Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on June 25, 1952 · Page 2
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 2

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 25, 1952
Page 2
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HAM LOAF 69c vvii .HON (oitN him; SLICED BACON 44( 'MOItUICI.I.'H Skinless Wieners-49c iioiMi') (iiin;i> iu)Ni;i,i:sH CORNED BEEF .69c KNI) (IT PORK CHOPS 49t NOURITSErErKNIin ^(JWt BRIARDALE 5jt;<7^ PHONE 407 o« 408 FREE PARKING AT FOR DELIVERY REAR OF STORE Dareld Gage and Lorraine Balmer in June Weddinfi Hull.l'«ii Wiuktr For Salchel I 'aifie ' it • ... ,r ,. > d « fp" irJ t >'J'"•K-'.i ^• jt !'-r 'r.'-j; .vnci'-nt fliiJi i.;'.',r.'r Pajge-^n f-^f^-.-'A k^'V .-j I Th<- W.-y'- 'f 'rxr.-: Biii V-'-l:>' inrjovations. th*- rwk*-? cam' ccm-^ Estbenilk", Iowa, Daily News Wfd.. Jane 25; 1952 2 Som*- fjrimJtive pwpUs kffl aJl twini! a» soon a« they ar^ born b»- (;au.»< they represent bad luck * • • By AMf.K IlIOfNUOTHAM ly'yr/.'ilne Balimrr, daUB-ht«-r of Mr and Mr*. H. A. Balmer, Bf/? N'or-tti Hij.tfi istf<e(. bi^.am'- th< lj/i<l<- '/I iJUtflii (iU4i'r, ot Mr. •••u<i UiK. Donald Ca»fe tit Ring- f 'ld in a 'aandl»?-llKht >:r-n-mony •t,n<i-^y :ii 7:Zf) p. tn. at th* SO'- ma /iu '-l I>uth;eran cburcb in iSaUi- • rvil!. The /'.ev. William Henline t ':>/J II.'- d'^uWe rinjf service f,e. f'/r< ;jn .-iltar decvrattd with ba*- Jf.ii' i /f fl'>wer« ana palnu. Th<; t/ridal rnarcb from Lohen-1 (jiif) hy WJijfner and other ap- j \iiijprlhU: »t:linAUmm wer« played I »/y Mrn, KJIIenwarlh, organist. Hb?i niis 'y .J/.''y/npanicd Marlys Randa! v.ii'y (jo/ig "f-'erf'-ct lyjve" a* th-: r/ilddl f<»rty i;atb(>r«d at tb« aitar •.lun "Thi- lx«-d's Pray-r" during j i/ii- cr'tnony. ! Th'- l'/i'3<-, ^iven in mariia^e tji-r fuJh'-r, wore a ballefjna length 1 ("jv, n of I.-";' over satin with point-1 "i si'.'vej, full tlijn and fitt '^d j \,'A\':'- v/ith peter Pan collar. H'r | •.iril, '/f illusion net, fell tnm ai JijJi'-i. lap of lac* and satin to I Kiat'.ii her gown. Both the bride s i >;'yv/ri and veil were made >jy hei i m'/ther. Khe carried red roseg. Her • only J«;welry, pearl earrlnj{». w.-ii j .1 j<ift of the bridegroom. He l.rou ;.;ht them from Oe-rmany upon hiii r'turn to this country. i •ols^"''- •A'- ijr^d-J' -.if/'I:., Mr*. William Jiimii'on v. o-r: .riU'^ prize and Mrf Cr.ny '.".ff 'Td v-.'. low s'ore prize The fni'-t\ Jirt ir.'iuded i..^,'- ruer" of bon'>r, h«;r m'/ir.'r, Mr». Cl-tu- Kkoth, MI ThSerr rrj-rh'r Mr^Waiter T -j:' i. C-.i-'r K" Lh. Tionr^-dM Maine. Mrs- p -.i-.Ti '.k K'-!y of Sp.rit L^kc. Mr .t Kf ^nr.";)-. Thiel. Mr! Bt.ilic Johniion. Mi.'^ I^. I.. Boirz'S« Mrr Ed p.-s' a';- r^r rn.o'r:«T Mrs- f.'ihu .t' r. v'. T.'nt, jia. Kact. Marcih .-.uitr M;^ William Htr«!eTi>:,-.'".r;u:i. iJrt; Jarr.- ee Vfe-jx. JUiS' Kb'j':. Kt' Myrtl- Kenn'-iy. M;-^ Xiirj B .-.r- niann, Mr». 0*-.:e» HairaJ'.on. r>on Wfciz. M.-T^ •>V;.c -dF XIrf Wiiliam Harnjlcn. Mry F -fC - f.'-n. Mr> Pi'^; i^-r .rTt -r. F.k;. Tay!',:. M.'e L,»'.-r.'-ri l{':I>or.c--j£r... Kr-?. S -ntOVf- Mri!. Hsrrr Bjr.i-. Kr? Frtrk Mrs. J',.» P?--.: • \irjH We^ Honor»'d At Ficnir Diniaer. Torn to'pace rolosui C ?atr.h , others honoi them as repr<^ ' s i'arr,'- -AJir.' p,in»rd 'm it in hriut', i;i'>v.-inr " yank'-«-s. the int'-rs i sentint eood luck. ATLAS lart hiire been proven (or more than 50 yesrs by house¥ii»e» everywhere. Double tc-iled lor' strenf.lh. ATLAS Strong and sofe for oil approved #ntthodt of modern preserving. Perfect hoiM freezing —moith/re, vopor and l «dk ^oe(:' odors can't get in or out; re-uiobt*. HAZEt-ATlAS CLASS COMf ANY. Wfieef/ng, West Vo. MiiU! Balmer"* eijter, Elaine, wa? , rn.-Ufon of honor. Hei baJierina-. l'-n«th gov/n wag of blue tutfvVj. v.jth net ovemkirt, faifaioned af- t«-r the bride's gown and made ',y her «j«iiher, Hhe carried a color-, ;.-.l bourjuet of yellfyw ro»es. i The bridegroom waa attended . by his brother, Donald D. Gage, a* ^ t>e»t man. Both wore light brown' suits with white carnation bwjt- onnleres. UKhftrs were Donald Hill ar-d P^lland Shipley. '; For the occasion the bride's; mother cho«« a nykm atiu» irets \ with white acceaaortea and tbv: mother of the brfdegroom Trore a', floral print with white acew ^yries- i l !:ach had a corsage of piaJc roief. Frienda aiid reiathres wett^ gueata at the reception held m^- \ mediately after the c^nmony in the Bbore room of the Oardatoc ^ tiotel. Decorations were in ti.-- t.ride'a chosen cok>r« of twae jti^i yellow, and were r*i>eat«d in ti- t/aaketa of flawens and rojRB? of blue d«{phinhuns entwiMd a.-- ound the cak« on tfae aemog ta.^. The wedding cake was d«>!»f*leil v.ith blue aod^«sUow r»jeecj«3i iiSti txipptid with a boo ^aet The cake w»a bak«d t-y tte icvi*- groom's aont, Mrs. Ci*si»aut * Following the cv>3is,f *.* tb» tirat |rf*c* of cak« iT- ti* iirj^ and ht%At%t<i>iim tbe rtses ^sr^ r: was cut and «-nred Xry Mri- Oa^'^- rjori» Ilofmann, a 'HflS ^e frte.vJ i of the bride, Ijad charge of t.-i-- guest book. Gifts were opened a-il i dIspUyed by Mr«. Virgil Kblpley and Mrs. KoJland Shipley. B^t.'- Swanaon, sister of the bridegr 'Xym, presided at the coffee Bei-/ire. For going away the bride ciios' a while with red, Joxelli tie hiik huit with matching accessories. L'pon their return from Iht-ir wedding trip to Canada the young • ouple will be at homo at Central avenue In KstherviUc. Mrs. Gage was graduated from the Maple Hill high school in 19!yi and then attended Mankato Cum mcrcial college at Mankato. She is employed at Honeymead, Inc. Mr. Gage waa graduated in 1947 from the Maple Hill high achool .-ifter which ho waa employt^d *ijy Golden Sun Milling Co. He has recently returned to thin country to receive hla discharge from the at- my after serving with the IMth Field Artillery battalion stationed In Germany. Out-of-town guests at the wedding were Mm. Anna Balmer and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest DeVary of Uolliver; Mr. and Mrs, John Meinc. Dean and Janice; Frank Meine and Mr. and Mrs. L,ouis Hackbarth all of WhltUmorc; Mr. and Mrn. Raymond L.aabN of L,one Rock; Mr. and Mni. Kenneth Haxrkbarth of Algona; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Balmer, Cheryl and Larry of Rlng- Mted; Dorla Hofmann, and Beth Kwanson and David of Mankato and Lcno Hofmann of Titonka. • Mary <Iun« Keogh Honored at Ktaower Mary Jane Keogh, who will bo married Monday morning to Raymond ThIel, was the guest of honor last night at a linen shower given for her by MrH. Guy Nicholson. GuvHtM gathered ut the Nichol- bon horne at 7.30 p. ni. for a dftssurt supper. The house prcsuntcd a fcf.- tivo appoorance with the bouquets of flower*, tables covered with cloths in white and pastel colors and each centered with a mlnla- turu wtatilng well. The wishing well ttieme was carried throughout the evening both tn decorations and In the manner in which Mory Joan received ftor gifts. The wishing welU wore covered with green crepe paper to represent a thatched root and posts supporting the roof wcrn wound with flowers. In the corner of tlio living room was a well mado and docorntod ttio samo as the small ones but largo onouKh .to hold the many gifts brought to Mary Jean. Also on thii tables wore minlatui'i' brides holding the placo cards unl nu^ cups In pastel colors. ISucli guest racolved u favor of a tiny hoso mending kit and a comb cleaning brush. Tho girts wore opened by the guest of honor Immediately after supper because of tho threaten Ing weather and tho fear that guoHls might have to leave. Tlu) gucHt of honor got hqr many lovo. ly and useful gifts by drawing tho I'opo attached to thorn In tho well, The weather man relented some what and guests relaxed. The tnb- li>N wore cleared and court whist und hridgo were pluycd for thi' .remainder qf the ovonlns. Mm. Fred I-iaruon won high score prliio at tho court whist table and Mi'b ,lktvn BuorsBei's heat hat you tirad, hot, ai»d , thirsty, Ctew Farm Tea » furt the Amg \ brinr Ixas* spring to your spirits. Iced tea is America'* favorite auaaner be»ersga and -there's evottiing qiata *o rcfrMMng and tturrt quefiching. A«d best of ai. H '•« one of the I most ecooomieal b««eraces. Take home a ptckaj* of Cterer Farm T«»—we offer special j>r>o«-» this we«kt C lover F arm TEli Fresh Fro2«i Fittpd Sturgeon Bay No. 1 Cherries Salmon ^ 30-lb, Sweetened Can Har>'e<»t Time 1-lb. Can Vegetable Shortening SPRY 2 ii ^n 83c Clover Farm PINEAPPLE 2 ^ans 29C Van Camp's PORK and BEANS iL Cans 35e f NOW To Can Binq Cherries Cello Per Bunch SunklKt Carrots 17( °/m„.33c Good White Shaftcr POTATOES 10 55c CHOICE FRESH MATS First Cut For July 4th Smoked Picnics Pork Chops 37c lb 49c lb Mac. and Cheese or Pic and Pimento Yeol Loaf 49c lb All Meat Minced Ham 55c^ lb. FRESH DRESSEB FRYERS Clover Farm Orange Pekoe TEA Bags 15C TEA Orange Pekoe V2 Lb. 59c Bali JAR RUBBERS B doz 19c Lg. Pkg. Lux Flakes Pk|. 27c Clover Farm NOODLES Pkg!' 23c Clover .Farm Ctit Green BEANS 2 Cans 39C Hazel Atlas Zinc MASON CAPS Doz. 49c PERFEX Lg. 30-oz. Pkg. V 59c 5 k!;.45c Saltines CRACKERS Pkg. 27c Clover Farm MILK 3 S4 43c DEXOL SURF Pkg. :59c .Rej^olda PerHoU lAluminum Foil 31c CiovERfARM STORES specials Effective dme2G, 27,^9%

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