The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on November 29, 1981 · Page 30
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 30

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 29, 1981
Page 30
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Girls' Basketball Schedules Sunday, November 29,1981 - The Salina Journal Page 31 Liberty Dec. 1 — St. Fronclt at Chtylln, Grinntll at Qulnttr, Goldtn Plains at Brtwsttr. Dtc. 4 — Chtyennt Wtlls (Colo.) at Sharon Springs, Chtylln at Wtskan, Grlnntll at Ransom, Brtwster at Wheatland. Dec. 8 — Sharon Springs at Tribune, Atwood at Chtylln, Grlnntll at Dighton. Brtwsttr at Wts- kan. Die. 11 — Whtatland at Sharon Springs, Chty- lln at Brtwsttr. Dtc. 15 — Htrndon at Chtylln. Dtc. 18 — Sharon Springs at Plalnvltw (Colo.), Wray (Colo.) al Ch*ylin. Jan. 8 — Brewster at Sharon Springs, Chtylln at Whtofland. Jan. 9 — Sharon Springs at St. Francis. Jan. 12 — Whtatland at Grlnntll. Jan. 15 — Chtylln at Sharon Springs-*, Brews- ttr at Grlnntll-*. Jan. 16 — Chtylln at Btnktlmon (Ntb.). Jan. 21-23 — Grlnntll, Sharon Springs, Brtws- ttr and Chtylin at Obtrlin Tournamtnt. Jan. 29 — Sharon Springs at Grlnntll-*, Brews- ttr at Chtylln-*. Ftb. 2 — Wtskan at Sharon Springs, Goldtn Plains at Grlnntll, Brtwsttr at Trlplalns. Ftb. S — Grlnntll at Chtylln-*, Htrndon at Brtwsttr. Ftb. 9 — Trlplalns al Sharon Springs, Grlnntll at Whtatland. Ftb. 12 — Sharon Springs at Brtwsttr-*, Trtn- .ton (Ntb.) al Chtylln. Ftb. 13 — Chtylln at Stratton (Ntb.). Ftb. 16 — Tribune at Sharon Springs, Dlghton at Grlnntll, Brtwsttr at Ltnora. Ftb. 19 — Chtylln at Goldtn Plains, Grlnntll at Htrndon, Wtskon at Brtwsttr. Mid-Continent Dtc. 1 — Smith Ctnttr at Phlllipsburg, Norton at Logan, Ntss City at Ellis, Lincoln at Osbornt. Dtc. 4 — Plalnvlllt at Stockton-*, Phlllipsburg at Victoria-*, Osbornt at WaKttnty-*, Norton at HIM City-*, Smith Ctnttr at Ellis-*. Dtc. 8 — Phlllipsburg at Stockton, Victoria at Natoma, Plalnvlllt at Osbornt, Ellis at WaK- ttnty, Smith Ctnttr at Norton. Dtc. II — Stockton at Smith Ctnttr-*, WaK- ttnty at Phllllpsburg-*, Victoria at Plalnvlllt-*, Ellis at Norton-*, Hill City at Osbornt-*. Dtc. 15 — Logan at Stockton, Natoma at Plaln- vlllt, WaKttnty at Ntss City. Dtc. 18 — Stockton at Ellis-*, Phlllipsburg at HIM City-', Smith Ctnttr at Victoria-', Plalnvlllt at WaKttnty-*, Osbornt at Norton-*. Dtc. 19 — Philllpsburg at Holdrtdgt (Ntb.). Jan. 4 — Hill City at Hoxlt. Jan. 5 — Stockton at Osbornt, Phllllpsburg at Russtll, Plalnvlllt at Logan, Oaklty at WaKttnty, Smith Ctnttr at Belleville, LaCrosst at Ellis. Jan. 8 — Victoria at Stockton-*, Norton at Phll- llpsburg-*, HIM City at Plalnvlllt-*, WaKttnty at Smith Ctnttr-*, Ellis at Osbornt-*. Jan. 12 — Osbornt at Smith Ctnttr, WaKttnty at Hill City. Jan. 15 — Phlllipsburg at Osbornt-*, Victoria at Ellis-*, Plalnvillt at Norton-*, Stockton at WaK- .. ttnty-*, Smith Ctnttr at Hill City-'. Jan. 18-23 — MCL Tournamtnt at Hays. Jan. 26 — Quinttr at WaKttnty, Norton at ObtrUn, Osbornt at Downs. Jan. 29 — Hill City at Stockton-*, Ellis at Phll- llpsburg-', WaKttnty at Victoria-*, Osbornt at Plalnvillt-*, Norton at Smith Ctnttr-*. Ftb. 2 — Stockton at Victoria, Plalnvlllt at Lincoln, Hill City at Norton, Logan at Smith Ctnttr, Qulnttr at Ellis. Ftb. 5 — Stockton at Norton-*, Plalnvlllt at Phllllpsburg-*, Victoria at Hill City-*, WaKttnty at Ellis-*, Smith Ctnter at Osbornt-*. Ftb. 9 — Phlllipsburg at Norton, Plalnvlllt at Victoria. Ftb. 11 — TMP-Marion at Hill City. Ftb. 12 — Osborn't at Stockton-*, Norton at Victoria-*, Ellis at Plainvillt-*, Hill City at WaK- ttnty-*, Lincoln at Smith Ctnttr. Ftb. 13 — Colby at Philllpsburg. Ftb. 16 — LaCrosst at Stockton, Concordlo at Phillipsburg, Ellis at Victoria, Plalnvillt at Hill City, Osbornt at Waconda East. Ftb. 19 — Stockton at Phlllipsburg-*, Victoria at Osbornt-*, Smith Ctnttr at Plalnvillt-*, WaK- ttnty at Norton-*, Ellis at Hill City-*. Ftb. 23 — Stockton at Plainvillt, Hill City at Phllllpsburg, Victoria at LaCrosst, Obtrlin at Norton, Ellis at Oaklty.. . Ftb. 26 — Stockton at Hill City. Phlllipsburg at Smith Ctnttr-*, Victoria at WaKttnty, Atwood at Norton, Ellis at Ntss City, Osbornt at Lincoln. Mid-Kansas Nov. 30 — Btrtan Acadtmy. Dtc. 1 — Fairfltld at Halsttad, Stdgwlck at Ptabody-*, Marion at Rtmlngton, Inman at Burrton, Llndsborg at Moundrldgt. Dtc. 3 — Hutch-Trinity at Inman. Dtc. 4 — Halsttad at Moundrldgt-*, Htsston at Rtmlngton-*, Hillsboro at Inman-*, Chose County al Ptabody, Btllt Plaint at Stdgwick. Dtc. 7 — Rtmlngton at Hillsboro-*. Dtc. 8 — Ptabody at Halsttad-*, Moundrldgt at Htsston-*, Inman at Stdgwick-*. Dtc. 11 — Inman at Halstfad-*. Dtc. 15 — Halsttad at Hillsboro-*, Stdgwick at Htsston-*, Moundrldgt at Ptabody-*, Inman at Rtmlngton-*. Dtc. 18 — Htsston at Inman-*. Dtc. 21 — Ptabody at Btrtan Acadtmy. Doc. 22 — Stdgwick at Halsttad-*, Blutsttm at Rtmington. Jan. 5 — Rtmlngton at Halsttad-*, Htsston at Ptabody-*, Hillsboro at Stdgwick-*, Moundrldgt at Inman-*. Jon. 7 — Marion at Hillsboro. Jan. 12 — Halsttad at Htsston-*, Hillsboro at Moundrldgt-*, Ptabody at Inman-*, Rtmlngton at Stdgwick-*. Jon. 15 — Htsston at Hillsboro-*. Jan. 19 — Halsttad at Inman-*, Rtmlngton at Ptabody-', Stdgwick at Moundrldgt-*. Jan. 18-20 — Hillsboro at Newton Tournamtnt. Jan. 22 — Inman at Htsston-*, Ptabody at Hillsboro-*, Rtmington at Moundridgt-*. Jan. 25-30 — Halsttad, Stdgwick and Rtmlng- ton at Stdgwick Tournamtnt; Ptabody at Btrtan Acadtmy Tournamtnt; Inman at Sttrling Tourna- mtnt. Ftb. 1 — Stdgwick at Maizt. Ftb. 5 — Moundridgt at Halsttad-', Rtmlngton at Htsston-*, Inman at Hillsboro-*, Ptabody at Stdgwick-*. Ftb. 9 — Halsttad at Ptabody-*, Htsston at Moundrldgt-*, Hillsboro at Rtmlngton-*, Inman at Stdgwick-*. Ftb. 11 — Hillsboro at Halsttad-*. Ftb. 12 — Htsston at Stdgwick-*, Hillsboro at Halsttad-*, Ptabody at Moundridgt-*, Rtmlngton at Inman-*. Ftb. 16 — Halsttad at Rtmlngton-*, Ptabody at Htsston-*, Stdgwick at Hillsboro-*, Inman at Moundrldgt-*. Ftb. 19 — Htsston at Halsttad-*, Moundrldgt at Hillsboro-', Inman at Ptabody-*, Stdgwick at Rtmlngton-*. Ftb. 23 — Hillsboro at Htsston-', Ptabody at Rtmington-*, Moundridgt at Stdgwick-'. Ftb. 26 — Holsttad at Stdgwick-*, Htsston at Inman-*, Hillsboro at Ptabody-*, Moundridgt at Rtmlngton-*. Mid-State A. A. Nov. 30 — Hays at Larntd. Dtc. 1 — Holsington at LoCrosst, Lyons at Sttr- g. Die. 4 — TMP-Marian at Pratt-', Holsington al Rusitll-', Larntd at Lyons-*, Nlcktrion at Gr»at Btnd. Dtc. 7 — TMP-Morlan at Hays, Grtat Btnd at Larntd. Dtc. 8 — Pratt at Nicktrson-*, Pratt at Russtll- *, Russtll at Grtot Btnd. Dtc. 10 — Larntd at Dodgt City. Dtc. 11 — TMP-Morlan at Lyons-*, Hoislngton at Pratt-', Nicktrson at Russtll-*. Dtc. 15 — Larntd at TMP-Marian-', Hoislnglon at Lindsborg, Nicktrson at Lyons-'. Dtc. 18 — TMP-Marian at Hoislngton-', Russtll at Larntd-', Lyons at Pratt-*. Dtc. 21 — Andalt at Nicktrson. Jan. 5 — Ntss City at Holsington, Phllllpsburg at Russtll. Jan. 8 — Nicktrson at TMP-Marion-*, Halting- ton at Larntd-*. Jan. 12 — Russtll at TMP-Marian-' , Holsington at Lyons-', Larntd at Nicktrson-'. Jan. 15 — TMP-Morlan at larntd-*, Lyons at Russtll-', Nicktrson at Pratt-*. Jan. 18 — Pratt at Andalt. Jan. 19 — Russtll at TMP-Marion-', Lyons at Larntd-*. Jan. 2J — Hays' at TMP-Marian, Lyons at Ellinwood. • Jon. 22 — Pratt at TMP-Morlan-*. Jan. 25-30 — Russtll at Mlnntapolli Towrno- mtnt; Pratt and Larntd at Prgtl TOO TMP-Marian and Hoislngton at Clatlln Tournamtnt; Lyons at Havtn Tournamtnt. 'Ftb. 2 — Hoislngton at TMP-Marian-', larntd at Pratt-', Lyons at Nicktrson-'. . Ftb. 4 — Larntd at Hoys. Ftb. 5 — Lyons at TMP-Marian-*, Pratt at Hoi- slnglon-*, Russtll at Nkktrspn-*. Ftb. 8 - Hoys at RuMtll. Ftb. 9 - Nicktrson at larntd-', Ellsworth at lin Lyons, Klngman ot Pratt. Ftb. 11 — TMP-Marion at Hill City. Ftb. 12 — Nicktrson at Hoislngton-', Larntd at Russtll-*, Pratt at Lyons-*. Ftb. 16 — TMP-Marion at Russtll-*, Lyons ol Hoislngton-*, Nicktrson at Buhltr, Goddard ot Pratt. Ftb. 19 — TMP-Marian at Nicktrson-*. Larntd at Hoislnglon-*, Russtll at Pratt-*. Ftb. 22 — Nicktrson ot Hovtn, Pratt ot Medicine lodge, Russtll at Hays. Ftb. 23 — Kingman at Lyons. Ftb. 26 — Hoislnglon at Nicktrson-*, Prott at Larntd-', Russtll at Lyons-*. N.C.A.A. Dtc. 1 — Qulvlro Htights at Ellsworth, llnd- sborg at Moundridge, Belleville ot Minntapolis, Centre at Solomon. Dtc. 4 — Minntopolis at Btloit-*, Ellsworth ot Lindsborg-', Solomon at Sacred Heart-*. Dtc. 8 — Beloit at Lincoln, SE-Saline at Ellsworth-*, Llndsborg at Solomon-*, Sacred Heart at Minneapolis-'. Dec. 11 — Beloit at SE-Sollne-*, Solomon ot Ellsworth-*, Minneapolis Ot Llndsborg-*. Dec. 15 — Sacred Heart at Beloit-', Minneapolis ot Ellsworth-*, SE-Sallne al Solomon-*, Hoi- slngton ot Llndsborg. Dec. 17 — Herlnglon at SE-Sallne, Solomon ot Morion. Dec. 18 — Beloit at Lindsborg-*, Ellsworth al Lincoln. Dtc. 21 — SE-Saline at Marlon. Jon. 5 — Solomon ot Beloit-*, Sacred Heart at Ellsworth-*, Llndsborg at SE-Sallne-*, Lincoln ot Minneapolis. Jan. 8 — Ellsworth at Beloit-*, SE-Saline at Minneapolis-*, Llndsborg at Sacred Heart-*. Jan. 12 — Ellsworth at Ellinwood, Sacred Heart al SE-Sallne, Minneapolis at Solomon-*. Jon. 14 — Council Grove at SE-Saline. Jan. 15 — Beloit at Minneapolis-*, Lindsborg at Ellsworth-*, Solomon at Sacred Heurt-*. Jan. 19'— Lincoln at Beloit, Ellsworth at SE-Sa- llne-*, Solomon at Llndsborg-*, Minneapolis at Sacrtd Heart-*. Jan. 22 — Beloit at Concordia. Jon. 25-30 — Beloit and Minneapolis at Minneapolis Tournament; Ellsworth, SE-Saline, Lindsborg and Solomon at SE-Saline Tournament; Sa- crtd Htart at Claflin Tournament. Feb. 2 — Lindsborg at Concordia, Solomon at Riley County. Feb. 5 — SE-Saline at Beloit-*, Ellsworth at Solomon-*, Lindsborg at Minneapolis-*. Clay Center at Sacred Heart. Feb. 9 — SE-Sallne at Haven, Sacred Heart at Holsington, Wilson at Solomon. Feb. 12 — Beloit at Sacred Heart-*, Minneapolis at Ellsworth-*, Solomon ot SE-Saline-*, Bazint at Llndsborg. Ftb. 15 — Sacred Heart at Abilene. Feb. 16 — Beloit at Belleville. Feb. 19 — Beloit at Solomon-*, Ellsworth at Sacred Heart-', SE-Saline at Llndsborg-*, Minneapolis at Lincoln. Ftb. 23 — Btloit at Ellsworth-*, Minneapolis at SE-Sallne-*, Sacred Heart at Lindsborg-*. Feb. 26 — Llndsborg at Beloit-*, SE-Sallne at Sacred Heart-*, Solomon at Minneapolis-*. NCKL Nov. 30 — Marysvillt at Washington. Dtc. 1 — Belleville at Minneapolis, Herlngton at Clay Center, St. Marys at Wamego. Dec. 3 — Abilene at Herington-*, Chapman at Junction City, Wamego ot Council Grove. Dec. 4 — Clay Center at Salina Central. Dec. 8 — Clay Center at Abilene-*, Belleville at Concordia-*, Chapman at Marysville-*. Dec. 11 — Abilene at Chapman-*, Marysville at Belleville-*, Wamego at Clay Center-*. Dec. 15 — Clay Center at Salina South, Concordia at Marysville-*. Dec. 17 — Fairbury, Neb., at Marysville. Dec. 18 — Belleville at Abilene-*, Chapman at Wamego-*, Concordia at Superior, Neb. Dec. 19 — Belleville at Wamego-*. Jan. 5 —• Abilene at Concordio-*, Smith Center at Belleville, Clay Center at Chapman-*, Marysville at Hiawatha, Royal Vollty at Wamtgo. Jan. 8 — Marysville at Abilene-*, Belleville at Clay Center-*, Wamago at Concordia-*. Jan. 1% — Chapman at Belleville-*, Clay Center at Concordia-*, Wamego at Marysville-*. Jan. 15 — Abilene at Wamego-*, Concordia at Chapman-*, Marysville at Cloy Center-*. Jan. 19 —• Abilene at Clay Center-*, Concordia at Belleville-*. Jan. 19-23 — Wamego at Washburn Rural Tournament. Jan. 22 — Beloit at Concordia. Jan. 25-30 — Belleville, Chapman and Concordia at Minntapolis Tournamtnt. Jan. 27-30 — Marysvillt ot Hiawatha Tournament. Jan. 28-30 — Abilene at Emporia Invitational. Fab. 2 — Chapman at Abilene-*, Belleville at Marysville-*, Lindsborg at Concordia. Feb. 5 — Abiltnt at Belleville-*, Wamego ot Chapman-*, Clay Center at Sacred Heart, Marysville at Concordia-*. Feb. 9 — Concordio at Abiltnt-*, Chapman at Clay Center-*. Feb. 11 — Washington at Marysville. Feb. 12 — Abilene d*t Marysvllle-*, Clay Center at Belleville-*, Chapman at Concordia-*. Feb. 13 — Wamego at Belleville-*. Feb. 15 — Sacred Heart at Abiltnt. Ftb. 16 — Btloit at Belleville, Marysvillt at Chapman-*, Clay Ctnttr at Wamtgo-*, Concordia at Phllllpsburg. Ftb. 18 — Abilene at Council Grove, Junction City at Chapman. Ftb. 19 — Btlltville at Chapman-*, Concordia al Clay Center-*, Marysville at Wamego-*. Ftb. 23 — Wamtgo at Abiltnt-*, Clay Center at Marysville-*. Ftb. 25 — Washington at Belleville, Council Grovt at Chapman. Ftb. 26 — Concordia at Wamtgo-*. Northwest Kansas Dtc. 1 — St. Francis at Chtylin, Scott City at Ulyssts. Dtc. 4 — Goodland at St. Francis-*, Hoxit at Scott City-', Colby at Obtrlin-*, Atwood at Oak- lty-*. Dtc. 8 — Burlington, Colo., at Goodland, Atwood at Chtylln. Dtc. 11 — Obtrlin at Goodlond-*, St. Francis at Hoxit-*, Oaklty at Colby-*, Scott City at Atwood-*. Dtc. 15 — Goodland at Colby-*, Atwood at Hoxlt-', St. Francis at Obtrlin-', Oaklty at Scott City-'. Dtc. 18 — Goodlapd at Oaklty-*, Hoxit at Obtrlln-*, Atwood at St. Francis-', Colby at Scott City-'. Jan. 4 — Hill City at Hoxit. Jan. 5 — Oaklty at Wakttnty. Jan. 8 — Scott City at Goodland-', Hoxit at Oaklty-', St. Francis at Colby-', Obtrlin at Atwood-*. Jan. 12 — Oaklty at Goodland-*, Oberlln at Hoxif*. Scott City at Colby-*. Jan. 15 — Goodland at Hoxit-*, St. Francis al Scott City-*, Oaklty at Obtrlin-*, Colby at Atwood. Jan. 16 — Sharon Springs at St. Francis. Jan. 18-21 — Goodlond, Oaklty and Colby at Goodland Invitational. Jan. 18-23 — Obtrlin, Hoxit, St. Francis and Atwood at Obtrlin Invitational. Jan. 26 — Goodland at Wray, Colo., Norton at Obtrlin, Burlington at Colby, Ltoti at Scott City. Jan. 29 — Goodland ot Scott City-', Hoxit at Atwood-', Obtrlin at St. Francis-', Colby al Oak- lty-'. Ftb. 2 — Oaklty at Hoxit-', Colby ot St. Francis-', Atwood at Obtrlin-'. Ftb. 5 — Goodland at Atwood-', Hoxit at Colby-', Oaklty al St. Francis-*, Obtrlin at Scott City-*. Ftb. 9 — Colby at Goodland-*, Hoxlt at Quin- ttr, St. Francis at Atwood-*, Scott City at Oaklty- • Feb. 12 — Hoxit at Goodland-*, Scott City at St. Francis-*, Obtrlin at Oaklty-*, Atwood at Colby-'. Ftb. 13 — Colby at Phillpsburg. Ftb. 16 — St. Francis at Goodland-', Scott City at Hoxit-', Obtrlin at Colby-', Oaklty at Atwood-*. Ftb. 19 — Goodland at Oberlln-', Hoxlt at St. Francis-'. Atwood ol Scott City-'. Ftb. 23 — Atwood al Goodland-*, Obtrlin at Norton, Oaklty at Ellis, Scott City at Colby-*. Ftb. 26 — Colby at Hoxlt-*, SI. Francis al Oak- Ity-', Scott City al Obtrlin-', Atwood at Norton. Pike Trail Dtc 1 — Sylvan Grovt al Ltbanon, Mankalo at Ktnslngton. Plkt Vallty at ClUlon-Clydt. North Ctntral al Hillcrtst, Linn at Jtwtll. Wilton at Wa- condo Eost Dtc. 4 — Esbon ol Ltbanon-', Burr Oak ol Mankato-', Pikt Vallty ol Waconda East-'. North Cenlral ol Jtwtll-'. Dtc. 8 — Burr Oak ot Itbanon, Mankato ot Clifton-Clydt. Esbon al Easttrn Htights, North Ctnlrol ol Hanovtr, Jtwtll at Sylvan Grovt, Dtc. 11 — Hillcrtst ot Lebanon-*. Burr Oak al North Central-', Majikolo at Pikt Vallty-', Esbon at Wacondo East-*. Dec. 12 — Miltonvalt at Waconda East. Dtc. 14 — Hillcrtst at Chester Hubbtll, Neb. Dec. IS — Itbanon at Downs, Jtwtll at Mankato, Glasco ot Esbon, Linn ot North Ctntral. Dtc. 18 — Jewell at Lebanon-', North Ctntral ot Mankato-*, Esbon ot Pikt Vollty-*, Waconda East at Hillcrtsl-*. Dec. 21 — Pike Vallty at Glasco. Dtc. 22 — North Ctntral at Waktlltld, Clifton- Clyde ot Hillcrest. Jan. 5 — Eastern Heights at Burr Oak, Pike Valley at Hanovtr, Kensington at Jewell, Waconda East at Lucas-luray, Hillcrest ot Byron, Neb. Jan. 8 — Ltbanon at Burr Oak-*, Mankato at Tlptor-', Hillcrtst ol Esbon, North Ctntral ot Pike Vollty-*, Woconda East al Jtwtll-*. Jan. 11 — Miltonvalt at Jtwtll. Jan. 12 — Guide Rock, Neb., at Burr Oak, Lincoln at Mankato, Kensington at Pike Valley, Hanover at North Central, Glasco at Waconda East, Linn at Hillcrest. Jan. 15 — Lebanon at Mankato-*, Burr Oak at Waconda East-*, Jewell at Esbon-*, Plkt Vallty at Hillcrest-*. Jan. 19 — Lebanon ol North Central-*, Esbon at Burr Oak-*, Woconda East at Mankalo-*, Jewell at Hillcrest-*. Jan. 22-29 — Pike Troll League Tournament at Mankato. Feb. 1 — Miltonvole at Pike Valley. Feb. 2 — Mankato at Lebanon, Kensington at Esbon, North Central at Linn, Waconda East ot Downs, Hillcrest at Miltonvalt. Ftb. 5 — Hillcrest at Burr Oak-*, Mankato at Esbon-*, Pike Valley at Jewell-*, North Central at Waconda East-*. Feb. 6•— Linn at Pike Valley, Hillcrest at Hanover. Feb. 8 — Downs at Waconda East. Ftb. 9 — Lebanon ot Kensington, Mankato at Waconda East, Eastern Heights at Pikt Vallty, Jewell at North Central. Feb. 12 — Lebanon at Pike Valley-', Burr Oak at Jnwell-*, Mankato at Hillcrest-*, North Central ol Esbon-*. Feb. 13 — Red Cloud. Ntb. at Lebanon. Feb. 16 — Lebanon at Esbon, Burr Oak at Guide Rock, Neb., Plkt Valley at Mankato, Mll- tonvale at North Central, Jewell at Glasco, Osborne at Waconda East. Feb. 19 — Waconda East at Lebanon-*, Burr Oak at Pike Valley-*, Mankato al Jewell-*, Hillcrest at North Central-*. Post Rock Dec. 1 — Millonvale at Bennlngton-*, Glasco at Downs-*. Dec. 4 — Bennington at Tescott-', Ell-Saline at Glasco-*. Dtc. 8 — Tescott at Downs-*, St. George at Miltonvalt Dec. II — Ell-Saline ot Tescott-*, Downs at Mil- tonvole-*, Bennlngton ot Glasco-*. Dec. 12 — Mlltonvale at Wacondo East. Dec. 15 — Glasco at Esbon, Lebanon at Downs, Wilson ot Bennington, Dec. 18 — Glasco at Tescott-*, Ell-Saline at Btnningtan-*. Dec. 21 — Pike Valley at Glasco. Dec. 22 — Ell-Saline at St. Xavier's. Jan. 5 — Glasco at Miltonvalt-*, Downs at Bennington-*. Jon. 8 — Mlltonvale at Ttscott-*, Ell-Saline at Downs-*. Jan. 11 — Mlltonvale at Jewell. Jan. 12 — Mlltonvale at Ell-Saline-', Glasco at Waconda East, Downs at Lucas-Luray, Sylvan Grove at Bennington. Jan. 15 — Downs at Glasco-*, Bennington at Millonvale-'. Jan. 18-23 — Post Rock League Tournamtnt at Concordia. Jan. 26 — Sylvan Grovt at Ttscott, Miltonvalt at Glasco-*, Osborne at Downs. Jan. 29 — Tescott at Bennington-*, Glasco at Ell-Saline-'. Feb. 1 — Miltonvalt at Pikt Valley. Ftb. 2 — Hillcrest at Mlltonvale, Waconda East at Downs, Wilson at Ell-Saline. Feb. 5 — Downs at Tescott-*, Ell-Sallnt at Mll- tonvale-*. Ftb. 8 — Downs at Wacondo East. Feb. 9 — Tescott at Ell-Saline-*, Miltonvalt at Downs-*, Glasco at Bennington-*. Ftb. 12 — Ttscott at Glasco-*, Btnnington at Ell-Saline-*. Ftb. 16 — Miltonvalt at North Central. Jewell at Glasco, Btnnington ot Downs-*. Feb. 19 — Tescott at Millonvale-*, Downs at Ell-Saline-*. Quivira , Mank< Dec. 1 — Chast at Stafford, Dorranct al Natoma, Wilson at Waconda East, Hanston al Gorham, McCracken at Quivira Heights, Sylvan Grove at Lebanon. Dec. 4 — Dorrance at Chase-*, Lucas-Luray at Pawnet Heights-*, Gorham at Sylvan Grove-*. Dec. 8 — Wilson at Chase-*,'Lucas-Luray at Palco-*, Bazine ot Dorrance, Pawnee Heights at Hanston, Utica at McCracken-*, Jewell at Sylvan Grove. Dec. 11 — Chase at Quivira Heights-*, Pawntt Heights at McCracken-*, Gorham at Wilson-*, Sylvan Grove ot Lucas-Luray-*. Dec. 15 — Marquette ot Chase, Ktnslngton at Lucas-Luray, Wilson at Btnnington, McCracktn at Otis-Bison, Tipton at Sylvan Grovt. Dtc. 18 — Chast at Otis-Bison, Lucas-Luray at Wilson-*, Gorham at Dorranct-*, Quivira Htights at Pawnet Htights-*, McCracktn at Sylvan Grovt-*. Jan. 5 — Woconda East at Lucas-Luray, Pawntt Htights at Jetmore, Gorham at Palco. Jan. 8 — Chase at Pawnet Htights-*, Dorranct at Lucas-Luray-*, Wilson at McCracktn-*, Sylvan Grove at Quivira Heights-*. Jan. 12 — Chase at Dorranct, Pawntt Htights at Ltwls, Natoma at Wilson, McCracktn at Hanston, Sylvan Grovt at Btnnington. Jan. 15 — Gorham at Chast-*, Lucas-Luray at Lincoln, McCracktn at Dorranct-*, Pawntt Htights at Sylvan Grovt-*, Quivira Htights at • Wilson. Jan. 18-23 — Quivira Ltagut Tournamtnt at Grtat Btnd. Jan. 26 — Lucas-Luray at Natoma, Dorranct at McCracken, Bazine at Pawntt Htighls, Gorham at Wilson, Sylvan Grovt at Ttscott. Jan. 29 — Chast at Sylvan Grove-*, Gorham al Lucas-Luray-*, Dorranct at Quivira Htights, Wilson at Pawnee Heights-*. Ftb. 2 — Quivira Htights at Chast-*, Downs at Lucas-Luray, Dorranct at Gorham, Pawntt Htights at Spearville, Wilson at Ell-Saline, McCracken at Ransom, Sylvan Grovt al Naloma. Ftb. 5 — Lucas-Luray at Chast-*, Pawntt Htights at Gorham-*, Sylvan Grovt at Wilson-*, McCracktn at Gorham-*. Ftb. 9 — Grttnsburg at Pawntt Htights, Wilson at Salomon, Bazint at McCracktn. Ftb. 12 — Chast at Wilson-*, Lucas-Luray at McCracktn-*, Dorranct at Sylvan Grovt-', Gorham at Quivira Htights-*. Ftb. 16 — Quivira Htights at Dorranct, Ransom at Pawntt Htights, Gorham at Bazint, Palco at McCracktn, Sylvan Grovt al Lincoln. Ftb. 19 — McCracktn at Chast-*, Quivira Htights at Lucas-luray-', Wilson at Dorranct, Pawnte Heights at Gorham-*. W.K.E.A. Dec. 1 — Hoisington at LaCrosse, Ntss City al Ellis, Grinntll at Quinttr, Jttmort at Ingalls, Ba- zint at Ransom. Dtc. 4 — LaCrosst al Dlghton-*, Brtwsttr at Whtatland, Kinslty at Ntss City, Otis-Bison at Claflin, Utlca at Qulnttr, Spearville at Jetmort, Grinnell at Ransom. Dtc. 8 — Wheatland at Htaly, Ntss City at Jtt- mort-*, Grinntll at Dighlon, Qulnttr at Ltnora. Dtc. 11 — LaCrosst at Otis-Bison-*, Whtatland at Sharon Springs, Dlghton at Ransom-*, Jttmort at Qulnttr-*. Dtc. 15 — Whtotland al Trlplalns, Wakttnty at Ntss City, Leotl at Dighton, McCracktn at Oils- Bison, Jetmort at Clmarron, Ransom at Palco. Dtc. 18 — Jttmort at LaCrosst-*, Whtatland at Ntss City-', Chast at Otis-Bison. Jan. 5 — LaCrosst at Ellis, Dighton at Whtat- land, Pawntt Htights at Jttmort, Utlca at Ransom. Jan. 8 — Qulnltr at LaCrosst-*, Chtylin at Whtatland, Ntss City at Ransom-', Jttmort at Dlghton-*, Otis-Bison at Lincoln. Jan. 12 — Otis-Bison al LaCrosst-*, Whtatland at Grinntll, Ntss City at Spearville. Dlghton al Clmarron, Jetmore at Grttnsburg, Ransom at Ba- zint. Jan. 15 — LaCrosst al Jttmort-*, Qulnttr at Whtatland-', Dighlon ot Ntss City, Ransom at Otis-Bison-'. ' Jan. 18-23 — W.K.E.A. Ltagut Tournamtnl at Ransom. Jan. 26 — Palco at LaCrosst, Dighton at Jtl- more-V Qulnttr al Wakttnty, Ransom at Utlca. Jan. 29 — LaCrosst at Whtatland-', Otis-Bison al Dighton-*, Ransom at Qulnltr-*. Ftb. 2 — Jttmort at Ntss City-*, Dlghton at Itoll. Quinttr al Ellis, McCracktn at Ransom. Ftb. 5 — LaCrosst at Ransom-*, Whtatland at Jetmore-', Ntss City at Otis-Bison-*, Quinttr al Ftb. 9 — Grlnntll al Whtatland, Ntss City al Holsington, Ransom at Dlghton-', Ollt-Blson at Quivira Htights, Hoxlt at Qulnttr. Ftb. 12 — Dighton at LoCrosst, Ransom ot Whtatland-*, Qulnttr at Ntss City-*, Jttmort at Otis-Bison-*. Ftb. 16 — LaCrosst at Stockton, Whtatland at Qulnttr, Ntss City at Wakttnty, Dighton at Grin- ntll, Otis-Bison at Natomo, Ltwls at Jttmort, Ransom at Pawntt Htights. Ftb. 19 — Ntss City at LaCrosst-*, Whtatland at Dlghton-', Otis-Bison at Qulnter-*, Jetmore at Ransom-*. Feb. 23 — Victoria at LaCrosse, Cimarron at Ness City. Feb. 26 — LaCrosse ot Spearville, Ellis at Ntss City, Otis-Bison at Wheatland. Western Kansas Dec. 1 — Golden Plains ot Brewster, Heoly at Triplains-*, Jennings at Eastern Heights. Dec. 4 — Herndon at Northern Volley, Palco at Golden Plains, Cheylin at Weskan, Healy at Ba- zint, Jennings at Lenora, Utico ot Quinter. Dec. 5 — Kit Corson, Colo., ot Weskan. Dec. 8 — Golden Plains at Jennings-*, Brewster at Cheylin, Wheatland ot Healy, Trlplalns at Morland, Utica at McCracken. Dec. 11 — Trlplalns at Herndon-*, Golden Plains at Weskan-*, Grinnell at Healy, Utica at Bazine. Dec. 15 — Herndon at Cheylin, Lenoro ot Golden Plains, Healy at Utica, Triplains at Wheatland. Dec. 18 — Herndon ot Golden Plains-*, Weskan at Jennings-*. Dec. 22 — Bazine at Utica. Jan. 5 — Weskan ot Tribune, Healy at Moreland, Jennings at Northern Valley, Utica at Ransom. Jan, 8 — Jennings at Herndon-*, Golden Plains ot Utica-', Healy at Weskan-*. Jan. 11-15 — Western Kansas League Tournament at Colby. Jan. 19 — Plalnview, Colo., ot Weskan. Jan. 22 — Herndon ot Healy-*, Triplains ot Golden Plains-*, Utica at Jennings-". Jan. 26 — Golden Plains at Herndon-*, Trl- plalns at Weskan-*, Lenora ot Jennings, Ransom at Utlca. Jon. 29 — Weskan at Herndon-*, Utica at Healy-', Jennings at Trlploins-'. Feb. 2 — Herndon at Jennings-*, Golden Plains at Grinnell, Weskan ot Sharon Springs, Bazine at Healy, Brewster at Triplains. Feb. 5 — Herndon at Brewster, Jennings at Golden Plains-*, Utlca at Weskan-*, Trlplalns at Healy-*. Feb. 9 — Lenora at Herndon, Northern Valley at Golden Plains, Weskon at Plalnview, Colo., Healy at Deerlleld, Morland at Jennings, Triplains at Sharon Springs. Feb. 12 — Herndon ot Utlca-*, Golden Plains at Healy-*, Weskon at Triplains-*. Feb. 16 — Morland at Herndon, Golden Plains at Trlplalns-*, Northern Valley at Jennings, Hanston at Utica, Feb. 19 — Grinnell at Herndon, Cheylin at Golden Plains, Weskan at Brewster, Healy at Jennings-*, Utica at Triplains-*. Get an early Christmas treat when you open or add to a Youth Saver account. Deposit $5 or more 'during December and take home your candy- Christmas cane. It's never too early to start the savings habit. Come on in to Tip Top Credit Union. . . and bring a friend! Anyone can be a member! TIP IVV TOP CREDIT UNION 1815 S.Ohio Salina, KS 67401 825-4621 Other offices in Hillsboro, McPherson, Abilene and Independence ©NCUA In s urstn CG by Pat Bolen PREVENT KITCHEN FIRES For most people, there's no finer investment than a home. But a fire can — in a matter of seconds — turn that dreamhouse into a nightmare. And neither homeowners insurance nor life insurance can compensate for the loss of a home or, certainly, the people who live in it. More fires start in the kitchen than in any other part of the house. Most of them, however, are food fires — a problem not related to construction of the building. But if there is a window above the stove, don't plan to hang curtains there when and if you become the owner. If you have small children, you will want to be sure that burner controls on built-in ranges are not within reach of inquisitive fingers. Many kitchen ceiling fixtures are unventilated and overlamped, producing heat that bakes insulation on wiring to a crisp. After moving in, such wiring should be replaced and lower- wattage bulbs installed. Send your news tip to The Salina Journal, $45 in prizes awarded every week. VOUR Mndependent] Jmuroncem AGENT i "SERVING SALINA SINCE 1927" ROLEN-WOOD INSURANCE AGENCY Pat Bolen • Ron Dupy • Bob Shade 148 So. Santa Fe 823-6341 NBA Salutes STAR SPANGLED STUDENT SENIOR AT SALINA SOUTH FOR PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT Doug Anderson believes in getting involved, both at school and in the community. One of his biggest interests is sports. A wrestling letterman, he is Doug is a'memberof Sunrise Presbyterian Church and worked at Camp Discovery during the past summer as a counselor for diabetics. He worked at the Holiday Inn last summer and continues to hold down that job now during the school year. Biology holds a special interest for Doug, who plans to attend Kansas now participating in the sport for the fourth year. As a freshman he competed in gymnastics, specializing in floor exercise and vault. It is obvious that he is trusted and has the confidence of his classmates, as they elected him Vice President of the sophomore class and President of the junior and senior classes. He has in the past been chosen as a homeroom representative, also. With his involvement in so many areas, it is commendable that he manages to maintain a high grade average, which has kept him on the honor roll for four straight years. Three NBA cheers for all the fine young people in all the Salina schools. We believe in you! T/x? Santa Fe& Iron * Salina * 825-0511 Gold Star Facility. Ninth & Magnolia Mtmbtr FD1C University in the fall to pursue a career in the medical field. About his high school, Doug comments that he is a supporter of the Open Classroom format that Salina South utilizes, and adds that school spirit is definitely on the rise there. Rick and Judy Weber of 701 Holly Lane have just reason to be proud of their son - an excellent example for the youth of Salina and a genuine Star Spangled Student. merca m

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