Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on January 6, 1949 · Page 21
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 21

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 6, 1949
Page 21
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Phone 4600 for a WANT • AD Taker .EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., THURSDAY, JANUARY 6, 1949 TWENTY-ONE Roundup News And Notes On The Networks The Electric Theatre will present Helen Hayes in .1 comedy titled ."Being' Ni'oe to Emily," a radio adapts ton. of a short story -written by Malt Taylor, Sunday, January-'9, at 8 p. in.' EST over the Columbia network. The story revolves around a Swiss barmaid who helped three American air men escape during the last war and Inter sects their help when she obtains a 90-day visa to visit the United States. The three ex-airmen being involved in their own personal affairs when the barmaid's letters arrive, play poker "to determine which one will meet and help the Swiss maid when she arrives In this country. The winner at cards also wins the assignment to meet the girl and eventually wins 'in love. o Morton Downey will sing another of the Irish ballads for which heris so well known on his "Songs By Morton • Downey," with Carmer Mastren's music, at 11:15 p. in..- EST, over NBC, tonight. The song is "The Rose ol Tralee," Other selections on the . program are "You Made Me Love You," "In' My Dreams" and. "Jesus Lover of My Soul." The Quartet will sing "O Dem Golden Slippers." Downey's program -will feature Jive songs by the Irish, tenor and a selection by his Quartet on the broadcast of Saturday, Jan. 8. Morton will sing "Put On Your Old Gray Bonnet," "For You," "You Walked By," "Molly Malone" and , "Would God I were A TerJer Apple Bios- They'll Do It Every Time By Jimmy Hado LOOK, EVER'/SOD'// LOOK/ WE'RE PASSIMG 6OR.SONZOLA FALLS, MOST BEAUTIFUL SI6HT OM THE \VHOLE TRIP.' Ll'L ABNER By Al Capp PERHAPS, SIR- ^OU' D CARE FOR A WIFE PEOPLE WOULD LOOK UP TO — HOW'S THIS FOR SIZE:? -SEVEN FEET THREE,OF SULLEN SOPHISTICATION.'; LIKE THAT, DE ART- SHE'S A 1 LONG -AMD. NOW-FROM THE SUBLIME TO THE RIDICULOUS-'?'-PER SHE'S NOT MY TYPE-BUT •-VOU MIGHT FIND HER A31LITY AI-IUSING.SIR/.'' SHE'S A ' LIVELY ONE, , ISM'T. .'SHE, DUMPINGTON? WORMSLEV -AND THRfSJ HER OUT.-7 ^^aa^aralFg^yi E*l *•]. ' CRUSTY RILEY By Frank Godwin Mary Haworth's Mail som."- .T "Juanita," Quartet will - offer The Voorhees Concert will present Marian Anderson'in a varied program or concert pieces Monday, January 10, at y p. m. EST over, the NBC network. ol-hcr program will 13C Schubert's "Der Erlkonig," written by Franz' Schubert •when he was a young man.'of 18 or 19, and considered one of the masterpieces of all time. Bill Stern, America's 'top sports- easier, and'h^ Sports.Newsree! will be heard each Friday night fat 10:30 p. m, EST) over the National Broadcasting Company chain. For his Initial show. Bill will have Eddie Cantor as his guest star, and to whom he -will present a silver plaque 'or originating the "Giro A Gift To-A Yank Who Gave" idea, that .has been responsible for-more than ten million presents to wounded war veterans. Movie stars won't have a comer on all the "Oscars", handed out this season . . . lor.there's n big one in store 'or an.outstanding farmer! "When R. P. D. America returns to the air oh January 8 (at a new day and time), the national, farm .quiz .program, will" be winding up its scorch for.-thc "Farm Champion of the Year."- Beginning Saturday, January 8, R: P.' D. America will be heart! .at '1:30 Eastern Standard Time- on the National .Broadcasting " Company-inetworfc immediately following NBC's "National Farm and Home Sour" -show. Editor's Note: Angered Sr brother's constant assertion that, man's brains are commensurate -with - bis flnanclal success, writer asks verdict. DEAR MARY HAWORTH: I have a brother who angers me quite often by making the statement that a man's brains can be determined by the amount of moneyed success lie has acquired in his lifetime. He furthermore Actually 'believes 'that he is'just as much above his fellowmea as his amount of success has raised him; and quite often he uses; the "above." expression "better" or Now it is my contention that intelligence cannot be measured by, such a limited yardstick, although I grant full credit to all successful and wealthy people. Brad, my brother, claims 'these people, were they, so-minded, could turn their mental 'energies any other -i NETWORK PROGRAMS y Time is eastern standard. For central standard subtract one hour, lor mountain standard .subtract two hours. Some local stations channc hour of rctey to ft schedules. Last minute program changes cannot be included. THURSDAY, JANUARY 6 Evening 6:00— News Report 15 Mln.—nbo Newscast Every Day— cbu XetivcTlc SilontHour— ubc-onst Kiddles Hour (repoiu)— abc-weat Network Silent Cl lir.)— mbs-KLSt Kiddles Hour (repeat)— mbs-wcsc 6:15 — Sports: Music Time— nbo Discussion Series— CDS <:*!>— Newscast by Three — ntc LowoU Tlioroaa (repeat 11)— cb» 7:00 — Supper Club— nbc-baslo Tha Eculah Skit— cbs News and Commentary— abc Fulton Lewis, Jr.— mbs 7:15 — News ana Comment— nbc Jack Smith Show— cb» TJallv Commentary — abe • Dinner Dato— mb» • 7:30 — Van Damma Quintet— Ebc, Bob Crosby Club— ol)» Theater TJ'.S.A.— nbc Xewa Comment— mbs 7:A5 — Harltness Comment— nbc News Broadcast— cb? Sports Comment— mb.i 8:Dt>— Henry AWrlch Skit— nb(! P.B.L Iji Penco and War— cbs Abbott & Costello — abc Xame of SOUK Quiz — mbs 8:30 — Burns & Allen — nbc llr. Kton's Drama — cb.3 To Bo Announced— abc Hollywood Story — mba 8:55 — BT GoorRo Hicks— abc By Gardner Says— -mbs 9:00 — Al Jolson Show— nbc Suspense Drama— cba Personal Antosraph— abc Gabriel Heattcr, Comment— mb» 9:15 — News Broadcast — mbs S:30— Dot Laniour Shotr— nbc channel with equal success. I do not argue the point with him, but his assertions are a constant source of irritation to me; ajid would you please express your views on the subject for rr.y benefit? Thank you. Gi S. Botli Parties Have Comparable Anxiety DEAR- G. S.: Apparently your brother has achieved some degree or financial affluence, the materialist yardstick of worldly "success," and is inclined to be boastful .ibout it,.after'the manner of the Pharisee who smugly thanked God he was superior to "the common man" of his day. ' . . ' Also I gather that you .aren't so clever at money-making as he, and doii't possess nearly - so'much of this : Tvorld's goods, and that his assertions anger .you, therefore, firstly because you reel disparaged by them, and, perhaps -suspect that bis intent is'to belittle you; and secondly because you don't know how to deal a logical or philosophical comeback that Tvould conclusively deflate..-his brag, at le^se to your, satisfaction. And it's the latter "rub" that hurts ; most, of course. Your brother's tedious self praise, as well as your touchiness, have identical • significance. Both are sparked by an inferiority complex at the 'core ol character. Thus 'regardless of his sell- advertised brain's, he'h.asn'; achieved personal composure, and is no .happier in'Ms "success" than you are about, your life-showing. In all probability the intrinsic 'difference between you and' him' isn't one of braias, .but of temper-' araent. He . reacts with driving anxiety to 'his hidden self dissatisfactions, and seeks to silence them. / ' Many Fine "Brains" Don't Chtise Money . As for Brad's'view that a . man's intelligence is commensurate with the degree of wealth he accumulates, I don't agree. In general, energy .and desire, fixed on one ' con- Viodeo Spurt Seen , During Next Year By C. E. BUTTEK-FIELD NEW YORK—C/P)—As the wiseacres have been forecasting,' a new spurt in television seems in .the making 'for 1949. ,• •• ; This newest impetus is being attributed to next 1 Tuesday nighl's joining of the East Coast and mid- west to form a video hookup extending as far west as St.-Louis. Preparatory to extending their program service, the networks have begun -to line up the' shows they plan to send into the Midwest as well as the ones they intend to bring east. - Besides, they . are doing other things, in the hope of livening O up the general visual situation. TO WORRY ABOUT; M2.Mll.g5. I'VE BHHN WITH BLAZE AIL THE TIME. THAT MAM WHO CALL'S HIMSELF 'DR..QUINN* is M iMposroK.' ue's MIXED UP WITH THAT CROOK SOME SCHEME INVOLVING BLAZE. COME ON,TEX.' THE JOCKEX is ALREApy up ON BLAZE. I WANT TO SPEAK-TO HIM " SWC1 CAUGHT you BETORE /JSo3 r VW. SURE.OTEP. SAME you STARTED FOK THE ^&*3£ OLP GENTLEMANLY POST, SAMM/; BLAZE- SEEM-' ALL RIGHT? jTEVE CANYON By Milton Comff suming objective, ma- Topics tonight: NBC—8 Henry Aldrich; 8,:30 Burns and Allen: 9:30 Ed Gardner with Dorothy Lamour; 10 Ingi'ld Bergman in "Notorious;" 10:30'Fred Waring music. ' CBS—S' FBI in Peace and War; 3:30 Mr. Keen'tracing; 9 Ethel Ba-r- ryrnore in; 10 James Hil- Iton Playhouse; 10:30 First Nighter terial' self advancement, arc' more i drama. essential than "brains" in.making ABC—7:30 Theater TJSA; S .Ab- money • bot ' ; anci Coste - lo >' 3 Om> J °b Is Indeed many of the best "brains," Manhattan, new time: 3:30 Jo Starring brains in the inclusive terml-ord -show, new time; 10- Child's of understanding, intellect and in- World celllgence,—seek creative- -satisfac- i MBS—3 Name ol the Song quiz; tions in channels that, haven't "money-making" .as the .chief end and single aim. In this category you win find Jesus, for instance, the author of Christianity. Or dripping 1 down' to the more h.uman level, we find in recent history Mahatma Gandhi, • M. and Mme. Curie, Pasteur, Father Flanagan of Boys' Town and Franklin D, Roosevelt,, -whose most, savage critics in the New:-Deal era used to charge'that he "never made a dollar in his life,"—and yet he was able to outsmart most ol them. - Mary Haworth counsels through her eotamn, not by mull or personal interview. Write her ln v care of The • •Evening Times. (Copyright, The Washington Postt (Distributed by King Features Syndicate) The Worry Clinic = By Dr. George W. Crane = Jo Stafford Show— abc . Mysterious Traveler— mbs 9:55 — News for 5 Minutes — rnb» 10:00— The Screen Guild— nbc Hilton Playhouse— cbs Chlld'n World— abc Tho Thta Mnn— m!)J 10:30 — Frrfl TVarlnij: Muule — nbo First NlEhtor Play— cbi \Ve Care Drama— ^ftbc Dance iluslo — mbs 10:45— Xowj Broadcast— abo . 11:00— News, Variety, 2 lirs.— cba News and Dnncu Bund — abc News. Banco Band i lirs. — mbi 11:15— Xoiv-s & Variety to 1— nbo 12:00— Dunclntr Continued— abc-weit EDITOR'S NOTE: Fr« Is a brilliant man. Included in Who'* "Who, but lie became it victim of his own imn^- • innlion, nnd hlj negative thlnkliij. Any one. or his ir.edlcul Irlends could hiiVD- eliminated thlx tragedy, If he tmU glvftn IM a dinner, Pji.ste thin In your scrftpboolc-under Mentnl llyp,lenc. It fcfclps Illustrate yesterday's Case Record. CASE S-258: Frazer W., -aged 47, is a famous American, wealthy, a college graduate, a business* executive with hundreds ol employees, and a brilliant thinker. 'Dr. Crane, I have a confession to make to you," he began recently when I stopped off to visit him on a speaking tour in the East. "If I hadn't been such a fool,, and afraid of shocking you, I'd have come to you six months ago. But I didn't friends to know the aiv'ulj truth." . ' ' Then' he told me of his trip to i California, the past winter. Because' he had a slight cough, he, visited, a supposed physician.'The latter made a cursory examination, flashed a light in his eyes, and then said: "Why,- you have syphilis! Didn't anybody ever, tejl you before?" "But surely. that.coujdn't be-!" protested Frazer, dumbfounded. "Y-es, it must have been congenital," responded this quack doctor. .Frazer had heard ••vague- stories about his father's life as an adventurer and instantly decided that maybe he had caught this venereal disease from his parents. Forthwith, he vlsltecMiIs 'aped mother, and cross-examined her diligently, though he cikln't acknowledge why he was so interested. The Sword of Damocles • . She had early divorced his father, and wasn't very charitable toward the man. • • She agreed that Ills father very torn that he read about, -he decided he possessed. For example, lie even identified many recent mistakes, in -judgment with the mental fogging that occurs in pareisis, or syphilitic insanity. • Each day, therefore, Frazcr lived in mortal dread of losing -his mind. This sword of Damocles was constantly hanging' over his head. Slave To Imagination So he finally resolved to- put Sis house-to rights"beforc the end came. Consequently, he sold his business, gave his children their, share, reserved a small amount to tide himself along till the end came, and then purchased a pistol with which to -put a.'bullet through his'•temple when he felt he was reaching the fringe of insanity.. ' t Meanwhile, he broke his- friendly those who -had known him, and moved to a distant .state. Finally, the suspense drove -iiim nearly frantic. . Then he searched out the leading urologist, in that city and walked into the office, announcing 'that lie had syphilis. "What makes you think so?" inquired this doctor, and Frazer told him the story. -This doctor laughed his . disbelief and had four laboratories test blood and spinal fluid before he could finally convince •Frazer. .... ' Suffice it, that Frazer never.had had syphilis, and as for the myth about his having congenital spylitlis, that'should have been belied by the fact that his many friends amon^ the medical' profession would have detected any symptoms or signs of congenital syphilis the first time fchcy'met him. I could have saved him this 5- months' torture about congenital syphilis even by a moment's tele- 3:30 Hollywood program; 3:30 Mysterious Traveler; 10 The Thin Man drama. \ •1:00 4:15 4:30 •CIS 5:00 5:30 , 5:45 G:GO 6:15 6:30. CMS 7:00 1:15 7:30 8:00 8:30 3:00 3:30 WTBO HIGHLIGHTS . TODAY BacfcslREC Wl.'n (NBC). Stel:n Dallns (NBC'I. Lorenzo Jones iNEC). Young XVItlder Brown ftfBC). Jive at' Five. News. The OM ChMiolm Trill.'. _ hA ,, n -„ easily could have had the disease| P ^ t ° FC ^. cr llad allowod . hm , 5Clf to lose 37 pounds in weight, to sell his before he died. Under the ruse-of a routine physical examination, Frazer then hac! his mother's blood'tested,'but she proved to be quite -healthy and free from any venereal taint. He still believed maybe he had inherited the disease' from hLs father, although any of u« medical' friuds could have .informed.him that you c'nnnot be born-with' syphilis' unless mother had Jtl' syphilitic father .thus .cannot procreate syphilitic children through an uninfected mother. Frazer than procured two medical books . on . venereal disease,, and poured over them like a . medical student. Furthermore, every symp- property, an'd to contemplate suicide, all. because he believed, a quack's statement, and wouldn't come to one of us friends. So always doubly check on such serious events at variance. with common sense. And never be a slave to negative ' thinking. Even if you have a venereal disease, you can be •cured. . (Copyright by The Hopkins Syndicate, Inc) Residence Location Zoning Permit Filed. D. B. Parish, • Patterson' Creek, W. Va., has filed- with the. Board of Zoning Appeals, to locale a proposed one and one-half story dwelling-on a .lot at the rear •• of 500 Dllley Street, facing Fairvi^w .Avenue. John Cart Trio. The Sportsman's' Corner, ExciTrslons in Science, The S'jppcr Club -(NBC). News o: the World (NBC). , .. Adventure In Music, The Ald.-lcli F.iml.'y WBC), Burns A: Allen (NBC). The n:usic Hall (NBC). T>,c Dorothy Lnir.our Vnricly Sliow (NBC). . 10:00 Screen Guild 'NBC). •10:30 Fred Waring Sftow' (NBC). 11:00 News. • 11:15- Songs by Mor'.on Downey (NECK 11:30 Roosevelt Grill Orchestra (NEC). 12:00 News- (NBC). TOMOEROW , ; 6:00 Breakfast on a Platter. , 6:!5 News. ' 6:20 Breakfast on n Platter, 7:30 News. 7:35 Brenklus: on a Platter. 8:00 World News Rouncl-Uj> (NBO). 8:15 The Minute Pnrnde, 8:45 Mornlnft MccUtrulon. n:0o Tloneymoon In Neu- York (NBC). '3:30 Music ior Friday. H:55 News. 30:00 Fred Wnrlnu Show (NBC). 10:30 B-ond o: Lite iNDC), 1CM5 The Brighter Dny (NBC). 11:00' Tlib is -Nora Drake |NBC>. 11:15 We Love nnd Lonrn iNBC). 11:30 JncJx-Berch Show (NBC). Il:-i5 Music nt Mid'-Dny. '15:15 'Mld-Dr.y Nows. 12:25 Tfce Bandstand. i::<5 R. F. O. 1:00 Concert Airs. * 1:15 'Wills Creek Hoc Down. 1:30 Ne\vs, 3:35 Etudes in Black i: White. I:i5 Hash Wjtli a Dash. 2:00 Walter O'Keelc's Double or Noth- Jnj |NBC). Today's Children (NBC). . Interludes. 2:30 2:45 2:35 3:00 3:15 3:30 3:15 Lllc Can Be Bcautliul (NBC). Ma Perkins (NBCj. Pepper Young';; Family OJBC). Right to Happiness (NBC). WCUM HIGHLIGHTS TODAT Melody Bnllrocwi—Sporta Parade. CBS,News (CBS). Robert Q. Leu-Is Show fC3S}. Music Irt A Modern Mood. The Chtcagoans (CBS). Sor.ffs By Elng Crosby. News—Weather Report. Speaking Of Spor'-S. Dinner Music. News. • Might Bide. Me.'ody :rime. You and Growing TJ? (CBS). News. ' It's Dance Time. Mr. Keen, Tracer O! Lost Persons (CDS). Treasury Dar.dsLnnd (CBS). Munlc For You (CBS). MuaJc E.v Kni-tln. mrsi NlRhtcr (CCS). The World TonlRhi iCBS). ;Neu-,s Analysis • (CES). Henry Jerome Orchestra (CBS). Spcaklnn ol Sports. Buddy Moreno (CJ3S). News (cnsi.. Buy Robblns Orchcstni. (CBS\ Jlliln Biirron Orchestra (CBS), COB New.i (CDS). Sl|[n on. TOiVOItKOW •Sl|,'ll On—News, Uncle Jiick's Muslcnl Clock. News—Weitthcr Rciioi", Uiicie Jack'* ,Mus!cul Clock. •Let's Ilavu A Musical Roundup. Chapel In The Sky. March Time. CBS News of America (CBS). B»myard Follies (CBS): MUSIC Far You (CBS). Mun!c From The Blue Room. Arthur Codlroy Show (COS!. News. Morning Moods. Chat With Roinn. Trl-State Dato Book. News—Wcalher Report. J0;oo 10:15 10:30 11:00 11:05 11:15 11:30 12:00 12:15- Sn'eeL Swinp. 12:30 Luncheon Melodies, 1:00 News. • 1:05 McJody Ballroom—Race Results.. 2:00 News. 2:05 Melody Ballroom—Sports Parade, 3:00 News. 3:05 Melody Ballroom—Race- Hesulcs, 3:30 Don Au'.oclie—Your-Lucky Strike (CBS'. 4:00 Melody Ballroom-—Sport's Parade. •1:25 CBS NCWJ (CES). City Engineer. Ralph L. Rizer .fle- Two-Headed'Tot Dies. nri «IP • ann'fpHt.inn .berate only ' PRANKFCRT. Germany—i nied the ' application .because only 12 'eet would he allowed for thu rear yard. The law. calls for 20 feet in. Residential B. districts. Parish said the balding would be 24 by 26 leet with a concrete bloc'ic foundation, block- and rrarnn wa'.ls and a composition . shli:;le rool. . FRANKFURT, Germany—(/P)—A baby with two_heads and three legs was born in .a" nearby hospital last night. The child died after one hour. Doctors said- the body \yas an! arrested, case of Siamese U'ir.s. ! Tho 27-year-oid German mother! was ^ported recovering. t _ 1 LCGIC ZSfS IN -I WANT TO 'JOIN UP WITH STEVE- CANYON — HE WONT TAItE ME IF I HAVE 'OET AN AIEPLW1E TICKET TO NEW YORK FOE. ME? WHY, EEECM COULP BOCROW A LITTLE MONEY FeoM YOU FOE BOOM EE'SiT, BUT-- yoi) CAN HN? YOiJP. HP5BAMP —AW I'LL HAVE AN EXCUSE TO • BE ON THE RIP KIRBY By Al*x Raymond AS YOU " '^f/ VESV V/ELU. W= PREDICTED, M3.\WiLL K°W EXAMINE KI33Y, THE S=ARC^-i v/AS \ SUSPECT MJM3E3 'FS'JITlgSS. NO GOS.T3A34.V.-CJ OF AMV S03T OM H3? PERSCM OR IN HES 5ASGASE. GENTl=M=N..AND.M3S. VAM DOON..I WD LOCATED Th'E 3ANDAS RUSIES..I HAVE.' MEET MAJCS.. 1-15 LDC<S IIONOCEM7 -,/ AS A LAM3 BUT HE 13 GUILTY AS A JACKAL.'. DESMOND, TH 3UT IT STILLT) K!=V=RTri5L£SS. N eUReLES,SR.'/ HAND'IT P=5H....) IT'SOML-V /AND VCLB? TRUSTY'/ BUGS BUNNY EH, Vv/HAT'S y ^^ D01N3 \ UP, ELMER?/SOME TWAP- S /- /• ^ SHOOTING TO U "\ SHARPEN' MY HUNTING- I HAVE TO CONCENTWATE TO HIT THE CLAY PIGEON / BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES MY X WHY' oobfr VA HAT/ J PRACTICUS", ELMS*? -•YEK ' Edgar Martin 'Of \.. TOW SOMEONE \"=> WKVCYMN&.Ht'U. NEVER °' s SO 1'U- COWL 09 VV&.'WS.St (XViO VlN«C£.WSa5 \KiCOVi' « AWO ViWvT ll'w- CfflCH '\W, Vfcb, SVRtt V WWtW A U\<=> N\\KiO OVi TIM TYLER'S LUCK By 'Lyman. Yocng LOOK OUT L BEHIND YOU, TIM / GIVE ME VOUR HAND/ QUICK/ FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS tiy Merrill THIS WAX REALLY SHOULD BE BURMED I UP, OR IM WITH A BLOWTORCH.'/ I'LL NEED ' / A BLOWTORCK OslMV . SPINE/ '•t, J .'EEPERS, ITS LWe .' I <SOTm ALL. RMSHr r BE GOING HOME- BUT ^OT.' .HOME/. HELP/ STOP we. SOMEBODY.','.' COPP. ifi 1 )? ov NCIV ocftvicc. INC. T. M. HCO. U. O. CAT, Off. MYRTLE Hy Dudley I WAVE A LITTLE SURPRISE Few YOU—TODAY i BAKED A LEMON C5EAM PIE '• J ^/ r OH . / GOODIE MOW I CAN SETTLE MV BET WITH . ,- SAMPSOW/V;;; PIE TO SAMPSON JUST BECAUSE YOU LOST A SILLV LITTLE

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