech, Congressman , P. L.' GassaWay of Oklahoma ' opined that Huey Long, Louisiana senator, was "yellow as hell", that Roosevelt would be re-elected and that he planned to run for govej>. ' nor of Oklahoma. (HIM. KlLLKl). Trampled to .Unitli liy Knr:i«;ril Klrpliunl at Carnival. {Ry United Press). Indianapolis, June 7. — Construction of a new natiolial guard armory at Evansville will be among the first projects if Indiana obtains- armory "allotments under the federal relief program. Adjt. Gen. Elmer F. Straub said today. The Kvansville building would be one of 17 armory projects in Indiana, Straiib said. Other new- buildings are planned in Gary, Michigan City, Indianapolis, Columbia City, XuwcastU'. Attica, Spencer, Colfux. and Darlington. FOUOIIT A DX'KL. Hungarian I'nrty Lenders Kiglil With Cavalry Saliivs. i (IV Unit..] I'|->'s:;>. Crookston. Minn., Juno The; Foster class will meet j 9-year-old girl, was killed, and Wednesday evening June 12th at| mo ,. 0 t |, ;ul :l (]„;,,,„ persons werr- 7:30 -with Mrs. Merle Mundell, i recovering today from injuries 204 Diehl street, Mrs. Ruth Lynas! incurred when o'clock the young people ot the Tipton district will meet at the South Kokomo church in their regular quarterly rally. A good ! in S hostesses. Devotionals by Mrs. | s how. an elephant went ! Budapest. Hungary. June 7.— Tibor von Eckliard. peasant party loader, and Ladislas Szalay, a deputy of the government pa'rtv, fought a duel today with cavalry sabres. The men fought for half in hour, until they were exhausted. Bach received about ton cuts on and Mrs. Mamie James as assist-j on a sta mpede during a carnival attendance from the local church j Rosella Warne. is urged. j The elephant had completed its The Union Service will be held! performance and was being led Eiiiunurl Lullicrun Church. Tunmor will preach. !at the Christian church. Rev. Mr. .from «!<• ring when suddenly U.e j the face and Eculp. ! Szalay challenged Kckhard be- j cause Kckhard ignored his inter- rnpiions during a speech in parliament last night. Stranger: "Had planty of rain liDreabouts, haven't you?" "Yep. It's hurt inv Farmer; crops, too." Stranger: "Will you lose much money this season?" Farmer: "No, I'll break about even by pullin' aulos out o' the mud." Love at first sight is all right —but still yon never knew a woman to pick a hat that way. She looks 'em all all over—and still she is never quite satisfied with her choice. huge animal bellowed -A cordial invitation is extended alu > ripped through Hit; temporary i to all'to attend our public scrv-i M ,, : , tH . trampling them to splinters 'ices, and fti-pping upon Margaret Ann-j Francis, who was seated in the (Rev. Theo. Schwan, pastor.) Sunday school, 9:30. Pentecost Service, 10:30; sermon subject. "The Person and Of-! West Stn-et ChiiMian Church, j ln " 11 r(nv - The girl was killed, lice of the Holy Ghost." i | »** Walther League business mecj^j ing Wednesday evening. | Choir rehearsal Thursday eve- See the New Leonard Electric Refrigerators H. J. SCHRADER & CO. Engaged to Princess? MAYTAG SALES and SERVICE XEW AXD I'.SEJ) WASHERS I'serl fJa-s Engine For Demonstration Call 83 SERVICE MOTOR CO. For Sale or Trade Mqdel AAfFord Truck GMC Track Reo Track Indiana'Track 1931AA Ford Truck, dual Wheels Thesp trucks are all equipped with cabs and ' ning. (H. II. Pearcy, Minister.) Chur;-lr'School. !>:oji. Worship and addresses. Union evening service. 7:.".d INDICTMENTS IIK'ITKXI-:!). ! = . - - i f Igain^t Who Filmed in F:i-:| (ill -Aulo Accident. 'j Goldsmith Church Notes. (Ilcv. J. A. Land, pastor.) Sunday school, 0:3U. W. E. Aldridgr, superintendent. Morning worship, 10:30. •> Hopewell church notes: Sunday school, 9:30; ilussell Collier, superintendent. Children's Day services at 7:30 p. m. Normanda church notes: (Rev. Donald Hoffman, pastor.) Sunday school, 9:30; Carl Tyner, superintendent. Morning and evening worship at 10:30 and 7:30. Tctersburg -church notes: . (Rev. McClure, pastor.) Sunday school, 9:30. Itoscoj Samuels, superintendent. Morning worship at 10:30; evening worship at 7:30. • Xotes: The mornins serviiy: Sunday will be conducted by th I young ;peoplo in the interest o!' i their work at the summer conferences. Miss Margaret Premier will be the leader of the service; Mis?; 1:11-1. 'i rri••.-• •'<. < ten.- Juni' T.---Indi:-> j ments 'chur.L'Hi:; reckless driving | \J and involuntary man.slaiightc:'j = were returned by the Mourn'; ' county; srand jury last nigh: Jo And Martin and David Slum-i 8 *'™"* Winfoni B;llc:s ' ""' i:; • |coiinecti';n with the death of Mis; { Hondryx, IS. on a higi-i j school !party "hay ride.'' i Miss, Hcnclrix-\vas fatally iii- jured when Bales' automobile j struck two wagons carrying hiali c ch:»)l students on tho outing May 25. J.C.PENNEYCCt ' 110-11S South Main St. son will make brief talks on th j matter: of interest, conferenco-i for young people. The qveninif- service will b- conducted in bur sanctuary; thi:; | is a union service. Kcubcn: Tiinmer of t The Ilcv. 10 I're.shvt.;- LEATHERMAN FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service rian church will bo the preache.-. Our people arc urged to attend this service. The musical program for Sunday mo'-ning follows: Preluile, "Prelude in A Flat." Wolfruri; offertory, "Berceuse," Shytte; anthem, "Come to Me." AslanoftL sung by Misses France.; Wright, Card of Thanks. Margaret Myerly, Eileen Jean FarduUi* Jeaii Fardulli, Greek baritone rey parted engaged to Princess Xcnia, tKc former wife of •• William Leeds, tinplate heir, is tbowo sailing for is the closing feature service. The regular session of the two Kemp Memorial Methodist. (John Ward Rose, Minister.) The special guest preacher Sunday morning will bo the Rev. R. Marvin Stuart, brother-in-law of the pastor, who has recently graduated from Boston university school of theology and who is now on his way to Berkley, California, where he has accepted a church. The morning unified sefObo Is now under its bummer schedule. the complete service being from 9:30 to 11:00. Sunday morning in observance of Pcntocost Sua- dajr, fc the choir will render th.; anthem, "Come Holy Spirit" by von Berge. Mr. Irvln Bnnta, general superintendent, is In charge of the church school session which of this Epworth League chapters will be Tlmiijisl; Tlie Tribniif! we w-is.'i to extend our srnccro. thanks I., thr majiy kind neighbors ani friend:-. ; who furnished such valuable and neudt'd aid and assisi- aiu-o aftf-r the sudden death of 01: '. brliived illusband and father, Wi':-- liam Bruniiicld. Thiisc- acts wii ever boi rcmi'inberud with tlianko Gray. Mhrgarut Fuller, Mary Jane Prosier jind Jane Hershman: posl- lude, "l?o.stlucle in F," Wely. The {Missionary society will aiul dncii' gratitude.—The meet ndxt Wednesday afternoon j and Children. at, i2:30| o'clc-.-k at the home ct\- 1 Mrs. John Nash v All member:; .-irr; asked to be at the church at tivo o'clock; j transportation will be provided for all. Furnace Coils Waste Fue) Replace'Your Coil With a Self Action GAS WATER HEATER Public Service Co. of Ind. I-'i rst Baptist -Church. (Rev Sunday school, 9:30. Morniig worship, 10:30; sermon sulject, "The Exodus from the Present Bondage." B. Y. the\chuKh "^,tj meet Th G. A. Wade, pastor.) P. U., 6:30. Children's Day program -Sunday oyei ing at 1:30 o'clock. Evangelistic service Wednesday ovejlng, followed by choir rehaaraa The Ikdics Aid society will irsday evening with Mr.i, CHRISTIATJ SCIENCE SERVICES ; "God the Only Cause and Creator*-' is the Subject ol 'the • • LesEon-Ecr- nion in all Churches of Christ, Eui- ehlist, on Sunday, June !'• : . ! The Golden ''.'Known, unto God a re all his works from the beginning of the world" (Act315: '18). | Amont the. citations which cc::-- prise tlic Lcsaon-Sornion is thj fbllowinif from the Bible: "O- tl'.u depth offthfl riches bolh of the v;i> dbra am! knov;Icdge cf Gcd! lie'-'" t^nsearcf able arc his jnd^mcnts.'cr.-* his ways past Sndin? opt! For wr-. hiith tac wn tlie nsind df |l'.o Lord :' who-hath bsen his For of him, and throujth him, end In l^im, are all things: to -frliom be ewvy for ever! Amen" (Romans 11s So, 84,36). ' ' ' ' M ' '; • . The Lfcason-Sormcn zi-o includc.i it 10.1elUwhur 'passages i.'cni jfc:a hrisfial Bdamfe Wrfboolt, ico ana H 9c BREAD— iy 2 -lb. loaf .... KROGER GROCERY & BAKING CO. Comforts, Blankets, Quilts SMITSON'S LAUNDRY & DRY CLEANING Phone 120 See— YOUNG & MASON Suits and Furnishings 106 East Jefferson St. Orflers Given il6,SOO \jTorkers In Indiana to Strike June 16. : <By United Press). ' Terro Haute, June 7.—Instruct lions to 16,500 Indiana coal miners to suspend work at midnight, June 16, unless new. wage and hour contracts -ere signed, -were issued today by Frank Barnhart. president of District No. 11, Unit- '*'! nbunced that wi 11 committee of workers June 11 at tors. i the ; See the Ru fit; consists of leather ledger sheets id only $4.QO.f ORiD'S GREATEST PICTUR ISUNDAY and MO Continuous Show Sunday ; _ - - ™r^^^^^^™^"™^ "Are you going to believe ...or what you saw?" Poor Charlie...the town gossips ' talk him into more jams than he can talk his way out of...even if Mary^would listen.^and she won't • Even the battling honeymooned declare peace _.,Jp..bring mama and papa' fogetherl_again! 'B01AI Added Short Subjects STAR NIGHT AT THE COCOANUT GROVEi" Com6dy NEWSJAND CARTOON [Friday and Saturd; Adults Any Seat Kids lOc CHARLEY CHASE Comedy, "Chase of Pimple Street" - Also POPEYEiin "Be Kind to Aminals." OUR LATE SATURDAY SB NIG Come Afyeri 8:45 Two Stows fqrj Pi]ice. AUCi III

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