Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 12, 1958 · Page 7
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 7

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 12, 1958
Page 7
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SATURDAY, JULY 12, 1558 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Upper Alton Mews of Mam Stfeet Metffcdlst Chufrch will have i Monday at 6 :30 p m, at the htWne of Mrs. Harry SWO Worn St, A tegular business meeting witt fallow. BUKOLAftg OUT #• AND WATCHES ON MAtftSf, fantacfced a house and got awty with at least $20 in cash and two expensive wrist watchCT »t Slfl Main St., early today, ,, , Thlevei wtered the home ot Mr.. and /Mri. Berry Gaskil through an unlocked rear door pofice wld. A small coin bank was broken an& Its content! removed. Gaskill could not estimate how much change was in tt. The $20 was taken from a woman's bag and the watches from drawers in the bedroom.' . Gaskill reported the burglary at 1:20 o'clock this (homing Nothing else was listed missing in the early report. DROP OF BUS SERV1CK WOULD CREATE PROBLEMS Elimination of the bus route between Alton and Alton State Hospital would create problems which might result in further overcrowding at the institution. ,The Illinois Public Sen-Ice Commission is studying a request for elimination of such service to the hospital. Alton State has some 500 em- ployes. About 180 of them live on the grounds, the major part of the remainder drive to work. However, there is a minority that has not been' assimilated into car pools or have not been able to arrange for a ride. Thirty-one employes signed a petition which stated that they would pay, without protest, a fare increase. It is estimated that perhaps as many as,66 employes use the buses at times. ~ A regulation prohibits families of employes from living on the grounds, so there is little chance that family men who live in town could ever hope to find quarters on the hospital premises. Conditions are highly crowded, both in regard' to patients and living quarters for employes. The dropping bf bus service could be looked on as a further complication of an already bad situation, one employe said. Visitors at the hospital also would be handicapped, although most of these find rides or have rides of their own. Use of thej car pool system was one of the things that the bus company attorney .complained about before the. commerce commission. ' CHARLES CRAWFORD HAS EMERGENCY APPENDECTOMY Charles Crawford, 3425.Meri- docla Ave., underwent an emergency appendectomy at 2 a.m., Thursday, at Alton Memorial Hospital. Crawford became ill home and was rushed An automobile struck a parked machine in the 2500,btock of Brown street Friday evening. Driver was listed as Mrs. Geraldine Workman, 101 S. Market St., Hartford. At the wheel of the parked car was Mrs. Mildred Dooley, 3501 McArthur Blvd. Mrs. Workman said she was forced close to the parked car by oncoming traffic. Mrs. Dooley had pulled to a stop to discharge a passenger. SILENT YOUNG WOMAN POSES POLICE PROBLEM A young woman who took up~a silent vigil on a curbstone Friday night posed a problem for police.. She was first reported sitting n the 900 block of College avenue. The motorist who had seen her called back 45 minutes later to report that she was in the same spot looking at the same thing, which, 'it was learned when police arrived, was nothing. The woman would not budge at he approach of the police car. She paid officers no mind when they asked her .Questions. She would not cooperate when they asked her to enter the police car. She was taken to the police station, booked on an intoxication charge, placed lit a detention room, and she still had not brok- had come loose on the scooter en her silence. at to his the hospital: The operation followed in a few hours. t His condition is« satisfactory and he may .be discharged Sunday. • In other cases: Mrs. Eldon B. Fan-is. 3809 Oscar St., is in Alton Memorial Hospital where she underwent major abdominal surgery Friday. She entered Thursday and was expected to be discharged fn about 10 days. Her condition is satisfactory. Mrs. Alva Barnwell, 2925 Ethel Ave., underwent a gall bladder lOpeu-atton art Alton Memorial: Hospital, Friday, a member of the family said. She entered Thursday but It Is not known when she will he discharged, Her condition is satisfactory. Word was received that the sister of two Upper Alton residents, Mrs. J. D. Armstrong, of Centralia, II]., Is in Barnes, Hospital.' ' | She entere<J Tuesday for possible surgery, Mrs. Armstrong is the sister of Ernest Smith, 2922 Brown St., and of Mrs. W. M. Jones, 2029 College Ave. Richard, 5-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene E. Lewis, 2621 Plalnvlew Dr., was expected to be discharged today from Wood River Township Hospital where he had tonsils and adenoids removed Friday. s The boy was entered Thursday, His condition Is good. Deborah, 8-year-old daughter of Mrs. Barbara Sanders, 1000 Tensor |toti row discharged Friday from St. Joseph's-Hospital where she underwent removal of tonsils a week ago. She entered • week ago Friday. Her jjondltjon }• good. DAILY, OLD DOd GAM£ Another one of those dally en- countert .between Grange dog and strange human beingi wan recorded Friday flight on the booki. The woman reported that she wii getting tired of being chased by two dogi every morning in the IOQ block of Washington Aye. Shf apparently meant that the dogs had adopted her as their .one iuoject to itaw their owner* mat thfy tr* on tte job, It is, 1 to t* such it ttogs at* wfte m many ways, and'the smarter they are the less they make a nuisance ot themselves. But the wise ones know that they have td show some evidence oi working «t the grade of watchdog. tt ca-i only be for this reason that apparently mild animals will suddenly decide that one particular person should Rot walk their block. That Js evidently what happened In the cane of the woman on Washington who is chased on her way to work. She says the dogs only attempt to bite her, have never been successful. Which Is further proof that the mongrels are putting on a show. REPORTS THEFT OF TIRE AND WHEEL . Robert Mitchell, oit N. Rodger* avenue, Reported, to police Friday afternoon 'that"a tire and wheel had been stolen from the 9 trunk or his car. Mitchell ftbted the theft after he returned to his car which was parked on the lot on the 1600 block of E. -Broadway. He was not certain when the theft had occurred. MINOR AUTO MISHAP ON BROWK STREET Or, Bush To Speak At St. John's Metkftdist EflWARDSVlLLE. - D>. WU* liam E. Bush will preach at the 10:10 worship service at St. John's Methodist Church Sunday. The chancel choir will sing tt special number, "1 Never Walk Alone." Church school will begin at 9 a.m. The High School MYF and Intermediate MYF will meet at the church at 2 p.m. * for A trip to Forest Park and- the Highlands in St. Louis, the trip will be made by bus and members may either bring their own box suppers or buy them in St. Louis. Members may bring guests. The Sub-Dlstrict MYF wil meet Monday at 7:30 p.m. at Cast Alton Methodist Church. There will be a joint meeting Tuesday at 7 p.m. of the building committee and board of .trustees. Meeting will be In the men's class room. Midweek prayer meeting and Bible study will be at .7:30 p.m. Wednesday, J with Mrs. S. N. Atkinson leading the Bible; study. ,*., Remodeling Building EDWARDSVILLE. —Work was started Friday on the renovation and remodeling of the building, formerly housing the A&B Hatchery, at 222'St. Louis St., which will become the new offices of Dr. .Henry Malench. Dr. Malench presently has his offices at 103 Purcell St. When completed, the new offices will Include a waiting room, lounge, three examining rooms,' private office, business office* PAfltSRVW emergency room, X-ray room, laboratory and physiotherapy room. About one-third of the interior of the building will be .left unfinished to allow room for future expansion. A now modern front is planned for the exterior. Contractor for the renovation is Harry V. Parker of Edwards ville. Standish and.Haldi bf East St. Louis are architects. Wood River Injures Hand WOOD RIVER—Vincent Ruyle, 15, son of Mr. and Mrs. Myron E. Ruyle, 324 Marques St., lost the tips of two fingers on his left hand and suffered a severe laceration to another Friday afternoon when he caught his hand in the chain of a motorscooter. 1 Vincent was reported in "good" condition today at Wood River Township Hospital where he was rushed by a friend following the mishap. According to reports, the chain jand when the boy reached his Police thought she .would get lhand into the mechanism it was around to talking after she sob-lcaught in the chain and the am- ered up. Which is the exact op- ! putation of the members resulted. josite of what usually happens; n such cases., ' UPPER ALTON BAPTIST ALL-CHURCH PICNIC SET Upper Alton Baptist Church and Sunday School will have a picnic Saturday at .Rock Spring Park. Members are asked to bring a covered dish and their table service. [n other news: The Rev. Madison Bittner, state evangelist, will be in the pulpit a week from Sunday. He will have as his topic, "The Christian Wit- wss" His evening tdpic will be, "Evan- jelixing North America". The Rev. Bittner will answer questions on :lie five-year evangelism advance. supply and the follows: William Other pulpit dates are as Stoeckel, July 27 and July 30; Dr. D. A. Weaver, Aug. 3 and Aug. 6; and the Rev. Terry Burch, Aug. 10 and Aug. 13. AGED WOMAN INJURED N FALL, RECOVERING Mrs. Lucy Tilton, 1204 Rixon St., vho was injured critically in a fall at her home June 21, has been moved to White's Nursing Home, on E. Elm street. The 84-year-old woman was rushed to Alton Memorial Hospital suffering from a .fracture of lie pelvic bone, a displaced disk n the spine and a rupture of a stomach Wood vessel, a member of the family said. She underwent surgery for the latter injury. ' Her condition remains serious >ut she has been removed from "he critical list, the family member said. Miss Belle Jones, of Chicago, a daughter of Mrs. Tilton, is here during the emergency. She is stay- ng at the home of a sister, Mrs, Hubert Rister, 3208 Edsall Ave. ACCEPTING STUDENTS BIU SUMMER WORKSHOP Registration for the 'workshop n school public relations at SIU Alton Center will be accepted through Monday, Dr. David Bear, coordinator, announced today. Open to both graduates and undergraduates, the three. week workshop,' cufiyjng (our quartet- hours' credit, will be- hi session My If 31 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., through Fridays. CHILD INJURED IN FALL AT BOMV "' Donna Pratt, daughter of Mr. and Mr*. Robert Pratt, of Hum- lert road, w«i tmtad (or a njvjry A t it. JOMnh's Hacpitfti, Friday, after «he fell at tor home. MOTIIEW QT JOHN ELLIS WUOl'SLY 04. John W. EI1U, Upp«r Alton watchman, ol H'OTU Meeting WOOD RIVER — A white elephant gram sale highlighted the proof the Friday breakfast WCSC Meets at Wanda Church SOUTH ROXANA — The Women's Society of Christian Service of Wanda Methodist church met Wednesday evening at t h e church with 20 members attending. Mrs. Clarence Ash, president, reported on a recent meet- inp she had attended at' Collins-*, ville. The women are buying a book The annual finance drive of the Alton • League of Women* Voters Is to be launched early in Aitg* ust, a month earlier than ustwl, according to a derision of the xin. wwiiicu cue UUVIIIK n uwiv « * • * ,* . ro. the library at McKendrefr ***** 1bo ? rf w * lch m « thfs College and voted to help the Neighborhood House In East St. Louis at Halloween. Mrs. Evelyn Swlnney, supply chairman, reported sheets, old greeting cards, old white shirts and quilt scraps are needed. tors. Ash appointed a committee composed of Mrs. Lois Garrigus, Mrs. Jean Wood and Miss Louse Ann Wood to plan a reception for Mr. and Mrs. Bil ly Gilbert 'and son who will return from Florida in August where he has been.stationed with the army. Mrs. Hertha Southard was program chairman, Mrs. Louise Wood gave the spiritual life lesson, Mrs. Dorothy Dike conducted the playing ^ot a. game and refreshments were served by Mrs Dolly Southard and Mrs. Mildred O'Neil. Transferred to Wisconsin SOUTH ROXANA — The Rev. and Mrs. Paul Motzef of Seymore, HI. have been transferred to Wisconsin. Rev. Moteer is a former pastor Of .the Wanda Methodist Church and went from here te Seymore. t ' North Alton meeting of the Woman's Chri|ti : art-.Temperance Union held at the home of Mrs. Elizabeth Hill. The business meeting was conducted by Mi's. Sophie Webb, president," who also offered tjie opening prayer and led devotions. A quantity of literature has been set to the Veterans Hospital at Downing! Mrs. Webb announced. Mrs. Francis Hammett, member who suffered a" broken| erties ' and SOJ V e shrubbery, met damage at 4:30 a.m. today, ac- SMALL COIN PURSE FOUND ON PIASA ST. A small zipper coin purse with a small sum of money in it was turned in at* the police station about 9:30 a.m. today, by Joseph Klinke of 653 Elfgen. He reported that he had found it in the 400 block of Piasa street. No identification was inside and police say it can be claimed at the police station if it can be identified. MANGEL OWENS REPORTS THREE HUBCAPS STOLEN Mancel Owens, 827 Chouteau, reported to police this morning that sometime between 7 and 11 p.m. Friday, three hubcaps were stolen off his car, which was parked in a parking lot at Pearl and Bozza streets. LADIES OF GRAND ARMY MEET AT AIRS. KINSERS The monthly, social meeting of Ladies of Grand Army, 126, was held Friday at the home of Mrs John Kinser, 2508 Tibbitt St. A luncheon was served at 12:30, after which games were played Favors went to Mrs. Sarah Miner, the club's oldest member- she is 92; Mrs. Curtis Fields, Mrs, John Ortleb, „• and Mrs. Maude Eudy. Twelve members and two guests were in attendance. PROPERTY DAMAGED |ON NORTHSIDE unit! Fenc es on two residential prop- hip in a fall at Champaign recently has been released from Mercy Hospital there and is convalescing at her home. She is reported as "doing nicely." Plans were made for a pot- luek picnic at Kendall Hill Park for the Aug. 8 meeting. North Junior' Girl Picked As FHA Delegate GODFREY— Miss Beverly Ann Bernhard has been selected by the North Junior High School chapter of Future Homemakers of .America as a delegate to the 18th annual state leadership conference. • Miss Bernhard, who is presl- filed a 8<» nst him cording to a police report, when a westbound automobile ran out of control at a curve in the 100- block of W. Elm street. Policemen called to the scene by one of the property owners found that a hardtop coach, driven by Richard C. Wflliamson, 23, of 807 Hawley Ave., had run off the pavement. After crashing »a picket fence at the Edward Read premises, 104 W. Elm St., the car crossed through his yard, crashing a chain-link fence of Bert Elfgen, 106 W. Elm St. The front end of the automobile was damaged and it was removed by Haper Towing Service. According to the police report, the driver, Williamson, said he Vote League Plans Early Fund Drive week at the residence of Mrs. William Munger, president. Miss Margaret Ireland was named finance chairman and Is to be assisted by Mrs. Paul Pierce during the drive. Mrs. Lester Klope Is to head an intensified 'voters' service program that will be started,in early fall with a "Register to Vote" and "Get Out the Vote' campaign. Mrs. Harold Davidson is to serve a's registration chair* man and t ssistant to Mrs. Klope. .Need for the campaign to get the voters to the polls was stressed to the. League Board by Mrs. Patrick O'Neill, who eaid Gran* He Cityt with a number of registered voters almost equal to Alton's, polled a total of 8,146 votes in the April primary as compared with the 6,006 in Alton. Plans are being made for a meeting at which the condidates In the fall election may meet the public. Candidates for Congress from this district have been in vited to speak. Appointments made at the Board meeting included that of Mrs. Augustc Hershey as assistant to the foreign policy chairman; Mrs. Robert Nightlinger and Mrs. Jerome Arkis as members of the nominating committee. Peterie Agency Announces Sales Recent real estate sales through ihe George Peterie Agency have been announced as listed below, with property involved first, purchaser second, and seller third: 51 Bert Ave., by Tony L. Stoddard of 551 Pine, from E. A. Wilson; 551 Pine, by Harold Eades of 3020 College from E. A: Wilson; new home in Alandale Subdv., by Wayne Cook' of 2401 Alby, from E. A. Wilson; 223 Poplar by Elgin Murphy of 712 Jennings, from LeRoy Braundmeier; 112 E. Jennings, LeRoy Braundmeier from Elgin Murphy; 803 Ewing, by Eddie Kelly of, 848 Oakwood from Orley Goodman; 3843 Horn, by Harold L. Camerer of 514 S.^inth.'Wood River, from Richard Scat$s; 514 S. Ninth St., Wood River, by Richard Scales from Harold Camerer; 549 Madison, Wood River, by Calvin Evans of 603" Central, Wood River from Alvin Wiseman; property at Greenwood Meadows, by. Lawrence Bean from Herman Bunyan; 515 E. Main, by V. Campbell from Norbert Koenig; 8J1 E. Drive, by Patrick L. Gaither from Glen Ketterer; property in Alandale Subdv., Glen Ketterer from E. A. Wilson; 777 Rice, by Lewis Harszy from Dean Warner; property in Alandale Subdv., by Donald Wals- lon from Dean. Warner; 1256 State, by Claude Jamison from Fred TuemmJer; 3504 Ohio, oy Albert June from James W. Baker; 3803 Horn, by William MacMillan from Don Thomas Van- Allman; 1712 Maupin, by James Moore (seller not listed); 3751 Aberdeen, by John Pentland from Thomas Leeds; 1009 E. Seventh, by Mrs. Jacqueline Sandberg from Graves Todd; Forrest Homes property, by Evert Saylors from Hospital Note* trttntmfttlftt E. W. Taylor; 1911 Main St., by Eldon Schumacher from E. W. Taylor; 220 Hy Visla, by Harold Matthews from • Matt McCaskill; 555 California, by Michael Scheihing (seller not listed); 2722 Viewland, by Walter Frasie (seller not listed); Rt. 2, Godfrey, property, by John Wandell from Eldon Williams Si 1 .; LEAD DANCER Lead dancef of th« Qtm- togm Indian Ceremonial wlU be William Norris, founder and past chief of the Ouatoga Society, IndianDancers To 3e Joined By Maidens The Ouatoga Indian Dancers will be joined by the maidens of the Sacajawea Society to present the Ouatoga Indian ceremonial for the first.time in Alton. More than 50 dancers will be in costume for the 8:13 p.m. performances Friday and Saturday, July 25 and 26, at Alton Public Schools stadium. The Ouatoga Society was found. ed in 1953 t6 give high school and college age boys an opportunity to pursue their'hobby of American Indian lore by giving public dance programs. The group has presented 93 public shows, mostly for private groups. The society was named after Ouatoga, .egendary chief of the Illini who >vas credited with slaying of the dread Piasa Bird. '• The Sacajawea Society was 'ormed a year ago to provide 'squaws" in the dances. Under he direction of Mr?. Edwin F. Warms, the Sacajaweas plan to enter 18 Indian maidens in costumes for the ceremonial. Sponsors for 'this first public performance in Alton will be the Alton Jaycees, under the chairmanship of John D. Eardley, Eardley announced that tickets are available from any Jaycee, lie members of the Ouatoga and Sacajawea Societies, and at the Adams and- Hornsey printing companies. Eckford deKay is the director of '"the Ouatoga Society. . . • , ^ Roxana MEDICAL Mrs. George Holterfleld, Hardln Mrs. Anna Gehlhousen, Meppen Edward Marshall, Jerseyville Thdwas Ulery, Hamburg SURO10AL Mrs. Anna M. Hefner, Jerseyville DISMISSALS Mrs. Anna M. Hefner, Jerseyville Mrs. Delbert Noble, Dow Anthony A. Roewe, Jerseyville Alton Memorial MEDICAL Dwaine Hunter, .ferseyville J. C. Collins, Bethalto toward Barton, 3020 Brown Evelyn Metzger, 1202 Milton ludolph Metzger, 1202 Milton Janny Eaker, Hartford Edward Lynn, 833A E. Broadway StJROlCAL ATS. Anna Hefner, Jerseyville Joseph Gaither, 1311 'Hampton George Gaither. 1311 Hampton Mrs. Lucy Wlntjen, Hartford lobert Bowman, Jerseyville Omar Lyon, Wood River Mrs. Doris Strealdorf, Edwards- vllle Stewart Lesemann, Dorsey Mrs. Llllle Buchanan, 3300 Clifton Kenneth Moore, Roxana Frank Smith, West Alton, Mo. James Beneze, 2705 Sanford Sarah Freeman, Godfrey DISMISSALS _lenn D. Sinks, East Alton Miss Carol Hayes, Edwardsvllle Mrs. Fern Barrow, 103 E. Elm Mrs. Irma Rogers, East Alton s Jones, Brighton Return From Vacation ROXANA - Mr. and -Mrs Jack Flecther and daughter C' n d> of Tenth St. have just return ed after a two week vacation in Little Rock,, Ark.', with -Mrs. Mrs. Fletcher's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Rowe 'and in Ard more, Okla. with friends. Fletch er was stationed in Ardmore while the army and Mrs. Fletcher taught school there. Muny League Play Tonight ROXANA — League Softball p.m. Roxana Roxana; Wood In the Muny Swimming Classes Begin At West lake Club Monday to join a deep water das* at some other place, such a* the Boys and Girls Club pool. Unless the parents of the JERSEYVILLE -- The Jersey County Chapter of the Red Cross is Offering a series of swimming lessons for non-swimmers merg aw members rf __ and shallow water swimmers, jcountry Club, they wilt change to be held at the beach at thei c i ot hes at home and arrive at VVestJake Country Club. begin-i fhe beach in their swimming' ning Monday and continuing oni su its. Wednesday and Friday mornings! There will be At least IBleslo'ni during the remainder of July and in the course. Since the WeSflaka' AuR " st v 'beach is being rented it Will be These lessons are to take the place of the lessons formerly taught during the fall months at the Alton YWCA. They do npt plan on teaching shallow water classes at the YWCA this fall. The lessons at Westlake start at 9 a.m. and each day there will be eight classes of 30 minutes each, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Those who have not had swimming lessons before will start In the class at 9 a.m. As their swimming improves they wil? be promoted to later classes. necessary for each class her to pay $3 to help pay tht rent. Pupils may be in any grade in high school or grade sschppl starting with the third grade the coming year. The lessons are be» ing given at Westlake to save ftme and money usually expended^4fl transportation. Anyone interested in starting the classes should contact eith» er the Red Cross Capter office or the office of 0. A. Wilson, county superintendent of schools, The last class will finish at l|wh is the swimming instructor p.m. If swimmers pass all the and chairman of the Red Cross work taught, they will be invited Water Safety Committee. Miss Odetta Berrong. East Alton Victor Yaggl, 2811 North Mrs. Margaret Lawton, East Alton Myrlam Cory, Kane Chester Hunter. Jerseyville Mrs. Lila Mae Mortland, Godfrey Mrs. Pearl Schmoelier, 330 Mc- ' Mrs, Carol Dorris, Webster Groves, Mo. Jerry Snow, East Alton Mrs. Elizabeth O'Neill, 445 E. Twelfth Mrs. Janis Miller. 22 Marietta PI. Mrs. Laura Vandergrlff, 569 Highland Sam Santacru?:, 900 Highland . Sdward Boesewetter, 612 Summit Gerald Ester. South Roxana Mrs. Viola Fable, 202 Doerr St. MEDICAL Sdward Martin, 120 Eaton, Wood River . . John Frlck, 450 E. Jennings, Wood River Mrs. Ethel Fuller, 503A George Jeffrey Elble, 401 Oak Drive, East Alton Mrs. Eunice Finder, 1109 Milnor Vliss Deborah Nelson, 614 Marsh Randy Rathbun, 110 East Penning, Wood River foseph Panaplnto, 2310 Edmond Carvin Kaegi, 79 Penning, Wood River fohn Evans, • 611 Edmond Miss Kathleen Baker, 925 Washington SURGICAL Miss Karen Myers, 1457 Esther, Wood River Edward Collman, Bethalto Earl Miller, 1638 Lucille Edward Allan, Rt. 2, Brighton Miss Llda Dodson, Hartford DISMISSALS Mrs. Mary Gibson, 1051 West Ninth Miss Peggy Davis, 333 Locust William Peterson, 401 Miami Mrs. Edna Meier, Rt. 1, Troy Mrs. Lorene Prullage, Rt. 3, Godfrey * Mrrf.: Betty Magos, 1305 Harold Jersey County 4-H'ers To Be Guests Of Home Bureau JERSEYVILLE — Members of the Jersey County 4-H Clubs, their mo'thers and their leaders will be guests of the Jersey County Home t Bureau at their unit meetings during July. Roh call will he answered with "Why I Would Have Liked to be a 4-H Member" and the song of the month is "It's A Grand Old Flag." The major lesson, Brooks and the Fieldon Unit at 8 p.m in the Fieldon Masonia Hall. The Extension Council meet, ing is set for 10 a.m. July 17 in the Farm Bureau basement. Southeast Jersey meets at the Farm Bureau at 1:30 p.m. July 19. Mrs. Delbert Lfay will be hostess to the Rangeline Unit at 1:30 p.m. July 21, and the Me. Clusky Unit meets at 8 p.m. Juto be given by the home ad-jly 21 at the Bethel Methodist vlser, is "Take Care of Your Clothes" and the minor lesson as 4-H demonstrations. Because of the Jersey County Fair many of the Units have changed their meeting time. Reservations for the H o m e- maker's Camp at Western 4-H Camp near Jacksonville, together with fee, are due in the Home Bureau office by July 23. It will b/> a day of fun with time to do what you like in crafts, swimming, recreation, pioneering, boating, archery and relaxing, with a special program in the afternoon. Church. North Mississippi meets July 22 at the Farm Bureau and Elsah Bluffs,' with Mrs. Jesse Farmer at 7:30 that evening. Elsah meets at 1:30 p.m. July 24 in Salem Hall; Panhandle at 2 p.m. July 25 at Farm Bureau; and Otterville at 2 p.m. July 26 at the school. .Jersey Notes JERSEYVILLE — B. J. Brown of Valley Park, Mo., was the guest this week of Harry Hinson at the letter's home in Otterville. Brown went to Springield Thurs- daj to visit friends and relatives _. there before returning, to his Those planning on attending!home in Valley Park. the camp will meet at the Farm Bureau office at 8:3(J a.m. on July 29 to share ' transportation. The group will be home following the (evening meal. The Kemper Unit of Home Bu- Ireau meets at 1:30 p.m. July 14 Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wiegand of Alton came to Jerseyville Thursday to visit relatives and attend the Jersey County Fair. Wiegand formerly operated a farm in Jersey a number of years but retired a few years ago and mov- at Kemper Hall, and D el h iied to Alton, meets at 1:30 p.m. July 15 in; Mrs. John Madson of Spring- tine Farm Bureau basement. Ifieia came to Jerseyville this Mrs. Everett Edwards will bew e e k to visit relatives. Mrs. hostess to the Jerseyville A Unit; M adson resided for many years at 1:30 p.m. July 16 and the Dis-',in Jerseyville until the death met share the Fun meet is at o f her husband a few years ago, i'i» a*. ****». *r t j *««l*|^w»j .»ww«* *.»»*. u»u i Paul fuetken, 912 West Ninth Edwardsville that evening. Mrs. Augusta Straube, 110 Dooley The BethalUra't meets at 2 p. Mrs/Rose Marie Kochanski, rn. July 17 with Mrs. Ralph R Belleville Mrs, Janice Greer, 150JA Rodgersjj Miss Jane Barnett, Godfrey Miss Karen Jones, 231 Mounier Mrs. Delia Ribble, 1128 Seller Miss Rose Mary Hunter, 508 Wyss Bruce Hall. 560 Pine Mrs. Patricia Hayden, Rt. 1, Gas first was discovered in Arkansas at Fort Smith in 1887. play tonight atj Oakwood Rd., Godfrey VS Hartford at Randy LPO Draper, Strong Ave. River VS East Alton at Wood River and South Roxana VS Befhalto at Bethalto. Reception Planned ROXANA — The Women's Society of Christian Service of both the Wanda and South Roxana Methodist churches are planning a reception Tuesday evening x>r their pastor, the Rev. W. O. Reinhardt and family at the Wanda church. The reception will nclude a household shower. Return From Colorado ROXANA—The Rev. and Mrs. W. 6 Reinhardt and two children have returned after visit- ng in Silver Springs, Colo, with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kirkman. Mrs. Kirkman is the former Miss Ruth Poag and she is now here' visiting Mr. and Mrs. L,ee Mathewson. i — had dozed at the wheel. Com- 3 610 Coronadp; by Leon Joyce! Ki rs t opera to be written for plaints of destruction of property and violation of traffic rules were dent of the North Junior chapter; is the Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A, J. Bernhard of Fosterburg. Conference will open July 21 and continue through July 25 at East Bay Camp, Lake Blooming* ton, at Bloomington. "Have Leader*, Will Progress," is the theme of the meeting.' • Fountain Works Is Soft Drink Manager ALBUQUERQUE (AP)-A man narked Fountain Works was appointed safes manager of an Albuquerque soft drink bottling company, . , Godfrey Methodist Picnic Set Aug. 14 at Torch Club GODFREY — Annual picnic ot Godfrey Methodist Church Sunday School will be Aug. 14, it was decided at & meeting Thursday of the Woman's Society of Christian Service. Eyfnt will be held at the Standard "Torch Club, starting 0:30 P-m, • The WSCS decide^'th»t,^ft monthly potluck supflaV, wul b» next fhur«4ay, 6:30 p.m,,'*at'th» church. ^ ' v Mr*. George Adalr w|», in charge o/ the devotions and pre* CoMIn, £?., Friday night, cauw ot tilt gray* Ulnew ot mother, from Joseph Naughton; property j television was "Amahl and' the sented as hpr opening the three purposes o'f the meeting. Mrs. Charles Carlton was in charge of the program, "The World Federation of Methodist Women.' Mr* Howard Gray (aid th* sing in Alandale Subdv., by Wayne Cook from E, A. Wilson. fc Heinphill Sales Of Week Listed The Harry F. Hemphill Agency today announced ^he week's sales as follows: " Mr. and Mr*. Bobby S. Crepps purchased the four-room home at 711 Reutcr St., from Mr. and Mrs, Jacob Muehleman. Mr. .and Mrs. Lance M. Kuhnline of Carrollton wild the five-room home at 3232 Hawthorne to Mr ana Night Visitors," by Oian-Carlo Menotti. Mrs. Nellie Jeffrey, 420 George, Wood River Wood River Township MEDICAL Mrs. Sarah* B. Sallee, Roxana Gerald R. Stambaugh, 460 East Haller, East Alton" Mrs. Marie Crawford, 61 Madison David Arnold Lindley, 43§ Lorena SURGICAL Leonard L. Thomas, Hartford Vincent, M. Ruyle, 324 Marques DISMISSALS Mrs. Mildred I. Brakeville, Rt. 1, Godfrey Mrs. Helen D. Mackelden, 426 Dry, East Alton Mrs. Margaret B. Callahan, 743 • Madison Orran J. Nelson, Rt. 1, Moro Chrlsta M. Linville, 212 Whitelaw, Easl Alton Mrs. Betty M. Wallace. 709 Easl Third, East Alton Stephen A. Greeting, 100 Ohio, East Alton Mrs. Lida B. Dodson, Hartford Mrs. Ann M. Hans, Rt. 2, Edwardsville Ronald E. Bowman, 141 Conley, Wood River lag. Mrs. Ch«r]tA kj|y UUked on the World F*a«ratlfln tf Math* od)tt ^VqmtjQ. Mjn. Adalr pro* were: Mr* carlo* and Mi* John Curtis. - Hurt a, pitfti/ Friday, for an tfy Up iiifUrad in » («4I ,t Mrs. Kenneth Tilton. Mrs Carolina Schwfgel purchased the seven-roonj home at 728 E. Fourth St., the former residence of Mr, and Mrs Charles M. Wilson. To Mr. and Mrs. Robert L.I Hopper, the Hemphlll Agency | •old the. former' reiWence O f Mt. and Mr*. Charjss Scales at QUO St. Mr. and •Mr*. Ber- K. Johnson purchajwd the iQme at by Mr. and J. Boflerbuth. Mr. and ftlri L. Oqmpton p&H$tp4 the prop,. tyttfcerly ownefl tjy Mr, and-Mrti, PreT 1 - "^ ' - ' ALTON'S ORE HOUR MARTINBINQ CLEANERS 4th - STATE STf. THE MOST IN PITY CLEANING" SPECIAL! WON., TUCS. and WCO. ONLY JULY 14-15.16 LADIES' SKIRTS MEN'S TROUSERS SWEATERS , , 49c 496 49o i i NOW is (he time/ ... to moke certoin that you hove more money for your next vocation, Open a SAVINGS ACCOUNT ot Pioso Building and Lo,on ,.. odd to it regularly ... and hove o happier vocation next year. Optfl JMly 7 A. M. to 6 P. M, OHM rrktoy Till • P.M. ** MM* IMI If

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