Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on August 2, 1934 · Page 4
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 4

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 2, 1934
Page 4
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>MES DAILY TWBUKE TIMM. AMM. IOWA. THURSDAY. AUGUST 2,1934. 'BUYBlTTEftlM AJUET •PVM* - . ——- I, -- —• w—^^^^^^^•^••••••••^^^'^•••••••••••'•'••'^ ' •""" IB "" ™~'^^^^^^^??7*^?rfff. "i^...'.- 1 i i - — •- •• - - B(M^ Peck Dam to Save Rich Soil From Ravages of Missouri WtlLtt THORNTON rvto* *tatt Corr««pon«l«nt Mont. - At Ft. U. 8. Army engineers are Iwck to the day* of the , Builder*. ( r«*t dam that will halt the ir Ml»ourl near here amounts ilMini » massive artificial hill mllei long, 230 feet high, and ,Jy half » mile wide at the 5* won't look much like a dam o President Roosevelt passes ,PM..U on nls short motor trip of li| miles to the dam site from this town of 2000 which is the ,<- w . u «p611» of all the surrounding femaie ind-buttes and "bad lands." Aside from the branch-line rail- id built to join tne dam site to •«, OT* main line of the Northern ^'•"fifcCltic at Wiota, and the million- *SiiUr railway trestle that had to be *|5 up on piling across the muddy Sjlteiouri, the .site presents a pretty K:i : -.i*»ol»te scene even today. f i "."the jackrabbits, coyotes, ante- te. and timid deer have mostly In driven out by the axemen ID went thru the section above i dam site clearing brush and .... Sidling second-growth trees and I' SfWng an absolutely barren waste ' /-frifere the huge lake will back up 1« miles behind its earthen bar'«* «•<$ MS.50 75.00 4-30 1-.OS S3.1M Copyright, 19.34. 3-Ha\vks Studio, from NEA Service, Inc. At an Incident to the dam build ing. this milliorf-dollar bridge had to be built to haul materials. ' . Glad To Sell Land The few settlers were easy to displace, for their farms were isolated, and they readily agreed tc sell out to Uncle Sam. They sold out, and went to work on the dam. .So did 5000 others, mostly natives of eastern Montana, who needed work badly, what with drouth and short crops and low prices. Labor actually on the site is getting more than half of the money spent, and another quarter goes to labor indirectly affected. Many of them live now in New Deal, the town which has been mushrooming bt-low the dam site. It has rio mayor, health officer, or police, but it has a "head man," C. W. Whisennand, a farmer in this section for many years. To date there are a hardware store, drug store, bakery, garage, laundry, service station, barber shop, meat mar- Copyright, 1J34, 3-Hawks 'Studio, from NEA-Service, Inc. A town where no town was . . .. Fort Peck, the community built overnight on the Missouri to house workers on the -dam. really chooses the site. And this one was built to order. A connecting range of buttes parallels the Missouri for miles above this point, far from the river banks. They converge on the river, and here the Missouri flows thru a bottle-neck between them. All the engineers have to do is close that neck with dirt, and the natural basin behind it will fUl with water. The basin will be irregular, with great arms extending back into the hills, and the newly formed lake will have a shore-line of 25pO miles—more than the entire Atlantic seacoast You'll be able to see it on maps of the United States. Land Will be Saved The Missouri here at its headwaters brings down each spring the melting snow from the eastern slope of the Rockies. It comes down with a rush, washing badly the lands hereabouts, and giving an uprush to the spring floods of the lower Missouri and Mississippi. Many a good farm goes down the muddy river every spring to become useless sandbars farther down stream. The Ft Peck dam will put a stop to much of this. It will catch those spring floods and hold them. Then in the dry summer, engineers •will let the water out fast enough to insure a nine-foot navigation channel all the way up to Yankton, S. D. OFFICIAL PUBUCA ^' ON Pratt Paper Co -- <-<° D. !•:. Parsons ».9Q Public School Tub. Co 8.00 J. W. Perry 5.-0 Uco. Puffet 5.35 Peyton's Grocery l».M» 'evrlesa Wee. Co '•« Kowcna (Jiiinn .... 1-(H> K. U Qimife <-50 Hose Kober.ton . 10.00 Kevnolds & Iverson . .... 1.0t>,!.3,> The J. y. KIKKS Pub. Co HS.C-8 Kowe Peterson & Co .73 (Frank J. Hen.. Sl'.OO Charles U. Kay 10.»0 H. F. Seymour ' llj.,>j Stephenson's 100.80 Ksthe.r Shedd . 27.32 Oliver C. Steel 16.3S Schoeneii.rui Bros. Co..- oSfi.53 Service- Heating & Plumb. Co. „ - -_-•• L. C. Smith & Corono Tyye- \vriter Co. -- Sam Stcfftcnvnlt Shnvv-Wiilker _- Scott-Foresnmn Co. Student Supply Store- The Stanley .Rule & Level Plant — •<!* Singer Sewing Machine Co. 1.16 A G Spaldlng & Bros 6.04 (Standard Oil Co 14.SS School Board Journal 3.00 Lloyd ShiuIIe 4.V90 School Form Pub. Co 11.47 Charles Speck 6.3S John Stanberry 42.00 Abbie Sawyer 25.55 Tribune Pub. 0V 59,1.16 Tilden Grocery Co 68.93 Teachers College 1.94 Frank The Is ?|.SO The Tildcn Store 48.13 Trlpp Transfer Co. 1.50 Thurston Supply Co 15.47 Mrs. L. C. Tallman 20.00 Takamine Corp. 13.00 L. C. Tallman 2.00 The University Press 2.S3 Union Story Trust & ^Sav. B*uik ~— ——•- — - fi4.-2 Underwood Elliott Fisher Co. 255.00 •United Prod. Co 99.32 United Food Store . 29.6o Geo IV. Watson 10.00 Westinchouse Kleo. Sup. Co. B9.47 •West Disinfecting Co 52.45 Western Auto Supply Co.-.. 5.56 J. C. Wright 3.45 XV 1, Wolfe 65.44 W. M. Welch Mfg. Co 43.32 W F. "Watson 35.00 Work. Study. Play Assn 2.00 Walsh Furniture Co 7.50 O. G. Waffle 14-40 iVilkinson Music Shop 41.85 World Book Co 2.51 F. W. Woolworth Co 1.30 Wilson Llndqutst 24.75 Guy Wagner -3.65 I Success Marks First Year New Iowa Program of Fox Control DES MO1NKS (l'.K> -- iu a review or the first year's operation of the slate fish and Kaiue commission's (ox-control progiam, H. M. Sanderson, director of information, announced Thursday. j 1. The fish and game fund had \ been increased Jl.SH by the pro- I gram. I 'l. Valuable data has been obtained for further guidance in controlling the animals. 3. Iowa farmers have profited from the program. "Early in the year the closed season on fox in several counties «as opened because of the increas- I ing fox population," Sanderson said. "This made it lawful to take red or gray fox at any time or season in any county. The regulation prohibiting destruction of fox dens, capture or killing, selling and possession of fox pups was not repealed." Retention of the law was decided on for a specific purpose, Sanderson stated. Thru retention, it will be possible for the commission to collect further data on the life of the fox. what he destroys, what he eats, etc. "While a farmer may destroy a den on his farm," he said, "the reg- . ulation requires that he first notify the state game warden or one of his deputies. This gives the warden time to investigate the den and gather evidence which will aid in determining the principal item in the fox's diet. This information when gathered in sufficient quantities, will be the guide for the commission in its program to con- OFFIC1AL PUBLICATION York Band Instrument Co.- ST.50 Younker Bros.. Inc 11.43 Warren Zcnor 7.00 Total fl7S.S73.94 trol the fox.population to such an extent that it will not damage farmer's property." Sketching the progiam proper. Sanderson said the farmer was asked to cooperate in a vigorous campaign of control after the open season had failed to improve the situation. Farmers wore asked to report every fox den on their laud. Deputies went to the dens, gathered data, dug out the dens and captured the pups. Capturing pups, he pointed out, is the most effective method of control. "If the farmer had children, they were offered iwo pups as pets," Sanderson said. "The pups may be kept by the children until the skin is ready for market, then they may get a permit from the commission to fell them. Receipts will partially re-imburse the farmer for damage done his property." Sanderson said that 900 pups were captured in this manner by the commission. Of these. 673 were sold to licensed fur farmers; ten were sold outside the state; and the remainder were sold in Iowa, Five adult foxes were disposed of in the same manner. Two adults and 30 pups were shipped to fish and game departments in other states where fox are scarce. Eleven pups died in handling. Fourteen were traded for raccoon which were released in game preserves. Farmers retained 139 pups on pet pemits, and the remainder are being held at zoos in state parks and by the commission for exhibition purposes at the state fair. Johnson Wears Golfing Shorts STOCKBRIDGE. Mass. <UJ!> — Owen Johnson, novelist, wears shorts when he goes golfing. He introduced the fad at the Pittsfield Country club links this season, causing a local sensation. HE JTAW THEY ALL SAY YOU'LL SAY: "When you order ice cream from the MOORE BROS. DAIRY, they certainly do make an effort to get it to you on time." Rich velvety . ice cream in seven lucious flavors. Try some and see if QUALITY doesn't make a difference in taste! HOORE BFtOV DAIRY QUALITY OAIHY PffODlxrs 114 KELLOGG AVE TELEPHONE 169 AMES IOWA READ THE WANTS ker, two restaurants and a theater. New Deal is separate, of course, from the regular government "town"' of Ft. Peck, which has been built as official quarters for foremen, engineers and laborers on the dam. Shoreline of 2500 Miles How came army engineers to choose this de-solate spot for a $60.000,000 dam? As with all big dam developments, nature herself 3FFici,» L OFFICIAL PUBLICATION FIN \NC1AL STATEMENT. INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT OP AMES, COUNTY OF STORY. FOR THE YEAR ENDING JUNE 30, 10^4. ' We hereby certify that the following report comprising pages 1 to 6 is correct as required by Sees. 42-12 and 4242-bl, Code of Iowa. Filed July 1. 1934. R. M. VIFQUAIN. FRANK HO WELL. President. Secretary. Filed July!, 19:4. RECEIPTS—GENEKAL FUND Gem.-ra! School House On hand last report S 25.504,U (of which S30..4,lb i .OO was in closed bank) General fund tax levy 152.912.6S Feml-annual apportionment 16S.Sn Tuition, District 5,031.7:! Patron -i__-,—... : 907.-6 Income from property 105.90 Sale'of text books and supplies 3,5S6.0fi Other sources : 1S7.24 Total—General Fund ..S162.919.67 RECEIPTS—SCHOOL HOUSE FUND Genera! School House On -hand last report . (of which S41.619.30 was in closed bank) School house fund tax levy SpeciaUS, H. Funo Other sources Total—School House Fund RECAPITULATION General On hand last report J I 1 ?,504.41 Was in closed bank—Waiver Gen. ?24,130.31; S. H.. S33.017.SS Was in closed bank—Trust Cert. Gen.. $6,286.11': S. H,. $8,601.42 Total receipts, current year. 1S2.9I9.67 ? 55,770.46 5n,l9S.2S 6.0S8.84 5.20 ?112,062.78 School House S 5.",770.46 OFFICIAL PUBUCATICN Esther Heimarck 1.226.76 Marjorie Franz 1,100.88 P.uth Heller ._. 1,285.34 Edna Bower 2.311.63 Elizabeth Sherbon J,415.00 SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS' SALARIES Esther Jacobson S 28.00 Clifford Anderson 2.00 Mr=. o. L. Rug-gles 70.00 Geo. Sparks 20.00 Zelma Malander 28.00 Florence Doonan 32.00 Mae Allen 2.00 Daisy Theis 34.00 Mrs. L. H. Willson 4.00 Hazel Miller 16.00 Dorothy Hansen 1-25 Carita Knuths 7.50 Beatrice Henderson 196.00 Pauline Marriott -•- 2.00 Helen Loy 76.00 larroll Leeds . 16.00 Marjorie Thomas 34.00 Lucille Gibb 1S-00 (>. M. Cambell 6.00 Mary Helen Brown 34.00 Don Cole ' 184.00 Edna Specht 4.00 Tirzah Quick 4-00 Varna Bird 38.00 Nellie Stull 76.00 Mrs. E. E. Sowers S.OO Dorothy Harlan 16.00 Luther Heller S.OO Mrs. C. G. Livingston E.OO MISCELLANEOUS EXPENDITURES Total _ S1SS.42-U1 Disbursements current year (See pagfe II 17S.S73.34 Balance on hand this report __ _ $ Is in closed bank—Waiver Gen., none; S. H.. none Is in closed bank—Trust Cert. Gen., $18,351.30; S. H.. $25.110.35 BISBURSEBENTS—SCHOOL HOUSE College Savings Bank 5 26,'JOG 93 National Bank & Trust Co. '.-><\ Geo. M. Bechtel & Co 55D OS Bechtel Trust Co 55s'ss J112.062.7S 27.120.03 9.SS0.17 $ Si.942.65 Total S 27.1C0.09 GENERAL DISBURSEMENTS—GENERAL MISCELLANEOUS SALARIES M. G. Davis $ 3,680.00 Frank B. Howell 1,056.00 Elizabeth M. Anderson. Grayce Eiliott Car'ta. Knuths Irma Flickenger Dorothy Hansen Sowena Quinn Helen Atchley Laura Sayre W. B. Armstrong Andrew Ritan Henrietta Gronlld JANITORS' SALARIES B. H, Bennett B. K. Fox Uoyd Shadle •William Deal Ed Pumroy Elmer Ullestad R. E. Hutchison Charles Dixon Jloyd Barr B. F. Seymour John Sellers . T. P. Miller H. O. Skarshaug M. Morrisson W. J. King Geo. Mayo Charles Nicols Newell Jones A. C. Tripp E. A. Dean . . R. E. Wright _ . William Dlxon TEACHERS' SALARIES Verne N. Young .$ R»y Donels John Harms . >. H. Hsusrath Lawrence Loy . OFFICIAL PUBLICATION lolen Mackln ________ ___ Flora T. Milk* _____________ Seiby ____________ Lel;ih Sjifttz ---------- ,. ______ Wilcox ________ _______ Evu. White ____________________ 1.542 S7 Ada Wood ____________________ l,42'i.7i; Vcrna. Schmidt _______ ______ 2.14i.7» Myrlc U.-iird - ........ ______ . 1.412. 'in Marian Uronsun __________ . 1.2i6.r,S 1.420.7K 1.71)3.14 1.431.50 1.437.50 1..'.7(J.3S ROBCOC Lorcn* —. 1,42,1.89 Guy Wagner . . 2.266.63 Jay Busby 1.R02.50 John Harlan 2,172.51 P. W. MltcheM 1,7X:>.01 C. S. Roberts 2.287.87 Madeline Canvln U.76.11 Gruce Curtis . l.f,S3.11 Terne GBUnt 1.711.C.1 Hfltn HadlMi i.ijo.'B Fern Hartsrt.k l.iou,oo Anna . , Mac Galihcr ___ , ___ . _____ ___ Sarah Hodirin ___________ _ Mabel Kress _________________ Myrtle Lanr.inu ______________ Kertha McArthur _.._. ....... Mary Su\vf!-.viro ___ ...... . . Vclma Stull ...._. ......... _ Jislie An'icr.-MR ___ ..... .. ..... Matilda Mai U:iS"n ..... . _. i'.utli Miller ...... _________ .... Gcraldine Kite-hie .. ......... Ada Ynst'/fc:; ..... ________ . Jtnsmhild Klns;stnil . . .. Alberta Kline ..- ....... No7-dyk<- _______ ..... Catherine M. lit-iil .. .......... _ Garland Smith __________ Harriett T:iyl<.,r .. ________ _ Kiina Wilkinson ____ . _______ . .. liaz'-l Kramer .. ______ ..... Ru'Ji Kly ..... . ...... ..... Mildred Getty . _______ ... Mnry H.-irii'i;an ___ ......... Vivian Mabit- ... . ........ ... . Vf-rna Lo«ee ...... . . ________ ... .. Leora Thorburn ... _____ ..... Abbie Snwyor .-..„..__ ____ Dolla Grolx;r- Mildred Myors ____ ..'...'...'. Marie Guendlins _. . Kate Mitchell ...... __ . Mac Allen _ ..... . .. . ..... f! ISoyd ___ . _ Klliott ..... .. ....... ... ..... Gnlloway _. ... ...... Gladys Meads -- .......... Norma Wossol . .... _____ K'athorlnc Ompcr ........ Gcnevlcvo. AxU'l ..... ____ Yrlmn Rrown Avis Cole ........... _______ , Gertrude Kcllows _______ . . (Srncc Gleason . ..... . ...... Kern Hooker ________ ..... . Nellie .1. ]ver.«on - ....... Mabel KmitMin I hi Xnsh ..... Julia Rices , . . . . l.^^»la Ivirdicj- Mfiry Sti.-klc Kdna 1. Ames Pantorium $ 94.78 Ames Laundry 635-14 Ames Bids. Material Co 747.30 Ames Trust & 65.27 Ames Grain & Coal Co 4,414.05 Allan, Machine Shop 68.50 Carl Anderson 30.00 The Athens Press j_ 10.50 The Ann Arbor Press .25 Ames Ser. Groc. & Market- 70.90 Mrs. C. H. Anthony 3.00 W. B. Ache-son 4.50 Allyn and Bacon 2.85 American Home EC. Assoc.- 6.60 D. Appleton Century Co H. J. Eelknap The Bishop & Babcock Sales Co. H. F. Brown A. C. Buchanan — Vic Bredimus—Agt. for Underwood E. Dallard Bureau of Dental Hygiene-_ The P-ruce Pub. Co Bur. Kill. Research Baker Paper Co Walter Ballard Best Klectric Co. Burton Insurance Agency. _ Burroughs Add. Mach. Co— Jay Busby C. W. Bissell Arthur Buck Bramer Carter Press _. City of Ames Carr Hardware Co Spener-r P.. Coo Cudahv Packing Co B<-n Colo & Son Hardware Co.. Chicago Apparatus Co.-. Central Wire & Iron Works Cor Flower Shop ... Colloeinti; Mfg. Co Churchill Mfg. Co Chicago Musical Instrument Co. . . _. _. Kathoririf Cooper 1 ><>Wtt >t Young Dragoun Transfer nnd Stor- Ditto. Inc. . -.M. C. Davis . Darling & Co. ._ . Domco Lib. Sup. Co — . Henry Disston & Sons. ... Depnrlnn-nt of Supervision. X. K. A Dahl Tire Shop -- - so [i. c. hay :! -°° W. K. hraper •'• !) *' Mrs. Ch;\?. Dragoun - 4-- r 'f | -Mrs. Kliiott - • 1fl - ()0 I-:dii<-;itionnl Music Bureau. • " n -55 Kxtension Div., S. U. I 3 -".'> Mlootrle Kqnlpment Co 11.50 Walter Kmorson .— ' l *X'l'' Ksohbnch Music House "•"! Kncle Ink Co .^'29 1. .1. ,1'YrKiison ....-.- ->!>.ii l-'unk & WaRnnll Co fi.15 A. KInnnRnn Co. ... .... 14.i» I-'uhr Stiles ft. Sfrviee Co. S1.R;> Knlr Sldre 4 I.Sfi Tin- Kiedfrirk Post Co. . i.fil Ci\tl Kisulivr, Ini^ '•** OFFJCIAL P U B LIC AT 10 N __ Follette Pub. Co 3.06 Will Gilchrist 14.25 E. R. Gates 203.80 The Glidden Co. 52.00 Gzylord Bros., Inc. 31.96 Ginn & Co. 399.21 Gamble Hinged Music Co.._ 112.29 Gilchrist Coal and Feed Co. 7.96 Martin Griffith , 26.25 O. B. Hoffman 11-25 Hopkins Sporting Goods Co. 11.56 G. C. Hickle :—' 59-77 S. Hanson Lbr. Co.- 530.48 Heston & Anderson 27.31 J. I. Holcomb Mfg. Co 31.50 Houghton Mifflin Co 34.97 D. C. Heath & Co 56.20 Huntinsrton Lab., Inc 25.50 L. D. Hovey 4-S2 Mrs. R. H. Harrison 7.30 Ed. Hoyt - 26.55 The Hertsberg Bindery 68.79 Heat Sealing Kant Burn Co. 24.00 Hillyard Chem Co 16.25 John Harlin 25.00 ,Harcourt Brace & Co 3.32 iHorne ICconomics Club 4.00 "VV. L. Harter 3-90 Hill-Behan Lumber Co 1-47 Ruth Heller 17.20 Iowa Elec. Light & Power Co. 71.5-9 Iowa Machine & Supply Co. 400.76 Iowa State College 94.04 Interstate Transit Lines— 4.39(5.50 Intel-national Chemical Co.. 14.07 lowa Dress Club 100.00 Meal Power Lawn Mower Co. 1-S5 Johnson Service Co 2a.T)6 J. E. Judge 59.77 Judisch Bros. 134.99 Je.wett Lbr. Co. 22.50 Mrs. B. D. Jensen. S.40 J. R. Jones - 21.45 H. P. Jensen 89.25 Jeanie S. Jeffrey J.30 L. H. Kurtz Co 240.42 Knudsen and La Velle 59.76 Knapp & Marttn 269.S5 Kimler Coal & Tee Co 2,365.51 16.50 i The Kuempel Co. 28.00 Kcuffel & Esser Co — J. N. Kimball Keystone Envelope Co "'arita N". Knuths Lynch <t Ash Lord's Sen-. Station Lneskey. "White & Coolidge Lowe & Campbell Lancan Paper Co. Little Bios. Laboratory Apron Co Mr?. Carl Little H. L. Lantz H. R. Long Little. Brown & Co J. B. Lippincott Co HnrriMt Law-son Luclan Implement and Coal Co. •Tune 7,'inc-shore Monteomt ry Ward & Co Mofford i- SrcGuire VI. L. ^T^mn Lbr. Co Kd. Meil Service Print Co... Motrorolitan Reflning Co._- .i"..j Milton Bradley Co 32.92 Mpti-.pniitnn Supply Co L. \V. Ma hone Fred M'-il^rt Mfg. Co Munn V'lec. Co. A. I:, nnii j. K. Meylon The Mnrmillan Co ,1. L. Miller . 'I^o, W. Moore . W. I!. Moore _. The Minunl Arts Press Wni. Mnitland , .._ Kate Mitchell Vivian Mnble ~><m-r]i ft .Incobsen, Inc.. MoC.-un Co. . The MrCormiek-Mnthers Co. Kditl-, c. McDonald Northwestern Bell Tel. Co. Xelfm Klee. Co Northwestern National Sup. 49.53 59.77 1,185.28 87.00 2.60 5.52 3.63 IS. 33 31.10 7.60 129. Sn 5S.77 7.70 33.40 15.25 110.77 2.543.00 1.0S5.0B 20.00 "2.40 ~"" S 5.RO 21.40 27.20 n.43 12.77 5!>.S5 25.00 389. Or, 642.77 3. -IS -tl-OO 16.18 4.00 21.31 3.48 6.00 6.S7 33.15 59.77 14.35 66.06 264.52 S62.12 59.77 S.55 7.50 3.30 4.50 11.05 7.79 32.03 1.53 6.25 1.75 17.90 1.D3S.21 41. RS IS. 05 '.'.45 21S.64 SI. 40 75.00 5.:>0 2.30 11.41 11.47 35.70 10. rin 1.75 S.7 ft Ifi.ftS C6.S5 13.40 59.77 S.I R 10.96 3.90 5S.i.ft3 15.SO A. .1. Nystrom & Co - Nntioruil <*rnfts Supply Co. Newson & Co. North A"'sn Nation.-.! fiiluc. Assn Nationnl Recreation Assn— Omnha Sehonl Sup. Co... - Orninc cinfs nnd Body Co. The Office Equipment Co... F. A. O\vcn Pub. Co I. W. Perry W. M. IVterson .. .- Pnli^er numbing Co... Prni'tiinl Pvawini; Co. . . Matt 1'ariutt & Sons Co..--- . 13S.4? 5.00 5.00 2.00 106.94 .50 29.58 43.44 1«.35 10 40 ISfi 09 Want 4% More Miles of Real NON-SKID SAFETY? Here it is! The amazing new Goodyear "G-3" is scoring a nation-wide success "VW TE'VE never seen a tire make sucH an iri- YY stant success—such a sweeping sensation -as this new Goodyear "G-3" All-Weather. Goodyear took two years to develop it. Gave it months of grueling tests to prove that it gives 43% longer non'skid mileage. And that means NON-SKID-right in the center of the tread, where the grip has to be for safety. There's more grip on the tread—more rubber in the tread-more tread against the ground- patented Supertwist in every ply, to stand up under the huskier, heavier shoulders. And the test fleet proved that this new "G-3" will keep its grip twice as long as tires tested against it. What a tire! And the best news of all is it costs no more! Come in and see it! The famous "G-3" AII- Weather Sure, w* hav* a GUARANTEE — not only • gutrantee •gainst road hazards — but in addition • lifetime guarantee against defects of material and worlt- mtnship.Withthequality of Goodyear Tires where it i» today—you can be sure of satisfaction.Come in and see us about it. See the Husky Goodyear Speedway at these low prices SIZE 4.50x21 4.75x10 5.00x10 5.2ox18 TRICE, $4.00 $5.20 $5.35 $0.20 $0.80 DAHL TIRE SHOP 412 MAIN PHONE .560-W

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