The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on November 29, 1981 · Page 28
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 28

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 29, 1981
Page 28
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Sunday, November 29,1981 — The Salina Journal Paee 29 Boys' High School Basketball Schedules Ark Valley Dec. 1 —, Washburn Rural at El Dorado. Dec. 4 — McPh*r»on at Newton-', Hutchlnson at Campus-*, Derby at Winfield-', El Dorado at Arkansas City-*. Dec. 5 — Garden City at Hutchlnson Dec. 11 — Winfield at McPherson-'. Campus at Derby-*, Newton at El Dorado-*, Arkansas City at Hutchinson-'. Dec. 15 — McPherson at Campus-*, Derby at Arkansas City-*, Hutchinson at Newton-*, El Dorado at Winlleld-'. D*c. 16 — Arkansas City at McPherson-*, Newton at Derby-*, Campus at El Dorado-*, Hutchln- son at Wlnfi*ld-*. Dec. 22 — Augusta at El Dorado, Nickerson at McPherson. Jon. 5 — Derby at Emporla. Jan. 8 — Hutcninson at McPherson-*, D*rby at El Dorado-', Wlnfleld at Campus-*, Arkansas City at N*wton-*. Jon. 12 — McPh*rson at D*rby-*, Campus at Arkansas City-', Newton at WIMIeld-', El Dorado at Hutchinson-*. Jan. 15 — El Dorado at McPh*rson-*, Hutchln- son at D*rby-', N*wton at Campus-*, Arkansas City at Wlnfl*ld-'. Jan. 18-23 — Hutchlnson at Dodg* City TOC; N*wton and McPhcrson at McPhcrson Inv.; D*rby and Campus In Titan Classic ot Wichita South; Arkansas City in Roadrunn*r Inv. at Chaparral; El Dorado and Winlleld in Blu*st*m Classic at El Dorado. Jan. 29 — Newton at McPherson-*, Winfield at Derby-*, Campus at Hutchlnson-*, Arkansas City at El Dorado-*. Feb. 2 — D«rby at Campus-*, El Dorado at Newton-*. F*b. 5 — McPherson at Wlnfleld-*, Campus at Great Bend, Buhler at Newton, Hutchlnson at Arkansas City-*. F*b. 9 — McPherson ot Buhler, Arkansas City ot D*rby-*, Goddard at Campus, N*wton ot Hut- chlnson-*, Wlnfl*ld at El Dorado-*. F*b. 11 — Winfield at Hutchlnson-'. F*b. 12 — McPherson at Arkansas City-*, Derby at Newton-', El Dorado ot Campus-*. Feb. 16 — McPherson at Hutchlnson-', El Dorado at Darby-*, Campus at Newton-*, Winfield at Arkansas City-'. Feb. 18 — Hutchlnson at El Dorado-'. Feb. 19 — Derby at McPherson-', Arkansas City at Campus-', Winfield at Newton-'. Feb. 20 — liberal at Newton. Feb. 23 — Campus at McPherson-', Emporla ot Derby tchlnson at Topeka-Seaman. Feb. 26 — McPherson at El Dorado-*, D*rby at Hutchlnson-*, Campus at Wlnfl*ld-*, N*wton at Arkansas City-*. Jan. 29 — Cloy C*nt*r at Council Grov*. Ber*on-Acad*my ot Marlon-*. Chas* County ot Hartford. F*b. 5 — B*r*an-Acad*my ot H*rington-*, Marlon ot Council Grov*-*, Chos* County at Centre-'. Feb. 9 — Wabounsee at Chas* County. F*b. 12 — H*rlngton at Chas* County-', Council Grov* at B*rean-Acod*my-'. Centre ot Morlon-'. Feb. 13 — Berean-Academy at Wlchlto-Colle-' Feb. It — Council Grove at Abilene. Leon- Blu*st*m at Herington, Southeast of Solln* at Marlon. F*b. 19 — Chas* County ot B*reon-Acad*my-', Morion at Herington-*, Council Grov* at Centra- * Feb. 23 — Chaso County at Ros* Hill, Herlng- ton at B*r*an-Acad*my-', Solomon at Morion, Lincoln at Centre. Feb. 26 — Marlon at Abilene, Leon-Bluest*m at B*r*an-Acad*my, H*rlngton at Pomona, Chapman at Council Grov*. Eisenhower at Westmoreland, Riley Blue Valley Dec. 1 — Washington at Frankfort, Plk« Volley at Clifton-Clyde, Valley Heights at Balleyville, Linn at Jewell, Rlley County ot Blu* Valley. Dec. 4 — Hanover ot Clifton-Clyde-*, Washington at Valley Heights-*, Linn at Rlley County-*. Dec. 8 — Mankato at Clifton-Clyde, North Central at Hanover, Wakefield at Linn, Rlley County at Luckey. D«c. 11 — Clifton-Clyde ot Linn-*, Valley Heights at Hanover-*, Rlley County at Washington-*. Dec. IS — Lincoln at Clifton-Clyde, Frankfort at Valley Heights, Linn at North Central. Dec. 18 — Rlley County at Clifton-Clyde-*, linn at Valley Heights-*, Washington at Hanover-*. Jan 5 — Pike Valley at Hanover, Frankfort at Washington. Jan 8 — Clifton-Clyde at Valley Heights-', Hanover at Riley County-*, Linn ot Washington-*. Jon. 12 — St. Xavler's at Clifton-Clyde, Hanover at North Central, Valley Heights at St. George, Linn at Hlllcrest, Blue Volfey at Rlley County. Jan 15 — Washington at Clifton-Clyde-*, Hanover at Linn-*, Valley Heights at Riley County-*. Jan 18-23 — Blue Valley League Tournament at Washington. Jan. 29 — Clifton-Clyde at Hanover-*, Volley Heights at Washington-*, Rlley County ot Linn-*. Feb. 2 — North Central at Linn, Solomon at Rlley County. Feb. S — Linn at Clifton-Clyde-*, Hanover at Valley Heights-*, Washington at Riley County-*. Feb. 6 — Linn at Pike Valley, Hillcrest at Hanover, Valley Heights at Frankfort. Feb. 9 — Nemaha Valley at Washington, Clifton-Clyde at Lincoln, Hanover at Odell (Neb.). Feb. 12 — Clifton-Clyde at Riley County-*, Hanover ot Washington-*, Volley Heights ot Linn- °Feb. 16 — Valley Heights at Clifton-Clyde-', Rlley County at Hanover-*, Washington at linn-*. Feb. 19 — Clifton-Clyde ot Washington-*, linn at Hanover-*, Riley County at Volley Heights-*. Feb. 23 — Centrailia at Valley Heights, Luckey at Riley County. Feb. 26 — Onaga at Volley Heights, Axtell at Riley County, Belleville at Washington. Dec. 1 — Centralio County at Blu* Vall*y. Dec. 4 _ Westmoreland at Blue Valley-'. Whit* City ot St. George-', Wakefield at St. Xa- vler's-', luckey at Hope-'. Dec. 8 -— Wakefield at linn, St. George at Mll- tonvale, Rlley County at Luckey. Dec. 11 — Wokefleld at Westmoreland-', St. George at Blue Valley-'. St. Xavler's at luckey-', Hop* at Whit* City-'. Dec 15 — St. Georgs at Westmoreland-', luckey at Wakefield-', White City at St. Xavler's- *, Blue Valley at Hope-'. Dec. 18 — Wokelleld ot White City-', Westmoreland ot luckey-', Blue Valley ot St. Xovler's- ', Hope at St. George-*. , Dec. 22 — North Central at Wakefield, Ell-Saline at St. Xavler's. Jan. 5 — Blue Valley at Wakefield-*, St. Xa- vler's at St. George-*. Jan. 8 — Westmoreland at White City-*, Wakefield at St. G*org*-', Luckey at Blue Valley-*, Hope at St. Xavler's-'. Jon. 12 — Blue Valley at Rlley County, Volley Heights at St. George, White City ot Luckey-*, Clifton-Clyde at St. Xavier's, Westmoreland at Hon*»-* Jan. 15 — White City at Blue Vall*y-*, St. George at luck*y-', St. Xavl*r's at Westmoreland-*, Hope at Wakefield-'. Jan. 18-23 — Elsenhower League Tournament at St. Xavler's. Jan. 26 — Hope at luckey-*, Blue Valley ot Westmoreland-*, St. George ot White City', St. Xavler's at Wakefield-'. Jan. 29 — White City ot Hope-*, Westmoreland at Wak*fl*ld-', Blu* Vall*y at St. G*org*-*, Luck*y ot St. XavlerV. Feb. 2 — St. G*orge at W*stmor*land-*, Wak•field at Luckey-*, St. Xavier's at White City-*, Hope at Blue Valley*. Feb. 5 — White City at Wakefleld-*, Luckey at Westmoreland-*, St. Xavler's at Blue Valley-*, St. George at Hope-'. . Feb. 9 — Wakefield at Blue Valley-', Luckey at White City-*, St. George at St. Xavler's-', Hope at Westmoreland-*. Feb. 12 — White City at Westmoreland-*, St. George a! Wakefield-', Blue Volley at luckey-', St. Xavler's at Hope-'. F,b. 19 — Blu* Valley at Whit* City-', Luckey at St. George-', Westmoreland at St. Xavler's-', Wakefield at Hope-'. Feb. 23 — Luckey at Riley County. Cheyenne Dec. 1 — Dorrance at Natoma, Norton at logon, Mankato at Kensington, Jennings at Eastern Heights. Dec. 4 — Logan at Kensington, Herndon at Northern Valley, Jennings at Lenora, Palco at Golden Plains, Morland at Eastern Heights. Dec. 8 — Northern Valley at Orleans (Neb.), Qulnter at lenora, Lucos-luray at Palco, Victoria at Natoma, Trlplalns at Morland, Esbon at Eastern Heights. Dec. 11 — Morland at Logan-', Kensington at Eastern Heights-', Northern Valley at Lenora-*, Natomo at Palco-*. Dec. 15 — Logan at Stockton, Kensington at Lucas-Luray, Northern Valley at Eastern Heights, Lenora at Golden Plains, Ransom at Palco, Natoma at Plainville, Bazlne at Morland. Jan 5 — Plainville at Logan, Kensington at Jewell, Jennings at Northern Valley, Gorhom at Palco, Healy at Morland, Eastern 'Heights at Burr Oak. Jan. B — Eastern Heights at logon-', Palco at Kensington-*, Morland at Northern Valley-*, Natoma at Lenora-'. Jan. 12 — Natoma at Wilson, Lenora at Morland, Kensington at Pike Valley. Jan. 15 — Logon ot Palco-*, Lenora at Kensington-*, Northern Valley at Natoma-*, Eastern Heights at Morland-'. Jan. 18-22 — Cheyenne Conference Tournament at Palco. Jan. 26 — Lucas-Luray at Natoma, Palco at LaCrosse, Lenora at Jennings. Jan. 29 — Eastern Heights at Palco-*, Morland at Lenora-*, Logan at Natoma-*, Kensington at Northern Valley-*. Feb. 2 — Tlpton at Eastern Heights, Lenora at Northern Valley, Kensington at Esbon, Smith Center at Logan, Sylvan Grove at Natoma, Morland at Utlco. Feb. 5 — Palco at Northern Valley-*, Lenora at Eastern Heights-', Kensington at Logon-', Natoma at Morland-*. Feb.- 9 — Hill City at Logan, Lebanon ot Kensington, Northern Valley at Golden Plains, Lenora at Herndon, Morland at Jennings, Eastern Heights at Pike Valley. Feb. 12 — L*nora at Palco-*, Logan at Northern Valley-', Morland at Kensington-*, Natoma at Eastern Heights-*. Feb. 16 — Otis-Bison at Natoma, Morland at Herndon, Northern Valley at Jennings. Feb. 19 — Lenora at Logan-*, Natoma at Kensington-*, Eastern Heights at Northern Valley-*, Polco at Morland-*. Cotton wood Valley Nov. 30 — Berean-Academy at Hillsboro. Dec. 1 — Chase County at Hesston, Marlon at Remington, Centre at Solomon. Dec. 4 — Wamego at Council Grove, Hetston at Berean-Academy, Abilene at Herington, Chase County at Peabody, Moundrldge at Marlon, Centre at Christian Challenge. Dec. 8 — Garden Plain ot Bereon-Academy, Herington at leon-Bluestem, Marlon ot Hillsboro, Council Grove at Eureka. Dec. 11 — Berean-Academy at Centre-*, Council Grove at Herington-*, Morion ot Chose County-*. Dec. 15 — Herington ot Clay Center, Chapman at Chase County, Canton-Galva at Centre. Dec. 18 — Morion at Bereon-Academy-*, Centre ot Herington-*, Chase County ot Council Grove-*. Dec. 21 — Peabody ot Berean-Academy. Dec. 22 — Council Grove at Southeast of Sp- line. Jan. 5 — Council Grove at Marlon-*, Centre ot Chase County-*. Jan. 8 — Berean-Academy ot Council Grove-*, Chase County ot HtringJon-V Morion at Centre-*. Jon. 12 — Berean-Acodemy at Chaw County-*, Herington at Marlon-*, Centre at Council Grove- Jon. 15 — Centre at Bereon-Acodemy*, He- ringlon at Council Grove-*, Cho.e County at Mor- Ion-*. Jan. 18-23 — Council Grove ot Baldwin Inv.; Berean Academy and Marlon at Burrton Tourno- menl; Herlnglon at Belleville Tournament; Chase County in Bfueslem Classic at El Dorado; Centre at Canton-Galva Tournament. Jan. 26 — Herington at Centre-*, Council Grove at Chose County-*. Heart of America Dec. 1 — Cheney at Pretty Prairie, Christian Challenge at Canton-Galva, Inman at Burrton. Dec. 3 — Trinity at Inman. Dec. 4 — Pretty'Pralri* at Central Christian-*, Trinity at Marquette-*, Goessel at Little River-*, Canton-Galva at Burrton-*. Dec. 8 — Trinity at Pretty Prairie-*, Marquette at Central-Christian-*, Canton-Golva at Little River-*, Goessel at Burrton-*. D*c. 11 — Little River ot Morquette-*, Control Christian at Go*ssel-*, Pr*tty Pralrl* at Canton- Galvo-', Burrton at Trinity-'. Dec. 15 — Marquette at Chase, Qulvira Heights ot Little River, Geossel at Halstead, Pretty Prairie at Christian Challenge. Dec. 18 — Trinity at Little River-*, Goessel ot Pretty Prairie-', Morquette at Canton-Golva-', Burrton at Central Christian-*. Jon. 2 — Sterling at Little River. Jan. 5 — Pretty Prairie at Marquett*-*, Goess*l at Trinity-*, Canton-Galva at Central Christian-*, Little River at Burrton-*. Jan. 8 — Central Christian ot Trinity-', Little River at Pretty Prairie-*, Conton-Galva at Goessel-', Marquett* ot Burrton-'. Jan. 12 — Central Christian at Little Riv*r-', Morquette at Goessel-*, Trinity at Conton-Galva*, Burrton at Pretty Prairie-*. Jan. 15 — Marquette at Trinity-', Little River at Canton-Galva, Goessel at Central Christian-*, Pretty Prairie at Burrton-*. Jan. 18-23 — Little River at Sterling Inv.; Marquette, Canton-Galva and Central Christian at Canton-Galva Inv.; Goessel, Burrton and Pretty Prairie at Burrton Inv.; Trinity in Adolph Rupp Tournament at Halstead. Jan. 26 — Trinity at Garden Plain, Christian Challenge at Marquette. Feb. 2 — Central Christian at Marquette-*, Little River at Trinity-*, Pretty Prairie at Goessel*, Burrton at Canton-Galva-*. Feb. 5 — Pretty Prairie at Little River-*, Trinity at Goessel-*, Conton-Galva at Marquette-', Central Christian at Burrton-*. Feb. 9 — Little River at Central Christian-*, Goessel at Marquotte-*, Canton-Galva at Pretty Prairie-*, Trinity at Burrton-*. Feb. 12 — Trinity at Central Christian-*, Marquette at Pretty Prairie-*, Goessel at Canton- Galva-*, Burrton at Little River-*. Feb. 16 — Pretty Prairie at Trinity-*, Marquette at Little River-*, Central Christian at Canton-Galva-*, Burrton at Goessel-*. Feb. 19 — Little River at Goessel-*, Canton- Galva ot Trinity-', Burrton at Morquette-*. Central Christian at Pretty Prairie-'. Independents Hoys Dec. 1 — Thomas More Prep. Dec. 11 — At larned. Doc. 15 — At Russell. Dec. 19 — At Sa- llno South. Jan. 5 — Sallno Central. Jan. 8 — At Garden City. Jan. 12 — Salina South. Jan. 15 — Dodge City. Jan. 21-23 — At Dodge City TOC. Jan. 29 — Garden City. Feb. 2 — At Salina Central. Feb. 9 — At Thomas More Prep. Feb. 12 — At Dodge City. Feb. 16 — At Great Bend. Feb. 23 — Russell. Feb. 26 — Great Bend. Lincoln Dec. 1 — At Osborne. Dec. 8 — Belolt. Dec. 15 — At Clifton-Clyde. Dec. 18 — Ellsworth. Jan. 5 — At Minneapolis. Jan. 8 — Otis-Bison. Jan. 12 — At Monkato. Jan. 15 — lucas-Luray. Jon. 20 — At Belleville Tournament. Jan. 26 — At Belolt. Feb. 2 — Plolnville. Feb. 9 — Clifton-Clyde. Feb. 12 — At Smith Center. Feb. 16 — Sylvan Grove. Feb. 19 — Minneapolis. Feb. 23 — At Centre. Feb. 26 — Osborne. Liberty Dec. 1 — Golden Plains at Brewster, St. Francis at Cheylln, Grinnell at Qulnter. Dec. 4 — Brewster at Wheatland, Cheylln at Weskan, Grinnell at Ransom, Cheyenne Wells (Colo.) at Sharon Springs. Dec. 8 — Brewster at Weskan, Atwood at Cheylin, Grinnell ot Dlghton, Sharon Springs at Tribune. Dec. 11 — Cheylin ot Brewster, Grinnell at Healy, Wheatland at Sharon Springs. Dec. 12 — Wheatland at Grinnell. Dec. 15 — Herndon at Cheylin. Dec. 18 — Wray (Colo.) at Cheylln, Plalnvlew (Colo.) at Sharon Springs. Jan. 8 — Cheylln ot Wheotlond, Brewster at Sharon Springs. Jan. 9 — Sharon Springs at St. Francis. Jan. 15 — Brewster at Grinnell-*, Cheylln ot Sharon Springs-*. Jan. 16 — Cheylln at Benkelmon (Neb.). Jan. 21-23 — Brewster, Cheylin, Sharon Springs and Grinnell at Oberlln Invitational. Jan. 29 — Brewster at Cheylln-*, Sharon Springs at Grinnell-*. Feb. 2 — Brewster at Triplains, Golden Plains at Grinnell, Weskan at Sharon Springs. Feb. 5 — Herndon at Brewster, Grinnell at Cheylin-*. Feb. 9 — Grinnell at Wheotlond, Trlplalns ot Sharon Springs. Feb. 12 — Trenton (Neb.) ot Cheylln, Sharon Springs at Brewster-*. Feb. 13 — Cheylin at Strotton (Neb.). Feb. 16 — Brewster at Lenoro, Dighton ot Grinnell, Tribune ot Sharon Springs. Feb. 19 — Weskan at Brewster, Cheylln at Golden Plains, Grinnell at Herndon. Mid-Continent Dec. 1 — Norton at Logan, Smith Center at Phllllpsbu.-g, Ness City at Ellis, Lincoln at Osborne. Dec. 4 — Plainville at Stockton-*, Phlllipsburg at Victoria-*, Norton at Hill City-*, Smith Center at Ellis-*, Osborne at WaKeeney-*. Dec. 8 — Victoria at Notoma, Smith Center at Norton, Philllpsburg at Stockton, Hoxle ot Hill City, Ellis at WaKeeney, Plainville at Osborne. Dec. 11 — Victoria ot Plainville-*, Stockton at Smith Center-*, Ellis at Norton-*, WaKeeney ot Philllpsburg-', Hill City at Osborne-*. Dec. 15 — Natoma at Plainville, WaKeeney ot Ness City, Logan at Stockton. Dec. 18 — Smith Center ot Victoria-*, Plainville at WaKeeney-*, Philllpsburg at Hill City-*, Stockton at Ellis-*, Osborne at Norton-*. Dec. 19 — Phlllipsburg at Holdredge (Neb.). Jon. 5 — Plainville at Logan, Smith Center ot Belleville, Oakley at WaKeeney, LaCrosse at Ellis, Stockton at Osborne, Jan. 8 — WaKeeney at Smith Center-*, Victoria at Stockton-*, Norton at Phlllipsburg-*. Hill City at Plainville-*, Ellis at Osborne-*. Jan. 12 — WaKeeney ol Hill City, Osborne at Smith Center. Jan. 15 — Stockton at WaKeeney-*, Plainville at Norton-*, Smith Center ot Hill City-*, Victoria at Ellis-*, Phillipsburg at Osborne-*. Jan. 18-22 — Mid-Continent Tournament at Hays. Jan. 26 — Qulnter ot WaKeeney, Norton ot Oberlln, Osborne at Downs. Jan. 29 — Norton at Smith Center-*, WaKeeney at Victoria-*, Hill City at,Stockton-*, Ellis ot Phil- llpsburg-*, Osborne at Plainville-*. Feb 2 — Plainville at Lincoln, Logan at Smith Center, Stockton at Victoria, Hill City at Norton. Feb. 5 — Stockton at Norton-*, Plainville ot Philllpsburg-*, Victoria at Hill City-*, WaKeeney at Ellis-*, Smith Center at Osborne-*. Feb. 9 — Plainville at Victoria, Phlllipsburg at Norton, Hill City at Logan. Feb. .12 — Lincoln at Smith Center, Norton at Victoria-*, Hill City at WaKeeney-*, Ellis at Plainville-*, Osborne at Stockton-*. Feb. 13 — Colby at Phillipsburg. Feb. 16 — LaCrosse at Stockton, WaKeeney at Ness City, Plainville at Hill City, Ellis at Victoria, Osborne at Waconda East. Feb. 19 — Stockton at Phillipsburg-*, WaKeeney at Norton-*, Smith Center at Plainville-*, Ellis at Hill City-*, Victoria at Osborne-*. Feb 23 — Oberlin at Norton, Victoria at laCr- osse, Stockton at Plainville, Hill City at Phlllips- burg, Oakley at Ellis. Feb. 26 — Atwood ot Norton. Phillipsburg at Smith Center-*, Victoria ot WaKeeney, Stockton ot Hill City, Osborne at Lincoln. Mid-Kansas Nov. 30 — Berean Academy at Hillsboro. Marian-*, Russell at Lyons-*. Jan. 18-23 — Lyons, lorned ol Holsteod Tournament, Russell ot Sallno Invit.; Pratt at Chaparral Inv.; TMP-Marlan at Scott City Tournament; Nlckerscn at Bluestem Tournament; Hoislngton at St. John Tournament. Jan. 26 — Nickerson at Andale, Lyons at Ellinwood. Jan. 29 — TMP-Marion at Pratt-', Hoislnglon at Russ*ll-*, Larn*d at Lyons-*. Feb. 2 — Pratt at Lamed-', TMP-Marion at Hol- singlon-', Nickerson ot Lyons-', Russell ot Phil- llpsburg. Feb. 5 — Hoislngton ot Pratt-', Lyons ot TMP- Morlan-', Nickerson at Russell-', Lorned at Hoys. Feb. 9 — Pratt ot Klngman, Hays ol TMP-Ma- rian, Lorned at Nickerson-', Sacred Heart at Hoisington, Ellsworth at Lyons. Feb. 12 — Lyons at Pratt-*, Hoislngton at Nickerson-'. Russell ot Lorned-'. Feb. 16 — Pratt at Goddard, Russell at TMP- Marion-', Buhler ot Nickerson, Holsington at Lyons-'. F*b. 19 — Pratt at Russell-', Nickerson at TMP- Marian-*, Hoisington at Lamed-*. Feb. 23 — Medicine Lodge at Pratt, Haven at Nickerson, Klngmon at Lyons, Russell ot Hoys. Feb. 26 — larned at Pratt-', TMP-Marlan at Goodland, Nickerson ot Hoisington-', Lyons at Russell-'. Pike Trail 1-70 Dec. 1 — Manhattan at Emporla, Shawn** Heights at Topeka West. D*c. 4 — Dodge City at Salina South, Highland Park at Manhattan, Chapman at Junction City. Dec. 5 — Shown.* Heights at Top«ka, Junction City at Great Bend. D*c. 8 — Highland Park at Topeka, Salina South at Junction City-*, Seaman at Topeka West. Dec. 11 — Topeka High at Manhattan-*, Salina Central at Topeka West-'. Dec. 15 — Topeka High at Hayden. Dec. 18 — Manhattan at Salina Central-*, Junction City at Topeko High-*, Topeka West at Salina South-*. Dec. 19 — Hoys at Salina South. Dec. 22 — Hayden at Topeka West. Jan. S — Salina Central at Hays, Lawrence at Manhattan, Topeka West at Highland Park, Topeka High at Seaman. Jan. 8 — Salina South at Salina Central-*, Manhattan at Junction City-*, Topeka High at Topeka West-*. Jan. 9 — Lawrence at Topeka High. Jan. 12 — Salina South at Hays. Jan. 15 — Salina Central at Topeka High-', Salina South at Manhattan-*, Topeko West at Junction City-*. Jan. 19-23 — Salina Central and Salina South at Sallno Inv.; Junction Cltv at Wichita South Tournament, Topeka High and Topeko West in Topeka Inv. at Highland Park; Manhattan at Shown** Heights Tournament. Jan. 26 — Juntion Cltv at Salina Central-*, Great Bend at Salina South, Seaman at Manhattan. ' Jan. 29 — Dodge City at Salina Central, Topeka High at Salina South-*, Manhattan at Topeka W*st-*. Jan. 30 — Great Bend at Junction City. Feb. 2 — Hays at Salina Central, Manhattan at Shown** H*ights, Junction City at Salina South-*, Topeka West at Washburn Rural. Feb. 5 — Salina South at Dodge City, Manhattan at Topeka High-*, Topekq West at Salina Central-*. Feb. 6 — Junction City at Highland Park. Feb. 9 — Topeka High at Highland Park, Great Bend at Salina Central. Feb. 12 — Sallno Central at Manhattan-*, Topeka High at Junction City-*, Salina South at Topeka Weil-'. Feb. 13 — Junction City at Shown** Heights. Feb. 16 — Junction City at Manhattan-*, Topeka West at Topeka High, Salina Central at Salina Si ' Una South Feb. 19 Topeka Hlg igh at Salina Central-*, Manhattan at Salina South-*, Junction City at Topeka West-*. Feb. 20 — Salina Central at Dodge City. Feb. 23 — Salina South at Great Bend, Topeka West at Lawrence. Feb. 26 — Salina South at Topeka High-*, Salina Central at Junction City-*, Topeka West at Manhattan-*. Feb. 27 — Junction City at Marysvllle. N.C.A.A. Dec. 1 — Lindsborg at Moundridge, Abilene at Sacred Heart, Centre at Solomon, Qulviro Heights at Ellsworth, Belleville ot Minneapolis. Dec. 4 — Minneapolis at Beloit-', Ellsworth at Lindsborg-*, Solomon at Sacred Heart-*. Dae. 8 — Beloit at Lincoln, Lindsborg at Solomon-*, Sacred Heart at Minneapolis-*, SE of Sa- Una at Ellsworth-'. Dec. II — Beloit at SE of Saline-', Minneapolis at Lindsborg-', Solomon at Ellsworth-*. Dec. 15 — Sacred Heart at Beloit-', Hoisington at Lindsborg, SE of Saline at Solomon-', Minneapolis at Ellsworth-'. Dec. 18 — Beloit at Lindsborg-*, Sacred Heart at Clay Center, Ellsworth at Lincoln. Dec. 22 — Council Grove at SE of Saline. Jan. 5 — Solomon ot Beloit-*, Lindsborg ot SE of Saline-', Sacred Heart at Ellsworth-*, Lincoln at Minneapolis. Jan. 8 — Ellsworth at Beloit-*, Lindsborg at Sacred Heart-*, SE of Saline ot Minneapolis-'. Jan. 12 — Sacred Heart at SE of Salina-' Minneapolis at Solomon-*, Ellsworth at Ellinwood. Jan. 15 — Beloit at Minneapolis-*. Lindsborg ot Ellsworth-*, Sacred Heart at Solomon-*. Jan. 18-23 — Lindsborg, Ellsworth and SE of Saline at Sterling Invit.; Solomon at Canton-Golva Inv.; Beloit and Minneapolis at Belleville Tournament; Sacred Heart at Salina Inv. Jan. 26 — Lincoln at Beloit, Solomon at Lindsborg-*, Minneapolis at Sacred Heart-*, Ellsworth at SE of Saline-*. Jan. 29 — Concordla ot Beloit. Feb. 2 — Lindsborg at Concordla, Solomon at Rlley County, Herington at SE of Saline. Feb. 5 — SE of Saline at Beloit-*, Lindsborg ot Minneapolis-*, Ellsworth at Solomon-*. Feb. 9 — Sacred Heart at Hoisington, Wilson at Solomon, Ellsworth at Lyons, SE of Saline at Haven. Feb. 12 — Beloit at Sacred Heart-*, Bazlne at Lindsborg, Solomon at SE of Saline-', Minneapolis at Ellsworth-'. Fab. 16 — Belolt at Belleville, Sacred Heart at Concordia. Fab. 17 — SE of Saline at Marion. Feb. 19 — Beloit at Solomon-', SE of Saline at Lindsborg-', Ellsworth at Sacred Heart-', Minneapolis at Lincoln. Fab. 23 — Baloit ot Ellsworth-', Sacred Heart at Lindsborg-', Solomon at Marion, Minneapolis at SE of Saline-'. Feb. 26 — Lindsborg ot Belolt-', SE of Saline at Sacred Heart-', Solomon at Minneapolis-*. • Hesston at Moundridge-', Halstead at , Hillsboro at Remington-', Sedgwlck at Dec. 1 — Wilson at Wacondo East. Pike Vollev at Clifton-Clyde. Mankalo ot Kensington. North Central ol Hillcrest, Sylvan Grove at Lebanon, linn at Jewell. Dec. 4 — Pike Valley at Waconda East-'. Burr Oak ot Mankato-', North Central at Jewell-', Esbon ot Lebanon-', Tipton at Hillcresl-'. Dec. 8 — Monkato at Clifton-Clyd*. North Control at Hanover, Burr Oak ot Lebanon, Esbon ot Eastern Heights, Jewell at Sylvan Grov*. D*c. 11 — Esbon ot Wacondo East-', Monkato at Pik* Volley-*, Burr Oak ot North Central-', Hillcrest at Lebanon-', Jewell at Tlplon-'. Dec. 14 — Hillcrest at Chester-Hubb*ll. N*b. D*c. 15 — Waconda East at St. John's-B*loit, J*well ot Mankoto, Linn at North Central, Tiplon at Sylvan Grove. D*c. 18 — Wacondo East at Hillcr*st-', Esbon at Pike Valley-'. North Central at Monkato-', Tipton at Burr Oak-', Jewell at Lebanon-*. Dec. 22 — North Central at Wakefield. Clifton- Clyde at Hillcrest. Jan. 5 — Woconda East at Lucos-Luray, Pike Valley at Hanover, Eastern Heights at Burr Oak, Esbon ot Tipton, Kensington at Jewell, Hillcrest at Byron, Neb. Jan. 8 — Waconda East ot Jewell-', North Central at Pike Valley-*, Mankato at Tiplon-*. Lebanon at Burr Oak-*, Hiilcrest at Esbon-*. Jan. 12 — Glasco at Waconda East, Kensington at Pike Volley, Lincoln at Monkato, Hanover ot North Central, Guide Rock, Neb., ot Burr Oak, Tescott at Tipton. Linn at Hillcrest. Jan. 15 — Burr Oak at Waconda East-', Pike Valley at Hlllcrest-', Lebanon at Mankato-*. Tipton ot North Central-*, Jewell at Esbon-*. Jon. 19 — Wacondo East ot Monkato-*, Pike Valley at Tipton-*, Lebanon at North Central-', Esbon ot Burr Oak-*, Jewell at Hillcrest-*. Jan. 22-29 — Pike Trail League Tournament at Monkato. Feb. 2 — Woconda East at Downs, Pike Valley at St. John's-Beloit, Mankato at Lebanon. North Central at Linn, Kensington ot Esbon, Tipton at Eastern Heights, Hillcrest at Miltonvale. Feb. 5 — North Central at Waconda East-', Pike Volley at Jewell-', Mankato at Esbon-*. Hillcrest at Burr Oak-*, Lebanon ot Tipton-*. Feb. 6 — Linn at Pike Volley, Hillcresl at Hanover. Feb. 9 — Monkato at Woconda East, Eastern Heights ot Pike Valley, Jewell ot North Central, Lebanon ot Kensington, lucas-Luray at Tipton. Feb. 12 — Wacondo East at Tipton-*, Lebanon ot Pike Valley-'. Mankato ot Hlllcrest-', North Central ot Esbon-', Burr Oak at Jewell-*. Feb. 13 — Red Cloud, Neb., at Lebanon. Feb. 16 — Osborne at Waconda East, Pike Valley at Mankato, Burr Oak at Guide Rock, Neb., Lebanon at Esbon, Wilson ot Tiplon, J«w*ll at Glasco. Feb. 19 — Woconda East at Lebanon. Oak at Pike Valley-', Mankato at Jewell- cr*st at North Central-*, Tipton at Esbon-*. N.C.K.L. Dec. 1 — Lindsborg at Moundridge, Chase County at Hesston, Marlon at Remington, Inman at Burrton, Halstead at Foirfield. Dec. 3 — Trinity ot Inman. Dec. 4 — Moundridge at Marion, Hesston at Berean Academy, Chas* County at Peabody, Belle Plaine at Sedgwlck. Dec. 8 — Inman at Halstead-*, Marlon at Hillsboro. Dec. 11 — Halstead at. Moundridge-*, Hesston at Remington-*, Sedgwlck at Peabody-*, Hillsboro at Inman-'. Dec. 15 — Hesston at Inman-*, Goessel at Halstead. Dec. 18 — Moundridge at Hesston-*, Peabody at Halstead-', Remington at Hillsboro-*, Inman at Sedgwlck-'. Dec. 21 — Peabody ot Berean Academy. Dec. 22 — Bluestem at Remington, Sedgwlck at Garden Plain. Jan. 8 — Peabody at Moundridge-*, Sedgwlck at Hesston-*, Inman at Remington-*, Halstead at Hillsboro-*. Jan. 14 — Remington at Halstead-*. Jan. 15 — Moundridge at Inman-*, Hesston at Peabody-', Hillsboro at Sedgwlck--. Jan. 18-23 — Hesston and Holstead at Halstead Tournament; Peabody, Sedgwick and Hillsboro at Canton-Galva Tournament; Inman and Remington at Burrton Inv.; Moundridge at Sterling Inv. Jan. 26 — Hillsboro at Moundridge-*, Halstead at Hesston-*, Peabody at Inman-*, Remington at Sedgwick-*. Jan. 29 — Sedgwlck at Moundridge-*, Hesston ot Hillsboro-*, Remington at Peabody*, Halstead at Inman-*. Feb. 2 — Remington ot Moundridge-*, Inman at Hesston-*, Peabody at Hillsboro-*, Sedgwlck at Halstead-*. Feb. 5 — Moundridge at Halstead-*, Remington at Hesston-*, Peabody at Sedgwlck-*, Inman ot Hillsboro-* Feb. 9 Peabody-' Inman-*. Feb. 11 — Hillsboro at Halstead-*. Feb. 12 — Moundridge at Peabody-*, Heiston ot Sedgwlck-', Remington at Inman-*. Feb. 16 — Inman at Moundridge-*, Peabody at Hesston-*, Holstead at Remington-*, Sedgwlck at Hillsboro-*. Feb. 19 — Moundridge at Hillsboro-*, Hesston at Halstead-', Inman at Peabody-*, Sedgwlck ot Remington-*. Feb. 23 — Moundridge at Sedgwlck-*, Hillsboro at Hesston-*, Peabody at Remington-'. Feb. 26 — Moundridge at Remington-', Hillsboro at Peabody-', Halstead at Sedgwick-'. Mid-State AA Dec. 1 — TMP-Marlan at Hays. Hoisington at LaCross*, Lyons at Sterling, Larned at St. John. D*c. 4 — Pratt ot TMP-Marlan-*, Russell at Hoi- tlngton-', Lyons at Larned-'. Dec. 8 — Nickerson at Pratt-*, Dodge City at TMP-Morian, Great Bend 9* Russell. Dec, 11 — Pro« ot Hoitington-*, TMP-Morian at Lyons-', Russell at Nickerson-*, Hoyi at Larned. Dec. 15 — Andale at Pratt, TMP-Morion ot Larned-*. Lyons at Nickerson-*, Hoisington at Lindsborg, Hays at Russell. D, c . ig — Pratt at Lyon»-*, Hoislngton ot TMP- Marlon-', Larned at Russell-'. Dec. 22 — Nick*rson at McPherson. Jan. 5 — Hoislngton at Ness City. Jan. 8 — Russell at Pratt-*, TMP-Marlan ot Nickerson-*, Larned at Hoisington-*. Jan. 12 — TMP-Marian ot Russell-', Nickerson at lorned-', Lyons ol Hoislngton-'. Jan. 15 — Pratt at Nickerson-', Larned ot TMP- Dec. 1 — Abilene at Sacred Heart, Belleville at Minneapolis, St. Mary's at Wamogo. Dec. 4 — Abilene at Herington, Wamego at Council Grove, Chapman at Junction City, Nemaha Valley ot Marysville. Dec. 8 — Clay Center at Abilene-*, Belleville at Concordia-*, Wamego at Effingham, Chapman at Marysville-*. Dec. 11 — Abilene at Chapman-*, Marysville at Belleville-*, Wamego at Clay Center-". Dec. 15 — Herington at Clay Center, Concordlo at Marysville-', Chapman at Chase County. Dec. 18 — Belleville at Abilene-', Chapman at Wamego-*, Sacred Heart at Clay Center, Con- cordla at Superior, Neb., Marysville at Beatrice, Neb. Dec. 19 — Belleville at Wamego-*. Jan. 5 — Abilene at Concordia-', Smith Center at Belleville, Royal Valley ot Wamego, Clay Center ot Chapman-', Marysville at Hiawatha. Jan. 8 — Marysville at Abilene-'; Belleville at Clay Center-*, Wamego at Concordia-*. Jan. 12 — Chapman at Belleville-*, Wamego ot Marysville-*, Clay Center at Concordlo-'. Jan. 15 — Abilene at Wamego-*, Morysvill* at Clay Center-*, Concordia at Chapman-*. Jan. 18-23 — Wamego and Chapman at Capitol Inv.; Abilene, Concordia, Cloy Center and Mary- svllle at Solina Inv.; Belleville In Crossroads Classic ot Belleville. Jan. 26 — Abilene ot Clay Centor-*, Concordia at Belleville-'. Jan. 29 — Clay Center at Council Grove, Concordia at Beloit. Jan. 30 — Hayd*n at Marysville. Feb. 2 — Chapman at Abilene-*, Belleville at Marysville-', Lindsborg at Concordla. Feb. 5 — Abilene at Belleville-', Wamego at Chapman-*, Marysville ot Concordla-*. Feb. 9 — Concordia at Abilene-', Chapman at ClayC*nt*r-*. Feb. 12 — Abilene at Marysvill*-*, Clay Center at Belleville-*, Chapman at Concordio-*. Feb. 13 — Wamego at Belleville-'. Feb. 16 — Council Grove at Abilene, Beloit at Belleville, Clay Center at Wamego-*, Sacred Heart at Concordia, Marysville at Chapman-'. F,b. 19 — Belleville at Chapman-*, Marysville at Wamego-*, Concordla at Clay Center-'. Feb. 23 — Wamego at Abilene-*, Clay C*nt*r at Morysvill*-', Hayden at Chapman. Feb. 26 — Marlon at Abilene, Belleville at Washington, Concordia at Wamego-*, Clay Center at Nemaha Valley, Chapman at Council Grov*. Northwest Kansas D*c. 1 — Scott City at Ulyss*s, St. Francis at Ch Dic' n 4 - St. Francis at Goodlond-', Hoxie at Scott City-', Atwood at Ookl*y*. Colby at Ober- lln-*. D*c. 8 — Burlington (Colo.) ot Goodland, Atwood at Ch*ylln, Hoxi* at Hill City. D*c. 11 — Ob*rlln at Goodland-*, Scott City at Atwood-*, Oakl*y at Colby-*, St. Francis at Dec. 15 — Goodland at Colby-' Scott City-*, St. Francis at Oberlln-* Oakley at Atwood at son, McCrack*n ot Honston, Pawn** Heights at lewis, Sylvan Grov* ot B*nnington, Claflin at Quivira Heights. Jan. 15 — Gorhom at Chas*-*, McCrack*n ot Dorranc*-*, Quivira Heights ot Wilson-*, Pawn** Heights at Sylvan Grove-*, Lucas Luroy at Lincoln. Jan. 18-23 — Quivira L*agu* Tournament ot Great Bend. Jan. 26 — Gorham ot Wilson, Dorranc* at McCrocken, Chas* at Central Christian, Bazlne at Pawnee Heights, Lucas-Luray ot Notoma, Sylvan Grove ot Tescott. Jan. 29 —.Gorham at Lucas-Luray-*, Dorranc* at Quivira Heights-*. Chas* ot Sylvan Grov*-*, Wilson at Pawn** Heights-'. Feb. 2 — Dorranc* at Gorhom, Quivira Heights at Chase, Wilson at Ell-Saline, McCracken ot Ronsom, Pawnee Heights at Spearville, Sylvan Grov* ot Natoma. F*b. 5 — McCrack*n at Gorhom-', Pawn** Heights at Dorranc*-', Lucas-Luroy at Chos*-'. Sylvan Grove at Wilson-'. F*b. 9 — Esbon ot Dorranc*, Wilson at Solomon. Bazin* at McCracken, Gr**nsburg ot Pown•• Heights. Lucas-Luroy at Tipton, Otis-Bison at Quivira Heights. Feb. 12 — Gorhom ot Quivira Heights-', Dor rone* at Sylvan Grov*-', Chas* at Wilson-', Lucas-Luray at McCrocken-*. Feb. 16 — Gorhom ot Bozin*, Quivira Heights ot Dorronc*. Wilson ot Tipton, Palco at McCracken, Ransom ot Pawnee Heights, Sylvan Grove at Lincoln. Feb. 19 — Pawnee Heights ot Gorhom-*, Wilson at Dorrance-', McCracken ot Chase-'. Quivira Heights at Lucos-Luray-'. Burr Hill- POSt Rock Dec. 1 — Glosco at Downs-', Miltonvale nt Bennington-', SI. John's Military ot Ell-Saline-*, Tescott ot St. John's-Beloit-'. D*c. 4 — Ell-Saline at Glasco-', St. John's-Beloit at Miltonvale-*, Downs at St. John's Military*, Bennington at Toscott-*. Dec. 8 — Glasco at St. John's-Belolt-*, St. George at Miltonvale, St. John's Military at Bennington-*, Tescott at Downs-*. Dec. 11 — Bennington at Glasco.*. Downs at Miltonvale-*, St. John's-Beloit at St. John's Military-*, Ell-Saline at Tescott-*. Dec. 14 — St. John's Military at Glosco '. Dec. 15 — St. John's Military at Miltonvale-*, Waconda East at St. John's-Beloit. Dec. 18 — Glasco at Tescott-*, Downs at St. John's-Beloit-*, Ell-Saline ot Bennington-*. Dec. 22 — Ell-Saline at St. Xovler s. Jan. 5 — Glasco at Miltonvale-*, Downs at Bennington-*, St. John's-Beloit at Ell-Saline-*. Jan. 8 — Miltonvole at Tescott-*, Ell-Saline at Downs-*, Bennington at St. John's-Beloit-*. Jan. 12 — Glasco at Waconda East, Miltonval* at Ell-Saline-*, Sylvan Grove at Bennington. Jan. 15 — Downs at Glasco-*, Bennington at Miltonvale-*, Ell-Saline at St. John's Military-', St. John's-Beloit ot Tescott-*. Jan. 18-23 — Post Rock League Tournament. Jan. 26 — Miltonvole at Glosco-*, Osborne at Downs, Sylvan Grov* at Tescotf. ,Jan. 29 — Glasco at Ell-Saline-*, Miltonvale at St. John's-Beloit-'. St. John's Military at Downs-', Tescott at Bennington-'. Feb. 2 — Hillcrest at Miltonvale, Tescott at St. John's Military-*, Waconda East at Downs, Wilson at Ell-Saline, Pike Volley at St. John's-Beloit. Feb. 5 — St. John's-Beloit at Glosco-*, Ell-Sa- lln* at Miltonvale-*, Bennington ot St. John's Military-*, Downs at Tescolt-*. Feb. 9 — Glasco ot Bennington-*, Miltonvale at Downs-*, St. John's Military ot St. John's-Beloit-*, Tescott at Ell-Saline-*. Feb. 12 — Tescott at Glasco-*, Miltonvale at St. John's Military-*, St. John's-Beloit at Downs-*, Bennington ot Ell-Saline-*. Feb. 16 — Jewell at Glasco, St. John's Military at Tescott-*, Bennington at Downs-*, Ell-Saline at St. John's-Beloit-*. Feb. 19 — Glasco at St. John's Military-*, Tescott at Miltonvale-*, Downs at Ell-Saline-*. St. John's-Beloit at Bennington-*. Quivira W.K.E.A. Dec. I — Honston at Gorham, Dorrance at Natoma, Chase at Stafford, Wilson at Woconda East, Sylvan Grove at Lebanon, Quivira Heights at Ellsworth. Dec. 4 — Gorham at Sylvan Grove-*, Dorranc* ot Chase-*, McCrocken at Quivira Heights-*, Lucas-Luray at Pawnee Heights-'. Dec. 8 — Bozine at Dorranc*, Wilson at Chase, Utlco at McCracken, Pawnee Heights at Hanston, Lucas-Luray at Palco, Jewell at Sylvan Grove. Dec. II — Wilson at Gorham-*, Chase at Quivira Heights-*, Pawnee Heights at McCracken-*, Sylvan Grove at Lucas-Luray-*. D*c. 15 — Morquette at Chas*, McCrack*n ot Otis-Bison, Kensington ot Lucas-Luray, Tipton at Sylvan Grove, Quivira Heights at Little River. D*c. 18 — Gorhom at Dorranc*-*, Chas* at Otis-Bison, Lucas-Luray at Wilson-*, McCrack*n ot Sylvan Grove-*, Quivira Heights at Pawn** Heights-'. Jan. 5 — Gorham ot Palco, Pawnee Heights ot Jetmore, Waconda East at Lucas-Luray. Jan. 8 — Dorrance at Lucas-Luray-'. Chas* ot Pawn** Heights-*, Wilson at McCracken-'. Sylvan Grove at Quivira Heights-*. Jan. 12 — Chase ot Dorrance, Natoma ot Wil- Dec. 1 — Hoisington at LaCrosse. Grinn*ll at Qulnter, Ness City ot Ellis, Bozln* ot Ransom, Jet- mor* at Ingalls. D*c. 4 — LaCross* ot Dlghton, Otis-Bison ol Claflin, Utlca at Quinter. Kinsley at Ness City, Brewster at Wheatland. Grinnell ot Ransom, Spearville at Jetmore. Dec. 8 — Grinnell ot Dighton, Qulnter ot Lenora, Ness City at Jelmor*-*, Wh*atland ol Healy. Dec. 11 — Dighton at Ransom-*, LaCross* at Otis-Bison-', Jetmore at Quinter-'. Wheotland ot Sharon Springs. D*c. 15 — Leotl at Dlghlon, McCrock*n at Otis- Bison, WoKeeney ot Ness City, Wheotland at Trl- plains, Ransom at Palco, Jetmor* ot Cimarron. D*c. 18 — Jetmore at loCrosse-', Chos* at Otis-Bison, Wheatland at Ness City-'. Jon. 5 — Dighton at Wheailand, LaCross* ot Ellis, Utica at Ransom. Pawn** Heights at Jetmore. Jan. 8 — Jetmore at Dighton-', Quinter at laCrosse-', Otis-Bison ot Lincoln, Ness City ot Ransom-', Cheylin ot Wheotlond. Jon. 12 — Dighton at Cimorron, Otis-Bison at LaCrosse, Ness City at Spearville, Wheotland at Grinnell. Ransom at Bazin*. J*tmor* at Greensburg. Jan. 15 — Dighton ot Ness City-', LaCross* ot Jetmor*, Ransom at Otis-Bison-', Quinter at Wheotland-'. Jon. 18-23 — WKEA Tournament at Ransom. Jon. 26 — Dighton ot Jetmor*, Polco at LoCr- osse, Quinter ot WaKeeney, Ransom at Utica. Jon. 29 — Otis-Biston at Dlghton-*, LaCrosse ot Wheotland-', Ransom at Quinter-*. Feb. 2 — Dighton at Leoti, Qulnt*r at Ellis, J*t- mor* at Ness City. McCrocken at Ransom, Otis- Bison at Wheatland-'. Feb. 5 — Quinter ot Dighton-'. LaCross* at Ransom-'. Ness City at Otis-Bison-', Wheotland ot Jetmor*-'. F*b. 9 — Ransom at Dighton, Otis-Bison at Quivira Heights, Hoxie at Quinter, Ness City at Hoislngton, Grinnell at Wheatland. Feb. 12 — Dighton at LaCrosse-', Jetmor* at Otis-Bison-*, Quinter at Ness City-', Ransom at Wheatland-'. Feb. 16 — Dighton at Grinnell, LaCross* at Stockton, Otis-Bison at Natoma, Wh*allond at Qulnter, Ness City at WoKeeney. Ransom at Pawnee Heights, Lewis at Jetmore. Feb. 19 — Wheatland at Dighton-'. Ness City at LaCrosse-*, Otis-Bison at Quinter-*, Jetmore ot Ransom-*. Feb. 23 — Victoria at LaCrosse, Cimarron at Ness City. Feb. 26 — LaCrosse at Spearville. Ellis at N*ss City. Western Kansas Dec. 1 — Golden Plains at Brewster, Weskan at Arapahoe, Neb., Jennings ot Eastern Heights, Healy at mplains. Dec. 4 — Palco at Golden Plains, Utica at Quinter, Cheylin at Weskan, Jennings at Lenora, Healy at Bazlne, Herndon at Northern Valley. Dec. 5 — Kit Carson, Colo., at Weskan. Dec. 8 — Golden Plains at Jennings, Utlca at McCracken, Brewster at Weskan, Wheatland at Healy, Triploins at Morland. Dec. 11 — Golden Plains at Weskan-*, Utico at Bazine, Grinnell ot Healy, Triplains at Herndon-*. Dec. 15 — Lenoro at Golden Plains, Heoly at Utica, Wheatland at Triplains, Herndon at Cney- lin. Dec. 18 — Herndon at Golden Plains-*, Weskan at Jennings-*. Dec. 22 — Bazine at Utica. Jan. 5 — Ulica at Ransom, Weskan at Tribune, Jennings at Northern Valley, Healy at Morland. Jan. 8 — Golden Plains ot Utica-', Healy at W*skon-*, Jennings at Herndon-*. Jan. 9-15 — Western Kansas League Tournament at Colby. Jan. 19 — Plalnview, Neb., ot Weskan. Jan. 22 — Triplains at Golden Plains-*, Utico at Jennings-*, Herndon ot H*aly*. Jon. 26 — Golden Plains ot Herndon. Ransom at Utlca, Triplains at Weskan, Lenora at Jennings. Jon. 29 — Utico ot Heoly-*, Weskan at Herndon-', Jennings at Triploins-'. F*b. 2 — Golden Plains at Grinnell. W*skan at Sharon Springs, Herndon at Jennings, Bazin* at Healy, Brewster at Triplains. Feb. 5 — Jennings at Golden Plains-', Utica at Weskon-', Triplains ot Healy-', Herndon ot Brewster. Feb. 9 — Northern Valley at Golden Plains, Morland at Jennings, Healy at Deerfield, Triplains at Sharon Springs, Lenora at Herndon. Feb. 12 — Golden Plains at Healy-', Herndon at Utica-*, Weskan at Triplains-*. Feb. 16 — Golden Plains at Triplains, Honston at Utica, Northern Valley at Jennings, Morland at Herndon. Feb. 19 — Cheylin at Golden Plains, Utica at Trlplains-*, Weskan at Brewster, Healy at Jennings-*, Grinnell at Herndon. - D,c. 'IB — Goodland at Oakley-*, Colby at Scott City-*, Hoxie ot Oberlin-*, Atwood at St. Francis-*. Jan. 5 — Oakley at WaKeeney. Jan. 8 — Scott City at Goodland-*. Hoxi* at Oakl*y-*, Ob*rlln at Atwood-*, St. Francis at Colby*. Jan. 12 — Oakl*y at Goodland-*, Ob*rlin at "Tan is — Goodlond ot Hoxi.-*, SI. Francis at Scott City-*, Oakl*y at Ob*rlln-*, Colby ot At- W °Jan. is-23 — Goodland, Scott City, Ookl*y and Colby at Scott City Tournament; Atwood, Oberlin. Hoxi* and St. Francis at Ob*rlln Tournament. Jan. 26 — L*otl at Scott City, Norton at Ob*r- lln, Burlington (Colo.) at Colby. Jan. 29 - Goodland at Scott City-*, Colby at Ookl*y-*, Ob*rlln at St. Francis-*, Hoxi* at At- W °F.b. 2 _ Oakley at Hoxle-*, Atwood at Ober- lln-*, Colby at St. Francis-*. ' Feb 5 — Goodland at Alwood-*, Oberlln at Scott City-*, Oakley at St. Fronds-*. Hoxle ot Col- ky.* F F.b 9 — Colby at Goodland-*, Scott City at Oakley-*, St. Francis at Atwood-*, Hoxie at Quln- ter. Feb. 12 — Hoxle ot Goodland-*, Scott City at St. Francis-', Oberlin at Oakley-', Atwood at Colby-*. Feb. 13 — Colby at Philllpsburg. Feb. 16 — Goodland at St. Francis-', Scott City ot Hoxle-*, Oakley at Atwood-*, Oberlln at Colby-*. F,b. 19 — Goodlond at Oberlin-*, Atwood at Scott City-*, Hoxle at St. Francis-*. Feb. 23 — Atwood at Goodland-', Scott City at Colby-*, Oakley at Ellis, Oberlln at Norton. Feb. 26 — TMP-Marlan at Goodland, Scott City at Oberlln-', St. Francli at Oakley-', Atwood at Norton, Colby at Hoxle-*. BOYS' BASKETBALL Season Reserved Seat Tickets Now On Sale-Athletic Office Hours: 1:30-3:30 p.m. Government Center Salina Central Salina South $ 1975 7 Home Games Both Central-South Games Dec. 18 Manhattan Jan. 8 Salina South* Jan. 26 Junction City Jan. 29 Dodge City Feb. 2 Hays Feb. 5 Topeka West Feb. 9 Great Bend Feb. 16 Salina South* Feb. 19 Topeka High 7 Home Games Both Central-South Games Dec. 4 Dodge City Dec. 18 Topeka West Dec. 19 Hays Jan. 8 Salina Central* Jan. 26 Great Bend Jan. 29 Topeka High Feb. 2 Junction City Feb. 16 Salina Central* Feb. 19 Manhattan JV Game-6:15 pm General Adm. $000 * At Tht) Bicvnttnnlal CtnUr Varsity Game-Approx. 8:00 pm Single Game Reserve-'S"

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