Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 11, 1958 · Page 12
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 12

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 11, 1958
Page 12
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ALTON KVfiNlMG TELEGRAPH MttDAV, 11, 1981 fun* »A*ON By Ken Bald and Jerry BrmlteM .- _-~ -^--^^ -•- ^MMM> '"*' — *** ^•^RfTirit'S HI« lAff . flVO dF' A«5*tNt 1 «vs.' AW THERE-it. ee A wise <$uv to Rlt' THE STORY OP MARTHA WAYNE By Wilson Scraggn CHIiASO MOW.UUOM610 PXULCOU6LAS -*sowy,T?#6M HE N3tfT DOMCtt THW MCHf t>(8MS HERE WJC> TMK101H6IAEOHANTS A8D«T ^ ~ -•in»ii,»ii- J WEWSHOPPIMIS BIG BEN BOLT By JOM OHMI Mofphy /M0UNDI t AUMW KMIV MME CM? BJVKT8. CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie Turner / VERY lMTB?tSTIWA f lift* I Wl AAlrX f%A Vrt*d Vivftl«fA»i3RfeN AKU 1 TRUII> TO F|NC> OU T »2^.IL;E?.r.L™ PS 1 / WHY n» M^w-flu.o MOUNA MAM. I HOP* YOU'VE > ws«a POR I HAVt f dltNt)» IN A ^T I Sttt W1U, POSITION TO PUT PRt55URt OM VOUR 80*» THRU HI* , ROME CFFICBI I'M QUITE /..WHEN 00 WU SURB H6 WOULD INfttglX WAMT MB ON YOU P09IN6! -P* , C IHTTTiit* t»n£|>.JM, T ». 1U.. U.». tu. OM. XHE 8MEFH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith woroor* MR6TW6W swots or\ HEY MOM! TO •UN <6UT HERE! HE JUST WONT AAUSHJJ R6RJS6S TDPUV... AND PUV OUTSIDE?? THE BERRVS By Carl Grubeit MOM/ WE HAVENY USED THAT OLD THING IN YEARS / EsasJ KNOW JILL... HOW —^" YEAH/ ABOUT THIS /THAT SHOULD HAIR DRYER? I BE QUITE A CHALLENGE/ •I IM IN A FIXING MOOD, DEAR....DO YOU HAVE ANYTHING THAT NEEDS RERMR?ri OH/ OH/ BUT IT KEEPS DADDY HAPPY AND AWAY FROM MY GOOD APPLIANCES/ HENRY By Carl Anderson ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hamln nurni HJK BKJNY5 TIRED M6 TMERES JUST NO SENSE IN A GUVS PET AWAY 60 FAR HE CANT BC GOT TO EVEN BY HOLUERIN: ...BUT I'LL RND IM EWN IF I VOU'LL HAFTAGO ON FROM THAT'S WHV ALLEY OOP IS SUCH A GUY.' • T 7-11 ** W I^A*' t HM t> Ml t,nu. tx. T* «4 ui OUB BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOPLE 11 CAN. HEAR, F(?OMI LET MB DECODE THAT 0LU& 000K PITCH-* YOUR DOUSH WILL LAST AS LCfJS AS A FAT EXPLORER ON) A CANNIBAL < ia.E/*-Ar4Y- THINS TMtRg ABOUT CHEE1?-| FOL CREDIT AT TWO-BIT CHIU..^ HA/AT LAST THE IDFAL —ACTSTIC ATMOSPH&tze CUISIM5 V CONTINENtAU CH5FS ^ —6EA(?SD AND YOU IT 6UZZLIMG OUT OUB WAY By J. B. WUliMU ME CAME HERE 70 BE TREATED fOft HEAPACHES, MOTTO err A WORSE WOKTT VOU SIT POWM AMI? WAIT? IT WOW'T BE LOWS.' TM 1 BULL OF } OH, THAT AIN'T TK WOOP5 if IT.' HE'S BtlN* HIMSELF.'1 \TREATEPFER ex HEADACHES IT WOULP BE I HE 6OT FROM MUCH FUN / WORRYIW'ABOUT PER A fiEW \ TH' SHOP--BUT ERAL TO SIT \ A HEAPACHE AKOUMP WITH I IS A HK3HER TH'VICTIMS I CLASS AIL-: OF HIS WAR.'/ MENT THAN A SMASHED MO-NO MA'AM I'LL PROP IN L«TER M-UH-WELL.t'LL BE BACK-SAY IM A COUPLE OF HOURS, DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney True Life Adventures COMPANIONS. FRECKL£S AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill BloMer *«*.»» ]£» TWAT NEW MOVIE, L IT/ WMATSA MATTER — *>U UP A6A<MST A POOR. HANDLE, OR SOMETHIN'? KNOW IT WAS PUf- IN<3 AT W/S, THBATeR.TOO/ B00T8 HER BUDDIES By Edgar M»r«• x ^ (ONB OP THE CONCHS) LJEAVHC )T» FRONT POOR OPBM, AMP X UTTUf FI6H MOVE* ... THE CONCHRSH. 6HEUU BBCOMB6 Hie HOMB. AT NIGHT MB <&OE6 1*IOR>s0lhtd.... A .. ATTIRBO JN WHITE. «• * AMP A LJiSS f.\\ CARNIVAL By Wok Turner "I'm taking Auto Rapajr in Industrial Art* next year! One has to be able to talk intelligently!" r Junior Editors Quit on— ANIMALS QUESTION; Do animals Have different blood types like humans ? » » » ANSWER: Blood transfusions have saved ths lives of many persona who have lost blood. Thedoctorporformtnglhe transfusion his to make certain the blood being given s patient is the tame ss that already In his body. MJxing of different types of blood could cause death. Karl Landstelner, Austrian-born biochemist, discovered that there are four main typei of human blood -0, A, B and AB-and by experiment he learned of the danger of mixing these lypee. Other scientists have continued Uuidateiner'f work and have dlacovered aub*groups of the four main types. Some of the sub-groups can be mixed without danger. Research also haa shown that all animals have different blood types-some aa few aa two main groups and others with several. But no animal haa blood types similar to those of any other animal. As in the case of humans, animals receiving tranafusiona alao must receive'blood of the type they already have. • • * FOR YOU TO DO: Here Is a dog with injured paw outside a veterinarian's office, Color the picture, , * ' * (Jim Balnbridge of Oakland, Calif., wins $10 for this queet'ion. lend yours on a postcard to Vlojet Moore Hlggtna, Ai» Jim- featuref, in care of this newtoaper, Tomorrow: Who wrote U>t moat book* JB the BieU?) Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily Guy Fmit Crop All your favorite fruits to embroider on kitchen towels, clothl, Fast, easy stitchery too—they'll be finished in no time. Jiffy motifs are such fun, to gay 1 ! They add color, beauty to a kitchen. Pattern 774: transfer 6 Motifs 4%x6% Inches, Send »» cento (coin*) for titli pattern—add flve cent* for «Mb pattern for fir»t-clM* mtUliix, Send to Alton TelenftpU, M, Needlecraft bept., P.O. Box l«f, Old OhelM* Station, New York 11, N. Y. Print plainly Patten Number, Name and Addrew. As a bonus, TWO complete patterns are printed right in our LAURA WHEELER Needlecrtft Book. Dozens of other designs you'll want to order—easy fascinating- -handwork for yourself, your home, gifts, 'bazaar itemi. Send 25 cents for your copy of this book today! The Trapeze! PRINTED PATTERN 4818 SIZES 10-11 The Trapeze-the Paris »ilho» >tte that's first on all the fash- on pages! It's young, gay and completely captivating — blown away from the body by a fresh, new fashion wind. Translate it into pique, silk, linen, shantung. Printed Pattern 4818: Misses' Sizes 10, 12, 14, 16, 18. Size II akes 5% yards 35-inch fabric. Printed directions on each pat> tern part. Easier, accurate. Bend M cent* IB coins for this pattern—add five cents for each •attera for flrrt-da*» mailing. Send to ANNE ADAMS, care of Alton Telegraph, 117, Patter* Dept., 348 W. 17th St., New York 1, N. Y. Print plainly Nam*, Address, Use and ilylo NUiriber, A man has arrived when e can miss his train and ot worry about being flred. KIDDWB I»UV "CWCKKN" OWUKU BTKKKT8 Children playing "Chicken" bave n Known in Sydney, AuituUa, be regpoaflble lor many of tht natjip tralUo deattuj, AD o|0» al inquiry ahotud that in tin sport" children like turns in trying to atop vetucisi on a maJji reet by darting In front 'of them- he louder the aqua*! of brakti he louder the ctwut *of the 'tri- mphant youngsters. The coroofi t Sydney Inquest asked juveoUi Uneasea the age^d riddle: "A stepped into a busy »tv*et ow did It get wa'oM?" He «* wered bbmelf: "If* owosj bought tt oo»»*u a

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