The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on November 29, 1981 · Page 32
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 32

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 29, 1981
Page 32
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Flexed knees make sit-ups more effective Sunday, November 29,1981 — The Salina Journal Page 33 Dear Dr. Donobue: I understand that you recommend doing sit-up exercises with the knees flexed up in order to strengthen abdominal muscles. I do not understand why you say this, since the bending toe-touch exercise is done with the legs straight for maximum effect. In sit-ups, by not bending the knees up you get good pull on muscles. Please elaborate. — Mrs. A.M.G. The reason you bend your knees in sit-ups is so you use only your abdominal muscles (if a protruding abdomen la your chief concern). I can help yoil prove it to yourself. Lie on the floor next to a chair. Lay your lower legs over the seat of the chair (from knee to feet). Try to do a sit-up in this position. Don't strain. It is difficult, and you should feel your abdominal muscles being pulled. Now do a sit-up on the floor with your legs straight out, knees unbent. You will feel muscles being pulled in the backs of your thighs and around your hips. The point I was making in my previous response on this subject was that when dr. donohue to your good health you exercise those muscles too much, 'you make your abdomen protrude even more because they may curve your back forward. Keeping the legs straight when you do the toe-touch exercise likewise stretches the hamstring muscles, the ones on the backs of your thighs. That is OK if that is what you want to do. That won't do a whole lot for your abdominal muscles. . * -tr -fr Dear Dr. Donohue: Why do track By Eugene Sheffer ACROSS 1 Vampire's weapon 5 Walk in water 9 Insane 12 Deceiver 13 Currier's partner 14 Mimic 15 Border 16 Party goodies 17 Evergreen 18 Luxury 19 Poem 20 Like a candle 21 Today ' 23 Highest degree 25 Equal — 28 Empty talk 32 Famous poet and critic 33 Make amends 34 Trial places 36 Uses up 37 Hit show sign 38 Hardwood tree 39 Green stone 42Stop!: slang 44 Stable feed 48 Utilize 49 Casino game 50 Neighbor of Nevada 51 Actor Marvin 52 Collar type 53 Choir plum 54 Sweet potato 55 A simpleton Avg. solution time: 22 min. 56 Fencing sword DOWN 1 Take it on the lam 2 Verdi opera 3 Old horses 4 Growing building 5 Bereaved ones 6 Eager 7 Rely 10 Pinnacle 11 Moist 20 D.C. residence 22 Playful mammal 24 Golf hazards 25 Speed the motor 26 — de France 27 Card game* 29 Otto Bismarck 11-28 Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 8 Double curve 30 Conclusion 9 Yucatan 31 Bandleader Indian Brown 35 "Moonlight-" 36 A fine wool fabric 39 Calendar word 40 On the deep 41 Judge 43 Golf club 45 Above 46 Saga 47 Clog 49 Turkish topper CRYPTOQUIP H-28 AUMC IUTYXJRLRL CLYRA CZ MRYJX OZIR IUTYJXUXC IUT- U A Y R 0 Yesterday's Cryptoquip - OUR WRETCHED WITCHES DON'T LIKE LUMINOUS PUMPKINS; Today's Cryptoquip clue: M equals F The Cryptoquip is a simple substitution cipher in which each letter used stands for another. 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A third reason is to unload the wastes created by the exercising muscles. As you know, that depends on continuing blood circulation. -tr -tf -tr Dew Dr. Donohue: All the tables that tell ideal body weight are based on a person's build. I have a table in front of me, but darned if I can tell whether my frame is small, large, or medium. I don't want to guess Just what frame category I am in. I don't want to lose unnecessary weight. Is there a rule of thumb for this? - Mrs. G.K.S. There is literally anode of thumb you can use to tell your frame. As the word implies, the "frame" is based on bone structure. The most convenient bone to use in measurement is the wrist. You grasp your left wrist with your right hand comfortably. If your middle finger Just touches your thumb tip, you are of medium build. If the middle finger and thumb overlap, you are small frame, and if they do not meet you are of large build. This is admittedly a rough guide, but it will work for most people. * -tf -tr Dear Dr. Donohue: I am a basketball player trying to increase my jumping ability. Lately, I have takeft to using a pair of ankle weights. I am concerned about these things. Is there a limit to their use? — S.C. Muscle strength is increased only by making muscles work against loads heavier than they are accustomed to. Ankle weights provide this extra resistance to leg muscles, so help build them up. But there is more to a Jump than muscle strength. Natural stride and rhythm allow you to Jump higher, and weights may throw that out of kilter. Also, overuse of ankle weights may strain yc-T knee and hip Joints. So if you are going to use them, do so sensibly and sparingly. * -fr * Dear Dr. Donohue: I enjoyed your article entitled "Eighty, Lefty Still a Mystery." The opinion of your neurologist friends that it is not good practice to switch a child from left to right is sound. I am mostly left-handed, but in childhood I was forced to write with my right hand. It was like pushing a truck uphill with that hand. For years I wondered why my friends wrote so easily and I couldn't. When I was mature it occurred to me that my struggle was because I was lefthanded. So I taught myself to write with my left hand. Now, except for my signature, which is still officially right- handed, I use my left hand predominantly and comfortably to write with. Lefthandedness is a God-given talent, not a whim. It should be left alone. The list of successful lefthanders is impressive, including Michelangelo, Benjamin Franklin, Leonardo da Vinci, Queen Victoria and Glen Campbell. Let those parents who don't agree tie their right hands behind them for one day, then try to function with the left hands. -E.W. I never met a left-hander I didn't like, E.W. In response to reader requests, Dr. Donohue's publisher now has a complete listing of all the booklets on various medical problems. Readers wishing this list can write him care of Box 19620, Irvine, Calif. 92714, enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope for return mailing. Dr. Donohue welcomes reader mail but regrets that, due to the tremendous volume received daily, he is unable to answer individual letters. Portrait Studio BABIES • CHILDREN • ADULTS • FAMILY GROUPS this offer available for delivery by Christmas now offering Portrait Portfolio $100 deposit at sitting (applies toward purchase) one page ........ $4.00 two pages ....... $7.50 three pages ..... $10.50 four pages ...... $13.00 entire S1COO . m .. I *a^ total (all five pages) Now you can select your portrait], from a portfolio containing five Individually priced pages of portraits. Two of the pages each contain an 8x10 color portrait, and the remaining three pages each contain one 5x7 and five wallet size color portraits. With the special pricing shown, you may buy any combination of pages available, or the complete portfolio! 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