The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on November 29, 1981 · Page 35
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 35

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 29, 1981
Page 35
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Page 36 The Salina Journal - Sunday, November », 1981 Garden- Home The Salina Journal Get more heat from your furnace Bv A.J. HAND ^—-^ By A.J. HAND I have an unheated basement. The oil burner has a galvanized flue pipe that connects it to the chimney. When the burner is running, this pipe becomes rather hot — thus showing that heat is going up the chimney. I would like to use some of this heat in my basement, by installing a heat exchanger in the flue. But my oil dealer says that it is costly to install any sort of device in the pipe, and that I wouldn't get much heat from it anyway. Can you give me some advice? — J.A., East Hampton, N.Y. Installing a heat exchanger is not especially expensive. A unit like the one shown in the sketch just replaces a section of pipe, and costs about $90. Even so, I'm not sure I would recommend one except in certain cases. If your burner is relatively new, and Swimming Pools LIFETIME GUARANTEE McKEE'S FOR OVER 25 YEARS 1314 N.W. 2ml, ABILENE 913-263-2141 REBOUNDER Wonderful Way to Exercise 40" Rebounder -fl CAS reg. 199.95 1O9 Rent to Buy AAA RENTS & SALES 1125 E.Crawford ,, . 825-1338 ..vC in good working order, a heat exchanger won't do much good, as your oil dealer maintains. In fact, it might cause problems. To work effectively, a heat exchanger requires a flue temperature of at least 500 degrees or so, plus good draft. If these conditions are not met, the exchanger will provide little useful heat, and will reduce the draft enough to interfere with the operation of your burner. You can check your burner to see if it meets these requirements, but it's my guess that it won't unless it is fairly old and inefficient. If it does, you can probably install an exchanger yourself, and save money on labor. But afterward, you will have to call in your furnace man and have the draft readjusted to bring it back up to specifications. Film features first bomb "The Day after Trinity: J. Robert Oppenheimer and the Atomic Bomb," a film about events leading to the first explosion of an atomic bomb, will be shown at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday in the Marymount College chapel. The public is welcome without charge. Deposit $1,000 in your PASSBOOK ACCOUNT and receive the magnificent Heirloom Family Bible. . .more than 900 pages, including full color paintings, in a padded gold embossed cover. Or choose the ever popular "Melting Pot of Mennonite Cookery." Available only during December. Come in to Tip Top today. All accounts insured up to $100,000 by NCUA. Anyone can be a member. TIP IVV TOP CREDIT UNION 1815 S. Ohio, Salina, KS 67401, 825-4621 Other offices in Hillsboro, McPherson, Abilene and Independence 5228 J Tips on watering houseplants Here's excitement plus economy home By LARRY FARNSWORTH Excitement, atmosphere and spaciousness are usually costly, but this house provides all three, plus an exceptional amount of versatility, yet is surprisingly inexpensive to build. Model B863 A-frame styling and imaginative interior design deserve credit for this accomplishment. The plan has 864 square feet of building area (not to be confused with living area). Note carefully how the open space arrangement of entry, living room, dining room and kitchen contribute to the spaciousness of each, permitting greater freedom of movement and decor and, as a bonus, cutting interior finishing costs. Note, also, the large and well organized storage area and the kitchen, bath and laundry arrangement, utilizing backed up plumbing for maximum economy. A basement plan is available with the staircase entering at the entry closet near the kitchen - living room wall. Upstairs are two spacious bedrooms, both with the drama of beamed ceil- BfDHOOM T6--6" DEEP BEDROOM t5'-9" DEEP ings. The front bedroom also has its own private baclony which echoes the lines of the porch beneath, adding symmetry to the front elevation and sheltering the main entrance. It is just such combinations of practicality and styling excitement that make this a most noteworthy design. TV TV -tf For $2, you may send for a 44-page plan book available from Larry Farnsworth, P.O. Box 1841, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101. Siding eliminates chore Vacation homes are nice, as long as you don't have to spend your leisure time taking care of them. Many people who may enjoy the rustic look in vacation homes aren't all that interested in getting back to nature if it means working like a pioneer around the place. Instead, they want a place to relax, a home that is comfortable and, above all, convenient. This means a vacation house with up-to-date products, indoors and out, that require little if any maintenance, says the Vinyl Siding Institute. Since owners often view second homes with thoughts of moving in permanently when they retire, says the Institute, low-maintenance becomes even more important. Of all the low-maintenance building products on the market today, none is easier to care for than solid vinyl siding. Designed to last for many years, vinyl siding will not dent, rust, pit or corrode — especially important attributes if your vacation home is on the seashore. REPLACING By GREG DAVIS Extension Ag*nt Probably the trickiest part of caring for indoor plants is knowing when to water and how much to give them. Vague as it is the best rule of thumb is to water only according to the plant's needs or whenever the top of the potting soil feels dry to the touch. How much and how often plants should be watered depend on soil mixture, type and size of container, type and size of plants, temperature, humidity, and location of plants. That's why it's difficult to derive a set schedule for watering all plants, such as once or twice weekly. Here are examples of some of the variables involved: Coarse potting mixes containing large amounts of perlite will dry out more quickly than finer soil-based mixes. Containers made of clay will dry out more quickly than plastic and glazed ceramic pots and will probably require more frequent watering. Large plants in large containers will obviously need more water than small plants in small containers. In addition, plants growing in wann- er temeprature as well as in low humidity commonly found near heating vents in homes require more water than those growing in cooler areas of the home. Warning! Severe Weather Is Coming Now is the time to have that beautiful new STEEL SIDING VINYLSIDING Installed The key word in houseplant happiness is drainage. Plant roots need oxygen to breathe and the best way to provide oxygen is by allowing water to percolate down through a coarse potting soil and out a drainage hole. Most ideal potting mixes contain enough pore spaces to reduce suffocating roots. Noted below are some general watering suggestions: 1) Wait to water until the top half- inch of the soil is dry. 2) Use room temperature water to avoid shocking the plants 3) When you water, water thoroughly and soak the entire soil mass 4) Collect the drainage water in a saucer and discard. (Don't allow plants to stand in water for more than about a half hour). More plants are killed by over- watering than by any other cause. By getting your own watering system down pat, you should be able to keep your plants healthy and happy. Another low-maintenance quality of vinyl siding is that it doesn't require periodic painting since the color is solid clear through. About the only maintenance required is an occasional washing with water and a mild detergent. A vacation home that is easy to care for and remains new looking for years is the kind that makes vacations so much more enjoyable. Do you need another employe? Hundreds of readers are looking through the clasified ads every day. Phone 8236363 and an ad-taker will help you. Quick Delivery On STORM WINDOWS AND STORM DOORS Custom-Made in Salina We Measure and Install LOUX HOME IMPROVEMENTS Arthur J. Loux — Owner 314 W. Crawford 913-827-1359 (Just West ot Church's Fried Chicken) Salina, Kansas Installed Continuous guttering We will go to any length for youl Fabricated and installed on the spot, custom-made for your home. Replace your old guttering with Sears guttering, the rain-carrying system you can depend on. Call Sears for a FREE estimate. 827-8711 Sears SEARS. ROEBUCK AND CO. CHOOSE A Greenbrier Gas Furnace Hi-Boy (GUB Series) 80,00010 160,000 BTU/Hr. Input FREE 7-PIECE V DRIVE SOCKET SET AMERICAN MADE 12-PC. _ _ Includes 5" extension plus reversible ratchet. Has 3/8" a 7/16" 6 pt. sockets and 12 pt. sockets from 1 12" to 7/8" All in a convenient metal carry case. Available in SAE or metric. (1) Friedrich QUIET, DEPENDABLE EFFICIENT HEATING! You can easily add air conditioning for year 'round comfort! Salina Supply Whol«»«l« Distributors STANLEY 6-PIECE SCREWDRIVER SET AiMtiri C07 9 ' Assorted Phillips and flathead bits; easy-grip contoured handles. (147) EASY-TO-READ 50' MEASURING TAPE *< Hunt CO7 af WIW'WISSPER-LITE' SCISSORS -797 SIFT SET j Set includes famous Wlss- quality 8" Dressmaker shears with contour handle, plus 'Quick-Snips' for ripping, notching and more. (5) Lasts 3 to 5 times longer than ordinary blade! (139) Crescent* PLIERS 10" tongue & groove pliers are drop-forged with unique cushion grips. ULTRA LOCK 25' TAPE Lufkui797 Lets you measure longer distances single-handedly. New non-glare, wipe-clean matte blade for easy reading and convenient, quick marking. (6) \tfeOer* MINI-SHOP KIT 21 PIECE 2497 Brush, clean, sand, shape, grind, drill, sharpen, cut, etc. Motor has 28,000 RPM. Packed In carry case. Includes Instruction booklet showing uses of each accessory. (127) Sturdy, lightweight white blade with 1/8" graduations. (140) HARD-TOOTH 20" HAND SAW AiKunl DOUBLE INSULATED 7-1/4" CIRCULAR SAW MM WCi 44.17 VI. KUn I.M VMM HWL CUT Big 1.5 peak HP motor. Easy bevel and depth adjustments. Includes 7-1/4" combination blade. (1 43) 'Redan good tluu 12/31/81 VARIABLE SPEED %:£ 9R97 MST 4.U vi. VMinULMST 1/3 peak HP motor is double Insulated, has 6' detachable cord. (142) -Mite gnu««, HAMMER Tubular heat-treated steel shaft with fancy octagon neck and belt. BELLEVILLE Belleville PROMART Lumber BELOIT Midwest PROMART Lumber CONCORDIA Midwest PROMART Lumber GYPSUM Scanlan PRO Hardware HILL CITY Ernie's PRO Hardware MANKATO Midwest PROMART Lumber DRILL RIT SET 13-pc. set with bits from 1/16 thru 1/4" sizes. Made of hl-speed steel to drill wood or metal. TETHERSON" B & G PRO Hardware NORTON Norton PROMART Lumber OSBORNE Midwest PROMART Lumber HEAVY GAUGE SAWHORSE RRACKETS Use with standard 2x4 ~ lumber. Zinc finish. (141) SAUNA Boster PROMART Lumber SMITH CENTER Midwest PROMART Lumber VICTORIA Rupp PRO Hardware

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