Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on January 6, 1949 · Page 11
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 11

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 6, 1949
Page 11
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Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING- TIMES, CUMBERLAND, .MD:, THURSDAY, JANUARY 6, . 1949 ELEVEN Start Guagmg Savage River The TJ. S. Engineers office here has begun gimgtng -work on the Savage Biver at a point above the partially completed 'dam. according to John W. Wright, who-'Is',In charge of the local headquarters. Wright said a call Irom D. V. C. Birrell, chief of the Flood Control Branch of the U. S. Engineers, yesterday set operations in motion. Tie staff worked yesterday to fix a point of gauging on the dam itself and will measure the rise of the •water at least once an hour until it| reaches a crest today. l>-o members of the XT. S. Geological Survey are • scheduled to accompany Wright .-to the measuring glte. Observations from the preliminary survey yesterday did not seem to Indicate unusually high -water, Wright said. However, research will mostly be done on the effect of rain in Washington and parts of Pennsylvania on the Savage River watershed. MARTHA LOGAN Serves ROAST DUCKLING "Abie's Irish Rose" played under the name ."Bloch of Chicago" in France; and "Marriage in Triplicate" In England. Klne varieties of peanuts are produced in America. We've heard tiiem all in the movie houses. Perfect dinner for the two-some or small family is. a'delicious roast duckling. This one is garnished with green pepper cups filled with crane- berry sauce for added flavor and color. A duckling,is-prepared for roasting in ,the same way as a »hlcken. Alter stuffing it should be placed breast side up on a rack .in an open Look Alike Loaves AreNot Always the You Can Be Sure That OLD HOME BUMPER BREAD' Is Really Different! AHhouch roan? breads arc nimllar In M>- pcnrnnce and even in t&Ktc. O. Ef. B. Bread Is really different . . .' because Its enriched with LARGER amounts of nournlr>hiiiK vitamin*: and mineral! 'than M-e fount^ Jn wny other braid. NO OTHER. BREAD GIVES- YOU 80 MUCH HEAJjTn ANI> ENERGY BDTLDING NOURISHMENT. Delivered Fresh Dally to Your. Friendly Grocer ASK. YODB GROCER FOR OLD HOME BUMPER BREAD pan, A piece of cheese cloth or thin, coarse muslin dipped In melted fat, placed over the bird will permit It to brown evenly and delicately,' The duckling should be roasted In an open . pan, without a cover and without water. With a drawn weight o'f'3%'to 4Vi pounds, a duckling will roast in approximately 2 to 2% hours. It will bo done when the drumstick can be moved up and down easily,' or when the meat of the thickest part of the drumstick feels soft when pressed between the fingers. Bo«fiis Clerk Robs O Grocery Manager WASHINGTON —(7P) —A holdup man, posing as a new employe, today robbed a Safeway grocery store of $1,816 in cash 'and checks after helping the manager open the store. Police' said the manager, Cnrl E. Nelson, 34, 'told them the robber met him at the store at 3228 Wisconsin Ave., N.W., and told him he had. been sent from the main office to work .at the store. After he let the man in and showed him around, • Nelson told police, the stranger' drew a revolver and ordered .him to open the sale. TSTelson said the robber then shut him up in an unlocked refrigerator box from which..he'escaped .later through a rear.door. B. & O. 1948 Carloads Lower Than In 1947 The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad handled fewer carloads in 1948 than to 1947 but the figure was slightly larger than in 1046. Last' year's total was 3,292,095, consisting of ' 2,094,880 loaded on line and 1,197,216 received from connections. The 1947 total was 3,470,153 and the '46 figure 3,228,322. The December 1948 total was 252,014, as compared with 287;879 for December'. 1947 and 262,782 for December 1946. Last week's total, was 46,410, as compared with 48,493 for the previous- week and 56,094 for the same week in 1948. Kauffman," Eves declared, was the i assignments without malice and in principal person involved in securing [such a fair and conscientious man- the survey of the city governmenti ner, he has gained the respect of 'of Cumberland by the Bureau 3f labor and management generally. Cataleptic attacks may last from a few minutes to several days. I People are already exchanging those "just-what-I-v;anted" Christmas presents. Distin sfuisliecl ~ (Continued From .Page 13) county and president of the Mai^land Junior Association of Commerce. With Dr. Joseph- M. Bay, of the University of Maryland, and Don W. Hanks, of the American Municipal Association, he was primarily, responsible for reorganizing the Maryland League of Municipalities. Secured City Survey sons 'as a result of his impersonal and Impartial coverage of labor- nianagemerit news over a long classified, as "the labor beat," and in the capacity of labor-management reporter, he has accumulated a vast knowledge of the workings of organized labor, management, contracts, disputes, differences, and strikes. Through'all the myriad of detail and development on such a beat, Blackburn has. covered his Public Administration, of' the University of Maryland, which resulted in the formation of the' Charter Commission. Prior to and since his service in the Navy during World War II, he served as a member of the Selective Service System's,advisory 'board for Eases Situations The .Junior, Association of Commerce Award Committee recognized his efforts' in a field .usually; fraught .-with 'differences and oft- times, heated, opinions. .He is cred- jited with helping ease .acute situations and at no time has attempted registrants. Uo add "fuel to the fire" merely He is a member of the American ; for. the sake of making sensational Legion, Amvets, B'nai Brith, Ki-:news. The Jaycee committee j>aid wanls, YMCA, National Municipal! of him: "He is-fair impartial, ac- League, American Academy of Po- curate, and has done much to pro- litical Science and the American, Maryland and Allegany County Bar Associations. Although Junior Association of Commerce activities were hot con- . side-red In the making of the award, teacher and came to The, ,_ . ,.... ,...._ j.-.-i. --- , ,.,.- ,„.., ,. ' mote better, relations between management and labor . in the community." . Blackburn, a native of Keyser, W. Va.,. is a former high' school So Good ... So Economical ... only about Ic a cup he, has been a director of the local Jaycees since Its founding 1 , a. director -and president of the state group and a director of the United. States Junior Association of Commerce. He is the author of articles published in the University of Maryland Law Review, Georgetown Law Review, Taxes Magazine and Future Magazine. . Members of the Cumberland Charter Commission, are Isaac • "Hirsch, chairman; 1 'W. Earle Cobey, ; vice chairman; Robb; Mrs. Emma.Bver- stlne, Owen E. Hitchins, Charles A. Piper, • Earl L. Bracey, Frank A. Wolfhope, William Ji Jones, J. William Hunt, • Eugene N. Bourkel Thomas L. Richards .and' George L. Buchanan. Thomas B. Finan,'David Kauflman and Charles Z. .Heskett are- counsel. ' Both staff and union of .the plant paid tribute to .Case as .an "outstanding boss 1 ," The labor relations award came as a surprise 'to Blackburn, who was covering the meeting for .his. paper. It was'explained that his'name had been submitted by a'number of per- Quecn City DairyV Homogenized MILK Is fortified with — Vitex Vitamin "D" and It the BEST For Your Family QUEEN CITY DAIRY, INC. 315 S. 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ATTRACTIVE "BOWL-MIX' NUCOA SERVINGS No Strooks of "Sunburst*"! The answer to quick, «ven coloring is to have Nucoa soft enough—not soupy, but about right for quick sandwich spreading Then cream in the contents of the pure Color Wafer. In a matter of seconds, Nucoa is evenly colored—without streaks or ugly blotches—and you can moid it as you like for convenience in serving. Ch«f Sftcrtrt—If yon take Nucoa out, of the miring bowl for molding, leave n portion io the bottom of the bowl «nd mi* with chopped parsley or H. Dt:liciou« nouwonnvc for boiiwi potntocB, emilifloww or airrn-Uf! 1VUC Y«How Nocoa otso o m quiurter-pound printu at many storea. Due to Federal and Uceiiae fees, ycJ- low W UCOQ cOHte more than white Nuccfa, but regular or yellow, it's the BOXOQ de- I product. - \ lor of arts degree at West Virginia .University in 1928 and , his Master of Arts degree in 1932. .During World. War n he. served 14 months with the 101st Airborne Division as a radio • operator. .Upon his return from service, he .resumed his duties with The News. Blackburn Is married and resides at 413% Washington Street. MRS SHAKP&JZ 5AUPAFW1TS Miss Nancy Eaton, Westernport, Bruce' High' School senior, winner or the Maryland "I Speak for Der mocracy"- contest, presented, her speech which, is .being considered in the regional contests. Robert .Little Ebert, vice president, presided for Charles S. Catherman, Jr;, president, who is a patient in a Baltimore hospital. "New Look" Platter If . you. want a "new • look" for that favorite, easy,, ready-to-serve meat platter, -serve it with.--a cottage 'cheese'ring filled with'canta- loupe balls. Add a bit of dissolved .gelatin to cottage cheese and mold in .Tins mold. Turn out in center 6f platter, or tray and 1111 with cantaloupe, balls. 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