Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on June 25, 1952 · Page 3
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 3

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 25, 1952
Page 3
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Visitors at Hilmer Larsen Home =:< f.i Secretary W. J. Hanly of Ampri- can Mtlklng Shorthorn society of Springfield. Minn., and Bill Dixon, national (ieldman of the association, were Sunday gut-ats at the Hilmer LArsen homo, near Wall- fngford. Other callers Sunday at the Larson home were Mr. ami Mrs. William Hodson of Mankato. Minn., Pvt Donald Poterson and Stanley Egcrtgon. AUoe Eismhower of Des Moines Is visiting this week at tho homo of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Elsenhower. M». and Mr». Keith Wilkinson iind little daughter, TerrI, drove to Omaha for the week end to visit at the home of Mrs. Wilkinson's brother-in-law And sister, Mr. nnd Mr.«. John Walley. Mr*. Oraee BOM and Ivodell havn had'as hou«e guests over the week end Mrs. Viola Thrush of Van Nuys, Calif., who Is now visiting Mr. and Mrs. Roy Thrush at their cottage on'Splrit Lake, and Mr. and .Mrs. Charles Sturtz of Boone. Mrs. Ross and Mrs. Sturtz arc sisters. Yesterday, visitors were Mr. and Mrs. Iceland Whltaker, Nancy and Linda of Hollywood, Calif., and Robert Starke of Los Angeles. "Gun Crews Have Enough Ammunition" Seoul, Korea, iJP)—Gcn. James A. Van Fleet said today artillery aj^d nriortor ammunition Is rationed in Korea, but gun crews hnvo all they, need,, The rutlonlrigf, Jie said. Is to prevent waste. •;. Van F,l9eti,>U,-S. eighth army commander i'decllned to comment on a domand by. Rep. Clarence Brown (R-Ohlo) for a congressional investigation of a reported ammunition • shortage In Korea. Brovm Monday read a letter to the hQ»i8e of representatives from 36 soldiers who complained that mortar shells for their unit hnvo been rationed since February. S. U. I. Employes Denied Pay Boost Iowa City, la. (VP)—A request'by non-acaderoic employes , for pay boosts ojt 10 cents an hour were turjjed dJDwn yesterday by the State University of,Iowa. SUI President Virgil M. Hancher said sufficient funds were not available to grant the raise. He said the legislature would be asked. to provide funds for a pay boost for all univrr.<rity employes. In fiscal 1963. Mr. and Mr* llB \1d MIII .T of Ida firovc wore Sunday giii 'sts cii Mr. and Mrs. Ben BrabanH. Mr. and Mrs. Mrrle Andn* and Merllenc wore callers last night at the home of Mrs. Andre's parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. Sam Lloyd of.Mllford. >Ir. and Sirs. Arnold Warner, .loan and Larry of Larchwood and Miss Ingcbord Jorgensen of Fairmont visited Sunday nt the Harvey Chri.stensen homo. " Mr. and Mnt. Frank Kinney of Chlcngo were week-end visitors of the former's cousin. Mrs. W. F. Bright and family. Other guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bright the past week end were Mrs. Brlght's hro- ther-ln-law nnd sister, Mr. nnd Mr.i. Jack Higley of Emmetsburg. Mr. and Mrs. John W. FoJlor and daughter, Bonnie of Portland, Ore., spent the past week with Mr. Fallor's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Weeks. Mr. Follor is public relations man for Cascade college In Portlai^d. They spent the two weeks prior to coming to Eslherville touring the northwest states and making stops in connection with his work. Prom here they will go to Kentucky to visit other relatives. Mr. and ^Im. 0<-n<> Sh<>ppard and John ri'turncit home last nijiht from a few days spent with Mis. .Shoppard's brother-in-law and sui­ ter, Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Rogers of Mt. Ayr. While there they also visited with Mr. Shoppard's father. B. G. Sheppard. Authorize Bi^ Expansion for Northern Natural Washington JP—X $38,690,000 expansion of the Northern Natural Gas company's pipeline system has been authorized by the federal power commission. The company, with headquarters In Omaha, serves utility customers selling gas to users in Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota. Tho PPC announced yesterday the proposed expansion would give a pipeline capacity of 826 million cubic feet dally north of Kansas, Instead of the present 600 million. Tho PPC made Its approval on tho expansion plan conditional on the company's providing 500,000 cubic foet of gas daily to Coon Rap Ids, In., and 480,000 cubic feet dhlly to Guthrie Center, la. Tho commission also specified that Northern Natural-must firmly commit all the reserve."? it now controls to the new expanded system. The Antarctic continent is almost as large as South America. At Holy Famny Hospital Ornn Wood of Spencer WUH admitted yesterday for surgery. Jlrs. Virgil Nelsen of RlngKtitl entered the hospital ye.^terdiiy fur surgery. .Sally Thompson of Kslhi-rvlllr wns admitted yesterdny for .surgery. Mrs. .lames DeMnss of Ksther- viUe entered the hospllnl yestt-r Cny for medical care. Sirs. Walter Thiel of Kstherville was admitted yesterday for medical care. Mrs. Sraurloe Salyers of Ksther­ ville entered tho hospitnl yesterday for medical care. Patricia Dale of Armstrong was admitted yesterday (|)r medionl c/ire. Dismissals y <>st «Tday ivero Mrs. How^ard Kerr and baby hoy i>f Grnottinger; Mrs. Roy Klrchner nnd baby girl of Estherville; Mrs. Carl Jensen and baby boy of Armstrong; George Grems of Gruver. surgery; Ervin Schmidke of Dun- ncll, surgery; Glenn Igou of Spirit Lake, surgical treatment; Gary Reynolds of Burt, surgery; Abraham Anderson of Torril, surgery; Mrs. Knud Bonnicksen of Ringsted. medical; Mrs. John Weir of Estherville. medical. Set Dole for Trial of Man On Rape Clharjjes Lenvenworth. Knns. ifl'> -Trial of; Harlan Lynn Nohle, 40. on two charges of statutory rape Involving two >'oung girls has lM >en .set for July 7. Date for the trial wns set by district Judge Jo.seph J. Dawes yesterday. Dawes entered pleas of Innocent for NaI>Ie after he told the court he could not remember what happened. Noble Is charged with the rape of nn 8-year-old girl here May 3. and with rnpe, felonious nssnult with Intent to commit rape nnd kidnaping of a 10-yenr-old ptrl Mny 24. Noble, whose home originally wns nt Mollne, 111., was sentenced to 10 years on a morals charge Involving a 13-year-old gill nt Davenport, In., in 1946. He wns released from Fort Madison penitentiary July 24. 1951, after serving about five years on the charge. Recently ho wns employed nt Atchison, Kas. Siptmrh at Jliho Fine I'olf .s iMt ,7r %m.-. naih N.MN i .m. MI.V T In Inion Diirs li) Deh^jrales: Most for Ike Icebergs of glacial origin frequently carry rocks and earth for conslderahle dl.stanco across the sea ns they float with ocean current nnd winds. tM«t(.W 's l -llU -ht>l!« s-V'"^*'"••1 Ifuutli' to^l-ts '•\'*r i» ( I in union tl\les BS I' fll r\ii«l«nieis h .iv l.iT over the < e^l o! n\e;u IHies t'lH .':'..M>,X1 n>. ml', rs in tlir l'nit<si Stn(. s ;init Oaniuli* VM:hiked from $1 ti> $1 2.^ a month by the AKI, nmalKnmate^l im 'n" lUllo^ mill tiiilclnrs wmkm-ii <>l Neith Ani.Miea yi'Sterdny. WIJhHr F l'iink)ln« iT N,-hr.»K- ku City, Ni 'lv, siH lutiemUnc henl- ed iippoaili 'in from his st.ite anil New Rnpl.iiiil .Hhiuited "Some of oui niin\tM'ir< hav to lake lil-cail mit of (he moutf.s of llielr kids lo pay iheir union >lii. > now How Hie they ^oini: lo ia |i. up anolhri luo-t^lls a MiiinUi i-. more than I know " HitM>t'»Hfc I'.* '.I"* i;.'\ K.Iin S h no .^.*ol lt».i.*\ h.- (Hvi'. -i Pi nnji\ 1\ am.'. .1,1.^.!.., .ifl. i '.h. no* nnt \i'ti'i »l <i\ i M.i'tov v^iih, S. n Uot'.'it .\ T.;i o( Ohio iin .l foiind that n majoir;.- oT Ito ni j 1, aioai to i;.n Mi ^.i:!-,! P Ki... n tti»\\,i } I ihinU that nio'it oi the .l.-l. ^late.H laftutnu ti-r ;N>^ hat. lo op(nt*in ttoit Ik'- oooKl 1*. j^IntilKei enndlil-*!. ttiait 'r ;iti ' Fine loiii a n,\a , ottf, j .-tt.-, 1 The >;o\,'in,,i, ehnliniatt ,tt 1". o n:<\i\ ai\ta"> To no ntti, i .t,-i. ^-ii | I inptta.-i/'li tiov'.vii ili.i In-, (.t ^'i i etuiM not h.' )nt 'nn ,t..( \ "r ^u inn • to Kt*o'nhow . 1 "I don't t,'Kar«t tt nn a PW Ifii.- ' ! '111 I .1 .J .1 i •-, . )-,,., . - ' ! , : I !. tt (.-l «h. I. )-..'.!.. .!. ... . Tr> a IU«1I» .New-, W»»)l ADVERTISEMENT Housework . EasyWithoun. Nagging Backache NaCKlnsb«ckache»laKBof pep andenerffy, hfadaches and dizxintM may fai^due taslntr- down of kidney function. Doctors lay rood kidney functiun la very important to good hciUth. When »ome everyday condition, such at itrevts and strain, causes this important function to slow dMT 'n,many folks sufTernac- slns backachc^'r^ niiserablfl. Minor bladder Irritations due to cold or wrong diet may cause seltins up nishtsor f rcquentpaasaBes. Don't nefflvct your ktdneys i( these conditions bother you. Try Doan'a Pills—a mild diuretic. Used successfully by millions for over 50 years. Tt's amaxlnir how many timea Doan s give happy relief from these dtscom- fortB -hohithel6mllesi >f kidney tubes and niters flush out waste. Clet Doan's ritla today/ Decoraled Cakes Our Specialty HAROLD'S PASTRY SHOP ni No. Gth Ph. 68 fM (Wi Mhy y «uc •ym* wh «n' h> ••afar, tnM Wm4 It wl<*«r rMNy flK ^•pl» Mg. You can !•> H't a big car whan yoo iMvm H, for banaath Fard't tlranglh. Naw Ford badlai ara laund and tollrf. Chatitt hat a mora rug|a4 K-bar frama. BIGGER Yau knaw H't a big car whan yau liap an lha gati Naw lOI-h.p. htgh-camprattlon Mllaega Makar Six orthal lO-h.p, hlgh-compra»*len Strala-StarV-t giva yau "go" le rival lha htghatl-pricad cart. Aulomollc Power Pilot toot to got-iavingi. 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A "Test Driva" will canvlnca yau lha *52 Pard It lha bIg-tar huy af lha law-|wlce (laid. but yau cant kurkHtarJ Henaman Motor Co. 509 First Avenue No. Estherville, Iowa Morning Liaht Fl^d WHITE TUHA.. mess FOR JufIC 2fi. 2*. 'l^ FINEST PAOST-ETT ^M^A CHEESE SPREAD .»7.?^ GELATIN. 4^;?/^ POTATOES California H. S. No. 1 ShafliTx Culifornlii H. S. No. t Shnfl.TH PI.NK MKAT CANTALOUPES Sl/o I'll, fcjC K;I: coi.i) WATERMELONS Alulmnui Ki'U \VASIIIN (m )N CHERRIES ^ ^ PI A MS — rOMAKtl'S — n/,\7 ;.S.|/» WVl.t.S PLKNTY OK rUKK PAKKINCJ NANCY ANN BREAD 20 m. l^nf ^ 2 „ 29c IHIvSlI COl.NTHV Dor.. FRESH DRESSED Why Pay Moro by Jhf pound? SPRING FRIERS 99c I.h. 59c BEEF KOAHT SHOULDER FRESH SIDE PORK PC 29c PORK SAUSAGE ,„ 29c ROLLED RIB ROAST PORK LIVER 1.1, 69c i.i>. 29c BEEF STEAK' S,,;:; ' ,„ 79c PURITAN BACON.. 49c GROUND BEEF l.t.. 49c 1 Frankfurter Sausage 48c Per Ll». Pork Loin Roast tb 43c • PALMOLIVE SOAP CASHMERE BOUQUCT 7 CLEANSCR \MANCim tkD.* YOUR FRIEN ;:NOX^^^AT MEALTIM E

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