Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on July 17, 1963 · Page 16
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 16

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 17, 1963
Page 16
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HE WILL , \ms HO mmss ALNP J ID IDENTIFY HlWl 0 (JB BOAEDINti HOUSE with MAJOB HOOPLR OCT CUB WAY I. B. WHLIAMS 16 - Wed., July 17, 1963 KeAXanAs Daily Facts TELEVISION IN REVIEW By BICK DIJ BROW HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — The I have tried to sign a Negro girl burning show business issue in Hollywood today is not "Cleopa tra" or stars' salaries or even the worrisome problem of the survival of studios. It is the matter of desegregation as applied to the television and movie industries. Each morning, two trade publications, "Daily Variety" and "The Hollywood Reporter," are read with avidity here by those connected with show business. And even the occasional reader needs little discernment to take note of the No. 1 running story. The other day, ior ustance, the lead story in Variety was pegged on Marlon Brando's address to a meeting in which he was quoted as saying: "Actors should stand together and pledge not to support production companies which uphold principles of segregation." And Tuesday, Variety ran a lengthy story revealing that the use of a Negro in the role of a judge on CBS-TV's "Perry Mason" resulted in an "abusive mail reaction." The Publication said: ".. .j \bout 50 letters were received from all parts of the country, ranging frcm San Francisco to New York to the Deep South." At the same time, Gail Patrick Jackson, executive producer of "Perry Mason," was reported to RESOLUTION- No. RESOLUTION OF THE MAYOR AND THE CITY COVNCIL, OF THE CITY OF REDLANDS INITIATING PROCEEDINGS TO ANNEX TO SAID CITY CERTAIN UNINHABITED TERRITORY DESCRIBED HEREIN AND DESIGNATED "ANNEXATION DISTRICT No. U." AND GIVING NOTICE OF SUCH PROPOSED AN' NEXATION. BE IT RESOLVED BY THE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF REDLANDS: SECTIO.V ONE: That pursuant to the provisions of the "Annexation of Uninhabited Territorj- Act of 1339," proceedings are hereby initiated by the Council of the City of Redlands, on Its own motion to ann *!K to the City of Redlands all that uninhabited territory situated in the County of San Bernardino, State of California, hereby dcsi^ated as "Annexation District No. 14," and described as follows: All that real property In the County of San Bernardino, State of California described as: Be£innin£ at the intersection of the southerly line of Mill Street, a street of 82.5 foot width, and the easterly line of California Street, a street of 82.5 foot width, as shown on Record of Survey recorded In Book- 17. Page 41. records of said County; thence northerly along the prolongation of the easterly line of California Street to the centerline of Mill Street; thence westerly along the centerline of Mill Street and the westerly prolongation of said centerline to a point 200 feet, measured at right angles, westerly ol the west line of said California Street; thence southerly parallel with the west line of California Street to the northerly line of Lot 70 Orange Grove Homestead, as recorded in Book 2 of Maps, Page 5 thereof, records of said County; thence westerly along the northerly lines of Lots 70. 69, 68. 67, 64, 65. 66 and 54. Orange Grove Homestead to the northwesterly comer of said Lot 54: thence southerly along the westerly lines of VaU 54, 47 and 34. Orange Grove Homestead, and prolongation thereof io the centerline of 76.87 foot wide San Bernardino Avenue; thence westerly along the centerline of San Bernardino Avenue to its intersection with the centerline of 82.5 foot wide Moun- Uin View Avenue, formerly Sterling A-,^enue; thence southerly along the centerline of Mountain View Avenue to an intersection with the centerline of Colton Avenue, formerly State Route No. 26, a street of 62.5 foot width as shown on the Map of Rancbo San Bernardino recorded in Book of Maps 7, Page 2, records of said County; thence easterly along the centerline of Colton Avenue to a point 200 feet, measured at right angles, easterly of the east line of Mountain View Avenue: thence northerly parallel with the east line of Mountain View Avenue to an intersection with the northerly line of the 100 foot wide Atchison. Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company right^)f-way; thence southeasterly along the northerly line of said right-of-way: to the centerUne of 70 foot wide Lugonia Avenue; thence easterly along the centerline of Lugonia Avenue to an intersection with the southerly prolongation of the westerly line of Lot 7, Orange Grove Homestead; thence northerly along the westerly line of said Lot 7 and the prolongation thereof to the north line of the south one-halt of said Lot 7; thence easterly parallel with the centerline of Lugonia Avenue to the easterly line of said Lot 7; thence southerly along the easterly line of Lot 7, Orange Grove Homestead, and the prolongation thereof to the centerline of Lugonia Avenue: thence easterly along the centerline of Lugonia Avenue to an intersection with th« southerly prolongation of the westerly line of Lot 5, Orange Grove Homestead; thence northeriy along said westerly line of Lot 5 and the prolongation thereof to the centerline of 60 foot wide Hugo Street: thence easterly along said centerline to an Intersection with the prolongation of the easterly line of Lot 5, Orange Grove Homestead, thence southerly along said easterly line and the prolongation thereof to the centerline of Lugonia Avenue: thence easterly along the centerline of Lu­ gonia Avenue to an intersection wiUj the centerline of California Street: thence northerly along the centerline of California Street to an Intersection with the easterly prolongation of the northerly line of Lot 70, Orange Gtate Homestead: thence easterly along the prolongation of the northerly line of Lot 70. Orange Grove Homestead to the easterly line of California Street: thence northerly along said easterly line to the point of beginning. Approx. 540 Ac. SECTION TWO: That there are less than twelve persons, who have been regisltered to vote within the territory designated "Annexation District No. 14" for at least 54 days, residing within the territory at the time of the Institution of these proceedings on motion of this City Council as the legislative body of the City of Redlands. , SECTION THREE: That the reasons for desiring such annexation are as follows: That the annexation of the hereinafter described territory will contribute to the orderly growth of the city, provide the proper control of street layout, drainage, sanitary sewer design, water system design and the proper land use In conformity with the overaU zonin< plan of said city. SECTION rOtJR: That the Boundary Commission of the County of San Bernardino, prior to the adoption of this resolution, has duly prepared and Issued a report entitled: "Report of the San Bernardino County Boundary Commission Concerning Boundaries of Proposed Annexation No. 14 to the aty of Redlands," which report finding that "the boundaries of proposed Annexation No. 14 to the City of Redlands are correctly described," was adopted on motion of Commissioner J. W. Abbey, and seconded by Commissioner Jocelyn Cox. SECTION FIVE: That the 6th day of Augtist. 1963, at 7,-00 p.m., in the Council Chambers In the Safety Building in the City ol Redlands, County ol San Bernardino, California, Is hereby fixed as the time and place when and where any person owning to play an elevator operator who becomes a key witness — but "the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) stepped into the picture and nixed that on grounds the girl.. .would be seen in a menial capacity." Not all Negro groups are agreed on their outlook of the situation here. WhUe the NAACP is pressing hard, the Hollywood Race Relations Bureau says this filmtown has been pretty fair. The two-pronged program of the direct-action advocates is, of course, aimed at getting more Negroes jobs before and behind the cameras, and also achieving what they consider the proper portrayal of their race in programs and movies. Television's prime concern, as has been noted previously, is that the sponsors and-or advertising agencies are afraid now of both sides: The foes of desegregation who might retaliate economically against increased use of Negro performers, and Negro viewers whose leaders are also threaten- Ing a possible boycott agauist specific products. Thus far in Hollywood, the militant anti-segregationists have been more vociferous than those who have opposite sj-mpathies, or who advocate a more mild approach, or those who might argue that an artist's delineation of characters has a duty to be in dependent of excess pressures of any sort and from any side. Now the Writers Guild has jumped headlong into the fray. In a statement this week, it said it "will waive minimum payments to those of our members who so request and who volunteer their skills as writers" to organizations advocating the Negro irosition. The NAACP has been aimmg most of its attacks at technical craft unions and not performer guilds. The Channel Swim: A five-part study of the desegregation crisis will air on ABC-TV on successive Sundays starting Aug. 11, in the 10:30-11 p.m. EDT time slot... Reports that Lena Home would have an Aug. 16 one-hour special on NBC-TV have fizzled; no show in prospect. Mike Nichols and Elaine May are said to be trying to sell CBS- TV on an idea for a comedy series. . .Once again, the same network is reported toying with the thought of expanding "Gun- smoke" to 90 minutes in the future — and maybe "Rawhide" too. OUR ANCESTORS "The population trend is back to the cities this year!" real property within the uninhabited territory above described and proposed to be annexed to the City ol Bridges says Kennedy stacked deck LOS ANGELES (UPI) — Longshoremen's president Harry Bridges, calling compulsory arbitration legislation a "fancy way" to outlaw strikes, said Tuesday President Kennedy has "stacked the deck" against unions by his actions in the raUroad industry! o^sim'uAf^arllTg'NS^' dispute. In a speech before Town Hall, Bridges said railroad management is not under any real pressure to make concessions with the threat of government intervention and compulsory arbitration. Bridges spoke against a House bill aimed at compulsory arbitration of maritime disputes, but said his views extended over labor- management relations in general. JN HOLLYWOOD Work dulls edge of Barker's grief By Ersldne Johnsoa VENICE - "I would have killed myself had it not been for my mother-in-law. She talked me out of joining Irene." The eyes of tall, rugged Lex Barker turned watery as he talked for the first time about the pers onal tragedy he suffered in Rome a few months ago. "Irene" was the beautiful Swiss girl from Lucerne who became Mrs. Lex Barker nearly five years ago. Their's was no "Hollywood" ro mance. Their's was no "Hollywood' marriage. Irene was a quiet-spoken, soft- eyed girl. She was not an actress and she did not dream of becoming one. At the age of 20, when she met the handsome film actor, she was just a girl in love. For Lex Barker, who returned her love, it was a clean new page. The Hollywood way of life bad quickly brought and lost him two of the screen's most attractive women — Lana Turner and Arlene Dahl. By turn they had been Mrs. Lex Barker, I and II. "But Irene," he says, "was the loveliest of the three." NOTICE OF PROPOSED ABA-VDONMENT OF HIGHWAY NOTICE is HEREBY GIVEN that a petition has been filed with the Board of Supervisors, signed by at least ten freeholders, of whom at least two are residents of the Third Road District ol the County ol San Bernardino and, who are taxable therein for road purposes, petitioning the Board ol Supervisors to abandon a highway situated in the Third Road District in the County of San Bernardino, state ol California, described as follows, fo-wit: AU that portion ol Melrose Drive and Bedford Drive as shown on map of Tract No. 5271, recorded in Book 66. Pages 7 and 8, of Maps in the office ol said Recorder, lying North ol the line described below: Beginning at the Southwest Corner ol Lot 7 ol said Tract No. 5271: Thence Easterly a distance of 258.75 feet through an angle of 23' 57' 23" along a curve, concave to the South and having a radius of 618.82 feet, to a point in the South line ol Lot 8 of said Tract No. 5271, a radial line to the Redlands and having any objecUons to the proposed annexation may appear before the Council of the Ctty of Redlands and show cause why such uninhabited territory shotUd not be so annexed to said City of Redlands, and further, that any time not later than the hour set for hearing objections to the proposed annexation any owner ol property within the territory proposed to be annexed may lUe a written protest against said proposed annexation. Such protest shall state the name or names ol the owner or owners of property allected and the description and area ol such property in general terms. SECTION SIX: That upon the completion ol said aanexAtion ot said territory, all of the properly included in said Annexation District No. 14 shall be taxed equally with the other property within the City ol Redlands to pay the bonded indebtedness and any and all general indebtedness ol the City ot Redlands contracted prior to or existing or outstanding at the time of the aforesaid proposed annexation of said described property as provided by said Act. SECTION SEVEN; The City Clerk ol the City ol Redlands is hereby authorized and directed to cause a copy of this resolution to be published at least twice, but not oftener than once a week, in the Redlands Daily Ticts, a newspaper of general circulation published in said City ol Redlands, the city to which It is proposed to annex aforesaid territory, said pubUcaUon to complete at least twenty (20) days belore the lint public hearing on the proposed annexation: And, in the event any land within the territory proposed to be annexed Is owned by a coimty, the said City Clerk is directed to cause written notice ol such proposed annexation to lie maUed to the Board ol Supervisors ol such county, such noUee to be given not less than twenty (20) days belore the first pubUc hearing on the proposed aimexation: . And in the event there is, upon the land proposed to be annexed, a structural improvement owned, being acquired or leased by a county lire protection district, the said clerk is directed to cause written notice ol such-proposed annexation to be mailed to the governing body ol such district, such notice to be sent not less than ten (10) days belore the first public hearing upon such proposed annexation; And the said City Oerk is directed to cause written noUce to be given to audi other' persons as may be legally entitled thereto, in the manner-required by law. ADOPTED, SIGNED AND APPROVED this June 13, 1963. CHARLES C. PARKSK,. Mayor ol the City ol Redlands. Attest: HAZEL M. SOPER, City aerk. Approved lor Form: »/ EDWARD F. TAYLOR. City Attorney. (SEAL) 54" 45" East. Reserving and excepting trom said abandonment the easement and right at any time, or from time to time, to construct, maintain, operate, replace, remove and renew sanitary sewers and storm drains and appurtenant structures, in, upon, over and across any highway or part thereof proposed to be abandoned and pursuant to any ex- sisting Iranchise or renewals there- ol, or otherwise, to construct, maintain, operate, replace, remove, renew and enlarge lines ol pipe, conduits, cables, wires, poles and other convenient structures, equipment and fixtures lor the operation ol gas pipe lines, telegraph and telephone lines, railroad Unes and lor the transportation or distribution of electric energy, petroleum and its products, ammonia, water, and lor incidental purposes, including access to protect the properly from all hazards in. upon and over the highway or part thereol proposed to be abandoned. That said petition has been set lor hearing belore the Board ol Supervisors on Monday, July 29, 1963. at eleven o'clock a.m. at the chambers of the said Board in the Court House 15th floor) San Bernardino, Calllomia. at which time all parties Interested in said petition will be heard. By order ol the Board ol Supervisors, July 8, 1963. V. DENNIS WARDLE. County Clerk and ex-olllcio the Clerk ol said Board. By Rudolph L. Corona, Deputy. Ite marriage was happy, ideal. Le.x Barker had changed. Hollywood's headlines were behind him. No longer was he referred to as "Mr. Lana Turner"; no longer did the movie fan magazines examine him as a "lover boy." He found a new career, with Irene at his side, in international moviemaking based in Rome, Lond(Jn and Paris. Three years ago they became the parents of a son they named Christopher. The boy made their happiness complete. As moviemaking took Lex from country to country Irene and Chris followed him. Their home was in Rome, in a villa not far from the Appian Way. That's where it happened, suddenly, tragically and without warning. At the age of 25. seemingly in the best of health, Irene died of a heart attack. It seemed incredible to Lex Barker, to everyone. "I wanted to die too," he told me. "But in the comfort and faith of Irene's mother I found strength I didn't realize I could have." The boy, Chris, today is living with Barker's sister-in-law in Geneva. The actor has found solace in work, making one motion picture after another — swashbuckling tales for French, German and talian companies. He was here on location for his fifth film this year, a 16th century story about pirate raids on the city of Venice with Guy Madison as his brother, both playing sons of a Doge.. Other films have taken him to France, Spain, Ceylon, Pakistan and Yugoslavia, where he starred in a western, "The Treasure of the Silver Lake." for Germany's big outdoor-action - happy movie fans. Gentlemen also prefer redheads and brunettes MIAm BEACH (UPI) - Miss Universe judges, proving that gentlemen aren't completely sold on blondes, selected 15 semifinalists Tuesday night in the Miss U.S.A. preUminary to the week-long pageant. Six brunettes, six blondes and three red - haired beauties from across the nation made the semifinals after strolling before judges in bathing suits and evening gowns. A space suit worn by Jliss Florida, brown-haired Linda Egland of Miaim', caught the judges' fancy and she won the prize for the best state costume. Two of the semifinalists were from the Far West. They werg Miss Arizona, Diane McGarry of Phoenix, and Miss Nevada, Kathee Francis, Las Vegas. SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzet "Looks like tin outsido job io mel** 4'

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